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WWE In Talks With Actor Terry Crews For Potential Role

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The Following is courtesy of PWTorch.com

Famous Hollywood actor Terry Crews spoke in a Reddit.com fan chat that he has been in conversation with the WWE.

Crews stated "I'm talking to WWE about doing some things. I love the energy and excitement and the live component. It's theater on a grand scale!"

Terry Crews is a participant with WWE Diva Eve on NBC's "Stars Earn Stripes." It was also reported that he was in Los Angeles for WWE Summerslam last week. Crews has many connections with the WWE, so this should not come as a shock. He has been a known WWE fan for quite some time.
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Wonder what kind of role they'd have in mind. He's a decent size guy. Not really fond of his acting but I'm sure he'll be put to good use I guess. :punk2
Hope he gets something decent, and some ring time maybe!
Would it be blasphemous of me to say that I have no idea who this guy is?

Googled - Yep, still no idea.
It's theater on a grand scale

damn sad these so call Hollywood don't understand that...
Agh nevermind! I do recognise him out of Idiocracy as the President. Ha!
Get him on-screen with Titus O'Neil!
Speaking of acting, why hasn't WWE ever hired someone to teach the wrestlers how to act for backstage segments? I know the acting skills of wrestlers will never be that high of a standard, but right now it literally could not be worse for some performers, and just a little bit of acting training could go a long way.
Stick him with the Prime Time Players PLEASE!!!!! Or just let him sing a thousand miles!
Stick him with the Prime Time Players PLEASE!!!!! Or just let him sing a thousand miles!
YES! I would much rather see this than Flo Rida or MGK. Crews actual has talent.
I now present to you the neeewwwwwww WWE Champion Terry Crews!!!

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Pretty much the only celebrity I would legit mark out for if he turned up, he proved back when he was T-money that he could hang with wrestlers and look legit ! And now he has been in Expendables its only going to give Vince that wrestlermania guest star $$$$$$ feeling !
I'd rather WWE spend time using the talent that they have than what will likely be a one time or two time appearance from someone in Hollywood. It seems like a waste as he's not going to be in a full time role.
I am a huge huge huge mark and fan of Terry Crews and think he is immensly talented but not sure if the wrestling ring is for him, I dont want to get my hopes up and for it to turn out like any of the other random celebrity guest hosts.
Zeus 2.0

I'd mark out for that. They should bring back Zeus too. Tag them.

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