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The Storyline is that WWE has Bought out TNA and some Tna Wrestlers Joined WWE and WWE re-hired some of his staff.

(C)= Champion

Gm: Eric Bischoff (n)
Commentators: JR (f) and The King (n)
Interviewer: Terri (f) & Josh Matthew (f)
Ring Ancouncer: Josh Matthew (f)

Raw Wrestlers

Chris Jericho (f)
Triple H (h)
Batista (h)
Randy Orton (f)
Ric Flair (f) (c) World Champion
Edge (n) (c) IC Champion
Stone Cold Steve Austin (f)
D von Dudley (h)
Bubba Ray Dudley (h)
Steven Richards (f)
Chris Beniot (f)
Hardcore Holly (n)
Carlito Caribbean Cool (h)
Paul London (f) (c) Cruiserweight Champion
Billy Kidman (h)
Chavo Guerrero (h)
Jamie Noble (h)
Funaki (f)
Christian (h)
Tyson Tomko (h)
JBL (h)
Mark Jindrak (h)
Luther Reigns (h)
Rey Mysterio (f)
Rob Van Dam (f)
Abyss (h)
Dean Malenko (f)
Perry Saturn (f)
Eddie Guerrero (f)
Andy Douglas (h)
Chase Stevens (h)
Elix Skipper (f)
Low Ki (f)
DDP (f)
Frankie Kazarian (h)
Roddy Piper (h)
Macho Man (f)
Hollywood Hulk Hogan (h)
Kevin Nash (h)
Scott Hall (h)
John Cena (f)
Trish Stratus (h) (c) Womens Champion
Lita (f)
Gail Kim (h)
Molly Holly (h)
Victoria (f)
Nidia (f)
Jazz (h)
Stacy Keibler (f)

Smack Down
Gm: Shane McMahon (f)
Commentators: The Coach (h) and Michael Cole (f)
Interviewer: Funaki (f)
Ring Ancouncer: Lillian Garcia(f)

SD Wrestlers

AJ Styles (f) (c) X Division Champion
Raven (n)
Sabu (f)
The Rock (f)
Shawn Michaels (f)
Goldberg (f)
Booker T (f)
Undertaker (f) (c) WWE Champion
Kane (h)
Chris Harris (n) (c) WWE Tag Team Champion
James Storm (n) (c) WWE Tag Team Champion
Randy Orton (f)
Jeff Hardy (f)
Matt Hardy (h)
Shannon Moore (f)
Kid Kash (h)
Dallas (h)
BG James (h)
Billy Gunn (h)
Ron Killings (f)
Konnan (f)
Amazing Red (f)
Christopher Daniels (f)
Jeff Jarrett (h)
Hector Garza (f)
Heavy Metal (f)
Essa Rios (f)
Petey Williams (h)
Eric Young (h)
Bobby Roode (h)
Johnny Devine (h)
Scott D’Amore (h)
Monty Brown (h)
Kurt Angle (h) Us Champion
Shelton Benjamin (f)
Charlie Haas (f)
Eugene (f)
William Regal (f)
Big Show (h)
Rene Dupree (h)
Kenzo Suzuki (h)
Hiroko (h)
Torrie Wilson (f)

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It's the beginning since Vince Mcmahon bought NWA's TNA. He has some of there superstars. Also The Naturals will take On the Team Of Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak in a TLC match for the World Tag Team titles. A match that both teams have never been in.

Confirmed Match

World Tag Team Titles/TLC
Luther Reigns And Mark Jindrak Vs The Naturals

Cruiserweight Title
Paul London Vs Billy Kidman

IC Number 1 Contenders Match
John Cena Vs Randy Orton

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whatever, Snitsky sucks. Anyway nice roster there ;)

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can't wait for ur first show

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Smackdown Preview

Shane Mcmahon Ancounced that AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy will be in a Ultimate X match.

Confirmed Matches

X Division title/Ultimate X
AJ Styles Vs Jeff Hardy

6 man tag team elimantion match
Team Canada Vs Team Mexico

1# Contender Shot at WWE Tag Team Titles
World Greatest Tag Team Vs Kid Kash And Dallas

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cool show, but a two man Ultimate X? Should be interesting to see how that pans out.

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News From Vince Mcmahon.

Vince: I am bring back the Hardcore Title and giving it to Smackdown. And I already set a match. So My Son, Shane doesn't have to worry. It will be Raven Vs Sabu In a Leather Belt Death Match. In the ring there will be 50 leather belts and Hundreds of belts outside of the ring.

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sounds cool

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Sorry It's Late, I lost track of time and I had to watch raw

Week Raw Before

Ric Flair win a 10 man battle royal for a world title shot and Won the World Title and Left Evolution


* Trish Def Lita via pin fall after the chick kick
*Hardcore Holly Def Daniel Cage (Jobber) Via Pinfall After a Power bomb
*Low Ki Def Jamie Noble Via Pin fall after a Ki Krusher off the top rope


[The Raw intro video and music plays as it shows Vince make a the deal of buying TNA. The scene opens with the camera panning around the arena. Scene goes to the announce table]

JR: Hello everybody we are live from Ottawa Ontario.

King: Yeah Jr. I can’t believe Vince actually bought TNA.

JR: Yes and we will have two of TNA’s talent. Their name is the Naturals and they will be in a tag team match for the vacant tag team titles. They will face Reigns and Jindrak.

King: And it’s not just any match. It’s TLC match. Tables, Ladders And Chairs.

JR: Now this match will be a slobber knocker.

[Scene goes back to Eric Bischoff’s office. Where a unknown man walks in.]

Man: Mr. Bischoff.

[Eric looks up at the man]

Eric: Who are you?

[Camera looks at the man it’s Daniel Puder.]

Daniel: I am the Daniel Puder. I was second in Smack down’s million dollar tough enough. I knocked the shit out of that idiot “The Miz “. I mike was down and out after twenty second in the first round. But those idiots voted for mike not me. So I didn’t bother to go back to smack down to try to get a contract. When I could be on the better show. So I am asking you if I can have a contract.

Eric: Well, Daniel you can a mission for me. Then you can have a contract.

[Scene fades and goes back to the announcer’s table]

JR: A Mission?

Commercial Break

King: Anyways it time for are first match
JR: It’s the cruiserweight champion Paul London against his former tag team partner Billy Kidman.

King: This should be a good match.

[Suddenly Paul London’s music plays as Paul London walks onto the stage with his cruiserweight title. He taunts the fan. Crowd cheers]

Tony: The following contest is for one fall and is for the WWE Cruiserweight title. First, making his way to the ring, weighing in at 205 pounds from Austin, Texas. He is the Cruiserweight champion, Paul London!!!

[Paul London runs down the ramp and waits for his Billy Kidman.]

JR: King, London looks mad.

King: Because he knows we will lose his title.

[Billy Kidman music plays as Billy walks down the ramp.]

Tony: And his challenger, weighing in at 195 pounds, From Allentown, Pennsylvania, Billy Kidman!!!

[Billy Kidman slides into the ring and gets into Paul London. They start talking smack to each other.]

Cruiserweight Title
Paul London (c) Vs Billy Kidman

[London and Kidman exchanges hands. Finally Kidman gets the upper hand and throws London into the ropes. Billy Kidman jumps into the air for a dropkick but London holds the ropes making Kidman fall. London bounces off the ropes and does a standing shooting star onto Kidman’s back.]

JR: What a great move from Paul London.

King: How did he do that?

[London picks up Kidman but Kidman flings him hard into the corner Kidman slides out of the ring and grabs a steel chair and slides into the ring ref try to take the chair away from Kidman but Jamie Noble goes onto the top rope. Kidman laughs as he left the chair behind London. Noble is pretending to try to get in. Kidman turns around and out of nowhere Rey Mysterio does a west coast pop drop with a chair onto Kidman and his Chair.]

King: Oh my god that’s unbelievable.

JR: This match early has outside interference.

[Kidman is knocked out. Mysterio takes the chairs out. Paul London struggles to climb the top rope. Suddenly Funaki pulls Jamie Noble off the apron and starts to stomp on him. Finally Chavo Guerrerro attacks Funaki from behind. London does the London calling to Kidman. Noble gets up. Both Noble and Chavo stomp on Funaki. Mysterio helps Funaki by hitting Noble and then Chavo with a steel chair. Mysterio give a steel chair to Funaki. They keep on hitting chavo and noble on the back with the chairs. London Pins 1…. 2…. 3]

Tony: And Here is your winner Paul London!!!!!!

[Fans Cheer.]

JR: That was unbelievable.

King: Paul London cheated.

JR: Well, Billy tried to cheat.

[Suddenly Eric Bischoff’s Music plays. Eric Bischoff walks onto the stage with a mic. London, Mysterio and Funaki look at Bischoff.]

Eric: What the hell is this? I book a cruiserweight title match but this wasn’t fair. So since you three think you are the chair men of raw then I will set this match for you. Next week it will be Paul London, Rey Mysterio and Funaki Vs Billy Kidman, Chavo Guerrero and Jamie Noble in the first ever 6 man tag chairman match. If you wonder what the rules are. Well it’s simple, the only weapon legal in this match is chairs.

King: Did you hear that JR next week those six will be in a chairman match.

JR: What A Huge Announcement from Eric Bischoff.

King: Once again Eric Bischoff has came up with a great idea.

[Eric Bischoff goes to the back as Funaki with a chair and Mysterio with two chairs slide into the ring. Mysterio gives a chair to Paul London. Finally Kidman gets up and London, Mysterio and Funaki give Kidman a Triple Chair shot. Knocking him out cold. London, Mysterio and Funaki walk to the back as the crowd goes wild and emts go to help Kidman, Guerrero and Noble.)

Commercial Break

[Scene comes back in the backstage where paramedics are rushing to someone. The Camera Man runs with the paramedics. They get to the place and it’s Steven Richards knocked out and all bloody. The Scene goes back to Eric Bischoff entering his office. Daniel Puder is sitting on his couch.]

Eric: So did you do it or did you give up already?

Daniel: Mr. Bischoff, I have done it. He is going to the hospital as we speak.

Eric: Well, since you have competed your mission. Sign here and you will become a raw superstar.

[Daniel Signs the contract.]

Eric: Since you are now in raw. I think you should have your first match. Against Edge for the IC title!

[Daniel smiles and walks out of the room to get ready for his match as Daniel leaves Christy Hemme enters.]

Eric: Hello Christy, How can I help you?

Christy: By resign me on Raw.

Eric: Well, What will you do for me?

[The door closes]

King: Did Puder attack Steven Richards?

JR: I don’t know king?

King: What is Christy going to do to Bischoff?

JR: I don’t know, Mr. Question Man.

King: Well I am wondering. We will have Daniel Puder Vs Edge for the IC title. So folk stay tune.

Commercial Break

[Commercial comes back as Triple H walks by Eric Bischoff’s Office. He hears moaning. Triple H opens the door and sees Mae Young on top of Eric Bischoff behind Bischoff’s. Bischoff is Moaning.]

Mae: Oh you like that don’t you bad boy.

Eric: Oh yes I do.

Mae: Are you tough enough.

Eric: Totally.

[Triple H looks disgusted.]

Mae: Thank you Bischoff for giving my friend Christy the contract and the women’s title shot tonight.

Eric: Anytime, Mae.

HHH: What are you doing with Mae Young Boss?

[Eric gets shocked and takes Mae off of him and pulls up his underwear. Bischoff stands with his pants down showing white underwear. Triple H Laughs]

HHH: I never knew someone horny could have a penis that small. Well, I am here for World title Shot against that backstabber Rick Flair.

Eric Bischoff: Triple H, I didn’t like that remark and I am raw gm I can do anything I want. If you want your title shot you got to too earn it. So next week I will put you in a number one contender’s match with…

[Triple H Cut’s him off]

Triple H: Which Punk, I am I going to face?

Eric: As I was going to say. You are going to face. Stone Cold Steve Austin!! And that’s the bottom line.

[Triple H looks shocked.]

Eric: Get out of my office before I change my mind about you ever getting a shot.

[Triple H leaves]
King: What the hell was the boss doing with Mae Young?

JR: Here goes the question man again. Well next week Triple H Vs Austin for A World Title Shot.

King: I am not the question man.

JR: Sure.

King: Anyways. I bet you think your good old friend Austin.

JR: Well, it could go either way. Well it’s time for the next match and it’s for the women’s title match.

Commercial Break

King: Yeah, Eric Bischoff could have action with Christy for this match and contract. But he had action with Mae Young, eww that’s nasty.

JR: That is a little unorthodox to get a match. I would say myself. But else we get to see a women’s title match

King: Anyways JR ready we are going to see Puppies!!!

[Trish Stratus’s music plays and Trish Stratus comes out with Christian and Tyson Tomko. They walk down the ramp.]

Tony: The Following Contest is for one fall and it’s for the WWE Women’s title. Making her way to the ring accompanied by Tyson Tomoko and Christian. Weighing in at 125 from Toronto, Ontario. She is the Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus!!!!

[They walk down the ramp. Trish kiss’s Christian before she enters the ring. Christian and Tyson Tomoko wait out of the ring laughing. Christy Hemme’s music plays as Christy walks onto the stage with a mic.]

Tony: And her challenger from California. Christy Hemme.

Christy: You think I am just going to go down there and lose to you because of your little boyfriend and his bodyguard. Well, You guest wrong because I am not going down there alone because I have my own friends. They are the Death Squad.

JR: The Death Squad? Who are they?

King: I don’t know JR. look who is question man now.

JR: Never mind that.

[We Fall, We Fall by Dead Celebrity Status plays as two men in costumes come out.]

King: JR, This is freaky.

Christy: First I like to introduce…
[The first man takes off his costume.]

Christy: Vampiro!!

JR: Oh My God.

King: Who is Vampiro.

JR: He is A Old WCW wrestler. I would never think he would come here.

[Tyson and Christian look shocked.]

Christy: And the second wrestler is…

[The Second Guy takes of his costume. Crowd goes wild. Trish, Christian and Tyson get mad.]

Christy: Sting!!!

King: Oh My God. How did Christy get them actually how did they get a contract to Raw?

JR: Well their old WCW wrestlers. Eric Bischoff use to be head of WCW. So Bischoff must of knew they were good.

King: Well, This looks good for Christy.

[Christy, Sting and Vampiro smile.]

Christy: Actually they are not going to be at ringside. But Christian and Tomoko won’t be either because they will be fighting in the back.

[Death Squad runs down and Attack Christian and Tyson. Start fighting them down the ramp as Christy walks down the ramp and slides in ring with a big smile on her face. Trish hits Christy with her women’s title. Trish laughs as the ref grabs the title and signal for the bell to ring. To start the match.]

Women’s Title
Trish Stratus Vs Christy Hemme

[The Bell rings Trish stomps on Christy for thirty seconds and Trish pins 1...2...Kick out. Then picks her up and throws her into the ropes. Christy comes back and clotheslines Trish. Trish gets up mad. Christy kicks Trish into the stomach and DDT’s her. Christy steps onto Trish’s back and jumps. Christy gets off her back and goes to the top rope. Christy goes for a moonsault. But Trish moves out of the way. Trish gets up picks Christy up and throws her to into the corner as hard as she can. Trish throws Christy onto the other side the same way she did before, Christy bounce off the corner and Trish hits the Chick kick. Suddenly Sting goes on the Apron. The Ref tries to get sting off the rope. But out of nowhere Chris Jericho comes out and puts Trish in the Walls Of Jericho. Sting keeps distracting the ref. Sting throws his bat in the ring. Jericho let’s go after thirty second. Christy grabs the bat and hit Trish in the back of the head. Jericho does the lionsault and leaves the ring. Christy hit Trish in the back with the bat. Christy throws the bat out of the ring. Sting gets off the apron. Christy grabs Trish and does a Impact DDT and covers her. Ref counts 1…2…kick out. Christy looks shocked. Christy puts Trish in a Boston crab. After 65 seconds Christy forces Trish to tap out.]

Tony: Here Is Your winner and the New Women’s Champion, Christy Hemme.

[Vampiro walks down the ramp and Christy gets the women’s title. Christy, Sting, Vampiro and Jericho celebrate as the scene fades to Commercial break.]

Commercial Break

JR: Hello every one we are back. Just to remind you, January 9th is going to be New Year Revolution. It’s a Raw and Smack down, Joint PPV. Well this next match is shot at the Intercontinental title shot at New Years Revolution.

King: Yeah JR. It’s John Cena against Randy Orton.

[John Cena’s Music plays.]

Tony: The following contest is for one fall and is for a Intercontinental title shot at New Years Revolution. Now making his way to the ring, weighing in at 240 pounds from Boston, Massachusettes. John Cena!!!

[John Cena walks onto the stage with a Ottawa Renegades jersey. He walks down the ramp and slides into the ring. John Cena take off his Jersey and Throws it into the crowd. Cena waits for Orton.]

JR: John Cena has a big avenge in this match but so does Randy Orton. It’s a Battle of the future.

King: Yeah, But JR, Orton has a Avenge. He was the longest reign of ther Intercontinental title in the past six years.

JR: Yeah, King but John Cena won the Us Championship more then anyone else.

King: Yeah, But Randy Orton uses to be the youngest World Heavyweight Champion.

JR: Well, This match is going to be great.

[Randy Orton’s Music plays]

Tony: And his opponent, weighing in at 245 from St. Louis. Randy Orton!!

[Randy Orton walks onto the stage and poses as yellow sparks fall down behind him. Orton runs down ramp and slides into the ring. Orton and Cena have a stare down]

Intercontinental title shot at New Years Revolution
John Cena Vs Randy Orton

[Orton and Cena exchange hands for about a minute. Then Orton falls down. Cena goes for the five knuckle shuffle but Orton rolls out of the way. Cena punch’s the ground. Orton springs up and laughs. Orton stands on Cena’s hand. Cena Screams in pain. Orton jumps without taking his foot of Cena’s hand. Orton finally gets off his hand after sixty seconds. Orton tries to throw Cena into the rope but Cena reverse it and throws him over the rope but Orton lands on the apron. John Cena goes to clothesline him off the apron. But Orton grabs Cena’s Arm and Drop to the Ground. Orton still holds on his arm. Orton goes on the apron again and puts Cena’s Arm through the rope in arm lock. Ref starts to count. 1… 2… 3… 4… Orton Lets go. Orton grabs Cena’s arm again and goes to the top turnbuckle but Cena pulls his arm making Orton fall on the top turnbuckle on his balls. Orton holds himself in pain. Cena goes to the top turnbuckle and does a fisher man’s Superplex to Orton. They are both down. Ref Counts 1…2… 3…4…5…6… Cena gets up slowly holding himself up with the ropes. Ref Still Counts 7…8…9..Orton springs up just in time. Cena punch’s Orton in face, Cena hurts his hand. Orton tries to go for the RKO. But Cena pushes him off. Cena puts Orton in a Reverse Boston Crab.]

JR: King, I have never seen that move before.

King: I can’t believe John Cena did a submission move. He usually he is just a brawler.

JR: Let’s see how long Orton can last.

[Seventy seconds later Randy Orton looks like he is going to tap but Orton reaches the ropes 26 Seconds later. John Cena holds it. Ref Counts 1…2…3…4…Cena lets go. Cena starts to laugh and shouts “Now who is laughing now, Huh punk?” Cena picks up Orton and does a suplex. Cena goes for the knuckle shuffle again. This time he hits it Orton slowly gets up. Cena picks up his chain and says he is going to hit him but ref takes the chain away. Cena reaches into his pocket and grabs one of his Word Life brass knuckles and hits Orton. Cena put the Brass Knuckles back into his pocket. Then the ref turns around. Cena pins Orton 1…2…3.Orton’s Foot goes onto the rope.]

[Crowd Cheers.]

Tony: And the winner of this match is J….

[Ref cuts Tony off. He whispers in Tony’s Ear as John Cena raises his arms celebrating.]

Tony: The Referee Nick Patrick says that Orton’s foot was on the bottom rope. So this match will restart.

[Cena gets mad and goes into the face of ref arguing with him. Orton out of nowhere clotheslines him over the rope. Both of the men go over the rope. Orton picks up John Cena and Suplex’s him through the announcement table.]

King: I hate how since they bought TNA that we have to sit here again.

JR: Else we get a good view.

King: Whatever.

[Orton goes to pick up Cena but Cena hits Orton with the brass knuckles. Cena drops the brass knuckles. Cena and Orton slowly get into the ring. The Bell rings again. Orton and Cena get up by using the ropes. Cena does the F-U to Orton. Cena goes for the pin 1…2…Orton kicks out. Orton gets up and does the RKO to Cena. Orton and Cena aren’t moving. 1…2…3...4…5…6…7…8….9…10. The ref signals to ring the bell. The bell rings.]

JR: Oh My God. King I think this match is a tie.

King: What will Bischoff going to do?

JR: I don’t know king.

Tony: The Referee Nick Patrick Say that this match will end in a draw.

King: Hold on JR I just got news from Bischoff. He says since this match ended in a Draw. It will be a Triple Threat Match at New Years Revolution. John Cena Vs Randy Orton Vs The winner of the IC title match tonight.

JR: Wow, What big news from Bischoff.

[Scene goes backstage with Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak as The Staff crew fills the arena with ladders, chairs and tables.]

Mark: Luther, What are we going to do about those TNA guys the Naturals we know nothing about them.

Luther: Mark, Don’t worry, they were TNA superstars they shouldn’t be that good.

Mark: Your Right, we will have no troubles.

Luther: See.

[There’s a knock on the door. Luther and Mark Answer. It’s Abyss and Kazarian with Chairs. They hit Reigns and Jindrak with the chairs knocking them down. Abyss picks up Luther and choke slams him through a table. Kazarian grabs Jindrak and suplex’s him through a table. They put them beside each other and drop a ladder on them. Abyss stands onto the middle of the ladder.]

Kazarian: TNA superstars don’t suck!!

[Kazarian gets a forklift and puts Luther and Mark on the fork lift. Abyss gets into the forklift and they drive off. As Scene goes to commercial break.]

Commercial Break.

[Scene comes back. TNA’s Old Music Plays]

JR: What Is this King?

King: I don’t know.

[Then out come Kazarian and Abyss on the forklift with Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak. They drop them into the ring. Luther gets up. Suddenly Abyss goes in and gives him the black hole slam onto Mark.]

JR: Oh my god king, Abyss just destroyed Reigns and Jindrak.

King: I can’t believe it.

[The Naturals Music Plays.]

JR: Well it looks like we are going to have are tag team title match.

King: Tables, Ladders and Chairs, Oh my.

Tony: The following contest is TLC a tag team match it’s for one fall and is the WWE tag team titles. Already in the ring, Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak.

[Finally the Naturals come out onto the stage.]
Tony: And their opponents making there way to the ring. Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens, The Naturals.

[The Natural Run down into the ring and laugh at Reigns and Jindrak.]

WWE Tag Team titles/TLC
The Naturals Vs Reign and Jindrak.

[Naturals stomp on Reigns and Jindrak. They get a table and set them near corners. Andy gets Mark and Chase gets Luther. The Naturals get chairs and do a duel chair shot to Mark. The Naturals get a ladder each and do a ramp the ladders together with Luther in the middle.]

[Suddenly Kurt Angle and JBL go on the ramp with a mic each.]

Kurt: Listen you TNA Punks. You think your going to win against my friends because you TNA friends helped you? I say No.

JBL: That’s right that’s why. Me, Angle, Luther, Mark, Carlito, Tyson Tomoko And Christian made. Team Anti-TNA

Kurt: And We will settle this now.

[Carlito, Christian and Tyson comes out and the five make there way to the ring. Suddenly TNA’s Old Music Plays as Abyss, Kazarian , Hogan, Nash and Hall attack them. There is a brawl between them. The Naturals laugh as finally Luther and Mark are up. Luther kick Chase in the face. Mark does a dropkick to Andy. All four of them get up. They exchange hands. Luther and Andy, Chase and Mark, Chase and Luther, Mark and Andy. Mark and Luther, Andy and Chase. They finally relized that they were fighting there partners. So all of go to the corners and grab a chair and knocked each other out. Mean while outside The Outsiders knock out Angle and JBL with a ladder. So they slide in the ring. Nash picks up Luther and Hall picks up Mark. Nash does the Jackknife onto a ladder and Hall does the Outsider Edge onto a set up chair. Mark bleeds crazy and it knocked out cold. Luther is in a lot of pain. Finally Angle and JBL get up and goes in the ring and does the clothesline them over the rope. Finally Chase gets ups and set up a ladder. But out of no where Tyson does a running kick to the face of chase. Kazarian gets into the ring and throws Tyson out and dives on everyone. Andy gets up sees the ladder and starts to climb it. Then Luther gets onto the ladder. Meanwhile Carlito sets up a table to put Hogan through but Hogan reverses it and throws him into the stairs. In the ring Luther and Andy are punching each other on the top of the ladder. Chase comes trying to power bomb Luther. Suddenly Mark uses all of his strength to Springs Up and Dropkicks Andy. The Dropkick hits Andy’s Gut. Mark falls on to the rope. Andy falls forward bringing Luther with him in a power bomb, which hits Mark Jindrak knocking over the rope through a table. Chase jumps up and grabs the rope that holds the titles. Andy goes to the corner as the ladder bounce off the rope and lands on Luther. Andy goes to the top turnbuckle and Jumps on the ladder. Chase grabs the titles and falls.]

Tony: And Here is your winners and New Tag Team Champions. The Naturals!

(The Naturals helps the TNA wrestlers. All of Anti-TNA is knocked out. The TNA wrestlers go up the ramp. Nash and Hall grabs the mics that angle and JBL dropped.)

Hall: Well, Well, Well. It looks like Team Anti-TNA is knocked out and who is standing here Nash?

Nash: It’s Us, Team TNA. The seven of us are running raw from now on. Forget Triple H and Batista. You can sure forget Team Anti-TNA because there is Total Non-stop Action. Me, Hall, Hogan, Abyss, Kazarian and The Natural are The Apostles Of TNA.

JR: What the Apostles of TNA?

King: JR, I don’t believe it

[They celebrate as scene fades to commercial]

Commercial Break.

[Scene comes back to Eric Bischoff’s office where he is on the computer. He hears a knock.]

Eric: Come in.

[The Door opens its Vince McMahon. He walks in with a big smile on his face.]

Eric: Oh, Vince.

Vince: Hello Eric, And Its Mr. McMahon or Boss to you.

Eric: Mr. McMahon what brings you here?

Vince: Well I own this company and I am here proud to say I bought out my third wrestling company.

Eric: Good for you.

Vince: Thanks. But there was one thing I had to do.

Eric: What was that?

Vince: Bring in someone that represents TNA as A GM. So I picked Raw. Dusty Rhodes quit just before. So I had to pick some one else. Well I want you to meet your new partner.

Eric: What? A Partner. Sir, I don’t need any help.

Vince: Well it part of the deal. So I like you to meet your Co-General Manager and former TNA Director Of Authority, Erik Watts.

[Erik Watts walks in. he looks at Bischoff and laughs.]

Vince: Oh since you are co-general managers. I though it would only be fair for Smack Down to have Co-Gms too. So Theodore Long is Smack Down’s Gm again with my son Shane McMahon. I think you will do fine. You have the same first names. All right I got work to do so see you two later.

[Vince leaves the room as Watts and Bischoff get into each other’s face.]

Erik W: Eric, I lay down the rules. The TNA Board Of Directors and Vince McMahon picked me because they know I am good, So if you don’t get in my way.

Eric B: Vince picked me to be Raw Gm from the start because I am awesome. I made Nitro beat Raw. 84 weeks in a row. So don’t get in my way.

Erik W: I know, You kiss peoples ass and give them easy matches or title matches. So I won’t let you do that.

Eric B: Well that was the old me. I don’t care about Triple H anymore.

Erik W: Good, from what I have seen in that arena a moment ago. Right Now I will do my first act as Gm and book a match for New Years Revolution. A fourteen man Royal Rumble match between Anti-TNA and The Apostles of TNA. Oh Yeah and next week on raw “The Macho Man” Randy Savage Vs ”Hollywood” Hulk Hogan for this.

[Erik Watts Opens a brief case and takes out a title. It’s the NWA World Title!!]

Erik W: That’s right. When Vince bought TNA off of NWA. He also bought the NWA World Title. NWA is using a NWA Universal title now. And since you are my co-gm you can pick the stipulation for the NWA title.
Eric B: Umm… How about Twenty Body Slam salute?

Erik W: What?

Eric B: Rules are simple. There is no time limit, No Count Out, No DQ, No Pin falls, No tap out. The only way to win is by doing a body slam, Twenty times.

Erik W: Ok, So now were settled.

[Watts is about to leave but Bischoff say.)

Eric B: Erik sit down on the couch and watch this match. It’s the Main Event, Edge Vs Daniel Puder.

Erik W: Fine.

[Erik sits on the couch. as the scene goes back to commercial break.]

Commercial Break

(Slam of the week: It shows Edge spearing Shelton Benjamin and winning the IC title. On Shelton’s Last night on raw.)

[Scene comes back and Daniel Puder is now waiting for Edge.]

Tony: The following contest is for one fall and is for the Intercontinental Championship, already in the ring, he is the challenger, Daniel Puder.

[Daniel Puder starts punching the air crowd booing as Edge’s Music Plays. Fans Cheer.]

Tony: And his opponent weighing in at 240 pounds from Toronto, Ontario, He is the Intercontinental Champion, Edge!!

[Edge walks onto the ramp with a mic. Crowd Cheers.]

Edge: So Daniel, You think your Tough Enough? You think your ready to be Intercontinental Champion?

[Daniel nods his head.]

Edge: Well, I want you to meet someone that’s tougher, Again.

[Daniel signals Edge to come. Suddenly a big man in a custom comes from behind him]

Edge: Oh, I am tougher then you. But I want you two meet my new friend. Just turn around.

[Daniel turns around the man picks up him up and delivers a modified tombstone. The man goes up to the top rope. Does a giant leap up in the air and big splash.]

JR: Oh my god. Who is that?

King: I don’t know?

[The man takes off his mask. It’s Justice Smith.]

King: I can’t believe it.

JR: A second person from the million dollar tough enough.

King: This isn’t Smack down

Intercontinental title.
Edge Vs Daniel Puder

[Justice slides out of the ring. Edge runs to the ring. Edge slides in the ring, stands in the corner. Bell rings. Daniel begins to get up. Edge goes for the spear but Daniel reverses it and puts Edge in a UFC type of hammerlock. Edge screams in pain. Justice stands on the apron. Ref looks at Justice. Edge taps but ref doesn’t see. Daniel let’s go. Stand up and punch’s Justice off the apron. Edge goes out side and gets a chair. He tries to bring it into the ring. But the ref won’t let him. Suddenly Justice gets in the ring with a chair and smash’s it over Daniel’s head. Justice slides out with the chair. Edge drops the chair. Edge goes for the pin. 1…2…kick out. Edge goes for another pin. 1…2…. Kick out. Edge gets mad and goes to the corner and waits for Daniel to get up. Daniel gets up. Edge spears Daniel. Edge raises his arms crowd cheers. Daniel gets up and goes behind Edge. He deliver a full nelson back suplex. Daniel goes for the pin 1…2…3. Daniel stands up and taunts the fans as everyone boos.]

Tony: And Here is your winner and new Intercontinental Champion, Daniel Puder.

[Suddenly Justice slides into the ring with IC title. Daniel having forgets about Justice. Justice comes behind him and hits him into the back of the head. Knocking him down. Fans Cheer. Edge slides into the ring. He pick up the IC title and gives it to Justice. Edge points at Justice. Edge picks up a mic.]

Edge: This title will be yours because I am going for a bigger title. The World title.

[Justice nods his head. Justice picks up the title and raises it like it’s his.]

King: What?

JR: We have a new IC champion Daniel Puder.

King: But I think he has a big contender.

JR: I do to. Well good night from me JR and Jerry Lawler.

[Justice lays the title on Daniel. Him and Edge stomp on Daniel. Justice and Daniel leave the ring as the camera looks at a bloody Daniel. As scene fades away and Raw Ends.]

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completely agree with them comments

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Thanks, I worked on it since friday. I just was wondering about the Puder vs Edge. I knew I was going to debut Justice.

Raw presents

New Years Revolution

Confirmed Matches

14 Man battle royal for number 30 at the Royal Rumble.
Anti-TNA and Apostles Of TNA

Triple Threat/Intercontinental title
Daniel Puder (c) Vs John Cena Vs Randy Orton

Raw Preview

As Erik Watts GM what is going to happen. The NWA title will be on the line Hogan vs Savage in a 20 body slam saulte match?. Also Triple H has a shot at getting a shot to the world title. But first he has to beat "The Rattle Snake" Stone Cold Steve Austin and Watts just ancounced that it will be a ladder match with a contract hanging. Can he do it? Find out more by tuning in next week.

Confirmed Match

NWA Title/ Twenty Body Slam Salute
"Macho Man" Randy Savage Vs "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan

World title shot/Ladder Match [New Years Revolution]
Triple H vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

World Tag Team title shot [ For the following week]
Death Squad Vs Outsiders

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Sorry Everyone, I don't have the time. So, can someone do Smackdown for me?

You will need to have Msn to Contact me. For PPVs and Idea help.


Anyone, I know it's a little late since tomorrow is Smack Down but Please Someone do it and the weeks after. I will still do Raw,Raw PPV and Raw's Part of Joint PPV. Royal Rumble will be by coin flip. By Me Via Webcam. The Winner of the coin flip decides who writes it. The person who wins it and picks the other person to write. Doesn't get to Pick the how the rumble goes. Rumble is Old Skool style.

*Spike Enters (0:01)
*Big Show enters (0:05)
*Spike's Eliminated (0:09)

Like that.

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Since No one is Writting SD here are Fast Result

Hardcore title/Leather Belt Death Match
Raven Vs Sabu
Winner: Raven Via Pinfall after Evenflow DDT

Ultimate X (WWE's First)
AJ Styles Vs Jeff Hardy

Winner: None/ Michael Shane debuted by Superkicking AJ Styles and Stealing the X Division title. Later that night New SD Co Gm Theodore Long Ancounced that. Next week it will be Michael Shane Vs AJ Styles for the Vacant X Divison title.

Team Canada Vs Team Mexico

Winner: Team Canada Won when Pete Wiliams Pinned Essa Rios after Canadian Destroyer

WGTT Vs Kash and Dallas

Winner: WGTT after Kid Kash Taps out to the Haas of Pain By Charlie Haas

The Miz Vs Big Show

Winner: Big Show after The F5

Shane Ancounce Next Week Undertaker Vs Kane

New Age Outlaw Vs 2LK

Winner: New Age Outlaw after Road Dogg did a Impact DDT and Pinned him.

Shawn Michaels Vs Goldberg

Winner: Goldberg, After Jackhammer
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