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WWE Lands On Hulu Plus

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Starting today, Hulu Plus will offer the WWE Universe unlimited instant streaming access, additional content and programming on-the-go, as it becomes the exclusive home for next-day access to Raw, SmackDown, WWE NXT, WWE Superstars and WWE Main Event.

Starting today, the WWE Universe can enjoy unlimited and instant streaming of WWE’s popular weekly programs anywhere, anytime — thanks to Hulu Plus. (WATCH)

Visit WWEonHulu.com for a free trial, and unlock next-day access to current episodes of Monday Night Raw, SmackDown, "WWE Superstars" and WWE NXT, as well as upcoming episodes of WWE Main Event, which debuts on ION Television Wednesday, Oct. 3.

Hulu Plus subscribers can also go to Hulu Latino to see WWE’s popular digital show, WWE En Español, the Spanish-language magazine program that recaps WWE’s most exciting moments each week.

“As a clear leader in digital content delivery, Hulu is an ideal partner for WWE,” WWE Chairman Vince McMahon said. “Hulu delivers more ways for our fans to experience WWE programming than ever before.”

Subscribers can access content at home or on-the-go across mobile phones, tablets, PCs, internet-connected TVs, set-top boxes and gaming consoles.

Hulu Plus provides optimum video quality, with streams in SD and HD, and offers subscribers access to current hit TV shows, award-winning movies, classic TV series and beyond for $7.99 per month. For more information, visit www.WWEonHulu.com.
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From what ive heard this is gonna be how they start airing Network shows until they can get it cleared.
It's a fantastic idea. If I wasn't so dead-set on watching RAW immediately after work, I'd totally watch it the next day. If they'll stream older episodes, they could be onto something.
Has Punk truly replaced Orton as the second biggest star? Because these official cover arts/posters seem to signify that fact.
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Has Punk truly replaced Orton as the second biggest star? Because these official cover arts/posters seem to signify that fact.
Look where Orton is compared to Punk in the past year.
Hulu. Home of formerly-great shows that are well past their best and currently running on fumes.

Perfect for WWE then.
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SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS! I use Hulu Plus more than I do my actual cable (when I had it)so this news is awesome to me. No longer will I have to find Youtube links or watch it on my laptop!
So, they're taking down Youtube videos and joining Hulu? Great news for everbody outside the USA!
Seems to me they will increase their efforts on removing more Youtube content. I watch shows like Smackdown and NXT on Youtube so that might be a problem later on.
It's an incredible idea. Digital is definitely the wave of the future and Hulu Plus is the way to go. I don't watch WWE programming normally or have the time to watch it when it's on. Today I subscribed to Raw, Smackdown , NXT, and Superstars on my Hulu. I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one whose done this.

It was a move that won my interest back so that I'll actually watch.
great idea, but they have fucked it up. i already posted about this in the raw forum. they cut out 43 minutes of the broadcast including the kofi/dolph match(best of the night by far), aj/ref backstage segment, and the first kane/bryan diner segment. that was just the stuff they cut that i cared about. they also cut the wade barret match, 6 man tag match, and the divas match. that stuff i don't care about, but it seems like they just randomly edited out matches and segments not based on anything at all except they didn't involve the top storyline. they took a great new thing like wwe on hulu plus and decided to fuck it up like they do everything else. i guess airing all of it would just be a crazy idea.
I like how it reassures you that you can cancel at any give time. Way to give credit to the product.
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