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WWE Magazine '' Toughest Superstars of All Time'' List

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Don't know if anyone has read it yet, but the June edition of WWE Magazine has a list of the Legitimate ''Top 20 Toughest Superstars of all time'' I want to see if people agree with this list, if not, how would you have done it.

The list
20. Daniel Bryan
19. Bam Bam Bigelow
18. Mae Young
17. Dr. Death
16. Kurt Angle
15. Finlay
14. Andre
13. LOD
12. Ken Shamrock
11. Steve Blackman
10. Mick Foley
9. Haku
8. Booker T
7. Bad News Brown
6. Harley Race
4.John Cena
3. Triple H
2.Brock Lesnar
1. Stone Cold Steve Austin

IMO Cena, Triple H should be no where on this list. Stone Cold should definitely not be #1, top 15? Yes! but #1? Hell No. Haku should be higher and I'm a little tied with Daniel Bryan.

Also Kevin Nash, Rick Rude, Paul Orndorff and Ron Simmons should be on this list.

So what does everyone else think about this list?:no:
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Is it really "legitimate toughest superstars"? If so, Austin shouldn't be 1st over someone like Lesnar. Shamrock should be way higher as well(prob higher than Lesnar)

And ya, HHH/Cena shouldn't be in top 10. They might be some of the strongest superstars in WWE history, but if you're talking about being legitimately tough, they might not be as good as someone like Taker or Foley.

There's a certain someone who should be on that list cause he really was tough, but I'm sure it's obvious as to why WWE wont(and hasn't for past 5 years) mentioned him.

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Harley Race and Bad News Brown should be higher as well. Angle has to be top three given his friggin olympic gold medal makes him elite as hell.

Is it fight tough or work through pain tough?


Would be my top five. Simmons would be in the top ten for sure as would Shamrock.

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lol Cena should not be that high. Triple H is pretty tough though. Finishing a match with a torn quad is pretty damn tough. But Cena? nah he needs to be lower. Haku needs to be number one. He would fuck up everyone on that list and makes Stone Cold look like a pussy.

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Triple H earned it by finishing the match in which he tore his quad in my opinion. I know others have done the same thing, but that's definitely one of the most defiant examples of it. It's one thing to limply finish the match, it's another to say "yeah, bro, pop my torn leg in a walls of Jericho".

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List of this, list of that... The fuck out of here, ffs.

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Mankind should be number 1 imo. He takes chair shots like a champ and falls through cells.

I see why Stone Cold is listed as number 1, beating women is really tough.

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Not just saying this because I'm a confessed Eddie mark, but how can Eddie Guerrero NOT make the list after Judgement Day 2004? That defines tough. Not to mention his climb to the top after beating his demons.

Mankind should be 1st though

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This is a much better accounting of legit tough guys; but then it was written by someone who actually knows the history of the sport. I don't mind WWE fabricating kayfabe lists to put over current stars, but when you try and pass John Cena off as a tougher competitor than the likes of Haku, Stan Hansen, Vader, Harley Race & Dr. Death (surely 5 of the top 10)... Well, that's the drawing line.

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The only thing I can think is that they tried to base the list on either brute strength, or the beatings wrestlers took durning their career only to keep on ticking.

The Austin-Owen incident was pretty brutal for Austin, and he did make his return. However I agree that he isn't the #1.

But like with any list, there is always some good and some bad. I love that Mae Young is on that list, after the Dudleys put her through a table at 80 years of age... god damn. And it was off the stage no less!

And what about other hardcore legends like Terry Funk?

Another honorable mention I'd throw out there that may surprise people would be Shane McMahon, for a part-time wrestler the kid took some amazing bumps.
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