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Hello Everyone im going to create a show called WWE:Massacre Ill write the show up this week or later today heres the roster by the way:


Brock Lesnar (Heel)
Randy Orton(face)
Monty Brown(Heel)
Undertaker (Face)
JBL (Heel)
Chris Benoit (Face)
Booker T (Heel)
Edge (heel)
X Pac (face)
Elix Skipper (Face)
Christopher Daniels (Heel)
Juventud (Heel)
Super Crazy (Heel)
Psicosis (Heel)
Ray Mysterio (Face)
Paul London (Face)
Orlando Jordon (Heel)
Ron Simmons (Face)
Rikishi (Face)
Scotty 2 Hotty (Face)
Rune Dupree (Heel)

World Heavyweight Champ :JBL
U.S Champ Booker T
Tag Champs Juvi and super crazy
Cruiserweight champ Ray Mysterio

Tag Teams

Too Cool
JBL & Orlando

GM: Teddy Long
Commentators Tazz & Micheal Cole
Announce team Josh Mathews & Steve Romero
Ring Announcer Tony Chimel
Back Stage Interviewer Josh Mathews


AJ Styles
Big Show
Billy Gunn
Chris Jericho
Chris Masters
Diamond Dallas Page
Hulk Hogan
Jeff Hardy
Joey Mercury
John Cena
Johnny Jeter
Johnny Nitro
Kevin Nash
Kid Kash
Kurt Angle
Randy Orton
Road Dogg
Rob Van Dam
Ric Flair
Scott Hall
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Rock
Triple H
Tyson Tomko
Val Venis

I.C Champion : Chris Jericho
World Tag Champions : Billy Gunn And The Road Dogg
WWE Champion : HHH

Tag Teams
Billy Gunn And Road Dogg
Kane And Big Show
Tyson Tomko And Christian

PPV Schedule

Wrestlemania 22


Judgment Day

Bad Blood

Great American Bash



No Mercy

Survivor Series


Royal Rumble

No Way Out

GM:Eric Bishoff
Commentators JR & King
Backstage Interviewer : Coach
Ring Announcer Lillian Garcia

Wrestlemania Results

HHH Retained the WWE Title against John Cena
Shawn Micheals lost to Kane thanks to Kurt Angle
New Age Outlaws beat MNM because They Cheated
Ray Mysterio won the cruiserweight title by beating paul london and Psicosis
XXX Lost their Tag titles to the Mexicools
Booker T Beat Chris Benoit in a Iron Man Match for the U.S TITLE
Goldberg lost his title to JBL In a Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match

Raw Should be up Later This Week My First Booking

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Raw Preview

On Raw This Week

No.1 Contenders match
4 Man Battle Royal Scott Hall vs Christian vs AJ Styles Vs RVD

Also Eric Bishoff has made Road Dogg And Billy Gunn defend their tag titles against MNM Aftere they cheated to win them at Wrestlemania

Who is to be the next victim in the Master Lock Challenge

And What Has Vince got to say about Austin after the stunner at Wrestlemania

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Ok Im Starting my show now

The Pyro's go off and the Wrestlemania 21 clips show and the crowd is electric

JR: Hello this is Monday Night Raw and what a show we've got tonight folks

King : Your damn right wrestlemania was off the hook and so is tonight

"No Chance" hits and Vince McMahon struts out smiles at Lilian Garcia and grabs the mic.

Vince : Tonight is the night For the Mcmahon's, see last night at Wrestlemania after i got shamed by a stone cold stunner and i was laying motionless in this very ring

Crowd Screams "What"!!!

Vince: You see Austin tonight you will feel the pain ....Right NOW You will come to this very ring and take on 4 people in an elimination match up if you win you get me at Backlash if you loose......YOUR FIRED !!!! Get out here right now

Glass Shatters And Austin comes down with a smile on his Face And waits For His Oppenent Suddenly Tyson Tomko comes out and the bell rings

Stonecold vs Tyson Tomko​

Austin quickly punches the hell out of tomko kicks him in the gut and hits a Suplex he picks him up and Irish Whip's him into the turnbuckle and Austin Stumps a Mudhole in him,He then throws him against the ropes and hits A Lou Thez Press he waits for him to get up and hits a Stone Cold Stunner


J:R Go On Austin you can do it you'll get what you want at Backlash

King : Yeah Right Austin cant beat the other 3

Suddenly From The crowd Bigshow comes out and starts thumping austin with his elbow to the back of the head he goes to level Austin with a clothesline but misses and hits a Stonecold stunner 1.2.3

Test comes running to the aid of Show and hits austin with a boot picks him up and nails a neckbreaker he picks him up and starts chopping him but austin blocks it and nails a kick to the croch 1.2.3

J:R The last guy who is it !!!
King : Oh My God Vince better have chosen someone right

Suddenly DDP Comes out and hits a Diamond Cutter 1.2 KICK OUT !!!
He picks him up but austin fights out of it and hits a low blow and quickly hits a stunner 1.2.3

JR: Austins done it oh my god vince is gonna have a fit
King : Oh no austin what have u done !!!

Commercial Break

J.R: Our Next Match is A 4 Way Battle Royal

Christian Vs RVD Vs Scott Hall Vs AJ STYLES

Christian nails AJ STYLES with some clubbing blows to the head and kicks him in the gut and nails a swinging neckbreaker but Scott Hall nails a German Suplex then RVD Nails a Rolling thunder and goes to the top rope and nails A 5 Star Frog Splash 1.2.3

Christian is eliminated​

Scott hall gets up and nails STYLES With a brain buster but RVD Nails him with a Axe Kick RVD Then Goes to styles throws him to the rope and puts his head down to later Styles hit the paylay 1.2.3

RVD is Eliminated​

Styles gets Scott hall and put him on the top rope he then goes behind him and nails the Styles Class 1.2.3

Scott Hall is Eliminated​

Winner : AJ Styles and new I.C Champion

Commercial Break

JR: We go to the Coach backstage

Coach we are outside the locker of Shawn Micheals here he comes

Shawn Micheals : What

Coach : Can We Have a say about what kurt angle did to you at Wrestlemania

Shawn Micheals : you want a say well ill give u a say at backlash its going to be me and Angle in a submission match see you there Angle

before micheals leaves Kurt angle sneakely runs at him from behind the curtain and nails him with a chair and locks in the ankle lock.

J:R Oh My God angle is gonna pay at backlash

King : No Micheals Is oh well the master lock challenge is here and Tajiri is the challenger

Tajiri does the master lock

Finish : Tajiri puts a little fight on and fades out after a while

Commercial Break

King : Where Back with our World Tag Team Championship on the line NOA Vs MNM

JR : Theres some heated rivalry between there 4 superstars heres the aftermath

Wrestlemania clips show how the rivalry started

NOA Come out with the crowd getting excited where as MNM Come out with Boo's

MNM VS New Age Outlaws​

Start : MNM Quickly start pounding on NOA With double DDT's on Road Dogg and multiple forearm smashes on him the double team goes on as Joey Mercury starts mounting punches on Road Dogg but road dogg battles out and tags in Billy Gunn

Middle : Billy Gunn comes in and starts pounding MNM With dropkicks and clothesline's he finally feels the pressure mounting on him

Finish: Gunn Sneaks out the ring grabs a chair and nails MNM And MNM Win by DQ

Winners:MNM WIN BY DQ​

J:R Oh my god The NOA Make me sick cant they fight fair

King : By The Looks of it NO

Commercial Break

JR: We Are now Back from the back and it now time for our Main event For Tonight Witch is Sting vs HHH Non-Title

HHH Vs Sting​

Start : Sting gets the upper hand with a series of armbars and sleeper holds he irish whips him a few times into the ropes hitting back body drops and then whips him into the turnbuckle to hit the Stinger Splash

Middle Sting has the advantage using his mat based tecniques applying a camel clutch and putting pressure on the leg at the same time Suddenly Randy Orton comes out!!!!

Finish: Orton goes For Sting and hits the RKO On Him he then picks up Triple H Who is in pain and takes him outside to stand on the spanish announce table he gives HHH The best to pose with but stops he then stares down HHH And hits the RKO and triple h goes flying through the table

J:R Oh My god triple h's skull went through that table

King : Oh My God HHH Is Busted Open

Eric Bishoff comes out with a mic looking very angry

Bishoff : well the time has come that we have a match to determine the no.1 contender for the WWE Title so next week where gonna have a triple threat match the three men are going to be Sting,Randy Orton and The Rock ....Bye !!

J.R Oh My God Did you hear that king a triple threat match next week but for now goodnight folks

King : Oh My god i cant wait till next week
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