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It’s a new year in 2012 and it is going to own all. With exciting feuds, matches and more, this is going to be without a dought be one of the greatest years in history.

Raw GM –
Vince McMahan

Commentators –
Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole and Jim Ross

Ring Annousers –
Lillian Garcia and Justin Roberts

Backstage Interviewer –
Josh Matthews

1. JBL
2. Shelton Benjamin
3. Batista
4. RVD
5. MVP
6. Jack Swagger
7. Tyson Kidd
8. Rey Mysterio
9. Mark Henry
10. Evan Bourne
11. Carlito
12. William Regal
13. The Great Khali
14. Kurt Angle
15. Edge
16. Big Show
17. Sheamus
18. Goldust
19. The Miz
20. Wade Barrett
21. Randy Orton
22. Justin Gabriel
23. Kane
24. Matt Morgan
25. Ryback


SmackDown GM –
Shane McMahan

Commentators –
Tazz, Matt Striker and Joey Styles

Ring Annouser –
Tony Chimmel

Backstage Interviewer –
Josh Matthews
Smackdown Roster

John Cena
Daniel Bryan
Tommy Dreamer
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Kofi Kingston
Dolph Ziggler
Cody Rhodes
R Truth
Alberto Del Rio
Chris Jericho
Kevin Nash
Road Dogg
X Pac
Hardcore Holly
Billy Gunn
Orlando Jordan
David Otunga
Mick Foley
Alex Riley
Curt Hawkins
Zack Ryder
Shaun Michaels
Triple H


WWE Championship:

US Championship:
Matt Morgan.

World Heavyweight Championship:
Triple H

Tag Team Championship:
Road Dogg and Billy Gunn (DX)
RAW Tag Teams

The Miz and Wade Barrett
The Great Khali and Ryback
RVD and Evan Bourne
Mark Henry and Rey Mysterio
Tyson Kidd and MVP
Justin Gabriel and Goldust.
Smackdown Tag Teams

Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy
Daniel Bryan and Christian
R Truth and Alex Riley
Road Dogg, X Pac, Billy Gunn, Shaun Michaels and Triple H
Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins
Hardcore Holly and Orlando Jordan

January - Royal Rumble

February - Elimination Chamber

March - Wrestlemania 28

April - Extreme Rules

May - Over The Limit

June - Night Of Champions

July – Money In the bank

August – Summerslam

September – Hell In A Cell

October – Bragging Rights

November – Survivor Series

December - TLC

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Monday Night RAW – 1st January 2012
Vince McMahan is in the ring and he calls out WWE Champion, JBL and JBL comes to the ring. He asks Vince what he wants and Vince tells him his in a match tonight. JBL said that he wants to know who he opponent is. A load of people in hoods run into the ring from the crowd and attack JBL with steel chairs. They run back out of the arena as security chases them out of the arena. Vince than says since JBL can’t compete, the WWE championship match will be delayed until next week.

Match 1 - #1 Contenders match to the US Championship Kurt Angle def. Ryback to become the Number 1 contender.

Match 2 – The Miz and Wade Barrett def. MVP and Tyson Kidd

The Miz talks about how he and Wade are the future of WWE and are challenging anyone to a fight. From any company, brand or even from the crowds.

Vince McMahan comes out and annouses a tournament to declare who will become the new TV Championship and the matches will be as followed.

Rey Mysterio vs. Mark Henry
Shelton Benjamin vs. Batista
Randy Orton vs. Justin Gabriel
Edge vs. William Regal
He then says it will start tonight!

Match 3 - Rey Mysterio def. Mark Henry to advance to the semi – finals.

Match 4 – Batista def. Shelton Benjamin to advance to the semi – finals.
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