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Now i know i said i was leaving for a little while. But i have finally managed to resolve University around booking, work and a social life. So i am returning with a WWE Thread. It will most likely work like this, Raw posted Monday or Tuesday. Smackdown either Friday or Saturday. Reviews that i hand out will be on weekends and most likely Wednesday. I will try and review a couple of shows when i'm generally online, but i'm going to try and stick to my schedule. I don't have a backstory as long as my WWF BTB, but the main points are as follows.

  • WWE:Homecoming kicks off on October 3rd with WWE Raw returning to USA Network. (What had been advertised on Raw is what i've booked with a few exceptions, being Piper's Pit, Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold and WWE legends being there.)

  • No Mercy 2005 scheduled for October 9th 2005 is cancelled.

  • Palmer Cannon Network Representative May or May Not appear on Smackdown, that is dependent on how things go.

  • The Wrestlers are the same, read on for more information.

Raw has been typed up, i'm putting finishing touches to it. I will post it later, for the time being here is a review.

Raw Review:

Monday Night Raw, the flagship of the WWE returns home to USA Network and the WWE has announced some huge matches.
The WWE Championship will be defended by John Cena against Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff, will Eric Bischoff have any tricks up his sleeve after Mr. McMahon motivational talk with him last week.

Also this week is the "Rubber Match," Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels are currently 1-1, and tonight they battle in an epic 30-Minute Iron Man Match, will these two put on a wrestling clinic has they have done in the past. Also the most talked about Love Triangle is settled tonight, as either Edge or Matt Hardy leave Raw in the Loser Leaves Raw, Money In the Bank Ladder Match, who will prevail?

And Triple H finally makes his long awaited return at Homecoming, How is Triple H and What has he been doing for the Last 5 months, watch WWE Homecoming this week for this and a whole lot more.

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great to see your back theblueman EWF was the only thread I use to read when I first came. Hopefully we can expect the same success.

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Wow, glad to feedback so quickly, i've finished up with Raw so enjoy.

Monday Night Raw
Monday 3rd October-Dallas, TX.

Pyro's Go Off At The Entrance-Across The Nations Hits

JR: Welcome Everybody! Welcome Home!

King: Where Back! Where Back on the USA Network, and what a night we have.

Coach: Raw is back with a bang on the USA Network, and what a night we have planned for you.

JR: First time i'm ever going to agree with you Coach, but your damn right. Tonight we John Cena vs Eric Bischoff for the WWE Title.

Coach: Can you feel it in the air, where going to crown a new champion tonight.

JR: And we also have the Loser Leaves Raw, Money In The Bank Ladder Match, Edge vs Matt Hardy.

King: These two have been feuding since Matt Hardy returned on Raw, and tonight we shall see one of these two superstars career ended on Raw.

JR: And a huge 30 Minute Iron Man Match, Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels.

King: Well that is huge, Two of the Greatest in our industry in the Rubber Match.

Coach: And add to that the huge announcement made, the winner becoming No.1 Contender for the WWE Title come Survivor Series.

*No Chance In Hell Hits*-(Crowd Cheer)-Vince McMahon comes out dressed in his suit to his power walk.

JR: This is somewhat of a surprise, i wasn't expecting Mr. McMahon out here tonight.

Vince McMahon takes a microphone within the ring.

Vince McMahon: Welcome, Welcome Home Raw! And tonight we have a huge night. That’s just gonna get a little bigger, because i have a huge announcement, that is going to shake the foundation of the WWE! (Crowd Cheer.) But before that there has been something bothering me for a while, i like my commentators to broadcast from ringside, not all the way up their, (indicating to where JR, King and Coach are placed.) So i see here that their is an announce table right here, so from now on, my commentators are going to broadcast from ringside. So come on down. (Crowd give very little reaction as JR, King and Coach leave their current seating area, and take place at the announce table at ringside.)

Vince McMahon: Now that’s better. Now as you all know, we have Smackdown here tonight. (Crowd Give Mixed Reaction.) So Theodore Long come on down!

*MacMillitant Hits*-(Crowd Give Slight Pop)-Theodore Long comes down dressed in his suit, he enters the ring and shakes Vince McMahon hand.

Vince McMahon: Now before i explain, Eric Bischoff come on down!

*I'm Back Hits*-(Crowd Boo)-Eric Bischoff comes down in a tracksuit, he enters the ring and immediately grabs a microphone.

Eric Bischoff: What the hell do you want Vince, i'm already busy as it is with my match with Cena later tonight.

Vince McMahon: Its Mr. McMahon to you Eric. Anyway this isn't going to take a whole lot of.........., actually it might do. Well first off, let me say well done to both of you, for producing two high quality shows, (Crowd Cheer, as Theodore Long and Eric Bischoff acknowledge this.) Now, Now I Want to See Them Collide! (Crowd Cheer)

Eric Bischoff: What, What, What.

Vince McMahon: Sunday November 27th, it Survivor Series, an Inter-Brand PPV. And the Main Event Come Survivor Series is going to be Team Raw vs Team Smackdown in a Classic 5 on 5 Survivor Series Match! (Crowd Cheer)

JR: Oh My God!

Vince McMahon: Oh and that’s not all, to make it interesting, on Homecoming tonight, where going to shake things up again.

Eric Bischoff: What, What, What.

Vince McMahon: Will you stop stuttering. Tonight where going to have a Good Old Draft. Where Both Rosters will be Re-Drafted with a few surprise names! (Crowd Cheer.)

JR: By Gawd, What A Huge Announcement.

Theodore Long: Mr McMahon, i gotta say playa, that’s an excellent idea, Holla, Holla, Holla, when does it start.

Vince McMahon: Well i'm glad you asked that without stuttering Teddy, well it starts right now, So Bring It Out.

Two Backstage Workers Roll Out a Tumbler which contains Balls like the Lottery and either side of it a panel indicating Raw and Smackdown.

Vince McMahon: Now you can randomly select your roster tonight at any given point. So Enjoy!

Vince McMahon leaves to a huge cheer from the crowd.

JR: Wow, what a way to kick off homecoming.

King: Tell me about it, this could be last time we all sit together.

Coach: Well you two will be no loss, i could do this job on my own.

JR: If you say so Coach.

Theodore Long and Eric Bischoff leave the ring. Theodore Long approaches the tumbler as Eric Bischoff watches. Theodore Long draws out a ball from the tumbler.

Theodore Long: Well playa, i got things rolling, and Smackdown have Drafted, Rey Mysterio! (Crowd Cheer)

Eric Bischoff: Hey your not the only one who can do this.

Eric Bischoff puts his hand in the tumbler.

Eric Bischoff: Raw have drafted, Oh Great, John Cena. (Crowd Cheer.)

Theodore Long and Eric Bischoff then begin arguing over who is going next, as Raw plays to a commercial break.

-Commercial Break-

JR: Well during the break, both Theodore Long and Eric Bischoff drew out 3 more draft picks.

King: That’s right, Smackdown getting hold off, Ken Kennedy, Paul and drafted Raw Resident Superhero, The Hurricane.

Coach: Well In My Opinion Raw done quite well, Carlito, Kurt Angle and Trish Stratus.

King: And talking of Trish Stratus, you know what time it is.

*Time To Rock and Roll Hits*
Lilian Garcia: The Next Match, is a 2 on 3 Handicap, Bra and Panties Match, Introducing first the team of Ashley and the WWE Women's Champion, Trish Stratus.

*Need A Little Time Hits*
Lilian Garcia: And their opponents, the team of Victoria, Candice and Torrie Wilson.

Match 1
Trish Stratus and Ashley vs Victoria, Candice and Torrie Wilson
2 on 3 Bra and Panties Match​

Match Summary:
In a decent enough opener, where both teams need to be stripped to their bra and panties, Trish Stratus and Ashley take control, by making quick work of Candice, stripping her down. Just as it seems that Ashley and Trish Stratus are going to take advantage, stripping down Torrie Wilson, Candice re-enters the ring, and takes Trish Stratus out with the Women's Title. Victoria then hit the Widow Peak on Ashley completely laying her out as Torrie Wilson and Candice strip Ashley down. Torrie Wilson and Candice then hold Trish Stratus by her arms, as Victoria toys with her, slapping her across her face. Trish Stratus though fights back and kicks Victoria away, and bashes Candice and Torrie Wilson head together. Trish Stratus then connects with a Chick Kick on Victoria, and throws Candice over the top rope. Trish Stratus then rips off Torrie Wilson shorts, eliminating her, as her top was already disposed off. Trish Stratus then turned her attention to Victoria and picked Victoria up and connected with Stratusfaction, before removing her top and shorts, with help from Ashley to gain the win.

Here are your winners: Trish Stratus and Ashley.

JR: Trish and Ashley done it, stripping their opponents down.

King: Wow, Puppies! Whooo.

Coach: I totally agree with King, who cares about the match, all those beautiful women in their Bra and Panties.

-Backstage Area-Eric Bischoff Office-Eric Bischoff and Theodore Long are at the tumbler.

Eric Bischoff: Your Pick Teddy.

Theodore Long places his hand in the tumbler.

Theodore Long: Stacy Kiebler

Eric Bischoff: Nice pick, now lets see about Raw.

Eric Bischoff places his hand in the tumbler.

Eric Bischoff: Ah, a Masterpiece, Chris Masters.

Theodore Long places his hand in the tumbler.

Theodore Long: Cruiserweight Champion, Nunzio

Eric Bischoff places his hand in the tumbler.

Eric Bischoff: What, How this Possible.

Theodore Long: Who you drafted Playa.

-Vince McMahon enters Eric Bischoff Office-

Vince McMahon: Problem Gentleman.

Eric Bischoff: How this possible Mr. McMahon, the superstar i just drafted to Raw.

Vince McMahon: Ah, I did say their where to be a few surprises, so i decided to re-sign this superstar back to a WWE contract.

Eric Bischoff: But i Fired Him!

Vince McMahon: And i brought him back.

Theodore Long: So who you drafted Playa.

Eric Bischoff: (Gulps) Chris Jericho. (Crowd Cheer)

*Stand Back There a Hurricane Coming Through*
Lilian Garcia: The Next Match is scheduled for One Fall, Introducing for the final time on Raw, weighing at a total combined weight of, 551lbs, The Hurricane and Rosey.

*Hearthrobs Hits*
Lilian Garcia: Their opponents, weighing in at a total combined weight of 445lbs, from Panama City, Fl, Antonio and Romeo, The Hearthrobs.

Match 2
Rosey and The Hurricane vs The Hearthrobs
Tag Team Match​

Match Summary:
In a solid enough encounter, the Hearthrobs dominate majority of the match, by isolating The Hurricane in their corner of their ring. The Hearthrobs use several good tag team tactics, taking advantage of Rosey frustration not getting in the match. Antonio and Romeo double teamed The Hurricane wearing him down gaining several near falls, but still unable to put him away. The finish of the match came when the Hearthrobs went for the Heart Attack (Double STO,) but The Hurricane countered it into a double DDT. With all three superstars down, the referee proceeded a 10 count, as The Hurricane struggled over to his corner. 1.....2.....3.....4.....5.....6.....7....8.....The Hurricane had got to his feet and was stretching to tag in Rosey, but Antonio was holding onto his leg. Antonio got to his feet and The Hurricane hit an enziguri knocking Antonio down. The Hurricane finally made the Hot Tag to Rosey, who came in the ring on fire. Rosey took Romeo down with a huge clothesline, and followed up with a clothesline on Antonio. Rosey then irish whipped both Hearthrobs into the corner turnbuckle and hit a big body splash, flattening both of them. Romeo staggered forward and Rosey hit a huge Samoan Drop, as The Hurricane Clothesline Antonio over the top rope. Romeo was completely laid out in the corner of the ring, as Rosey perched himself upon the second turnbuckle and hit a huge big body splash and made the cover, 1.....2.....3......

Here are your winners: Rosey and The Hurricane

JR: What an impressive final outing from both superstars, in The Hurricane last match on Raw.

King: Well JR, the talking point for me has to be Rosey, he was damn impressive.

Coach: I gotta agree, the Big Man was on fire tonight.

JR: Well Rosey did what was required of him, and look at that now.

The Hurricane and Rosey are in the ring, for probably the last time on Raw, and The Hurricane sticks out his hand gesturing for a hand shake. Rosey shakes The Hurricane hand, and the two of them then hug. Rosey and The Hurricane then go Side By Side and raise each other arm. Rosey then stares at The Hurricane smiling, and then pulls The Hurricane towards him and hits a Short-Arm Clothesline.

JR: What the Hell, What Rosey doing.

Rosey then picks The Hurricane up and irish whips him to the ropes and as The Hurricane bounces off Rosey hits a huge Samoan Drop. Rosey then drags The Hurricane limp body over to the corner of the ring, as Rosey proceeds to perch himself on the second turnbuckle. Rosey then launches himself off and squashes The Hurricane with a Huge Big Body Splash. Rosey then stares at The Hurricane lifeless body and shakes his head as the referee tells Rosey to go backstage, as EMT run out.

JR: Why, Why the hell did Rosey just destroy The Hurricane.

Coach: Why, Who Cares Why, Wow more like it, Rosey was dominant!

King: Rosey sure has turned a leaf here, I’ve never seem him like that.

-Commercial Break-

-Backstage Area-Eric Bischoff Office-

Eric Bischoff: Now that was damn impressive by Rosey, looks like your New Draft Pick, will be on the shelf for a while.

Theodore Long: Well we shall see about that Playa, now i'm guessing its my pick, lets see.

Theodore Long places his hand in the tumbler.

Theodore Long: Playa, Smackdown just drafted, The Undertaker.

Eric Bischoff: Oh Scary, well you've drafted the Deadman, lets see who i drafted.

Eric Bischoff places his hand in the tumbler.

Eric Bischoff: Well I’ve just drafted the Con-Man, Rob Conway.

-Backstage Area-Todd Grisham with Edge.

Todd Grisham: Edge in moments you are going one on one with Matt Hardy to settle your feud, in the Loser Leave Raw, Money In The Bank Ladder Match, Your Thoughts?

Edge: My Thoughts, My Thoughts, Let me tell you Todd! This is Make or Break. Not only is my Money In The Bank Contract on the line, so is my Career. A Career that I’ve worked so god damn hard for. Unlike Matt Hardy who cry and whines on the Internet to be re-signed, I’ve shown why i deserve my career in WWE and on Raw. And Matt you say "You Won't Die." Well tonight i'm personally going to kill you and what you call a career on Raw when you see me climbing that Ladder and Unhooking my Money In The Bank Contract. And tonight all your little M'Fers will see your career die once and for all so go back on the Internet and Cry, Because I’ll have a job and the Women. And Matt, Bank On It!

JR: Well we have just actually received confirmation from backstage that it is unlikely the Draft will be completed by tonight live on Raw, so tune into WWE.com later to see where your favourite superstars are rostered.

King: Hey don't forget about us as well, where not exempt.

Coach: Well i can tell you one thing, with Eric Bischoff as Raw General Manager, don't expect me to go anywhere.

JR: Well folks, we have a biggy for you next, its the return of Triple H to Monday Night Raw after almost a 5 month absence. Lets just take a look at the Game once again.

-Triple H Vignette Plays, Same as Advertised on Raw-

*Time To Play The Game Hits*-(Crowd Cheer)
Lilian Garcia: Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome, "The Game" Triple H.

Triple H comes out to a huge ovation from the crowd, dressed surprisingly in his ring attire, wearing a Black Cerebral Assain T-Shirt. Triple H enters the ring and takes a microphone.

(Crowd Are Cheering, Triple H, Triple H)

Triple H: Wow, Its Great to back in the WWE. (Crowd Cheer.) And let me tell you this, Yes, "The Game" has been away for a long time, but I’ve been watching what’s being happening in the WWE, and now i'm back i'm going to become a 11 Time WWE Champion. (Crowd Give Mixed Reaction.) I see currently the belt is occupied by John Cena (Crowd Cheer at his name.) Well now Triple H is back......

*Whoo Hits*-(Crowd Start a Whooing Chant off)-Ric Flair comes out in his robe carrying the Intercontinental Title. He enters the ring, and stares at Triple H, before hugging him.

Ric Flair: The Greatest Wrestler Alive Is Back! Whoo! Whoo! Welcome Back, Triple H! (Crowd Cheer.) And let me tell you "Champ" its great to have you back. Whoo!

Triple H: Thank you Ric, and looks as if you been doing alright since I’ve been gone, is that some Gold I see.

Triple H then starts buffering the Intercontinental Title with his hand.

Triple H: Well Naitch, now i'm back, its about time we go about how we used and dominate Raw. (Crowd Again Give Mixed Reaction.)

Ric Flair: Whoo! Before we go about doing that, i have some business to take care off tonight against the Masterpiece, Whoo!

*Masterpiece Hits*-(Crowd Boo)-Chris Masters does his usual pose and enters the ring.

Chris Master: Triple H, (Shakes Hands with him.) Pleasure to meet you. Now as for you Ric, where scheduled for a match, well instead of waiting till later, lets have it Right Now!

Ric Flair stands and nods at Chris Masters and then undoes his robe. Triple H leaves the ring as a referee takes the robe and Intercontinental Title from Ric Flair. Who then chops Chris Masters right across the chest.

Match 3
Ric Flair vs Chris Masters
WWE Intercontinental Title Match​

Match Summary:
Despite taking an early advantage, Chris Masters uses his powergame to take control of Ric Flair, hitting several powermoves to take Ric Flair down, but he finds that he is unable to put Ric Flair away for the 3. Ric Flair, though proves he is the "Dirtiest Player in the Game," using several cheat tactics, including and thumb to the eye, and even grabbing Chris Masters crotch while the referee was distracted. Ric Flair took control towards to the close of the match and chop blocked Chris Masters down to his knees. Ric Flair then applied the Figure Four Leg Lock, which Chris Masters writhed in pain, but got to the bottom rope. Ric Flair then broke the hold and pulled Chris Masters back into the centre of the ring, and went for the Figure Four Leg Lock again, but Chris Masters countered kicking Ric Flair away, who inadvertedly collided with the referee. Chris Masters then got to his feet as Ric Flair checked on the referee and applied the Master Lock. Ric Flair though immediately countered it, with two mule kicks in Chris Masters crotch. Ric Flair then started signalling to Triple H, who seemingly understood Ric Flair. Triple H went under the ring apron and pulled out his trusty Sledgehammer. Ric Flair re-applied the Figure Four Leg Lock as Triple H entered the ring holding the sledgehammer. Triple H bounced himself off the rope with Sledgehammer in hand, and just as it seemed he was going to drop it over Chris Masters, Triple H instead hit Ric Flair right across the head, knocking him out, and busting him wide open. Triple H then ripped off his T-Shirt and threw out of the ring, as the fans started booing him. Triple H picked up Ric Flair and hit a Pedigree. Triple H then grabbed the Sledgehammer and walked up the aisle. Chris Masters then breathing heavily picked Ric Flair up from behind as the referee came to and Chris Masters applied the Master Lock. The referee checked on Ric Flair, who body was limp, and called for the bell.

Here is your winner, and New WWE Intercontinental Champion: Chris Masters.

JR: Dammit, What the Hell is Triple H playing at. He just cost Ric Flair the Intercontinental Title.

King: Well i sure was not expecting that, put look at that Masterpiece, look even better with some Gold around his waist.

Coach: I gotta totally agree with you, Chris Masters has the entire package, and now he has some gold to support it.

-Backstage Area-Eric Bischoff Office-

Eric Bischoff: Come on Teddy, i got a match to prepare for.

Theodore Long places his hand in the tumbler.

Theodore Long: Well Playa, Smackdown got a real coup, we just drafted, Triple H.

Eric Bischoff: What! We'll see about that.

Eric Bischoff places his hand in the tumbler.

Eric Bischoff: Who, Who the Hell are the Thrill Seekers.

Voice: I can answer that.

-Trinity formerly of TNA enters Eric Bischoff Office-

Trinity: I'm Trinity, Valet of the Thrill Seekers, and to see what their like, let them have a Non-Title Match against Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade.

Eric Bischoff: Look Trinity, i don't know who the hell you are, but your not drafted on Raw, so don't request matches.

Theodore Long: Playa, that’s no way to treat a lady. In the interest of fairness, Eric make your next draft pick.

Eric Bischoff: Fine!

Eric Bischoff places his hand in the tumbler.

Eric Bischoff: Oh God Sake! What’s the chances! Fine Trinity you been drafted to Raw, Go on get the "Thrill Seekers" ready your match is next!

Theodore Long: Well Holla to that Playa, i just drafted WWE Heavyweight Champion, Batista.

*Cade and Murdoch Hits*-(Crowd Boo)
Lilian Garcia: The Next Match is scheduled for one fall, Introducing first weighing in at a total combined weight of 502lbs, they are the World Tag Team Champions, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch.

*Thrill Seekers Hits*-(Crowd Give a Little Face Reaction)
Lilian Garcia: And their opponents, making their WWE debut, accompanied to the ring, by Trinity, weighing in at a total combined weight of 442lbs, Johnny Jeter and Matt Cappotelli, The Thrill Seekers.

Match 4
Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch vs The Thrill Seekers
Non-Title Tag Team Match​

Match Summary:
In a very high tempo and exciting tag team match, the crowd really get behind The Thrill Seekers, reminscement of the Hardy Boyz. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch use their slight experience edge over The Thrill Seekers, isolating Matt Cappotelli, focusing their attacks on his leg. Matt Cappotelli, though turned the tide in the match, when Lance Cade went for a top rope elbow, which Matt Cappotelli rolled out of the way off, the referee then proceeded a 10 count. 1.....2.....3.....4.....5.....6.....7.....8.....Matt Cappotelli managed to get over to Johnny Jeter and tag him in, as Trevor Murdoch had been tagged in at 7 and was mocking Matt Cappotelli. Johnny Jeter though entered the ring at a frantic pace, springboarding himself in the ring and taking Trevor Murdoch down with a Springboard Clothesline, and then he followed up with a dropkick to Lance Cade. Johnny Jeter then went to focus on Trevor Murdoch who actually hit a drop toe hold causing Johnny Jeter to hit the canvas hard. Trevor Murdoch then began choking Johnny Jeter as Lance Cade laid in the stomp, when out of nowhere, Matt Cappotelli hit a diving crossbody from the top rope taking down Lance Cade and followed up with a running enziguri to Trevor Murdoch laying him out. Matt Cappotelli then clotheslined himself and Lance Cade over the top rope, as Johnny Jeter climbed the top rope and connected with a Moonsault, Johnny Jeter made the cover, 1.....2....Trevor Murdoch just kicked out. Lance Cade then ran into the ring and went for a clothesline on Johnny Jeter who countered by ducking and then hitting a Superkick to Lance Cade sending him over the top rope. Trevor Murdoch then got to his feet, and Johnny Jeter picked him up in an Alabama Slam Position, and held his upper body over his waist, as Matt Cappotelli came off the top turnbuckle, and connected with a leg drop to the back of the head of Trevor Murdoch, Johnny Jeter then made the cover, 1....2....3....

Here are your winners: The Thrill Seekers.

JR: What a debut there by that young team of the Thrill Seekers. Impressive.

King: If they where impressive, Trinity, well see just Wow.

Coach: Hey JR, this ponders the question, The Thrill Seekers pinned the tag team champion, does that make them No.1 Contenders?

JR: Well that is an intelligent point for once Coach, and as for the answer, it remains to be seen if Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch remain on Raw.

-Backstage Area-Todd Grisham with Triple H.

Todd Grisham: Triple H, where all wondering, Why? Why did you cost Ric Flair the match?

Triple H: Your wondering Why? I'll tell you Why! On Smackdown! Where you'll see me on Friday Nights from Now On!

-Backstage Area-Eric Bischoff Office-

Theodore Long places his hand in the tumbler.

Theodore Long: Kid Kash playa.

Eric Bischoff places his hand in the tumbler.

Eric Bischoff: Oh, The Whole F'n Show, Rob Van Dam.

Theodore Long places his hand in the tumbler.

Theodore Long: Well playa, Smackdown got your Special Nephew, Eugene.

Eric Bischoff: Good riddance of that Retard, now lets see who Raw has drawn.

Eric Bischoff places his hand in the tumbler.

Eric Bischoff: Who the hell is Ceem Punk

-Vince McMahon enters Eric Bischoff Office-

Vince McMahon: Eric its actually pronounced CM Punk, we got get your vocabulary checked out.

Eric Bischoff: Mr McMahon, what are you doing here again.

Vince McMahon: Just checking how the draft going.

Theodore Long: Very well Mr McMahon, Smackdown has drawn some great names.

Vince McMahon: Well that’s good to hear, but i'm hear for another reason. Well my mentioning earlier of the Raw vs Smackdown, 5 on 5 Classic Survivor Series Match. I forget to mention, i want both of you to appoint a Team Captain, who will help assemble your team. And i want the announcement no later than Next Week!

JR: Well another big announcement their by Vince McMahon, Captain's have to be named for Team Raw and Team Smackdown.

Coach: Well i can guarantee Eric Bischoff will be thinking of appointing me.

King: Yeah and what’s your team going to be off Coach, Mae Young and Moolah, a right Love Triangle.

Coach: I told you never to mention that!

JR: Well onto Love Triangles, this next match, probably has the largest love triangle ever to occur in the WWE, lets take a look.

-A Edge and Matt Hardy Vignette Plays, showing all events leading to this match.-

*Metalingus Hits*-(Crowd Boo)
Lilian Garcia: The Next Match, Is the Loser Leaves Raw, Money In the Bank Ladder Match, Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing at 240lbs, Edge.

*Live For The Moment Hits*-(Crowd Cheer)
Lilian Garcia: And his opponent, from Cameron, N.C. weighing at 225lbs, Matt Hardy.

Match 5
Edge vs Matt Hardy
Loser Leaves Raw, Money In The Bank Ladder Match​

Match Summary:
Edge and Matt Hardy just went for it in this entertaining encounter. The action began during Matt Hardy entrance, when Edge and Matt Hardy brawled on the aisle way, with Edge throwing Matt Hardy chest first onto the security barricade. Edge attempted to end the match early placing a ladder under the Money In the Bank contract, but Matt Hardy recovered to topple the ladder over. Matt Hardy and Edge both utilised the Ladder as a tag team partner, with Matt Hardy catapulting Edge into the ladder and Edge sandwiching Matt Hardy in-between the ladder. After about 8 minutes into the match, with neither Matt Hardy or Edge getting close to retrieve the Money In the Bank contract, more weapons appeared, notably tables and chairs. Matt Hardy and Edge busted each other wide open, bleeding heavily staining the ring apron. Edge speared Matt Hardy through a table which was resting in corner turnbuckle, as Matt Hardy hit a modified Twist of Fate, from the top of the ladder onto the Edge, which caused them both to go flying out of the ring and threw tables that had been set up on the outside. After being laid out for about a 90 seconds laid out, both Edge and Matt Hardy begin to stir and crawl back into the ring, battered, bloody and bruised. A ladder was still balanced underneath the Money In the Bank contract as Matt Hardy slowly began to climb the ladder, though about quarter way up the ladder, Edge got some sort of Second Wind and Speared Matt Hardy off the ladder and into a table next to the ladder. Matt Hardy was completely laid out, as Edge began to climb the ladder and began to claw at the Money In the Bank contract about half way up. Matt Hardy then somehow seemingly recovered though groggy, began shaking the ladder while Edge was upon it. Just as it seemed Matt Hardy was about to knock the ladder over, Lita came sprinting down to ringside and hit a low blow on Matt Hardy, causing him to fall down in pain. Edge then continued climbing the ladder and unhook the Money In the Bank Contract, and stood upon the ladder, victorious.

Here is your winner in the Loser Leaves Raw, Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Edge.

JR: That She-Devil, Lita, What A Bitch! She just cost Matt Hardy his career.

King: Calm down JR, your going to burst a blood vessel or something.

Coach: Now that’s called love. Lita stood by her man.

Edge still stand perched upon the ladder as Lita holds the ladder looking up at Edge smiling, when suddenly her smiles turns to a frown and she pushes the ladder over, as Edge leaps of he goes through another table as Lita looks at Edge and then Matt Hardy shaking her head.

JR: What, My Gawd, Lita just turned on Edge, what the hell.

King: I can't believe we just witnessed that. Lita just shoved Edge all the way to hell.

Coach: But, But, Lita and Edge, what this is to weird.

EMT's rush out to ringside and check on Edge and Matt Hardy before loading them upon stretchers.

-Commercial Break-

-Backstage Area-Todd Grisham with Lita.

Todd Grisham: Lita, why did you just push Edge off the Ladder?

Lita: You want to why, Edge and Matt Hardy have been whining and moaning and fighting for so long, and they say over me. Matt your out of here, so go back to your computer screen, and cry and bitch in cyberworld. And Edge, you Bastard, you turned my world upside down getting me involved in your childish feud. So i done what i needed. But now i have my eyes on someone else. She called me the "Kiss of Death," and she sent me to the brink, and you fans cheer her. Trish, you slut, i'm coming for you!

-Backstage Area-Eric Bischoff Office-

Theodore Long: Smackdown playa, have just drafted, Tajiri.

Eric Bischoff places his hand in the tumbler.

Eric Bischoff: F.B.A. Who's F.B.A.

Theodore Long: I don't know Playa, but its my pick again.

Theodore Long places his hand in the tumbler.

Theodore Long: Well Holla to this playa, he just left Raw, and been drafted to Smackdown, Matt Hardy.

Eric Bischoff: You better hope i get Edge.

Eric Bischoff places his hand in the tumbler.

Eric Bischoff: Lita!

JR: Well as you saw the draft continues, and what a bold statement by Lita.

Coach: Bold only half it JR, now she finally free of Matt and Edge, she setting her sights on that WWE Women's Title again.

King: And we've seen previously the matches that those two produce. But the question is who is F.B.A.

JR: Well King, i can actually answer that for you.

Coach: Let the expert answer JR, its the Full Blooded Italians, here on Raw.

JR: Well firstly Coach, that F.B.I. F.B.A. is a new tag team that is debuting on Raw, what i do know is that one half of the Tag Team is Booker T. And i did catch up earlier with Booker who discussed the F.B.A.

-Video Package on the Titantron of JR and Booker T speaking-

JR: Now Booker, rumour has it, that you'll be debuting a new partner in the near future, could you give any confirmation.

Booker T: Tell me you just didn't say that. Tell me you just didn't say that! Well JR its true, Booker T has found a tag team partner, and together we've formed the F.B.A. My Partner, Booker T, Association, and you just have to wait a couple weeks till our debut. Now Can You Dig That! SUCKA!

Coach: Interesting segment their JR, and as a hapless reporter you are you where unable to find out his partner.

JR: Well I’d like to see you do a better job.

King: Well i for one cannot wait till F.B.A. debut. But up next is a huge match, its time for the 30 minute Iron-Man Match.

JR: That’s right, the "Rubber Match" One a piece, between Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle.

Coach: And don't forget the winner automatically becomes No.1 Contender to the WWE Title.

JR: Well lets just take a quick look of Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle history.

-A Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle vignette plays, showing their previous matches-

*Medals Hit*-(Crowd Boo and Chant You Suck)
Lilian Garcia: The next match is the 30 minute Iron Man Match, with the winner becoming No.1 Contender to the WWE Title. Introducing first from Pittsburgh, Penn, weighing at 220lbs, he is the only ever Olympic Gold Medallist in the WWE, Kurt Angle.

*Sexy Boy Hits*-(Crowd Cheer)
Lilian Garcia: His opponent, from San Antonio, Tx, weighing in at 225lbs, The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels.

Match 6
Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels
30 Minute Iron Man Match​

Match Summary:
After an entertaining encounter, similar of Wrestlemania and Vengeance, the scores are level at 1-1. 25 Minutes of the match have already passed as Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle are worn out incredibly. Kurt Angle scored the first fall, after 8 minutes into the match. Kurt Angle focused all his attacks on Shawn Michaels ankle, weakening him for the Ankle Lock and reducing the risk of Sweet Chin Music. Kurt Angle wrapped Shawn Michaels ankle across the steel ring post, as well as hitting knee drops, weakening Shawn Michaels knee. Kurt Angle went for the Ankle Lock, which Shawn Michaels countered by kicking Kurt Angle away. Shawn Michaels hobbled to his feet and went for Sweet Chin Music as Kurt Angle ran at him, but Kurt Angle countered, by grabbing Shawn Michaels foot and locking in the Ankle Lock. Kurt Angle then wrapped his legs around Shawn Michaels ankle and trapped him in the centre of the ring. After about a minute in the Ankle Lock, Shawn Michaels tapped out. Kurt Angle looked as if he was in complete control, from there onwards attempting to put Shawn Michaels away for a second fall, hitting an Angle Slam, which gained a 2 count, and locking in the Ankle Lock again, but Shawn Michaels somehow fought to the second rope. At 20 minutes into the match, Kurt Angle went for the Angle Slam again, which Shawn Michaels countered by flipping of Kurt Angle back and hitting Sweet Chin Music, right into Kurt Angle jaw. Shawn Michaels body then just fell on Kurt Angle as the referee made the count, 1.....2.....3.....With the falls level, both Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle where laid out on the canvas recovering. Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle then took their epic match to the outside where they climbed upon the announce table and Kurt Angle went for the Angle Slam on the table, which Shawn Michaels countered into a DDT, taking both men through the table. Neither men moved for about a minute as the clock ticked into the 26 minute mark. Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle then groggily got themselves back in the ring, and somehow on their feet exchanged blows. Shawn Michaels took advantage, and hit an inverted Atomic Drop followed up with a scoop slam. The clock ticked to the 27 minute mark, as Shawn Michaels sluggishly began climbing the top rope. Shawn Michaels got to the top, and was unsteady, when Kurt Angle somehow with a second wind ran up, to the turnbuckle and began to exchange blows with Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle took advantage, and underhook Shawn Michaels legs, and hit a modified Angle Slam, as the clocked ticked into 28 minutes. Both superstar where down for about 30 seconds, when Kurt Angle threw his arm over Shawn Michaels, the referee made the count, 1.....2....3....No, Shawn Michaels got his shoulder up at the very last moment. Shawn Michaels then began kicking his leg as if having a spasm, and flipped up as the clock ticked to 29 minutes. Shawn Michaels then went to the opposite corner of the ring and grabbed the ring rope and began stomping his foot signalling for Sweet Chin Music, Kurt Angle then got to his feet and turned around and walked straight into Sweet Chin Music, the clock signalled 29 minutes and 28 seconds, and Shawn Michaels made the cover, 1.....2.....3.....No Kurt Angle this time kicked out. Shawn Michaels got to his feet in disbelief, as the clock ticked down to 29 minutes and 40 seconds, when Kurt Angle grabbed Shawn Michaels leg and locked in the Ankle Lock. Kurt Angle applied all sort of pressure as Shawn Michaels screamed in pain. The clock came down in its final 10 seconds as the crowd counted down, 10....9....8....7....6....5....4.....3....2....1....the bell rang as Shawn Michaels tapped out. Kurt Angle broke the Ankle Lock and used the ropes as leverage to get up and put his arm in celebration, as the referee conferred with Lilian Garcia.

Lilian Garcia: Ladies and Gentleman, the referee has just informed me that this match has been ruled as a draw. (Crowd Boo.) Due to pre-contract agreement no overtime shall take place either. (Crowd Boo.)
Coach: What that aint right, Kurt Angle made Shawn Michaels tap out before the clock ticked down to 30.

JR: Well if you watch carefully Coach, Shawn Michaels tapped after the bell rang, so technically this match is a draw.

King: But that leaves us without a No.1 Contender for the WWE Title.

JR: Well your quite right there King, i'm guessing that this is a decision needs to be made from Eric Bischoff.

-Commercial Break-

-Backstage Area-Carlito and Chris Masters in a Lockeroom-

Carlito: Masterpiece that Intercontinental Title looks Cool around your waist.

Chris Masters: Thanks Carlito. The Masterpiece is complete with Gold.

Carlito: Yeah, Yeah, but you know what else is cool, when Carlito had the Intercontinental Title.

Chris Masters: Yeah but that was the past, this Carlito (Chris Masters flexes,) this is the future.

-Backstage Area-Eric Bischoff Office-

Eric Bischoff: Come on Teddy my match is next.

Theodore Long: Hey don't rush a brother, playa.

-Kurt Angle suddenly comes storming into Eric Bischoff Office-

Kurt Angle: I made Shawn Michaels tap out! I won the Iron-Man Match, I should be No.1 Contender!

Eric Bischoff: Calm down Kurt, listen my match against Cena is next, let me deal with that, and next week I’ll make an announcement in regards to what happened earlier tonight.

Kurt Angle: You better Eric and make sure you make the right choice.

Eric Bischoff: Well right choices are made, when the right people help make these choices.

-Kurt Angle nods at Eric Bischoff and leaves-

Theodore Long: "The Big Red Machine" Kane coming to Smackdown, playa i'm getting a good seat for your title match, check ya later playa, Holla, Holla, Holla.

-Theodore Long leaves-

Eric Bischoff takes out his Mobile Phone and dials a number.

Eric Bischoff: Are you ready? Good, Good, (Eric Bischoff puts his hand in the tumbler and starts throwing the ball upwards.) See you later.

Eric Bischoff hangs up and starts smiling.

JR: Interesting phone conversation that just occurred, well folks as we said earlier, the draft will be incomplete tonight, so log on to WWE.com later to check where your favourite superstars are heading.

King: And don't forget about us!

Coach: Yeah, i mean Raw would be nothing without Coach.

JR: If you say so Coach, but anyway up next is our Main Event, WWE Title on the line, John Cena vs Eric Bischoff, lets take a look at their history.

-A Vignette plays of John Cena time on Raw and his feud with Eric Bischoff-

*I'm Back Hits*-(Crowd Boo)
Lilian Garcia: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and its for the WWE Championship. Introducing first, now residing in Chandler, Ariz, he is WWE Raw, General Manager, Eric Bischoff.

*My Time Is Now Hits*-(Crowd Go Crazy)
Lilian Garcia: And his opponent, from West Newbury, Mass, weighing in at 240lbs, he is the WWE Champion, John Cena

Match 7
Eric Bischoff vs John Cena
WWE Championship Match​

Match Summary:
John Cena completely dominates the match, despite Eric Bischoff taking somewhat early advantage, using his martial art experience. John Cena though begin to beat down Eric Bischoff and has several opportunities to finish the match, John Cena continues to beat down Eric Bischoff further. John Cena uses his street fighting moves, including stomping a mudhole in Eric Bischoff, and hitting Eric Bischoff with Scoop Slams, Suplexes and Spinebusters. John Cena then hits Eric Bischoff with a Spinning Out Powerbomb, and followed up with the 5-Knuckle Shuffle. John Cena then began to pump up, as Eric Bischoff got to his feet. John Cena hoisted Eric Bischoff upon his shoulders for the FU, but Eric Bischoff began to fight out of it, kicking his legs, John Cena span around with Eric Bischoff on his shoulders, and accidentally took out the referee with Eric Bischoff legs. John Cena then connected with the FU but noticed the referee was down. John Cena checked on the referee, when Kurt Angle came running out and went for a clothesline on John Cena, but John Cena ducked underneath and began unloading on Kurt Angle. John Cena backed Kurt Angle up into the corner of the ring and began beating him down. John Cena then hoisted Kurt Angle upon his shoulders for the FU, but as John Cena turned round he was kicked in the crotch by none other than Eddie Guerrero. Eddie Guerrero then helped Eric Bischoff up, and then stared down at Kurt Angle. All 3 men looked at each other and began stomping away on John Cena, when suddenly Shawn Michaels ran out to make the save. He took Eddie Guerrero down with a double leg takedown and then went for Kurt Angle who took Shawn Michaels head off with a clothesline. Kurt Angle then mounted upon Shawn Michaels and began beating him down. The referee started to come round, but Eric Bischoff kicked him in the head knocking him out again, as Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero continued to beat down John Cena and Shawn Michaels. Theodore Long then came out holding a microphone as the match kind of just ended.

Theodore Long: Eddie, Playa, What the hell you doing? This is Raw not Smackdown!

Eric Bischoff then stared at Theodore Long and hit a Martial Art Kick right into Theodore Long jaw knocking him out. Eric Bischoff then grabbed a microphone.

Eric Bischoff: This match is void! And as for you Teddy, take a look at Raw newest recruit, Eddie Guerrero! And just like that at Survivor Series, Raw will beat Smackdown!

*Rise Up Hits*-(Crowd Give Mixed Reaction)-The Smackdown Lockeroom comes down the aisle, all shoulder by shoulder. Led to the ring by Batista, the likes of Chris Benoit, Christian, Rey Mysterio, Tajiri, The Hurricane, Ken Kennedy, Paul London and many more superstars off the Smackdown Lockeroom. Batista takes a microphone.

Batista: Hey Eric, you made the first move in Raw vs Smackdown, now its time for Smackdown to make its move.

Eric Bischoff, Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero wave to all the Smackdown superstars to bring it on. As Smackdown Lockeroom surround the ring. Eric Bischoff the places the microphone to his mouth.

Eric Bischoff: Well if Smackdown making their move, time for Raw to make our move!

*Across The Nations Hits*-The entire of Raw Lockeroom enters the arena and come down the aisle.

Eric Bischoff: Lets take a little preview of Survivor Series, with Raw kicking Smackdown Ass!

All the Raw rostered superstar run down the aisle and huge brawl erupts between Smackdown and Raw. Friends and Enemy on the same roster stand together as Raw and Smackdown beat the holy hell out of each other. Batista enters the ring and brawls with Kurt Angle, as on the outside the likes of Shelton Benjamin and Paul London and MNM and Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch just beat each other down. Raw seemingly begins to gain the upper hand. As superstars finishing moves are coming out left, right and centre, Chokeslams, RKO, Unprettier occur everywhere, as Smackdown superstars begin to back up the aisle as Raw take the advantage.

JR: What a Slobberknocker! Raw, Smackdown, Oh My Gawd!

King: Come On Raw! Hey Coach where you going.

Coach leaves his position at the announce booth and goes for double axe-handle on Kane, but instead Kane catches him and Chokeslams him. But then Rosey comes up from behind Kane and takes him down. As majority of the Raw superstars get in the ring as Smackdown Lockeroom retreat up the aisle.

JR: Well folks where out of time here on homecoming and believe me this Raw and Smackdown rivalry has only just begun. See you next week.

Raw goes off the air with Across the Nations Playing with the Raw Roster standing tall in the middle of the ring as Smackdown continue their retreat. (John Cena and Shawn Michaels remain layed out on the outside of the ring.)

The Drafted Rosters will be posted later as well as PPV's and their dates.

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Great to see a draft lottery starting.

2-on-3 - Good match. I though the 2-on-1 was going to be much for Trish but I like her getting the win.

Great to see Chris Jericho going to RAW maybe he will help Cena win.

Rosey and The Hurricane vs The Hearthrobs-Great match I though Hearthrobs were going to win but a nice win for the Super Heroes.

I like Rosey attacking The Hurricane I can see either 3 Minute Warning or a Super Villian gimmick coming for Rosey.

Ric Flair vs Masters-The Game is back what the heck he is helping Masters. I though it was time for HHH face time. I don't like the fact that Flair lost the title because it could have worked out with the title for their rivalry oh well.

Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch vs The Thrill Seekers-Great match with the Thrill Seekers picking up the win. Probably a title push coming.

That didn't answer the question.

Edge vs Matt Hardy-Very good match. Let me guess Lita's new guy is Jeff Hardy.

Iron Man Match-Very entertaining MOTN. I was booing because I though HBK was going to loase but it ended up being a draw. Hopefully a 3-way will happen.

Eric vs Cena-Good match I see a 4-way or 3-way happening soon.

Good ending with the both rosters getting into that fight.

Great first show you put a lot of work into this. Can't wait for SD!

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I can only give you a quick review since i am busy at the moment. Great announcement made about the Smackdown v Raw match at Surviver Series. Nice to see a new Intercontinental Champion in Masters, and Triple H v Flair should happen soon. Great match with Hardy and Edge. Shocking to see Lita turn against Edge. Another great match between HBK and Angle, and possibly a Triple Threat Match for the World Title. And a good mian event with a great aftermath

Overall rating 45/50 A very good first show for this thread

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Thanks everyone for the reviews, please keep them coming. They will all be returned soon enough.

From WWE.com

After the draft was complete on Monday Night Raw, here is the final outcome of the draft.

John Cena
Kurt Angle
Eddie Guerrero
Shawn Michaels
Big Show
Chris Masters
Rob Conway
Shelton Benjamin
Rob Van Dam
Kerwin White
Torrie Wilson
Trish Stratus
Alexis Laree
Nick Nemeth
CM Punk
Chris Jericho
Hardcore Holly
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Scotty 2 Hotty
Lance Cade
Trevor Murdoch
Matt Striker
Simon Dean
William Regal
Paul Burchill
Matt Cappotelli
Johnny Jeter
Gene Snitsky
Booker T
??? (Booker T Tag Team Partner)

Triple H
Chris Benoit
Randy Orton
Ken Kennedy
Matt Hardy
Rey Mysterio
Orlando Jordan
The Hurricane
Paul London
Kid Kash
Brian Kendrick
Jamie Noble
Christy Hemme
Jillian Hall
Stacy Kiebler
Super Crazy
Michelle McCool
Road Warrior Animal
Tyson Tomko
Joey Mercury
Johnny Nitro
Rene Dupree
Sylvain Grenier
Bubba Ray Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Steven Richards
Johnny Parisi
Ric Flair
Val Venis
EDIT: I previously typed Brock Lesnar actually meant Bobby Lashley

Tag Teams and Stables:

Kerwin White and Nick Nemeth
Torrie Wilson, Candice and Victoria
Booker T, ??? and Sharmell: F.B.A.
Danny Basham and Doug Basham: Basham Brothers
Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade
Antonio and Romeo: Hearthrobs
William Regal and Paul Burchill: Ukliq
Matt Cappotelli, Johnny Jeter and Trinity: Thrill Seekers

Juventud, Super Crazy and Psicosis: Mexicools
JBL, Orlando Jordan and Jillian Hall: The Cabinet
Brian Kendric and Paul London
Tyson Tomko and Christian
Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro and Melina: MNM
Rene Dupree and Sylvain Grenier: La Resistance
Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley: Dudley Boyz
Viscera and Val Venis: V Squared

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Opening segment: Great promo looking forward to the draft and the match at survivor series.

Bra and Panties match: Nothing special at all, but the WWE booked it so i guess you had to do it.

Rosey and the hurricane vs the heartthrobs: Pretty standard tag match, completly didn't expect Rosey to turn on the hurricane, i look forward to seeing where this goes.

Edge promo: Great promo, very well written

Ric Flair vs Chris Masters: A decent match, but the HHH turn you could see a mile off.

Cade and Murdoch vs the thrill seekers: A good win for the thrill seekers, i look forward to seeing how this new team develops.

Edge vs Matt Hardy: Very good match, i wasn't expecting so much use of tables.. Lita turning on Edge was a shock.. but 3 deception angles in one show is overdoing it in my opinion.

Booker T segment: It will be intresting to find out who his new partner is.. your really shaking up your tag divisions :).

Kurt Angle vs HBK: MOTN.. didn't know which way this was going to go, a more creative ending would have been nice but i suppose the draw result was done for a purpose.

Bischoff vs Cena: I wasn't expecting Guerrero to help, but it was a nice surprise.

I also enjoyed all of the draft segments and the conrontation between the 2 rosters at the end.

Overall rating: 8/10.

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Awesome way to kick of the show, with McMahon announcing the Survivor Series Main Event of Raw vs SD. Adds a lot of added intrigue to the event. And the re-draft is a nice touch too.

Trish and Ashley get the win in a nonsense Bra & Panties match. I suspect it will be the first and last in this thread, as I'm sure you have better things lined up than this.

Brilliantly done, with Chris Jericho being re-drafted, and to Raw too. Very few switches at this point though, which is a little dissapointing.

Nice win for Hurricane and Rosey, which I guess will be their last time teaming, with Hurricane off to SD. Had to suspect the heel turn from Rosey, with the commentators bigging him up, leading to the attack. I sense Jamal might be returning to reform the 3MW. Just a hunch, as I cant see Rosey cutting it alone.

Intense interview with Edge. Looking forward to MITB ladder match later, hard to pick a winner.

Triple H's return was a bit of a let down, with his return being undercut by Chris Masters and Ric Flair. The turn had to come from Triple H, and it was fairly unique too. I have a feeling we might see Evolution Part 2, with HHH and Chris Masters this time taking the Orton role.

Wasnt too keen on The Games return in general. It just didnt seem like a big deal to me in the end. You brought it back a little though with the turn at the end.

TRIPLE H TO SMACKDOWN!!?? Holy Crap. Wasnt expecting that. Hopefully we wont be seeing HHH and Batista face off again though.

Thrillseekers on Raw?? Nice. Having Trinity with them is a nice added touch, and they seem to be a face version of MNM.

Excellent debut win for the Thrillseekers on Raw. I'm liking this duo right away. Very fresh, and a breath of fresh air to the tag team division on Raw.

Some interesting picks, with SD definately getting the best drafts right now, which is the right thing to do, in order to even the sides up.

Team Captains to be announced, gives the SS match a lot more added intrigue. I see a lot of arguments on that front.

BOOOOO!!! Edge is the winner, in what appeared to be an awesome Ladder Match. Lita costing Matt the match helps Hardy still look strong. I expect Matt to end up on SD, and possibly face Edge again at WM.
HA HA HA HA HA!!! Lita turns on Edge!!! Loving it. Never expected Lita to turn against both men. I hope this doesnt lead to a face turn for Edge though. Nice to see Lita adressing Trish. Should have quite a bit of life left in it still, with the bad blood between them.

Would like Teddy Long to draft at least one of the weird picks, that no one knows of. Bischoff is having no luck, lol.

Booker T debuting a new partner?? My memory is too bad to be able to think of someone beginning with F. I bet I should know, but I just cant think. Glad to see Booker being placed into a tag team know, as he just cant cut it in singles competition nowadays.

Iron Man Match finishing in a draw?? No fair. Decent finish though. I always enjoy the disputed finishes like this. Sets up the possibility of a triple threat match now at Survivor Series.

Hmmm... might be grasping at straws, but I have a feeling that Masters and Carlito may end up feuding, with CCC turning face. May be a long shot though.

Bischoff phoning a friend?? Nothing will get him out of the next match.

Eddie Guerrero drafted to Raw?? Huge move. Nice build up after the match for the SS, with a SD vs Raw brawl.

Awesome finish, with Smackdown and Raw brawling too. Should be a terrific build up for Survivor Series.

is better than you!
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Well not much time right now for an full review but an great Homecoming, nice to see another draft and some nice picks at that, the Elimination Match at SS should be an great one and I see Eddie Guerrero being the Captain for Team Raw. However, good luck with this new thread of your's and hopefully we will be seeing some amazing shows in the next couple of months!

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Thanks for all the reviews so far, i forget to post this earlier with the WWE Rosters, so doing it in character:

From WWE.com

The PPV listings have been released by WWE and it is as follows:

WWE Survivor Series: November 27th 2005
Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI

WWE Armageddon: December 18th 2005
Dunkin Donuts Center, Providence, RI

WWE Royal Rumble: January 29th 2006
American Airlines Arena, Miami, FL

WWE No Way Out: February 26th 2006
1st Mariner Arena, Baltimore, MD

WWE Wrestlemania 22: April 2nd 2006
Allstate Arena, Chicago, IL

WWE Backlash: April 30th 2006
Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY

WWE Judgement Day: May 28th 2006
Pepsi Arena, Albany NY

WWE Vengeance: June 25th 2006
Arrowhead Pond, California

WWE Great American Bash: July 30th 2006
Key Arena, Washington

WWE Summerslam: August 27th 2006
Madison Square Garden, New York

WWE Unforgiven: September 24th 2006
The Skydome, Toronto

WWE No Mercy: October 29th 2006
The Astradome, Houston, Texas

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Looks to be pretty good. Homecoming was written out very well and I am 99 percent sure of who Booker's partner is. Wolf, I think he may be in the A.F.A but I am not sure. Sorry for the short review as I don't have much time but i will be reading!
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