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The WWE “startup” hits as it shows Bischoffs face at the end. Then the in intro tape rolls showing clips of the superstars, after the intro tape the camera pans to an ecstatic North Carolina crowd. Then it shows JR sitting with the King. The music is still blaring as they begin to talk, the two men scream over the noise and the music.

Jr: Welcome to Monday Night Raw right here on the new TNN. And what a show we’ve got lined up tonight. (The match preview tape rolls and it shows Tommy Dreamer and Justin Credible’s clips and under it says REMATCH.) Tonight, Tommy Dreamer and Justin Credible will face off in a rematch.

King: That’ll be great. And tonight the tag team champions will be crowned. I wonder who will be in the match.

Jr: Well, as far as I know, each team will face off in a match, the first team to pin another wins. And also tonight, the bruised and beaten Kurt Angle will talk to us live us Via Satellite from Pittsburgh General Hospital.

King: He’s gonna be mad at Booker T, lets look at what happened last week.

(The screen shows Kurt Angle talking about the Olympics and as he walks away he gets ambushed by Booker T and is beaten. Then the RAW logo flashes and it shows Angle in the hospital unconscious.)

Jr: Well, maybe he’ll be in a lot better shape tonight.

Low Ki vs. American Dragon

(The Arena goes black and the crowd becomes quiet all of a sudden an explosion of fireworks hit and Low Ki walks down to the ring in his usual manner. The crowd has a mixed reaction of boos and cheers. As he gets in the ring American Dragons music hits and he walks down accompanied with Amazing Red as the crowd goes nuts with cheers. The two men walk into the ring and the reff makes Amazing Red leave the ring and go backstage. (The crowd boos). The bell rings and Low Ki starts off the match by nailing Dragon with a running clothesline. American Dragon hits the match hard and looks to be stunned when all of a sudden Low Ki stomps him in the chest then in the stomach. He turns to the crowd and raises his arms as the crowd boos. He turns around and pulls American Dragon up and throws him into the corner. He then sits him up on the turn buckle. Low Ki climbs and nails a spinning DDT. He body actually swung out well his arms were attached to American Dragons neck and he swung back in and hit the DDT. (The crowd starts to chant. Holy Shit, Holy Shit.)

Jr: That was amazing!
King: I have never, ever seen anything like that in my life.

(Low Ki goes for the pin but American Dragon kicks out at 2. Low Ki stands up and waits for Dragon to do the same. When American Dragon stands up Low Ki runs at him. He jumps out of the way and Low Ki flys right through the ropes and out of the ring. he hits the security barrier hard. He is lying unconscious as American Dragon moon saults out of the ring onto Low Ki. (The crowd chants. Holy shit, holy shit again.) Dragon then rolls him into the ring and climbs the ropes. He jumps off and lands the leg drop sending Low Ki into a state of unconsciousness. He goes for the pin…1,2,3!!! )

Winner: American Dragon

Jr: That was incredible, what a match!
King: Man was the great or what?!?!

(Commercial: On December 15, the WWE will post Armageddon right here in Book This! The WWE Champion will be crowned, and who knows what else will happen.)

(“1,2…is this on?” hits and HHH walks down to the ring accompanied with the nature boy himself. The two men are dressed in 700$ suits and they are strutting down the ramp like there better the audience. The crowd boos hard as the enter the ring and begin to talk)

HHH: Last week, a smart ass by the name of Edge thought he could make a name for himself by beating Trips in the ring. But it back fired. I ended up making a name for him, the name was LOSER (Crowd boos). And tonight when me and The Natcha Boy Ric Flair take Edge and RBD on tonight…we will win again….and that’s a fact. Any words Ric? (Ric grabs the mic)

Flair: WHOOOO(dramatic pause as the crowd wooo’s) Well, here me and Nach are stylin’ and profiling and were talking trash about a couple of young pieces of garbage. Man it’s great to be me! And it’s great to be wearing our 11 000 dollar suits! (Crowd has a mixed reaction of cheers and boos)

(King: There’s no way that suit is that amount of money!
Jr: Ya, more like 500$
King: 500$? I was thinking more like 12 000 dollars!)

Flair: And last week we and Trips destroyed that blond haired woman Edge. I mean he should get a hair cut, with his long blond hair he looks…well….GAY!!! (Flair is laughing as he turns around and notices HHH looking pissed, Flair stops laughing and looks scared.)

HHH: What about me….Do I look gay? I’m not the one who runs around wearing robes with diamonds on it…

Flair: Wait a sec…I think you’re forgetting who your talking two…You never, EVER insult the 16 time champion Ric Flair…..Got it?

HHH: Fine! Anyways, we need to worry about beating Edge and RVD tonight!!!(Crowd boos). And that’s what we’ll do.

(HHH’s music hits and the men walk away as Flair whips some dust of his suit.)


(Eric Bischoffs music hits and he walks down to the ring accompanied with hard boos from a hot crowd. He walks into the ring with a mic and begins to talk)

Bischoff: Hello crowd and welcome to my Monday Night Nitr…..errr…I mean RAW. Eric Bischoff’s an amazing promoter and everybody knows that, aren’t I? (Crowd boos). What do you know anyways, stupid hicks (Crowd boos). Anyways, I promised that I, Eric Bischoff, creative genius, would introduce a brand new type of match that will be introduced. When you ask…..Armageddon! (Crowd cheers). And every week I will tell you a new piece of info about this creation. This weak I will tell you the first part, this creation was my idea. Thank you for your time….(Eric Bischoff’s music hits and he walks away smiling.(The crowd boos extremely loud)

Jr: What the hell kinda clue was that?
King: That was awesome….I can’t wait to see his new idea….
Jr: Anyways, up next (The match ifo tape rolls as it shows HHH and Flairs personal videos beside each other. There is a line half way down the screen as it show RVD and Edge’s personal videos. Under it it say “TAG MATCH UP NEXT!) We will have HHH and Ric Flair taking on Edge and RVD…..
King: I can’t wait!

(Short break showing tonight’s sponsors who are WWE SmackDown 4 Shut Your Mouth and Snickers hunger crunchier)

(“1,2….is this on?” Hits and HHH and Ric Flair walk down to the ring as the crowd boos. The men are wearing suits and they are grinning and chewing gum. They enter the squared circle and walk to there corners and wait for the next to men to come out.)

Jr: Look at those to jerks, there goofier then a put ****

(“You think you know me” hits and the strobe lights go off as Edge appears on stage. (The crowd pops hard). He is wearing his leather jacket and sun glases…he runs back and forth on the stage pointing to the crowd…he walks down and waits for his partner RVD.)

Jr: Let’s look at what happened last week

(A reply of the end of last week’s match plays and it shows Ric Flair and HH stomping out Edge then walking away.

(“One of a kind” starts to play and the fireworks go off. RVD runs down the ramp and jumps into the ring with Edge. Edge stands on the outside and so does HHH. Flair and RVD are starting the match. The match kicks off with RVD throwing a left hook only to miss as Flair ducks and get elbowed in the back of the head. RVD falls down hard and Flair Stomps on him then mounts him self on to and begins to Punch RVD. RVD is out cold as flair walks struts over to HHH and makes the tag. Hunter comes in and finishes stomping RVD. HHH pulls up RVD and whips him against the ropes and RVD runs back and nails a clothesline! Both men collapse. RVD slowly crawls over to his corner and tags in Edge. (Crowd pops). Edge runs in and nails a dazed HHH with a body press. He goes for the pin but Flair runs in and kicks him off. RVD runs around the ring and pulls Flair off the apron. He then starts to kick Flair in the stomach and the head. Edge is gaining the upper hand in the ring as he pulls HHH up and nails three German suplex’s. He goes for the pin, 1,2….Hunter kicks out!(crowd boos). Edge pulls HHH up and swings and him. HHH blocks the punch and then takes a swing of his own. Edge ducks and darts behind HHH. He nails the EDGE-O-MATIC!!! RVD is done beating on Flair as he climbs the ropes. Edge positions HHH right in front of RVD. Van Dam does his “RVD” chant and launches him self off and scores with a Five Star Frog Splash. Edge goes for the pin…1……2 (Flair runs in)….3(Flair kicks Edge but it’s to late). Edges music hits and him and RVD walk away as the fans go wild. Flair and HHH are livid.)

Jr: What a match that was!!!! I can’t believe it!!!
King: HHH and Flair look pissed….Edge and RVD better watch out…..


Jr: And welcome back to RAW (The theme plays). In just minutes we will be joined by Kurt Angle who was attacked last week. Let’s look at the video of him in the hospital getting his knee scopes after Booker T’s attack.

(The camera shows Kurt Angle on an operating table with his knee cut open and three doctors operating on it. Then it shows Angle lying in bed asleep recovering from the surgery.)

King: Listen to all the injuries he had. He had a sprained wrist, a banged up knee, a concussion, and a bruised shoulder.

Jr: I’m getting word that he’s ready to talk. Kurt can ya hear us?

(Kurt Angle, lying in a bed at the hospital show up on the jumbo tron and the crowd goes wild.)

Angle: Ya I can hear ya.

Jr: So, How’s your progress coming along?

Angle: Well, there is some good news and some bad news. The surgery went ok, my wrist is about 80 percent, and my concussion is gone and I’ll be able to walk around in about a week. However, I can’t wrestle till Dec 13. And the worst par of all this is that I missed the Olympics. And there is one man to blame...Booker T!(Crowd boos.) And one thing I know…is he will pay!

King: So, are you challenging him to a match at Armageddon?

Angle: How can I when I’m gonna be in the WWE title Tournament! But after that….. oh, he better look out! Actually, I believe I will face him in 2 weeks in the tournament!!!! And I will win that match, be entered in the tournament and win the belt!!! (Crowd pops)

Jr: So, if you can walk in a week, will you be on Raw???

Angle: I’m planning on being there for Smackdown!. But I can’t wrestle, so my Match with Booker will be moved…actually, did I say match? I meant me ass whopping’. (Crowd cheers)

King: Well, thanx allot for this interview, and best of luck with your recovery.

Angle: Thanx guys. (Angle’s image is removed from the jumbo tron)

Jr: Well, there ya have it, Angle might be on Raw next week, and he’s challenging Booker T to a match at Armageddon.

King; I wonder what Booker will do…..

Jr: Well, up next the Tag team title will be crowned in a triple-threat tag match.

King: I can’t wait…..

(Commercial: On Dec 15 right here in Book this, the WWE will post WWE Armageddon! The Battle for the belts will end leaving 1 man a champion and 2 men losers. Look out for WWE Armageddon, Dec 15 right here in Book This!!!)

(When RAW returns we see Christian standing in the Ring with Jericho, Bubuh Rey with Devon, and Lance Storm with William Regal. Regal, Christian and D-von start the match.)

Jr: This match is for the WWE tag team titles, the first team to pin another wins!

(D-von runs and Christian and clotheslines him and goes for a pin but Christian reverses it and goes for the pin but it’s broken by Regal. Regal then stomps Christina and then D-von. Regal goes for a pin on D-von but he kicks out, so then he pins Christian but he kick out. Regal is getting frustrated so he tags in Storm (The crowd boos). Storm begins to kick Christina then pulls him up but sends him down again with a swinging neck breaker. Christian is in pain. He gets’ pinned by Storm but he kicks out. Storm pulls him up and nails the DDT. Storm tries to pin Christian again but D-von breaks it up. D-von starts to punch Storm and backs him into the corner. He starts to stomp him down and then whips him into the other corner. D- Von runs at Storm but Lance ducks and he runs right into the ring post. He falls down as Christian tags in Jericho and Storm tags in Regal. D-von is lying by the ring post and Regal starts to stand over him and kick him. Jericho runs at Regal and drop kicks him in the back, Regal falls down on top of D-von. Jericho puts Regal on top of D-von and puts both men in the walls)

Jr: OH MY GOD!!!! He has both men in the walls of Jericho!!!
King: There on top of each other!!!

(Jericho holds the move for over 15 seconds and D-von and Regal both tap out at the same time! Christian and Chris Jericho are the new champs. The two men walk away with the belts as the crowd cheers)

King: It looks like the crowd has had a change of heart and are now cheering the champs…..


(The camera shows Dreamer and Credible in the parking lot. Credible attacks Dreamer and kicks him and whips him into a car, then slams a door on Dreamers head. Then Justin ties up Tommy with chains and puts hum in the trunk of his car. He then drives off.)

King: What are they doing?
Jr: Well, now they can’t wrestle tonight.
King: Who cares, I wanna know what happens!

(The camera shows Jericho and Christian Celebrating in the locker room. They are jumping around and drinking.)

Christian: Well, how does it feel champ?
Jericho: Awesome!!!! Finally, we are the WWE tag team champs!!! WOOOO!!!
Christian: We’ll what do you wanna do? Do you wanna got to a bar…..and get DRUNK!!!!!
Jericho: Right on…..Canadian style!!!!!!!! (Crowd cheers)

Jr: Well, up next, the main event, Brock Lesnar will take on The Rock in the title tournament. Who ever wins will be entered into the triple threat for the belt at Armageddon, and the Loser wont.

King: It’s gonna be great!

(Commercial for SmackDown: Next Week Kurt Angle will make a live appearance on SmackDown right here in Book This!!! What will he have to say to Booker T??? Stay Tuned….)

Jr: We’re back.
King: And here’s the main event. Brock Lesnar vs. the Rock for the right to got to Armageddon and fight for the belt!

(Brock Lesnar’s music hits and he gets a huge pop from the crowd at the beginning but it turns into a mixed reaction. He walks down to the ring and gets the squared circle. “If Yaaaaa Smellll….what the Rock….is Cook’n” hits and the Rock walks down to the ring and the crowd boos. He walks down to the ring and slips under the ropes and spears Lesnar and punches him. The two men battle back and forth exchanging punches and Lesnar starts to get the upper hand. He picks rock up over his head and slams him to the ground. He starts to kick him and the crowd cheers. Lesnar pulls Rocky up and nails a German Suplex followed by kicks to the face. (The crowd starts to chant Lesnar, Lesnar, Lesnar). Lesnar goes to pull up the Rock but Rocky hits him with a low blow. The Rock stands up and nails a DDT. Lesnar crashed down hard on his head. The Rock stands over Lesnar and kicks him. Then he throws his elbow pad into the crowd, he the runs off the ropes but Lesnar jumps up and nails a Lue Thezs press. (The Crowd cheers.) Lesnar picks up Rock and puts him in a bear hug. Brock lets go after a while and the Rock hits the mat. Lesnar climbs the ropes. He stands on top and jumps off scoring a perfect Shooting Star Press!!!!)

Jr: Oh My God!!!! I can’t believe!!!! He looked like Rey Mysterio on that last jump!!!

(Brock Lands hard on the Rock. Brock rolls over. He can’t pin the Rock because he’s in so much pain. (The crowd chants, Lesnar, Lesnar, Lesnar real fast.) Lesnar goes for the Pin but the Rock kicks out. Both men remaining lying and the ref counts to 7 as the Rock gets up first. The Rock kicks a dazed Lesnar and nails a DDT then puts him in the Sharp shooter. Brock is in a noticeable amount of pain. He slowly but surly crawls to the ropes and gets there, forcing the Rock to break the hold. The Rock doesn’t and the crowd starts to boo. The reff counts to 2 and the Rock finally breaks it. He turns to the crowd and yells “If ya smelll what the Rock is cookin” and the crowd boos. He turns around only to notice Brock Lesnar standing right behind him. The Rock jumps back out of fear. Lesnar pick Rocky up over his head and lefts him up. He walks over to the ropes and throws the Rock out. The Rock lands right on the announcers table but doesn’t break it. He is in a lot fo pain. Lesnar stands on the turnbuckle and jumps of, he lands right on the Rock and they both crash through the table. (The crowd chants, holy shit, holy shit) Lesnar gets up and rolls the Rock into the Ring and goes for the pin….1….2….THE ROCK KICK OUT!!! Lesnar can’t believe it a neither can the fans. Lesnar backs up and waits for the Rock to stand up. (The crowd is chanting, Rocky Sucks, Rocky sucks) he get’s up and is looking dazed. Lesnar lifts him up over his shoulders and scores with an F5! He goes for the pin….1,2…..3!!!! Lesnar Wins and is going on to the tournament at Armageddon!!!! Brock Lesnar walks up the ramp and looks back, he puts his arms in the air and the fans go wild. The rock is knocked out in the middle of the ring. The WWE copy right stuff comes up and the show ends)

PS. Look out For Smackdown to see all these stories unfold this week, in Book This! And please post a reply telling me what you thought.
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