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This is the WWI! the brighest upcoming franchise in professional wrestling. All shows are actually performed and video tapes of the show are available to purchase over the internet! If you need to know anymore information contact me on the email:[email protected] Thanks and i hope u enjoy the show and i hope to hear from you guys.

WWI Annihilation Halloween Show-Opening Premiere

The show opens in such excitement. The crowd is watining in anticipation as Star Dowz the WWI Commishioner makes her way out to ringside. She makes her way into the ring and begins to talk. She announces the extent to which the WWI intends to become succesful and announces that tonight will be a excellent night. She then drops a blockbuster announcing that tonight there will be a tournament to decide the vacant WWI Heavyweight Championship! she announces that Kiane Dreloum will face Morrocan Tornet! Callum Dellasche facing Liam Jenkins! Tailor Reign will face Warren Stamforth and Marcus Leeman will face Joe Orrel! also tonight Ruben Ronaldi will face off against Mike Tokyo! She then says that the first match will begin........... now!

Kiane Dreloum vs. Morrocan Tornet
-Dreloum came out to a huge chorus of boos! This was a very good match with alot of good tranisition style wrestling. Dreloum picked up the win the DKO (Dreloum Knock out!)

Winner Kiane Dreloum

Backstage Star Downs in confronted by Shane Marshall who is furious he is not in the tournament! she cuts him off and tells him not to dare shout at her again! or she wont do what she is gonna do! she then hands him the Multicontinental Championship! Shane looks at the belt in disbelief and thanks her! Also Callum Dellasche is preparing for his match when Jenkins walks in. They wish each other look and then shale hands and stare at one another!

Tailor Reign vs. Warren Stamforth
-Another great match with Warren coming so close to the win but Reigns proved to be too strong and powerful!

Winner Tailor Reign

Backstage Kiane Dreloum is having an interview-he talks about how he is the main man in the business and that the fans are not worthy of being in his pressence! he also says that he will guarantee a victory tonight! Star Downz interupts and says that Dreloum is great, but a potential bad propriotor to the company. She makes him eat his words and announces if he doesnt win the belt tonight then he will never get a world championship match again!

Callum Dellasche vs. Liam Jenkins
-Great high flying action with both men coming very close to winning. Dellasche picked up a very hard fought victory! both men looked exhausted and shook hands to end the match.

Winner Callum Dellasche

Backstage Morrocan Tornet is talking to Tailor Reign. They are contemplaiting the future and realsise they r best together. They are not in with the commishioner so they will go as the Independants of the company.

Also Shane Marshall is perading around with the belt. He walsk into the dressing room and says that althought he is not WWI Champ he is the mc champion and will defend it with honour. He gets booed and walks out-he continues down the hallway and is assaulted by......... Liam Jenkins........ Jenkins is furious and has to be pulled off him!

Joe Orrel vs. Marcus Leeman
-Another good match with Orrel picking up the win

Cruiserweight Match
-Ruben Ronaldi (c) vs. Mike Tokyo
Ronaldi picks up the win with the small package!

Dreloum beats Orrel in 2nd round and dellasche beats reign!

After Dellasches match then Dreloum comes out and attacks him with a sledgehammer! he then forces the ref to count! 1.2.3 Kiane Dreloum wins The WWI Championship! Dreloum then celebrates the victory to a chorus of boos! Dreloum then picks up dellasche and waves someone from the back! its tornet and reign! the independants! they are bringing a ladder! They pull dellasche to the top of the ladder and take him to the back! he is suspended over a 10ft dip! with a car at top! then the 3 men drop him through the car! there is a huge explosion as Dreloum, Reign and Tornet celebrate Dellasche is being opened out of the car by the JAWS OF LIFE! he is bloody and to end the show we see a sick sadistic look from the new WWI Champion Kiane Dreloum!

End show

Feedback is ver welcome and please ask me any questions thanks. Hope u enjoyed the show.

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Who are these people and what is the WWI? If these are made-up people you might want to give us bios on them first!

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Dude give him a break. Obviously he has created his own wrestlers and put them in a company. It's just that u need more explanation of the wrestlers
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