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Hey I am going to start a BTB and I think I am doing it right( If not let me know and I am sry). Anyway I'll start now: The show is called Monday Night Maddness and it will begin with the smae rosters as today and will begin the night after WrestleMania 21. Al the PPV's will be the same So here we go - - - - - -

Madness SuperStars:

Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Chris Masters
Eric Bischoff
Garrison Cade
Gene Snitsky
Jerry Lawler
Jim Ross
Jonathan Coachman
Khosrow Daivari
Lilian Garcia
Mark Henry
Mick Foley
Muhammad Hassan
Randy Orton
Ric Flair
Rob Conway
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Simon Dean
Stacy Keibler
Steven Richards
Stone Cold
Sylvain Grenier
The Hurricane
The Rock
Todd Grisham
Triple H
Trish Stratus
Tyson Tomko
Val Venis
William Regal

Thunder SuperStars:

Al Snow
Big Show
Bill Demott
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Bubba Ray Dudley
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
D-Von Dudley
Danny Basham
Dawn Marie
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
Joey Mercury
John Cena
Johnny Nitro
Josh Mathews
Kenzo Suzuki
Kurt Angle
Lauren Jones
Luther Reigns
Mark Jindrak
Michael Cole
Michelle McCool
Miss Jackie
Orlando Jordan
Paul London
Rene Dupree
Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam
Rochelle Loewen
Scotty 2 Hotty
Shannon Moore
Spike Dudley
Theodore Long
Torrie Wilson


WrestleMania - Both - APril 3rd, 2005

Backlash - Madness - May 1st, 2005

Judgement Day - Thunder -

Bad Blood - Madness - June 5th, 2005

Great AMerican Bash - Thunder -

Vengeance - Madness - July 3rd, 2005

Summerslam - Both - August 7th, 2005

Unforgiven - Thunder -

No Mercy - Madness - October 9th, 2005

Taboo Tuesday - Thunder -

Survivor Seris - Both - November 27th, 2005

Armagedon - Thunder -

Royal Rumble - Both - December 25th, 2005

* Concidering it goes that Far that's my PPV secedule and I don't know when Bloodtitan will post his so I will atlk to himabout it. That's why i left his open. *

Monday Night Madness:

- Pyro goes off and we are under way.

- The music of Batista hits the arena and the crowd goes wild! When Batista enters the ring he gets on the mic and bgins to talk about winning the title, Batista: "Last Night, I beat Tripl H to become the new WHC
( Crowd goes crazy). Since I am a fighting champ, I am going to give 16 Raw Superstars a shot at the title, but only one can face me at Backlash. I talked to Bishoff and he selected the 16 guys in the tournament.

* Batista Chant starts* Staring tonight there will be a series of matches with the winner facing me at Backlash for the World Title! The first match begins NOW!"

- "Just Close your Eyes" echos through the arena - Christian makes his way to the ring. While Christian is posing for the crowd Tajari makes his way to the ring. The bell sounds and the match is underway. Some straight up wrestling and counters with Tajari getting the better of Captian Charisma. The match continues back and forth until Tajari goes for the handspring elbow and Christian catches Tajari and reverses it into the Unprettier for the 3 count.

Winner: Christian

- When we come back from commercial a recap of WrestleMania is shown. After that the camera cuts back into the arena where HBK is being interviewed about his match with Angle until he is rudly intuupted by Hassan.
Hassan: " HBK, you think that you had one of the greatest matches of all time last night? Well concider yourself lucky, I wasn't even on the card at WrestleMania. Instead I was beaten up by that worthless icon Hogan! (Crowd breaks out in a series of Hogan chants). Shut UP! HBK i could beat you anywhere,any place, any time."
HBK: "OOOOH, you think so? Well how about HBK one-on-one with Hassan at Backlash?"
Hassan: " No, NO, NO...You are not in my league."
HBK:" Ok How about this if I beat Davari tonight I get you at Backlash?"
Hassan: (Looks at Davari in confucion) Fine!...But if Davari beats you at Backlash you will face a opponent of my choice" Camers Fades.

- Chris Matsers is in the ring and waiting for his opponent. Chris Benoit makes his way to the ring and match 2 of the Batista series is under way. The Matserpiece is toying with Benoit with a couple of smacks to his head while Benoit is in the armbar. Benoit fights back with a series of lethal chops. Matsers goes for his masterlock but is countered into the Crossface. Matsers counters that and runs out of the ring and heads to the back. Benoit chases him up the aisle, spins him around and gets the Masterpieces' fist in his face. They fight back down to the ring and matsers heads for a chair. He swings for Benoit but misses and hits the top rope and the chair bounces back into his face. (crowd laughs with a big pop) Benoit locks in the croosface and makes Matsers tap.
Winner : Chris Benoit
* commercial break*

- When we come back we see Trish in the ring. Trish: " Well, last night I retained my womens title and tonight I will accomplish another vistory and that is I will be the first women to ever...... BOOM! Pyro goes off! Kane makes his way to the ring. Trish runs for her life. Kane is in the ring and sets off more pyro. Kane is followed by Edge for the 3rd match in the tournament. Edge gets destroyed by Kane all through the match until Trish comes back and destracts Kane long enough for Edge to get the Vvictory and advance.

Winner : Edge

- Divari w/ Hassan is in the ring. Hbk's music hits and we are underway. This match is all HBK. It continues for a good 7 minutes until Hassan gets on the apron and destracts the ref. While he is destracting the Ref. Diavri hits HBK with a low blow. HBK kicks out and Divari and Hassan are in shock! This time Davari distracts the ref. while Hassan does his dirty work. Hassan hits HBK with a modified Downward Sprial and Divari pins HBK.

Winner : Davari

- When we get back from commercial Davari and Hassan are celbrating their victory until Todd Grisham catches up with them. Todd: " Davari how does it feel to win you first match even though it was with the help of Hassan?" (Hassan and Davari stare and don't say a word) Davari: "(Yells in Islam)" Hassan nails Grisham witha left ahnd and the beat down continues - HBK runs in and attcks and lays out Hassan with a chair. Davari runs for his life.
- Back in the arena almost every Raw superstar is in the ring followed by Ric Flair. After Flair makes his entrance Eric Bishoff comes out. Eric: " Now as you all know Batista has set up a tournament to determine who he will face at Backlash. Now already tonight Christain, Edge, and Benoit have advanced. Now the last four of you superstars left in the ring after this over-the-top-rope-battle royal has ended will advance as well. Ring the Bell"
The bell sounds and we are underway. Immediantly The Coach goes after big Rosey but is tossed over the top rope. The action continues, Ric Flair gets Val Venis in the figure four and Val is in pain. Hurricane climbs to the top rope and cross bodies Tyson Tomko but is cought and eliminated. Tomko turns around into a superkick by Rosey which send his flyin and as Rosey turns around Visera collides with him and they both go over the top. Shelton Benjamin goes for a Dragon Wip on Rob Conway. Conway ducks but Benjamin connect with Gryniere accidnetly and Grieynere goes over the top. While Conway is standing there in shock Y2J does a running dive off the middle rope, kicks conway in the jaw and there goes Conway. On the other side of the ring Ric Falir eliminates William Regal. As Val gets up Maven quickley grabbs him by the tights and sends him flying to end the match.

Winners/ Survivors: Maven, Benjamin, Flair and Y2J

- As we come back from commercial J.R and King are doing a run down of the matches next week on Madness:
Christian vs. Chris Benoit

Edge vs. Shelton Benjamin

Y2J vs. Ric Flair

Maven vs. Triple H / Orton

- " Time to Play the Game" hits the arena and our Main Event is about to begin. J.R and King plug Madness next week live from the home of Mania 22, Chicago as Triple H makes his way to the ring. Orton follows to a chorus of boos. The bell sounds and the match is underway. As they lock up, Triple H tries to go for a quick Pedegree but Orton counters. The match goes back and forth for a few minutes until Flair comes back down to interfere. Flair distracts the ref. and slides a chair into the ring. As Triple H goes to grab it Orton hits the RKO out of no where, but it is to close to the rope and H gets his foot on the rope. Orton picks Triple H up and goes for another RKO. Tripl H pushes Orton away into Ric Flair with the chair on the apron. Orton is knocked back into HHH and the Pedegree for the 3 count. As Triple H celbrates Batista shows up on the stage holding the World Title high in the air. Batista gives HHH the thumbs down and and points behind the Game. Triple H turns around to Flair who deliveres a low blow to HHH and the crowd loves it! Batist rund to the ring and delivers Triple with a Batista Bomb! Batista's music plays while Btaista, Falir and the World title parade over HHH's fallen body ad Madness goesof the air to a chorus of WOOOOOO!'s

*********Post reply's and let me know what you thought. thanks

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Ok, that was really hard to read. Use bold and italics, and try to space out each section so the readers know which is which. I don't think you have a bad concept here. Also, work on the spelling "Matsers". You must spell the names right. Just try to improve and you'll be fine.

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check out these BTB's to see how to set out a show

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UWEF United Wrestling Entertainment Federation
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WWE: Rise of Glory

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Thursday Night Thunder:

- Thunder music fills the arena and the pyro explodes.

- Kurt Angle's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring with a chorus of 'U Suck' in the backround. He enters the ring.
Kurt: "Last night i beat HBK. Not only did I beat him I made him tap out like a litle baby! Last night I proved that I am the greatest wrestler of this generation. I think for doing just that I deserve to face the new WWE champ, John Cena right here tonight!" - " You Know it's the Mack Millitant" echos through the arena and Thedore Long makes his apprence on the stage.
Long: " Kurt Angle, last night you made me proud, you made Thunder proud but just because you beat HBK doesn't give you the right to face John Cena for the WWE Title tonight. Now these people will see John cena defend his title tonight, but not against you. John Cena has insisted that he defends his title against none other then a man who deserves it after last night and that man being...Rey Mysterio! ( Angle looks at Long confused ) Don't worry Kurt you'll get your shot at Judgement Day If you can defeat JBL and Eddie Guerrero tonight when you face them tonight in a triple threat match for the # 1 Contendership! Now HOLLA, HOLLA, HOLLA!"

- Recap of WrestleMania was shown

- Camera fades into Josh Mathews standing with JBL and the cabinet.
Mathews: " JBL how do you feel about Losing the WWE title to John Cena last night?
JBL: " Josh, how do I feel? I feel like I was robbed John Cena cheated! I was Robbed but that's ok because after tonight I will get the rematch that I deserve not Rey Mysterio and after I beat Cena at Judgement Day I will become the new WWE Champion. Now excuse us Danny Basham has a mtch now" JBL says as the cabinet heads to the ring

- Danny Basham makes his way to the ring with JBL and the rest of the Cabinet behind him. As Danny is in the ring he gets a BIG surprise, it's the Big Show. Big Show enters the ring and the match begins with JBL on commentary. They lock up and Big Show controls Basham the whole time. Slam after Slam, leg drop after leg drop, the beating continues until Orlando Jordan gets on the apron and destracts the ref. long enough for Doug Basham to make the switch and pick up the win for his brother.

Winner: Danny Basham

- When we return from commercial we see the Bashams celbrating their win and they are approched by Thedore Long.
Long: " So you think that was funny huh? Well lagh this week cause next week it'll be Doug Basham vs. Big Show - No Dq! Now beli dat! ...playa" The camera fades as the Bashams stand their in horror.

- Back in the arena Carlito is in the ring and set up for Carlito's Cabana.
Carlito: " Now tonight I don't have a guest. I just wanted to come out here and say how this city, huh, IS NOT COOL! Also, for next week I am sending an open door so to speak. Next week anyone who wants to be on the Cabana can show up, and I mean anyone." As he goes to leave the Cruiserweight Champ, Paul London makes his way to the ring.
London: " Carlito, I heard that you don't have a guest tonight on your Cabana? Well tonights your lucky night becuase you have Paul London!
( Crowd screams ) Your taking up valuable time that I can be out here doing what I love and defending my title. But instead your out here talking and you don't even have a guest...Now that's NOT COOL! ( crowd breaks out in a London chant ) And you see......."
( Billy Kidman takes out London from Behind) London tries to fight back but Carlito stops him. They beat London down, pull him into the corner and Billy Kidman hits him with the Shooting Star Press. As London lays there bleeding from the mouth Kidman and Cool stand over him.

- "Viva La Raza" fills the arena and Eddie makes his way to the ring for the number one contendship match. After both JBL and Kurt Anlge are in the ring the match starts and JBL and Angle double team Guerrero the whole match. JBL hits Guerrero with the closeline from hell and Angle hits Guerrero with the Angleslam and goes for the cover but is pulled off by JBL. JbL goes for the cover but is pulled off by Kurt Anlge. The start to argue long enough for Guerrero to get up but they see him and through him over the top. As JBL is trash talking to Eddie Angle sneaks up behind him and starts the beat down on the former champ. JBL fights back and goes for the closeline from hell. Angle rverses it into the Angle Slam but thats reversed into the colse line from hell and this time he connects but JBL falls to the mat too. Up top, Ediie Guerrero is and he hits the Frog Splash on Kurt Angle. AS he gets up to go for the cover he is hit with a lethal Closeline from hell by JBL and pinned for the 3 count.

Winner and #1 Contender: JBL

- In the back Carlito runs into Long and is told that next week he will have his return match against Paul London.

- In the ring Heidenrich is reading a poem until Booker T comes to the ring and the bell sounds. This match is a short time filler with Booker T picking up the win.

Winner: Booker T

- After the break ANgle is walking looking at the floor and he bumps shoulders with Booker.
Angle: " Watch were your ass is going"
Booker T: " At least I can win a match SUCKA!" Booker T keeps walking but is attacked byan irrate Kurt Angle. Angle destroys him and throughs him right through the wall of the lockeroom.

- Back in the arena Orlando Jordan is in the ring talking about how he is the best US champ ever. He says how there is know one in that locker room that could beat him and at Judgement Day he is going to put out an open challenge. As he tries to leave the ring Mark Jindrak shows up on the titantron and accepts his challenge and says that at Judgement Day he will defeat the self-proclaimed best US Champ ever.

- When we return from commercial Michael Cole and Tazz plug next weeks Thunder and Judgement Day.

- It's main event time and Cena and Rey-Rey make their way to the ring. This match is fast paced with a couple of good high spots. Rey- Rey does a summersault over the top rope on to the floor and Cena. Back in the ring Mysterio goes for a diving attak off the top rope but is cought by Cena and the F-U. Rey reveses the F-U and tosses Cena onto the second rope. Rey Mysterio hits the 619. As he goes for the West Coast Pop, Eddie, co- tag champ runs down and trips Rey off the top rope. Rey is yelling at Eddie and turns around right into the F-U and the 3 count.

Winner/Still Champ: John Cena

- As the show is going off the air Eddie is standing over Rey's fallen body.

******* Thunder next week***
- Carlito vs. Paul London

- Doug Basham vs. Big Show - NO DQ

****** JudgeMent Day***
- JBL vs. John Cena - WWE Title

- Orlando Jordan vs. Mark Jindrak - US Title


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Hey everyone...I am trying to write both shows but to make them good it takes me well over an hour per show so i think that after i finish JudgeMent Day I will need someone to write Thunder for me an i'll be writing RAW. If you are interested let me know. Thanks.

* remember* - Thunder is the Smackdown! superstars and Theodore Long is the GM. You can do what ever you want with it just talk to me before making any roster switches...thanks again.

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Starting this Monday April 25th I will be doing the shows on Mondays and Thursday's. But this weekend I am gonna put up one more of each show so going into Monday there will be 2 shows up for bot Madness and Thunder. Sry if i am rushing to get the first two up.

Monday Night Madness:

- The show opens with the Madness theme and video. The pyro explodes and we are underway.

- "Aint No Stoppin Me...NO!" hits the arena and the crowd goes wild!
JR: " Good Evening this what a show we have for you tonight, Maven/HHH, Y2J/Ric Flair, Christian/Benoit and we are straing it off with Benjamin vs. Edge."
King: " Calm down JR tonight will be an awesome show but I just hope Trish is Ok."
*Edge makes his way to the ring and the match begins.

Edge vs. Shelton Benjamin
The match starts out and is very fast paced with alot of offence from both men. Both men are throwing punches and countering eachothers moves. Edge goes for a punch but Benjamin ducks and hits Edge with a back drop. Both men quickly make it to their feet and the crowd cheers for both. They lock up in the center of the ring again and exchange counters. Edge gets the better of Benjamin and out of know where Edge hits the Edgeucution. Edge sits in the corner and signals for the spear. As Benjamin gets up in the opposite corner Edge runs for the spear. Benjamin jumps over Edge, avaioding the spear, and Edge smashes into the corner and turns around right into the T-Bone Suplex. It's to close to the rope and Edge kicks out. Benjamin picks Edge up and out of no where Edge hits him with a second Edgeucution and quickly pins him for the 3.

Winner: Edge

JR: " What a match, it's a shame Benjamin did't win, but let me tell you something King Benjamin hasd got alot of talent and will be champ one day."
King: "yeh JR we know how you love Shelton Benjamin, he's still the IC champ. But after that win Edge deserves to be IC champ."

- Backstage Batista is talking with Ric Flair.
Batista: " Man, Ric, last week was awesome HHH never saw it coming. after tonight when you beat Y2J and then next week when you beat HHH or Maven you wil go on to face me at Backlash for my title"
Flair: " No offence big man but if...excuse me when i face you at Backlash, you'll be looking at the next WHC....WOOOOOO!"

* Commercial *

- Back in the arena Trish Stratus comes to the ring to defend her womens title aginst Victoria. Victoria makes her way to the ring.

Trish Stratus vs. Victoria - Womens Title

The match begins with slapping and trash talking. Victoria then starts to punch Trish in her face. She spears Trish down and starts to beat her face. Quickly Trish escapes out of the ring to regroup. When she renters the ring Trish takes advantage of Victoria. Victoria reveses the Chick Kick and catches Trish in the Widows Peak but Trish reverses that and nails Victoria with the Chick Kick. Before she could go for the cover Kane's pyro goes off, whcih destracts her, but Kane is no where to be found. Trish turns around into the Widows Peak and the 3 count.

Winner and New Womens Champ: Victoria

King: " JR, that wasn't fair Kane's pyro took Trish off her game"
JR: " Well I won't say if it was fair or not but ir sure was effective."

* Commercial *

- When we return we see Trish walking around in the back looking over her shoulder. As she walking we hear her scream at the sight of Kane and her starts to run away.

- Muhammad hassan and Davari make their way to the ring and get on the Mic.
Hassan: " Last wwek my manager, Davari, beat HBK fair and square. ( BOOS ) After the match HBK was a sore loser and he attacked me with a steel chair, just like a typicla american!!!!!!" As Hassan is parading around Hurricanes music hits and he makes his way to the ring.
Hurricane: " Muhammad Hassan, you talk about how america sucks, how bad it is well i have just got one question for you. If you don;t like it so much why are you here? Wassss Up Wit DAT?"
Hassan: " Hurricane, you are a typical american, abusing all your rights like freedom of choice, if youwere back in my home country you'd be dead! You know why, just because you chose to color your hair green! Now I am not cleared to wrestle here tonight because of that chair shot HBK gave me so how about tonight you face...Davari!?"
Hurricane: " How about I face Davari? Well Hassan how about you turn around?"
Muhammad Hassan turns around right into Sweet Chin Music! Davari tries to save Hassan but is tossed right over the top rope by HBK. Hbk pick up the mic and tells Hassan that if he won't face him at Backlash then HBK will just have to change Hassan's mind. HBK walks over to Hassan's turban and spits right on it! ( Crowd goes wild! ) HBK and Hurricane leave.

* Commercial *

- Backstage, Trish is shown running. This time she is running through the Laundry room of the arena.

- Nature Boy makes his way to the ring along with Y2J and the bell sounds.

Ric Flair vs. Y2J

The match starts out with Y2J taking advantage of Flair and having the upper hand. As the match continues Flair fights back and their is some technical wrestling going on. Ric Flair goes up top and as usualy it doesn't pay off and Y2J slams Flair off the top. Y2J is building mulmentum. He hits Flair with a springboard dropkick and a running bulldog. He goes for the Walls of Jericho but it is countered and Y2J is sent to the floor. Flair goes out and brings Y2J back into the ring. Flair goes for a body slam and Jericho slides off his back and goes for another bulldog. Flair holds onto the top rope and Y2J doesn't connect with the bulldog. In typical Flair fashon he hits Y2J with a low blow. Ric Flair mock HHH and then hits Y2J with HHH"s Pedegree and scores the win.

Winner: Ric Flair

* commercial *

- In the back Y2J is apprched by Benjamin.
Benjamin: " Well Jericho it looks like tonight we are both losers" he says laughing.
Y2J: " What did you just call me?"
Benjamin: " A loser" ( crowd laughs )Y2J attcks SHelton Benjamin and brutaly assults him backstage.
Y2J: " I am not a loser! I am the King of the World! I am the HIGHLIGHT of the NIGHT DAMIT! I am Y2J, I am Chris Jericho, not a Loser!!!!!!!" Y2J yells.

- Back in the arena Christian enter the arena followed by Benoit to a standing ovation from the crowd.

Christian vs. Chris Benoit

This match starts out awesome and the crowd is loving this match from the start Benoit tries to lock in the crossface early but Christian escapes. The wrestle back and forth to a series of counters. Christian goes up top and hits Benoit with a cross body. Benoit kicks out after only 1. Christain picks Benoit up and goes for the Unprettier but Benoit reverses it into a back body drop. Benoit starts to lace Christian up with knife edge chops in the corner. After every one the crowd yells WOOOOO!. Benoit delivers 10 of thoose. About halfway through the match Tyson Tomko hits Benoit with a big boot and is ejected from ringside. Christian takes his anger of Tomko being ejected out on Benoit. Christian goes for the second Unprettier but that is also countered, and Benoit chops Christians arm down right into the crossface in the center of the ring. Christian is in the crossface for about 45 second s but gets to the rope. Benoti goes up top for the Diving headbutt but Christian rolls out of the way. As Benoit starts to rise up Christian runs and hooks Benoit's arm and drills him with the Unprettier. Christian pins Benoit to advance in the tournament.

Winner: Christian

- In the back Batista and Flair are celbratign over Flair's victory. Batista sugests that they sit on the couch , have a drink, and watch HHH lose his shot at the world title to a tough enough winner. Camera fades

* commercial *

JR: " King, next week will be awesome!"
KIng: " Yeh it will JR, next week live from Charolte, NC it will be Christian vs. Edge and Ric Flair vs. either Maven or HHH, I'm pulling for the Game"
JR: " Yeh i am sure you are but King it's main event time"

- Triple H and Maven make their way to the ring and the match begins.

Maven vs. Triple H

This match is all HHH. Triple H toys with Maven the whole match. Halfway through the match Batista and Flair show up on the stage to watch the rest of the match. Triple H is destracted by their presence and Maven takes advantage. Maven climbs up top and goes for an axe handle. When he is coming down he is kicked in the stomache and hit with the Pedgree via HHH. Batista and Flair stand on the stage clpping as if they were impressed as Triple H stares up the ramp at them.

Winner: HHH

- The camera fades to the back were Trish is entering her limo. SHe takes on last look over her shouler before entering.
Trish: " Driver, to the hotel please, and make it quick please." The driver rolls down the back widow that seperates the front from the bakc and driving the limo is KANE!
Kane: " As you wish, Trish" ( Kane Laughs) The limo speeds away as we hear Trish scream in fear.

Would anyone like to help me out with Thunder? see post #8 if so.

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Satrting Monday 4-25-05 i'll be writing shows on Mondays, Thursdays and PPV Sundays but today I am going to get the second Thunder out of the way

Thursday Night Thunder - EP: 2

- Pyro explodes and the show is undway.
Tazz: " Cole, tonight is gonna be off the chats... We have got the in ring return of Carlito Carribean Cool!"

Michael Cole: " Yeh Tazz not only will Carlito be in action but as well we have Big Show vs. Doug Basham in a No DQ match!"

- " Viva La Raza" fills the arena and Eddie Guerrero comes out to a mixed reaction. Eddie gets in the ring and on the mic and starts to talk about what happend last week.

Eddie: " Last week I cost Rey Mysterio his shot at John Cena and the WWE Title. ( Crowd Boos ) Yeah I know it was wrong and I only have one thing to say and that is taht I lost my temper. Everyone knows that I have that Latino fire, that Latino temper that burns inside me and well it got the better of me last week. Now Rey-Rey please come out here so I can appologize to you face to face, like a man."

* Rey Mysterio comes out to the ring *

Eddie: " Now Rey all that I have to say is that I am sorry and I hope that somewhere in your heart you can forgive me."

Rey: " Eddie, last week you cost me the thing that I have wanted my whole life, the thing I have worked for - to earn - since I was 15 years old and Eddie last week you cost me the WWE Title. Man, your like 'La Familia' to Eddie and yeah I believe you when you said you lost your temper and man, I forgive you."

* Eddie and Rey embrace in a hug * Kurt Angle's music hits the arena and the drowd breaks out in a series of 'U Suck' chants.

Angle: " Look at this love fest. 'Eddie your like la familia' What a bunch of horse crap! You two are out here wasting everyones time. Why don't you two get out of the ring so that ' The Greatest Wrestler of this Generation ' can shine!"

Eddie: " You want to 'shine' homes well tonight is your lucky night cause how about tonight me and you go one- on -one bato!" ( crowd screams )

Angle: " You want to face me? Well your on pal! right here tonight!!!!!!! As a matter of fact right now!"

* Angle heads to the ring and Mysterio exists to the commentary booth *

* commercial *

Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle

- When we retune the match is already underway. The match starts out and is fast paced the whole way with both men countering eachothers moves. Eddie gets the advantage and applys an arm bar to Angle. Angle escapes and there is about 10 mins of mat based wrestling and the crowd is into it all the way. Eddie goes for the 3 amigos and out of know where on the 3rd one Angle reverses it into the Angle Slam! Eddie kicks out after 2. Angle is mad and goes to the outside for a chair. He slides back into the ring and Eddie drop kicks the chair right back into Angles face! Eddie gets a 2 count. Angle gets up and runs at Eddie but collides with the ref. As they are both getting up Rey Mysterio slides into the ring and picks up the chair. He is facing Angle and Angle is rising to his feet but Rey quickly turns around and blasts Eddie right between the eyes with the chair. ( crowd boos ) Angle crawls on to Guerrero and picks up the 3 count.

Winner: Kurt Angle

* After the match Eddie runs to the back to find Rey Mysterio as Angle celebrates in the ring. Angle gets back on the mic and says how he is the best wrestler to ever step foot in the ring. He says how he never went to jail, did drugs or any time. Out of know where Booker T hits Angle from behind and assults Angle much like Angle did to Booker last week. Booker leaves Angle motionless in the ring *

* commerciall *

- When we return Carlito is in the ring for his Cabana.
Carlito: " Last week I extended an open invitation for anyone who wanted to be a guest on my Cabana. And boy do I have a guest. Well, not just 1 guest or even 2 guests but 3 guests have excepted my offer. Lets meet them , they are Hollywoods hottest new team they are MNM - Mercury, Nitro and Melina!"

* MNM make there way to the ring *

Melina: " Well Carltio, thanks for having us. Your so cool. We are MNM I'm Melina, (points to Nitro) this is Nitro, ( points to Mercury ) and this is Mercury. We are MNM!"

Nirto: " We just got back from Teddy Long's office and he told us thatwe are the new tag team champs!"

* teddy Long come out on the stage *

Long: " Hold on a second playa! i didn't tell you that your are the new nothing yet. What I said was that since Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio can't seem to get along then i am stripping them of their tag titles. Thus, next week MNM you will face a team of my choice to see who the new tag team champs will be!"

* MNM parade around the ring saying they should be the new tag champs and they shouldn't have to compete for them. *

Carlito: " Hey MNM, Theddy Long aint cool!"

Long: " Now my decision is final! As for you Carlito you need to concentrate on your return to the ring tonight because that's next!"

* commercial break *

- Pual London makes his way to the ring and the match begins.

Pual London vs. Carlito Carribean Cool

The match starts out with Carlito running around the outside tring to stay away from London and complaining about his shoulder. Halfway through the match Carltio hits London with a low blow but gets a 2 count. Carltio does everything to beat London but London won't stay down. Carlito signals for some help and out comes Billy Kidman and the assult begins. The ref. sounds for the bell numerous times but nothing is stopping Kidman and Carlito. Suddenly the lights go out and the Undertakers voice echos around the arena but he is know where to be found. ( crowd goes wild with the biggest POP of the night )

Winner: Paul Londo via - DQ

Undertaker: " Carlito.....You...will.....pay........for your sins"
Out of know where a huge Lightening bolt stikes and we see a stuffed Carlito doll hanging from the roof of the arena. Carltio is scared shitless.

* commercial *

- We return with Doug Basham in the ring followed by the Big Show.
This match starts out slow and is soon taken out of the ring and they fight through the arena. We see them fighting through the crowd and back into the lockeroom area. Doug Basham fears for his life and tries to stay as far away from Show as possable. Out of know where Big Show is hit with a steel pipe by Danny Basham. Both Bashams assult the Big Show. Big SHow fight Danny Basham off and begins to beat up Doug again. Big Show and Doug Basham continue to fight with Danny no where in site. From the side Big Show is run over by a golf cart driven by Danny Basham. It seems that Big Show hurt his leg. Danny gets out of the golf cart anfd gets into a forflift and sets it on top of the fallen Big Show. Doug Basham sits on the forlift which is on Big SHow and gets the win.

Winner: Doug Basham

* commercial *

- When we return Theodore Long informs us that at JudgeMent Day it will be The Bashams vs. Big Show in a handicaped match and Billy Kidman vs. Paul London for the Crusierweight title also London had requested a handicaped match with Kidman and Carlito.

- Back in the arena JBL and Orlando Jordan make their way to the ring followed by the team of Mark Jindrak and the WWE Champ John Cena.

John Cena and Mark Jindrak vs. Orlando Jordan and JBL
The match starts out with Jordan and Jindrak. They lock up and Jindrak gets the upper hand on Orlando. They exchange right hands until JBL hits Jindrak in the back distracting him long enough for Jordan to get the school boy but it's only a 2 count. JBL is tagged in and takes is to Jindrak. JBL sets up for the closeline from hell but misses and turns around into a drop kick. Mark Jindrak tags in Cena. Cena enters the ring and takes it to both JBL and Jordan. Jordan misses a closeline on cena but runs into a knock out right hand by Jindrak. Orlando Jordan is kncked out JBL goes to hit Jindrak from behind but Jindrak turns around and JBL stops. Mark Jindrak pionts behind JBL and JBL turns around slowly. He turns around to a kick to his grion, a 'You CANT SEE ME' and the F-U. Cena and Jindrak pick up the win.

Winner(s): John Cena and Mark Jindrak

- Show closes with Cena and Jindrak celebrating with the crowd.

*** Thunder Next Week***

Paul London vs. Billy Kidman/Carlito

MNM vs. Teddy Long's pick

*** JudgeMent Day***
JBL vs. John Cena - WWE Title

Orlando Jordan vs. Mark Jindrak - US Title

Big Show vs. The Bashams - Handicaped Match

Paul London vs. Billy Kidman - Crusierweight title

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Hey everyone. I have to post Monday Night Madness now (sunday) only because I have a Baseball game tomorrow and i won't have time to do it. Sorry for the inconnvience and I'll be on track Thursday with Thunder. Thanks again all.....

Monday Night Madness - Ep: 3

- Show opens with a video of Kane abducting Trish from last week.

JR: " Good evening here tonight and what a show we've got tonight."

King: " That's right JR tonight we are live from Charolette, NC and the Hometown Hero, Ric Flair will go one on one with HHH"

JR: " That's not all arguably the greatest tag team ever in the WWE Edge and Christian will battle it out to advance in the title series for Backlash."

King: " Yeh that'll be great, but I hope Trish is ok."

- Y2J is in the ring and set up for the Highlight Reel.

Y2J: " Welcome to the Highlight Reel! ( Pyro explodes ) Tonight I have a very special guest and his name is Shelton Benjamin."
( Shelton makes his way to the ring )

Y2J: " Now, Shelton last week you called me a loser just because Ric Flair beat me. Well yeah Flair defeated me but he cheated. And the match I saw last week you lost too!" ( crowd boos )

Benjamin: " Chris, Chris yeah last week we both lost our matches but at least I didn't lose to a dinosour like you." ( crowd goes crazy )

Y2J: " OH cute, cute Ric Flair is a 16 time world champ i might add. But i didn't invite you out her to argue, no, I invited you out here to challenge you for your IC title at Backlash."

Benjamin: " You want me at Backlash? Wel Jericho, your on!"

* They get in eachother's face as we go to commercial *

* commercial *

- When we return Edge makes his way to the ring followed by Christian w/ Tyson Tomko.

Edge vs. Christian
The bell sounds and we are underway. They lock up and counter eachothers moves. They know eachothers styles and moves very very well. As the match continues Edge takes control and beats down Christian. Christian fights back. they fight into the corner where Christian delivers 10 punches right to Edge's face. When he gets out of the corner Edge goes for a punch but Christian ducks and locks in the Unprettier. Edge pushes Christian off of him and Christian goes sternum first into the corner. As Christian is coming out Edge runs and spears him. Christian kicks out after 2. As the ref. is checking on Edge in the corner Tomko gets in the ring and delivers a big boot to Christian, knocking him out. Edge picks up the scraps and gets the 3 count.

Winner: Edge

* commercial *

- When we return Edge is still in the ring talking about how know one will stop him from becoming WHC. He says that there is or WAS know one who deserved the title more then he does. This brings out Benoit to a huge pop. Chris Benoit says that he worked his ass off for 18 years to get that World Title last year at WrestleMania 20. Benoit says that you don't deserve to be champ if you have people do you dirty work for you. Chris Benoit says that if Edge loses next week to HHH or Ric Flair that he wants to teach Edge a lesson at Backlash. Edge accepts.

* commercial *

- In the back Christian is looking for Bishoff.

Christian: " Hey Bishoff, you see that? Tomko that Dracula cost me my title shot. Everyone saw I had that match won, I should face HHH or Flair next week, not Edge. I want Tomko in a Street Fight next we....never mind how about this Bishoff - Christian vs. Tyson Tomko in a Street Fight at Backlash and the winner faces the World Champ the next night on Madness?"

Bishoff: " You know Christian, that's a damn good idea, your on!"

* Christian walks away excited *

- The camera fades from Christian to a grave yard where we see a tombstone that says Trish " Slut" Stratus on it.

* commercial *

JR; " Man, King did you see that?"

King: " I sure did JR, thats not good, does that mean?"

JR: " I don't know King, I don't know."

- Muhammad Hassan's music hits and he and Divari make their way to the ring. Hurricane follows.

Muhammad Hassan w/ Davari vs. Hurricane
This match is very fast with Hassan having full control the whole time. Hassan beats down Hurricane and busts him open with lethal right hands. Hassan picks up that bloodied Hurricane, yells at him and delivers his modified Downward Spiral and get the 3.

Winner: Muhammad Hassan
After the match Hassan gets on the mic.

Hassan: " HBK, you have got my attention. Last week you commited the sin of all sins. You spat your descusting saliva all over my turban. ( Crowd goes wild! ) You people like that? Shawn Michaels you disrespeacted me, my country and my heritage and now HBK it's time for me to return the favor."

* hassan pulls out the ameican flag and a lighter. As he goes to light the flag HBK runs to the ring and starts to beat up Hassan. The fight back and forth until Davari tries to make the save. The beat down continues but HBK fights back. HBK and Hassan fight to the back as we go for a commercial. *

- When we return HBK and Hassan are still fighting all through the lockeroom area. Ref. and security try to break them up. After they break them up Bishoff comes in.

Bishoff: " Enough already. This has got to stop - and it will... at Backlash. at Backlash it will be Muhammad Hassan vs. HBK in a flag on a pole match where the winner has to retrieve his flag to win the match! And next week davari you will face HBK and if Hassan gets involved then youll both be FIRED!"

* Bishoff leaves as HBK stands their with a smile on his face and Hassan irrate. *

- We go back to the grave yard where Kane is standing by his car. he open the trunk and their is Trish Stratus tried up in the trunk. Kane takes her out and is about to chokeslam her into the grave that he duck. Out of know where Chris masters hits Kane from behind with a shovel knocking him out. Masters pushes Kane in the grave and dumps enough dirt to cover Kanes face and body. He pick trish up puts her in the car and makes the save.

King: " At least trish is safe."

JR: " Yeah but what was Chris Masters doing there. What does he have to do with Trish?"

King: " I don't know but I'm glad he was there god only knows what would have happend to Trish if he wasn't"

JR: " Well i guess your right. What a night tonight has been, next week Edge vs. HHH/ Ric Flair to see who will face Batista at backl;ash for the WHC. And Now it's Main Event time!"

Triple H vs. Ric Flair
This match starts out very slow both men are working the crowd. Flair tries to get into HHH's head with his arrogant dancing and WOOOing around the ring. Triple H takes advantage of Flair and they start wrestling. Triple H goes for the Pedgree but it's countered by Flair. Tward the end of the match Batista comes out to the ring.Triple H knocks down Flair with a hard closeline. Triple H starts to taunt Batista and it gets to Batista and he enters the ring. He backs HHH into the corner but out of know where Ric Flair hits Batista with a low blow. ( He smiles at HHH ) Right after the low blow HHH hits Batista with a Pedegree. Ric Flair lays down in the middle of the ring for HHH to pin him for the win.

Winner: Triple H

*After the match HHH w/ the World title and Flair celbrate while Batista is laying motionless *

*** Madness Next week ***

Edge vs. HHH - # 1 Contender

HBK vs. Davari ( No hassan )


Christian vs. Tyson Tomko - Street Fight & winner faces World Champ next Night

HBK vs. Muhammad Hassan - Flag on a Pole match

Edge vs. Chris Benoit * If Edge loses next week*

Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Jericho - IC Title

Batista vs. Edge / HHH - WHC

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Thanks alot amrocky25.... Bloodtitan is gonna be writng Thunder soon after I finish JudgeMent Day. I am gonna try to finish it all by tonight so we both can start this week. Sorry If i am rushing things. It'll be worth it.

Hey I am gonna try to get everything up to Judgement Day up tonigh or Tomorrow sorry for the rushing but i want myself and BloodTitan to start this week. Sry agin but It'll be worht it.

Thursday Night Thunder - Ep 3

- Show opens with highlights from the tag team main event last week.

Cole: " Good evening and welcome to Thunder I am Michael Cole along side Tazz and what a show we have for you tonight."

Tazz: " That's right Cole Tonight will be off the charts!"

- " I Spit in the face of people who don't want to be cool" fills the arena and the team of Carlito and Billy Kidma make their way to the ring.Carltio looks around in fear before Paul London comes to the ring.

Paul London vs. Billy Kidman / Carlito

This match is very fast paced from the start. Kidman and London start it off. Each man hits the other with a high offensive move. London gets the upper hand until Carlito interupts. Billy Kidman takes advantage and the beat down begins. Kidman and Carlito tag in and out, keeping eachother fresh. Billy Kidman goes for a suplex but it's blocked and London drops Kidman rib first over the top rope. Carlito breaks up the two count. London fights off Carlito and tosses him to the outside. He then kicks Kidman in the stomach droping him down to all fores and runs, jumps off Kidmans back and does a summersault to Carlito on the outside. Paul London crawls back into the ring and hits Kidman with a summersault drop kick followed by the 450 Splash for the win.

Winner : Paul London

* After the match the beatdown begins on London. The lights go out but Carlito and Kidman keep beating up London becuase they think it's just a trick. The lights come back on and Carlito is laying in the middle of the ring knocked out but knowone is near. *

* commercial *

- When we return we are in Theodore Long's office with Billy Kidman.

Kidman: " Teddy, did you see that, Carltio is on his way to the hospital and we all know whos fault that is."

Long: " Hold on a minute Playa, yeah we do that's why next week it will be Billy Kidman one on one with The Undertaker! Kidman in 2 weeks when Carlito is able to wrestle again then it will be Billy Kidman and Carlito vs. Paul London and The Undertaker! Now I have to go take care of some
( London stands there in horror )

- Back in the arena Booker T is in the ring.

Booker T: " Last week Kurt Anlge said that he is has never been in jail , done time or did drugs. Well Kurt Anlge I have a message for you. That was all in the past and I know you were refering to me so Kurt I challenge you to a match at JudgeMentDay."
( Akio's music hits and out comes akio)

Booker T vs. Akio

This match starts out fast but is very quick. Booker T toys with Akio the whole match and ends it with a scissor kick after Akio jumped off the top rope and was cought in mid air with Booker's kick.

Winner: Booker T

* After the match Kurt Angle comes through the crowd and takes out Booker T. HE applys the ankle lock and makes Booker tap out until refs. pull him off Booker. He then accepts Booker's challenge*

- In the back Long is talking to someone, off camera and says their up next.

* commercial *

- When we come back MNM is in the ring waiting for their opponents. All of a sudden the Pryo goes off and the Dudleys! come out.

Dudley Boyz vs. MNM - Tag Titles

The match starts out with Bubba and Mercury. They lock up and the bigger and stronger Bubba gets takes advantage. They fight back and forth with numerous tags on both sides. Melina tries to desract the Dudleys but they just ignore her ( which upsets her becuase she thinks she's all that). The match continues and Melina tries the detraction again. This time while the ref is tring to get her off the apron Nitro gets hit with the WAZZZZ UP!!!! As D-von is testifying Bubba grabs Melina by the hair and pulls her in the ring. They signal for the 3D. Right as they go for it Nirto saves Melina and Mercury hits the low blow on Bubba. Nitro then sends D-Von over the rope and they hit a double spalsh on Bubba off the top and get the win.

Winner and new tag Team Champs: MNM

* commercial *

- When we come back Eddie Guerrero is looking for Rey Mysterio in the back. He finds him and they begin to talk.

Eddie: " Hey Rey what's the matter with you, why did you cost me my shot at Kurt lst week?"

Rey: " I gues I just lost my temper ( crowd boos )"

Eddie: " You cost me my match and your being an ass?"

* As Rey begins to walk away Eddie attacks him and a brawl breaks out. they fight until security breaks them up *

- back in the arena it's main event time and JBL makes his way to the ring w/ Orlando Jordan. Followed by Mark Jindrak w/ John Cena.

JBL vs. Mark Jindrak

THis match starts out with counter after counter. the quicker of the 2, jindrak soon gets the upper hand but the verteren instincts of JBL soon kick in. JBL goes for numerous closeline from hells but misses all of them. The turns around into a perfect dropkick from Jindrak. JBL rolls out of the ring to regroup. Jordan tries to interfere but is stopped by Cena. Cena and Jordan begin to brawl all around the arena then to the back. Both JBL and Jindrak get knocked down and the Bashams come out to try to help. As they go for Jindrak the Big Show hits the ring and the Bashams run through the crowd with the Big Show chasing after them. JBL gets up and hits Jindrak with the closeline from hell and picks up the win.

Winner: JBL

* After the match JBL crawls to the outside and picks up the WWE Title which Cena left and parades around the ring with it like it was his. *

JBL vs. John Cena - WWE Title

Orlando Jordan vs. Mark Jindrak - US Title

Big Show vs. The Bashams - Handicaped Match

Paul London vs. Billy Kidman - Crusierweight title

Booker T vs. Kurt Angle

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first off clever title. I'm leaning more to Thursday Night Thunder than Monday Night Madness. I've read your last two shows. I'm a give them both a score of 90/100. My only problems, are you need color and bold. The second is make the matches a little bit longer, and extend the promos just a little bit. Other than that, it's all good. 1! Hey you can check out my thread at http://www.weforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=185168 if you need some help on the matches.

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Monday Night Madness:EP - 4

- Show opens with no video or music.

- Triple H makes his way to the ring to massive heat.

Triple H: " Last week I won my match to andvance on. Last week I defeated one of the greatest men in this business. I defeated Ric Flair!!!!!!!! Know let me bring out the man himself, ladies and gentlemen I give to you "Nature Boy" Ric Flair!"

* Flair's music hits but he is know where to be found. Triple H is looking around shocked. All of a sudden we see Flair knocked out in his dressing room. Triple H is irrate and runs to the back. *

* commercial *

JR: " We are less then a week away from Backlash and tonight we will find out who will face Batista for the WHC."

King: " That's right JR plus last week Benoit challenged Edge to a match if he loses tonight."

JR: " That's right King but also what mood will Tomko be in after last week's announcement with Tonko vs. Christian at Backlash and the winner is # 1 contender?"

King: " Speaking of Tomko!"

- When we return Tyson Tomko is in the ring. Taajri makes his way to a HUGE ovation.

Tyson Tomko vs. Tajari

The match starts out slow. This is just a time filler. The match is all Tomko the whole match eventually ends with a big boot to Tajari and Tomko gets the win.

Winner: Tyson Tomko

* From behind, after the match Christian comes through the crowd and hits Tomko with a steel chair. ( Crowd cheers ) The camera gets a close up on Christians face and he says " At Backlash, your a deadman" as he stands over TOmko.

* commercial *

- In the back HHH is talking to Bichoff.

Triple H: " Bishoff have you seen Flair? I went back there and he was no where to be found in his dressing room. Thers only one man behind this.....Batista!" ( Crowd Cheers )

Bishoff: " HHH calm down, when I find Batista, there will be hell to pay. Get ready for your match and I'll keep a look out for Flair."

- Back in the arena Muhammad Hassan makes his way to the ring.

Hassan: " HBK at Backlash you will pay for evereything that you have done to me, and my country!"

* Before Hassan can say anything else Chris Benoit makes his way to the ring. *

Benoit: " Hassan, calm down. You are the biggest complainer I ever met. How about instead of complaining tonight how about we fight?"

Hassan: " You want to fight how about it will be me and Davari vs. you!?"

Benoit: " Well I had a feeling about that so I found myself a tag team

* HBK's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. ( Crowd cheers ) *

Hassan: " Know way!!!!! Not tonight!"

* Bishoff makes his way to the ring *

Bishoff: " Hassan, tonight you and Davari will face HBK and Chris Benoit, not just tonight but right NOW! and thats final! Now let me go and take care of some business."

HBK / Chris Benoit vs. Hassan / Davari

The match starts out with Hassan and Benoit. Hassna gets the upper hand on Benoit but is soon countered and Benoit gets the upper hand. Benoit tags in HBK but Hassan quickly tags in Davari and runs to the outside. Hassan gets on commenatry with JR. HBK and Benoit beat down and Davari and just have fun. As Benoit goes up top for the Diving Headbut he is tripped by Edge and he loses his balance. While Benoit is down and the ref is checking on him Edge spears HBK. Chris Benoit chases Edge to the back leaving HBK. Hassan comes back to the ring and Davari tags him. Hassan helps the already hurt HBK back up and drills him with a modified Downward Sprial.

Winners : Hassan / Davari

* After the match Hassna and Davari continue to beat down and yell at HBK until refs. break it up. *

* Commercial *

- When we return Simon Dean is in the ring. Y2J comes down and says he wants a warm up match for this Sunday.

Y2J vs. Simon Dean
The match starts out with Y2J getting a headlock on Dean after the lockup. Dean wuickly reverses into a back drop. They both get to their feet and star at eachother. Y2J takes advantage again. He hits Dean dive a springboadr drop kick off the middle rope. Two count. Y2J does for a bulldog followed by the lionsault but misses the Lionsault. He lands on his feet and goes for the Walls of Jericho on Dean. Dean reverses and spins Y2J into the ref. As Y2J is checking on the ref. Shelton Benjamin comes down and dilivers a T-Bone suplex on Y2J. SImon Dean picks up the pieces and gets the win.

Winner: Simon Dean

* After the match Y2J staggers up to his feet and stars at Shelton who is up at the top of the ramp. *

* commercial *

- When we come back Chris Matsers and Trish are in the ring. Masters talks about how tonight will be an example of what he'll do to Kane at Backlash. Out come Stacy Kiebler and Hurricane.

Trish and Chris Masters vs. Hurricane and Stacy

The match starts out with matsers and Hurricane. Masters takes advantage of Hurricane and starts to toy with him. Trish gets the tag and goes to slap Hurricane but Hurricane catches her hand and pulls her to his corner and Stacy. Trish slaps Stacy and tag Masters back in. Chris Masters knocks Hurricane off the apron and goes for the Masterlock on Stacy! All of a sudden Kane's pyro goes off and he makes his way to the ring. He chases Trish and Masters through the crowd as we go to commercial.

Winners: Stacy and Hurricane vis Countout

* commercial *

- When we come back JR and King rundown the Backlash lineup.

- It's main event time and HHH and Edge make their way to the ring.

Triple H vs. Edge
The match starts out with HHH getting the better of the two and capitalizes on Edge. Edge fights out and takes it to HHH. HHH looks more concered with Batista and Ric Flair as Edge gives it to HHH. Edge ghits the spear but only gets a 2 count. As HHH is getting up Edge goes for the Edgeacution but Triple H blocks it. HHH goes for the pedegree but Edge reverses it and sling shots him into the corner were the ref is. CVhris Benoit runs to the ring and totlay kicks the crap out of Edge. Benoit delivers 7 german suplexes to Edge before leaving. Triple H picks up the scraps and gets the Pedigree and the 3.

Winner: HHH

* After the match Batista is shown on the titantron. He says Triple H would have never won that match if Benoit didn't get his revenge on Edge. He also tells HHH this is what what you'll look like after Backlash. The camera fades down to shwow Ric Flair beaten and bloodied.

*** Backlash ***

Batista vs. Triple H - WHC

Y2J vs. Shelton Benjamin - IC

HBK vs. Muhammad Hassan

Edge vs. Chris Benoit

Christian vs. Tyson Tomko - winner is #1 contender for next week

Chris Masters w/ Trish vs. Kane

***Last week i said that HBK vs. Davari w/ no Hassan but I had to change it becuase i need ed to bulid the benoit and Edge storline and I had no where else to put him...sry**********

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the HBK thing didn't matter, it was still a good show, Can't wait for the Edge Vs Benoit match at Backlash, It sounds good. Not sure about Benjamin turning heel, I don't think he suits that role but hey I'd like to see what you do with it!
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