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This dawns us back to the WWE fresh off of the first ever TLC pay-per-view at the tail end of 2009. I plan to follow close to the WWE with its debuts, exits, real injures, and such, to add realism to this. For RAW I am ditching the Special Guest Host General Managers and just put Vince in charge. Reminder, this is ater Bret Hart was kicked between the legs by Vince McMahon

Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler
General Manager: Vince McMahon

Sheamus (WWE Champion)
John Cena
Triple H (Unified Tag Team Champion)
Shawn Michaels (Unified Tag Team Champion)
Randy Orton
The Big Show
Montel Vontavious Porter
Mark Henry
Kofi Kingston
Santino Marella
Evan Bourne
Primo Colon
Cody Rhodes
Ted DiBiase Jr.
Jack Swagger
The Miz (United States Champion)
Chris Masters
Chavo Guerrero
Jamie Noble

RAW Divas...(Divas Championship Vacant due to Injury)
Melina (injured)
Gail Kim
Kelly Kelly
Candice Michelle
Maryse Ouellet
Rosa Mendes
Alicia Fox
Jillian Hall

RAW Tag Teams and Stables
Legacy (Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase)
D-Generation X (Shawn Michaels and Triple H) (Unified Tag Team Champions)
MVP and Mark Henry
The Colons (Carlito and Primo)

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts
Announcers: Jim Ross & Todd Grisham
General Manager: Vickie Guerrero
General Manager: Theodore Long

The Undertaker (World Heavyweight Champion)
Rey Mysterio
CM Punk
Chris Jericho
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre (Intercontinental Champion)
Matt Hardy
The Great Khali
John Morrison
Luke Gallows
Shad Gaspard
Slam Master J
Curt Hawkins
Jimmy Wang-Yang
Kung Funaki
Ranjin Singh
Tyson Kidd
David Hart Smith
Mike Knox
Eric Escobar

SmackDown! Divas
Mickie James (Women's Champion)
Maria Kanellis
Eve Torres
Michelle McCool
Natalya Neidhart
Layla El
Beth Phoenix

SmackDown! Tag Teams and Stables
Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard & JTG)
The Hart Dynasty (DH Smith, Tyson Kidd & Natalya) and Chris Jericho
Lay-Cool (Layla and Michelle McCool)
Jeri-Show (Chris Jericho and Big Show)
Straightedge Society (CM Punk and Luke Gallows)

Even though it will be closing down still by the Royal Rumble, here is ECW

Ring Announcer: Tony Chimmel
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Matt Striker
General Manager: Tiffany

Christian (ECW Champion)
Shelton Benjamin
The Hurricane
Yoshi Tatsu
Tyler Reks
William Regal
Vladimir Kozlov
Ezekiel Jackson
Paul Burchill
Zack Ryder
Abraham Washington
Curtis Axel

ECW Divas
The Bella Twins
Courtney Taylor
Katie Lea Burchill

ECW Tag Teams and Stables
The Roundtable (William Regal, Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson)
Katie Lea & Paul Burchill
The Bella Twins
The Hurricane and Goldust

Results from...

WWE Unified Tag Team Championships
TLC Match

D-Generation X defeated Jeri-Show(c)

WWE Championship
Tables Match

Sheamus defeated John Cena(c)

World Heavyweight Championship
Chairs Match

Undertaker(c) defeated Batista

Randy Orton defeated Kofi Kingston

ECW Championship
Ladder Match

Christian(c) defeated Shelton Benjamin

Intercontinental Championship
Drew McIntyre defeated John Morrison(c)

Women’s Championship
Michelle McCool(c) w/Layla defeated Mickie James

Preview for...
Monday Night RAW
December 14, 2009​

End of a War
Fresh off of TLC 24 hours ago, tonight we bring you the end of the war between Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston. To make sure it is the end of the heated rivalry, both men will compete in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match in the Main Event of RAW

Hart Returns, Reactions to Low Blow
After his emotional return, Bret Hart was low blowed by chairman Vince McMahon. Tonight, Bret Hart make his return and promises to call out Mr. McMahon.

Unified Tag Team Championship Rematch
Last night, Jeri-Show lost to DX with the titles on the line. Tonight, Jericho and Big Show look to regain their titles tonight!

MVP Requests a United States Championship Match
We have found out here at WWE.com, that MVP sent in a request for a US Title match against the champion, The Miz. No news yet on if the challenge has been accepted by The Miz or signed off by Vince McMahon.

Confirmed Matches:
2-out-of-3 Falls: Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton
Unified Tag Team Titles: DX vs. Jeri-Show


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Monday Night RAW
December 14, 2009​

Recap of TLC:
DX winning the Unified Tag Team Championships in a TLC Match from Jeri-Show

John Cena slipping off of the top rope and through a table to award the WWE Title to Sheamus

And Randy Orton defeating Kofi Kingston...but the War Ends Tonight!

Pyro and Music hits

Michael Cole and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler welcome us to Monday Night RAW and go the results of TLC last night, and hype up the main event match tonight: The War Ends Tonight, a Two-out-of-Three Falls Match between ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton versus the up-and-coming Kofi Kingston. These two have gone back and forth for months with a pay-per-view victory apiece, with Kingston picking up the win Survivor Series and Orton last night at TLC. Tonight their feud will come to a definitive end.

-It’s a New Day-​

Legacy’s Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes come down and take up a microphone. Rhodes talks about how Kofi Kingston has been nothing more than a slight thorn in the side of Randy Orton and Legacy, but tonight that ends. DiBiase comments on how as a unit, Legacy has defeated John Cena, DX, and every other superstar that has gotten in their way, which is why Orton will be able to beat Kingston with ease.

-No Chance-

Vince McMahon comes out and welcomes Legacy`s thinking, seeing as tonight with Bret Hart coming to confront him the last thing Vince needs are more problems, which is why Rhodes and DiBiase will be banned from ringside. Vince has enough on his plate. If Legacy were to get involved in the Main Event or touch Kingston before the match, well it would be unfortunate, because they would be FIRED! McMahon wants the rivalry between Orton and Kingston to end, tonight. No more interference, no more outside attacks. Besides, Vince knows how much DiBiase and Rhodes are want to get into a scrap, so he sets them up with a singles match apiece, with Rhodes’ match starting now.

-Bourne to Fly-​

Evan Bourne comes out to a pop from the crowd as we head to the first commercial break.


As we return to RAW, we are in the middle of first match of the night.

Match One:
Cody Rhodes w/Ted DiBiase vs. Evan Bourne

Rhodes is in control of the match keeping Bourne grounded during the commercial break. Rhodes goes for backdrop, Bourne flips over and lands on his feet, then lands a Spinning Heel Kick on the Legacy member. Bourne takes control of the match with a variety of strikes, kicks, and fast grapples. When Evan sets for at the top turnbuckle with Rhodes flat on the mat, DiBiase gets involved and distracts the referee. Air Bourne on Cody Rhodes! Bourne goes for the pin but the referee is distracted. Bourne pulls the referee away from DiBiase and pins Cody again. Rhodes kicks out with Bourne showing frustration. DiBiase gets back on the apron and calls the referee over. Bourne charges at DiBiase, but DiBiase drops down in time. The referee pushes Bourne back then instructs DiBiase to stay off of the apron. With the referee’s back turned, Rhodes low blows Bourne and hits the Cross Rhodes. DiBiase gets the referee to turn around and counts Cody’s pin for the win.
Winner: Cody Rhodes via pinfall (6:34)

Legacy celebrate in the ring as Bourne tries to get to his feet to inform the referee of what happened. Before Bourne can say a word, Legacy attacks him from behind.

-Close Your Eyes-​

ECW Champion Christian comes running down for the save! He ducks a double clothesline from Legacy and then Christian spears Cody Rhodes! Rhodes rolls out of the ring as the referee gets Bourne out of the ring. Christian ducks another clothesline from Ted, then responds with a slap across DiBiase’s face. The bell rings signalling that Christian is DiBiase’s opponent.

Match Two:

Ted DiBiase w/Cody Rhodes vs. ECW Champion Christian w/Evan Bourne

With DiBiase still dazed from the slap, Christian rolls up DiBiase but he kicks out at 2. Christian takes control of the match until DiBiase takes over when he counters a Suplex by Christian into a DDT. During the match Evan Bourne ensures Cody Rhodes does not interfere in the match. Eventually Christian regains control of the match by sling shooting his feet into DiBiase’s face by using the ropes. When DiBiase staggers back, Christian climbs the turnbuckle and goes for a Flying Cross Body! DiBiase catches and rolls into it creating a pinfall on Christian! Christian kicks out, ducks yet another clothesline, and locks in and engages the Kill Switch on DiBiase! Christian goes for the pin, but Rhodes jumps in and attacks the ECW Champion!​

Winner: Christian via DQ (5:21)​

Evan Bourne comes rolls into the ring and helps Christian fight off Legacy, but to no avail. Rhodes and DiBiase have both Bourne and Christian down until Kofi Kingston comes running down with a steel chair! Legacy turns tail and runs for it as Kingston rolls into the ring swinging around that steel chair. Kingston, Bourne, and ECW Champion Christian stand in the ring keeping an eye on Legacy as Kingston’s music fills the arena.

Backstage Interview with the new Unified Tag Team Champions, Triple H and Shawn Michaels, D-Generation X. DX comment on their brutal TLC match with Jeri-Show last night and that Jeri-Show are using their rematch clause for tonight. DX is not worried about Jeri-Show, they beat them once and they will do it again, plus tonight they have back up. In walks WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. Flair is excited to see two of his close friends holding the tag titles or the first time together, but Flair admits he is not here tonight to see DX versus Jeri-Show. Not that the tag match won’t be great, but Flair is here to see his former protégé Randy Orton lose two falls to nothing against Kofi Kingston, Woooooo! Flair walks away with a smile on his face as DX follow behind him.

-Written in my Face-

The new WWE Champion ‘The Celtic Warrior’ Sheamus comes waltzing down with a big smile on his face. Sheamus grabs a microphone and tells the crowd what a great feeling it is to not only beat John Cena cleanly without any possible dispute, but also to become the first Irish born WWE Champion. Sheamus then shows a slide show of Cena falling through the table, and playing up how he pushed Cena off.

-My Time is Now-

John Cena comes storming in and denies Sheamus’ claims of beating Cena without any possible dispute. Cena then plays the actual clip from the match showing that Cena more fell off the ropes then Sheamus pushing him. With so much going on tonight with Kofi versus Randy, Bret confronting Vince, and the Tag Title match, Cena challenges Sheamus to make tonight more special, to accept a title match for net week: Sheamus versus Cena. If Sheamus really wants to be the WWE Champion, and not some Fluke Champion, John Cena demands Sheamus have the guts to put the title on the line next week. Sheamus refuses and Cena simply picks up the WWE Champion and nails him with a FU. Waving his hand in front of his face, Cena signals that Sheamus can’t see him. Cena then heads to the back.
In Legacy’s locker room Randy Orton is tying up his boots as Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase enter. Orton stands up silently but angry. Rhodes and DiBiase try to apologize for betting banned from ringside then Orton informs his cohorts of the news that’s being passed around backstage; Rhodes and DiBiase are getting kicked out of the building and sent straight to ECW for a match tomorrow night! Because of their arrogance and attack after the last match, Legacy is being ordered out of the building and to start travelling to ECW for a tag match against ECW’s former star Evan Bourne and ECW Champion Christian. Orton stares at DiBiase and Rhodes frustrated that they won’t be with him tonight at the ring or even in the arena. ‘The Viper’ throws Legacy’s bags at them and tells them to get out! Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase leave as Orton pants heavily.


Match Three:
Unified Tag Team Championships

D-Generation X(c) w/Ric Flair vs. Jeri-Show​

A back and forth contest with both teams showing quick tags and trying to get in their offensives fast. Finally it comes down to Triple H being beat down by Big Show and Chris Jericho for a number of minutes. When Show grabs and goes to hoist Triple H for a Choke Slam, ‘The Game’ drives a kick right into Big Show’s gut and tags in Shawn Michaels. ‘HBK’ stomps in the corner tuning up the band wagon and nails Big Show with Sweet Chin Music...but the Giant is still standing! Shawn tags Hunter back into the match as Ric Flair grabs hold of Jericho’s legs on the outside. Jericho kicks Flair off with ease...and doesn’t realize that Ric Flair handcuffed Jericho’s leg to the bottom rope! Triple H kicks Show in the gut again and hits the Pedigree! Triple H goes for the pin. Jericho tries to break it up but trips up and realizes his foot is handcuffed to the bottom rope. Triple H scores the pinfall!

Winners and still Unified Tag Team Champions: D-Generation X via pinfall (10:21)

Chris Jericho is screaming irate over what happened just now as DX and Ric Flair walk with the titles up the ramp.

Backstage in the locker room Kofi Kingston is stretching preparing for his big match tonight, when Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart comes walking in! At first Kingston is excited to see Bret Hart and ask why he is here. Bret tells Kofi he is here for two reasons: to talk to Vince McMahon out in the ring later and to see Kofi Kingston go one-on-one with Randy Orton! Kingston’s glad to hear it and offers any help to Bret, but ‘The Hitman’ rejects the offer believing he will be fine on his own. Bret Hart leaves as Kofi Kingston stands by with stars in his eyes.

Match Four:
Maryse vs. Candice Michelle

A quick divas match with Maryse picking up the win with a French Kiss.​

Winner: Maryse via pinfall (3:21)​

Maryse celebrates her quick win over Candice.​

Bakcstage in Vince McMahon’s office, Chris Jericho and Big Show come storming in. Jeri-Show want another shot at the tag titles since they were screwed out of the titles unfairly tonight. McMahon not only agrees but has already arranged the match. On Smackdown this week, DX puts the titles up again against Jeri-Show with everyone banned from ringside. Jericho and Show look happy with the results and walk out as WWE Champion Sheamus comes storming in. Sheamus wants Cena punished for his attack earlier. Vince pats Sheamus on the shoulder and states that he already saw Cena earlier before he FUed Sheamus. Vince already granted Cena his rematch clause request for next week, and admitted Cena wanted to see if Sheamus would man up to accept the challenge anyways. When Sheamus demands the match for next week be called off, Vince reminds Sheamus who he is, the WWE Champion. If Sheamus wants to be the WWE Champion, he needs to defend it and he will defend it next week, like it or not. Sheamus stomps out of Vince`s office enraged. Vince McMahon stands alone in his office for a moment and sighs. Vince starts heading to the ring to get ready to confront Bret Hart since the kick between the legs when Bret Hart appeared last time.

Advertisement for ECW and Smackdown
Tomorrow night on ECW, tune in to see ECW Champion Christian and former ECW star Evan Bourne tag team against Legacy’s Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. Also, fresh off the loss at TLC, Shelton Benjamin will be in action as well.

This Friday, tune in to see the fallout of TLC with the World Champion Undertaker’s win over Batista, and Drew McIntyre capturing the Intercontinental Title. Also to see DX defend the tag titles against Jeri-Show.

-I Came To Play-

Back at ringside, the United States Champion The Miz starts walking down to ringside. He enters the ring and talks about last night’s pay-per-view matches. Four broken down men who can’t pass the torch in a TLC match. The so-called Franchise losing the WWE Title to the biggest fluke of a ginger in the world. And how last night had Randy Orton face off against Kofi Kingston and now they are the RAW main event. The Miz beat Kofi for the United States Title and he should be the one main eventing RAW, because, "I'm the Miz and I'm Awesome!"

-I’m Comin’-

MVP and Mark Henry come out from the back to a decent pop already with a microphone in hand. MVP points out that tonight his request for a United States Championship match was declined by Vince McMahon, which leaves Miz actually smiling over the fact and congratulates Vince on making a smart business move. Then MVP’s second request for a match was accepted, which wipes Miz’s smile off of his face. If MVP can beat the Miz right now, he will get a United States Title match next week on RAW! MVP and Henry head down to the ring as the Miz tries to argue over what is happening.

Match Five:
-If MVP wins, he gets a United States Title match next week

US Champion The Miz vs. MVP w/Mark Henry

When MVP enters the ring, Miz immediately attacks him until the referee pushes him off. When MVP gets to his feet, the Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale, but MVP elbows the Miz. The Miz staggers back and then charges at MVP. MVP counters by locking into the inside cradle for the quick pinfall victory!

Winner and will receive a US Title Match next week: MVP via pinfall (0:56)

MVP and Mark Henry celebrate heading up to the ramp as The Miz looks dumbfounded.


-No Chance-

Vince McMahon comes out and gets straight to business and requests Bret Hart to come out to the ring.

-Hart Attack-

Bret Hart comes out and gets straight to business as well. Bret Hart acknowledges that Vince still thinks he did nothing wrong in Montreal and when Bret was on RAW last time, which Vince agrees to. Bret then makes a challenge for Wrestlemania 26, Bret Hart versus Vince McMahon! The crowd pops but Vince refuses immediately. Vince allowed Bret Hart to come back last time by request from Shawn Michaels and this time by Bret`s request. Hell, Vince admits he assumed Bret was going to apologize after all these years! Before Bret Hart can say anything else, Vince McMahon calls for security. When security arrives, Bret Hart peacefully goes along with them to get escorted to the back as he yells that he still wants his match.

Feud Video for Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston


Next Week on RAW...
It`s a night of championship matches!
WWE Champion Sheamus defends against John Cena
United States Champion The Miz defends against MVP
Divas Champion Melina will be in action

Main Event/ Match Six:
2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton

It’s a violent show down that starts off fast with Kofi Kingston jumping Randy Orton with a series of punches but Orton eventually takes control with his patented back breaker. Orton works on Kofi’s head with various submissions, grapples, and strikes. Eventually, Orton has Kofi flat out on the ground and chooses to stomp on Kofi’s skull instead of going for a pin. After the stomp, Kofi rolls out of the ring. Randy follows suit and attempts to whip Kofi into the steel stairs, but Kofi reverses! Orton is driven into the steel stairs. Kofi rolls back into the ring while holding his head. As Orton gets to his feet, the referee has reached the count of seven. Kofi runs and goes flying over the top rope with a Body Splash, which makes the referee restart the count! Pulling Orton to his feet, Kofi drills Orton’s skull against both the audience barricade and ring post. Throwing Orton into the ring, but with his head still hanging outside still, Kofi lands a guillotine leg drop over ‘The Viper!’ Kofi rolls into the ring as Orton gets to his feet. Ducking a clothesline from Orton, Kofi counters it into a SOS for a pinfall attempt, but Orton kicks out. Kofi then locks in a School Boy pinfall attempt but Orton again kicks out. Next, Kofi goes for an inside cradle for a pinfall, but yet again Orton kicks out. Once Randy Orton gets to his feet this time Kofi Kingston nails him with Trouble in Paradise! Kofi goes for the pinfall and gets the 3 count!​

Fall One: Kofi Kingston via pinfall (9:23)​

Perhaps getting cocky, Kofi starts signalling for a consecutive Trouble in Paradise by clapping his hands. When Orton gets to his feet, Kingston charges ahead with the spinning kick, but Orton ducks and goes for the RKO! Kingston pushes Orton off avoiding the RKO. Kofi charges ahead going for a bulldog, but Randy counters it into an Olympic Slam! Orton uses this time to regain his composure as Kofi gets to his feet. Once Kofi is standing, Orton hits a dropkick! Jumping to his feet and pulling at his head, Orton signals that he has snapped! Randy charges at Kofi and nails him with a clothesline, then again and again as Kofi keeps rushing to his feet. Once Kofi stays down, Randy roars into the crowd. Pulling Kofi to his feet, Randy Orton hoists Kofi up and nails him with the Gutwretch Neckbreaker! Orton goes for the pin but Kofi kicks out to Orton’s amazement. Throwing down a series of hard punches, Orton then pulls at his head as he sets himself up into a corner and gets ready for the punt. Once Kofi is on all fours, Orton charges! Kofi rolls out of the ring after he saw what was coming, but Orton follows Kofi to the outside. Picking Kofi up, Orton drops Kofi’s neck down across the audience barricade, and then follows up with a DDT on the outside mat floor! To restart the count, Orton rolls in and out of the ring. Slowly walking up to Kofi, Orton drops his knee across Kofi’s throat...but Kofi rolled out of the way! Orton smashes his knee on the outside floor as Kingston gets to his feet. When Orton turns around, Kofi hits a snap suplex! Both men are down when the referee reaches the count of three. When the referee reaches the count of five, both of them get to their feet. As they both try to get to the ring apron to crawl back inside, they pull the other away. At the count of seven, Orton throws Kofi’s back into the barricade. At the count of eight, Orton is climbing on the ring apron. At the count of nine, Kofi charges and kicks Orton in his back! Both Orton and Kingston fall to the outside floor exhausted. 10! The referee has counted them both out!

Second Fall: Draw via Double Count Out (17:23)

They both roll into the ring and get to their knees right in front of the other, as they begin to exchange punches as the crowd follows with cheers and boos. They throw left and rights as they get to their feet, but Orton gets the edge as he throws the heavier punches. Kingston staggers back and goes for a roundhouse kick, but Orton ducks...and nails Kofi with a RKO! 1...2...3!​

Third Fall: Randy Orton via pinfall (19:21)

No Winner due to a Draw (1-1-1)​

Just as the referee calls for a draw to the match and Orton rolls out of the ring to head to the back, Jerry Lawler grabs a microphone. Lawler announces that he has been given news by Vince McMahon. Since it was promised that this feud would end tonight, that means we need a winner. This match will be into a final fourth fall with No Disqualifications and No Count Outs!

Fourth Fall: No Disqualifications, No Count Outs

Randy Orton swears under his breath as he runs back into the ring, but only to get receive a drop kick from Kingston! From the drop kick, Orton staggers into the corner. Pushing and pulling, Kofi gets himself and Orton at the top turnbuckle. Kofi stands tall and goes for a Super Hurricanrana! No!!! Orton holds his ground and Kofi over his shoulders! Orton dumps Kofi to the side, but the young warrior grabs hold of the ropes to save himself. Kofi pulls himself to a standing position on the outside ring apron as Orton forcibly goes for the Hanging DDT! It lands and Orton goes for the pin 1...2...kick out by Kofi!

Orton punches away at the ring floor and rolls outside to grab a steel chair. Orton returns to the ring and holds the steel chair over his face to charge...and Kofi responds with Trouble in Paradise driving the chair into Orton`s face! Orton falls over knocked out, as Kofi rolls out of the ring holding his leg in pain. Kofi is eating up a lot of time just as Legacy comes walking down to the ring. Kofi looks on and prepares to fight them off, but Christian and Evan Bourne attack them from behind! Kofi holds off as he watches Legacy, Bourne, and Christian fight one another to the back. Fighting the pain and seeing it is safe, Kofi returns to the ring and makes the cover. 1...2...kick out by Orton! Shocked, Kofi sets the chair up in the middle of the ring and picks Orton up to his feet. RKO out of nowhere on the chair! With a snap bit of energy, Orton nails the RKO on Kofi Kingston over the chair! The referee stands by for what feels like minutes as both men lie seemingly out cold on the canvass. Finally, Orton is the first is move and flops an arm over Kofi Kingston! 1...2...Kick out!

Kofi kicks out as the crowd goes crazy. Kingston slides slowly to the outside ring canvas as Orton rolls to a ring corner. They both get to their feet with Kofi standing on the outside ring floor. Orton charges and punches Kofi and goes for another Hanging DDT, but Kofi drives a shoulder into Randy’s gut. Orton staggers backwards as Kingston springboards off of the top rope...RKO to Kingston in midair! Randy Orton goes for the pin. 1...2...3!

The winner with a score of 2-1-1: Randy Orton (26:21)

Randy Orton lays on the ground seemingly out cold with Kofi Kingston right beside him. Neither man really looking like the winner.

Jerry Lawler: What a hell of a match and Kofi was so close!

Michael Cole: Kofi was inches away from victory but it was Orton’s snap second finishing maneuver, the RKO that granted him the victory here tonight. After months of a long, brutal war between Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton, it’s Orton that finally walks out the victor.

Jerry Lawler: I wouldn’t just say that Cole, after tonight we know that Kofi Kingston is a main event waiting to happen, the question is when he will break through. I have my money down it won’t be a very long time.

Cody Rhodes pinned Evan Bourne
ECW Champion Christian defeated Ted DiBiase by disqualification
Tag Champions DX defeated Jeri-Show via pinfall
Maryse pinned Candice Michelle
MVP defeated The Miz by pinfall to earn a United States Championship match next week
2-out-of-3 Falls Match:
-Fall One: Kofi pinned Orton
-Fall Two: Double Count Out
-Fall Three: Orton pinned Kofi
-Fall Four/No DQ, No Count Out: Orton pinned Kofi
-Randy Orton wins the series 2-1-1

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Preview for...
ECW on Tuesday Nights
December 15, 2009​

Huge Tag Match Announced on RAW
Last night on RAW, former ECW star Evan Bourne battled Cody Rhodes and ECW Christian fought Ted DiBiase. During the Christian/DiBiase match, Rhodes and Bourne would end up getting involved leading to a disqualification for the ECW Champion. Tonight on ECW, Christian will team up with former ECW alumni Evan Bourne as this high flying team go toe-to-toe with Legacy’s Rhodes and DiBiase. It’s ECW versus RAW in the main event, tonight!

Shelton Benjamin in Action
At TLC, Benjamin would to Christian in an epic ladder match over the ECW Title. Tonight, ‘The Gold Standard’ not only plans to compete but only get something of his chest in regards to the ECW Champion.

Major Announcement for ECW Championship
It is unknown what the news it, but Tiffany will be announcing something will that shake the ECW Title picture. Tune in to find out!

Confirmed Matches:
ECW Champion Christian and Evan Bourne vs. Legacy
Shelton Benjamin in action

90 Posts
Review #3; WWF Heroes: The Debut

*I fondly recall this time frame. The new blood of the WWF was in full force, and it looked like we may actually go somewhere with it. Unfortunately, most of them stalled out, but we'll see where you take it.

*Good preview segment for the best of three falls main event. I like the banning of Legacy from ringside to, because it keeps it to having to have a winner.

*Depending on how strong you plan on pushing them, the opening match makes sense that Cody would go over Bourne. The post match stuff with the attack leading right into the second match with Christian and DiBiase Jr was good as well. Looking forward to seeing a tag feud between these four. Could be fun.

*Dig the return of Flair to the WWE to be a consultant/manager for DX. It makes sense given both men's histories with Flair.

*The Sheamus thing I didn't like. Way too close to what happened in real life. Granted, not much else you could do with it, but still...

*Cena lays down the challenge for next week, and then drops the champion. I actually hope Sheamus retains, due to the fact that there was a lot of new blood angle you could do with Sheamus, that Cena can't. Because he will have feud'd with a good portion of the people involved in the main event scene already.

*A little early to go directly into the tag match between the two teams, so hopefully that goes somewhere. Do like the Orton characteristic that he is not happy about them being booted.

*Flair cuffing Jericho to the ropes in a touch for the finish. I think we'll see a return match for Jeri-Show due to this, but it's a good way to advance things.

*Kofi and Bret could make for an interesting combination.

*Yet again, a diva's match gets treated like filler. I may be one of the only people on here that will be booking an actual woman's division.

*Okay, if you're doing a super show the next week on Raw, why not just make the tag title rematch for Raw? Is it the whole tag champs defend on both brands thing? Or just to help bulk up the card for SD?

*Not sure why McMahon is being sympathetic towards Sheamus. Pretty sure you're booking McMahon as a heel, based on what is going on with Bret, so I am not sure what the reasoning of letting Cena embarrass Sheamus earlier in the evening was.

*Miz promo was okay, but very restricted. I honestly expect more from him. The MVP stuff that follows was pretty good, but I am not sure I feel about you keeping MVP and Henry teamed. I guess it's good your building a team division with them, but at the same time, I think it would be easier to use them as individuals.

*The match itself makes sense, especially since you appear to be building for a big episode of Raw the following week. I appreciate that MVP used his intelligence to go into the roll-up rather then hitting Miz with the PlayMaker or the DriveBy. Miz could play this win off as lucky, even if he doesn't retain next week.

*Don't like that we're going into McMahon-Bret again for Mania. Now, if you want to do it as a representative match, that I would be okay with. But at this point in their lives, neither of them has any business in a wrestling ring.

*The main event was very well done...I disagree with Kofi taking the first fall. Easier to build a babyface comeback then a heel one, IMO...the draw in the second fall is a good decision, because it then puts doubts in the reader's heads as to what will happen even if Orton does tie it up at one fall each, with the third decision having already been rendered...not sure why Lawler is Vince's go to guy, but we'll go with it...do really like the finish as Kofi counters out of the rope hanging DDT, only to get caught going high risk with the springboard right into the RKO. Orton's intelligence gets the better of Kofi, and that makes sense. Would not mind seeing you go Sheamus-Orton out of this, but we'll see.

*OVERALL: Pretty good show, top to bottom. I said I don't like the lack of attention paid to the divas match, but I can't say I am surprised at such either, so I'll let it pass. Where was the champion for the division, if I may ask. I do like the Christian/Bourne vs. Legacy feud that you are developing. I think that'll be a boost for both groups, and Bourne gets a rub by teaming with the ECW champion. The main event was really good, and played to the strength of both men at the finish, as Kofi went to the high flying game, but just got out-smarted by Orton. Looking forward to ECW, and seeing where you go from there. Good first show for the fed.

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Where was the champion for the division, if I may ask.
Thanks for the comments. In terms of the Divas Champion, since I'm giving a title match next week, I wanted to set up a contender and having Maryse pick up the win helped with that.

ECW on Tuesday Nights
December 15, 2009​

Recap of TLC and RAW:
In an intense ladder match, Christian walked out still the ECW Champion by defeating Shelton Benjamin
Christian and Evan Bourne’s battles against Legacy at the start of RAW in their singles matches, then later in the night when the ECW duo ensured Legacy stayed out of the Kingston/Orton match in the main event.

Pyro and Music hits

Josh Matthews and Matt Striker introduce us to ECW on Sci Fi, highlighting ECW Champion Christian’s victories at TLC and last night on RAW over Shelton Benjamin and Ted DiBiase, respectively. Now tonight Christian will team up with former ECW star Evan Bourne to tag on RAW’s Legacy.

-Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me-​

Speaking of the ECW Champion, his challenger from TLC, ‘The Golden Standard’ Shelton Benjamin comes out to start off this edition of ECW! Benjamin picks up a microphone and admits he was beaten fair and square in his ladder match with Christian on Sunday, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t beat ‘Captain Charisma.’ Benjamin came close and deserves another shot at the ECW Title. Before Benjamin can say another word...


William Regal and his associates Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov come down to the ring, with Regal already prepared with a microphone. Regal breaks the news to Shelton that he already had his chance at the ECW Title, now it’s Regal, Jackson, or Kozlov’s turn at the title. Better yet, Regal suggests all three of them get a title shot. Just as the trio enter the ring, Benjamin goes to respond to but is interrupted again.


ECW General Manager Tiffany comes out to make a big decision in regards to the ECW Championship and ECW itself. First of all, at the Royal Rumble, she has decided it will be a Championship Scramble Match for the title. Second of all, one RAW superstar and one Smackdown superstar will be allowed to enter the Scramble match as long as they are former ECW stars themselves; which means there are only two spots left open for the Scramble Match. The first ECW Qualifying Match will be next week, for right now it is Shelton Benjamin versus William Regal!

Match One:
Shelton Benjamin vs. William Regal w/Jackson and Kozlov

Back and forth match but Regal picks up the victory thanks to interference by Kozlov and Jackson.

Winner: William Regal (7:23)


Backstage in the Legacy locker room Legacy members Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase are complaining about having to compete on ECW. ECW is beneath them, ECW is for naturally born losers, and ECW fans are the worst kind...bigger losers. Tiffany comes walking in, as Legacy try to hide their disgust for the Extreme brand. Tiffany immediately tells them she has a message for the duo from Vince McMahon about them interfering in last night’s main event. Though the original match ended and it was No DQ, Vince will not fire Legacy...but Legacy, including Randy Orton, will be punished on next week’s Monday Night RAW. For tonight, if Legacy loses the punishment on Monday will be worse. Tiffany smiles saying, “Good Luck” then leaves.

Match Two:
Yoshi Tatsu vs. Hurricane

A high flying affair between two talented stars, but ultimately it is Yoshi that pulls out the win tonight with a School Boy roll up for the pin.

Winner: Yoshi Tatsu (8:45)


As we return from commercial break, Josh Matthews and Matt Striker announce how the Scramble Qualifying matches for the current ECW roster will work. There will be four matches total, and the four winners of those matches will face either other in two singles matches. The winners of those matches will join Christian in the ECW Championship Scramble at the Royal Rumble. Next week will start the qualifying matches with a Triple Threat Match between William Regal, Ezekiel Jackson, and Vladimir Kozlov with Christian as the Special Guest Referee. The winner of the Triple Threat moves on to the final four.

Main Event/ Match Three:
-If Legacy loses, their punishment on RAW will be more severe

ECW Champion Christian and Evan Bourne vs. Legacy

With motivation from Tiffany’s warning earlier, Legacy is more physical as they usually are with a lot of punches and kicks. They eventually take a hold of Christian and beat him down with Bourne looking on worried about the match. When Cody successfully hits the Cross Rhodes on Christian, Cody runs to knock Bourne off the apron. Bourne ducks and low bridges the top rope so Rhodes goes flying to the outside. Jumping to the top turnbuckle, Bourne goes flying with a Cross Body on Rhodes to the outside. Christian gets to his feet and starts crawling to his corner and DiBiase comes into the ring. As Bourne returns to his corner, DiBiase gets a hold of Christian’s foot and pulls the ECW Champion back. Christian respond with a successful spinning heel kick to the back of Ted’s head. With DiBiase down, Christian tags on Bourne. Bourne springboards off the top rope and hits a flying kick on DiBiase. Getting to his knees, DiBiase finds himself receiving yet another kick to the back of the head from Bourne’s round house kick. As Ted rolls out of the ring, Rhodes returns to the ring. Bourne goes for a Hurricanrana, but Rhodes counters with a powerbomb pin combination. Bourne kicks out. They both get to their feet and Bourne catches Rhodes with a drop toe hold. As Cody’s neck lands on the middle rope, Bourne tags in Christian. Christian pulls on the top rope as he steps on Rhodes’ back forcing the neck on the ropes. Pulling Cody back, Christian locks in and engages the Kill Switch. Dragging Cody to his corner, Christian tags in Bourne. Going up top, Evan Bourne hits the Air Bourne and follows up with the pinfall for the win.

Winners: Christian and Evan Bourne (12:34)

Christian and Evan Bourne celebrate together as Legacy tries to recover on the outside. Matthews and Striker remind us to tune in to see the huge triple threat match next week here on ECW.

Quick Results:
William Regal defeated Shelton Benjamin
Yoshi Tatsu defeated The Hurricane
ECW Champion Christian and Evan Bourne defeated Legacy

Matches Announced for Next Week:
Scramble Qualifier Match with Christian as the Special Guest Referee
William Regal vs. Ezekiel Jackson vs. Vladimir Kozlov

30 Man Royal Rumble Match, Winner gets a title shot at Wrestlemania XXVI

ECW Championship Scramble Match
Christian(c) vs. Smackdown Star vs. RAW Star vs. ECW Star vs. ECW Star​


X Gon' Give It to Ya
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I've just read through your first two shows and you've made a solid start to the thread :)

ECW Review​

First off, I would like to commend you for keeping ECW. Usually, people just get rid of it and split the ECW guys up between Raw and SD. But keeping it a seperate brand allows the lower card on Raw and Smackdown to shine a little more.

Nice little confrontation between Regal and Shelton. The Roundtable had the potential to be a huge power stable in not just ECW, but the whole company, given the guys that they put in it; but in real life they messed it up, so I hope you keep them around for a while. Nice little announcement from Tiffany and this gives the ECW roster a chance to shine, and I think the two ECW guys going in could well be Regal and Shelton Benjamin, as I assume you want the Scramble Match to feature an array of talent and starpower. No surprise with Regal getting the victory though.

It seems like you have big plans for Legacy and I like it.

You gave the Tatsu/Hurricane match a decent amount of time, and I am surprised that they got longer than Regal vs Benjamin to be honest, as that is the more high-profile match. It was good you gace the youngster in Yoshi the big win over the experienced Hurricane though. One thing I could say is that the match descriptions you give here could have been a little longer. On Raw, we saw at least a few lines of match description. But it is whatever works best for you, as I personally like writing slightly more detailed matches on my shows, but that is just me.

Ooh so maybe you are planning on breaking up the Roundtable? I'm not sure that would be the best thing to do because you could have the next big power stable on your hands. I think Christian will try to avoid letting Regal win because I know from the time that they didn't really like each other, and Christian could try and turn one of his monsters against him.

A big win here for Bourne, especially, and this could mean trouble coming his way from Randy Orton on Raw possibly? It would be a good way to advance the Orton/Kofi feud, which I think should go on a little bit longer personally (I did enjoy it in real life, and their match they had on Raw was really good(Y)) But the main story here is what this punishment for Legacy could be? Or who are they more scared of facing now, Mr McMahon or Orton himself? A good main event, and I liked that there was a little more description here 8*D

I know this wasn't much, but that is what I thought of your ECW. Good start to the thread as I've already said, and I wish you luck as you continue; I hope you can stick with this :)


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Preview for...

Friday Night Smackdown
December 18, 2009​

Batista loses, Taker wins
In a Chairs Match, the Undertaker defeated Batista to retain the World Title but not without controversy. After Batista won the match after hitting a low blow, which is not legal in a Chairs Match, Theodore Long restarted the match. Tonight expect Batista to respond to what happened on Sunday night.

Unified Tag Team Championship Rematch, Round 2
This week for Chris Jericho and Big Show has started off on a bad note. In a TLC Match on Sunday, Jeri-Show lost their Unified Tag Team Titles to D-Generation X’s Shawn Michaels and Triple H. Then on RAW when Jeri-Show cashed in their rematch clause, they lost once again to DX, though due to Jericho’s leg being handcuffed to the ropes by Ric Flair. Due to the nature of how Jericho and Big Show lost on Monday, they have been granted a second match for the titles or Smackdown this week, but this time everyone but the competitors themselves will be banned from ringside. Will Jeri-Show end this week on a good note or will DX prevail once again?

The Chosen One wins the Gold
At TLC, Vince McMahon’s ‘Chosen One’ Drew McIntyre captured the Intercontinental Championship from John Morrison. Though the title will not be on the line on Smackdown, tune in to see the new Intercontinental Champion in action and when Morrison will cash in his rematch clause for the title.

Extreme Invitational Tournament
On ECW, the General Manager Tiffany announced a Championship Scramble for the ECW Title at the Royal Rumble and left one spot available to a former Extremist currently on the Blue Brand. Tonight, Teddy Long decided that a Extreme Invitational Tournament is the best way to determine which Smackdown superstar will try to gain the ECW Title at the Royal Rumble. In each tournament match, the Extremist turned Blue Superstars will compete in a different extreme stipulation. The first 8 to respond to the invitation will be allowed in the tournament. Tune in to see two of the Tournament Matches and who will be competing.

Tune in also to see...
Women’s Champion Michelle McCool and the self-proclaimed Women’s Champion Layla competing in tag team action.


Confirmed Matches:
Unified Tag Team Championships: D-Generation X(c) vs. Jeri-Show
Two Extreme Invitational Tournament Matches
Also tune in to see Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre and Lay-Cool in action


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Friday Night Smackdown
December 18, 2009​

Recap of TLC and RAW:

In a Chairs Match, Batista tried to cheat t win the World Title but Theodore Long restarted the match which led to the Undertaker retaining the World Heavyweight Championship.

In a TLC Match, DX won the Tag Titles from Jeri-Show, then on RAW with the aid of Ric Flair DX cheated to retain the tag titles against Jeri-Show. Tonight, Jeri-Show gets another chance at the tag titles and everyone is banned from ringside.

Drew McIntyre defeating John Morrison for the Intercontinental Title

Michelle McCool retains the Women’s Championship with help from Layla over Mickie James, even after months of calling her fat and Piggy James.

Pyro and Music hits

Jim Ross and Todd Grisham introduce us to tonight’s edition of Smackdown hyping up Batista’s response to the loss at TLC against the Undertaker and DX putting the tag titles on the line against Jeri-Show in the main event.

-Holla, Holla-​

Theodore Long, the Smackdown General Manager comes on down doing the routine dance with a microphone in hand. Before getting into anything too big, Long replays the footage from ECW of Tiffany announcing both the ECW Championship Scramble at the Royal Rumble and she left a spot open for an Extremist turned Smackdown Superstar. In order to decide which Smackdown and former ECW Superstar gets the shot, Theodore Long has organized an 8-Man Extreme Invitational Tournament. Each match will be competed under a different extreme stipulation. On the titantron, Long shows the tournament card and announces that the first of two Tournament Matches, which will be an Extreme Rules Match in honour of ECW, will happen right now...

Extreme Invitational Tournament, Round One:
Rey Mysterio vs. Tyson Kidd
CM Punk vs. Matt Hardy
The Great Khali vs. DH Smith
Kane vs. John Morrison​

-Booyaka Booyaka-​

Rey Mysterio comes on down and shakes hands with Theodore Long as we head to commercial.


Match One:
Extreme Invitational Tournament Round One, Extreme Rules Match

Rey Mysterio vs. Tyson Kidd w/DH Smith and Natalya

As you’d expect from the former world champion, Rey Mysterio has control of the match using a variety of fast and high flying moves. Once Mysterio manages to lock in a hurricanrana on Kidd and sends him into the ropes, Rey goes for the 619. Before Mysterio can hit the finisher, Smith and Natalya get involved. As ‘The Anvilette’ distracts Mysterio in mid run by covering Tyson, Smith goes for a hit and run on Rey. With Mysterio down, Kidd takes advantage showing off his in ring technical skills through a variety of submissions. Kidd successfully locks in the surfboard stretch and eventually releases, then goes for the stable signature: The Sharpshooter. When Kidd locks up the legs, Mysterio manages to counter it into an inside cradle but Smith breaks it up. Essentially the match turns into a handicap match. After a brief double team on the masked superstar, Natalya grabs a steel chair as Smith hoists Rey up and Kidd goes to the outside. Hart Attack! Natalya passes Smith the steel chair as Kidd goes to pull Rey to his feet. Before they can even go through with their plan...

-Land of Five Rivers-

The Great Khali starts wandering down with Ranjin Singh close behind. Smith and Kidd stand ready to fight off the giant, who coincidently is Smith’s opponent in the tournament. Once Khali is close, Smith rolls out of the ring and charges with the steel chair! Chop from ‘The Punjabi Playboy’ which drives the chair into Smith’s face! Tyson jumps to the top rope to springboard to Khali. Rey reacts, gets to his feet and when Tyson is in midair rolls him up. Rey holds the pin 1....2....3!

Winner and advances in the Extreme Invitational Tournament: Rey Mysterio (7:12)

Rey Mysterio wins what was pretty much an Extreme Rules handicap match with the help of The Great Khali. Once Rey wins, Kidd tries to jump him but Khali cracks Kidd across the skull with another chop! Kidd falls against the ropes and Mysterio finishes him off with a 619! Natalya tends to DH Smith outside the ring is regaining consciousness as Rey heads to the back with Khali still in the ring.

Cut to the garage where we see Batista arriving to the arena and steps out of his car. ‘The Animal’ then starts to head down to the ring to talk about the loss at TLC.


Backstage in the hallway, Natalya, DH Smith, and Tyson Kidd, The Hart Dynasty, are recovering from the loss earlier. Suddenly none other than the Unified Tag Team Champion, D-Generation X’s own Shawn Michaels appears. Hart Dynasty frown and try to turn away from him. Shawn tries to ask how Bret Hart is doing after being taken away by security on RAW, but the Harts ignore him. HBK reminds the trio that Bret Hart and him buried the hatchet and asks why they still hold a grudge. Natalya turns and blames everything that is essentially wrong with their family on Michaels from Bret leaving for WCW which led to his concussion and the feud in real life in their family. Frowning himself now, Shawn Michaels refuses to take the blame for all of that and just wants to know how Bret is doing. Natalya then announces that Michaels can ask Bret again in three weeks, because he promises to be on RAW again when they are live in Canada. Shawn Michaels thanks them and goes to leave but decides to leave Hart Dynasty with a single comment. Shawn looks to the trio and says, “You’d think as Harts, you’d have more dignity and respect for your heritage when you’re out in the ring. I can’t remember a time when Bret Hart did that.” Shawn Michaels leaves as Hart Dynasty think about what he said.

-I Walk Alone-​

Back at ringside, Batista heads down to the ring not doing his usual pyro and entrance, instead walking down in his elegant suit. Grabbing hold of a microphone, Batista reflects on the Chair Match with Undertaker on Sunday. First Batista wins the match (though by cheating with a low blow), then Theodore Long restarts the match which led to Undertaker’s win. ‘The Animal’ looks over the audience and says that he demands a rematch for the title, no in fact, he demands the World Heavyweight Title simply be handed to him. Batista had the win and debates that Long has no right to have restarted the match. Now, Batista is giving Theodore Long two options to either strip the title from Undertaker or hand it to Batista willingly or by force. Batista then demands Theodore Long to come out but instead...

-Broken Dreams-​

The new Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre comes down with his own microphone in hand. Once he comes into the ring, McIntyre wastes no time agreeing with an impatient Batista. McIntyre agrees that Batista was ripped off by Long at TLC and deserves a rematch but also, McIntyre points out that he also has an issue with Teddy Long. Though Vince McMahon, the man in charge, has been backing McIntyre this whole time, it is only this past Sunday when McIntyre was given this chance. Being endorsed by Vince McMahon should have meant that McIntyre should be given an opportunity sooner, rather than having to earn it. With that being said, McIntyre is unpleased to that just found out he will defend the title against the former champion John Morrison next week. So tonight, in the Intercontinental Champion’s opinion, McIntyre should not have to defend the title next week and Batista should simply be given the World Heavyweight Title. Batista nods and agrees with Drew McIntyre then...

-Holla, Holla-​

Theodore Long comes out and refuses to give into either of their demands. Long is in charge of Smackdown, not the talent. Besides, John Morrison is cashing in his rematch clause so the Intercontinental Title match is out of Long’s control anyways. For the World Heavyweight Title, Long will not just simply hand it over to Batista but ‘The Animal’ can go ahead and earn it by facing Undertaker next week with the title on the line. If RAW is going to have a United States Champion and WWE Championship on the same show, than Long will do the same here on Smackdown with the Intercontinental and World Heavyweight Championships. Now for tonight since Drew McIntyre is already dressed for action, the Scotsman will compete right now against R-Truth!

-What’s Up-​

R-Truth heads on down as we start our next match of the night. For now Batista goes and joins the announce team. During the match Batista plays up Drew McIntyre and that he admires McIntyre’s guts to stand up against Long with him earlier.

Match Two:
R-Truth vs. Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre
On Commentary: Batista​

A competitive match but the undefeated Drew McIntyre maintains control over R-Truth for the majority of the match. Though Truth manages to come back during the match with a Lie Detector, he fails to maintain control of the match. With Truth in control, the referee fails to spot a low blow from McIntyre to spot all of Truth’s momentum. The match for R-Truth ultimately comes to an end from here as McIntyre follows the low blow with a Future Shock DDT followed by the pinfall. The referee makes the count not noticing that Truth’s foot is on the ropes, 1..2...3!

Winner: Drew McIntyre (5:46)​

While Drew McIntyre rolls out of the ring with his title in tow with a proud Batista walking up the ring with him. R-Truth complains to the referee about the failure to spot the low blow and his foot on the ropes. McIntyre and Batista stand at the top of the ramp as Truth looks over frustrated.

Backstage Josh Matthews is interviewing is ‘The Friday Night Delight’ and recently former Intercontinental Champion John Morrison. Matthews asks about the title loss and rematch set up for next week, and Morrison responds that McIntyre is just a bump in the road that will be dealt with next week. For tonight, Morrison announces that his Extreme Invitational Match against Kane is happening later tonight, but the stipulation is still unknown. Not only will Morrison reclaim his Intercontinental Title next week, but he will go on to win the ECW Championship for the second time at the Royal Rumble.

In the locker room, the former tag champions Chris Jericho and Big Show are talking about the title match against DX later tonight. Just as Jericho and Show begin arguing over who will pick up the pinfall victory, one half of the Unified Tag team Champions Triple H walks asking if he can pick up the win. Jericho and Big Show don’t look amused with the joke then Jericho asks if Triple H really has the guts to come up to them alone. Hunter not only has the guts to walk up to them alone, but also has word from Theodore Long that if Jeri-Show or DX attack the other, the match for tonight is cancelled. As Jericho breathes heavily trying to not throw a punch, Triple H playfully slaps him on the face and wishes them both luck tonight. As Triple H leaves, Jericho agrees to let Show pick up the win as long as he gets his hands on Hunter.

Backstage R-Truth is walking around muttering to himself angry over being cheated out of a big win over the current Intercontinental Champion. Truth goes bursting into Theodore Long's office and complains about the loss. Long agrees that Truth was cheated out of the match but it was Referee Mike Chioda's call, not Long's. Still frustrated, Truth asks for another chance but Long reminds him that McIntyre is already defending the title next week. Truth then asks for a match the week after that which Long responds with a simply, "Maybe, lets wait and see what happens Playa." Truth walks off still frustrated.

Back in the arena, Jim Ross and Todd Grisham announce that Lay-Cool will be facing Beth Phoenix and Mickie James in the next match. After weeks of torment and being called ‘Piggy James,’ Mickie James has a chance to take the Women’s Title from Michelle McCool but failed at TLC. Tonight, with Beth Phoenix in her corner, Mickie James may finally get revenge. Then all of a sudden...

-This Fire Burns-​

CM Punk comes walking down the ramp with his long greasy hair with his follower Luke Gallows and heads straight into the ring. Grabbing hold of a microphone, Punk addresses the WWE that enough is enough. Too often does he watch the crowd sit back drunk watching him wrestler. Too often Punk has seen those in attendance enjoy certain illegal substances before watching him. Too often Punk has remained silent without doing something about it. Tonight it all changes, the WWE changes, the world changes. Revealing that Luke Gallows is holding an electric hair shaver, CM Punk begs someone in the audience to give themselves up to the straightedge lifestyle. To free their bodies of pollutants, to be more like CM Punk. Spotting a male volunteer, CM Punk drags the audience member into the ring and passes the microphone to the fan (a plant). The fan gives his name and accepts straightedge into his life, then Gallows begins to shave the fan’s head bald. Now bold, the fan bows down to CM Punk thanking his `Straightedge Savior.’ CM Punk forgives the fan for his past sins and allows him to go back to his seat. From here on out, CM Punk promises that he will begin to change Friday Night Smackdown, one shaving/saving at a time.


With Mickie James and Beth Phoenix already in the ring, they wait or their opponents

-Not Enough For Me-​

Women’s Champion Michelle McCool and her co-champion Layla both come out wearing the pig suit dressed in Mickie James’ same outfit. They bounce away acting fat and clumsy. As they get into the ring, they strip themselves of their costumes but immediately get jumped from behind by Mickie James! Mickie is attacking Michelle McCool as the bell is rung.

Match Three:​

Lay-Cool vs. Mickie James and Beth Phoenix​

A short match yes, but for a reason. Trying to avoid a beat down for their promo minutes ago, Layla uses her Women’s Championship prop to knock Mickie James over the skull so McCool can pick up the second victory of the week over with help from Layla.

Winners: Lay-Cool (3:12)​

Before Lay-Cool can celebrate, Beth Phoenix runs off the co-champions. As Lay-Cool laugh at the top of the ramp, Beth Phoenix looks on in anger over the fallen Mickie James.

Backstage Shawn Michaels and Triple H meet up chatting about their experiences tonight, Shawn’s encounter with Hart Dynasty and Hunter’s confrontation with Jeri-Show. As they laugh over what happened with Triple H and Jeri-Show earlier, DX turns around to find Jeri-Show themselves sitting there. Jericho slowly steps up and wishes Triple H luck, then playfully slaps him on the face as ‘The Game’ did earlier. Jericho and Show walk away as Triple H becomes infuriated with Shawn Michaels having to hold them back. Once Jeri-Show is gone, Triple H looks to Shawn and says, “Okay, that’s it. We’re winning our way.” Just as Michaels begins to argue Triple H walks off in a different direction from Jeri-Show leaving HBK to follow through with the idea.

In an interview with Matt Striker, Matt Hardy is standing by. When asked about the ECW Championship Scramble Match at the Royal Rumble, hardy reminds the audience he not only won the first ever Championship Scramble Match but won the ECW Title in the same match. So when Matt gets his match against CM Punk, and continues on until he is the man to represent Smackdown in the ECW Title match, ‘The Man Who Will Not Die’ will once again be ECW Champion. Just then CM Punk comes walking in with a smug look on his face with Luke Gallows close behind. Punk reminds Matt that it was him that Jeff Hardy is not in the WWE anymore. So if Matt isn’t careful, Punk may do the same to him. Punk and Gallows leave with Matt Hardy looking on frustrated.

As we cut to commercial, Jim Ross reminds us that next two former ECW Champions, Kane and John Morrison, will collide and announces the stipulation they will compete in...Falls Count Anywhere! Stay tuned for ‘The Big Red Machine’ facing ‘The Prince of Parkour’ next in a Falls Count Anywhere Match!


Match Four:
Extreme Invitational Tournament Round One, Falls Count Anywhere Match

Kane vs. John Morrison

Unlike the Extreme Rules match at the start of the show, this one is more hardcore with both men using chairs, stairs, and whatever to their advantage. At one point Kane teases Chokeslamming Morrison through the announce table but Morrison countered with an armbar submission. Kane would break the armbar by picking up Morrison and slamming him into the barricade.

Eventually the fight is take to the backstage, where Morrison takes advantage of his parkour skills to use the obstacles backstage to his advantage. The backstage fight continues to the concession stand where Morrison pulls off the Flying Chuck off a concession table. Morrison leans on the table exhausted as the fans try to push through security. Kane does his typical sit up, but Morrison catches him with a Running Knee! Morrison goes or the pin 1...2...3!

Winner and advances in the Extreme Invitational Tournament: John Morrison (11:34)

John Morrison holds his arm up in victory over Kane. Kane does another sit up and stands behind Morrison. Turning around, Morrison jumps in shock and gets into a defensive position. Kane puts his hand out and the two shake hands with Kane giving Morrison props for the match and win.

Matt Striker is backstage and takes us over the Tale of the Tape for DX and Jeri-Show

DX has won the tag titles as a unit only one, but individually with multiple partners on different occasions. DX has two wins now over Jeri-Show but one was due to cheating. Finally, DX has won a total of 17 World Titles between them.

Jeri-Show similarly won the tag titles only once as a unit, but individually with multiple partners on different occasions. Jeri-Show held the titles for 140 days defeating every tag team, except for DX, during that time. Finally, Jeri-Show has won a total of 10 times.​

The Main Event Tag Team Title Match...is NEXT!!!​


In his office, Theodore Long announces that next week’s Smackdown will be better than RAW’s. Not only will Smacxkdown have two title matches, but it will also have two more Extreme Invitational Matches with DH Smith facing the Great Khali and CM Punk against Matt Hardy.

Main Event/Match Five:
Unified Tag Team Championships
-Everyone is banned from ringside

D-Generation X(c) vs. Jeri-Show

Shawn Michaels and Big Show start off the match. Playing up the crowd, ‘HBK’ signals for Big Show to accept a test of strength and Show accepts. They both put their hands out to test the other’s strength as Show laughs. They grab hands and Show easily pushes Michaels away. Rolling back over his shoulders and back, Shawn gets back to his feet shaken and tells Triple H that Show is “pretty strong.” Triple H looks over and sarcastically says, “Really?” Big Show charges for Shawn Michaels. Rolling out of the ring, Shawn avoids Show but ‘The World’s Largest Athlete’ rolls out and pursues the Degenerate! Running around the ring, Shawn Michaels rolls back into the ring. A smiling Big Show takes a big step from the outside floor onto the ring. Sweet Chin Music! Big Show falls back to the outside as the referee continues the count out!


4... Chris Jericho is trying to get his tag partner back to his feet.


6...Jericho can’t do much with the Giant, but Big Show starts to move on his own


8...Big Show’s on his feet with Jericho guiding him to the ring


Big Show gets into the ring in time, but still dazed. Jericho gets to his corner and starts calling Show to tag him in. Shawn Michaels tags in Triple H. For the next while DX works over Big Show using a combination of comedic but impactful moves. The fun ends when DX goes for a Double Suplex and Big Show simply pushes the duo off. Shawn Michaels charges and Big Show connects with a WMD! Michaels rolls out of the ring and Triple H jumps Big Show but gets shoved off again. Big Show tags in Chris Jericho. Jericho attacks a recovering Triple H and takes control of the match.

Chris Jericho works over Triple H with a variety of technical and submission moves. Though Shawn Michaels recovers and is ready to tag back in, Jericho and Show go through a series of fast tags and big moves to keep Triple H down. With Jericho in the ring, he goes for a backdrop on Triple H. Finally, ‘The Game’ counters with an elbow to the back of the head. Running the ropes, Triple H hits a running knee into Jericho’s face. With Jericho down, Big Show enters the ring to stop the tag but Triple H gets him with a boot to the midsection followed by a DDT. With Jeri-Show down and out, Triple H crawls over and tags Shawn Michaels in! Running into the ring fired up, Michaels hits a Flying Forearm on Chris Jericho! Jumping back to his feet, Shawn Michaels plays up the crowd as Jericho gets back to his feet. Swinging Neckbreaker on Jericho! Going to the top rope, Shawn looks to the sky and then to Jericho, Flying Elbow! Jericho moves out of the way! With his elbow crashing into the mat, Michaels rolls around in pain and Jericho catches him into the Walls of Jericho! The submission is locked in! Shawn fights and fights while trying to drag himself to the ropes. Once Michaels is an inch from the ropes, Jericho drags them both back into the ring. Just when it seems DX is about to lose the tag titles, Triple H attacks Jericho from behind then clothesline Big Show in his corner. Show falls to the outside ring floor. As Triple H turns around, Jericho goes for the Code Breaker! No! Triple H catches Jericho’s feet. With his feet caught and his back on the ground, Jericho realizes what Hunter is about to do...catapult over the top rope. Jericho flies over and top rope and lands on Big Show. Triple H goes to his corner as Michaels gets back to his feet. Tagging Triple H in, Shawn Michaels spots Jeri-Show getting to their feet. Grabbing hold of the ropes, Shawn Michaels launches himself to the outside with a Body Splash on Jeri-Show!

Triple H rolls out of the ring and tosses Jericho into the ring. Pulling Y2J to his feet, Triple H sets him up for the Pedigree...but Jericho sweeps away Hunter’s feet and goes for the Walls of Jericho! Jericho tries to flip Hunter over as Big Show gets to his corner. Jericho continues to try to put Triple H into the Walls of Jericho but Hunter shoves off ‘The Best in the World at What He Does’ right into Big Show’s corner. Show and Jericho’s skulls collide as the referee counts that as a tag. As Jericho staggers from the corner along the ropes, Triple H charges and clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside floor. As Big Show drags himself into the ring, Hunter pulls the giant to his feet. Show grabs Hunter by the throat...Chokeslam but no! Triple H counters in mid flight into a Crossface! Big Show cries in agony as Triple H wrenches the Crossface further and further back to add to the pain! Using his great strength, Big Show crawls to the ropes carrying the extra weight of Triple H. Show grabs the ropes and Triple H must break the hold.

While the referee is distracted with the Crossface submission, outside the ring Jericho is getting back to his feet and Michaels is prepped to attack. As the cameras close in, Shawn is holding onto one of the title belts. Jericho stands up and faces Michaels. HBK charges with the title belt but Jericho ducks! In response, Shawn Michaels tosses the title into the air, which then Jericho catches. In all the confusion of catching the tag title Jericho fails to see the next attack...Sweet Chin Music and Chris Jericho is down and out!

Inside the ring, Triple H waits for Big Show to get to his feet. Once Big Show is standing, Triple H kicks him to the gut and goes for the Pedigree but Show counters by flipping ‘The Game’ over his shoulders on to his back. An angry giant looks on as Hunter gets back to his feet. Triple H looks on and crotch chops at Big Show. Fuming angry, Big Show charges but Triple H catches him with a drop toe hold. Landing face first into the top turnbuckle, Big Show staggers backwards. In the meantime, Shawn plants the title from before near Triple H. As Shawn distracts the referee now, Triple H picks up the title and cracks it against Big Show’s gut then back. Tossing the evidence away, Triple H goes for the Pedigree...it hits!

Winners and still Unified Tag Team Champions: D-Generation X (8:12)​

As Shawn Michaels goes to pick up all the titles, Triple H begins the celebration inside the ring. For the third straight time D-Generation X has beaten Jeri-Show with the tag titles on the line, and for the second time DX managed to trick/cheat their way to victory. With Big Show outside the ring still trying to gain consciousness, Jericho looks on into the ring obviously upset about the third loss in a row.

Jim Ross: What a match, what a match. Mind you I bet Chris Jericho or Big Show will be happy to look at the replay of this match up.

Todd Grisham: Here we are with DX still your tag champions and remember next week we have a load o big matches in store for you all n RAW and Smackdown.

Jim Ross: That’s right Todd. Over on RAW we have not only the Divas Title and the United States Title, but even the WWE Title on the line. Sheamus will defend the WWE Title against the man he won it from John Cena. That is sure to be if I may say, a slobberknocker!

Todd Grisham: And here on Smackdown we have the Extreme Invitational Tournament matches continuing on, but also an Intercontinental and World Titles Matches. Tune in to see the epic rematches from TLC this past Sunday with Drew McIntyre against John Morison and Batista going one-on-one with ‘The Phenom’ The Undertaker!

Jim Ross: I just can’t wait for next week. See you all next week and good night everybody!


Quick Results
Extreme Invitational Tournament Match/ Extreme Rues Match: Rey Mysterio defeated Tyson Kidd

Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre defeated R-Truth

Lay-Cool defeated Mickie James and Beth Phoenix

Extreme Invitational Tournament Match/ Falls Count Anywhere: John Morrison defeated Kane

Unified Tag Team Champions D-Generation X retained against Jeri-Show

Matches Announced for Next Week:
World Heavyweight Championship: Undertaker(c) vs. Batista

Intercontinental Championship: Drew McIntyre(c) vs. John Morrison

Extreme Invitational Tournament Match: The Great Khali vs. DH Smith (winner faces John Morrison in the Semi-Finals)

Extreme Invitational Tournament Match: CM Punk vs. Matt Hardy (winner faces Rey Mysterio in the Semi-Finals)

Extreme Invitational Tournament
Winner enters the ECW Championship Scramble representing Smackdown
(Brackets are the stipulations as they were competed under and announced)

Quarter Finals
Rey Mysterio vs. Tyson Kidd (Extreme Rules)............CM Punk vs. Matt Hardy (TBA)
The Great Khali vs. DH Smith (TBA)..........Kane vs. John Morrison (Falls Count Anywhere)

Rey Mysterio vs. Punk or Hardy (TBA)..........Khali or Smith vs. John Morrison (TBA)

Extreme Invitational Tournament Finals: _________ vs. ________ (TBA)

30 Man Royal Rumble Match, Winner gets a title shot at Wrestlemania XXVI

ECW Championship Scramble Match
Christian(c) vs. Smackdown Star vs. RAW Star vs. ECW Star vs. ECW Star​


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Sorry, I forgot to post this before Smackdown.

Thursday Night Superstars

Match One:
Santino Marella vs. Chavo Guerrero

More of a comedy match with Santino coming out on top with the Cobra Strike

Winner: Santino Marella

Zack Ryder cuts a promo against Goldust and that tonight on Superstars starts his journey to becoming ECW Champion, but Goldust interrupts claiming he will be the one to win the ECW Championship at the Royal Rumble stating, "Silver would look amazing with my Gold."

Match Three:​
Zack Ryder vs. Goldust

The young up start Zack Ryder picks up the win over the veteran Goldust with a Rough Ryder.​

Winner: Zack Ryder​

Hart Dynasty backstage have an interview about Bret Hart's latest appearance on RAW and being taken away by security. The trio respond that they are ashamed in both Vince McMahon and Bret Hart. McMahon for how they are treating Uncle Bret and Uncle Bret for bring even more shame to the already dysfunctional family. Hart Dynasty head out for the main event match.

Match Three:​
JTG and Eve w/Shad vs. DH Smith and Natalya w/Tyson Kidd

Both teams get their fair chance to show what they can do with Shad getting Kidd from getting too involved. The end comes with Natalya scoring a Spinebuster on Eve for the pinfall victory​

Winners: Hart Dynasty​

The Patriot of WE
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-Smackdown Review

-Overall, this was an entertaining read that I enjoyed. I mean, it wasn’t anything too terribly groundbreaking or flashy, but it was a quality show with a lot of potential in certain feuds. As I wrote this review, I was worried I was coming off as overly negative. That was not my intention and let me say overall it was a decent show. I’ll give it a 7/10.

-The Extreme Rules tournament is a good idea and it should lead to some pretty entertaining matches.

-The Hart Dynasty essentially cheating to battle Mysterio sets them up as solid heels. Mysterio is a fan favorite and thus I imagine this would really get the Harts some heat. The Great Khali interfering was a good move as it allowed Mysterio to overcome the odds, but I don’t really make sense of the interference out of nowhere like that. It just doesn’t really seem in Khali’s character to me. Like Mysterio, he too is in the tournament, but I suppose the fact Khali has a match with Smith is reason enough. Would have expected

-The best part of the show was definitely the interaction between the Harts and Michaels who drops words of poison on them in the last line of his promo. That was awesome. I really love to see where this will go. You could see the rekindled rivalry between The Harts and D-Generation X, or you could see some form of reconciliation here where Michaels helps these young Harts change their ways and truly become great honors to their heritage. I like the way you have it set up to develop.

-Batista never really was an enjoyable heel to me, and thus I’m not surprised that it was hard for me to picture him whining about the title being handed to him. The IC joining in is a good addition to the promo, but Batista may have been better served simply calling Long and Taker out in a more forceful way. Still, it was an effective way to continue the feud.

-The obvious favorite to win a match of this stipulation is Kane, but John Morrison wins in a match that really establishes him as someone you’re trying to push. My favorite to win the tournament now as a result of this match is Morrison.

-Effective if not somewhat bizarre interaction between CM Punk and the fan here. I’m not entirely sure I know where this is going, but I’m not a big fan of Punk’s straight-edge stuff. I really just like his character based on the “best in the world” wrestling mentality. Nonetheless, the segment was good because I didn’t know what Punk was going to do to the soul.

-The main event between DX and Jericho and Big Show was impressive and a good way to end the show. I really enjoyed the Sweet Chin Music from Shawn Michaels after Jericho catches the championship belt. I mean, it kind of makes Jericho look like an absent minded jackass, but it was a clever and unique way for the champions to get the leg up. In the ring Triple H taking care of Big Show was fitting considering his anger from the earlier promo.

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Just a week after the TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs pay-per-view, all three brands seem to be battling for supremacy.

Monday Night of Champions
Traditionally Night of Champions is a Sunday evening WWE event on pay-per-view but this upcoming RAW will be a Monday Night of Champions. Every title available to RAW will be on the line this Monday. The WWE Championship with Sheamus defending against John Cena. United States Championship with The Miz putting his title against the man who already beat him, MVP. Melina puts her Divas Championship on the line with Maryse looking to become the new champion. Finally...due to the use of the tag title belts on Smackdown, Jeri-Show got Vince McMahon to approve another Unified Tag Team Championship Match but this time it is the final time. No more shots or Jeri-Show if they lose and if DX are caught cheating, they will be stripped of the titles.

WWE Goes Extreme
On ECW, General Manager Tiffany made a giant announcement that made all of WWE go Extreme. An ECW Championship Scramble with two spots left open for two former Extremists currently on the RAW or Smackdown brands. As a result Smackdown has already organized an Extreme Invitational Tournament with Rey Mysterio and John Morrison already proceeding to the Semi-Finals. RAW is to announce how they will fill this spot on Monday. This week ECW will continue its quest to decide the other two current ECW stars that will join the champion Christian at the Royal Rumble.

Smackdown: A Night of Rematches
With two championship rematches from TLC for next week, World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker faces Batista and Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre defends against John Morrison. In a past Smackdown Main Event when CM Punk had Jeff Hardy kicked out of WWE, CM Punk will face Matt Hardy in the Extreme Invitational Tournament. From this past week, DH Smith will being looking to get revenge against The Great Khali.

With the Royal Rumble now 6 weeks away, be ready for some announcements for participants in the coming weeks for the 30-Man Match.

WWE Rumours

It is rumoured that WWE Divas Champion Melina was injured at a house show. No news on how this will impact Monday Night of Champions

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Preview for...
December 21, 2010​

Monday Night of Champions
Last week, two huge championship matches were announced and two more on WWE.com over the weekend. On Monday, Night of Champions comes early with the Intercontinental, Unified Tag Team, Divas, and WWE Championships all being defended in individual matches!

WWE Championship, Rematch from last Sunday
Sheamus defeated John Cena in controversial to win the WWE Title in a Tables Match last week at the TLC pay-per-view. In the WWE Universe it is still hotly debated if Sheamus pushed or if Cena accidentally fell through the table. On Monday, ‘The Celtic Warrior’ has his first opportunity to prove he is not a fluke champion when he faces ‘The Commander of the CeNation’ in singles action with the strap on the line. Will Sheamus retain or will John Cena continue to prove why he calls himself ‘The Champ?’

Unified Tag Team Championships, Last Chance Match for Both Teams
For the fourth time in two weeks, Jeri-Show and D-Generation X collide over the Unified Tag Team Championships. From a TLC match to Jeri-Show getting rematch after rematch, it all ends on Monday. This is the final rematch for Jeri-Show against DX, which means if Jeri-Show loses they go to the back of the line. Still, Jeri-Show has had reason to constantly challenge DX. Last Monday on RAW, DX won with help from ‘The Dirtiest Player in the Game’ Ric Flair who handcuffed Chris Jericho to the ropes to stop him from breaking up the pinfall. On Friday Night Smackdown, DX once again took liberties with the rules and won after using a title belt on Big Show. If DX does anything to that would normally disqualify them during the match, even if the referee doesn’t catch it, Vince McMahon will strip DX of the titles and reward them to Jeri-Show. It’s a Last Chance Match for both teams, it ends here, no matter what.

United States Championship, MVP gets his shot
Last week MVP picked up a quick victory over MIz to earn a title match for this week. Can MVP pick up another seemingly fast win or is the Miz destined to continue to be awesome!

Divas Championship, Melina faces off with Maryse
Last week Maryse picked up a decisive victory which led to this Divas Title Match being made between Melina the champion and Maryse the challenger.

ECW Championship Scramble Match announced for the Royal Rumble, RAW offered a spot
With the theme of championships continuing tonight, on ECW any one RAW star who is a former Extremist can take up the spot in the Championship Scramble at the Royal Rumble. Who will take the spot and how will it be decided? ECW and Smackdown have decided to do their own tournaments, so will RAW follow suit? Mr. McMahon is scheduled to address this tonight

Legacy to be Punished
Last week, Randy Orton defeated Kofi Kingston in an exciting 2-out-of-3 Falls Match that required a fourth fall, but this week Orton finds himself with Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase in the dog house. Though warned not to, Legacy got involved in the fourth fall, but due to the third fall ending and No DQ ruling on the fourth fall, Mr. McMahon has decided to not fire Legacy. Instead he will punish them and if Legacy’s loss to Christian and Evan Bourne weren’t enough, Mr. McMahon has promised to make the punishment more severe. Tune in to see what will happen to Orton, Rhodes, and DiBiase.

Kofi Kingston to appear
Over the last few months Kofi Kingston has proven himself to be a capable wrestler against former WWE Champion Randy Orton. Though he lost last week in the main event, it did require over time for the decision to be handed over to Orton. Though not scheduled for a match this week, Kofi Kingston is set to appear still. How will he react to the loss last night? Tune in to find out.

Confirmed Matches
WWE Championship: Sheamus(c) vs. John Cena

United States Championship: The Miz(c) vs. MVP

Divas Championships: Melina(c) vs. Maryse

Unified Tag Team Championships/ Last Chance Match:
DX(c) vs. Jeri-Show​


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Monday Night RAW
December 21, 2009​

Opening Video:
Tonight is the first ever Monday Night of Champions

-Sheamus refuses but must defend the WWE Championship against John Cena this week, then is attacked by Cena. Vince McMahon won’t even let Sheamus out of the match

-MVP pins Miz with a roll up to receive a United States Championship Match this week

-Divas Champion Melina to defend against Maryse

-After three title losses last week but two due to cheating, DX and Jeri-Show will have a Last Chance Match with the Unified Tag Tiles on the line. Jeri-Show will not get another opportunity and DX shenanigans will not be tolerated.

-Randy Orton and Legacy to be punished this week for interfering in the main event last week and for losing on ECW


Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcome us to this edition of Monday Night RAW, or should they say...Monday Night of Champions where all four titles available to RAW will be on the line tonight. First they recap all four title matches to expect tonight, then our first championship gets underway with the challenger for the US Title coming out.

-I’m Comin’-​

With his partner Mark Henry not far behind, MVP comes down to a decent pop ready to compete for another opportunity to become United States Champion. MVP and Henry set up in the ring prepped for the title match.

-I Came To Play-​

United States Champion The Miz comes walking down with a microphone in hand. Only walking down half way, The Miz calls for the music to be cut and speaks to MVP, Henry, and the crowd. First of all, Miz debates that MVP doesn’t deserve this title match because the win last week was a fluke. MVP never really beat The Miz so MVP won’t be able to do it again. Lightning doesn’t strike twice as they say. Now for Mark Henry, The Miz won’t just sit back and allow ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ to get involved so Miz set up his own back up. To counter the former ECW Champion Mark Henry, Miz introduces a man who was the greatest ECW Champion before he came to RAW...

-Get On Your Knees-​

Jack Swagger comes on down and high fives the United States Champion. Together The Miz and Jack Swagger head down to the ring or the match. Once they are in the ring, the referee goes to get Swagger out of the ring then Henry. Once the referee’s back is turned to get Henry out of the ring, Miz and Swagger together jump MVP. By the time the referee breaks up the assault, the damage is done to MVP. With MVP still willing to compete though, the referee rings the bell.

Match One:
United States Championship​
The Miz(c) w/Jack Swagger vs. MVP w/Mark Henry

With MVP already taking an earlier beat down, The Miz basically focuses on keeping the challenger down and mocking the fan favourite to the audience’s ire. At one point Miz goes to whip MVP into the corner, but MVP counters and whips Miz into the corner. Miz hits and staggers from the corner, MVP charges with a clothesline. Jumping back to his feet immediately, Miz receives another clothesline> Getting up again fast, Miz receives a third clothesline. Again getting back up, but not as fast, The Miz gets to his two feet to only get knocked down again by a running Bit Boot from MVP. Exhausted still himself, MVP falls to the ropes and uses them for support. As Miz gets to his feet and MVP continues to build his momentum but Swagger catches MVP’s leg. Tripping, MVP gets back to his feet and looks back at Swagger with a smug look on his face. Henry then attacks Swagger from behind. The two former ECW Champions tussle outside the ring with MVP cheering his partner. Skull Crushing Finale from Miz! 1...2...Henry pulls Miz out of the ring and whips him into the barricade! The referee calls for the bell.

Winner and still United States Champion by Disqualification: The Miz (4:45)

Jack Swagger jumps Mark Henry to help Miz. Together Swagger and Miz are able to not only fend off but beat down Mark Henry. Entering the ring, Swagger and Miz pull MVP to his feet. Swagger Bomb to MVP! Picking MVP back up again, Skull Crushing Finale! To end the beat down, Ankle Lock from Swagger to MVP. The hold doesn’t stay on for long as Mark Henry enters the ring and scares off Miz and Jack Swagger. Henry checks MVP whose ankle might be injured.


In the Divas locker room, all the divas are surrounding the champion Melina wishing her luck tonight against Maryse. Suddenly Maryse enters the mix. Brushing her hair back and giving Melina the evil eye, Maryse sarcastically wishes Melina luck tonight in their match later on.

Josh Matthews is interviewing the current WWE Champion Sheamus on his title match later tonight. Sheamus addresses that he pushed Cena off the top turnbuckle that sent him through the table, Cena didn`t trip. Sheamus beat John Cena and wishes everyone would accept that already, but ‘The Celtic Warrior’ assumes he will have to make sure people believe him after tonight. All of a sudden John Cena gets involved and gives Sheamus some bad news. Though he’s not proud of it, Cena tripped through the table and Sheamus got lucky. Also, Cena plans on beating Sheamus so he once again call himself WWE Champion! Frustrated, The Irishman makes a challenge to Cena. Last week Cena challenged for the match last week, this week Sheamus challenges Cena to step out and start this WWE Title Match now! Cena smiles and accepts. They both head out for the match.

Backstage in the hallway, Chris Jericho is waiting in the hallway the Big Show appears. Jericho asks where Show has been and the giant says he was out finding something to eat. Frustrated, Jericho tells Big Show to focus since he’s lost them all three matches last week. Big Show frowns and questions Chris Jericho’s logic. In reference to TLC, Jericho blames Show for the loss. Next Show was the one pinned on both RAW and Smackdown. This is Jeri-Show’s last chance so Jericho wants Big Show to take tonight seriously and focus. Not wanting Big Show to take away from his focus, Chris Jericho leaves with Show breathing heavily.

Match Two:
WWE Championship​
Sheamus(c) vs. John Cena

Surprisingly Sheamus puts on a good fight but John Cena has the edge. Going into commercial, John Cena is in control.

Coming back from commercial Cena is still in control and is going for a running combo. Running Shoulder Block, Fisherman Suplex, and then Cena goes to the top. Waiting for Sheamus to get to his feet and bent over, Cena goes flying with a Flying Legdrop but Sheamus gets out of the way. Cena gets to his feet. Brough Kick!1...2...Kick out! Sheamus gets back to his feet and is shocked to see Cena getting back to his feet already. Sheamus charges and another Brough Kick and Cena falls out of the ring with the kick.

Rolling out of the ring, Sheamus picks up Cena and whips him into the steel stairs. As Cena gets to his feet, Sheamus chases him down with a series of punches and kicks. Lifting Cena over his head, Sheamus drops Cena down over the barricade. As Cena’s midsection hits the barricade, he looks up at Sheamus and a third Brough Kick! Cena falls back into the crowd. Going back into the ring, Sheamus waits for Cena to be counted out. Fighting and crawling, Cena gets over the barricade at the count of six. Tripping over his feet, Cena manages to roll head first into the ring on the count of nine. Knee drop on Cena’s skull from Sheamus! Sheamus goes for the pin, 1...2...Cena gets his foot on the ropes. Dragging Cena from the ropes, Sheamus goes for the pin again, 1...2...Kick Out!

Trying to keep his anger in check, Sheamus goes to a corner and starts pouding at his chest signalling a fourth Brough Kick. Cena gets to his feet and Sheamus charges. Ducking the Brough Kick, Cena picks up Sheamus for the AA. Sheamus slips behind Cena, flips him around, and kick to the gut. Sheamus goes for the High Cross but Cena slips behind Sheamus. Tripping Sheamus, Cena locks in the STF but Sheamus gets to the ropes. Once the STF is broken, Shemaus rolls out of the ring towards the announce table area. Cena follows behind Sheamus and...Sheamus swings with the WWE Title but Cena dodges it. Running and rolling into the ring, Sheamus watches Cena follow suit. Tossing the title at Cena, Cena catches the title, and Brough Kick connects with the belt to Cena’s face! Sheamus covers and the referee doesn't see Cena’s foot on the rope. 1...2...3!

Winner and still WWE Champion: Sheamus (18:12)

Sheamus celebrates and heads to the back as Cena comes too. Realizing how he lost, Cena looks up disgusted at the current WWE Champion Sheamus.


Backstage the WWE Champion Sheamus is heading to the locker room when he is pulled over by John Cena. Cena questions Sheamus’ integrity to not only cheat but take the win when he didn’t even win. Sheamus simply looks back simply happy to be WWE Champion. Wiping at his face in frustration, Cena makes Sheamus an offer like he did last week, challenging for the WWE Title for next week so ‘The Celtic Warrior’ can prove he deserves to be champion. Sheamus refuses but then Cena makes a better offer, next week Sheamus versus Cena without the title on the line, because all Cena cares is preserving the WWE Title’s dignity. If Sheamus can beat Cena next week, it will preserve the WWE Title’s dignity. Thinking, Sheamus still refuses and he exist into a locker room.

Cole and King recap what happened earlier with MVP being disqualified by Mark Henry interfering, though the referee failed to do anything during the prematch beat down or when Swagger got involved. Currently MVP is on his way to the hospital.

-No Chance-​

Inside the ring, Vince McMahon is already standing in the ring with a microphone. First, McMahon states that he wishes MVP will get better soon and that Miz and Swagger will not get away with it. Speaking of The Miz and Jack Swagger, McMahon has decided how RAW will choose their representative or the ECW Championship Scramble at the Royal Rumble. In two weeks RAW will have a Fatal Four-Way Match where the winner will represent RAW between four former Extremists: Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, United States Champion The Miz, and Evan Bourne. To help hype up this match, after Vince is done out here, though Miz has already competed, these four mean will compete in a tag team match!

In regards to word that Bret Hart plans on returning to RAW in two weeks to confront Vince McMahon again, Vince has yet to decide if he will allow Bret in the door. Then again booting Bret Hart out a second time might be worth it. Speaking of former WWE Champions, Vince Mcmahon calls for Randy Orton and his Legacy to come out.


Randy Orton and Legacy head on down slowly, with Orton giving a bitter look to Rhodes and DiBiase on occasion. Like a general watching his troops going on a suicide mission, Randy Orton watches his Legacy walk up the steel steps into the ring. Orton soon follows suit.

Vince McMahon welcomes Legacy to the ring and congratulates them on still having a job. McMahon warned Legacy to not get involved in the 2-out-of-3 Falls Match with Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton, and what did they do? They get involved! Luckily for Rhodes and DiBiase, McMahon will not fire them because the third fall was over and the fourth fall was no disqualification, but all three members of Legacy must be punished still. So to avoid a harsher punishment and be nice, McMahon offered that if Legacy won their tag match on ECW he would go easier on them. With the loss on ECW, McMahon will not go easy on any of them.

First of all, in six weeks is the Royal Rumble Match. Before the loss on ECW, McMahon was just going to put Rhodes and DiBiase in over the top matches to try to get into the Rumble with a small chance for them both to enter the match. Now only one of them will enter. Next week, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase go one-on-one where the winner will enter the Royal Rumble Match. From here Rhodes and DiBiase give each other an odd look.

Before McMahon can say what he was going to do to Orton, ‘The Viper’ refuses to just stand here and be scolded and punished. Randy Orton is the youngest ever World Champion, former WWE Champion, main evented Wrestlemania 25 last year, and punted Mr. McMahon around this time last year. Orton does not fear Vince McMahon and refuses to be told what to do by Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon apologizes for how Randy Orton feels but that doesn’t change the fact that Orton will be fired if anything happens to Vince tonight. It is all too bad too since Orton would’ve been next in line for a WWE Title shot with the win last week, but due to Legacies interference that’s no longer the case. If Legacy would’ve won on ECW, next week’s main event would have been Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton in a #1 Contenders Match for the WWE Title. Now that Legacy has lost, McMahon is going with the next best punishment over firing Randy Orton. The one thing McMahon can do that would make Orton’s blood boils. In two weeks with Christmas around the corner anyways, Vince McMahon is simply giving Kofi Kingston a WWE Championship Match! Randy Orton does snap unsure of whom to take his anger out on, but before Orton can decide who to, Vince McMahon for the second week in a row exercises his power and has Legacy kicked out of the building like Bret Hart last week. Security comes and takes Legacy out of the building with Orton screaming at the top of his head.

Backstage in a split screen shot, the former extremists Mark Henry with Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger with The Miz head down to the ring for a big tag team match.


Match Three:​
Jack Swagger and US Champion The Miz vs. Evan Bourne and Mark Henry

Coming back from commercial the match has already started. Swagger has Bourne down using a variety of technical and submission moves. Swagger and Miz tag in and out beating down Bourne, but Bourne eventually gets the hot tag. Getting revenge for his partner MVP from earlier, Mark Henry goes crazy taking down Miz and Swagger with ease. When Miz tries a clothesline, Henry catches and delivers the World’s Strongest Slam on the United States Champion followed by the pin. 1....2...3!

Winners: Mark Henry and Evan Bounre (7:23)

Henry and Bourne head up the ramp prepped for their Fatal Four-Way Match in two weeks against Miz and MVP.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler recap the show so far, then pass the show off to Jim Ross and Matt Striker backstage to cover the Smackdown Rebound and ECW in Review.

-ECW Championship Scramble announced for the Royal Rumble with Christian defending against two ECW Stars, a Smackdown Star, and a RAW star.
-On the upcoming ECW is a triple threat between the Round Table members of William Regal, Ezekiel Jackson, and Vladimir Kozlov with Christian as the referee. The winner of the match has a chance to enter the Scramble Match

-On Smackdown, the Extreme Invitational Tournament was announced with Mysterio and Morrison passing the first round.
-This week, Undertaker defends the World Title against Batista and Drew McIntyre puts the Intercontinental Title on the line against John Morrison. Plus two more Extreme Invitational Tournament Matches

Match Four:
Divas Championship​
Melina(c) vs. Maryse

Unfortunately before the bell rang, Maryse attacked Melina. Once the bell was rang, Melina was not able to stand up. Maryse tries to go for the pin but the referee refuses to allow the match to even begin calling it to an end.

No Contest due to Injury

Medics head down and help Melina to the back as Maryse pouts walking to the back angry she wasn’t able to become champion tonight.


Cole and King recap the two injuries from tonight with MVP and now the Divas Champion Melina, and there still is no news on either.

Cut to a Kofi Kingston promo video


The new #1 contender for the WWE Championship Kofi Kingston not dressed for action in his track pants and t-shirt, comes down to the ring to say a few words. As glad as Kingston was to hear that he’s receiving a WWE Title Match in two weeks, he doesn’t feel he deserves it. Last week he lost to Randy Orton twice, this week he gets a WWE Champinship match, which just confuses Kingston. He wants the title match through deserving it and not because Orton is being punished. Kofi Kingston feels he needs to do something to earn the match.

-Written In Your Face-​

WWE Champion Sheamus comes walking down and agrees with Kofi Kingston, so Kofi should simply quit the match before it starts. Earlier ‘The Cetlic Warrior’ proved why he is the WWE Champion by beating John Cena two weeks in a row. Kofi Kingston is a two time loser from last week so he shouldn’t even be considered to be in Sheamus’ league.

-My Time Is Now-​

Before anything else can be said, John Cena comes out and reminds Sheamus about his two wins over Cena so far. At TLC Sheamus lucked out and tonight Sheamus had to cheat and rely on the referee failing to do his job. To Cena, Sheamus doesn’t deserve to be champion. Kofi Kingston agrees with Cena that Sheamus doesn’t deserve to be champion either. To Kofi the match in two weeks over the WWE Championship is essentially two undeserving stars battling for something they don’t deserve. Frustrated, Sheamus finally agrees to Cena’s non-title match for next week to prove to everyone that he is champion. Sheamus then heads to the back frustrated. With Cena and Kingston alone in the ring, Cena gives Kofi Kingston some important advice, “You’ve spent the last two months putting a hurt on Randy Orton. It’s done now. Now what? Don’t be a one hit wonder and find where that next spark will come from.” From there Cena heads to the back with Kofi alone in the ring.

Backstage in the Divas locker room, all the Divas stand back and give Maryse when she enters a dirty look for her attack earlier that injured Melina. Without saying a word, Maryse simply steps out of the locker room.

Chris Jericho walks up the Big Show in the locker room and makes sure that the giant is ready to compete. Show looks over annoyed and says he is ready to compete. Slapping Big Show on the back, Jericho leads them both to the ring because they are on next.


Main Event/Match Five:
Unified Tag Team Championships
Last Chance Match

-If Jeri-Show lose, they won’t get another shot at the titles
-If DX cheats, the titles will be awarded to Jeri-Show

D-Generation X(c) vs. Jeri-Show

For the majority of the start of the tag match Jeri-Show have control of the match giving a beating to both Triple H and Shawn Michaels. With Triple H in Jeri-Show’s corner, Chris Jericho climbs the corner and reigns down a series of punches to the skull of ‘The Game.’ Tagging in his partner, Jericho watches as Big Show throws some very heavy punches to Hunter’s gut, followed up by a chop. As Hunter staggers from the corner, Show catches Triple H by the throat and Chokeslam! 1...2...Shawn breaks up the pin!

Big Show chases Michaels off. Rolling out of the ring, Shawn keeps as eye on Big Show. With HBK distracted Jericho attacks him from behind. With a few clubs to the back, Jericho pulls Michaels to his feet. Shawn Michaels is whipped into the ring post! Shawn looks like he is down and out.

Back inside the ring, things are still not great for the tag champions. Going for a clear naked choke on Triple H, Big Show releases when the referee threatens to disqualify them. Picking Hunter up, Big Show body slams him down hard to the ring mat. Show runs against the ropes, and Jericho gets a surprise tag as Show delivers a giant leg drop on Triple H. Show goes for the pin but the referee tries to explain he isn’t legal. When Big Show gets off, Jericho runs in and goes for the Walls of Jericho. As Jericho tries to flip Triple H over, ‘The Game’ grabs hold and rolls Jericho into an inside cradle. 1...2...Kick Out!

Chris Jericho gets to his feet first and drop kicks Triple H when he’s on all fours. Rebounding off of the ropes, Jericho drops an elbow on Triple H’s head, followed by a series of stomps. Looking away to the audience and absorbing all the heat for Jeri-Show, Jericho then turns and watches as Hunter gets to his feet. Crotch chopping at ‘The Game,’ Jericho charges for the Code Breaker...Spinebuster by Triple H to Jericho! Hunter goes for the pin 1...Kick Out! Both men slowly get to their feet and exchange rights. Both men stagger after each punch they receive but always come swinging back. It’s Triple H that wins out the brawl and ends it with a Running Knee to Jericho’s face. When Jericho gets back to his feet, Triple H catches and hits a suplex. Triple H turns from Jericho and gets clotheslined by Big Show from the outside ring apron.

At this point both Big Show and Shawn Michaels, who is back up from the attack earlier, are begging and pleading their partners to get in a tag. Jericho and Hunter crawl to their corners trying to get to their feet. Chris Jericho gets to his feet first. Waving off Big Show rather insultingly, Chris Jericho turns to Triple H and drags ‘The Game’ back into the ring. Triple H is on one foot with Jericho holding the other foot. Pulling the last leg out from under him, Jericho goes and locks in the Walls of Jericho on Triple H.

‘The Game’ fights and crawls to the ropes and eventually is able to break the hold. As Triple H grabs the ropes, Shawn Michaels manages to sneak in a tag without Jericho noticing. As Triple H tries to get to his feet, Code Breaker! Jericho goes for the pin as Shawn Michaels goes up top. Before Jericho realizes what’s going on, Diving Elbow onto ‘The Best in the World at What He Does.’ Landing on Jericho’s back, Shawn Michaels jumps back to his feet. Jericho stands up holding his back, Shawn Michaels hits him with a Flying Forearm. With his patented kip up, Michaels leaps to his feet again and starts tuning up the band wagon. As Shawn stomps signalling Sweet Chin Music, Jericho is able to tag in Big Show.

Shawn Michaels stops tuning up and gets ready to fight a giant as Big Show enters over the top rope. Shouting and yelling, Jericho orders Big Show to finish off Shawn Michaels, including yelling, “Don’t screw this up!” Big Show turns back and grabs Jericho by the throat. The referee counts this as a tag as Big Show hoists Jericho over the top rope. Choke Slam in the middle of the ring! Big Show then exits the ring showing no regrets for his actions. Getting over being shocked, Shawn Michaels tunes up the band again as Jericho gets to his feet. Sweet Chin Music! 1...2...3!

Winners and still Unified Tag Team Champions: D-Generation X (12:32)

As DX celebrates, Big Show heads to the back with Jericho getting help to the back. Triple H and Shawn Michaels go to their own corner as they cheer with the audience until...


Kofi Kingston comes out with a microphone already in hand and admits he has no business interrupting DX but he has something to say to them. Kofi Kingston doesn’t want to wait two weeks for his next big match because he wants it next week. Immediately, Kofi Kingston challenges one particular member of DX that he has always admired and wanted a match against...Shawn Michaels! Not willing to wait for an answer as Kingston tells Michaels he would appreciate an answer by next week. Kofi heads to the back as the show goes off the air.

Quick Results:
US Championship: Miz(c) won by DQ over MVP

WWE Championship: Sheamus(c) defeated John Cena

Evan Bourne and Mark Henry defeated The Miz and Jack Swagger

Divas Championship: Melina(c) vs. Maryse- No Contest

Tag Championships: DX beat Jeri-Show

Matches For Next Week:
Non-Title: WWE Champion Sheamus vs. John Cena

If Shawn Michaels accepts: Shawn Michaels vs. Kofi Kingston

Royal Rumble Qualifier: Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase

Matches in Two Weeks:
Winner competes in the ECW Championship Scramble at Royal Rumble:
Evan Bourne vs. Jack Swagger vs. US Champion The Miz vs. Mark Henry

WWE Championship: Sheamus(c) vs. Kofi Kingston

30 Man Royal Rumble Match, Winner gets a title shot at Wrestlemania XXVI
Qualifiers Coming Soon:
on RAW next week: Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase
on Superstars this week: Dolph Ziggler vs. JTG

ECW Championship Scramble Match
Christian(c) vs. Smackdown Star vs. RAW Star vs. ECW Star vs. ECW Star​


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Preview for...
ECW on Tuesday Nights
December 22, 2010​

Round Table Triple Threat Match, Christian to referee
In a qualifying match for a chance to enter the ECW Championship Scramble Match at the Royal Rumble, Tiffany has organized a triple threat match tonight between stablemates William Regal, Vladimir Kozlov, and Ezekiel Jackson with ECW Champion Christian as the referee. What will happen and which of these three men will advance?

RAW versus Smackdown, former Extreme Champions Clash
On the last editions of Smackdown and RAW, John Morrison advanced in the Extreme Invitational Tournament and Jack Swagger will compete in a four way match to decide who will represent RAW. This week on ECW both RAW and Smackdown collide with Jack Swagger and John Morrison going extreme for one night only. Which former ECW Champion will bring a win for their respective brand? Either way ECW fans win.

6-Mixed Gender Tag Team Action
Shelton Goldust, Hurricane, and Brie Bella will compete in tag team action against Tyler Reks, Paul Burchill, and Katie Lea Burchill. Winning this match can help build momentum to getting into the Scramble Match at the Royal Rumble.

Matches Announced:
William Regal vs. Vladimir Kozlov vs. Ezekiel Jackson (special guest referee ECW Champion Christian)

Jack Swagger vs. John Morrison

Goldust, Hurricane, and Brie Bella w/Nikki Bella
vs. Tyler Reks, Paul Burchil, and Katie Lea Burchill​

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ECW on Tuesday Nights
December 22, 2010​

Opening Video:​
-Last week Tiffany announces the ECW Championship Scramble leaving two spots for RAW and Smackdown. Tiffany sets up a qualification match this week between the Round Table with Christian as the special guest referee.

-Smackdown organizes the Extreme Invitational Tournament with John Morrison and Rey Mysterio so far advancing.

-RAW announces a fatal-four way to take place in two weeks between Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, and United States Champion The Miz to decide who will enter the Scramble Match


Matt Striker and Josh Matthews introduce the show as usual giving us the line up for tonight’s matches. The Triple Threat Match between the Round Table, the 6- Mixed Gender Tag Team Match, and RAW’s Jack Swagger facing off with John Morrison from Smackdown. Without wasting time, we go straight into our first match of the evening.

Match One:
6-Mixed Gender Tag Team Match

Goldust, Hurricane, and Brie Bella w/Nikki Bella
vs. Tyler Reks, Paul Burchil, and Katie Lea Burchill

Mainly it’s the men competing in the match leaving the women out. Finally Katie gets tagged in forcing in Brie Bella. Katie dominates the Brie, and when the Bellas try some twin magic Paul makes the interception. This causes the men to start fighting outside the ring. Inside the ring Katie hits the DDT on Brie and gets the pinfall victory.

Winners: Tyler Reks, Paul Burchil, and Katie Lea Burchill (7:12)

The trio celebrate their win as Goldust and his crew go up the ramp disappointed with the loss.


In Tiffany’s office, the ECW General Manager asks for those waiting outside to come in. In comes Goldust, Hurricane, Tyler Reks, and Paul Burchill. Before a fight can start between the four, Tiffany announces a tag team match for next week where the individual winner who picks up the win for his team will earn an opportunity to enter the Scramble Match at the Royal Rumble.

A video plays hyping up John Morrison and Jack Swagger’s past ECW Title reigns and them facing each other here tonight.

In the locker room, ECW Champion Christian is getting his referee gear on. Yoshi Tatsu and Shelton Benjamin enter to check on the champion. Christian is glad they came by because he found out something from Tiffany that he wanted to tell them. Next week, they both will compete in a singles match to earn chance to enter the Scramble Match. Happy, Yoshi and Shelton both leave glad to hear the news with Christian also happy since its two guys he really respects.

Match Two:
RAW versus Smackdown

Jack Swagger vs. John Morrison

A hard fought match that is given plenty of time so both men can show off their abilities. Swagger shows off his strength, technical, submissive skills. Morrison displays his speed, parkour, and high flying skills. During the match, Morrison counters a suplex with a Tornado DDT. Prepping for a Running Knee, Morrison waits for Swagger to sit up. Swagger sits up and Morrison charges. Swagger ducks the knee and snatches the leg. Swagger counters the Running Knee with an Ankle Lock! Morrison roars in pain put eventually counters the Ankle Lock by rolling out of it. Swagger then goes crashing into the referee. With the referee knocked out, Swagger falls forward but rushes back to his feet. Flying Chuck to Swagger’s skull! Morrison drags Swagger to the corner and goes up top. Before Morrison can do Starship Pain, Swagger rolls out of the ring. Swagger runs to the announce table as Morrison stands in the middle of the ring keeping an eye on Swagger. When Swagger looks defenseless outside the ring, Morrison springboards to the outside! Chair to Morrison's face! Swagger grabs a chair from the announce table and cracks it against a flying Morrison's skull. Rolling 'The Tuesday Night Delight' back into the ring, Swagger abandons the dented chair outside the ring. As the referee gets back to his feet regaining consciousness, Morrison struggles back to his feet as Swagger rolls out of the ring. Swagger grabs hold and Gutwrench Powerbomb! 1...2...3!

Winner: Jack Swagger (14:21)

Jack Swagger celebrates the win here on ECW as John Morrison goes to the back.

-Just Close Your Eyes-​

ECW Champion Christian comes down in his referee gear and shakes Morrison’s hand for the good match. Christian enters the ring and reluctantly offers Jack Swagger a hand shake. After taking a moment to think, Swagger goes to shake Christian’s hand but Christian pull away...too slow! Grabbing a microphone, Christian admits he looks forward to facing Morrison at the Royal Rumble hoping he will make it there on Smackdown. Not wanting to be ignored, Jack Swagger demands to be recognized because he is a former ECW Champion. Christian sarcastically apologizes and wishes Swagger could have won his match without cheating. To Christian, it was a shame to see such a great match go to waste like that. Swagger again confronts Christian, but Christian refuses to give any respect to Swagger. If Swagger wants Christian’s recognition, then he should win the four-way match on RAW in two weeks. Insulted, Swagger stands face-to-face with the ECW Champion. Not forgetting their history together on ECW, Swagger promises to go to the Royal Rumble and put a rest to all their issues once and for all.


Main Event/ Match Three:
For a chance to enter the Champions Scramble
Special Guest Referee: ECW Champion Christian​
William Regal vs. Ezekiel Jackson vs. Vladimir Kozlov

Right off the top, Kozlov lies down allowing Regal to pick up the win but Christian refuses to count. ‘Captain Charisma’ demands a match, then the Round Table threatens Christian. Christian threatens back to disqualify them all and take them all out of the Scramble Match. Reluctantly the Round Table do battle.

Kozlov and Jackson are battling in the ring with Regal sitting outside the ring for protection. Suddenly someone jumps in from the crowd and goes into the ring. The mystery man spins Christian around and...RKO! It’s Randy Orton! Orton proceeds to beat the living hell out of the ECW Champion using all his moves, another RKO, and a shot to the head with the ECW Title all the while yelling, “It’s your fault!” When Orton’s done the beat down, he exits the ring. Regal calls out to Kozlov. Pinning Kozlov, Regal watches as Jackson’s uses Christian’s limp arm to make the count. 1...2...3!

Winner: William Regal (6:23)

The Round Table high tail it out of there as Randy Orton goes into the ring looking to attack Christian once again. Shelton Benjamin, Yoshi Tatsu, and all the other ECW stars come down to save Christian from Orton. Seeing the cavalry on its way, Orton runs through the audience for safety. Orton watches on with an evil smile on his face.

Striker: What the hell was Randy Orton doing here! He's a RAW guy!

Matthews: I don't know but he ruined one hell of a match

Quick Results:
Tyler Reks, Paul Burchil, and Katie Lea Burchill defeated Goldust, Hurricane, and Brie Bella

Jack Swagger defeated John Morrison

Chance to Enter Scramble Match: William Regal defeated Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson

]Matches For Next Week:
Chance to Enter Scramble Match: Yoshi Tatsu vs. Shelton Benjamin

Whoever picks up the win has a chance to enter the Scramble Match:
Tyler Reks and Paul Burchill vs. Goldust and Hurricane

Possible Extremists Contenders for the
ECW Championship Scramble Match at the Royal Rumble so far:

William Regal
Shelton Benjamin or Yoshi Tatsu
Tyler Reks, Paul Burchill, Goldust, or Hurricane

30 Man Royal Rumble Match, Winner gets a title shot at Wrestlemania XXVI
Qualifiers Coming Soon:
on RAW next week: Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase
on Superstars this week: Dolph Ziggler vs. JTG

ECW Championship Scramble Match
Christian(c) vs. Smackdown Star vs. RAW Star vs. ECW Star vs. ECW Star​


Raevolution is a Mystery
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Raw review:

Good to see the United States Champion getting some mic time and having this alliance with Swagger. Disappointing to see MVP go down with an injury but it'll make for all the better if he returns strong from it. Plus it makes Miz look fairly powerful.

Good arrogant interview by Sheamus but it's usually not like Cena's character to make excuses. Could be a sense of him having doubts though. The Jeri-Show segment makes me believe that they're on the verge of splitting. Should be interesting where that goes.

The Sheamus/Cena title match itself is great. Even if it wasn't completely clean, it's huge to get two wins over Cena in a row and the ending was well done. Sheamus is looking to be a powerful champion.

Like the idea of four former ECW guys in the fatal four way for the ECW championship. My prediction for that is Miz but I could also see it being Swagger since Miz has the U.S belt. Curious who the other entrants will be as well.

Interesting approach doing Rhodes vs DiBiase for a spot in the Rumble. I think this match will determine which one of these guys will go further although I wouldn't count out Legacy finding some sort of loophole. Kofi getting the automatic title shot is quite the surprise. Good to see Kofi coming out of this Orton feud stronger than he did in reality.

Bourne and Henry getting the win over Miz/Swagger is good. A loss to Henry doesn't hurt much and since I'm almost positive Miz or Swagger will win the four way, it makes sense. If I recall these two were a tag team for a short time. Henry/Bourne, that is.

Heel tactics by Maryse. Something to base a feud off and sounds good to me. Those two never really faced each other but I'd imagine them having good chemistry.

Kofi not wanting the title match, did not see that coming. This whole situation makes me feel as if Kofi is in for a big push. Loved the quote from Cena at the end to Kofi. But this segment felt a little strange. Kofi says he doesn't want the match but then takes it anyway? And Cena making excuses again doesn't seem like him. Still a solid segment though.

Main event looked to be a good match with a nice face turn from Show. Or at least a break up in the team, not sure if it'll lead to a face turn. I'm a fan of emphasizing the tag titles and by putting them on as the main event, it adds some legitimacy. The match itself was interesting but the promo with Kofi afterwards was surprising. Assuming that Kofi does get the match with HBK, not only is that a possible classic in the making but it can give Kofi the credentials for the title match or push him further down.

Really good show man. My apologies if my review sucked, haven't busted one of these out in ages.

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Thursday Night Superstars
December 24, 2009

Match One:
Zack Ryder vs. Kung Funaki

A squash match with Ryder coming out on top with a Rough Ryder

Winner: Zack Ryder (4:23)

Match Two:
Carlito vs. Primo

Solid back and forth match with Primo winning after hitting a backstabber

Winner: Primo (7:12)

Main Event/ Match Three:
Winner gains entry into the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match

JTG w/Shad vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero

Despite Shad at ringside, Ziggler picks up a win and is the first man to qualify for the 2010 Royal Rumble Match

Winner and Qualifies for the Royal Rumble: Dolph Ziggler (8:34)

30 Man Royal Rumble Match, Winner gets a title shot at Wrestlemania XXVI
Dolph Ziggler vs...
Qualifiers announced so far:
On RAW: Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase​

ECW Championship Scramble Match
Christian(c) vs. Smackdown Star vs. RAW Star vs. ECW Star vs. ECW Star​


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Melina injured on RAW, Divas Title Vacated
On RAW, Melina was injured before her championship match could begin due to Maryse's assault. With the current champion unable to compete and with her 30-Day Defense Clause drawing near, the Board of Directors and Mr. McMahon have decided to vacate the title. No news yet on what will happen with the title or when Melina will make her return.

Former United States Champion Injured, MVP promises revenge
On RAW, MVP was attacked and injured by both Jack Swagger and the United States Champion The Miz during the title match. No comment yet was made on his return but MVP has promised he will not only take Miz's title away when he returns to action but will get his revenge.

Randy Orton Invades ECW
Possibily due to Christian's tag team win last week on ECW over Legacy was what led to Orton's assault on the ECW Champion. This is only speculative by those here at WWE.com as on RAW Mr. McMahon himself stated that it was due to the tag loss that Randy was not given an opportunity at the WWE Title. No news on what will happen but Mr. McMahon has stated he will deal with this issue on Monday during RAW and Legacy will be punished for the second week in a row. The ECW Champion Christian has stated today that he will appear on Monday as well.

Royal Rumble Qualifiers
All three brands have claimed that next week is when more Royal Rumble Qualifying Matches will start taking place next week. For this week on Superstars, Smackdown's own Dolph Ziggler was the first to qualify for the 30-Man Annual Over-The-Top Rope Battle Royal. For JTG who lost that match against Ziggler, Mr. McMahon, Tiffany, and Theodore Long have announced they will allow for second chance matches into the Rumble closer to the pay-per-view.

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Preview for...
Friday Night Smackdown
December 25, 2009​

Merry Christmas WWE Fans, on Smackdown we have a night of rematches from...
Wrestlemania 23, Summer Slam from last year, and last week's at TLC​

‘The Phenom’ defends World Title against ‘The Animal’: Long to act as Referee
Last week Batista made the case he was screwed over at TLC when Theodore Long restarted the match. This led to Batista’s victory turning into a loss. Wishing to compete with the gigantic past Monday Night of Champions over on RAW, Teddy granted the rematch for this week. After losing in a Chairs Match, can Batista produce a victory when he failed to do so last week? Well, Today on WWE.com it has been announced that Smackdown’s World Heavyweight Championship Match will only result in a title change under fair circumstances, which is why Theodore Long will be at ringside during the match wearing his former referee gear to act as the Special Guest Referee. With Long acting as referee will he ensure a fair match between the titans that are Undertaker and Batista?

John Morrison looks for second straight week of big wins on Smackdown, this time against McIntyre
Last week on Sunday, Morrison lost his Intercontinental Title to Drew McIntyre. Morrison would make up with this loss with a win over Kane in a Falls Count Anywhere Match to advance in the Extreme Invitational Tournament. This week, Morrison looks to regain his gold from McIntyre. Though McIntyre tried to get the match cancelled last week with the approval of former World Champion Batista, ‘The Chosen One’ will defend the Intercontinental Title. Will Morrison experience a second huge victory on the Blue Brand two weeks in a row or will McIntyre prove why he is ‘The Chosen One?’

Extreme Invitational Tournament Continues: Smith versus Khali, Punk versus Hardy
Last week the tournament to decide which Extremist turned Smackdown Superstar would compete for the ECW Title at the Royal Rumble began with Mysterio and Morrison picking up big wins. This week the tournament continues to see who will be the final two to make up the Final Four of the Tournament. Last week Khali and DH Smith butted head with Khali coming out on top. This week, from a very trusted source, WWE.com can announce the two will face off in a Strap Match. The other match features Matt Hardy and CM Punk, and if you recall last year Punk feuded with Jeff Hardy over the World Heavyweight Title. Well, the two former ECW Champions are headed for a collision as Marr Hardy looks to gain vengeance over his brother Jeff from last year as he takes on CM Punk and his seemingly increasing cult of the Straightedge.

Huge Announcement for the Royal Rumble

Confirmed Matches:
World Heavyweight Championship: Undertaker(c) vs. Batista (Teddy Long as the referee)

Intercontinental Championship: Drew McIntyre(c) vs. John Morrison

Extreme Invitational Tournament/Strap Match: The Great Khali vs. DH Smith

Extreme Invitational Tournament/ TBA Stipulation: CM Punk vs. Matt Hardy


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Friday Night Smackdown
December 25, 2009​

Opening Video from Last Week’s Smackdown:
-Batista demands a rematch against the Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Title and Drew McIntyre arguing that he should not have to defend the Intercontinental Title against John Morrison. Both Batista and McIntyre agree that they believe Theodore Long is an incompetent General Manager.

-Theodore Long grants Batista’s rematch, but because he wants to compete with RAW’s Monday Night of Champions. In addition, McIntyre still has to defend the Intercontinental Title Morrison because it is Morrison’s contractual rematch.

-The Extreme Invitational Tournament continues with DH Smith facing The Great Khali and Matt Hardy going one-on-one with the man that had his brother evicted from WWE, CM Punk. A quick recap of Khali taking out Smith with a single chop and of the confrontation between Hardy with Punk last week.


Jim Ross and Todd Grisham introduce the show and wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Tonight as a gift for the WWE, they will get not only one but TWO Extreme Invitational Tournament matches, but also will see the Intercontinental and World Heavyweight Titles on the line. They also announce that on WWE.com Theodore Long will be the Special Guest Referee for the World Heavyweight Title Match between Undertaker and Batista!

-Sexy Boy-​

One half of the Unified Tag Team Champions Shawn Michaels comes out alone without his partner Triple H who is not here tonight. As the crowd becomes quiet, Shawn grabs up a microphone needing to address the WWE and its fans. First of all, Shawn Michaels has a clip from RAW played...

This week on RAW:
-Vince McMahon announces that in two weeks Sheamus will defend the WWE Title against another man who has never been World Champion before, Kofi Kingston!
- Kofi Kingston announces he does not want to wait for his next big match to prove himself worthy of being WWE Champion, which is why Kingston is challenging Shawn Michaels for this upcoming RAW.

Shawn Michaels starts off by admitting he respects Kofi Kingston but admits Kofi needs to prove his worth. Not only did Kingston not beat Randy Orton last week at either TLC or RAW, but he didn’t even win a #1 Contenders Match. In other words, Michaels understands what Kingston is saying. To make a quick speech short, Shawn Michaels accepts Kofi’s challenge for a week on RAW this Monday! Next, Shawn wants to address Bret Hart returning to RAW in two weeks...

-Hart Attack-​

DH Smith, Tyson Kidd, and Natalya stand at the top of the ramp and demand Shawn leave the ring. Hart Dynasty points out that they believe Shawn has no right to talk about Bret, especially how DX won the tag team main event last week! Last week both Michaels and Triple H cheated to retain the tag titles, even after Shawn Michaels confronted Hart Dynasty about sportsmanship. Since Michaels cheated last week, anything he says about respect in the ring is now meaningless!

Frowning, Shawn Michaels admits what he did last week but that is who Shawn Michaels is, that is what DX is. Bret Hart and everyone else from the Hart clan was always been respect. While Shawn Michaels was crotch chopping and acting like a goof, Bret Hart was all about integrity! The Hart Dynasty have no integrity. Refusing to listen to HBK anymore, the Hart Dynasty surrounds the ring and gets set to attack the tag champion until...

-Land of Five Rivers-​

The Great Khali comes down with a strap tied to his wrist to confront his opponent for a chance at the ECW Title, DH Smith. Smith and Kidd turn away from Shawn Michaels to keep their eyes on Khali. Once Khali is inches from Smith and Kidd, Natalya slaps the giant! Khali looks over to Natalya angry, which leaves an opening for Hart Dynasty to jump ‘The Punjabi Playboy.’ Khali easily shoves Smith and Kidd aside. Entering the ring, Khali stands in front of Shawn Michaels. By stepping aside, Khali signals for Michaels to please leave the ring so the giant can deal with his business. Shawn politely leaves the ring but before he leaves completely...Sweet Chin Music to Tyson Kidd! DH Smith looks over frustrated with his partner down as Shawn Michaels leaves.


Match One:
Extreme Invitational Tournament Round One, Strap Match

The Great Khali w/ Ranjin Singh vs. DH Smith w/Tyson Kidd and Natalya

With the match starting during the commercial break, the announcers point out that the match is a Strap Match, meaning you win by tapping all four corners of the ring in succession. With Kidd still out cold and being attended by Natalya, DH Smith has had to survive against Khali himself...and being attached to Khali by a strap doesn’t help either. Khali has tapped two of the corners with Smith recovering in a previously tapped corner. Once Khali taps a third corner, Smith rolls out of the ring and props his legs against a the steel stairs. Khali quickly runs out of strap so he can’t get to the final corner. Pulling harder, Khali looks like he might force Smith’s legs to buckle...but Tyson Kidd, who came to, with Natalya help Smith hold on! With no other choice, Khali heads to confront the Hart Dynasty making the referee clear Khali’s previous tapped corners.

Not leaving the ring to avoid the obvious ambush, Khali stands in the ring watching over Smith and Kidd. Inside the ring, Natalya sneaks up behind The Great Khali...low blow! No! Khali turns around in time and Natalya jumps backwards in fear. Quickly, Kidd jumps to the ringside apron and springboards off the top rope onto Khali’s back. Sleeper Hold! Kidd has the Sleeper Hold on Khali. DH Smith rolls into the ring and taps two corners fast. Going for the last corner, Smith is brought to a stop by the strap on his wrist. Using his massive strength, Khali pulls the strap to bring Smith closer and closer while fighting off the Sleeper Hold from Kidd. Kidd jumps off Khali and slaps the giant across the face! Khali reacts with a Chop to the Head of Tyson Kidd! Kidd is down and out, but it was enough of a distraction so Smith could hit the third corner!

DH Smith looks on to Khali unafraid of the giant, though the remaining corner is located behind ‘The Punjabi Playboy.’ Smith slowly walks up to Khali who is signalling him over. Khali then grabs the strap and pulls Smith in, which makes Smith try to resist being pulled in. Natalya enters the ring, turns Khali to her, and kisses him! Khali is kissing Natalya Niedhart! DH Smith jumps behind Khali and hits the final corner!

Winner: DH Smith (8:23)

DH Smith runs to the referee to get the strap taken off as Natalya breaks away from Khali. She runs out of the ring as Khali looks to go for another kiss...then the giant realizes he lost the match and turns to Smith who is still attached to him. DH Smith tries to wave Khali off, even pushing the referee between them. The referee is pushed out of the ring by Khali. Quickly ducking under Khali, Smith pulls the strap up so he runs between the giant’s legs. Low Blow! Having recovered, Kidd springboards for the second time tonight with a leg drop over Khali’s head! The giant is down and at the mercy of Hart Dynasty! Together, Kidd helps Smith lock in the Sharpshooter then Kidd locks in the Crossface. The Great Khali is going through hell taking both the Sharpshooter and Crossface at the same time! Khali taps out but it doesn`t mean much until...Sweet Chin Music to Smith! Shawn Michaels returned to the ring. Ducking a clothesline from Tyson, HBK responds with another Sweet Chin Music! With Natalya staying outside the ring, the Hart Dynasty is all out cold. After a crotch chop to Smith and Kidd, Shawn Michaels heads to the back.

Backstage by a television screen in the hall way, the Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre and `The Animal` Batista comment how much of a mess the show is. Attacks happening whenever people feel like it, double teaming, and even reflect on DX cheating last week. Who do they blame? Theodore Long, the man who forced himself into the World Title Match! This is why they both ensure the other that they will uphold the prestige of Smackdown by McIntyre walking out the Intercontinental Champion and Batista becoming the World Heavyweight Champion. McIntyre walks off with Batista signalling his approval for `The Chosen One.’

In the Divas’ Locker Room, coming out of the shower wearing only towels showing that they will not be competing tonight are the co-Women’s Champions Michelle McCool and Layla. Lay-Cool talk about how relaxing it is to be on Smackdown and not have to compete, then Mickie James confronts them and demands a rematch for the title, or hell a hardcore match just to mess up their faces. Lay-Cool admit that since its Christmas, they got a gift for Mickie, but it is neither a title shot nor a match of any kind. Layla then goes and grabs a present and gives it to Mickie James. As Mickie opens it cautiously, McCool reminds her that since its Christmas Teddy Long said James can’t hit either member of Lay-Cool. James opens the gift and finds a Diet Kit. Mickie James frowns at the deviously smiling Lay-Cool. Suddenly a smile comes across Mickie James. As James says Merry Christmas, she opens the door to the Locker Room and pushes Lay-Cool outside. Just as the door closes, Mickie James pulls off both of Lay-Cool’s towels! Looking to the camera as Lay-Cool knock on the door, Mickie James says Merry Christmas to the entire WWE.


Match Two:
Intercontinental Championship

Drew McIntyre(c) vs. John Morrison

John Morrison’s ribs are taped from his Falls Count Anywhere Match with Kane last week and his match with Jack Swagger on ECW. Drew McIntyre takes advantage of this by working the ribs at the beginning of the match. Morrison is in a sitting position and McIntyre starts driving a knee into the former champion’s back. Pulling Morrison up, McIntyre sets up for a Back Drop but Morrison counters it into a midair Arm Drag. Super Kick to the current Intercontinental Champion! Morrison goes for a pin but only gets a 2 count.

Morrison takes control of the match, but it doesn’t last long once McIntyre drives a boot into the challenger’s gut. With his ribs in pain, Morrison falls backwards with his arms wrapped around his midsection. Once Morrison gets to his feet, Drew McIntyre hits the Future Shock DDT for the win.

Winner and still Intercontinental Champion: Drew McIntyre (6:23)

Drew McIntyre celebrates the big win walking up the ramp with his title in tow as Morrison gets to his feet realizing he failed to regain the title. McIntyre takes a few moments to soak in the attention hoisting the title over his head before heading to the back.

Backstage in the hallway, a few minor stars are talking by the Locker Room until they are called by a referee to come see Teddy Long in his office. Suddenly as they peak around a corner a very nude, yet appropriately covered by backstage signs and such, Lay-Cool are wondering around trying to find clothes to wear. Believing the men’s locker room is empty, they go inside to in something to wear. Suddenly they come out running and screaming as ‘The Punjabi Playboy’ The Great Khali comes standing out with a big smile on his face and an ice pack on his chin. As Khali talks Ranjin Singh translates saying, “Three in one day. It has been a good day for Khali.”

In an interview with Matt Striker, ‘The Man Who Will Not Die’ Matt Hardy is talking about his match against CM Punk tonight in an unknown stipulation. Hardy is looking to avenge his brother from when CM Punk beat Jeff Hardy in a Cage Match. Though Matt and Punk are both former ECW Champions, Matt is sure he will prove himself to be the greater Extremist as he was a member of Team Extreme all those years ago. Just as Matt Hardy finishes the interview, the still nude, but appropriately covered co-Women`s Champions Michelle McCool and Layla run by the camera just shy of being caught fully. As the interview ends, Hardy points out that his night is already starting on a high note as both Hardy and Striker continue watching Lay-Cool run down the hall.

-This Fire Burns-​

CM Punk with Luke Gallows heads down to the ring. Gallows is carrying the electric shaver as Punk does his traditional entrance. Once inside the ring with a microphone CM Punk speaks to the crowd. Last week was the only the first of the WWE Universe to be cleansed, the first to be freed from sin, the first to be deemed Straightedge. Before Punk deals with a second Hardy dealing with personal demons, `The Straightedge Savior’ calls for another fan in the audience to accept a new life in the realm and protection of Straightedge under CM Punk. Spotting a male volunteer, CM Punk drags the audience member into the ring and passes the microphone to the fan (a plant). The fan gives his name and accepts straightedge into his life, then Gallows begins to shave the fan’s head bald. Now bold, the fan bows down to CM Punk thanking his `Straightedge Savior.’ CM Punk forgives the fan for his past sins and allows him to go back to his seat. Having the fan return to his seat, Punk has Gallows stand outside the ring. Punk’s music kicks back in as Punk gets prepped in the ring.


-Live For The Moment-​

Matt Hardy comes on down as Punk finishes preparing for the match. Still with the microphone in hand, Punk calls for Matt’s music to end. Just as Punk begins to talk about how the Hardys have plagued the WWE with their inner demons and it is Punk’s job to get rid of each Hardy Boy...Matt gets things starts and attacks Punk! Just as Gallows enters the ring and pulls Hardy off of Punk...

On the titantron Teddy Long announces that due to the high amount of interference in the tournament, Luke Gallows is banned and any interference will result in Punk automatically losing the match. As Gallows begrudgingly heads to the back, the referee separates Punk and Hardy. Theodore Long then announces that in honour o CM Punk’s Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match against Matt Hardy’s brother at Summer Slam last year, this match will be a Tables Match!

Match Three:
Extreme Invitational Tournament Round One, Tables Match

Matt Hardy vs. CM Punk w/Luke Gallows

Surprisingly, Matt Hardy is given a fair amount of offensive against the former World Champion. Both ECW Champions both have their own close calls in terms of winning and losing the match. Eventually, Luke Gallows tries to get involved in the match but Theodore Long comes over the big screen and threatens Gallows to leave the ring or Punk will be taken out of the tournament. Luke Gallows heads to the back with Punk looking distraught.

Outside a table is set up beside the ring. After Punk misses a Roundhouse Kick, Hardy fast as lightning hits the Twist of Fate. After the fall, Punk rolls outside the ring onto the table. Hardy heads to the top turnbuckle and signals for his legdrop...but the fan’s whose head was shaved earlier jumps the barricade and grabs Hardy by the leg. Holding Matt from jumping out onto Punk for the win, Matt forcibly kicks the fan off as security comes to take the fan away. Hardy, who is still on the top turnbuckle, turns back to Punk who is back into the ring. Dropkick to Matt! Matt slips over the turnbuckle and lands on the ring apron near the table. Matt stands up on the outside apron and Punk throws a punch. Groggy, Matt throws his own punch but Punk blocks it. Lifting Hardy up over his shoulders, Punk delivers a GTS to Hardy. Hardy lands outside the ring and crashes through the table.

Winner: CM Punk (7:12)

As security takes the fan away, Punk lays his hand across the bald man’s head in an offer of thanks. Walking up the ramp, CM Punk then looks back and smiles at the fallen Hardy.

Backstage in the hallway in front of a different locker room, the nearly nude Lay-Cool is spotted sneaking in. From outside the door you can hear Layla and McCool insulting the different ring attire clothes the men wear before they check out their options. Just as they finish insulting Cena’s jorts, they realize there are only two costumes for them to wear. Begrudgingly they begin to get changed.

In the hallway in front of the television from before, Drew McIntyre walks up to Batista. They talk about McIntyre`s victory and how they look forward to Batista becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion. They shake hands as Batista heads off to get ready for his match. Rey Mysterio then goes and confronts Drew McIntyre about him and Batista being disrespectful to Teddy Long. As Mysterio and McIntyre exchange words, R-Truth walks into the conversation. Though not happy with Teddy’s performance either, Truth reminds the Intercontinental Champion that he cheated in their match last week, and R-Truth wants another match. As the odds go against McIntyre with Batista no longer there, the Scotsman takes his leave. Mysterio looks to Truth and asks what his problem is with Teddy. Truth looks at the masked superstar and responds saying, “I don’t know Rey, but I think there is a conspiracy out there. I know cause I smell it.” Truth then walks away with Rey looking confused.

-Break the Walls Down-

Back at ringside, Chris Jericho heads on down in his suit and gets straight to business. He is a former Undisputed Champion and for him to lose the tag championships because of his partner’s laziness are unacceptable. Big Show was the weak link in the team to Jericho, which is why Chris Jericho went above Theodore Long to ensure he received another match with a new partner for next week against DX.

-Holla Holla-​

General Manager Theodore Long comes down doing his little dance with a microphone in hand. Teddy Long corrects Jericho that the Board of Directors asked for Long`s approval for the tag match next week AND that Jericho wouldn’t be competing in the match. Instead of Chris Jericho finding a new partner, he has to find a new team! Next week, it is a team of Chris Jericho’s choice to face off against D-Generation X in a non-title match. Just as Jericho gets upset, Theodore Long reminds Jericho that an opponent for the World Title needs to be announced for the Royal Rumble. Jericho becomes intrigued as Long explains that next week will be a Battle Royal where the winner gets a shot at the champion. Just as Jericho argues he should just be given the chance, the Smackdown locker room empties out showing that Jericho has no choice but to get around all of these guys.


Inside the ring still, Theodore Long is still standing there as JR and Grisham show the audience how Long has the Smackdown locker room take Jericho to the back. Now, Teddy Long demands Lay-Cool come out. When they don’t come out, Long threatens to strip them of the title.

-Not Enough For Me-​

Wearing the overly large, yet only clothing they could find, Michelle McCool comes out wearing the Undertaker’s costume while Layla comes out wearing Kane’s costume with a shirt, which is too big for both of them. Long makes a little joke how they are the “Divas of Destruction.” Now Theodore Long points out that the Women’s Title will be defended at the Royal Runble. Before Lay-Cool can say a thing, Long points out that it will be a fatal-Four way match next week between four divas of his choice but Layla can earn a spot right now if Lay-Cool can win an impromptu tag team match. Before Lay-Cool can agree or not...


Mickie James and Beth Phoenix come running down to the ring to start the match immediately.

Match Four:
-If Lay-Cool win, Layla joins the Fatal-Four Way for next week
Co-Women’s Champions Lay-Cool vs. Mickie James and Beth Phoenix

Having to wrestle in bulky clothes puts the “Divas of Destruction” at a horrible disadvantage, which leads to a very easy win for Beth Phoenix and Mickie James. With a Chick Kick to McCool, James picks up the win.

Winners: Mickie James and Beth Phoenix (3:23)

Mickie James and Beth Phoenix celebrate their quick and easy victory over McCool and Layla, as the "Divas of Destruction" head to the back embarrassed.

Backstage being interviewed by Matt Striker, the first man to qualify for the Royal Rumble on Superstars Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero discusses how important the Rumble is. Winning the Royal Rumble makes you a legend, one of the few who can top 29 other men. Ziggler and Guerrero then mention that they hate the fact they haven’t been booked on Smackdown for two weeks now. They believe Ziggler is too talented as an athlete to be left off the show and promise that Theodore Long will realize his mistake when Ziggler wins the Rumble and Main Events Wrestlemania XXVI!

Jim Ross and Todd Grisham play up the history between Undertaker and Batista, with their various matches over the World Title. Their original rivalry dates back to 2007 with the Undertaker’s victory at that year’s Royal Rumble which led to his match against Batista at Wrestlemania 23.

Undertaker versus Batista- History​

JR and Grisham continue by going over the events at the TLC pay-per-view last week in the vicious Chairs Match between Batista and Taker. The match ended after an illegal low blow by Batista to win then Long restarting the match not allowing the title to change hands by cheating. This led to Undertaker’s victory with a Tombstone Piledriver.

Undertaker versus Batista-TLC Highlights


Match Five/Main Event:
World Heavyweight Championship
Special Guest Referee:
Theodore Long
Undertaker(c) vs. Batista

A hard fought match between both future Hall of Famers showing just what they are made of. Undertaker and Batista trade blow for blow, move for move, finisher for finisher. Theodore Long actually looks pretty excited while watching the match and calls it fairly. Once Undertaker kicks out when Batista tried to pick up the win with a Spear...

-Broken Dreams-​

Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre starts waltzing down and Theodore Long looks around to the champion. With Long distracted, Batista rolls outside the ring and grabs hold of the World Title. Back inside the ring, Batista cracks the title across Undertaker’s skull! Leaving the title in the corner, Batista goes for another pinfall and McIntyre tries to get Long to turn around BUT Long refuses to until McIntyre leaves! Batista does his own count and gets a three. Out of frustration, Batista goes to grab Long but Undertaker grabs 'The Animal' by his feet. Undertaker battles to his feet and continues to take the fight to Batista.

Drew McIntyre remains at ringside refusing to leave with Long yelling for him to leave. Rey Mysterio comes out and jumps McIntyre from behind! The two start battling outside the ring but McIntyre seemingly gets the upper hand. Suddenly, R-Truth jumps out and attacks McIntyre as well! Mysterio and Truth gang up on McIntyre. Eventually the fight goes to the back.

Back inside the ring, Batista goes for the Batista Bomb and it hits! Batista goes for a cover and Long turns around now free from the outside distractions. Long starts counting 1...2...and sees the World Title Batista left in the corner earlier. Long refuses to do the third count believing Batista used the title just now instead of earlier. A frustrated Batista gets to his feet and threatens Long to start counting. With Batista's back turned to him, Undertaker sits up and stands up behind Batista. `The Animal` turns around and gets caught in the Tombstone Piledriver followed by a pinfall. Undertaker picks up the win!

Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion: Undertaker (16:12)

Undertaker walks out the champion once again but not without damage to himself. He takes his slow walk up the entrance ramp and hoists his golden treasure over his shoulder before he leaves. Theodore Long begins to walk outside but is stopped by a recovering Batista. Fuming, Batista pulls the General Manger to him. Angry over another loss to the Undertaker, Batista then hoists and tosses Long to a corner. Staring at a terrified Teddy Long, Batista decides to back off and slowly starts to exit the ring. Breathing heavily, Long acts relieved as he walks away from the corner and looks away from Batista. Changing his mind, Batista enters the ring and positions himself behind Long. Once Long turns around...Spinebuster! Looking down over the Smackdown General Manager, Batista smiles as he leaves the ring.

Quick Results:
Extreme Invitational Match/ Strap Match: DH Smith defeated The Great Khali

Intercontinental Championship: Drew McIntyre(c) defeated John Morrison

Extreme Invitational Match/ Tables Match: CM Punk defeated Matt Hardy

Mickie James and Beth Phoenix defeated Lay-Cool

World Heavyweight Championship: Undertaker(c) defeated Batista

Matches Announced for Next Week:
Battle Royal to decide who will compete for the World Heavyweight Title at the Royal Rumble

Fatal-Four Way Match to decide who is the #1 Contender for the Women’s Championship

Unified Tag Team Champions D-Generation X faces off against a team of Chris Jericho’s choice

Extreme Invitational Tournament
Winner enters the ECW Championship Scramble representing Smackdown
(Brackets are the stipulations as they were competed under and announced)

Quarter Finals
Rey Mysterio vs. Tyson Kidd (Extreme Rules)............CM Punk vs. Matt Hardy (Tables Match)
The Great Khali vs. DH Smith (Strap Match)..........Kane vs. John Morrison (Falls Count Anywhere)

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk (TBA)..........DH Smith vs. John Morrison (TBA)

Extreme Invitational Tournament Finals: Mystero OR Punk vs. Smith OR Morrison (TBA)

30 Man Royal Rumble Match, Winner gets a title shot at Wrestlemania XXVI
Dolph Ziggler vs...
Qualifiers announced so far:
On RAW: Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase​

World Heavyweight Championship
The Undertaker(c) vs. Next Week's Battle Royal Winner

ECW Championship Scramble Match
Christian(c) vs. Smackdown Star vs. RAW Star vs. ECW Star vs. ECW Star​

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