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I know I did do a NWA:TNA Thread earlier but then I scanned throught the BTB thread and realized people didn't really read and respond to them so I am going to do my own WWE thread.

And I am going to post my own WrestleMania results of how it should've been:
WWE WrestleMania 21

Eddie Guerrero defeats Rey Mysterio via 3 Frog Splashes after Mysterio kicked out after first two.

Trish Stratus defeated Christy Hemme via Lita hitting a Twist of Fate on Christy when Ref was down.

The Undertaker defeated Randy Orton
via the tombstone piledriver after Bob accidentally hit orton with a steel chair.

Akebono defeated Big show in a Sumo Match

Christian defeated Chris Jericho,Shelton Benjamin,Kane,Chris Benoit,and Edge in the 6 Man "Money In The Bank" Ladder Match via Edge climbing the ladder and as he is leaning at the top b/c of being tired Christian hits a 1 man conchairto.

Kurt Angle defeated Shawn Michaels via Michaels passing out during the anklelock.

During the Hall of Fame ceremony Vince tells all the old has beens to get off stage so he can announce the draft tommorrow night on RAW.

John Cena defeated John "Bradshaw" Layfield for the WWE Championship via FU.

Triple H defeated Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship via Slegehammer shot then Pedigree for the third time plus Flair holding down Batista foot to kick out.

Rosters are same as they were after WrestleMania 21 but updated rosters will be up after Draft on Raw.

Raw should be up tonight.