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Disclaimer: This is a fictional history based on the game Extreme Warfare Revenge and should not be miscontrued as actual wrestling news, information, rumors, or results. Any images, logos, banners, avatars used in this forum are copyrighted by the organization they come from.

Hey, first time poster/diary writer. I've read a few and liked a lot, and I've played EWR a bit, I started with 3.0 (yes I'm a n00b), and now I'm doing this diary with 4.0. I've been playing this certain simulation for a while, and I've saved most accounts of what happened. I'll try to update on a regular basis. But here's the main premise:

Back Story

Vince McMahon slowly looks through his past buyrates. He looks up at his writing staff and booking team.
Vince: What the hell is going on? We used to skyrocket through in buyrates, and now look at this! We can't even fill an arena! What the hell is going wrong?
Writers: Maybe we need more McMahons...
Stephanie: That could be it, daddy.
Vince: Damnit, I'm tired of this!
Alpha: Ahem... excuse me sir. Maybe if we changed the way we present our storylines...
Vince: What?
Stephanie: Don't listen to him daddy. He's just some whacked booker. I was going to fire him, but I must've forgotten. How about I just do it now?
Vince: Wait. I want to hear what he has to say.
Alpha: Sir, there is a problem. In a sense, that problem is you, and Steph, and Linda and Shane. There's too many McMahons on TV. We've got to reaccess our situation. You're running a split brand now, each that should have it's own style, each that should compete.
Vince: I don't want competition between my own writers!
Alpha: Sir, competition is what brings out the best in all of us.
Vince: You're right... So what should we do?
Alpha: First off sir, we've got to get rid of these split Pay Per Views. At least, temporarily. Why are there split Pay Per Views? We haven't given a reason. Let's start by fixing that up.
Vince: Done. What else?
Alpha: We've got to push rising stars. Even subtly if you want. If Triple H wants to stay on top, then let it be. But focus storylines around other wrestlers too. You'll be surprised on the results.
Vince: I'll give you a year to see if you can fix my company. If I begin to see failure within a month however... well then YOU'RE FIRED!
Alpha: Whoa... um.. thank you sir. I will not let you down!

A few days later...

Alpha: Mr. Shane McMahon. It's good to see you again. You're going to have to stop this angle with Kane. I need you to be the general manager of one more brand.
Shane: Another brand split?!
Alpha: Well technically not a seperate brand. You see, you are going to promote a more cruiserweight oriented show, with women's wrestling in it too.
Shane: Interesting...
Alpha: All wrestlers on Velocity can show up on all three shows, Raw, Smackdown or Velocity.
Shane: Three shows? We have four.
Alpha: Well, apparantly Velocity has been dropped.
Shane: What?
Alpha: I've decided that since Velocity got the shaft, we'll shift it to Sundays, and take out Heat. Heat sounds too... mundane.
Shane: All right.
Alpha: So... are you willing to do it?
Shane: Fine. But what about me and Kane? What happens to that angle?
Alpha: Well, since we've already got a reputation for dropping storylines out of nowhere, this will have to be one of those times.
Shane: I don't like it, but we'll see how this goes.

One more day later...

Vince: All right, it's time for you to start your little era.
Alpha: I won't let you down sir.
Vince: I hope not.
Alpha: Well sir. I'll be off to begin Raw.
Vince: Good. I'll see you in one month.
Alpha: One year sir. Trust me, you're company will be right back on track!

EDIT: I might update a bit faster at the start than later on, because my game is sort of ahead of my dynasty over here. But I'll try to keep them on a set schedule.
Also, I am running the WWE on easy. Yeah, I'm a wuss. I'll upgrade to medium eventually.
Replies are welcomed, so are questions. I'm doing this just cause I enjoy it. Nothing more. =D

September 1, 2003, WWE Raw live from Louisville, Kentucky
The ROCK returns to the WWE! Will The Rock challenge Triple H for the coveted Raw Heavyweight Championship?
Matches scheduled for this week's Raw:
Stevie Richards faces off against Tommy Dreamer.
Randy Orton and Batista will fight The Dudley Boyz.
Test takes on Goldust.
Booker T will put the Intercontinental title on the line against the psychotic Kane!
Watch as a new era of entertainment comes from the WWE! Every Monday 9/8 central, brought to you by Eric Bischoff and 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin!

Better Than You
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Everyone, this guy is a GREAT booker, his thread at .400 is fantastic and you'll love it, Everyone, this guy is like Wolf Beast, only that he has Backstorys and infomation, look out of this thread because it's the best.

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WWE News:
A new era begins and with it comes a changed roster.

Main Eventers
- The Rock

- Triple H
- Chris Jericho

Upper Midcarders
- Booker T

- None

- Bubba Ray Dudley
- D-Von Dudley
- Goldust
- Kevin Nash
- Scott Steiner
- Tommy Dreamer
- Val Venis

- Batista
- Christian
- Kane
- Randy Orton
- Renee Dupree
- Sylvan Grenier
- Test
- William Regal

Lower Midcarders
- Rosey

- Lance Storm
- Stevie Richards

- Stacy Keibler

- Ric Flair
- Theodore Long

- Steve Austin
- Shawn Michaels
- Al Snow

- Eric Bischoff

Main Eventers
- Kurt Angle
- Brock Lesnar

- None

Upper Midcarders
- Edge
- Undertaker

- Rhyno

- Chris Benoit
- Tajiri
- Billy Gunn
- Bradshaw
- Ron Simmons
- Zach Gowan

- Eddie Guerrero
- John Cena
- Big Show
- Sean O’Haire
- A-Train
- Chris Kanyon
- Charlie Haas
- Johnny Stamboli
- Nunzio
- Shelton Benjamin

Lower Midcarders
- Orlando Jordan

- Chuck Palumbo

- Torrie Wilson

- Dawn Marie
- Paul Heyman

- Stephanie McMahon
- Tazz

- Sable
- Vince McMahon

Main Eventers
- None

- None

Upper Midcarders
- Rey Mysterio

- None

- Billy Kidman
- Hurricane
- Lita
- Scotty 2 Hotty
- Trish Stratus
- Ultimo Dragon
- Maven

- Chavo Guerrero
- Rico
- Matt Hardy
- Molly Holly
- Shannon Moore
- Victoria

Lower Midcarders
- Funaki
- Spanky
- Spike Dudley

- Jamie Noble

- None

- Miss Jackie
- Nidia

- Shane McMahon

- None

Developmental Talent (Ohio Valley Wrestling)

- Black Dragon
- Carly Colon
- Chris Nowinski (Injured)
- Chris Sabin
- CM Punk
- Damien
- Doug Basham
- Elix Skipper
- Frank Shamrock
- Frankie Kazarian
- Garrison Cade
- Gillberg
- Harry Smith
- Horshu
- Insane Dragon
- Jay Briscoe
- John Hennigan
- Johnny Jeter
- Mark Briscoe
- Mark Jindrak
- Matt Cappotelli
- Matt Morgan
- Michael Shane
- Nick Dinsmore
- Nova
- Paul London
- Payne
- Quiet Storm
- Rob Conway
- Rodney Mack
- Seven
- Shark Boy
- Sonjay Dutt
- The Damaja (formerly Danny Basham)
- White Tiger
- Xavier

Raw Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
Raw Intercontinental Champion: Booker T
Raw Tag Team Champions: La Resistance (Sylvan Grenier & Renee Dupree)

Smackdown Heavyweight Champion: Kurt Angle
Smackdown United States Champion: Eddie Guerrero
Smackdown Tag Team Champions: The Best Damn Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin)

WWE (Velocity)
WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Rey Mysterio
WWE Women’s Champion: Molly Holly

Internet News:
After certain disputes, Bill Goldberg and the WWE have decided to part ways. We wish the best of luck on his future endevours.
Rikishi has also left our ranks, and we also wish him the best of luck.

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September 1, 2003 Monday RAW
Live from Louisville, Kentucky!

King: Well, JR, it looks like it's going to be an exciting night tonight!
JR: That's right King! The Rock is returning to Raw tonight!
King: Do you think Triple H feels endangered at all?
JR: I can bet my hat that Triple H is one worried hoss.
King: Speaking of which, here comes Stevie Richards with Victoria! Puppies!

Steven Richards w/ Victoria vs. Tommy Dreamer
Match Background: Stevie Richards and Tommy Dreamer are former ECW superstars. These two have had matches in the past, but this is their first in the new era of the WWE.

Dreamer and Stevie Richards open the night. Dreamer and Richards fight to the outside. Dreamer tries to piledrive Richards outside. Victoria stops him. Richards runs back into the ring as Dreamer follows. As Dreamer enters the ring, Victoria grabs his leg and Richards super kicks him!
Richards gets a near pin! Dreamer starts his offense again. Dreamer tries another piledriver, but Richards gets out and rolls Dreamer up and grabs the ropes!
1, 2, 3!
Stevie Richards runs out of the ring with Victoria!

Stevie Richards beat Tommy Dreamer via cheating.

Overall Rating 67%
Crowd Reaction 70%
Match Quality 62%

JR: That damn Stevie Richards. He grabbed the ropes!
King: Well, sometimes that's how you play the game.
JR: That's ridiculous King! Ah whatever. It look's like Evolution is backstage with something to say tonight.

Evolution’s Control
Evolution is shown backstage. Triple H, Batista, Randy Orton, and Ric Flair are laughing it up backstage and making jokes about The Rock.

Triple H: Can you believe it? That sellout Rock is back and look at all these sheep cheering him on.
Orton: I don’t get what’s so special about him. He’s got nothing compared to you Hunter.
Flair: That’s right, H. Don’t worry about that has-been. He’s nothing compared to, WHOOOO~! The Game, Triple H! Just rest tonight, champ. Evolution will keep everything under control.

Overall Rating 74%
Triple H lost 2 points of overness.

The Rock is back!
The Rock is backstage watching Evolution on his TV screen. He turns around and stares down the camera man.

The Rock: Who in the blue hell is that guy? Randy who? Well it doesn’t matter, cause that’s not who The Rock is after. The Rock is back and he wants what the people want. He wants that title off of ‘The Stale Game.’

Overall Rating 93%

JR: Batista and Randy Orton. Two amazing athletes. But will it be enough to defeat the sixteen time tag champs, the Dudley Boyz?
King: I bet it is JR! Look at Batista! He's a monster!
JR: He sure is!

Stylin' Profilin' (Batista & Orton) w/ Ric Flair vs. Dudley Boyz
Match Background: Batista and Orton are on the hunt for tag gold. Their first targets are the 16 time tag team champions, the Dudley Boyz! Batista and D-Von Dudley had a mini-feud while Batista was on Smackdown! many months ago.

Batista enters the ring first against D-Von. D-Von tries to launch an offense, but it’s no match for Batista. Batista tears D-Von apart before tagging in Randy Orton. A cocky Orton beats on D-Von and poses in the corner. D-Von uses this as his chance and slams Orton! D-Von tries to get to the ropes but Batista enters the ring and powerbombs him! Bubba enters the rings and the house is on fire as he tears up both Orton and Batista. Batista leaves the ring to recover while Bubba gets Orton ready for a WHASSUP~! D-Von goes to the top but Ric Flair knocks him down! Batista goes out to beat on Flair. Batista enters the ring and together with Orton hit the Space Mountain (Powerbomb backwords (e.g. Big Show’s old Final Cut) by Batista into an RKO from Orton)!
Orton gets the pin.
1, 2, 3!

Stylin’ Profilin’ beat Dudley Boyz due to Ric Flair’s interference.

Overall Rating 71%
Crowd Reaction 76%
Match Quality 61%

Stylin’ and Profilin’ to the top!
After their match, Ric Flair leads Stylin’ Profilin to the back.

Flair: What a showing tonight boys! Let’s show them what stylin’ and profilin’ is all about! We’re going to demolish the Raw tag division and get those belts around our waists, champs, WHOOOO~!

Overall Rating 88%

JR: I knew Ric Flair would get involved! That cheating son of a gun!
King: That's why he's he dirtiest player of them all!
JR: Well it looks like two great athletes are competing now, here comes Test!

Test vs. Goldust
Match Background: Both are former Intercontinental champions. This is their first match up in the new era of the WWE.

Test starts the offense on Goldust. Goldust is torn up in the corner before Test signals for the Big Boot. Big Boot attempt is failed as Goldust moves and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Goldust is now on the offensive as he beats down on Test. Goldust puts Test in the corner and gets ready to hit the Golden Globes! Test grabs the ref for protection and while the ref is not looking hits Goldust with brass knuckles! Test then rolls up Goldust.
1, 2, 3!
Test celebrates as he hides his brass knuckles!

Test beat Goldust via cheating.

Overall Rating 69%
Crowd Reaction 74%
Match Quality 58%
Test gained 1 point of overness.

JR: I can't believe the ref didn't see that!
King: See what?
JR: The brass knuckles!
King: What brass knuckles?!
JR: Ah forget about it King.

A legendary challenge
Evolution struts to the ring and get ready to gloat again.

Triple H: Rock, you are nothing to me. Go back to your little movies, go be the Scorpion Queen or whatever. You are nothing compared to The Game!

The Rock’s music hits as The Rock walks out onto the ramp.

The Rock: Hey Stale Game, The Rock says your time is up. The Rock admits that you are one hell of an opponent. Hell, you beat Bill Goldberg at Summerslam, the same man that beat The Rock at Backlash. So here’s what The Rock thinks. The Rock thinks that you, Stale Game, should put the title on the line tonight!

Triple H: Rock, I’ll tell you what. If you can defeat Ric Flair, tonight, then I’ll let you have your match against me.

The Rock: The Rock will take it as an honor to take on the legendary Ric Flair! But know this, The Rock will beat your candy ass, Flair!

Ric Flair is held back by Orton and Batista as The Rock leaves.

Overall Rating 89%

JR: It looks like we have The Rock versus Ric Flair tonight!
King: Great! Two icons in professional wrestling battling it out tonight on Raw! This is great JR!

La Resistance (Rene Dupree & Sylvan Grenier) vs. Genetic Freaks (Steiner & Venis) w/ Stacy Keibler
Raw Tag Team Championship Match
Match Background: Stacy Keibler has formed a new tag team consisting of Scott Steiner and Val Venis after leaving Test. This is their first match as a team, but due to the lack of tag teams on Raw, they have been given a title shot against La Resistance!

Steiner enters the ring against Grenier first. Steiner destroys Grenier and pummels him into the corner. Steiner puts him in a sleeper and Dupree grabs the referee’s attention. Low blow by Grenier! Grenier escapes the sleeper and stomps away on Steiner. He tags in Dupree who begins to slam Steiner around. Steiner comes back with a clothesline and tags in Venis! Venis starts beating up both Dupree and Grenier. He gets a near pin on Dupree but Grenier interferes! Steiner enters the ring and Grenier runs. Grenier begins to pick on Stacy and Steiner leaves to help her.
Venis almost gets another near fall on Dupree. Grenier hits Steiner with a chair before entering the ring and helping Dupree. Venis beats Grenier away and gets ready to hit the Money Shot on Dupree. Grenier now hits Venis with the chair! Venis falls and is rolled up!
1, 2, 3!
La Resistance grab their titles and celebrate their victory over the Genetic Freaks!

La Resistance beat Genetic Freaks via cheating.

Overall Rating 65%
Crowd Reaction 69%
Match Quality 57%

Booker T © vs. Kane
Raw Intercontinental Championship Match
Match Background: Booker T is defending his title against an unmasked, psychotic Kane!

Kane has the upper hand as he tosses Booker T around. Booker T continues to be destroyed and Kane is laughing maniacally! Kane pummels Booker T even more before posing for the crowds. Booker T takes this chance to hit Kane. Booker T starts his offense and it looks like Kane is ready to go down! The Bookend! It’s a near fall but Kane rises up, as a stunned Booker T looks at him.
Kane starts right back on his offensive and Booker T looks like he’s going to lose the belt! A chokeslam! It’s a near fall but Booker T barely makes it. An enraged Kane begins destroying the champion and leaves the ring. He comes back with a chair and smashes it into Booker T’s head! The referee calls for the bell!
Kane isn’t done yet as he keeps smashing Booker T!

Booker T beat Kane via DQ.

Overall Rating 76%
Crowd Reaction 82%
Match Quality 64%
The Raw Intercontinental Title has gained in image.

JR: Something has got to be done about that psycho Kane!
King: Kane reminds me of someone. I don't know, maybe my dentist.
JR: What?!

Flair’s rebuttal
Flair is backstage with a microphone.

Ric Flair: Rock, you’re going to beat my candy ass? My candy ass? Rock, you were eating baby food that wished it tasted like my candy ass when I was winning World titles! You’re going to be fighting the SIXTEEN time champion tonight, and you had better be on your toes because Ric Flair is going to beat the living hell out of you tonight! WHOOO~!

Overall Rating 87%

The Rock vs. Ric Flair (No outside interference allowed)
Match Background: The Rock is back and he wants a title shot against Triple H. Triple H issued that The Rock can only receive a title shot if he could beat Ric Flair tonight.

The Rock tries to shake hands with Flair but Flair doesn’t. Flair hits a cheap shot instead! Flair hits his patented chops but The Rock returns the favor! Flair rakes the eyes of The Rock and beats on him. The Rock is in trouble as Flair begins to work over The Rock’s knees! Flair puts The Rock in the Figure Four!
The Rock doesn’t tap and reverses the hold! Flair lets go and The Rock is back up. Spinebuster and then The People’s Elbow!
1, 2, 3!
The Rock extends a hand to Flair to help him up. Flair accepts it, but then holds on as Triple H runs in and hits The Rock from behind! Triple H spins him around and hits the Pedigree as the show goes off the air!

The Rock beat Ric Flair cleanly.

Overall Rating 82%
Crowd Reaction 93%
Match Quality 57%

Raw Overall Rating for the Night : 78%
We got a 6.04 rating for 'Raw'!
The attendance level was 7004 people.
We made $280160 from ticket sales.

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After a great showing of Raw, presented by Eric Bischoff and 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, it looks as though Stephanie McMahon is going to have to take a huge step forward to compete.

Stephanie McMahon presents Thursday Smackdown! Live from Norfolk, Virginia!
September 4th, 2003:

After being rammed face first into the windshield of a lowrider, Tajiri returns to return the favor to Eddie Guerrero! Will Eddie be able to keep the Smackdown! US Title or will he lose it to the returning Tajiri?
What does Chris Benoit have to say about his loss at Vengeance?

Scheduled matches for Thursday Smackdown! on September 4th:
Chris Kanyon takes Edge
Billy Gunn along with Torrie Wilson against Sean O'Haire.

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September 4, 2003 Thursday Smackdown!
Live from Norfolk, Virginia!

Tazz: Welcome folks to another episode of Smackdown!
Cole: Yes, Tazz, it looks like we're shaping up to be a great show tonight, with Vengeance over with, we'll have to see how the smoke will clear up.
Tazz: That's right, Cole. The Japanese Buzzsaw is back and it looks like Eddie is in for some trouble!
Cole: Here comes Edge for our first match tonight!

Chris Kanyon vs. Edge
Match Background: None. This is their first match against each other in the new WWE Age.

“Who Betta Than Kanyon?!” blares out as Chris Kanyon makes his way out to the ring. Edge is already waiting for him inside the squared circle. Kanyon offers a hand to shake and as Edge goes to accept it, Kanyon nails him with a right hand!
Kanyon continues assaulting Edge in the corner before hitting him with a vertical suplex. Edge is hurt. Kanyon continues his assault and plays to the crowd. He goes for the pin.
1.. 2.., Kanyon lifts Edge up. Kanyon laughs and hits a few right hands before going for another cover.
1..2.., Edge kicks out!
Edge slams his fists into Kanyon, trying to get the advantage. As soon as Kanyon is down, Edge climbs the top rope and nails a flying clothesline as Kanyon tries to get up. Edge continues the assault. He hits the Edgeocution and covers!
1..2.., Kanyon grabs the ropes!
Edge gets up and waits for Kanyon to get up. Kanyon rises, turns and see Edge ready to spear him. As Edge runs at him, Kanyon grabs the referee and pushes him into Edge’s way! The referee is down! Kanyon runs and grabs a chair! As Edge looks over the top rope to find Kanyon, Kanyon smacks Edge across the head with the chair! Edge is out!
Kanyon returns to the ring, and wakes up the referee. Kanyon grabs Edge and hits the Flatliner!
Kanyon looks at Edge once before he runs out of the ring.

Kanyon defeats Edge via cheating.

Overall Rating 81%
Crowd Reaction 75%
Match Quality 87%
Chris Kanyon gained 2 points of overness.

Poker or Gold?
Bradshaw and Simmons are sitting around playing poker.

Bradshaw: Why are we just sitting here? Where’s our gold?
Simmons: What are you talking about?
Bradshaw: Why do two so-called athletes hold a title that we should have?
Simmons: I don’t know. Hit me.
Bradshaw: We’re playing poker, not blackjack.
Simmons: Oh yeah… so gold huh? We should go for it.
Bradshaw: Yeah. Look at that, five aces!

The camera fades away.

Overall Rating 59%

Tazz: Ah.. Looks like the A.P.A. will be taking on the World's Greatest Tag Team tonight.
Cole: Correction there Tazz. The self proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team has decided to change their names to The Best Damn Tag Team.
Tazz: The Best Damn Tag Team?! Those cocky sons of-
Cole: Calm down Tazz. We'll be seeing how good they are tonight.

Orlando Jordan vs. John Cena
Match Background: Orlando Jordan debuted on Smackdown and his first match was against John Cena. He lost that match but was helped up by The Undertaker. This is the first time they’ve clashed in the new age.

A very quick squash match. Cena beat on Orlando before hitting a quick F-U for the win.

John Cena beat Orlando Jordan cleanly.

Overall Rating 63%
Crowd Reaction 66%
Match Quality 57%

The FBI are in need of gold…
The FBI are shown backstage.

Nunzio: We have to do something. Anything!
Chuck Palumbo: Like what?
Nunzio: We need something to look menacing.
Johnny Stamboli: What about some gold?
Nunzio: That’s what we need!
Chuck Palumbo: But which gold?
Nunzio: Um… I don’t know!

The camera fades away.

Overall Rating 65%

Tazz: Ha! Looks like the FBI are in it for the gold too!
Cole: Those three will never get anywhere!
Tazz: Watch yourself there, Cole. Nunzio is one hell of a fighter, not to mention those two thugs, Stamboli and Palumbo.
Cole: Well, let's just hope for the best then.
Tazz: Hey... whoa, here comes the Rabid Wolverine!

Benoit speaks out!
Chris Benoit is in the middle of the ring.

Chris Benoit: Rhyno! I don’t know why you turned on me, but I want a fair match against Eddie! I’ve worked my ass off to get to that title and I deserve a fair shot!

Eddie’s music hits and as Benoit stares up the ramp, Eddie comes from behind and hits him. The two brawl before security breaks them up.

Overall Rating 71%
Chris Benoit lost 2 points of overness.

Breaking the Ice
Stephanie McMahon comes out onto the ramp.

Stephanie McMahon: Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, two of my greatest competitors here on Smackdown! Yet, you two have some sort of hatred towards one another. Therefore, tonight, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, you two will team up to take on Big Show and A-Train to break the ice between you two.

Overall Rating 87%

Tazz: Yeah! Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, A-Train and Big Show in one ring! Tonight!
Cole: Going to be a hell of a main event tonight, Tazz!

Billy Gunn w/ Torrie Wilson vs. Sean O'Haire
Match Background: This is their first match against each other. Both are former Tag Champions. Gunn being a multiple time WWE tag team champion and O’Haire being a former WCW Tag Team champion.

O’Haire taunts Gunn for a bit before the two brawl. O’Haire gets the upper hand mid match and gets a near fall. Gunn tries to make a come back, but O’Haire chases Torrie and it’s enough of a distraction to get the upper hand again. O’Haire hits The Prophecy for the win.
After the match, O’Haire continues beating on Gunn before hitting another Prophecy.

Sean O’Haire defeated Billy Gunn cleanly.

Overall Rating 70%
Crowd Reaction 72%
Match Quality 66%

Tazz: That Sean O'Haire. An amazing athlete but he just creeps me out.
Cole: Yeah, he seems... evil.
Tazz: Evil? That's the best you could come up with?
Cole: Shut up Tazz.

Tajiri’s Warm Up
Tajiri is shown warming up backstage. His match against Eddie is next!

Overall Rating 65%

Eddie Guerrero © vs. Tajiri
Smackdown US Title Match
Match Background: The two were tag champions at one point, but Eddie turned on Tajiri after Tajiri touched Eddie’s lowrider. Tajiri was out for some time, but has returned to face Eddie for the Smackdown! US title.

Tajiri gets the upper hand early on in the match. Tajiri manages to put Eddie in the Tarantula but when he lets go, he accidently hits the referee. Eddie gets Tajiri with a low blow and rolls him up to get a near fall. Tajiri makes a come back and goes for a spring board back elbow, but Eddie pushes him out of the ring.
Eddie gets the upper hand outside and brings Tajiri back into the ring. Eddie gets another near fall. Tajiri tries to kick Eddie, but accidently hits the referee again! Eddie smashes Tajiri’s head in with the title belt and hits a Frog Splash for the win!
Eddie grabs his title and runs away through the crowd.

Eddie Guerrero defeated Tajiri via cheating.

Overall Rating 85%
Crowd Reaction 80%
Match Quality 90%
The Smackdown US title has gained in image.

Tazz: Unbelievable! A great, solid match displayed by those two!
Cole: Except that title shot by Eddie!
Tazz: You know Tajiri isn't going to be quitting now!
Cole: That's true!

The Best Damn Tag Team © (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) vs. A.P.A.
Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match
Match Background: The A.P.A. have challenged The Best Damn Tag Team for the Smackdown! Tag Team titles tonight. This will be their first match against each other.

Haas and Brashaw start the match off. Bradshaw has the upper hand for most of the match before tagging in Simmons. Haas manages to tag Benjamin and they double team Simmons. They get a near fall but Simmons manages to get away and tag in Bradshaw. House on fire as Bradshaw destroys both Haas and Benjamin.
Bradshaw gets a near fall on Benjamin but Haas breaks it up. Haas and Benjamin knock Simmons out of the ring and they hit the Best Damn Finish (Super kick into German Suplex) on Bradshaw for the win.
The Best Damn Tag team raise their belts and celebrate in the ring afterwards.

The Best Damn Tag Team beat the A.P.A. cleanly.

Overall Rating 63%
Crowd Reaction 70%
Match Quality 50%
The Smackdown Tag Team titles have gained in image.

Cole: Wow! What an amazing match!
Tazz: That Best Damn Finish was beautiful! Maybe the name fits the team.
Cole: Looks it.
Tazz: Uh oh... here comes the Pain!

A-Train and Big Show vs Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle
Match Background: Big Show has been fighting against the likes of Brock Lesnar for quite some time. Kurt Angle defeated Brock Lesnar and Big Show to win the Smackdown! Heavyweight Championship at Vengeance.

A-Train and Angle begin the match. A-Train overpowers Angle for most of the match until Lesnar gets into the ring. Lesnar manhandles A-Train and challenges Big Show out. Big Shows tags into the ring and the two giants clash. Lesnar tries to hit the F-5 but A-Train stops him. A-Train and Big Show double team Lesnar but Lesnar manages to overpower them and tag in Angle.
Angle hits an Angle Slam on Big Show and puts A-Train in an ankle lock. A-Train taps but he’s not the legal man. Big Show hits a chokeslam and gets a near pin. Angle manages to escape the grasps of Big Show and tries to tag in Lesnar, but Lesnar ignores him! Big Show grabs Angle and hits a Show Stopper! Big Show and A-Train win!
Lesnar enters the ring and beats on Angle before hitting a F-5! Show and A-Train both beat on Angle before leaving the ring. Lesnar stands above a bloodied Angle with the Smackdown Heavyweight Championship above his head.

Big Show and A-Train beat Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle via Brock’s turn.

Overall Rating 82%
Crowd Reaction 89%
Match Quality 66%
Kurt Angle lost 1 point of overness from this match.
A-Train gained 1 point of overness from this match.
Brock Lesnar's turn was completed, and he is now a heel.
Brock Lesnar gained 3 points of overness from this turn.

Cole: That monster Brock! Unbelievable!
Tazz: Looks like Angle's going to be feeling the pain!
Cole: I can't believe Brock just did that!
Tazz: Sometimes respect doesn't always equal friendship.
Cole: Well, guess we'll have to wait until next week to see Angle's reaction!
Tazz: This is Tazz and Michael Cole, good night folks!

Smackdown! Overall Rating for the Night : 70%
We got a 4.96 rating for 'Smackdown!'!
The attendance level was 7014 people.
We made $280560 from ticket sales.

Internet News from SomeWrestlingRumorSite.com
The following have been sent back to OVW:
Rob Conway, Mark Jindrak, Lance Cade, Rodney Mack, Orlando Jordan, Doug 'The Machine' Basham, The Damaja (Danny Basham).

It is being rumored that the WWE is trying to negotiate a new contract with none other than Jerry Lynn. Though it is still speculation, expect Jerry Lynn to show up on oncoming WWE events.

The WWE recently fired the likes of Shaniqua (Linda Miles), and Nathan Jones. This continual release of talent is said to be scaring people backstage. Though, it's probably assured that many fans are letting out a sigh of relief with these two gone.

Christopher Daniels was said to have denied a contract with the WWE. His Japanese commitments were probably the reason he denied them a contract.

It looks as though the WWE is planning to remove the Women's division, while pushing the Cruiserweight division. Though it hasn't been made official, be forewarned of this possibility.

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Shane McMahon presents to you something new from the WWE. Fast paced, action packed, cruiserweight wrestling brought to you by Sunday Velocity! Watch on Sunday, September 7th, live from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!:
Rey Mysterio defends his title against the former Cruiserweight champion, Jamie Noble!
This is the first and most anticipated WWE show you'll never want to miss!

Scheduled matches for Sunday Velocity on September 7th:
Hurricane and Spanky take on Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore.
Maven fights against the exotic Rico!
Molly Holly defends her women's title against a returning Lita.

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September 7, 2003 Sunday Velocity
Live from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

Snow: Hello folks welcome to our new version of WWE Velocity. I’m Al Snow.
Cornette: Hi, and I’m Jim Cornette, replacing Jonathan Coachman. It’s great to see history in the making, Al!
Snow: That’s right Jim. Heat is now gone and done with, and Velocity has been reshaped to bring you wrestling that has exactly what our show is called, velocity.
Cornette: Well, here comes your favorite super hero, Hurricane with his partner Spanky taking on the team of Mattitude, Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore!

Hurricane and Spanky vs. Mattitude (Matt Hardy ver. 1.0 & Shannon Moore)
Match Background: Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore have teamed up before. Shannon Moore was stable mate of Hurricane’s back in WCW. This is the first time Spanky and Hurricane have teamed. These two teams have never fought in the ring before.

Spanky and Hardy start off the match. Hardy gets the advantage early on and grows cocky. He misses a second rope leg drop and Spanky tags in Hurricane. Hurricane manages to take out both Hardy and Moore. Hardy tags in Moore. Moore falls out of the ring and Hurricane flies over the ropes to hit him. Moore is pushed back in the ring and Hardy sneak attacks Hurricane. Spanky tries to go for the save, but the referee stops him.
Hurricane is put back in the ring and Moore tries to hit a side effect but Hurricane counters it. Hurricane tries and hits a chokeslam. He gets a near pin.
Hurricane tags in Spanky. Spanky hits a Sliced Bread #2, but Hardy breaks up the count. Hurricane runs in but gets a Side Effect for his efforts. Moore tags in Hardy. Hardy beats on Spanky before hitting the Twist of Fate for the 1, 2, 3!
Hardy and Moore continue assaulting Spanky after the match.

Mattitude beat Hurricane and Spanky cleanly.

Overall Rating 80%
Crowd Reaction 78%
Match Quality 82%

Cornette: An interesting match to start the show, I’d say.
Snow: That’s one way of putting it.

A New Star
Shane McMahon is backstage in his office. Someone enters the room.

Person: Hi, I’m Paul London.
Shane: Paul London? What can I do for you Paul?
London: I’m looking for a job here in the WWE.
Shane: And you came here?
London: I hear you want to see cruiserweights battle it out.
Shane: I do.
London: Well, I’m the man you want.
Shane: Now are you? How about you prove yourself tonight?
London: Sure. I’ve got my gear ready to go.
Shane: Great! Your match is next, against Ultimo Dragon. If you beat him, you get a spot on my roster. If you can’t… well then I’ll decide based on your match.
London: It’s on! Thank you sir!
Shane: By the way, how did you get past security?
London: What security?
Shane: Never mind…

Overall Rating 75%

Cornette: Paul London? Who the hell is Paul London?
Snow: You can’t tell me you’ve never heard of this guy. He’s been rated as one of the best wrestlers outside the WWE.
Cornette: Well, he better be, because he’s facing Ultimo Dragon right now.

Paul London vs. Ultimo Dragon
Match Background: Paul London just asked Shane McMahon for a job. The only way he can get a spot on the Velocity roster is for him to defeat Ultimo Dragon tonight. Paul London was in OVW for a bit of time before now. This would be their first match together on Velocity.

Ultimo and London start off slowly. The two try to figure each other’s style out. Ultimo finally gets the upper hand and starts hitting a few spots. After a tornado DDT, Ultimo goes for a quick pin but fails.
London recovers and hits a drop kick. He flies off the turnbuckles with ease and hits a flying clothesline. The two continue battling back and forth. Ultimo tries to put on the Dragon Sleeper, but London escapes. London hits a northern lights suplex then heads to the top rope. He signals to the crowd before hitting the London Calling (Shooting Star Press)! He covers for the 1, 2, 3!
London offers his hand to help Ultimo up. Ultimo accepts and after getting up, raises London’s arm high into the air.

Paul London beat Ultimo Dragon cleanly.

Overall Rating 74%
Crowd Reaction 57%
Match Quality 92%

Snow: An amazing match!
Cornette: The crowd has never seen London, so I’m sure that’s why they were quiet for some time. But wow! After this match, London surely will be a household name!

A Returning Star
Rey Mysterio is in the ring with a microphone in hand. Before he can talk, Mattitude enter the ring and taunt Mysterio.

Hardy: Hey there, Rey. You think that belt looks good around your waist?
Moore: He looks like a little kid!
Mysterio: Look who’s talking el blanco nino!
Hardy: Watch your mouth Mysterio!

Chavo Guerrero’s music hits and a returning Chavo enters the ring.

Chavo: Hey, what do you think you’re doing?

Chavo steps beside Mysterio.

Chavo: Hey, how about you and me take these gringos out?
Mysterio: All right!

Mysterio moves forward and Chavo smashes him from behind! Hardy and Moore look confused for a bit then help Chavo beat on Mysterio.

Overall Rating 77%
Chavo Guerrero's turn was completed, and he is now a heel.
Chavo Guerrero gained 5 points of overness from this turn.

Cornette: Looks like Chavo is back in action.
Snow: Yeah, after that tricep tear he had, it looks like he’s been shipped to Velocity. Doesn’t seem to happy about it either.
Cornette: But taking it out on Rey is uncalled for!

Gail Kim vs. Victoria
Match Background: Gail Kim recently debuted on Raw. These two have just now met for the first time on Velocity.

Victoria starts off with the advantage. She tears apart Gail in the corner before playing to the crowd. Gail tries to hit a hurricarana but gets a powerbomb for her troubles. Victoria continues the assault before hitting the Widow’s Peak for a quick win. Victoria climbs the turnbuckles and celebrates psychotically.

Overall Rating 62%
Crowd Reaction 66%
Match Quality 56%

Victoria beat Gail Kim cleanly.

Maven vs. Rico w/ Miss Jackie
Match Background: Both Maven and Rico have been rarely shown on Raw. They have battled it out before in the past.

Maven tries to fight Rico but Rico stops him. Rico continues to prance around the ring and tries to smack Maven’s butt. Maven gets angered and tears into Rico. Rico manages to fight back and plays to the crowd a bit. Maven takes this chance to get the upper hand. He hits a dropkick and goes for the pin but Miss Jackie steps onto the apron and flashes Maven! Rico quickly rolls Maven up for the pin!
Rico and Miss Jackie do a little celebration show as Maven leaves the ring, disgusted.

Rico beat Maven via interference from Miss Jackie.

Overall Rating 66%
Crowd Reaction 68%
Match Quality 64%

Snow: All I can say is, is that Rico is one weird man.
Cornette: Yeah but that Miss Jackie… whew, she’s something else!

Molly Holly © vs. Lita
WWE Women’s Championship Match
Match Background: Lita healed faster than expected and she is taking on the reigning Women’s champion, Molly Holly on her return match.

Molly Holly destroys Lita from the start. Lita makes a come back but is quickly destroyed again. Molly plays to the crowd and beats on Lita. Lita hits a Lita-currana and tries hit a moonsault but misses. Molly Holly grabs Lita and hits a Molly Go Round!
1, 2, 3! It’s over!
Lita leaves the ring but Molly follows her and smashes her with a chair before leaving!

Molly Holly beat Lita cleanly.

Overall Rating 68%
Crowd Reaction 75%
Match Quality 52%
Molly Holly gained 2 points of overness from this match.
The WWE Womens title has gained in image.

Cornette: Looks like Lita just got destroyed in her first match back.
Snow: Where are the EMTs? Somebody has got to get out here and help Lita out!

Rey Mysterio © vs. Jamie Noble w/ Nidia
WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match
Match Background: Rey Mysterio has been the reigning Cruiserweight champion for quite some time now. Jamie Noble and Rey Mysterio have clashed before on Smackdown! Jamie Noble is a former Cruiserweight champion.

Noble gets the upper hand early on. Noble tries to get a quick pin with a roll up but fails. Mysterio comes back and hits a few high flying moves. Noble makes a comeback and destroys Mysterio. He tries to get Mysterio to submit but fails.
Mysterio slowly comes back and almost gets a near fall after a moonsault. Mysterio goes up again but Noble brings him back down hard. Noble goes for a powerbomb but Mysterio back body drops him. Mysterio gets Noble in the 6-1-9 position. Mysterio swing around and hits the 6-1-9!
Mysterio goes up top, and as Noble gets up, Mysterio hits the West Coast Pop for the win!
Chavo Guerrero runs out and smashes Mysterio a bit and hits the Brainbuster then leaves.

Rey Mysterio beat Jamie Noble cleanly.

Overall Rating 75%
Crowd Reaction 76%
Match Quality 74%
The WWE Cruiserweight title has gained in image.

Cornette: Chavo expressing his anger yet again.
Snow: Yep. Well folks, it looks like it’s time to end our first new episode of Velocity. We’ll be sure to see you next week with even more high paced action.
Cornette: This was Jim Cornette and Al Snow announcing for Velocity. See you next week.

Velocity Overall Rating for the Night : 72%
We got a 2.70 rating for 'Velocity'!
The attendance level was 7544 people.
We made $301760 from ticket sales.

September 8, 2003, WWE Raw live from Wheeling, West Virginia
After defeating Ric Flair, The Rock now has a chance to take on Triple H! Will he be able to defeat the Game to win the WWE Raw Heavyweight Championship, or will Evolution pass him by?
Matches scheduled for this week's Raw:
Test takes on Tommy Dreamer.
William Regal takes on the Super Hero In Training, Rosey.
Stylin' Profilin' take on the Dudley Boyz in a rematch from last week.
One half of the Raw Tag Team Champions, Rene Dupree, takes on Val Venis.
Watch as a new era of entertainment comes from the WWE! Every Monday 9/8 central, brought to you by Eric Bischoff and 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin!

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September 8, 2003 Monday RAW
Live from Wheeling, West Virginia!

JR: Welcome back to another episode of Monday Night Raw!
King: It's good to be back, JR!
JR: What a show we have tonight, folks! Tonight, The Rock takes on Triple H for the Raw Heavyweight title!
King: I can't wait!
JR: But first, our first match of the night, Tommy Dreamer takes on Test!

Test vs. Tommy Dreamer
Match Background: After Test leveled Goldust last week, he’s been gloating about it. Test believes that he’s unbeatable and Dreamer comes out to try and teach Test a thing or two.

Test starts off the match and pounds on Dreamer. Dreamer tries to come back but is put right back down. Test plays to the crowd as Dreamer gets back up. Dreamer dodges a Big Boot and starts hammering on Test. The crowd rallies behind Dreamer.
Test begins to return the favor and hits a running powerslam. It’s a near pinfall, but Dreamer makes it. Dreamer hits a death valley driver. Another near fall. The two are evenly matched, and as Test tries another Big Boot, Dreamer dodges and turns Test around before hitting the Dreamer Driver!
1, 2, 3!
Dreamer offers a hand in friendship and Test accepts. Test plays to the crowd before kicking Dreamer and hitting a Roll of the Dice!

Tommy Dreamer beat Test cleanly.

Overall Rating 65%
Crowd Reaction 65%
Match Quality 66%

JR: That no good Test!
King: Ha! Beautifully done! Test is ingenius!
JR: Unbelievable.

The Leader Cometh
A limo pulls outside the arena. From inside, out comes the WWE Raw Heavyweight champion, Triple H. He looks around before walking into the arena.

Overall Rating 77%

JR: Looks like Triple H is here.
King: Yeah. He didn't look too happy either.

Stylin’ Profilin’ All The Way
Ric Flair is with Stylin’ Proflin’.

Flair: WHOO~! We’re Stylin’ Proflin’ our way to the top boys! Those current undeserving French nobodies don’t deserve such gold!
Orton: You’re right Flair.
Flair: Those belts are as good as yours! WHOO~!
Batista: Everyone better watch out.
Orton: Cause Orton and Batista are Stylin’ Profilin’ their way through the tag division!

Overall Rating 86%

William Regal vs. Rosey
Match Background: These two have yet to meet in the ring for the new WWE Era.

Rosey dominates the match early on and almost gets a near fall. Regal hits a legsweep and the match is in his favor. Regal keeps Rosey on the mat and applies various submission holds, but Rosey does not tap out! Rosey gets Regal off of him and hits a powerbomb. A near fall but Regal gets up.
Regal pulls something from his tights and he tries to hit Rosey with it. Rosey ducks and hits a Samoan Splash!
1, 2, 3!

Rosey beat William Regal cleanly.

Overall Rating 66%
Crowd Reaction 65%
Match Quality 67%
Rosey gained 2 points of overness from this match.

JR: I wonder where Rosey is going to go without Hurricane...
King: Where is Hurricane anyway?
JR: He's moved to Velocity. I wonder if the Super Hero In Training, Rosey can become a Super Hero without Hurricane.

The Highlight Reel
Chris Jericho comes to the ring and begins The Highlight Reel!

Jericho: The Highlight Reel was pre-empted last week and I am NOT happy about that! And I promise all of you Jerichoholics out there that it will never ever happen again! So now that we’re done with the introductions, I’d like to introduce tonight’s guest, The Rock!

The Rock’s music blares out and The Rock comes into ring side and sits on a stool.

Jericho: Hello Rock!
Rock: Hey Jericho.
Jericho: It’s been a while since we’ve met. You’ve been in Hollywood for a while. Lots of people called you a sellout.
Rock: First and foremost, Jericho, The Rock is not a sell out. The Rock is and always will be The People’s Champion. That’s why The Rock has returned to the WWE!
Jericho: That’s interesting… And that’s why you’ve gone and challenged Triple H?
Rock: That’s right Jericho. The Rock is tired of seeing Triple H on TV. Triple H is always hogging the spotlight. It’s time for a change, and The Rock is going to do it.
Jericho: Well, that’s kind of funny cause our next guest is none other than Triple H!

The Rock raises an eyebrow as Triple H comes down to ringside. Triple H enters the ring and the two stare each other down.

Triple H: Rock, you may have sold out, but I busted my ass for this title and I deserve it.
Rock: Busted your ass? Here’s what The Rock thinks. The Rock thinks getting the title handed to you is not busting your ass. The Rock kicking your candy ass for the Raw Heavyweight championship, tonight; now THAT is busting your ass Triple H!

Triple H smashes The Rock with his belt and hits the Pedigree before leaving the ring. Jericho watches with a smile on his face.

Overall Rating 91%

JR: That damn Jericho! I wonder if The Rock will be able to recover before the main event.
King: Probably not! Triple H sure showed The Rock!

The WWE Raw Intercontinental Champion, Booker T enters the ring. He grabs a mic, but before he can say anything, someone from the crowd runs into the ring and blasts Booker T with a chair! It’s none other than... Raven! Raven hits the Raven Effect DDT before leaving the ring with the belt!

Overall Rating 85%

King: Whoa!
JR: What the hell? Raven was last seen before the Royal Rumble last year!
King: Looks like Booker T just lost his title!
JR: I'm guessing there's no Intercontinental title on the line tonight! I want to know what Raven is doing back in the WWE!

Stylin' Profilin' w/ Ric Flair vs. Dudley Boyz
Match Background: The Dudleyz have demanded a rematch from last week. They are angered by Flair’s interference last time and want a fair match!

Batista starts off with D-Von. Batista takes the upper hand and pounds away on D-Von. He brings him to the corner and Orton helps double team D-Von. Bubba tries to get involved but the referee stops him. The double teaming continues and Bubba pushes the referee and pounds away at Orton. Both Orton and Bubba are forced back to their respective corners.
Batista hits a powerbomb and goes for the cover. It’s a near fall but D-Von manages to get up. Batista continues to pound on D-Von, but D-Von manages to tag in Bubba. Bubba takes control of the match and beats both Batista and Orton up. Bubba hits the Bubba Bomb on Batista and goes for the pin but the referee is distracted by Ric Flair! Bubba yells at the referee and turn around into a RKO! Batista barely covers Bubba.
It’s a near fall but D-Von makes the save! Orton and D-Von fight outside the ring and Batista gets Bubba ready for a Sit-out powerbomb! Bubba lowblows Batista and hits a powerbomb of his own! The referee goes for the count but Flair gets in the way again!
Orton smashes D-Von with a chair and as the referee and Flair argue, Orton hits Bubba! Batista gets the cover!
1, 2, 3!
Orton continues to smash both D-Von and Bubba with the chair and Batista hits a Sit-out powerbomb onto the chair with D-Von! The Dudley Boyz are left lying in pain.

Stylin’ Profilin’ beat the Dudley Boyz due to Ric Flair’s interference.

Overall Rating 76%
Crowd Reaction 79%
Match Quality 72%

JR: Damnit! That's the second time in a row that Ric Flair helped defeat the Dudley Boyz!
King: Ha! The dirtiest player of them all!

Rene Dupree vs. Val Venis w/ Stacy Keibler
Match Background: Rene Dupree is one half of the reigning tag champions of Raw. Last week, La Resistance defeated the Genetic Freaks by cheating. This week, Venis has challenged Dupree to a singles match.

Venis starts with the upper hand and hits a few chops in the corner. Dupree reverses a clothesline attempt and hits a back suplex! Dupree taunts Venis and the crowd before beating down on him. He goes for an early pin but Venis easily get his shoulder up. Dupree continues his offense but Venis manages to get the upper hand. Venis beats on Dupree and slams him down in the middle of the ring! Venis goes up top, ready to hit the Money Shot, but Dupree pushes the referee into the ropes! Venis falls and gets lowblowed by the corner post. Dupree runs and hits a belly-to-belly off the top rope before rolling him up and pinning him while pulling the tights!
1, 2, 3!
Dupree runs out but before he does, he gives Stacy a huge kiss! Dupree high tails it out of the arena!

Rene Dupree beat Val Venis via cheating.

Overall Rating 72%
Crowd Reaction 71%
Match Quality 73%

King: Wow! I wish I were Rene! He got to kiss Stacy!
JR: Settle down King. Rene is a pretty brave man to have done what he just did.
King: So what? Kissing Stacy!

An Angry Rock
The Rock is backstage with Terri Runnels. He takes the mic and stares directly into the camera.

Rock: Triple H! The Rock is going to whup your candy ass for what you did during the Highlight Reel. The Rock promises this; the People’s Champion is going to be the Raw Heavyweight Champion before the night is over!

Overall Rating 93%

An Evolutionary Plan
Triple H is backstage looking worried.

Triple H: Damn it, Flair! I can’t lose the title!
Flair: Don’t worry about it champ!
Triple H: What do you mean, don’t worry about it? I’m fighting The Rock!
Flair: Trust me, H. You are the Game. You are the Man! WHOO~! I’ve got a plan, H. Now don’t worry about a thing!

Overall Rating 80%

Triple H © w/ Ric Flair vs. The Rock
Raw Heavyweight Championship match
Match Background: Ever since The Rock returned to Raw, he has been fighting with Triple H for the Heavyweight title. Last week, he defeated Ric Flair and received his chance at fighting Triple H tonight.

The Rock and Triple H go at it! Triple H gets the upper hand after raking the eyes of The Rock! Triple H goes for an early pin but The Rock gets up. The Rock hits a ton of right hands before hitting a DDT! The Rock continues pummeling Triple H in the corner. Triple H gets the advantage after lowblowing The Rock! Triple H tries for a Pedigree but The Rock counters it into a back body drop! The Rock pulls Triple H and after tossing him against the ropes, hits the spinebuster! He readies himself to do The People’s Elbow but someone comes out from the crowds!
It’s Batista! Batista runs in and starts brawling with The Rock! The referee has no choice but to call this match a DQ! Triple H gets up and starts helping Batista! Batista hits a Sit-out powerbomb on The Rock! Triple H pulls The Rock up and hits the Pedigree! Triple H laughs at The Rock as the show goes off the air!

The Rock beat Triple H via DQ due to Batista.

Overall Rating 92%
Crowd Reaction 100%
Match Quality 75%
The Raw Heavyweight title has gained in image.

Raw Overall Rating for the Night : 80%
We got a 5.92 rating for 'Raw'!
The attendance level was 7541 people.
We made $301640 from ticket sales.

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Thursday Smackdown! Live from Providence, Rhode Island! September 11th, 2003:
The self proclaimed Best Damn Tag Team takes on the team of Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman. These two met before on Vengeance, and The Best Damn Tag Team narrowly kept the Smackdown! Tag Titles. Will Mysterio and Kidman be able to defeat The Best Damn Tag Team on Thursday?
Chris Benoit takes on Eddie Guerrero for the Smackdown! United States Title.

Other scheduled matches for Thursday Smackdown! on September 11th:
Billy Gunn takes on the man-beast, Rhyno.
The A.P.A. take on Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli of the F.B.I.
Zach Gowan takes on the evil Sean O'Haire.

Internet News from SomeWrestlingRumorSite.com
It has been reported that Evolution may add another member to it's ranks. Past rumors have pointed towards Mark Jindrak, but with Jindrak going back to OVW, it's hard to say who will be joining Evolution.

The recent debut of Raven shocked wrestlers backstage. They were not told of his debut, and some thought Raven appearing was a shoot. Raven is expected to feud with Booker T for the next few months.

Jeff Hardy appeared on 'Off The Record' and explained his actions in the WWE. He further went on to say that his dreams are still with music and someday may want to return to the WWE.

Many WWE bookers and writers went to Nashville on Wednesday to see NWA:TNA. Whether they were there to scout for wrestlers or watch for storylines is uncertain.

As of now, the WWE has planned to make Raw a more storyline driven show featuring older stars, while Smackdown! is expected to be more wrestling oriented featuring newer, break-out stars. Velocity is not expected to have any storylines.

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September 11, 2003 Thursday Smackdown!
Live from Providence, Rhode Island

Tazz: Welcome back folks to another episode of Smackdown!
Cole: That's right Tazz, we're here live from Providence, Rhode Island!
Tazz: Well Cole, looks like our first match pits Billy Gunn against the man beast Rhyno! Man... look at Torrie! Whoo!

Billy Gunn w/ Torrie Wilson vs. Rhyno
Match Background: Billy Gunn returned from his injury and has been Torrie Wilson for a bit. Rhyno and Gunn have yet to meet.

Gunn tries to get the upper hand at the start of the match, but Rhyno’s strength is too much. Rhyno dismantles Gunn before giving Torrie a murderous stare. Gunn makes a comeback and almost gets a near pinfall. An enraged Rhyno Gores Gunn and doesn’t pin him! Rhyno waits for Gunn to get up, and hits another Gore! He gets ready to hit a third Gore, but Benoit comes out and smashes Rhyno in the back with a chair while the referee isn’t watching.
Gunn manages to get up and rolls up a disoriented Rhyno!
1, 2, 3!
Gunn wins and rolls out of the ring. Benoit enters and smashes Rhyno a few more times with the chair and puts Rhyno in the Crossface! Referees and road agents run out and manage to pull Benoit off of Rhyno.

Billy Gunn beat Rhyno via interference from Chris Benoit.

Overall Rating 71%
Crowd Reaction 73%
Match Quality 68%
Billy Gunn gained 1 point of overness from this match.

A Little Shamrock
Stephanie McMahon walks out into the ring.

Stephanie: There is someone here that I would like to announce as my newest signing. He’s been here before, and now he’s back. I’d like to introduce… Ken Shamrock!

Ken Sharmock walks out to his old music. He enters the ring with a smile and shakes hands with Stephanie.

Shamrock: It’s good to be back in the WWE, Steph!
Stephanie: It’s good to have you back, Ken!

Overall Rating 84%

Tazz: Ken Shamrock! Who would've thunk it, Cole?
Cole: Not me, that's for sure! I can't wait to see him in action!
Tazz: I bet you can't!

Eddie Guerrero is backstage.

Eddie: Hey man, Tajiri, I didn’t mean to do what I did, man. My Mamacita is more important than some foreigner. Foreigners shouldn’t be around messing with my lowrider. It’s not right man. It was either you or my Mamacita, and my Mamacita was more important, bato.

Overall Rating 93%
Eddie Guerrero gained 3 points of overness from this segment.

Tazz: Man that Eddie Guerrero. He's one loco guy, messin with Tajiri like that.
Cole: Yeah, but he should be concentrating on his match against Benoit tonight!

A.P.A. vs. FBI (Palumbo and Stamboli) w/ Nunzio
Match Background: The FBI are in search of gold. Last week, the A.P.A. failed at beating the current Smackdown! Tag Champions, The Best Damn Tag Team. This week, the FBI have challenged the A.P.A. to a match.

Simmons starts the match against Stamboli. Stamboli gets the upper hand in a test of strength and destroys Simmons for a bit. He tags in Palumbo. Palumbo tries a Jungle Kick, but misses and Simmons hits a huge spinebuster! Simmons manages to tag in Bradshaw who cleans house. He destroys both Stamboli and Palumbo. Bradshaw readies to hit a Clothesline from Hell but Nunzio grabs his foot.
Bradshaw kicks Nunzio away and runs into a Jungle Kick from Palumbo! Simmons runs in to break up the count. After a bit of brawling, Bradshaw tags in Simmons and Palumbo tags in Stamboli.
Stamboli falls as Simmons takes him down. Simmons hits a spinebuster but in the process hits the referee. Nunzio goes to the top and hits a Sicilian Slice on Simmons! Stamboli gets up and hits the Fugettabout It!
1, 2, 3!
Stamboli and Palumbo lift Nunzio above their shoulders and celebrate as he A.P.A. walk back up the ramp.

The FBI beat The A.P.A. via interference from Nunzio.

Overall Rating 62%
Crowd Reaction 69%
Match Quality 46%

Tazz: The FBI showing their strength in numbers here tonight!
Cole: They'll get what's coming to them! The A.P.A. will definitely want a rematch!

Large Meeting
A-Train is backstage, when Big Show walks up to him.

Big Show: Hey man, what’s up Train.
A-Train: Hey.
Big Show: I was thinking of changing my name back to The Giant. What do you think?
A-Train: Sounds good.
Giant: All right then. Oh yeah… and I was thinking. Maybe you and I can form a tag team. I think we’d be one hell of a team. The unstoppable A-Train meets the immovable Giant.
A-Train: Sounds great… but we’d need a name for our team.
Giant: Yeah… we’ll have to think about that.

Overall Rating 70%

Tazz: Can you image it Cole? The immovable Giant and the unstoppable A-Train! Man, I can't wait to see them pummel their opponents!
Cole: You've got a sick sense of humor Tazz.

Zach Gowan vs. Sean O'Haire
Match Background: These two have never met. Sean O’Haire has been dominating cruiserweights on Velocity.

O’Haire easily gets the upper hand and pounds away on Gowan. Gowan has no chance as O’Haire continues the punishment. O’Haire hits The Prophecy for the quick squash win.
After the match, O’Haire goes outside, grabs a chair and enters the ring again. Gowan gets up and gets smashed by the chair! O’Haire hits him with the chair several more times. O’Haire leaves with a huge grin on his face, as Gowan is left in the middle of the ring in a puddle of his own blood.

Sean O'Haire beat Zach Gowan cleanly.

Overall Rating 70%
Crowd Reaction 75%
Match Quality 61%

Cole: Good lord! We need an EMT crew here now!
Tazz: Man... Zach looks dead. Sean O'Haire is one sadistic man.
Cole: I don't think Zach is moving!

Wrecking Crew (A-Train & Giant) w/ Paul Heyman vs. Edge and Orlando Jordan

Edge starts the match off against Paul ‘The Giant’ White. Giant easily overpowers Edge and slams him around a bit. He tags in A-Train. A-Train hits a nice vertical suplex and stomps on Edge. A-Train sends Edge to the ropes. Edge ducks A-Trains bicycle kick and hits a flying shoulder tackle on his way back! Edge tags in Jordan!
Jordan hits a suplex on A-Train. He’s full of energy. Jordan hits a swinging neckbreaker but A-Train gets right up and hits a clothesline before tagging in the Giant. Giant smashes Jordan around and goes for the pin. Jordan gets up at two!
A-Train comes into the ring and knocks Edge off the apron! A-Train hits the Derailer and Giant jumps off the second rope onto Jordan (double team finish called Last Stop)! Giant covers Jordan.
1, 2, 3!
Edge enters the ring a bit late and gets a Last Stop for his troubles! The Wrecking Crew beat on Jordan and Edge a bit more before leaving.

The Wrecking Crew beat Edge and Orlando Jordan cleanly.

Overall Rating 66%
Crowd Reaction 69%
Match Quality 61%

Cole: Man I hope Zach is all right.
Tazz: Zach? Jeezus, I hope Edge and Orlando over there are all right. The Wrecking Crew just mowed them down!

Olympic Hero
Kurt Angle is backstage and he is more than just unhappy.

Angle: Last week Brock, you stabbed me in the back like a coward! You won’t get a title shot that easily! I’m not going to give a title shot to some coward! So tonight, your Olympic Gold Medalist and SmackDown! Heavyweight Champion is going up against anyone else but you, Brock!

Overall Rating 91%

The Best Damn Tag Team © vs. Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman
Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match
Match Background: These two teams went at it on Vengeance. The Best Damn Tag Team defeated Kidman and Mysterio to retain the Tag titles.

Mysterio takes on Benjamin. Benjamin hits a huge spinebuster and tags in Haas. Mysterio hits a flying neckbreaker on Haas and gets a two count. Haas hits a northern lights suplex and tags in Benjamin. The Best Damn Tag team whip Mysterio into the ropes and hit a double clothesline. Benjamin goes for the pin but Mysterio barely gets his shoulder up.
Benjamin tries to slam Mysterio, but Mysterio slides away and tags in Kidman. Kidman takes Benjamin down and hits a flying clothesline on Haas. Kidman gets a hurricarana on Benjamin. Kidman goes up top to try and hit the Shooting Star Press. Benjamin runs up and hits a huge belly to belly suplex off the top rope. Benjamin tags in Haas. The two hit the Best Damn Finish! Rey tries to help but gets destroyed by Benjamin.
Haas covers Kidman for the 1, 2, 3!
Benjamin and Haas raise their titles above their heads and celebrate their win!

The Best Damn Tag Team beat Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman cleanly.

Overall Rating 82%
Crowd Reaction 74%
Match Quality 91%
The Smackdown Tag Team titles have gained in image.

Tazz: Another amazing match by these four men!
Cole: Yes, great psychology in that match.
Tazz: Man, The Best Damn Tag Team looks like they're living up to their name!

Eddie Guerrero © vs. Chris Benoit
Smackdown US Championship Match
Match Background: Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero were both the finalists for the US title. Eddie managed to win the belt and Vengeance when Rhyno interfered and Gored Chris Benoit. Benoit is now getting a rematch.

Eddie and Benoit go at it for a bit. Benoit gets Eddie on the mat and tries a few submission maneuvers. Eddie reverses them and tries to get Benoit in the El Lasso Paso. Benoit escapes and slams Eddie down. Benoit goes for a flying headbutt but misses. Eddie capitalizes and goes for a Frog Splash. Eddie jumps and rolls as he sees Benoit move. Benoit chops Eddie into the corner. Eddie returns the favor. Eddie irish whips Benoit who hits the referee. The referee goes down and in comes Rhyno!
Benoit turns and gets Gored! Eddie goes up top and hits the Frog Splash! The referee makes the slow three count and it’s over!
Rhyno and Eddie begin to stomp away on Benoit when Tajiri’s music hits! Tajiri runs into the ring with a chair, and Rhyno and Eddie bail!

Eddie Guerrero beat Chris Benoit via interference from Rhyno.

Overall Rating 83%
Crowd Reaction 83%
Match Quality 84%
The Smackdown US title has gained in image.

Cole: Damn that Rhyno! That's the second time he's screwed Benoit!
Tazz: Man, Benoit is someone you do not want to mess with like that!
Cole: I wonder if Rhyno knows what he's getting into...

Kurt Angle © vs. Chris Kanyon
Smackdown Heavyweight Championship Match

Kanyon ambushes Angle as he enters the ring. Kanyon has the upper hand and tries to get a quick pin but fails. Angle maneuvers his way around and hits three german suplexes in a row. Angle locks in the Ankle lock but Kanyon makes it to the ropes. Kanyon tries to lock in a submission of his own but Angle escapes and hits an Angle slam! He covers!
1, 2, 3!
Angle gets his belt and as he turns around gets smashed into a steel chair held by Brock Lesnar! Lesnar tears Angle apart before F-5ing him into the ringpost!

Kurt Angle beat Chris Kanyon cleanly.

Overall Rating 78%
Crowd Reaction 80%
Match Quality 76%

Tazz: Unbelievable! Brock Lesnar bringing the pain to Angle!
Cole: Well, we've gotta go off the air now, this was Michael Cole.
Tazz: And I'm Tazz. See you next week, on Smackdown!

Smackdown! Overall Rating for the Night : 75%
We got a 5.17 rating for 'Smackdown!'!
The attendance level was 7503 people.
We made $300120 from ticket sales.

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Internet News from SomeWrestlingRumorSite.com
Rob Van Dam is rumored to be ready for a push. Expect to see him rise significantly in the coming weeks.

Expect Hurricane to return to Raw. Many backstage feel that Rosey's current gimmick without Hurricane backing him up is turning out to be a flop.

Attendance in Raw, Smackdown!, and Velocity have risen. Ratings have raised substantially. Vince McMahon is rumored to be extremely happy.

Despite rumors, the WWE is not trying to gain a contract with Hulk Hogan or Randy Savage at the moment.

There are rumors going around that a stable for Raven is under works. Similar to WCW's Flock. Though they are just rumors.

Velocity on Sunday, September 14th, live from Portland, Maine!:
Trish Stratus takes on the reigning WWE Women's champion, Molly! Will she able to win back the gold?

Scheduled matches for Sunday Velocity on September 14th:
Hurricane takes on Matt Hardy in singles action!
Jamie Noble takes on the Smackdown! Number One announcer, Funaki!
Spanky tries to handle Shannon Moore.
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