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WWE needs to be "looser"

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What I mean by this is they need to stop worrying about what the media will think of them. They are trying to fit into the hollywood scene with all these scripts the wrestlers need to follow, when fact is what made wrestling GREAT and POPULAR was the crazy storylines and characters. They need to give people some freedom on the mic to develop their own character and then let the fans decide if they are heel or face. It worked for The Rock, it worked for Stone Cold, it worked for Cena, I don't see how it won't work now.

People use wrestling as an escape from the real world (not the show), and that's why the attitude and golden era were so popular -larger than life characters and storylines. People know wrestling is fake, just like they know TV shows are fake. But they point it out because they are not interested in the product. If they were, they would not care if it was fake or not.