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WWE hinting at Taker's participation at Mania?

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Didn't see it posted (so if I missed it, sorry)

Not sure if there was any doubt about Taker's participation at Mania 30, but appears he's been advertised now.
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so then Punk vs Del Rio is happening then and Mark Henry vs Orton too right?

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it's been posted.

I don't think there was any doubt regarding Undertaker's status for Wrestlemania 30. I mean... it's Wrestlemania 30.

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Well no shit Undertaker is going to be at WM. You seriously think they would have him skip the biggest wm ever?
Where did I imply that? In fact, I'm implying the exact opposite of what you're suggesting.

But just to add to what you're saying, last time I checked, you're not in close personal connection with Taker. You don't know what thoughts go on in his head, you don't know if he's even physically able to compete.

You're just saying it on a whim because it's Wrestlemania XXX and you automatically think that means something to everyone lol.


Also to everybody else, I apologized at the beginning of the post for if it had already been posted.... I do have a life outside this forum fortunately, so it's pretty easy to miss some stuff ;)
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