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WWE names the top 20 entrance themes of all time

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What are your thoughts?

20- Randy Orton:Voices
19- Tazz - 13
18- The Million Dollar Man - It's All About the Money
17- Rey Mysterio - Booyaka 619
16- CM Punk - Cult of Personality
15- nWo - Original Theme
14-Christian - Just Close Your Eyes
13-Chris Jericho - Break the Walls Down
12-Mr. Perfect - Theme of Exodus
11-Bret Hart - Return the Hitman
10-The Brood-Blood
9-Ultimate Warrior-Unstable
8-Triple H-The Game
7-John Cena-The time is now
6-Undertaker-Rest in piece
5-Shawn Michaels- Sexy Boy
4-Hulk Hogan-Real American
3-Stone Cold Steve Austin-Hell frozen over
2-DX-Break it down
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Burn In My Light > Voices. I don't understand why The Brood's theme made top ten, it doesn't beat Christian's or Jericho's but the fire was pretty good. I've always thought DX's theme was underrated.

But #1 is absolutely correct for the greatest music of all time for any superstar ever by fans and wrestlers, it's in a league of its own and no one past or present can touch it. Greatest of all time and larger than wrestling.

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The Rock, Austin, or Undertaker should be number one.

IMO, it should be the Undertaker. A single gong gets the crowd on an uproar. Iconic.

His best entrance theme, BTW. Fuck his current one/Ministry/American Badass themes.


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Austins should be top.

Edge's was decent, but not iconic like austins.
SCSA's theme was only iconic because he was iconic.

Edge is 100% worthy winner. His theme absolutely put him down to a T. When "You think you know me" hit you know what was coming. It could send absolute pure hatred down your body or make you jump out of your seat with excitement. When Edge returned at the Rumble and his music hit I felt shivers down my spine!

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Yeah, the Rock's 1st theme post-Nation was great.

However, my favorite Rock theme has to be his Hollywood theme. Hollywood Rock is one of the great, if not THE greatest, character in WWE this past decade. I'll always stand by that. 2002/3 Hollywood Rock was iconic.
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