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I seen some of the shows put up, and they pretty good, so i decided to show my skills, however, i usually forget to write a long show, so they could all come out as short results, but dont judge my stuff on that, it just that i have a short attention span. anyway enjoy!


Arena: LA Sports Arena

WWE Tag Team Titles:
Hurricane & Shannon Moore © Vs Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin
Winners-Hurricane & Shannon Moore
Finish-Benjamin goes for the t-bone, Hurricane reverses into the eye of the hurricane while Moore hits the mooregazm on Haas for the 3-count.

WWE Hardcore Title:
Heidenreich Vs Booker T©
Winner-Booker T
Finish-Booker T hits Heidenreich 5 times with a trash can lid but Heidenreich is still on his feet, so Booker hits an axe kick onto a folded out chair to take down heidenreich and retain his hardcore title.

WWE Intercontinental Title:
Eddie Guerrero© Vs Chris Benoit
Winner-Chris Benoit
Finish-After a tremendous physical wrestling contest, Benoit makes Guerrero tap with the crossface and wins the Intercontinental Title. This is followed by a beat down from Eddie & Chavo Guerrero

Kurt Angle Vs Chris Jericho
Winner-Kurt Angle
Finish-Angle wins in controveral style by dropping Jericho onto a exposed turnbuckle and pinning him with the ropes for leverae in an otherwise excellent match-up.

Shawn Michaels Vs The Undertaker:No Disqualifaction
Winner-The Undertaker
Finish-in a hard-hitting, bloody match-up, HBK thought he had it won when he hit sweet chin music and sending a chair smashing to The Undertakers face. But, the Undertaker amazingly got up after 2 and took down HBK with a chokeslam and tombstone piledriver for the win.

World Tag Team Titles:
Dudley Boys Vs Rob Van Dam & Tommy Dreamer©
Winners-Dudley Boys
Finish-In a extreme, smash-mouth style match-up the Dudleys hit the 3D onto an already injured Dreamer for the 3 count and another tag title reign.

Ric Flair Vs Hulk Hogan w/ special referee: Vince Mcmahon
Winner-Ric Flair
Finish-In a classic 80's style match Hogan was cheated by Mcmahon when he chop blocked hogans leg so Flair could lock in the figure four for the submission.

WWE United States Title:
Orlando Jordan© Vs Eugene
Finish-In the upset of the night, Eugene won his 1st singles title as he shocked Orlando Jordan with a inside cradle for the 3 count

Triple H Vs Batista
Finish-HHH thought he had this won when he hit the pedigree on the animal, but Bret Hart shocked the world when he returned and took out flair and HHH with a sledgehammer so Batista could hit the batista bomb for the win

Randy Orton Vs The Rock
Winner-Randy Orton
Finish-Orton killed off another legend when he suprised Rock by reversing the Rock Bottom into an RKO for the 3 count in a great back-and-forth match-up

WWE Title:
Carlito Vs John Cena©
Finish-Carlito stole the WWE title from Cena when JBL nailed Cena with the old WWE title after he hit the F-U on Carlito then Carlito got an arm over for the 1,2,3 and to win his 1st WWE title

World Heavyweight Title: Ladder Match
Edge© Vs Christian
Finish-Christian beat Edge for the world heavyweight title when he smashed Edges face between the ladder and a chair with a one-man concerto to get the time to climb the ladder to get the title in a amazing, death-defying ladder match which should be match of the year
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yo, it's good. but you need bold, color, and italics. I understand that you said you have a short-attention span, but make the matches longer, and add some more promos and you'll be good. Check out my thread: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21 if you need some help. 1!

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I agree you need to check out some of the other shows. One thing is to write it all on a word processing program. Work on it all week, for about 30 muntes a night. Then at the time of the show, copy and paste it in. You can check out my shows too, WWE : Breakdown.
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