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WWE: Here Comes the Pain

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King of Pain V.1 will be doing Raw, and I will be doing Smackdown. It will be starting the night after Wrestlemania 22, the Raw roster and results will be up soon.

Wrestlemania 22
WWE Title: Rock def. Kurt Angle when Shawn Michaels ran to the ring and Superkicked him.
US Title: Rob Conway def. Hardcore Holly
Big Show def. Triple H
Stone Cold def. Kane

General Manager - Shane McMahon
Main Event
Brock Lesnar (F)
Edge (F)
Kurt Angle (F)
The Rock (F) - WWE
Stone Cold (F)
Big Show (H)
Chris Jericho (H)
Kane (H)
Shawn Michaels (H)
Triple H (H)
Upper Mid Card
Booker T (F)
Jeff Hardy (F)
Jerry Lynn (F)
Matt Hardy (F)
Raven (F)
Sabu (F)
Abyss (H)
Lance Storm (H) - Tag
Rene Dupree (H)
Rhino (H)
Rob Conway (H) - US
Simon Dean (H)
Mid Card
Albert (H)
Billy (H)
The Boogeyman (F)
Bubba Ray Dudley (F)
Chuck (H)
D-Von Dudley (F)
Goldust (F)
Hardcore Holly (F)
Rico (H)
Test (H)
William Regal (H) - Tag
Tag Teams/Stables
Booker T & Goldust
Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray Dudley & D-Von Dudley)
Hardy Boys (Matt & Jeff Hardy)
Jung Dragons (Jimmy Yang & Kaz Hayashi)
Billy & Chuck w/Rico
T&A (Test & Albert w/Trish)
Three Count (Shane Helms & Shannon Moore)
Triple X (Christopher Daniels, Elix Skipper & Low Ki)
UnAmericans (Lance Storm & William Regal) - Tag
Billy Kidman (F)
Chavo Guerrero (F)
Jamie Noble (F)
Jimmy Yang (F)
Kaz Hayashi (F)
Tajiri (F)
Ultimo Dragon (F)
Christopher Daniels (H)
Elix Skipper (H)
Kid Kash (H)
Low Ki (H)
Nunzio (H)
Shane Helms (H) - Cruiserweight
Shannon Moore (H)
Paul Heyman (Big Show)
Stacy Keibler
Trish Stratus (T&A)

Info on Raw will be posted later.
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looks good

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Raw Roster

Raw General Manager: TBD
WWE Champion: Vacant
Intercontinental Champion: Vacant'
Women's Champion: Vacant
Tag Team Champions: Vacant

Main Eventers:
John Cena
The Undertaker
Chris Benoit
Randy Orton

Upper Mid Carders:
Rob Van Dam
AJ Styles
Monty Brown
Rey Mysterio

Mid Carders:
Ken Kennedy
Chris Masters
Muhammad Hassan
Ric Flair
Bobby Lashley
Khosrow Daivari

Melina (occasionally will wrestle)
Gail Kim
Mickie James

Tag Teams:
Self Proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team
The Mexicools
Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch
America's Most Wanted
The Naturals
3 Minute Warning
Brian Kendrick and Paul London
The Basham Brothers
Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak​

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Nice to see you two team up, and hopefully we will be able to see something good here. Mania results seemed a bit of a letdown though, but hopefully that is only part of the card. Rosters look good, but the smackdown roster does seem a little but too large, and there are a lot of guys in their who probably aren't necessary and wont get used too often. Good luck with this though

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yet another top thread begins, the N00b invasion is finaly starting to come to an end. Both rosters look decent but Smackdown seems a little overcrowded with non WWE talent. Looking forward to a long and successful thread by the two of you, all the best for the future!

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KOPV you had better not leave this thread or else I'll be really dissapointed. But anyway good luck guys. I will be reviewing whether you want me to or not.

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King of Pain V.1 said:
Well guys, I have decided and HBK_NWO33 has accepted this and that we will not be booking together. It's just have many reasons on why and for some reason, I feel like I am screwing him over for leaving him. And I also feel like I am screwing over many of you because I continouslly do all of this shit and quite frankly, it ticks me off too but sometimes, I've just got to do what is for the best. And now, well now you see that I will indeed be booking Unleash the Fury once again. And you know what, you don't have to like me anymore because I know you are all sick of this dumb changing that King of Pain V.1 does and quite frankly as I said above, I am certainly too, so you know what, do whatever you want, but Unleash the Fury is back
I would like to wish KOP good luck and say that before anybody thinks of moaning about it I encouraged him to do what was best for him, and you should accept it too.

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Sorry you might be confused, the quote was KOP. I will be posting up news on what I'm going to do in about an hour.

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