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i Have decided to start up a Be The Booker thread now i don't have much experiance at doing these but i am going to give it ago, i am also looking for someone to do Smackdown, now we are kicking it off the night after wrestlemania 21, here are the wrestlemania 21 results in brief:

Batista defeated Triple H to win the World Heavyweight Championship with help from Ric Flair who struck Triple H with the Sledgehammer

John Cena Defeats JBL to win the WWE Championship thanks to The Rock, who after the match announced that he was returning to the WWE

Kurt Angle Defeats Shawn Micheals thanks to Shelton Benjamin in The Match of the Night

Randy Orton Was Defeated By The Undertaker after Bob Orton Screwed Randy and hit him with a steel Chair, after the match Bob orton stood above the bloody body of his own son

Christian won the Money In The Bank Ladder Match, beating Shelton Benjamin, Chris Beniot, Kane, Edge, and Chris Jericho

In the Piper's Pit, Vince Macmahon Appeared and announced that Stone Cold was to sign a new contract with the WWE, Stone Cold signs the contract and Vince announces that Stone Cold will be apart of the WWE Roster Draft just before Stone Cold delivers a stunner to both Vince and Roddy

Rey Mysterio was defeated by Eddie Guerrero in a "friendly competition" match. After the match, rey turned on Eddie much to the dislike of the crowd

Orlando Jordan retains the US Championship defeating Booker T., with help from the Basham's.

Big Show won by the chokeslam against Akenbeno.

William Regal and Tajiri beat La Resistance to retain the tag team titles. After the Match the debuting Shane Twins attack William Regal and Tajiri leaving both men bleeding in the middle of the ring

Paul London beat Chavo Guerrero to become the new cruiserweight champion.

Now on my first edition of RAW there will be a roster draft, raw will be posted tomorrow or the next day, then the following week whoever takes smackdown will post SMACKDOWN on the thursday then the week after both shows will take place, RAW will be posted on MONDAY and SMACKDOWN will be posted on THURSDAY, as for the first PPV news will follow on that shortly after the first SMACKDOWN show has been posted


RAW comes live to you from Minneapolis, Minnesota less then 24 hours after Wrestlemania 21 ended, what will happen with both the RAW and SMACKDOWN rosters present for the WWE Roster Draft,

also what will Triple H have to say about losing the World Heavyweight Championship to his former evolution team mate Batista, also why did Ric Flair turn his back on Triple H, maybe Flair will answer that question tonight

Also both THE ROCK and STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN will be live in the arena and will be a part of the roster draft all this and a hell of a lot more as the fallout from Wrestlemania 21 starts ….

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Sounds Cool....Sheltons still the Intercontinental??? W/E...really sounds good though
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