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Sheamus= Muslim ISIS convert

Bellas= Sheamus' wives (dressed in burkha/veil). They interfere on the
ring side in his matches

Daniel Bryan and Cena try to save their wives from him.

Big Show= has sex change. Becomes "Bigshowlina". Wins divas title.
rest of divas= team up to fight Big Show whilst calling her a "man"
and insulting her. Big Show will then win the WWE title becoming the first
ever woman to win the wwe title. Big show will then feud with Sheamus
who thinks he is an abomination

The New Day will join forces with Sheamus and Darren Young & Titus
because they are fed up of being marginalized in the WWE.

The Shield will join with Cena and Bryan in a rivalry against Sheamus

Orton and Caesaro in a tag team together with a gimmick as super heroes
like the Hurricane. They will be masked etc.

The Hardys return to feud with the Dudleys
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