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Welcome to WWE Mafia! You know the rules



- Day 1 will be 36 hours with all subsequent days being 24 hours.
- Night phases will be 12-16 hours at the discretion of the host.
- Blocked shots will not be refunded.
- I’ve tried to clearly explain role interactions in your PMs, but feel free to ask if you have any questions. I won’t be held responsible if you wrongly assume I would resolve something in a certain way.
- Don’t bother hunting off of flavour, it’s largely lazy depending on character and varies quite a bit.
- Don’t discuss the game outside of any designated QTs and the thread itself.
- Don’t be a chode and threaten to rep out unless it’s for legitimate reasons.
- Mafia have been given fakes of unspecified quality.
- Town are WWE aligned.
- Town win condition is “You win when all threats to town have been eliminated.”
- Draws are a thing that can happen. If you don’t fulfill your win condition then herp derp you don’t earn a victory. I’m not gifting you the game just because of your alignment.
- Do not directly quote your role PM.
- Play to your win condition.
- I guess don’t flame too much.

Congratulations, you are Jinder Mahal, WWE Aligned!

Role: OP Whipping Boy

I have no idea what to write here because I literally fastforward all of your segments. Something about meditation. You suck and will not be in the game.

You win when all threats to town have been eliminated.


2. Curry was HHH, 1x PGO/2x Redirector/3x Rolecop
6. NotGuilty was Steph McMahon, 1x kill/poison benefactor/2x prostitute

7. LethalWeapon was Undertaker, 1x Vig
8. Mikey Damage was The Hardy Boyz, Double Voter
18. Zane B Laughable Chimp was Brock Lesnar, 1x Daykill/1x BP/PR

19. Jeffatron was Randy Orton, 2x Ninja/1x Silencer/Note passer
20. Mr Tweetums was Daniel Bryan, VT
22. Doddsy was Ric Flair, Beloved/3x Bodyguard


1. None


Skybox was New Day, JOAT - Daykilled D1
PHEN0M was Kelly Kelly, Neighbouriser - Lynched D1
Magic was Asuka, VT - Killed N1
Odo was John Cena, Ascetic - Killed N1
Jam was Ronda Rousey, 2x Gunsmith - Killed N2

Big Man was Chris Benoit, Serial Killer/Character Cop - Killed N2
Lawls was Batista, 1x Strongman/1x Grave Digger/Usurper - Killed N2
Barry was Eddie Guerrero, 2x Watcher - Lynched D3
Gambit was Too Cool, Double Voter - Killed N3
AryaDark was Edge, Odd Night Tracker - Killed N3
Rop3 was Becky Lynch, 1x Census - Lynched D4
Reaper was The Rock, Actor - Killed N4
TKOK was The Revival, 1x Reviver - Lynched D5
Bananas was Asuka, VT - Killed (again) N5
Alco was Shawn Michaels, Miller - Lynched D6


Mid Day 1 - Skybox was daykilled
Day 1 - PHEN0m was lynched
Night 1 - Magic and Odo died
Day 2 - No lynch
Night 2 - Jam, Lawls and Big Man died
Day 3 - Barry was lynched
Night 3 - Gambit and LC died
Day 4 - Rop3 was lynched
Night 4 - Reaper died
Day 5 - TKOK was lynched
Night 5 - Bananas died again
Day 6 - Alco was lynched and mafia win

It is now day 1. With 22 alive, it takes 12 to lynch. You have 36 hours remaining.

In the bleak midwinter ....
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my sole focus this game is to make sure that i dont feel off and everyone is a fan of my play

Roy "Gambit" Mustang
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BTW I am too cool

To actually claim :side:

Yeah I am too cool. Makes reference to the pair overcompestating for something so to overcompestate for my poor play I get two votes

Still searching
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Are there any username changes I need to be aware of since my hiatus?
Death Rider is Gambit, Barry is Bobby Barrows, SavageX is Junk, Zane B is Flay, King Santa is Magic and Curry is the Best in the World.

As a warning I promise you're all going to get bored of this before I do. Art mimics life.
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