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Me and CGR decided to go separate ways as I had several computer troubles. Everything is fixed now and I'm doing this thread on my own.


The first Raw of March Mr. McMahon announced that at WrestleMania 22 one brand would stand. He said titles would be unified and that a 10 man Elimination Tag Match would Main Event WrestleMania with the winning team taking over as the leading brand in sports entertainment. Smackdown! and Raw engaged in invasions and brawls in their weekly shows leading to WRESTLEMANIA 22

WrestleMania 22

Team Raw - (Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Chris Jericho & Edge) def.
Team Smackdown! (Randy Orton, Batista, Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit & Mr. Kennedy)

- Edge got an extra month onto his MITB contract for Raw's victory

Unfication Match
Undisputed Championship
JBL def. John Cena & Undertaker

- JBL def. Batista @ Royal Rumble
- Undertaker won the Royal Rumble Match

United States Championship
Bobby Lashley def. Booker T

Cruiserweight Championship
Paul London wins the Cruiserweight Open

Unification Match
Ladder Match
WWE World Tag Team Championship
Kane & Big Show def. Regal & Burchill, LOD, MNM & BWO (Nova & Big Stevie Cool)

- MNM def. Rey & Batista 1 week before Royal Rumble
- BWO reformed at No Way Out

Womens Championship
Trish Stratus def. Melina

Intercontinental Championship
Rob Conway def. Ric Flair

Rosters remain the same but expect several releases within the next few shows

Theres the Mania results. Raw preview will be up early tomorrow. Raw will be up tomorrow night or Wednesday

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Raw Preview
3rd March
Columbus, Ohio

24 ours after the years greatest specticle WrestleMania 22 what will become of Smackdown!'s talent after their loss in the 10 man elimination tag match? Will they still have a job or will General Manager Stone Cold give them all the boot?

After overcoming to odds last night, JBL defeated JOhn Cena and the Undertaker to win the WWE Unidisputed Championship. What will JBL say tonight knowing that he is now safe from getting released

Check out Raw for this and alot more

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Everything looks good to me except for Undertaker losing at WrestleMania. Good luck.

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Undertaker lost at WrestleMania after winning the Royal Rumble? That would really hurt his career...

Anyway, I'll be looking out for your first RAW.

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I am not going to complain about Taker losing at WM because if you said you have plans I am hoping they are good, but I do not like his streak to just be over but oh well. This all looked to be good. I will check this out.

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March 3rd
Columbus, Ohio

Raw starts with a video package highlighting the great moments of WrestleMania 22. Across The Nation blasts through the P.A system and the crowd begin to go nuts as they hold up their signs.

JR – Welcome to Monday Night Raw! I’m Jim Ross alongside Jerry “The King’ Lawler and King by the end of the night we will know if the Smackdown! People still have jobs in the WWE

King – That’s right JR and also I couldn’t believe my eyes. JBL overcame the odds and beat the Undertaker and John Cena to win the Undisputed Championship

JR – Well as much as I hate to say it, We gotta believe

Glass Shatters by Disturbed blasts through the P.A system and the General Manager on Raw Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way to the ring with a mixed reaction from the fans

Lillian – Please welcome the General Manager of Raw, Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Stone Cold gets to the top rope and salutes the crowd with his middle fingers facing back and then grabs the mic of Lillian

Stone Cold – Well Tonight

Crowd – What!?

Stone Cold – I’ve got to make a choice

Crowd – What!?

Stone Cold – Whether to fire the Smackdown! Superstars

Crowd – What!?

Stone Cold – Or to let them stay as a part of the Raw brand

Crowd – What!?

Stone Cold – So last night

Crowd – What!?

Stone Cold – I had to think about the positives

Crowd – What!?

Stone Cold – and the negatives

Crowd – What!?

Stone Cold – But as you all know

Crowd – What!?

Stone Cold – Stone Cold Steve Austin don’t give a damn thing about Positives or Negatives

Crowd pop

Stone Cold – So that’s why tonight

Crowd – What!?

Stone Cold – I…

Stone Cold is cut off when MacMillitant plays over the P.A system and the former Smackdown! GM Theodore Long makes his way to the ring with a mic in hand

Teddy Long – Well hold up just a darn minute playa. Before you make any choices I…

Stone Cold - …Listen if you haven’t already noticed

Crowd – What!?

Stone Cold – I run the show now

Crowd – What!?

Stone Cold – So why don’t you get your ass out of my ring

Teddy Long – Come on stop the hating playa. I’ve got a proposition

Stone Cold – You got a proposition?

Crowd – What!?

Teddy Long – You heard me right playa. I propose that in tonight’s Main Event it’ll be one of Raw’s finest and one of Smackdown!’s finest with the stipulation being that if my Smackdown! Superstar wins you let the Smackdown! Superstars keep their jobs and if your Raw superstar wins you do whatever you want with the Smackdown! Superstars and me

Stone Cold – That’s a proposition alright

Crowd – What!?

Stone Cold – But I’m not gunna decide

Crowd – What!?

Stone Cold – I’m gunna let the fans decide

Crowd pop at this

Stone Cold – If you think Stone Cold Steve Austin should accept Theodore Long’s proposition give me a Hell Yeah

Crowd – HELL YEAH!!!

Stone Cold – So you got your proposition accepted Theodore Long now get your get your ass out of my ring

Teddy Long – One last thing Steve

Stone Cold – What!?

Teddy Long – When said Smackdown! Superstars I meant me too. So if we win tonight, Me and you are 50-50 co General Managers of Raw, Holla!

MacMillitant hits the P.A system and Theodore Long leaves the ring as Stone Cold looks on rather annoyed

JR – Did you see that King? Theodore Long just outsmarted Austin he may be the first to ever do that!

King – I didn’t think I’d see the day when someone outsmarted Stone Cold Steve Austin but we just did

JR – Well coming up after the break it’ll be Rob Conway defending his Intercontinental Championship against Rene Dupree stay with us

-------COMMERCIAL BREAK-------

Just Look at Me plays over the P.A system as the Intercontinental Champion Rob Conway makes his way to the ring with the title around his waist

Lillian – The following contest is scheduled for one fall approaching the ring from Quebec weighing in at 230lbs he is the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Rob Conway!

French Phenom hits the P.A system and Rene Dupree makes his way to the ring with his French flag and Fifi

Lillian – and his opponent and challenger, from Paris, France weighing in at 250lbs, Rene Dupree!

Match #1
Intercontinental Championship
Rob Conway © vs. Rene Dupree
Match Finish

Dupree hits Conway with a right arm, and another and Irish Whips him into the turnbuckle. Dupree runs at him with a clothesline but Conway lifts his boot up and kicks the face of Dupree. Dupree stumbles back and goes for another clothesline but Conway ducks and gets out of the way. Dupree hits nothing and looks upset when Conway out of no where school boys him and uses the ropes for leverage 1…………2…………..3

Winner – and Still Intercontinental Champion, Rob Conway!​

JR – That damn Conway stole a victory over Rene Dupree as much as I hate Dupree, I’d rather see him walk out champion then Conway

King – Come on JR, He IS the Con man. Look it’s Coach backstage with Stone Cold Steve Austin

Cameras go backstage where Coach is standing with Stone Cold Steve Austin

Coach – Stone Cold earlier in the show you accepted a proposition from Theodore Long and getting outsmarted in the process and…

Stone Cold – What!?

Coach – I said…

Stone Cold – What!?

Coach - ….

Stone Cold – Now get your ass out of here you no good son of a bitch
Coach leaves leaving Austin on his own

Austin – Teddy Long you may have outsmarted Stone Cold Steve Austin but the fact is, Smackdown! Can’t win tonight against Raw face facts. As soon as I got appointed General Manager Raw has changed and tonight Raw will bury Smackdown! Once and for all with a man that I have known throughout my career. A man who I have won the Tag Team Championships with a man, who I took on in a 6 Man Armageddon Hell in a Cell back in the year 2000. This man is Triple H

Triple H walks into the scene

Stone Cold – You know how this is going to work right?

HHH – Do I look like I don’t know? I have beaten almost every single man on that Smackdown! Roster and I plan on beating another tonight

Stone Cold – Good. Now go get ready

Triple H leaves

Stone Cold – You see Teddy, there is no beating Stone Cold Steve Austin as you witnessed last night. Triple H is going to end Smackdown! For good tonight and that’s the Bottom Line….

Stone Cold and the Crowd – BECAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO!

One of a Kind blasts through the P.A system and Rob Van Dam makes his way to the ring

Lillian – The following contest is scheduled for one fall approaching the ring from Battle Creek, Michigan! Weighing in at 220lbs, Rob Van Dam!

Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me NOW blasts through the P.A system and Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ring

Lillian – and the opponent from Orangeburg, South Carolina weighing in at 245lbs, Shelton Benjamin!

Match #2
Rob Van Dam vs. Shelton Benjamin
Match Finish

Shelton goes for a clothesline but RVD ducks and gives Shelton a leg sweep. RVD runs at the ropes, rebounds and hits the Rolling Thunder on Shelton and covers 1…..2…… foot on the rope! RVD picks up Shelton and gives him a few right elbows and goes for a kick to the head, Shelton ducks and goes for a kick of his own, RVD catches Shelton’s leg and DRAGON WHIP. Shelton covers 1…….2…… kickout. Shelton picks RVD up and goes for the T-Bone but RVD counters into a scoop slam and a spinning leg drop. RVD then looks around and climbs up to the top rope and delivers the 5 Star Frog Splash and covers Shelton, 1………2……..3

Winner – Rob Van Dam​

JR – Rob Van Dam picks up the win over Shelton Benjamin and coming up next its Carlito’s Cabana with the Undisputed Champion JBL


Back from the break the Cabana is set up. I spit in the face of people who don’t want to be cool plays over the P.A system and Carlito makes his way to the ring. Carlito enters the ring and grabs a mic

Carlito – Last night ju all saw that Carlito. And Team Raw. Ended the legacy of Smackdown!. Ju all saw that Carlito got screwed in that match when that punk Randy Orton hit the RKO on Carlito when he wasn’t the legal man. Das not cool but ju listen to this Team Raw beat Team Smackdown! Last night and ju know what? Das, Das Cool. And now Carlito’s guest on the Cabana. Last night he one the Undisputed title ju know? He is John Breadshaw Layfield

Longhorn hits the P.A system and JBL walks out to heat and is disgusted a Carlito. JBL then holds the Undisputed title in the air and walks down to the ring. JBL enters the ring.

JBL – Did I just here right?

Carlito – Here what? I didn’t hear anything

JBL – Did you. Just moments ago call me John “Breadshaw” Layfield?

Carlito – Of course I did, das ju name isn’t it?

JBL – NO dammit it’s not!

Carlito – Then what’s ju name then?

JBL – My name is John “Bradshaw” Layfield and you as well as all these people better show some respect to the only wrestling God on God’s green Earth

Crowd give heat to JBL

Carlito – Enough about that mang. Last night ju won the Undisputed Championship mango das cool! And ju know what else is cool?

JBL – What?

Carlito – Carlito is going to win the Undisputed Championship off ju now das cool!

JBL – and what makes you think “mang” that you are even in my league?

Carlito – Of course Carlito’s in ju league. Carlito can beat anybody on Raw everybody know’s that

JBL – Well then maybe a beatdown will help you understand that I run the show now I am a WRESTLING GOD!

JBL gets more heat and all of a sudden My Time Is Now blasts through the P.A system and John Cena makes his way to the ring

Cena – Yo Yo, chill chill. Carlito you think you are the next number one contender? It was me that pinned your ass down last time I remember. If anyone deserves the title shot it’s gotta be me, not a guy that pronounce his A,B,C’s

Crowd pop as they know Carlito says “ju” instead of “u or you”

Cena – So “Breadshaw” the Wall Street Baker, the reason you got lucky last night was because I got taken out by the Undertaker. So what do you say JBL at Backlash me and you so I can do my thing, and like with the rest of my belts. I’ll give it the bling

JBL – Cena there is no chance in hell I’m going to let you…

JBL is cut off and Metalingus hit the P.A system and Edge makes his way to the ring

Edge – Cena you really think JBL wants to wrestle a thug like you? Carlito you think he wants to wrestle Carribean chumpstain guess what? He doesn’t! So JBL I’m coming after your title one way. Or another…BANK ON IT!

MacMillitant hits the P.A system and Theodore Long stands at the foot of the titantron

Teddy Long – Playas I know I’m not the General Manager…yet but when the Smackdown! Superstar wins the Main Event to guarantee all of our jobs I am going to announce a match for the Number One Contenders contract to the Undisputed Title do you feel me? And this contract is going to do with JBL, Carlito, Edge & you too John Cena with the winner out of these 3… I mean 4. When we win the Main Event tonight, the Smackdown! Superstar is going to go into the Elimination Fatal Four Way Match and that superstar is The Undertaker!

The crowd pop loudly

Teddy Long – So you better think about this playas because in the unlikely event that Smackdown! Doesn’t prevail. You guys will have to earn your title shot another way but for now it’ll be right now, right in this ring

JBL & Edge vs. Carlito & John Cena
Match #3
Tag Team Match
Undisputed Champion JBL & Edge vs. John Cena & Carlito
Match Finish

Carlito and JBL are the legal men. JBL Irish Whips Carlito into the ropes, Carlito rebounds and goes for a clothesline of his own, but JBL ducks and runs at the ropes at goes for a Clothesline from hell but Carlito ducks underneath the outstretched arm and tags in Cena and Cena takes JBL down with a shoulder block. Edge enters the ring and Cena takes him down with a shoulder block. Cena picks Edge up and Irish whips him over to Carlito and Carlito delivers a kick to the mid section followed by his neckbreaker JBL gets back up and Cena gives him a kick to the mid section and then the F-U and covers 1……2…… Matt Morgan runs to the ring and kicks Cena in the back of the head breaking the count. The ref calls for the bell

Winner – By Disqualification John Cena & Carlito​
Aftermath – Matt Morgan picks Cena up and delivers a powerbomb. Carlito stares at Matt Morgan and Morgan nods as Carlito gets out of the ring and runs backstage. Morgan helps JBL up and JBL asks for a mic

JBL – No one and I repeat no one will ever steal my Undisputed title. And with my New Chief of Staff Matt Morgan we will be unstoppable

Matt Morgan – T-t-t-t-that’s R-r-r-right

JBL – Lets go

JBL and Matt Morgan exit the ring as the cameras fade to a commercial


JR – Welcome back to Monday Night Raw and just moments ago in that tag team match between the team of JBL & Edge and the team of John Cena & Carlito, Cena had the match won before Matt Morgan showed up
Short video package of Matt Morgan screwing Cena out of the pin is played

King – Enough of that JR. It’s time for the Main Event!

JR – You’re right King it’s Smackdown! Vs. Raw with a lot on the line

The Game blasts through the P.A system and Triple H makes his way to the ring accompanied by Stone Cold Steve Austin

Lillian – The following contest is a Smackdown! Vs. Raw match scheduled for one fall! Accompanied to the ring by General Manager Stone Cold Steve Austin representing Raw, Triple H!

Dark Side plays the P.A system and the Undertaker makes his way to the ring

Lillian – and the opponent representing Smackdown! The Undertaker!

Main Event
Raw vs. Smackdown! Match
Triple H w/ Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker
Match Finish

Triple H Irish Whips UT into the ropes, Taker rebounds and hits a flying clothesline and covers 1…2… kickout. Stone Cold distracts the official, Undertaker goes to pick HHH up but HHH styas on his kness and delivers a low blow. HHH gets up and grabs Undertaker and Irish Whips him into the ropes, Taker rebounds and HHH gives him a kick to the mid section and goes for the Pedigree when all of a sudden HHH stops and looks at the rampway where Chris Masters, Big Show & Kane have hit the ring attacking the Undertaker. The official is about to ring the bell when…

Stone Cold – NO!!! Don’t do it. This match is now a No Diaqualification match

Kane and Big Show lift Taker up and are about to hit their Double Chokeslam when Batista, Randy Orton and Bobby Lashley hit the ring followed by Theodore Long. Team Raw leave the ring and a brawl erupts on the outside. All of a sudden the Undertaker sits back up and has his hand outstretched ready for the chokeslam. HHH turns around to find Undertaker their and Taker puts his hand around HHH’s neck and gives him a chokeslam. Undertaker puts the thumb to the neck signaling the end is near. HHH gets up and Undertaker hits the Tombstone Piledriver, puts HHH’s arms on his chest and covers 1…2…3

Winner – Smackdown! & The Undertaker​
JR – Smackdown! Won, Smackdown! Won

King – you can’t be happy JR

JR – Of course I’m not but we got new talent Good Night everyone!
Scene fades to a pitch black screen where the WWE logo flashes across it

End Show

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Raw Review

Opening Promo- Amazing promo here with Stone Cold. You did what happens everytime Stone Cold cuts a promo. I like the proposal that Theodore Long made.

Intercontinental Title Match- Good match here and a good win for Rob Conway. I am guessing that Rene Dupree will stay as a jobber.

Austin Promo- Wow! Triple H going for Team Raw. That should be hard for Smackdown to win. Unless they have an amazing superstar like Undertaker to go against Triple H.

RVD vs Shelton- Aw man! I am a big fan of both of these guys but I like Shelton Benjamin better. Shelton is my absolute favorite superstar. Anyway, the summary was written perfectly and I enjoyed the little bit of it.

Carlito's Cabana- Good segment here with all the superstars trying to get JBL's Undisputed title. The match should be good.

JBL/Edge vs Cena/Carlito- Damn! A DQ match. I hate when those happen in important matches. Anyway, I like Matt Morgan coming out as it builds up the feud with JBL and everything.

Main Event- SICK! Undertaker, my prediction was right. I am glad that Smackdown gets to stay. I like how Stone Cold made it a No DQ match.

Grade- 8.5/10. Amazing show here.

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Raw Review

Nice segment to open up the show, cool idea for the main event.

Rob Conway vs. Rene Dupree - A pretty good match here, and a nice win for Conway.

Nice promo in the back good announcment having HHH be in the main event.

RVD vs. Shelton Benjamin - This would be a great match to see in real life, having RVD win was good.

Calrito Cabana - This was well writtten

Tag Team Match - Another good match here, having Matt Morgon come in was cool.

Main Event - This was a great main event, Taker vs. HHH was awesome I liked how in the middle of the match Austin made it no dq. Glad to see Taker win it.

Overal: 8/10

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sorry for the double post but here's the Raw Preview

Raw Preview
March 9th
Boise, Idaho

Last week every member of the Smackdown! brand had their jobs guaranteed when the Undertaker beat Triple H. During the match a Smackdown! vs. Raw brawl erupted at ringside. What is next for the this brand fued?

On the Cabana, Carlito told Undisputed Champion JBL that he was after his title. John Cena and Edge came out to let JBL know the same thing. The New 50% Co General Manager Theodore Long said that if Smackdown! won in the Main Event a Fatal Four Way would occur for the Number One Contenders Match also featuring the Undertaker. Who will win this Elimination Fatal FOur Way to move into the Undisputed Championship match against JBL at Backlash? Read Raw to find out.

Raw will probably up tomorrow or on Boxing Day (26th) Anymore reviews on Raw

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sorry for the triple post but this one is needed

9th March
Boise, Idaho

Across the Nation blasts through the P.A system and the fans pop. The cameras go to JR and King who are sitting at an announce table

JR – Welcome to Monday Night Raw! Hullo I’m Jim Ross alongside Jerry “The King” Lawler and King, what will Stone Cold Steve Austin say after Raw loss last week?

King – I don’t know JR but I’m sure the Texas Rattlesnake isn’t going to be happy

MacMillitant plays over the P.A system and the new 50% Co General Manager of Raw Theodore Long makes his way to the ring

Lillian – Please welcome the new Co General Manager of Raw, Theodore Long!
Teddy gets into the ring and dances his dance for a bit before beginning to speak

Teddy Long – Firstly all you playas out there can I get a Holla, Holla, Holla?
Crowd – Holla, Holla, Holla

Crowd pop

Teddy Long – Like I said last week Smackdown! Would prevail. The Undertaker beat Triple H to guarantee our jobs. And like I said during the Cabana tonight’s Main Event is a Fatal Four Way Match for the number one contenders match featuring Carlito

Slight heat to Carlito

Teddy Long – John Cena

Big pop for Cena

Teddy Long – Edge

Big Heat on Edge

Teddy Long – and the Undertaker

Massive pop for the Deadman

Teddy Long – Enough with that playas. Last week as I looked upon the Cabana I said to myself “this isn’t an interview show, nothing compared to what we have on Smackdown!” you feel me? That’s why I’ve taken the opportunity to add a new interview segment on Raw starting from next week now enough from me about this playas, let’s bring out the new edition to the WWE Roster

The arena goes pitch black when all of a sudden “Just Close Your Eyes” by Waterproof Blonde plays over the P.A system and the crowd begin to go nuts as Christian walks out in his Red and Black hoodie with the words “Captain Charisma” printed on the back. Christian kisses his fingers and points them to the crowd as he makes his way down to the ring

King – Look JR! It’s Christian!

JR – I know King and it looks like Captain Charisma is jumping to Team Smackdown!

King – Christian! Christian! Do you think he’ll hear me JR? Christian!

JR – Sit down King your scaring the Kids over to the right, but I can’t believe Christian is back, Christian is back in the WWE

Christian gets into the ring and shakes hands with Teddy Long before beginning to speak

Christian – It has been 5 months since Christian has left the WWE
Heat from the crowd

Christian – Obviously Stone Cold didn’t want me back

More heat from the crowd

Christian – But Teddy Long did and I’m fighting for Smackdown! Baby!
Crowd pop

Christian – now Teddy you said that when you saw the Cabana last week you said that this was nothing compared to Smackdown!

Teddy Long – That’s exactly what I said dawg

Christian – I know what you mean…Carlito hosting a talk show that always gets crashed by other superstars…anyway onto the Peep Show

Crowd pop

Christian – Starting next week I am going to host my Peep Show for all of you out there, my peeps
Crowd pop

Christian – My guest on the Peep Show is going to be…I’ll tell you what my guest is going to be none other then…Carlito!

Crowd pop

Christian – I’ll show Carlito why the Peep Show is the best interview segment on Raw, I’ll wipe out the Cabana because That’s How I Roll

Just Close Your Eyes rehits the P.A system and Christian and Teddy Long make their way backstage

JR – I never thought I’d see Christian back in the WWE

King – Quit living in the past JR. Live in the future!

JR – Well let’s take a look back at last week at what happened during Carlito’s Cabana

Video package plays

- Carlito with JBL
- Interference from Edge & Cena
- JBL & Edge def. Cena & Carlito
- Matt Morgan is JBL’s Chief of Staff

Morgan plays over the P.A system and Matt Morgan makes his way to the ring accompanied by JBL

Lillian – The following contest is scheduled for one fall accompanied to the ring by the Undisputed WWE Champion JBL, the Chief of Staff, Matt Morgan

Bangin’ It plays through the P.A system and Scotty 2 Hotty makes his way to the ring

Lillian – and the opponent from Westbrook, Maine weighing in at 220lbs, Scotty 2 Hotty!

Match #1
Matt Morgan w/ JBL vs. Scotty 2 Hotty
Match Finish
Scotty gets up from the canvas a Morgan charges at him with a thunderous clothesline and covers 1…2… foot on the rope. Morgan taunts the crowd whilst waiting for Scotty to get to his feet and delivers another clothesline to Scotty and covers 1…2… shoulder up. Matt begins yell and carry on screaming “g-g-get up, get u-u-up”. Scotty gets up and Matt delivers a kick to the mid section and gives him a Powerbomb. Scotty’s knocked out cold and Morgan drags him to the middle of the ring and covers 1…2…3

Winner – Matt Morgan​
The referee goes to raise Morgan’s arm but he scares him off and JBL enters the ring and raises it

JR – A good win for Matt Morgan winning cleanly

King – what? You didn’t expect a clean win from the new Chief of Staff, I think he’s on the way to a title shot if he’s got JBL by his side


Back from the Commercial break the cameras go Backstage to where Torrie and Candice are walking towards the womens lockeroom when confronted by Stacy

Stacy – Torrie, Candice you do not want to go in there

Candice – Why what’s happened?

Stacy – It’s completely hideous

Torrie – come on Candice lets go see for ourselves

Torrie and Candice enter the lockeroom and several seconds later run out screaming. The door opens again Stacy too runs off screaming and out steps the foul, disgusting thing that calls himself “The Boogeyman”

The Boogeyman – Tick tock, tick tock. I AM THE BOOGEYMAN AND I’M COMING TO GET YA!

The Boogeyman stuffs a handful of worms in his mouth and begins to eat them as the cameras go to Todd Grisham who is also backstage with MNM and Melina

Todd – Johnny, Joey in moments you challenge Kane & The Big Show for the WWE World Tag Team titles how are you going to overcome possibly two biggest men on the WWE Roster

Johnny – First Todd, I’d like to say Boise when we step into that ring, regain the Tag Team titles and leave back for home that will be the closest you’ll ever come to someone famous

Joey – That’s right and…

Big Show and Kane enter the scene

Big Show – Those are some big words from some small guys

Kane – Yeah…Big Words

Kane does his sadistic laugh

Big Show – and when step into the ring with us tonight we will show you why it was us that walked out champions and WrestleMania

Kane and Big Show walk off as Wellllll…Well it The Big Show blasts through the P.A system and Kane and Big Show make their way to the ring

Lillian – The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall approaching the ring at a combined weight of 825lbs, they are the WWE World Tag Team Champions Kane and The Big Show!

Paparazzi plays over the P.A system and MNM with Melina make their way to the ring

Lillian – and the challengers from Los Angeles, California. MNM!

Match #2
WWE World Tag Team Championships
Kane & The Big Show © vs. MNM w/Melina
Match Finish

Big Show and Johnny Nitro are the legal men in the match. Nitro runs at Big show, Show tries to clothesline Nitro but he ducks hits the ropes, rebounds and goes for the chop block to little effect. Big Show turns around and Nitro begs for mercy and Show gives Nitro a scoop slam and then runs at the ropes, rebounds off them and delivers a leg drop and covers 1…2… Mercury hits Big Show with a top rope axe handle. Kane enters the ring and grabs Mercury by the back of the head and clubs him. Show gets up and grabs Mercury around the neck as does Kane and give him a double chokeslam. Nitro slowly gets up and walks into a double chokeslam as well. Big Show falls to the canvas and covers Nitro 1…..2……3

Winners – and still WWE World Tag Team Champions, Kane and The Big Show​

The official gives Kane and Big Show their belts and they hold them up in the air before leaving for backstage

JR – Can anyone overcome the force that is Kane and The Big Show?

King – I don’t know JR. They are the biggest team in the WWE, almost unstoppable

Before Big Show and Kane get backstage out of no where Rey Mysterio jumps out onto Kane knocking him down. Batista comes out from backstage and the Big Show runs at him and Batista gives Show a Spinebuster and helps Rey Rey take out Kane. Batista gives Kane a kick to the mid section and lifts him up for a Batista bomb when all of a sudden Rey gets onto the announce table and jumps onto the chest of Kane and Batista pulls him down for a Batista Bomb as the crowd look on in awe

JR – Oh my God, Batista and Rey Mysterio just took out the WWE World Tag Team Champions King

King – I know JR and what was that we just saw?

Batista grabs a mic as does Rey

Batista – Kane, Big Show. Ever since the Survivor Series we have been through a series of brawls and bouts. Me and Rey. We’ve had enough of it. We’ve had enough of Kane and The Big Show dominating the Tag Team Division

Rey – So at Backlash, me and Batista are coming for you and your WWE World Tag Team Titles

Unleashed hits and Rey and Batista head backstage

King – Did you hear that JR? Smackdown! Are going after the WWE World Tag Team Titles!

JR – As much as I want Raw to keep the tag team titles I gotta say that if anyone this is the team to overcome Kane and The Big Show


Burn in My Light blasts through the P.A system and Randy Orton makes his way to the ring

Lillian – The following contest is scheduled for one fall approaching the ring from St. Louis, Missouri weighing in at 245lbs, Randy Orton

FBI hits and Nunzio makes his way to the ring along with Vito

Lillian – and his opponent accompanied to the ring by Vito from Queens, New York weighing in at 175lbs, Nunzio

Match #3
Randy Orton vs. Nunzio w/Vito
Match Finish

Nunzio runs at Orton with at clothesline, Orton ducks and hits the RKO and covers 1…2…Vito pulls the ref out by the leg. Orton leaves the ring and exchanges right arms with Vito. Vito goes to clothesline Orton, He ducks and delivers an RKO onto the outside. Orton rolls into the ring and Nunzio begins to get up and Orton levels him with the RKO the ref is back onto his feet and covers 1……………2………………….3

Winner – Randy Orton​

The official raises Orton’s arm and he rolls out of the ring and makes his way backstage

JR – Randy Orton successful in his match against Nunzio despite interference by Vito

King – Orton is awesome JR. I wish we still had him on Raw

JR – I wouldn’t mind it either King

Backstage Shawn Michaels is seen walking in the lockeroom area when he bumps into HHH

HBK – Hey it’s Triple H! How’s it going man?

HHH – what do you want Shawn?

HBK – Let’s just say it’s not about what I want. It should be a matter of what you want

HHH – Ok. Spill, tell us about it

HBK – Not here Hunter, follow me

HHH follows HBK and the cameras go back to JR and King

King – Am I seeing clearly? HBK and Triple H are actually talking

JR – I didn’t think I’d see the day when I saw that again

Hello Ladiesssssssss plays over the P.A system as Val Venis makes his way to the ring while all the chicks squeal

Lillian – The following contest is scheduled for one fall making his way to the ring from Las Vegas, Nevada. VAL VENIS!

Val gets into the ring and does his thing with the towel whilst the girls still scream when all of a sudden The Game blasts through the P.A system with Shawn Michaels walking not far behind him

King – Look JR, Look! HBK is walking out to the ring with Triple H. I wonder what happened backstage

JR – Me too King but we’ll find out none the less

Lillian – and the opponent accompanied to the ring by the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels, from Greenwich Connecticut weighing in at 260lbs, Triple H

Match #4
Val Venis vs. Triple H w/ Shawn Michaels
Match Finish
Val goes to give HHH a kick to the mid section but HHH catches the leg, spins it round, runs at the ropes, rebounds and delivers a Harley Race knee to the face of Val Venis. Val slowly gets up and HHH gives him a kick to the mid section followed by a pedigree when Viscera runs to the ring. HBK runs to the end of the rampway and Viscera charges at him only to grab a superkick to the face. Back in the ring HHH covers 1……2…..…3

Winner – Triple H​

HBK rolls into the ring and HHH calls for the mic

HHH – You might’ve saw me and Shawn Michaels talking backstage. You might’ve seen him say “it’s not what I want, It’s what you want” well want Shawn wanted. Was exactly the sort of same thing I had in mind

HBK – The HeartBreak Kid Shawn Michaels said to Triple H, Hunter. How do you feel about bring back D-Generation X?

Crowd pop loudly

HHH – and I told Shawn I’d think about it… but I’m not gunna you want D-X back? You’re gunna get D-X back!

Crowd pop as Break It Down hits and HBK and HHH make their way backstage as the crowd still cheer loudly

JR – Good God king, I’d never thought I’d see the day D-Generation X was back together

King – I know JR this is great!

JR – Stay with us because up next is the Fatal Four Way Elimination match to find JBL’s number one contender


The cameras come back to the Raw show when I spit in the Face of People who Don’t want to be Cool plays over the P.A system and Carlito makes his way to the ring

Lillian – The following contest is a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match! Approaching the ring from the Carribean weighing in at 234lbs, Carlito!

My Time is now Blasts through the P.A system and John Cena makes his way to the ring

Lillian – from West Newbury, Massachusetts weighing in at 240lbs, John Cena!

Metalingus blasts through the P.A system and Edge makes his way to the ring

Lillian – from Toronto, Canada weighing in at 240lbs, Edge!

Dark Side plays over the P.A system and the arena goes pitch black as the presence of the Undertaker os felt as he makes his way to the ring

Lillian – and from Death Valley weighing in at 305lbs, The Undertaker

Main Event
Number One Contenders Match
Fatal Four Way Elimination Match
Carlito vs. John Cena vs. Edge vs. Undertaker
Match Finish

Cena hits Edge with a right arm followed by another and throws Edge over the top rope. Carlito goes a clothesline but Undertaker stops his arm, twists it and climbs to the top rope and hits Old School on Carlito. Undertaker turns around and walks into a Cena clothesline and he covers 1…..2…… kickout. Cena waits for Undertaker to get up when out of no where Edge enters the ring and spears Cena and covers 1…….2…………3​

Eliminated – John Cena

Cena rolls out of the ring and Edge waits for Undertaker to get up, Taker gets up and Edge spears him and covers 1…..2…… kickout and Edge can’t believe it. Edge climbs to the top turnbuckle and waits for Undertaker get up when Carlito walks in the way still clutching his arm and walks into a top rope spear. Edge covers Carlito 1…….2………3

Eliminated – Carlito

Edge goes to a corner and waits for Undertaker to get up, Taker gets up and Edge runs at him trying to nail the spear but Undertaker catches Edge’s head and hits a high impact DDT and covers 1……2…… kickout. Undertaker gets up and signals for the Tombstone, Edge gets up and the Phenom hits the tombstone piledriver and covers 1…….2……….3

Winner – and new Number One Contender, The Undertaker

JR – The Undertaker did it! The Undertaker is going to Backlash to challenge JBL for the title

King – I don’t believe it JR. Their was 3 Raw guys in their and they couldn’t pull it off

JR – Well the Deadman is going to Backlash folks, Good night

WWE logo flashes across screen and it fades away

End Show


Backlash Card

Undisputed Championship
JBL © vs. The Undertaker

WWE World Tag Team Championships
Kane & The Big Show © vs. Rey Mysterio and Batista
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