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WWE Impressed With Ricky Reyes (Brian Edwards)

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Independent wrestler Ricky Reyes received a WWE tryout last week at the SmackDown tapings from Wilkes-Barre, PA. Reyes had a long match with Tyson Kidd that got rave reviews from the locker room and lost a squash match against Ryback on SmackDown.

A lot of people backstage talking about Reyes and how good he was, especially William Regal. Don’t be surprised to see Reyes offered a developmental contract in the coming weeks.
For those that don't remember, Reyes was one of the wrestlers that got squashed by Ryback. They decided to give a hispanic man that has a giant R on his tights the name Brian Edwards for that squash match for some reason. Kind of like how they called Russia Alex Koslov, Carlos Sanchez but anyway.

I've been a big fan of Ricky Reyes since his run in ROH as the Havana Pittbulls. Great talent, great worker.

Reyes is only 5' 9" so expect a lot of "Vanilla indy midget" posts in this thread. Always glad to see good wrestlers possibly get a shot in WWE. Triple H has definitely been great at picking up talented indy workers. Reyes has trained in Japan and Mexico, I always say WWE needs to find well-rounded wrestlers who can adapt to any style. Here is his wiki.

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I was actually just wondering to myself what would happen to all the small guys Ryback was destroying.

He looks like he's built along the same lines as a Michael Modest: strong and compact, but still kind of small. He looks like one of those small guys who can do some surprising power moves.
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