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A press conference is the scene. The room is full of puzzled journalists wanting to know why they have been called to the conference. WWE owner Vincent Kennedy McMahon enters the room in one of his smartest suits accompanied by his daughter Stephanie McMahon and her husband Paul "Triple H" Levesque. Vince stands on top of a podium infront of the journalists as he prepares to reveal the reason for the conference.

Vince McMahon: Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to an exciting day in WWE's history. As you all know we have been planning to launch a WWE Network and have scheduled the launch to be in 2012. Well i can confirm that the WWe Network will launch the night of Wrestlemania XVIII.

The Journalists begin to frantically write in their notepads and raise their hands to ask questions.

Vince McMahon: I will not be answering questions today there will be a time and a place for that. Instead I will be revealing some plans for the network. The WWE Network will be full of exciting shows that range from Wrestling shows like Raw and Smackdown repeated a few days after their airing on other networks,shows like WWE Superstars, live pay per views, non wrestling shows, films and the biggest and most exciting project for us. A BRAND new weekly Wrestling show.

Vince stands to the side as Stephanie takes over on the mic.

Stephanie McMahon: The new weekly Wrestling show will begin just a few days after Wrestlemania and will be a new addition to the WWE universe that i am sure you are all looking forward to. The show will be exclusive to the WWE Network and will have it's very own roster, titles and the plan is to have the brand having its own pay per views or Supershows as well.

Stephanie stands to the side as her husband Paul "Triple H" Levesque takes position on the podium to speak.

Paul Levesque: The show will feature current WWE Superstars, up and coming wrestlers who will be fresh to the WWE fans and hopefully a few returning workers to make it an unmissable show that the audience will be glued to each week. We will putting a lot of time and effort into making the show as good as we can make it and hopefully it will be one of the network's flagship shows.

Levesque lets his father in law Vince take the mic once more.

Viince McMahon:More information will be revealed between now and the show's debut including the roster but i think we have revealed enough for now. Thanks for coming and we will keep you updated on this new show as well as the network.

Vince,Paul and Stephanie begin to leave the press conference as the journalists stand up and clap the announcement of a brand new wrestling show.
This BTB will be about the brand new Wrestling show on the WWE Network. More details will follow.

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Re: WWE Network Era

Oh wow, a new wrestling show. Very surprising, pretty realistic roster, and a good set of heels and faces.I'm very intrigued into reading this. I hope you keep it lasting.

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Re: WWE Network Era

WWE.COM can now announce the roster for the new weekly show which will be called WWE Mayhem


Non wrestling roster:

-Mick Foley (General Manager)
-Matt Striker (Commentator)
-J.B.L (commentator)
-Maria Kanellis (Backstage Interviewer)


-Amazing Red (f)
-Christian (f)
-Cody Rhodes (h)
-Curt Hawkins (f)
-Dolph Ziggler (h)
-Drew Mcintyre (h)
-Evan Bourne (f)
-Ezekiel Jackson (f)
-Gregory Helms (h)
-Jay Lethal (f)
-John Morrison (f)
-Justin Gabriel (f)
-Kofi Kingston (f)
-Mason Ryan (h)
-Michael McGillicutty (h)
-Trevor Murdoch (h)
-Tyson Kidd (h)
-Wade Barrett (h)
-William Regal (h)
-Zack Ryder (f)


-Mayhem World Title
-T.V Title
-Tag team titles

Title History:

World Title-

T.V title-

Tag team titles-


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Coming out of an historic Wrestlemania XXVIII and its fallout on Raw, the WWE now turns its attention to a new member of the WWE Universe, WWE Mayhem.

WWE Mayhem is the new third brand in the WWE and will be shown live every Wednesday night on the WWE Network as well as in front of packed audiences.

Mayhem will feature top WWE superstars as well as new and emerging superstars trying to make their mark in the wrestling buisness.

Mayhem will kick off its first ever show on Wednesday April 4th in Wrestlemania XXVIIIs venue, the Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

The roster has been announced and with three titles to be decided on the first ever show as well as words from WWE owner Vince McMahon and Mayhem GM Mick Foley, WWE Mayhem is promising to have an packed first show for the WWE Fans to enjoy.
Confirmed for Mayhem:

-All three titles (Mayhem World title, the T.V. Title and the Tag Team titles) to be on the line for the first time.

-Words from WWE owner Mr McMahon.

-Words from the GM of WWE Mayhem Mick Foley.

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Mayhem rumours​

With the first ever WWE Mayhem only a few days away, Vince McMahon is said to be very nervous backstage as he worries over every last detail of Mayhem's launch.

The hopes are that Mayhem will develop into a top brand and will be one of if not the top show on the WWE Network.

The news going around is that while superstars from Raw and Smackdown will probably appear on Mayhem from time to time, they will not be brought over to steal the limelight from Mayhem superstars who will be pushed to be the main focus as it is their own brand.

Mayhem's PPV position has still not been confirmed. Stephanie announced in Mayhem's launch that the plan was for Mayhem to have its own ppvs and supershows but it has yet to be announced if they will happen in the near future or if it is a goal in the long run.

As well as three title matches taking place on the first Mayhem show it is expected that at least one morte match will be on the card.
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