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The WWE my way, starting four weeks before Tabboo Tuesday.

Here is my roster, with champs, let me no what you think. Also I am looking for help in writing a smackdown due to time constraints. First Raw will be up soon.

GM's -Shane McMahon
Eric Bishoff
Stone Cold

Raw Title - Chris Benoit
I.C. Title - Chris Jericho
Tag Team - MNM

A.J Styles
Al Snow
Bubba Ray Duddley
Carlito Cool
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Chuck palumbo
Dean Malenko
Diamond Dallas Page
D-Von Dudley
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Jarret
Jerry Lynn
Joey Matthews
Joey Nitro
Justin Credible
Kevin Nash
Matt Hardy
Mike Awesome
New Jack
Randy Orton
Rob Van Dam
Sean O'Haire
Shawn Micheals
Shelton Benjamin
Steve Corino
Super Nova
Tripple H


GM's - Stephannie McMahon
Paul Heyman
Dave Finlay

SD! Title - John Cena
U.S. Title - Booker T
Tag Team - New Age Outlaws

Big Show
Billy Gunn
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
Evan Karageous
Hardcore Holly
Huricaine Helms
Jamie Knoble
John Cena
Juventud Guerero
Kurt Angle
Lance Storm
Orlando Jordan
Paul London
Rey Mystereo
Ric Flair
Road Dogg
Scotty 2 Hotty
Shannon Moore
Super Crazy
The Rock
The Wall
Val Vennis
William Regal

Stacy Kiebler
Torrie Wilson
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Unforgiven Results

Chris Benoit © beat Randy Orton by submission

HHH defeated Kevin Nash by pinfal

Chris Jericho © beat Christian by pinfal

Abyss defeated Kane by DQ

A.J. Styles defeated Jerry Lynn by submission

MNM defeated The Dudley Boyz

Carlito Cool Defeated Super Nova by Pinfall

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Raw Preview October Week1.

It the night after Unforgiven and Chris Benoit made Randy Orton tap out in the Crossface. Orton didn’t look happy. How is going to react tonight?
At Unforgiven Jeff Jarrett challenged Christian to a match. This match is coming up.
Two weeks before Unforgiven Chris Jericho guaranteed Raven a non-title match, if he was still champion. As he defended his title successfully last night so this match will happen tonight also.

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Raw – October


Jim Ross – Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to raw is war, my name is Jim Ross and I am here beside jerry the king Lawler.
The King – J.R. I can’t wait for Randy Orton’s reaction after loosing the title to Chris Benoit last night at Unforgiven.
(Benoit’s music Hits)
Jim Ross – Benoit’s coming to the ring King, what do think he is going to say?
The King – I hope he offers Orton a rematch last night’s match was unreal.

Benoit – Last night as you all no I beat Orton 1,2,3. (Crowd cheers.) Well I would like to thank him for a great match and offer him a rematch. (Orton’s music hits and he enters the ring)
Orton – Good match Benoit. The better man won. Why don’t we end this right now? (Orton offers a hand to Benoit. Benoit accepts and heads out of the ring. Orton spins him around and delivers a devastating RKO)
Orton – Benoit you fool! Did you honestly think that I was going to come in here and shake your hand and wish you well? I don’t think so. The legend Killer will have your legend to add to all the ones I have already.
(Orton leaves the ring and Benoit comes round after and leaves looking shaken)

Jim Ross – King I cant believe that S.O.B just did that.
King – I can. You heard him he is going to add Chris Benoit to the list of Legends he has killed.
Jim Ross – Well King it is time for our first match of the night – Dean Malenko up against Nova.

Finnish – Nova goes for a standing heel kick, which Malenko catches and reverses it into a Texas cloverleaf. After about one minute in the hold Nova tapped out.

Jim Ross – King what a result for Malenko, in his first match back.
The King – It was indeed what a way to finish the match, almost loosing to winning in a matter of seconds.
Jim Ross – Ladies and Gentlemen we will be back after a commercial break.


The King – Welcome back to Raw is War on October the
Jim Ross – While we were away this just happened. (Video of D-von Dudley lying in a pool of blood and then him getting taken away in an ambulance) The tag team match that was about to take place between MNM and Dudley Boyz. We will keep you updated with what we know when we know it.

(HHH’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring)
HHH – I am here tonight to tell everyone that I HHH will be facing Chris Benoit for his World Heavyweight Championship at Taboo Tuesday. I am the Game and I deserve to a chance to regain the title I have held 5 times. It’s bout time that I got the respect I deserve around here! (Crowd boo’s again) I don’t know why you are all booing me I am the future World Heavyweight Champ. (HBK’s music hits)
HBK – HHH while you have been away I have been on a bit of a winning streak. I have beat Kurt, Hogan, Orton and Nash. So why should you get a shot ahead of the Heart Break Kid?
HHH – I am the game and as I am a five time champ compared to you mr 3 time champ I think I am up there with the best.
HBK – Not only are you a five-time champ, but you are a five time looser to! (Crowd pops)
HHH – Hey at least I have been at the top of the mountain 5 times and if you don’t shut up I will beat you to a pulp! (Crowd boo’s)
(Orton Music hits, but he doesn’t appear)
HHH – Orton you coward come out here and show your face.
(Orton sneaks up behind HHH and turns him around and RKO’s him.)
Orton – HHH this is just for starters. I deserve a shot. Even Benoit admitted it to everyone here.
HBK – Orton you lost to Benoit last night. Obviously Benoit will beat you cleanly again.
Orton – You shout your mouth or you will be receiving a RKO for your trouble.
HBK – You don’t scare me. I have beaten you before and I will beat you again.
(Eric Bischoff’s music hits)
Eric – Look Randy, HBK has a point he deserves a shot more than you so I Eric Bischoff GM of Raw announce that at Taboo Tuesday HBK will face Chris Benoit for the title.
(Shane McMahon music hits)
Shane – Hey hey hey, my homeboy Hunter deserves this shot more that anyone in the world. He has beaten almost everyone with the exception of…
Eric – H…B…. K (crowd cheers)
Shane – You’re right Hunter has still to beat Shawn. Why don’t we set up a match and then the winner takes on Benoit?
(Glass Smash –Stone Cold Makes his way to the ring)
Stone Cold – Wow, wow, wow, I don’t think so boys. This tough S.O.B is telling you that you aint on. I say cause Randy just lost his title he deserves another shot.
Shane and Eric – Why?
Stone Cold – Cause Stone cold said so!
(Vince McMahon’s music hits and he enters the arena)
Vince – Hold up, this aint the way you GM’s are supposed to act. You are supposed to act as one for the best of Raw. So here is what I propose that the three superstars go into a fan vote, with the winner getting a shot against Benoit at Taboo Tuesday.
Eric – seems fair to me
Shane – I agree
Stone Cold – Oh Hell no (crowd boos)
(Stone Cold delivers a stunner to McMahon)
Stone Cold – I aint agreeing to it my man Randy gets a shot tonight.


Jim Ross – Oh my King I can’t believe what we just saw.
King – I can Randy and Austin telling the world the way it is going to be.
Jim Ross – I think Mr McMahon will have something to ay about it soon.
King – He stop talking its time for the second match of the night, Jeff Jarrett challenged Christian to this match last night it should be a thriller.
Jim Ross – Oh yeah it will surely be a slobber knocker.

Finnish – JJ knocks the referee down and goes for his trusty guitar. Just as he is about to hit Christian with the guitar as Christian hits him with a low blow. The guitar falls out of the ring and Christian goes to hit a power bomb. JJ huricaranas out of it and the momentum launches Christian out of the ring. Christian recovers and grabs JJ’s guitar. JJ climbs the top rope and goes for a double axe handle when Christian hits him with the guitar. JJ is lying motionless on the ground and Christian lifts him up to throw him in the ring. The referee is just coming round. Christian sets JJ for an Impailer. JJ holds up and spins around Christian, throws him to the ropes and hits a big clothesline. JJ raises Christian and hits the stroke on him. JJ pins 1…2…3. JJ beats Christian in the match he wanted.
Jim Ross - You see that King Christian got beat although he cheated.
The King – He wasn’t doing anything JJ wouldn’t have done.
Jim Ross – But he didn’t did he?
The King – I suppose you are right.

Vince McMahon heads to the ring
Vince – I have two things to say, firstly there will be no title match tonight with Randy, and if you want a chance you can be in the vote. Secondly next week there is going to be a re-match from the Jeff Jarrett and Christian match due to weapon use.


The King – Vince seemed to still a bit jaded from that sweet stunner.
Jim Ross - At least he aint crying for mom like you would be!
The King – You are getting on my nerves J.R if you aint happy with me we can take this outside if you want.
J.R. – I am just pointing out facts there’s no need to get aggressive!

(Camera Switches to backstage where Jonny Nitro is lying in a pool of blood)
Nitro –You are going to pay you S.O.B I am going to get you back.

(He is taking away in an ambulance)

J.R. – What’s that all about?
The King – We haven’t got time to wonder about that we have our next and final match.
J.R. – Folks Raven is about to take on Chris Jericho in an non-title match.
The King – I was speaking to Chris earlier and I still don’t understand why he is giving this ass clown a match!

Finnish – Raven is going for his favourite DDT, Jericho reverses it with a modified power bomb. Raven looks out of it. Here Jericho goes for the lionsault. Raven just gets his knees up. Chris Jericho doesn’t look happy. He goes for a chair and takes it back to the ring. The referee, Dave Hebner, tries to stop and gets a slap for his troubles. Hebner rings the bells to DQ Jericho. Jericho lifts the chair and delivers a thundering shot to Ravens back. He lifts Raven up to his knees to deliver a deafening shot to Ravens head. Raven is burst open and lying motionless in the ring. Jericho continues his assault with the chair until he is dragged away by WWE officials..

J.R. – That sick S.O.B. just brutalised Raven for no reason.
The King – He got his knees up when Jericho went for his lionsault.
J.R. – That aint a good reason, he is just sore because everything wasn’t going his way!
The King – Well ladies and gentlemen, we will see you in a week.
J.R. – See you later.
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