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My WWE starting with the draft!

*the Pyro goes off all around the arena*
The camera cuts to a shot of the crowd.

J.R: Welcome to Raw, tonight is a very special night because we will be having the first ever draft lottery!

King: That is right J.R tonight no superstar is safe. All the championships have been vacated and....

*No Chance in Hell hits*

Vince McMahon struts his way to the ring which already has the lottery barrel in the ring!

Vince: Tonight as you all know is the draft lottery. Currently the name of every superstar is in this barrel.
As of now every single superstar or announcer is a free agent meaning that they are currently not on a show!
Only 24 superstars will be picked by each of the GM's. Whoever is not picked will be fired..!
Christ Triple H could be fired, John Cena or Batista even!
Let me introduce the GM of Smackdown Teddy Long!

*Teddy Long's theme hits*

Teddy long heads to the ring and takes up his position on the right of Mr McMahon!

Vince: And the GM of Raw Eric Bischoff!

*Eric Bischoff's theme hits*

Eric walks to the ring and takes up his position on the left hand side of Mr McMahon!

Vince: Eric as this is your show you can draw first!

Eric spins the barrel.

Eric: Raw's first pick is Edge!!!

*Edge's Music Hits*

Edge makes his way to the ring and Eric gives him a red Raw T-Shirt! Edge hops out of the ring and stays on the outside!

Vince: Teddy long it is now your pick!

Teddy Long spins the barrel!

Teddy: Smackdown's first pick is Triple H!

*Time to play the game hits*
Triple H makes his way to the ring and grabs a blue Smackdown T-shirt of Teddy!

J.R: Oh my gad!!! Smackdown now have Triple H!

Eric spins the barrel.

Eric: Raw's second pick is John Cena!!!!!!

*John Cena’s theme hits*

John Cena comes out to massive pops! He grabs a red Raw T-Shirt off Eric Bischoff!

Teddy Long spins the barrel!

Teddy: Smackdown's second pick is Kurt Angle!

*Kurt Angle's Music hits*

Kurt Angle heads to the ring and get a blue Smackdown t-Shirt from Teddy Long!

Eric Bischoff spins the barrel.

Eric: Raw's third pick is the monster Kane!

*Kane's music hits*

Kane does not appear...the music cuts and we see the brother of destruction on the titration!

Kane: Wherever I go my brother does to. So the Brothers of Destrucion are officially on RAW!

Kane and Undertaker come out to there NEW remix and Eric drops two raw t-Shirts on the outside of the ring because he fears them!

Teddy Long spins the barrel!

Teddy: Smackdown's third pick is La Resistance!

Eric spins the barrel.

Raw's fourth pick is Batista!

*Batista's Music hits*
Batista comes to the ring and gets his Red Raw T-Shirt off Eric!

J.R: Raw has had complete success with Kane, Undertaker, Edge and Batista being there current picks!

Teddy Long spins the barrel!

Teddy: Smackdown's fourth pick is Rey Mysterio!

*Rey Mysterio's Music hits*

Rey Mysterio comes to the ring and grabs a Smackdown t-Shirt from Teddy!

Eric biscoff rolls the Barrel.

Raw's fifth pick is Chris benoit!

*Chris Benoit's Music hits*

He comes to the ring and grabs a Red Raw Shirt!

Teddy Long spins the barrel!

Teddy: Smackdown's fifth pick is Chris Jericho!

*Chris Jericho's Music hits*

He comes to the ring and grabs a blue Smackdown Shirt!

J.R: Thankyou for watching and goodbye

Complete DRAFT results!

Doug Basham
Danny Basham
Chris Benoit
John Cena
Eddie Guerrero
The Rock
William Regal
Gene Snitsky
Tommy Dreamer
Paul Heyman
Chris Masters
Rob Van Dam
Ric Flair

Triple H
Kurt Angle
Rob Conway
Sylvain Grenier
Chris Jericho
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Big Show
Joey Mercury
Johnny Nitro
Kenzo Suzuki
Trish Stratus
Gail Kim
Christy Hemme
Molly holly
Stacy Kiebler
Torrie Wilson
Rene Dupree
Randy Orton
Paul London
Chavo Guerrero
Spike Dudley

World Heavyweight championship: Vacant
Intercontinental title: vacant
Hardcore title: Vacant
Tag Title: Vacant

WWE title: Vacant
U.S Title: vacant
Cruiserweight title: Vacant
Womens title: Vacant
Tag title: vacant

PPV Roster:
Jan: Royal Rumble: Both
Feb:No way out: Smackdown
Mar:Wrestlemania: Both
Apr:Backlash: Raw
May:Judgement Day: Smackdown
Jun:Summerslam: Both
Jul:Vengnance: Raw
Aug:Armageddon: Smackdown
Sep:Survivor Series: Both
Oct:Taboo Tuesday: Raw
Nov:No Mercy: Smackdown
Dec:No Escape: Raw

Please give a review and your thoughts!

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Okay, I havent performed that bad but i am really busy anyway...will post Smackdwon in 10 minutes

*The Pyro goes off around the arena*
We see a video off Monday Raw’s Draft.

Tazz: Welcome to Smackdown alongside me is Michael Cole.

Cole: What a night we will have tonight with the new roster facing off! Also during the draft lottery Smackdown managed to get complete rights to the Diva's, ooohhh puppies!

Tazz: Shut up Cole, let’s get underway with our first match of the night...

*Time to play the game hits*

Triple H makes his way to the ring with boo's from the crowd.

Triple H: As most of you know the 10 time world Champion Triple H is now on Smackdown!
After Batista, Randy Orton and Ric Flair betrayed me I am now looking for the new members from Smackdown to once again form Evolution and rule over this piece of junk show. The candidates will just like Batista and Randy Orton will have to protect me...

*MNM’s Music Hits*

MNM come out to there red carpet with the paparazzi and get into the ring.

Mercury: Okay tonight we have a deal for you. If you and a partner of your choice can beat me and Nitro in a Tag match we will join Evolution!

Triple H: Okay!

Commercial Break _________________

*Camera shows Teddy Long in his Office*

Teddy: Kurt, I want you to be in tonight's main event. It will be for the WWE title. Do you want to be in it?

Kurt: Maybe, who is my opponent?

Teddy: You will find out in the ring later tonight.

Kurt: I want to know now so that I can prepare!

Teddy: Sorry playa that is just not possible!

Kurt: Okay Teddy I will be in the main Event but I want to know who my opponent is!

Teddy: Playa stop asking, you will not find out until there theme hits in the ring later tonight!

Kurt: Okay, you do know that I can beat anyone on the roster so choose wisely!

*Cut to announcers*

Tazz: What an announcement by Teddy Long! Kurt Angle Vs ????

Cole: I can't wait but now we have our first match up of the night.

*Big Show's music hits*
Big Show makes his way to the ring and poses for the crowd.

*Viscera's Music Hits*
Viscera makes his way to the ring.

Tazz: This match will be the biggest weight wise in WWE history. We will have over 1000 pounds in the ring.

Cole: That is amazing.

Match #1
Big Show vs. Viscera
U.S Title match

Start: Both men look for an opening. Big Show takes the advantage using his 4 extra pounds to his advantage. Both men throw some punches before Big Show rams Viscera into the corner. He gets some knees into the gut of Viscera.

Middle: Viscera has got the advantage after a splash onto the Big Show. Viscera drops a huge knee on the throat of the Big Show. Viscera drags the Big Show over into the corner and puts Big Shows head almost directly below the bottom ring post and Viscera climbs to the second rope and drops down bottom first onto the throat and sternum of the Big Show.

Finish: Viscera drags Big Show into the middle of the ring then bounces of the rope and hits huge splash. Viscera pins big Show 1------2------3!
Winner and NEW US champion Viscera

*camera cuts Backstage*
We see Triple H go into the Smackdown locker room and ask if anyone wants to be his partner.

Rhyno: Okay Triple H I can be your partner!

Triple H: Great Rhyno come with me....!

We see Triple H and Rhyno head down the corridor and go into a room with Triple H's Personal locker room.

Triple H: This is my personal locker room. You are my partner tonight! Do you want to become more respected and join Evolution?

Rhyno: No, thanks Triple H I will just be your partner tonight and then if you need me to partner with you again just ask me.

Triple H: You just missed the most promising moment in your career. If we win tonight, and we will, then Evolution will be reborn once again and MNM will become Evolution!

Rhyno: Well you won't be able to win without me!

Triple H: Do you want to make a bet about that?

Rhyno: Yer okay!

Triple H and Rhyno get in each others face!

*Cut back to announcers*

Tazz: Triple H and Rhyno will be partners tonight but will they last?

Cole: I hope that we get to see a good fight.

*Trish Stratus Music Hits*
Trish walks to the ring to a chorus of boo's.

*Victoria's Music hits*
Victoria comes to the ring with cheers!

Match #2
Trish Vs Victoria
Womens Title

Start: Both women look for an early opening to strike. Victoria strikes at Trish but Trish hits an Armbar to Victoria.
Trish looks to hit a standing dropkick and connects to the back of the head of Victoria.

Middle: The match has evened out and both wrestlers are down. Victoria makes it to her feet first and stomps on Trish.
Victoria stands up Trish and hits clothesline and lock in a leg submission move. Trish looks set to tap out but kicks Victoria in the face with the other foot. Trish gets up and limps to the corner.

End: Both women are up and Trish sets up for the chick kick. she strikes but Victoria grabs Trish's foot and hits the Widows peak. Victoria pins 1------2-----3. Here is your NEW women’s champion Victoria!

Tazz: So tonight we have already had to champions decided but we till have Kurt Angle Vs ??? and Triple H and Rhyno Vs MNM!

* Triple H's Music hits*
Triple H and Rhyno come out and hop into the ring. They get in from opposite sides and Triple H does that water spitting thing on one and Rhyno poses on the turnbuckle.

*MNM’s Music Hits*
MNM comes to the ring with there paparazzi!

Match #3
Triple H and Rhyno Vs MNM

Start: Triple H and Mercury start off and Triple H takes the very early advantage. He gets mercury in the corner
and spears him into the turn buckles 3 times.

Middle: Rhyno sets up Nitro and hits the Gore. Mercury gets into the ring and takes Rhyno out. triple H gets into the ring and fights mercury. Triple H sets him up for the pedigree but mercury throws Triple h over his head and onto the mat.

End: Triple H hits the pedigree on Nitro and Rhyno pins him! 1-----2-----3.
Winners: Triple H and Rhyno!

Triple H : So MNM it looks like you have joined Evolution!

Melina: Yes we have unfortunately. Well your first job is to go to RAW next week and take out Batista!!!!

Tazz: WOW what a first task for MNM.

Cole: What does Triple H have against Batista?

Tazz: Now our Main Event! Kurt Angle Vs ???

*Kurt Angle's Music hits*
Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring to a chorus of boo's!

*Randy Orton's Music Hits*

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring as Kurt Angle starts to laugh!

Match #4
Kurt Angle Vs Randy Orton
WWE Championship match

Start: Kurt Angle and Randy Orton lock up and Randy Orton hits an uppercut. Randy Orton takes to Kurt Angle and dominates. Kurt Angle hits back with some punches to the upper body. Randy Orton Irish Whips Kurt Angle and then hits a crossbody over the top rope.

Middle: Both men are now on the outside and Kurt Angle has busted randy Orton open after running him into the steel ring post. Randy Orton has got some offensive in and Randy Orton is back in the advantage. Kurt and Randy fight back and worth on the outside.

Finish: Randy Orton Irish Whips Kurt Angle into the ropes and hits an RKO. He goes to pin 1----*MNM's music hits* and they run to the ring but do not get there in time.2----3. Here is your winner and NEW WWE Champion Randy Orton!

Aftermath: MNM beat down on Randy Orton and then they send Melina into the back. Melina brings Triple H out and Triple H hits the pedigree on Randy Orton and then Kurt Angle. Then he picks up the WWE title and points to himself and says that it is his!

The show goes to a black screen and then we see the credits!

Please rate my show and I am looking for someone to write Smackdown and I will do RAW!

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huh, well not great, not awful, but it was really short, promos wernt good, match winners are hard to see in SeaGreen text, the whole show should have been doubled lengthwise, it wasnt a very good start. 45/100. You can improve hopefully

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Oh well i guess i failed then.....! When i was writing out complete shopws though people still said it was to short!!!!

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Cant you take criticism for once? Someguy said your show was NOT awful!!! He said it was GOOD , so now if you cant take criticism please dont post shows. By the wat even i did not find this show amusing cus many people were off character. HHH sounded like a face since he's supposed to be a heel. You've got to work hard!!!

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Who said that he is a FACE in my shows????? It is my show i am not following the current WWE STUFF

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okay Shorty_rox will be doing smackdwon for me. I also know him in real life and he is only a beginner so cut him some slack okay.....! Also We may trade some more people between the rosters if necessary

aks<19> said:
HHH sounded like a face since he's supposed to be a heel.
LOL u said it above^^^^

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I am but.....GRRRR

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ok look if you take the criticism and improve on it, you will get better grades, I know you are trying hard so I wont go off at you like certain others but you've gotta pull your finger out otherwise theres no point in continuing.

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Look leonard you might be on my moron list but i know you have potential. Now if you work hard and take criticism cus there is nothing wrong with your shows except for some character mistakes but there are no spelling/grammar mistakes which is good!!! Now if you can digest criticism and work on your shows i might even increase your rep and you may come on my respect list. Ok?? and also please remove the firing thing from your sig as it really puts your impression down!!! Cheers

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Raw Preview:

Will MNM show up on Raw and take Batista out?
Also the currently Vacant World Heavyweight Title will be on the line!
Also the Masterlock is back and Chris Masters first guest is ***** *******!
Will he break the hold?
Find out 9pm AEST time this Monday (Australian Time)

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*The Pyro goes off in the arena*
We get a shot of the crowd and then head over to the commentators

J.R: Welcome to WWE Raw and what a night we will have tonight.

King: The new roster will collide tonight and will we see MNM come from Smackdown and try to take out “The Animal” Batista!

J.R: Well tonight we will also see the World Heavyweight title decided in a 6 man Pinfall match. The competitors will be, Batista, Chris Benoit, John Cena, Edge, Kane and Undertaker!

King: What a main event that will be!

J.R: I am sure there will be some other great matches tonight!

* Chris Masters Music Hits*
Masters makes his way to the ring and flexes along the way. He hops into the ring and grabs a Mic.

Chris Masters: Well, we all know that no one can break the master lock! (Boo’s heard around the arena). So why would I bother wasting my time and coming out here? Because tonight I have a special deal. I will give anyone in the back a shot to break the master lock and IF they break it they can select any kind of match that they want at Backlash!

*Tommy Dreamers Music Hits*
Tommy stays up on top of the ramp and has a Mic in his hand.

Tommy: I have put up with this for long enough…So tonight I am going to break your Master lock and at Backlash it is going to be Tommy Dreamer Vs Chris Masters in a brutal match. It is going to be a first timer in WWE history. It is going to be a Finisher only Electric Tables Match!

Chris: A what?

Tommy: A Finisher only Electric Table match; you see Chris; in this match there is only one-way to win. You have to be ready to hit your finisher and then go to the outside and press a button on the outside of the ring which will send an electric current to the already hooked up table. Then you have to hit your finisher through it! The person who lands on the table will get electrocuted and then the other person wins! You see you are going to have one small problem…your only finisher is the Master locks so how are you going to put me through the table…?

Chris: Just like this….

Chris heads over and starts to fight with Tommy he then hit a low blow and sets Tommy up in the pedigree position. Then he picks him up until he is almost vertical and drops him on his head….

Chris: See Tommy just like that I beat you.

Chris goes over to Tommy and locks in the Master Lock. The referee calls for the bell!!!

Here is your winner Chris Masters!

J.R: Wow, that will be one hell of a match!

King: I agree so the card is starting to have some matches on it. We will have Tommy Dreamer Vs Chris Masters in an Electric Table Match!

J.R: Yer I can’t wait to see how that match will wor…..
*Eric Bischoff’s Music Hits*

Eric comes to the ring in a suit!

Eric: So, we already have one match announced for Backlash! I would like to announce that at Backlash it will be Rob Van Dam Vs Tajirii in a match for the Hardcore Title. It will be a Normal “Hardcore Match”! No DQ, No Count-Out No Rules!
*RVD’s Music Hits* (RVD has Turned heel in my show)

RVD: So Eric I am in a match at Backlash… When I embarrass Tajirii at Backlash who else is there on RAW to face me…?

Eric: Well, if he is not lying in a hospital bed, Tommy Dreamer!!!

RVD: Tommy Dreamer!

Eric: So obviously you want something a little more challenging then so how about at Backlash we have a No Limit Hardcore Match. The rules are that the match will start at the beginning of the PPV and must stay backstage. Anybody can get involved with the winner reaching MY Limo with the Belt in his or her hand! So RVD are you happy now?

RVD: Okay, Sure, Fine and No Problem… I can beat anyone on this roster!!!

RVD walks away from the ring with a worried look on his face…!

J.R: Wow, a No Limit Hardcore Match!

King: That will be phenomenal. This PPV is going to be one of the best ever!

J.R: You have sure got that right King…!

King: Okay lets get back to the show….

*Christian’s Music Hits*
Christian makes his way to the ring looking a little up himself.!

*Carlito’s Music Hits*

Carlito makes his way to the ring and poses for the crowd!

Match #1
Christian Vs Carlito
Intercontinental Title

Start: Christian takes the early advantage and looks to hit the unprettier after a kick to the midriff but it is reversed into a German suplex. Carlito goes to the outside and grabs an apple.

Middle: Carlito spat the apple into Christian’s face and then into the ref’s. Carlito signals to someone behind the curtain and Matt Morgan’s Music Hits!
Matt Morgan comes to the ring and pulls Christian up and goes to hit an F-5 but Christian thrusts himself forward and drives Matt Morgan’s face into the mat. Carlito then picks Christian up and hits multiple blows to the upper chest and to the head. Christian begins to fight back only to have Matt Morgan stand up and make it a 2 on 1. The ref looks to be getting up after receiving the apple to the face and running DDT. Matt Morgan sees this and jumps out of the ring and hides up the ring.

End: Both men are up and Christian Irish whips Carlito into the ropes and hits a new move the PediDDT. He basically Carlito down into a pedigree on the run and then Christian sat down resulting in Carlito ending up hitting the ground face-first and Christian landing on Carlito’s head. Christian rolls Carlito over 1-----2----3!
Winner: NEW Intercontinental Champion Christian!

Aftermath: Christian celebrates while Matt Morgan creeps up behind him and sets a chair up. He picks Christian up and F-5’s him onto the chair and Christian is busted open badly.

J.R: Come On he just won a match for goodness sake!

King: This is what Christian deserved!
*Eric Bischoff’s Music Hits*

Eric: I have had enough of this; at Backlash it is going to be Matt Morgan and Carlito Vs Christian and a Partner of his Choosing!

(Carlito and Matt Morgan nod their heads)

J.R: Well we still have the Main Event to come and this has been one bumper show!
King: Three matches have been announced already they are;

Tommy Dreamer Vs Chris Masters in an Electric Tables Match
A No- Limit Hardcore Match( Winner must get to Eric’s Limo with the belt)
Christian and a partner of his choice Vs Carlito and Matt Morgan!

J.R: Well that is one hell of a card; up next it will be The Bashams Vs William Regal and Eugene!

King: It is for the World Tag Titles!

*Eugene’s Music Hits*

Eugene and William regal make there way to the ring.

*The Bashams Music Hits*
The Bashams are accompanied to the ring by JBL.

Match #2
Eugene and William Regal Vs The Bashams w/ JBL
World Tag Titles

Start: Both teams hop into the ring and it turn into an illegal tornado tag match. The Bashams with the help of JBL begin to dominate and send William Regal out of the ring and they begin to work away on Eugene!

Middle: Regal is back into the ring and the referee has sent JBL to the back. Eugene takes the advantage as the match heads back to it normal format. Eugene drops a knee and then picks Doug up and hits the aeroplane spin. Danny comes into the ring and clotheslines Eugene. Regal hops into the ring and fights back and forth with Danny. Regal takes the advantage and clotheslines Danny out of the ring.

End: Eugene is up and waiting to hit his NEW finishing maneuvers the Normal Piledriver. Doug stands up and Eugene hits the Piledriver 1-----2-----3!
Winner: NEW Tag Team Champs: William Regal and Eugene!

J.R: New Tag Champs, New Tag Champs!!!

King: It was pure luck that was the only reason they won!

Aftermath: JBL comes to the ring and starts to beat down on the champs, he hits a huge Clothesline from Hell on Eugene and picks up William Regal for the Powerbomb and hits it.

*Eric Bischoff’s Music Hits*

Eric: Okay, At Backlash it is going to be William Regal and Eugene Vs The Bashams and JBL for the World Tag Titles. If JBL or the Bashams get the pin they win, BUT William Regal and Eugene can only pin JBL!

J.R: That is a bit unfair!

King: They got what they deserved!

*Chris Benoit’s Music hits* (Heel)
Benoit makes his way to the ring!

*Edge’s Music Hits* ( Heel)
Edge makes his way to the ring!

*John Cena’s Music Hits*(Face)
John Cena makes his way to the ring!

*Kane’s Music Hits* (Tweener)

Kane makes his way to the ring!

*Batista’s Music Hits*(Face)
Batista make his way to the ring!

*Undertaker’s Music Hits*(Tweener)
Undertaker makes his way to the ring!

Match #3
Benoit Vs Cena Vs Kane Vs Taker Vs Batista Vs Edge
World Heavyweight Title 6 Man Elimination

Benoit locks up with Cena, Batista with Kane and Undertaker with Edge.
All men look for opening and Batista and Kane is a very even match up weight wise and looks like both men will struggle! Cena takes the early advantage against Chris Benoit hitting some rights and lefts to the face. Undertaker picks up Edge and throws him through the ropes and out to the outside. Undertaker then goes over to Kane and helps Kane beat down on Batista. The Brothers of Destruction look to be working together. Cena has thrown Benoit to the outside and has gone over to Kane and started to have a back and forth battle with him. Undertaker receives a few shots to the Head by Batista before Batista clotheslines the Undertaker to the mat. Chris Benoit and Edge are fighting on the outside and Edge runs Benoit into the stairs. Back in the ring Batista has Undertaker in the corner hitting him with little gut busters in the corner. Kane grabs John Cena by the neck only for Cena to grab Kane’s arm and hip toss Kane to the outside. Edge is back in the ring and hits the Spear on Undertaker! Edge goes for the pin 1----2 and Kane is back into the ring and breaks the count up. Chris Benoit is busted open and is just getting back into the ring when Kane Picks him up and choke slams him through a Table in the middle of the ring. Kane then throws Edge to the outside and hits a Chokeslam on the outside. He then clears the stuff of the Spanish announce table and sets Edge up for the Tombstone in the Middle of the Table. Kane hits it and pins Edge 1-------2-----3!

First Elimination: Edge via Pinfall

Kane, leaving Edge on the table goes over and grabs a chair and hits Edge’s face multiple times with it. The referee sees this and goes to pull the chair away from the Kane but Kane clobbers him with the chair. The referee is down but there is three more running down to the ring. Kane jumps back into the ring and finds Undertaker, John Cena and Batista beating on Chris Benoit. Kane stands tall and whacks Chris Benoit with the chair right in the mouth. The other referee’s see this and call fro the bell.

Second Elimination: Kane via DQ

Undertaker tries to take on both John Cena and Batista but fails and they overpower him. They hit massive rolling DDT. John Cena pins the motionless Chris Benoit 1----2-------kick out. John Cena stares in disbelief. John Cena stands up and waits for Chris Benoit to stand also. Chris Benoit stands up and John Cena hits an F-U. Before John Cena has the chance to pin Undertaker hits him with a big boot. Batista is out of the ring. John Cena is also thrown out of the ring. Undertaker picks Chris Benoit and hits a huge Tombstone piledriver. Undertaker pins 1-------2------3!

Third Elimination: Chris Benoit via Pinfall

John Cena and Batista are now back into the ring and fighting each other. Undertaker turns around and works away on both of them! John Cena reverses Undertaker fifth punch and locks in an armbar takedown. Batista waits for the move to end and goes over the other side of the ring. Undertaker stands up and hits a Samoan drop of John Cena! Batista then hits a huge clothesline on Undertaker. Batista waits for the Undertaker to get back up. He does. Batista then hits a Spine Buster. He goes for the pin, 1—kick out. Undertaker sits up only for Batista to hit the Powerbomb. Batista covers 1-------2 kick out. Batista looks shocked! John Cena is up and tells Batista that he is going to F-U the Undertaker. John Cena hits it and pins 1------2-------3!

Fourth Elimination: Undertaker via Pinfall

John Cena and Batista have a stare down and lock up. Batista takes the advantage and hits a clothesline. Batista sets up the already hurt John Cena and hits a spine buster!
Batista sets him up for the Batista bomb and Hits it! Batista covers 1-----2-----3!

Winner: NEW World Heavyweight Champion Batista!

J.R What a match-up!
King: Luck of the draw as always!

J.R: Where were MNM I reckon that Triple H will have something to say to them on Smack down!

Eric: As this is the last RAW before Backlash I have three new matches to announce.
Edge had requested a match with Kane, Undertaker has requested a match with Chris Benoit and the World Heavyweight Championship match will be Batista Vs John Cena in a No-DQ match!

Raw goes off air with Batista posing on the turnbuckle!

Card for Backlash:
World Title: Batista Vs John Cena NO- DQ,
Tag Title: William Regal and Eugene Vs The Bashams and JBL,
Kane Vs Edge,
Undertaker Vs Chris Benoit Tables Match,
Christian and??? Vs Carlito and Matt Morgan
Hardcore Unlimited

Yes there were only three matches and the master lock challenge but I ran out of time. Can people please judge my quality not quantity for this show thank you!

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That was an alright show, the matches for Backlash are looking good, main event was well written, i was kind of expecting MNM to appear on Raw, but i look forward to what Triple H is going to say to them on Smackdown. Rating of the show 3/5.

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First RAW Review(First Post)


OK, I take it that it was a draft lottery but a Draft Lottery atleast has some matches/promos? You can improve realistically.

Edit: As for the second RAW, there are 2 idiotic matches for Backlash, really, so work on it.
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