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WWE : Immortals presented by ajmaf625

Roster :
Adam Rose - Heel
Bad News Barrett - Heel
Big E - Heel
Big Show - Face
Bo Dallas - Heel
Bray Wyatt - Heel
Brock Lesnar - Tweener
Carlito - Heel
Cesaro - Heel
Charlie Haas - Face
C.M Punk - Face
Curt Hawkins Heel
Curtis Axel - Face
Damien Mizdow - Face
Daniel Bryan - Face
Darren Young - Face
Dean Ambrose - Tweener
Diego - Heel
Dolph Ziggler - Face
Erick Rowan - Heel
Fandango - Face
Fernando - Heel
Goldust - Face
Heath Slater - Heel
Jack Swagger - Face
Jey Uso - Face
Jimmy Uso - Face
John Cena - Face
Kalisto - Face
Kane - Heel
Kofi Kingston - Heel
Konnor - Heel
Luke Harper - Heel
Mark Henry - Heel
The Miz - Heel
R-Truth - Heel
Randy Orton - Face
Roman Reigns - Tweener
Rusev - Heel
Ryback - Face
Seth Rollins - Tweener
Sheamus - Tweener
Shelton Benjamin - Face
Sin Cara - Face
Stardust - Face
Titus O’Neil - Face
Tyson Kidd - Heel
Viktor - Heel
Xavier Woods - Heel
Zack Ryder - Heel

Divas :
Alicia Fox - Heel
A.J Lee – Face
Beth Phoenix - Heel
Brie Bella - Heel
Cameron - Heel
Emma - Heel
Gail Kim - Face
Kharma - Tweener
Layla - Face
Lana - Heel
Maryse - Heel
Melina – Face
Michele McCool - Heel
Mickie James - Face
Naomi - Face
Natalya - Heel
Nikki Bella - Heel
Paige - Tweener
Summer Rae - Face
Tamina - Heel

Part Timers :
Chris Jericho
Dudley Boys
Hulk Hogan
Jeff Hardy
Kevin Nash
Kurt Angle
Matt Hardy
Mick Foley
Rey Mysterio
Ric Flair
The Rock
Scott Hall
Shawn Michaels
Stephanie McMahon
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Triple H
Trish Stratus
The Undertaker

Tag Teams/Stables
Ascension (Konnor and Viktor)
Bella Twins (Nikki and Brie)
Dudley Boys (Bubba and Devon)
Dust to Dust (Goldust and Stardust)
Hardy Boys (Jeff and Matt)
Hawkins and Ryder
Los Matadores (Diego,Fernando,Carlito)
Lucha Dragons (Kalisto and Sin Cara)
New Day (Big E, Kofi, Woods, R-Truth, Fox)
Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O'Neil)
The Shield (Ambrose, Reigns, and Rollins)
The Uso’s (Jimmy and Jey)
Worlds Greatest Tag Team (Charlie and Shelton)
The Wyatt Family (Bray, Harper, Rowan, Rose)

Champions :
WWE World Heavyweight Champion – Brock Lesnar
WWE Tag Team Champions – Cesaro and Kidd
Woman's Champion – Nikki Bella
Intercontinental Champion – Daniel Bryan
U.S Champion - Rusev

NXT Roster :
Adrian Neville - Face
Aiden English - Heel
Alex Riley – Face
Alex Shelley - Face
A.J Styles - Face
Angelo Dawkins - Heel
Baron Corbin - Face
Blake - Heel
Bull Dempsey - Heel
Cal Bishop – Heel
Chris Sabin - Face
Colin Cassidy - Face
Daniels - Heel
Dash Wilder – Heel
Enzo Amore - Face
Finn Balor - Face
Hideo Itami - Face
Jason Jordan - Face
Jay Briscoe - Tweener
Kaz - Heel
Kevin Owens - Heel
Marcus Louis - Heel
Matt Jackson - Face
Mark Briscoe - Tweener
Mojo Rawley - Face
Murphy - Heel
Nick Jackson - Face
Sami Zayn - Face
Samoa Joe - Tweener
Sawyer Fulton - Heel
Scott Dawson - Heel
Simon Gotch - Heel
Solomon Crowe - Face
Sylvester Lefort - Heel
Tye Dillinger - Face
Tyler Breeze - Heel

Divas :
Alexa Bliss - Face
Bayley - Face
Becky Lynch - Heel
Blue Pants - Face
Carmella - Heel
Charlotte - Heel
Dana Brooke - Face
Sasha Banks – Heel

Part Timers :
Billy Gunn
Brian Kendrick
Grand Master Sexay
Molly Holly
Paul London
Sara Del Rey
Scotty Too Hotty

Tag Teams :
Bad Influence (Kaz and Daniels)
Blake and Murphy
Dillinger and Jordan
Enzo and Cass
Motor City Machine Guns
New Age Outlaws
The Briscoes (Jay and Mark)
The Legionnaires (Lefort and Louis)
The Vaudevillians (English and Gotch)
The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick)
Too Cool

Champions :
NXT Champion – Kevin Owens
Woman's Champion – Sasha Banks
Tag Team Champions – Murphy and Blake

PPV Schedule
Extreme Rules : April 26th @ The Allstate Arena in Chicago
King of the Ring : May 17th @ The Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore
Money in the Bank : June 14th @ The Nationwide Arena in Columbus
Battleground : July 19th @ The Scottrade Center in St. Louis
Summerslam : August 23rd @ The Barclays Center in Brooklyn
Night of Champions : September 20th @ The Toyota Center in Detroit
Hell in a Cell : October 25th @ The Staples a Center in Los Angeles
Survivor Series : November 22nd @ The Phillips Arena in Atlanta
TLC : December 13th @ The TD Garden in Boston
Royal Rumble : January 24th @ The Amway Center in Orlando
No Way Out : February 23rd @ The Target Center in Minneapolis
Wrestlemania 32 : April 3rd 2016 @ AT&T Stadium in Dallas

News and Notes :
- The Shield never broke up.
- The Wyatt’s reformed
- Rusev is still undefeated, he retained his title by defeating Hogan at Wrestlemania 31
- Undertaker, Sting, Triple H, RVD, Rey, Jericho, Christian, Batista, and Rock will be used more often than they normally would
- Dudley’s and Hardy’s will return full time to the tag division
- Trish and Lita will return to the woman's division
- Foley, Hogan, Edge, Shawn Michaels, and Stone Cold are also being used out of pure fantasy, if they weren't seriously injured/retired this is how I'd use them.
- Brock Lesnar will be used way more than he's used in current WWE
- Many superstars returned/signed with WWE, I plan on using them in important roles.
- NXT is still a “performance center”, but superstars/divas from Raw and Smackdown will be used occasionally with the NXT roster.
- NXT will also have part timers, specifically in the tag and women's division.
- J.R and King will be doing commentary for Raw, Michael Cole and JBL will be Smackdown commentary, and William Regal and Booker T will be NXT commentary.
- Jim Cornette will be G.M of NXT, The Authority will be in control of Raw and Smackdown, for now.
- More surprises/debuts still to come…….

Wrestlemania 31 Results
Pre Show : Mizdow defeated Miz
Pre Show : Big Show won the Andre Battle Royal
- Daniel Bryan defeated Bad News Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, RVD, Rey Mysterio, and Chris Jericho to retain the Intercontinental title.
- The Shield defeated Team Angle when Rollins reversed the Ankle lock into a schoolboy rollup and help from the ropes
-The Bella Twins beat A.J and Paige when Paige walked out on A.J and Nikki hit the Rack Attack on her. Trish and Lita come out for the save after
- Rusev defeated Hulk Hogan with the Accolade
-Triple H defeated Sting with interferences from DX, NWO, Chyna, And Goldberg. A low blow from Ric Flair to Sting set up the Pedigree.
-Kidd and Cesaro defeated The Hardy’s, The Dudley’s, and Edge and Christian in an incredible TLC match
-The Undertaker defeated Bray Wyatt. After the match Harper, Rowan, and new member Adam Rose came out and attacked the Undertaker.
-Randy Orton defeated Stone Cold after countering a stunner into and RKO
- Brock Lesnar defeated Royal Rumble winners C.M Punk and John Cena. It was the first time in many years that we had two Royal Rumble winners, but Brock continued to dominate and defeated both Royal Rumble winners.

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At first I was thinking "Meh another 2015 plain roster thing" then I saw all the changes and people back and I really like it and will be following it! Good luck! :)

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Monday Night Raw

Show opens with highlights from all matches and special moments from Wrestlemania 31

Jim Ross : Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw I'm good Ol J.R along side the King and boy are we in for a special night

King : J.R you're damn right tonight's going to be a night you guys will never forget!

The Authority's theme hits

King : Ahaha and we're starting the show off the right way, with the king and queen of WWE.

Jim Ross : Give me a break King.

Triple H and Stephanie get in the ring and grab mics

Triple H : Last night I defeated the Vigilante Sting and officially closed the door on WCW and the Monday Night Wars, for good.

Stephanie : That's right my husband, the king of kings defeated Sting in his first and probably last match here in the WWE.

Triple H : But enough about Sting, what happened later that night is why we're out here. It seems like whenever The Rock’s done filming movies he likes to come back and put his nose in The Authority's business.
Pop for the mention of The Rock

Triple H : And he got his little friend Ronda Rousey to physically assault my wife, she's lucky we don't press charges.

Stephanie McMahon : Ronda might be used to beating up whoever she wants, but I'm a McMahon. I'll slap her right in her face if she was here tonight.

Triple H : No but this is all Rocky’s fault. He invited her to Wrestlemania. So we're going to make sure this never happens again because The Rock is officially…..

The Rocks theme music hits
Thunderous pop

Jim Ross : Oh my god King it can't be!!

King : J.R I'm afraid it is.

The crowd EXPLODES as The Rock makes his way to the ring

The Rock : You were about to say?

Triple H : I was about to sa-

The Rock : It doesn't matter what you were about to say.

The Rock : Oh nonono the only thing that matters is FINALLY The Rock has come back to Cali.
Loud Pop

The Rock : And Hunter it’s great you want to relive the ass whooping me and Rousey gave you two sons of bitches last night. Because as much as we whooped your candy asses last night you've seen nothing yet.

Triple H : Oh really? How you gonna lay the Smackdown on us when you're being escorted out of the arena. Security.

Security comes down to the ring
Massive boos

The Rock : Oh you're just gonna have The People's champ kicked out of the arena?

Triple H : You're damn right. Security escort Dwayne out of our ring.
More boos

The Rock : Hey Hunter I'll see you soon, bitch.

Security escorts The Rock out of the arena when someone wearing a black hoodie jumps the barricade

King : Who the hell just jumped the barricade J.R?

Jim Ross : I have no idea, but security is too busy escorting Rock out of the arena.

The masked figure gets in the ring and puts Stephanie in an arm lock. Triple H grabs the hooded figure and reveals it to be Ronda Rousey
Massive Pop

Jim Ross : Oh my god King its Ronda Rousey she's trying to get a piece of Stephanie!!

King : Dammit J.R I know who that is, security needs to get her out of here!

Security run back down to the ring and get Ronda out of the ring as The Rock is in handcuffs laughing at the top of the ramp

Jim Ross : What a start to the show, but folks there's much more to come, including our WWE World Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, and a champion vs champion match when Daniel Bryan vs Rusev.

King : And my favorite ladies Paige and A.J going at it J.R. Puppies!

Commercial Break

The Shield’s theme hits

Lillian Garcia : This match is scheduled for one fall, making his way to the ring accompanied to the ring by Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins.

Kurt Angle’s theme hits
Loud pop

Lillian Garcia : And making his way to the ring being accompanied by Team Angle, Kurt Angle.

Jim Ross : Boy King are we in for a great match right now.

King : After coming off a dominating win last night J.R, Seth Rollins will make short work of Kurt Angle right now.

Jim Ross : You're talking about the man who won a gold medal with a broken neck, no match against Angle is ever easy King.

Match 1| Seth Rollins vs Kurt Angle
A fast paced match that saw a lot of mat based wrestling from Angle. Rollins showed why he is the architect of the Shield with smart moves and a few high risked moves too. The finish came when Seth went for the Curb Stomp after Kurt was distracted by Team Angle and Reigns and Ambrose all fighting outside the ring, but Angle caught him in mid air and locked in the Ankle Lock. Rollins tried to use the schoolboy again, but Angle reversed that into the Ankle Lock once again and Rollins has no choice but to tap out.
Winner : Kurt Angle @ 15:20

Kurt Angle has little time to celebrate as all three members of the Shield surround the ring, but as they get on the apron Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin get up from the attack and with chairs in their hands fend off The Shield. The Shield smartly back away and leave ringside

Jim Ross : Boy King what a match and thank God for Shelton and Charlie to regain consciousness and were able to help out Kurt. But boy this feud doesn't seem to be over just yet.

King : You can say that again. The Shield almost added Kurt Angle to their list of legends they've taken out.

Jim Ross : It was a close call for sure, but folks still to come Rusev vs Daniel Bryan in a champion vs champion match as well as A.J vs her partner last night who walked out on her, Paige.

Commercial Break

In the backstage area with Renee Young

Renee Young : Hey guys I'm here with the man who beat 5 other superstars last night in a ladder match, Intercontinental champion Daniel Bryan. Daniel after the hellacious match you took place in last night how are you feeling right now as you look to fight the U.S champion Rusev tonight?

Daniel Bryan : Renee I'm not gonna lie I'm pretty banged up, but I'm the Intercontinental champion I'm ready to fight and Rusev you may still be undefeated, but tonight you're gonna tap out.

Renee : Alright guys back to you at ringside

Back to ringside

Jim Ross : Daniel looks ready to go and boy are we in for a slobber knocker when Bryan and Rusev go at it.

King : Daniel Bryan proved just how dumb he is by agreeing to fight the undefeated Rusev J.R, the same man who beat Hulk Hogan last night.

Replays of TLC from Wrestlemania 31 including clips of Cesaro swinging Christian into a steel chair, Jeff Hardy swantoning off a ladder onto D-Von, Matt hitting a twist of fate to Kidd through a table.

Jim Ross : Folks up next the tag team champions Kidd and Cesaro may have survived TLC last night, but their going up against the Hardy’s, next!

Commercial Break

The Hardy’s theme music hits

Lillian Garcia : Making their way to the ring Matt and Jeff, the Hardy Boys.

Cesaro’s theme music hits

Lillian Garcia : And making their way to the ring accompanied to the ring by Natalya, the tag team champions, Cesaro and Tyson Kidd.

Jim Ross : Two of the very best in the tag team division are about to go at it King!

King : I'm excited about this one J.R especially with Nattie at ringside!!

Match 2| Kidd and Cesaro vs The Hardy Boys
The finish comes when the action picks up with The Hardy’s in full control. Matt hits a twist of fate on Kidd as Jeff goes up for the swanton, but Cesaro who had been clothe lined out of the ring comes in and hits a devastating uppercut on Jeff before he was able to hit the swanton. Cesaro gets taken out again by Matt, who gets drop kicked by Kidd. Kidd than locks in the sharpshooter and Jeff has no choice but to tap.
Winner : Kidd and Cesaro @ 10:40

Jim Ross : What a match King, Cesaro and Kidd just beat The Hardy’s!

King : Gotta give them credit they took a beating by The Hardy’s and ended up coming out with the victory.

Byron Saxton comes down to the ring to interview Kidd and Cesaro

Saxton : Kidd, Cesaro congrats on your win tonight and you're incredible win last night. Now where do you guys go from here? Who are you looking to defend your titles against?

Cesaro : Byron I think I can speak for both of us when I say we really don't care who we defend our titles against at Extreme Rules, we welcome all comers.

Dudley Boy’s theme hits
Huge pops

Bubba Dudley : I'm glad you said that Cesaro because you're looking at your opponents for Extreme Rules, and why not do it in a match we know very well.
Fans chant for Tables!

D-Von Dudley : Oh my brother, testify!!

Jim Ross : Oh my King what have Cesaro and Kidd gotten themselves into?

King : Deep trouble J.R. A tables match against the Dudley’s? There's no chance Kidd and Cesaro survive a tables match against The Dudley's.

Paige’s theme hits

Lillian Garcia : This match is scheduled for one fall making her way to the ring, Paige.

Jim Ross : King it's time for these two divas to get it on. I'm sure A.J can't wait to get her hands on Paige after last night and I can't blame her.

King : We all know A.J’s crazy and Paige is just as crazy so this match may get out of hand fast.

A.J’s theme hits

Lillian Garcia : And making her way to the ring, A.J

Highlights of A.J and Paige vs the Bella’s show up on the screen, ending with Paige walking out and Nikki hitting the Rack Attack on a distracted A.J

Match 3| A.J vs Paige
The finish to this the match comes when A.J and Paige start fighting outside the ring. The ref gets to the count of 8 when A.J throws Paige into the barricade and is clearly not concerned with getting in the ring as the ref has no choice but to count both ladies out.
Winner : No Contest @ 7:24

After the bell A.J is still all over Paige as more refs have to restrain A.J.

The Bella Twins are shown watching the match on a monitor while laughing
Boos for the sight of The Bella’s

Jim Ross : I'm glad The Bella Twins find this funny because I'm sure they're behind Paige leaving A.J last night.

King : How can you say that J.R? It's clear these two have never liked each other and it showed last night and tonight.


The Wyatt Family in an undisclosed area

Bray Wyatt : Undertaker how did it feel looking fear in the eye last night? You have pretended for all these years to be fear, to be someone everyone is afraid of. You are not fear Undertaker, you're a fraud. I am what you're afraid of. I am what keeps you away. I am the face of fear.

Dolph Ziggler’s theme hits

Lillian Garcia : This match is scheduled for one fall, making his way to the ring, Dolph Ziggler.

Jim Ross : Dolph competed in a hell of a ladder match last night, but came up just a little short.

King : If by a little short you mean bull hammered off the ladder, than yes you're correct J.R.

Bad News Barrett's theme hits

Lillian Garcia : And making his way to the ring, Bad News Barrett.

Bad News Barrett : I'm afraid I've got some bad news. Last night I bull hammered you off a ladder Dolph, but tonight I'm gonna bull hammer you out of the WWE. Boom!

Match 4| Bad News Barrett vs Dolph Ziggler
Dolph and Barrett have a very good match with lots of near falls. The finish comes when Ziggler goes for the Fameasser which Barrett counters and hits the bullhammer for the 3 count.
Winner : Bad News Barrett @ 9:46

After the match Barrett sees Ziggler getting up and winds up for the bull hammer again, but just as he goes to hit Ziggler, Ziggler sees him coming and super kicks him.. Barrett is out cold

Jim Ross : That was a great match, but once again Barrett tries to seriously injure Ziggler and instead he gets a super kick for his trouble.

King : Barrett did what he said he'd do J.R. If anything Ziggler got lucky he didn't get bull hammered into oblivion.

Trish Stratus’ theme hits
Huge pop

Lillian Garcia : This match is scheduled for one fall, making her way to the ring being accompanied by Lita, Trish Stratus.

The Bella Twins theme hits

Lillian Garcia : And making her way to the ring, being accompanied by Nikki, Brie Bella.

Match 5| Trish Stratus vs Brie Bella
The finish of the match comes when Nikki tries to get involved, but is stopped by Lita. Brie who gets momentarily distracted turns around into a chick kick from Trish who gets the 3 count.
Winner : Trish Stratus @ 6:17

Jim Ross : Great comeback win for Trish who looked better than ever King.

King : She sure did J.R. I'm so happy to see Trish again, and Lita too!


Brock Lesnar’s theme hits
Loud Pop

Paul Heyman : I am Paul Heyman and last night my client, the one in twenty one in one successfully retained the WWE World Heavyweight Championship convincingly against John Cena and C.M Punk.

Paul Heyman : My conqueror has gone a whole year without being pinned or submitted and you all better get used to it because if Undertaker, John Cena, and C.M Punk couldn't beat The Beast well I doubt anyone will.

Paul Heyman : Now as for Extreme Rules, I think it's in everyone's best interest if Brock Lesnar gets the PPV off. Especially since no one deserves to face the beast.

Paul Heyman : So with that we’ll see ya in a few mont-

Randy Orton’s theme hits

Jim Ross : I think someone has a strong case to be the number one contender King!

King : I don't know J.R I think Heyman’s right Brock deserves a month off.

Randy Orton : I beg to differ Paul.

Paul Heyman : Well Randy it's good to see you too.

Randy Orton : Cut the bullshit Paul, you know as well as I do that I deserve to be the number one contender after I defeated Stone Cold last night. And I still never got my rematch after losing it to Daniel Bryan, even though I was never pinned.
Pops especially for the mention of Austin.

Paul Heyman : You do make some valid arguments, but I think you should have your match at maybe Summerslam. How's that sound?

Randy Orton : How about Extreme Rules?

Orton slides into the ring

Paul Heyman : I don't know, Brock how do you feel about this?
Brock goes to say something, but instead he attacks Randy and F5s him in the middle of the ring

Paul Heyman : You’ve been warned Orton..

Jim Ross : If you ask me that was a coward move by Brock, but it does look like we’ll be getting Brock vs Orton at Extreme Rules folks.

King : Not a smart move by Orton. He just angered the beast.

Cut to the backstage area

Renee Young : Hi again guys I'm here with the man who lost to Mizdow last night, The Miz and his wife Maryse. Miz after your loss last night to the man who was your stunt double how are you feeling?

The Miz : How am I feeling? I got embarrassed by a D list celebrity last night. If you think I'm through with Mizdow you're sadly mistaken.

Rusev’s theme hits

Lillian Garcia : This match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring being accompanied by Lana, the United States champion, Rusev.
Loud boos

Lana : Last night your hero Hulk Hogan was crushed by the super athlete Rusev. You all pushed Hulk to get back into the ring and he failed. Are you happy? Rusev didn't destroy Hulk, you people did.

Lana : And now Rusev will destroy your darling hero Daniel Bryan. When will you dumb people learn to stop killing your heroes?

Daniel Bryan's theme hits
Loud pop

Lillian Garcia : And making his way to the ring, the Intercontinental Champion, Daniel Bryan

Jim Ross : This match should be a good one King, but you gotta wonder how Daniel Bryan's body is after last nights hellacious ladder match

King : I can tell you now Daniel Bryan is hurting and he's just as dumb as Hogan was accepting a match against the undefeated Rusev.

Match 6| Rusev vs Daniel Bryan
This match was fairly even with Rusev getting a few good shots in on Bryan’s injured shoulder. Bryan mounts a comeback with multiple kicks, even getting Rusev down to a knee. The finish comes when Chris Jericho comes out and distracts Daniel Bryan leading to Rusev hitting a devastating kick and locking in the Accolade. Bryan doesn't tap, but ends up passing out.
Winner : Rusev @ 16:48
After the match Rusev locks in the Accolade once again per order of Jericho. The ref is trying to get Rusev off Bryan when……

Hulk Hogan's theme hits
The place goes nuts

Hogan gets into the ring and gets face to face with Rusev. After a few seconds of intense stare down Rusev decides to leave the ring per Lana’s request

Jim Ross : What a great match King, even though Jericho got involved. But the story here is Hogan does not seem done with Rusev even though Rusev seems done with Hogan.

King : Hogan is dumber than I thought. You'd think one beating would be enough to keep Hogan down jeez.

Jim Ross : Well up next we're going to hear from The Undertaker. We’ll be right back


The Undertaker's theme hits
Loud pop

The Undertaker : Last night I defeated Bray Wyatt. He says I'm a fraud, that I was never the face of fear. Why don't you ask my victims like Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Batista, Edge, amongst others. I will show you and your family what fear really looks like. Because at Extreme Rules The Wyatt Family will finally rest in –

The lights go out
Fans cheer
The lights go back on and The Wyatt Family are in the ring

The Wyatt’s surround The Undertaker. The Wyatt’s start to attack and quickly gain the upper hand being it’s a 4 on 1 assault. Bray sets up for Sister Abigail when…..

The lights go out again and the sound of the crow fills the arena!!!
Fans are going insane
The lights come back on and Sting’s in the ring!!!
Holy Shit chants fill the arena

Jim Ross : OMG King it's the Vigilante Sting!!!!

King : I know who that is J.R!

Sting starts punching Harper and Rowan as Undertaker fights out of Sister Abigail and lays in punches on Bray and Adam Rose. Sting clotheslines Harper out of the ring and Undertaker clotheslines Bray out of the ring. Sting than sets up the Scorpion Death Drop on Rowan and Undertaker gets Rose in the tombstone pile driver position and both hit their finishers. The crowd erupts as Sting and Undertaker stare at each other.

Jim Ross : King what could this mean? Sting and Undertaker in the ring for the first time ever this is crazy!!

King : I have to admit J.R I have chills.

Jim Ross : You and me both. But what a night, we'll see you folks next week. Goodnight!

The show ends with Undertaker and Sting staring each other down in the middle of ring

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Jim Cornette’s theme hits

Jim Cornette : Welcome everybody to NXT, the home to the future of WWE!

Jim Cornette : Tonight we got an exciting show planned, a few new faces, some old faces, and most importantly great in ring action.

Jim Cornette : Tonight we’ll see two of the best teams in the world go at it as we begin our Tag Team Championship Number One Contender Tournament, with The Motor City Machine Guns battling Kaz and Daniels.

Jim Cornette : Also Charlotte takes on Bayley with the winner battling Sasha Banks at the next NXT Special!

Jim Cornette : And finally Kevin Owens, our NXT Champion. There are a lot of men in that locker room who want to fight him for that belt so tonight there will be a battle royal to determine who fights Owens at our next special. And Owens you'll be in action tonight too against….

Kevin Owen’s theme hits

Kevin Owens : You were about to say? I think I've proved myself to where I don't need to fight undeserving challengers in meaningless matches Jimmy. So which undeserving superstar did you have in mind as my opponent? Is it Alex Riley? No wait I injured him, what about a two on one handicap against the tag champs? Oh it's gotta be Sami Zayn, come on Jim just say it.

Jim Cornette (looking less than impressed) : Actually champ it’s this guy….

Rhyno’s theme hits
Huge pops

Booker T : Oh shucks ducky Regal he's back!

William Regal : This does not bode well for Owens.

Jim Cornette : Rhyno if you don't mind I'd rather you stay up there so we don't have any physical contact until your match later on tonight. Now Owens if you don't mind we got a show to put on. Have a great night folks.

William Regal : My oh my Jim Cornette not wasting any time and just laying all the cards out for tonight.

Booker T : That's what I like about Jimmy he's not one to shy away from anything and tonight is a perfect example.

Bayley’s theme hits

JoJo : This match is scheduled for one fall. Making her way to the ring, Bayley!

William Regal : What a way to start the show than with our phenomenal divas!

Charlotte’s theme hits
Boos with some woos of course

JoJo : And making her way to the ring, Charlotte!

Match 1| Bayley vs Charlotte
These two are used to each other and have had good matches in the past, with this one being no different. A lot of near falls throughout the match with the finish coming when Charlotte goes for Natural Selection only to be blocked which leads to Bayley hitting the Bayley to Belly for the win.
Winner : Bayley @ 10:26

William Regal : What a great match by these two young ladies, and I'm sure Ms. Banks was watching this match closely.

Booker T : Gotta give it to Bayley she proved she has that killer instinct in her,no hugs tonight from Bayley.

William Regal : When we come back our tag team tournament begins and Owens vs Rhyno still to come!

Booker T : I know a thing or two about tag teams, these two teams are legit!

Network Advertisements

Bad Influence’s theme hits

JoJo : This match is scheduled for one fall. Making their way to the ring Kaz and Daniels, Bad Influence!

Motor City Machine Gun’s theme hits

JoJo : And making their way to the ring, Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin, The Motor City Machine Guns!

Match 2| MCMG vs Bad Influence
These two teams put on a stellar match with The Machine Guns using their speed and high flying abilities to take control of Bad Influence. The finish to the match comes when Daniels goes for Angels Wings, but is countered into the Cradle Shock from Sabin for the 3 count.
Winners : The Motor City a Machine Guns @ 16:47

Booker T : Man what a match by these two teams!

William Regal : The best of the best are right here in NXT. The Machine Guns move on to the next round.

Backstage area

Saxton : Hey guys I'm backstage with the man who faces Kevin Owens tonight, the returning Rhyno! Rhyno tonight you make your return to the ring against the NXT champion what are your thoughts?

Rhyno : Well it's simple I'm going to go into the ring and GORE Kevin Owens for the 1,2,3.

Saxton : Few words from Rhyno, back to ringside.

Rhyno’s theme hits

JoJo : Making his way to the ring the man beast, Rhyno!

Kevin Owen’s theme hits

JoJo : And his opponent, NXT Champion, Kevin Owens!

Match 3| Kevin Owens vs Rhyno : Non title match
In his first match back Rhyno gave Owens all he could handle, even Goring him. The finish came when Rhyno went for another Gore but missed and hit the turnbuckle, thus giving Owens enough time to hit K.O Power bomb for the 3 count.
Winner : Kevin Owens @ 10:16

William Regal : This young man Owens proved once again why he's the future of this business.

Booker T : Gotta give credit where credit’s due. He beat a future Hall of Famer and an ECW original.

Backstage with Saxton

Saxton : I’m here with a man who looks to become to new number one contender for the World title, Prince Pretty, Tyler Breeze. Tyler tonight you are one of many competitors in the battle royal, what gives you the edge over the others.

Tyler Breeze : What gives me the edge Byron? I'm smarter, more athletic, and far better looking than anyone else on this roster. I will give every man in this battle royal a beauty shot.

Saxton : Aright guys back to you at ringside.

Back to ringside

Booker T : It's time to find out what superstar wants to be number one contender so badly that he'll out last every other man.

William Regal : I'm very intrigued to see who comes out on top. My money's on Mr. Finn Balor.

Network Advertisements

Already in the ring are the lower/midcard guys such as the tag champs, Baron Corbin, Bad Influence, MCMG, Briscoes, etc.

Kevin Owen's theme hits
Huge Boos

JoJo : Making his way to ringside, the NXT Champion, Kevin Owens!

Tyler Breeze’s theme hits

JoJo : Making his way to the ring, Prince Pretty,Tyler Breeze!

Finn Balor’s theme hits
Huge Pop

JoJo : Making his way to the ring, Finn Balor!

Adrian Neville's theme hits

JoJo : Making his way to the ring, the Man that Gravity Forgot, Adrian Neville!

Hideo Itami’s theme hits

JoJo : Making his way to the ring, Hideo Itami!

Rhyno’s theme hits
Loud Pop

JoJo : Making his way to the ring, the man beast, Rhyno!

Samoa Joe’s theme hits
Huge Pop

JoJo : Making his way to the ring, the Samoa Submission Machine, Samoa Joe!

A.J Style’s theme hits
Huge Pop

JoJo : Making his way to the ring, the Phenomenal, A.J Styles!

Sami Zayn’s theme hits
Loudest pop of the night

JoJo : And making his return to NXT, Sami Zayn!

Booker T : Oh shucks ducky Sami’s back baby!!

William Regal : Mr. Owens how do you feel about the man you put out of action returning to be in this match?

Kevin Owens : Quite honestly I don't care. I hope he wins just so I can injure him again.

Match 5| Battle Royal to determine the Number One contender for the NXT title
The match lasts a little longer than 20 minutes with the main event superstars eliminating the mid card guys. The back end of the match see’s in order : Tyler Breeze eliminates Itami, Balor eliminates Neville, Zayn eliminates Rhyno, Samoa Joe eliminates Tyler Breeze, Balor eliminates A.J Styles, Samoa Joe eliminates Balor. The final two are Zayn and Joe with Zayn hitting a fleury of moves to try and knock Samoa Joe off balance. Finally Zayn gets Joe in a corner and hits a Helluva Kick which knocks Joe out. Zayn goes to throw Joe out when Owens gets up from commentary and gets on the apron. Zayn gets momentarily distracted leading to Samoa Joe eliminating him and becoming #1 contender.
Winner : Samoa Joe @ 24:50

William Regal : Dammit Kevin Owens got involved and cost Zayn the match.

Booker T : He sure did. I think deep down he's scared Zayn can beat him and I'm damn sure willing to bet Zayn will have something to say to Owens next week. Goodnight!

Show ends

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After the actions that took place on Monday Night Raw Triple H and Stephanie have sued and banned Ronda Rousey for putting her hands on Stephanie McMahon. Ronda Rousey is not under contract with WWE and her actions on Monday Night Raw will not be tolerated. We briefly spoke to Stephanie who gave these comments "I considered Ronda Rousey a close friend. We invited her to last years Summerslam and this years Wrestlemania because of how well known she is. No where did we give her a right to get into our ring and assault me and my husband. She is banned from the WWE and will be sued. We will speak more on this subject at Raw next week so stay tuned". We will update everyone on the situation, but in the mean time tune into Raw next week.

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Opening video for Smackdown plays

Michael Cole : Welcome everyone to Thursday Night Smackdown I'm Michael Cole alongside the legendary JBL.

JBL : It's good to be here Maggle were in for a great show.

Cole : Indeed, we're going to hear from Randy Orton after the cheap shot he took from Brock Lesnar on Raw as well as John Cena and C.M Punk live for the first time since their loss from Wrestlemania.

Dudley Boy’s theme hits

Lillian Garcia : this match is scheduled for one fall. Making their way to the ring, Bubba Ray and Devon, The Dudley Boys!

Michael Cole : The Dudley Boys will challenge for the tag team titles in a tables match at Extreme Rules in three weeks.

JBL : I don't know how The Dudley’s became the number one contenders. They didn't win anything Maggle.

The Ascension’s theme hits

Lillian Garcia : And making their way to the ring, The Ascension.

JBL : Maggle these two guys Konnor and Viktor should be in line for a title shot if they can knock off The Dudley Boys.

Match 1| The Dudley Boys vs The Ascension
The Ascension put up a hell of a fight, even hitting the Fall of Man on Devon but Bubba makes the save. The Dudley’s regain control of the match and they end up winning by hitting an unsuspecting Konnor with the 3D.
Winners : The Dudley Boys @ 12:36

Michael Cole : What a big win for The Dudley’s and they continue to gain momentum ahead of their match against Kidd and Cesaro.

JBL : The Dudley’s always find a way to win. If I were Kidd and Cesaro I'd be a bit worried.

Backstage with Renee Young

Renee Young : Hi guys I'm joined by Y2J, Chris Jericho.

Renee Young : Chris on Raw you cost Daniel his match against Rusev. Why?

Chris Jericho : Well it's simple junior, Daniel doesn't deserve the Intercontinental title and I was just sending a message that I'm coming for it. At Extreme Rules I want a match with Daniel for the Intercontinental title and I'll even let him choose the match. I want an answer at Raw Bryan.

Renee Young : Alright guys back to you at ringside.

Back to ringside

Bray Wyatt’s theme hits

Bray Wyatt : Undertaker, Sting you both stood face to face with the new face of fear on Monday. You showed weakness, you let fear get the best of you. At Extreme a Rules I want to put you both out of your misery so you can both Rest in Peace.

Commercial Break

Return to Jack Swagger also in the ring

Match 2| Bray Wyatt vs Jack Swagger
Swagger gets very little offense in and eventually is hit with Sister Abigail for the three count.
Winner : Bray Wyatt @ 7:38

After the match the Wyatt Family are all in the ring when the lights go out
Loud Pop

The lights come back on and there's a bat on the stage

Michael Cole : It looks like Sting was listening to Bray and I'm very interested in seeing what happens between these two.

JBL : It's crystal clear Maggle, Sting and The a Undertaker are washed up has beens and are intimidated by Bray and his family.

Michael Cole : They are two of the all time greats. They're not going down without a fight.

A.J’s theme hits

Lillian Garcia : This match is scheduled for one fall, making her way to the ring, A.J!

Emma’s theme hits

Lillian Garcia : And making her way to the ring, Emma!

Match 3| A.J vs Emma
A.J had the upper hand for most of the match, but once Paige makes her way to ringside Emma regains control. Emma goes for Emma Bomb but A.J reverses it and locks in the Black Widow for the win.
Winner : A.J @ 7:32

After the match Paige attacks A.J and throws her face first into the steel steps
Loud Boos

Michael Cole : What a cheap attack by Paige. She's really gone off the deep end.

JBL : Paige finally realized that she doesn't need A.J and if you ask me this was payback for A.J viciously assaulting Paige after their match Monday.

Commercial Break

Bo Dallas’ theme hits

Bo Dallas : Tonight in honor of my recent winning streak I am issuing an open challenge to any losers in the back. A loss against Bo is nothing to be ashamed of, but I can show you the way to winning. All you gotta do is Bolieve!


Bo Dallas : Come on there's many losers in the back don't be afraid.

C.M Punk’s theme hits
Huge Pop

Michael Cole : OMG he's back and if I'm Bo I'm not very happy right now.

JBL : Well Punk is a loser. He lost to Brock at Mania Maggle, Bo’s got this.

C.M Punk : As you can tell I'm not in a very good mood Bo so I suggest you leave.

Bo goes to leave, but is hit in the head with the microphone

C.M Punk : You can leave…once I put you to sleep
Punk hits the GTS on Bo

Michael Cole : Punk is back and if I'm the locker room I'm not getting to comfortable. He's on a mission to hurt people.

Shelton Benjamin’s theme hits

Lillian Garcia : this match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring being accompanied by Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin!

Carlito’s theme hits

Lillian Garcia : And making his way to the ring, being accompanied by Los Matadores, Carlito!

JBL : No one cooler in the WWE than Carlito Maggle.

Match 4| Shelton Benjamin vs Carlito
This match is even for the most part, but all hell breaks loose when Los Matadores try to get involved but are quickly taken care of by Charlie. At this point Shelton gains control of the match and goes to hit Paydirt when The Shields theme hits. Shelton gets momentarily distracted which leads to Carlito rolling him up for the 3 count.
Winner : Carlito @ 13:46

After the match The Shield surround Shelton and Charlie who are both in the ring. They go to attack when Kurt Angle runs out with a chair and The Shield once again retreat

Michael Cole : Once again The Shield looked to do damage to Team Angle and once again Team Angle dodge a bullet.

JBL : Team Angle got lucky once again. The Shield will get rid of Team Angle once and for all at Extreme Rules.

Michael Cole : Up next John Cena returns! Stay tuned.


John Cena’s theme hits

John Cena : At Wrestlemania I came up short once again in my quest to win the WWE Championship.
Mixed reaction

John Cena : Brock pinned me right in the middle of the ring. There's no fighting that. There won't be a rematch or any complaints from me. I'm out here to issue an open challenge for Extreme Rules.

John Cena : I'm still the top guy here in the WWE, and at Extreme Rules I want a fight. This open challenge isn't just for WWE superstars, I want the fight of my life. I need to prove why I'm still the top guy. If you want some come get some.

Michael Cole : Wow folks John Cena issues an open challenge to any wrestler, John who do you think will answer Cena's open challenge at Extreme Rules?

JBL : I hope no one does, John Cena doesn't deserve a match at Extreme Rules. He was destroyed at Wrestlemania. He should take the month off.

Michael Cole : John Cena is one of our top guys of course he deserves a match at Extreme Rules.

Kalisto and Sin Cara’s theme hits

Lillian Garcia : this match is scheduled for one fall. Making their way to the ring, Sin Cara and Kalisto!

New Days theme hits

Lillian Garcia : And making their way to the ring, The New Day!

Match 5| New Day(Kofi and Big E) vs Sin Cara and Kalisto
Kalisto and Sin Cara gain the early advantage with their high flying moves. A distraction from Xavier Woods gives Kofi the chance to regroup and gain advantage over Sin Cara. Big E hits the Big Ending on Sin Cara for the 3 count.
Winners : New Day @ 10:28

JBL : New Day continue to roll Maggle it really is a New Day here in WWE.

Michael Cole : Clever John, but up next Randy Orton live and our main event Chris Jericho vs Ryback!


Randy Orton’s theme hits


Randy Orton : Monday night on Raw I challenged Brock to a match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. And his response was a cheap shot and an F5.

Randy Orton : Brock has dominated the WWE for years and has been undefeated as champion, but come Extreme Rules that all changes.

Randy Orton : And Brock just a word of advice, the next time you try to cheap shot me I'll drop you with an RKO and punt you right back out of the WWE. See ya soon, pal.

Orton drops the mic and heads to the locker room

Ryback’s theme hits


Lillian Garcia : This match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, Ryback!

Chris Jericho’s theme hits

Lillian Garcia : And making his way to the ring, Chris Jericho!

Michael Cole : Chris Jericho challenges Daniel Bryan for the Intercontinental title at Extreme Rules, but John tonight he has to deal with Ryback.

JBL : Chris has his hands full tonight. Ryback was in the final two in the Andre the Giant a Memorial Battle Royal Maggle, but tonight if he beats Y2J I'd put his name in the Intercontinental title hunt.

Match 6| Ryback vs Chris Jericho
Ryback gains early control by hitting power moves. After a poke to the eye Y2J gains control and even locks in the Walls of Jericho that is quickly escaped by Ryback. Later in the match Ryback goes for Shellshocked but Jericho reverses it into the Walls of Jericho once again and Ryback has no choice but to tap out.
Winner : Chris Jericho @ 14:54

Jericho has no time to celebrate as Daniel Bryan runs out to the ring and locks in the YES Lock on Y2J

Michael Cole : It doesn't look like Daniel Bryan wanted to wait until Raw to see Y2J.

JBL : Dammit Maggle that goat face needs to be locked away he can't just attack a man after a hard fought match.

Michael Cole : But it was okay for Chris Jericho to attack Daniel Bryan after his match with Rusev on Raw John? Give me a break. We’ll see you guys next week. Goodnight!

The show ends with Bryan being held back by referees
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