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Its my first shot at this so tips and replies would be great!

The entrance theme plays as we sweep around Madison Square Garden for the first WWE broadcast since Wrestlemania 21 where Triple H successfully defended the World Heavyweight Title against former friend Batista and John Cena defeated JBL to win the WWE title

JR: Welcome to Monday Night Raw! I’m Jim Ross and with me is Jerry The King Lawler, fresh out of Wrestlemania and hoping you all enjoyed it with us! And what a night it was King!

JL: You’re not wrong there JR! I had a great time and might I say, its great to see the TRUE champion, Triple H prevail against that turncoat Batista!

JR: Hmm, whatever you say King. Anyway folks, we’re in for an action packed night tonight. Ric Flair and Randy Orton of Evolution will defend the tag team titles tonight against Hurricane and Rosey! And we will hear from our boss Vince McMahon about the fate of John Cena’s WWE title which may be scrapped now that the merger has occurred.

JL: And we will hear from some of the people who fought in last night’s Wreslemania, including Triple H and Edge – the new Mr Money In The Bank

JR: It just makes me feel ill King, thinking about it!

JL: Oh, you know it was no disqualifications JR so don’t give me that!

JR: Well I…

They are interrupted as Triple H’s music starts up and Triple H comes out, a smug look on his face, the title over his shoulder as he is flanked by Ric Flair and Randy Orton, who have the tag team titles over their shoulders. Ric Flair shouts “whoo” into the booing crowd, who are giving them a lot of heat. They are all suited and booted for the occasion.

Lillian: Making their way to the ring, please welcome Evolution!

JL: It’s the champ!

JR: Yeah, the disgusting champ!

JL: Ah, you’re just jealous JR!

Triple H does his trademark pose before entering the ring, Flair and Orton sliding in after him.

Triple H takes the mic, stands in the middle of the ring, flanked by Orton and Flair and stares around smiling as the crowd boos him. He raises the mic and begins to talk

Triple H: Last night, I, The Game, proved that I am the greatest wrestler alive today. Last night, I went through hell to defeat Batista for the title and I surpassed anything the so called greats of the past have done.

JR: Oh please!

JL: Shhh!

Triple H: Last night, I royally kicked Batista’s ass! (the crowd are jeering and shouting “arsehole” at him). And although you pathetic little New Yorkers don’t like it and wanted your little hero (Flair and Orton break into laughter) to win, The Game proved once again why he is the best in the business. I am The Game and this..

Triple H freezes as…glass breaks. He looks in amazement and the crowd pop like mad as out comes…Stone Cold!

JL: Oh my God JR! Its Stone Cold!

JR: My God! We saw Stone Cold at Piper’s Pit last night but what is he doing here now?!

Stone Cold stares into the crowd before bringing the mic up to speak

Stone: Its just blah blah blah with you, son. You’re like my ass, you talk and crap comes out!

The crowd howl with laughter and the faces of Evolution go white with fury

JL: Oh my God JR, he can’t say that to the champ!

JR: By God, he can!

Stone Cold: You know, you did beat Batista last night and let Stone Cold be the first to offer congratulations. That’s no easy task. I take my hat off to you – if I had one

Triple H nods icily, still annoyed about Stone Cold’s earlier crack at him.

Stone Cold: But to even say that you are the best in the business ever – dammit son, did you not see me while I was kicking arse in my day?! You are not fit to kiss my arse!

The crowd roar like crazy as Triple H interrupts

Triple: Whoa, whoa SON! Before you start on your little walk down Memory Lane, let ME just tell YOU some home truths. You might have been good in your day – in fact, I know you were good in your day – but to even suggest you are better than me, are you out of your tiny mind?! (The crowd roar at Triple H, jeering. We see a sign in the crowd that says Game Over Son). You are a has been! Look at you! You can’t wrestle anymore, you’re stuck appearing with other little has beens like Piper! You are a pathetic piece of trash Austin and let me tell you something – I will not have you coming into my backyard and disrespecting me or your ass is mine! You get me, SON!

JL: Whoa! Go on Triple H! Austin deserved that JR!

Austin stares at the floor for a second and crowd tension is at fever pitch. Flair and Orton stare at each other and smile arrogantly.

JL: Austin is gonna lose it!

Austin smiles at the floor.

Austin: What is your fascination with people’s asses boy?! Is there something you wanna tell us?!

Everyone in the crowd bursts into laughter including JR

JL: He can’t say that!

Triple H is beside himself. He stalks around the ring and Orton and Flair grab his arms to try and calm him down.

Triple H: Oh you wanna start something Austin! Then why don’t you come up here – YOU JACKASS! Lets sort this out man to man!

The crowd pop like made and chant “Austin, Austin!” Stone Cold stares around and looks as though he is about to leave before he says into the mic:

Stone Cold: I never could turn down a challenge!

He runs down the ramp towards the ring to a major crowd pop. Trips takes off his jacket as does Flair and Orton. Triple H beckons Austin who is just about to get back into the ring when Steph McMahon’s music plays

JL: Its our general manager, Steph McMahon!

Steph: Whoa, whoa, whoa boys! We have a lot to get through tonight and I’m not having you getting all riled up now and wasting the fans time. So this is what we are gonna do – if Mr Austin wants to be a big shot and start wrestling again…he can. (the crowd go absolutely mental for this as they roar all over the stadium) So tonight, we will have a tag team match up (another loud cheer with exclamations from JR and JL).
And that match will be Triple H and Randy Orton (Trips and Randy smile knowingly) against Stone Cold Steve Austin…and Batista. Have a nice day!

Steph goes back into the back as Triple H stares around stunned along with Orton and Flair. Stone Cold grins at them and begins walking away towards the back. He motions somewhere and a beer in thrown, which he catches and takes a swig of.

JR: Can you believe that King?! Triple H and Randy Orton vs Stone Cold and Batista in the main event! What a match that’s gonna be!

JL: I can’t wait JR! Two of the greatest legends in the sport in the same ring again!

The screen comes up with Triple H and Randy doing their traditional poses with Stone Cold and Batista on the other side.

JR: Join us after the break for more from Madison Square Garden!

We are shown a shot of the stadium before we are shown backstage where Lita is stood with Christy. Shouts of “you screwed Matt” come from the crowd as Lita wraps a consoling arm around Christy

Lita: Look Christy, I know you’re worried about your match with Trish next week but don’t be. You just got unlucky last night – I’m gonna be in your corner again and nothing’s gonna happen to you – or I’ll use my crutch OK?!

She smiles comfortingly

Christy sniffs and smiles at Lita

Christy: Thanks Lita, I really appreciate this. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, training me and all

Lita smirks

Lita: Its no problem, just as long as you beat Trish!

Christy nods and walks away, Lita staring hard at her back

We are back in the arena now and we see a shot of the crowd as the music of…Edge…plays and he runs out doing his traditional poses and carrying the briefcase

JR: Ah, dammit! It’s the winner of the Ladder Match, Edge…Boy, that’s sickening King!

JL: Nope, he’s Mr Money In The Bank now and I think its great!

Lillian introduces Edge who rolls into the ring, letting his briefcase roll towards the apron. He smiles and grabs the mic from Lillian, hurting her hand in the process. Lillian winces and steps out of the ring to sit down

JR: He can’t manhandle Lillian like that!

Edge grabs the mic as the crowd hiss and shout “you screwed Matt!” at him. The heat is unbelievable

Edge: You know, after being screwed throughout the whole year by Bischoff, Michaels, I am the happiest that I have ever been! You know why?! Because now, I am Mr Money In The Bank! I am finally getting the recognition I deserve! Now, a lot of you might think I’m gonna use this shot straight away and lose to Triple H. But if you think that, you don’t know me at all! I will challenge him when I am damn well good and ready and I will win! Bank on it! Bring out my opponent

He throws the mic down and the music of…Scotty 2 Hotty comes on as Scotty comes down the ramp a big grin on his face as he leaps towards the crowd and high fives them.

JR: Scotty 2 Hotty vs Edge King in a one on one match up tonight!

JL: Ha, that idiot vs Mr Money In The Bank! Not a chance!

JR: Scotty 2 Hotty is a true winner JL and a decent man!

JL: Oh, what do you know JR?!

Scotty enters in the ring under the bottom rope to be met with a stamp by Edge. Edge stamps him about eight times as Scotty crawls around the area of the ring. Edge picks him up and Irish whips him before hitting him with a blow to the ribs. Scotty doubles over as Edge Irish whips himself and bulldogs Scotty. Edge stands up and drops the elbow on Scotty, covering him. 1…2…Kick out! Edge grabs Scotty and pulls him up and tries to Irish Whip him but Scotty reverses it. As Edge comes at him, Scotty leap frogs Edge who bounces off the rope and straight into a big boot to the face by Scotty. Scotty drops down with a punch to the head of Edge. Scotty pulls Edge up and Irish Whips him into the corner, jarring Edge’s spine. Scotty charges at him with a clothesline and catches him, sending him over the top rope and down to the apron. Scotty, using the ropes for leverage, drop kicks Edge and Edge falls to the ground. Scotty jumps straight out after him and rams Edge’s head into the wall that separates the fans from them. He then attempts to Irish Whip Edge into the steps but Edge reverses it and Scotty crashes shoulder first into them. The crowd bring up their loudest chant yet of “you screwed Matt!” Edge taunts them saying they won’t get him. Edge grabs Scotty and rams his head into the ring post before throwing him into the ring. He grabs him and suplexes him onto the mat before bouncing off the ropes for a leg drop. He picks Scotty up and DDT’s him, before backing off to the corner to prepare for the Spear as Scotty slowly raises himself. Edge charges at Scotty but Scotty ducks and Edge hit the turnbuckle. Scotty rollsEdge up. 1…2…3

JR: Scotty won!

Scotty jumps up to celebrate as Edge looks on, his eyes psychotic. As Scotty celebrates Edge, leaps at him from behind smashing him down to the ground. Edge then picks Scotty up, Irish whips him and powerslams him.

JR: No, dammit! You lost fair and square! Now leave him alone!

Edge grabs his briefcase from the side of the ring as the ref tries to stop him. Edge swings his briefcase at the referee and knocks him through the ropes.

JR: No dammit! You son of a bitch!

JL: You can’t call him that!

JR: The hell I can!

Edge rushes at Scotty who has just pulled himself to his feet and smashes him with the briefcase. He is now like a man possessed and smashes the sharp end of the briefcase continually into a helpless Scotty’s solar plexus.


Edge carries on hitting Scotty who has now lost consciousness before putting the briefcase down and picking Scotty up. Edge sets Scotty up and DDT’s him on the briefcase. Scotty is now busted open and bleeding everywhere.

Edge smiles as he picks Scotty up to do it again but as he does we hear Shelton Benjamin’s music. Edge turns to the ramp but no-one comes out…because Shelton comes out of the audience. He turns Edge around and drives a hard punch to his face before backing him into the corner and continuing to punch him.

JR: Finally, someone is out to here to stop this!

JL: What’s this got to do with Shelton!? Leave him alone!

Shelton batters Edge before Irish Whipping him to the corner. He goes in for the Stingers Splash and connects, sending Edge sprawling on the floor. Shelton grabs Edge to set him up for the T Bone but Edge sees it coming and low blows Shelton sending him wincing, to the ground. Edge quickly grabs the briefcase and rolls out of the ring, grinning and mouthing “mine” to Shelton, who is on his knees holding his groin

JR: That goddamn son of a bitch! He will pay for this!

Edge backs off to even heavier chants of “you screwed Matt”

JR: We’ll be back after this break

After The Break
We are taken backstage to the dressing room where Triple H is pacing around, in a towering temper with Randy Orton and Flair behind him.

Trips: I do not believe her! This is just…just pathetic retribution because our marriage went wrong! She knows I’m The Game and I don’t have to take this crap! A tag team with Stone Cold and Batista!

Flair: Don’t worry Champ! You are the greatest wrestler that ever lived and when you retire, Randy will take your place! Don’t worry about anything. Stone Cold and Batista are a couple of nothings compared to you two!

Trips: Thanks Ric but I shouldn’t have to take this crap!

Randy: Me neither! They don’t call me the Legend Killer for nothing!

Trips: Yeah, what we need is a plan.

He smiles suddenly and you can hear the cogs turning in his head.

Trips: Guys, come here a minute. I have an idea

Back In The Ring Area
JR: Welcome back folks to Monday Night Raw, the new and improved WWE where the Raw and the Smackdown rosters have been merged together to create on large roster. Next up, we will hear from John Cena on his fantastic win against JBL.

Cena’s music plays and Cena comes out to massive pops from the crowd who are carrying Chain Gang and Doctor Of Thuganomics signs. Cena plays up to the crowd doing his standard entrance. Once in the ring, Cena grabs the mic

Cena: The Champ is here! Y’know, ever since I was young and growing up in the hood, I had a dream that sustained me. I dreamt that one day I would be the Champ and now I am! And I am prouder than you know, that we, The Chain Gang have done this together because…(along with crowd) THIS IS WHAT WE DO!!!

The crowd pop madly after this

Cena: Anyway, as much as I’d love to celebrate this with my Chain Gang tonight, we’ve had some bad news. Smackdown has merged with Raw and my title might not be valid anymore (the crowd boo loudly). We’re gonna here from Vinnie Mac tonight about whether I’m still the champ and I just have to say…this is pathetic!

The crowd pop some more and are chanting “chain gang” at Cena.

Cena: As we all know, Smackdown was always superior to Raw (he gets a mixed reaction with that statement – Jerry Lawler scoffs) and I was proud to be on the Smackdown team. Now that’s taking nothing away from what the guys on Raw do, I have a lot of respect for my bros on Raw but Smackdown traditions are Smackdown conditions and we should not lose our title because some fat cat wants to make more money because THAT IS NOT WHAT I STAND FOR!

The crowd roar loudly as Cena milks it up. Cena is about to say something else when Mohamed Hussan’s music hits.

JR: Oh no!

JL: Oh God, what’s he doing out here?

Hassan comes up the ramp with Diavari both dressed in suits. Cena looks at them quizzically as Hassan is holding a mic. Hassan stands around as they are getting heat and signs saying “your camels are outside” are held up.

Hassan: You know, I am so sick of people like you! (Cena raises his eyebrows quizzically). You know, there you are holding a title and I wasn’t even on the Wrestlemania card! (the crowd get a chant of “U suck” going). And do you know why that is?!

Cena: No but I’m sure you’re gonna enlighten us man (he sighs impatiently)

Hassan: It is because all of you are RACIST! Ever since 9/11, I have been getting the same disgusting treatment…

Cena (interrupting): Don’t you ever change the record man? All I hear from you is crap. I’m chilling with my homies watching Raw and I hear you come out and all the time, its bitch bitch bitch, I got screwed by…

Cena is stopped suddenly as JBL leaps out of the crowd, rolls into the ring and clobbers Cena with a steel chair, sending Cena crashing to the floor.


JBL grabs Cena around the throat and begins to clobber him as Hassan and Diavari run down towards the ring. They enter and they begin stamping on Cena, all three men attacking him.

JR: This is pathetic! Its three on one dammit!

JL: I actually agree with you there JR. I have a lot of respect for JBL but this is ridiculous.

They all carry on kicking Cena who tries gallantly to fight back but to no avail when suddenly…HBK’s music starts up to a massive pop.

JR: My God, its Shawn Michaels, who fought gallantly against Kurt Angle last night!

JL: He is a disgrace to Raw!

JR: He is not! He is a true winner!

Shawn runs down the ramp, wincing slightly at the pain in his back and rolls under the ropes where Hassan and Diavari stamp on him. Shawn pulls himself upward, rolls out of their way and low blows Diavari for the advantage. He stands up as Hussan attempts a clothesline. Hassan misses and hits the stricken Diavari and Shawn puts Sweet Chin Music on Hassan! But he doesn’t see JBL rushing towards him who uses Cena’s championship to smash into Shawn’s back. Shawn’s face crumples as he hits the ground and JBL begins to pummel him. But Cena drags himself to his feet, staggers over to JBL and lifts him for the FU! He gets a huge pop from the fans as he slams JBL and kicks him out of the ring. Cena stares down as Shawn with great respect before pulling Shawn to his feet. They embrace and Shawn hands Cena the Championship raising his arm and the crowd pop massively for it. As Shawn raises his hand, Kurt Angle comes out with the mic and grins at them.

JR: Oh no, what’s he doing here?!

Kurt: Well, well, well. If it isn’t Shawn Michaels and Ali G (the crowd jeer loudly with “you suck chants” aimed at Kurt). Sorry to interrupt this little love in but I just had to say my piece. Michaels, I did everything that you did during your career and I kicked your ass at Wrestlemania! (the crowd jeer loudly again). But that is not all I’m gonna do! Because I’m challenging you, right here, right now, to a handicap match! You and this ass clown Cena against me!

The crowd cheer massively as Cena and Shawn stare at each other.

JL: My God JR, a handicap match with Cena and HBK as partners!

JR: Two men with great respect for each other and both true winners in my eyes!

Shawn and Cena turn to Angle, smile and nod. The match is on as Angle makes his way down to the ring!


We are back in the arena as Kurt rolls into the ring to be set upon by Cena. Cena kicks Angle in the head a few times before Angle makes his way up by headbutting Cena in the midsection. Cena winces as Angle Irish whips Cena and clotheslines him to the floor. Shawn taps his foot on the floor and shouts “come on John!” at the crowd pop massively for Cena. Kurt grabs Cena and twists both arms behind his back in a submission hold. Cena winces as the ref asks if he wants to give up but Cena shakes his head and starts to attempt to make his way to his feet. He does but Kurt Angle knee lifts Cena in the spine, causing Cena to fall with his arms still behind his back. Cena shouts in pain and grabs his injured arm. Angle pulls Cena upward and lays Cena’s injured arm on the turnbuckle, and begins to chop heavily, causing Cena’s face to contort with pain. Angle then puts Cena in an arm bar but Cena uses his other arm to elbow out of it. He launches towards Shawn for a tag but Cena grabs his arm and pulls him towards the centre of the ring before Angle slamming him. Angle then goes for the Ankle Lock but Cena kicks Angle back into the turnbuckle and tags Shawn in. Shawn leaps in and rushes straight at Angle and is met with a kick to the face. Angle then bulldogs Shawn and covers him. 1…2…Kick out! Angle picks Shawn up and Irish whips him before powerslamming him. He covers. 1…2…Kick out. Angle grabs Shawn and picks him up again, attempting to Irish whip him but Shawn reverses. Shawn makes the mistakes of putting his head down and goes for a Sunset Flip which he connects with. 1…Kick out. Shawn rolls up faster than Angle and kicks him in the midsection before bouncing off the ropes with a flying clothesline. Shawn is about to tag Cena when suddenly the screen flickers and Vince’s face comes on.

Cena ignores Shawn’s hand as he stares at Vince who is preparing to read a statement. Shawn is momentarily distracted as is the referee and Kurt low blows him and punches Cena to the outside.

JL: My God JR, it’s the boss!

JR: And what bad timing!

Vince looks up and speaks

Vince: After careful consideration, the decision has been made in regards to there being two heavyweight championships. It has been decided that with both rosters merging together, that John Cena’s title is no longer valid…

The crowd hiss wildly as Cena stands up dizzily on the outside looking crushed. Shawn is wincing on the floor from the low blow and Kurt is standing there grinning.

Vince: …it is felt that the WWE title would degrade the World Heavyweight Title but it has been decided that to make up for this and to celebrate John Cena’s achievements that there will be a sixteen man tournament to determine a challenger at Hell’s Pit for the title.

The crowd cheer loudly as Kurt walks away from the injured Shawn, his interest at the screen.

Vince: The winner of the tournament will face Triple H in the match. And the tournament will involve the following people: Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Kurt Angle (Kurt grins up at the screen and points to himself arrogantly), Batista, John Cena, Edge, Christian, JBL, The Undertaker, Kane, Shawn Michaels, Booker T, Randy Orton, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit. The tournament will begin next week and as an added stipulation – the final of the tournament will be a street fight (the crowd pop massively) and no-one will know who their opponent is until the match takes place.

Vince’s face disappears as everyone stares around, either cheering massively or totally shocked.

JL: My God, JR did you hear that!

JR: I sure did King! A sixteen man tournament, the first eight matches next week to determine a challenger for Triple H!

JL: I can’t wait!

While this has been happening, Shawn has leapt at Kurt and shoved him into the corner and is laying him out with round house rights. Shawn Irish whips Kurt into the corner and goes to clothesline him but misses. Kurt Angle slams him. Cena is still starting at the screen dazed and confused. Shawn pulls himself to his feet as Kurt goes for a clothesline. Shawn ducks and Kurt goes flying over the top rope. Shawn goes to tag Cena who doesn’t extend his hand and is still looking stunned at the screen.

JR: Wh…Cena isn’t tagging in! He just looks stunned!

Shawn is shouting “John” but Cena isn’t listening as Angle comes over and smashes into Shawn sending Cena flying off the apron. The crowd are not making much noise, they are all looking dazed and confused as Shawn is Angle slammed again. Angle takes Shawn and puts the Angle Lock on him, dropping to the floor himself, causing Shawn to scream in pain. Cena gets up and gets into the ring, his face red with anger. He grabs his belt and smashes Angle around the back of the head with it, causing the ref to beckon for the bell to ring. Cena stares at the prone form of Angle and offers his hand to help Shawn up, which Shawn takes. Lillian announces that Kurt has won due to a disqualification. Shawn raises Cena’s hand and they grin at each other and the crowd pop. Shawn goes to walk away but Cena clotheslines Shawn nearly taking his head off!

JR: My God!

The crowd jeer as Cena begins shouting abuse down at Shawn. Cena is absolutely beside himself as he stares up at the screen, then back at Shawn. He picks Shawn up by the hair and DDT’s him.

JR: Come on! Stop this!

JL: My God JR, Cena has finally seen sense!

JR: Dammit!

Cena grabs his belt and drags it into the centre of the ring and is about to FU Shawn on it when Steph’s music hits and she comes out.

JR: Here comes our General Manager to try and sort things out!

Steph comes down and steps into the ring with the mic in her hand.

Steph: Woah, woah. John, John, you have to stop this. If you don’t stop this, I will make sure you are ejected and suspended. I understand your frustrations but taking it out on him isn’t gonna make it any better. (Shawn falls to the ground at grabs Steph around the knees as the crowd jeer heavily). I will say this though. At Hell’s Pit, IF either you or Shawn don’t win the tournament, there will be a Hardcore match between John Cena and Shawn Michaels at Hell’s Pit!

The crowd pop madly at this statement and Cena nods grinning to himself. Steph nods and begins to turn away but as she does, Cena picks her up and FU’s her down onto his belt – to massive jeers. He rolls her over, not missing the opportunity to cop a feel and grins. He picks Shawn up and then FU’s him onto the belt, before taking the belt, rolling out of the ring and walking up the ramp to massive jeers as Steph and Shawn lay injured in the ring.

JR: My God, what have we witnessed! What a disgusting exhibition by a man who was so popular with the fans King!

JL: Cena has finally come out of this a man rather than trying to pander to the idiots in the crowd! I love it JR!

JR: Dammit! I can’t believe Cena would do this after all he said!

JL: I am looking forward to this Hardcore match at Hell’s Pit if Cena or Shawn don’t win next week’s tournament! Its gonna be an exciting few weeks JR!

JR: You’ve got that right King! We’ll be back after the break where Chris Jericho will wrestle Christian.


We are back in the arena, just as Lillian announces Christian to come in with Tyson Tomko. Christian arrogantly struts down the ramp with Tomko looking impassive behind him. Christian gets a fairly loud pop from the crowd.

JR: Well King, two individuals here who could very well go on and win the Pit Tournament?

JL: For once, I agree with you JR. Both of these men have enormous potential to win it but you know me, I gotta go for Captain Charisma!

JR: Hmm, right

Jericho comes out to his music with a huge pop from the crowd. He does all his usual poses before climbing into the ring. The referee orders Tomko out and the match up begins.

Jericho and Christian lock up first with Jericho turning the lock up into an arm lock. Christian tries to elbow Jericho in the face but Jericho ducks. Christian twists and reverses the arm lock. Jericho spins out of it and bounces off the ropes. Christian attempts a kick to the head but Jericho ducks slides across the floor and clotheslines Christian as he turns around. Jericho bounces off the ropes and attempts a leg drop but Christian rolls out. Both men get to their feet. Christian attempts a round house right on Jericho but misses. Jericho kicks Christian in the midsection and Irish whips him. Jericho leapfrogs Christian as Christian comes off the opposite rope and leapfrogs him again. Christian stops before he reaches the rope and nails Jericho with a hard right hand knocking him to the floor. Jericho gets up and in fury attempts a spear on Christian but misses. Christian attempts a high kick and but Jericho catches his foot. Jericho spins him around and clotheslines him. Jericho picks Christian up and Irish whips him. Christian ducks under the clothesline, bounces off the ropes and high cross bodies Jericho but the momentum takes Jericho back over on top of Christian. The referee counts 1…2…kick out. Jericho pulls Christian to his feet and Irish whips him to the corner. Jericho attempts a spinning kick on Christian but misses. Jericho turns but Christian headbutts him in the midsection. Christian Irish whips Jericho into the other corner but Jericho comes rushing out and clotheslines Christian. Jericho grabs Christian’s legs and attempts to get him into the Walls Of Jericho but Tomko jumps up onto the apron. The ref goes to get Tomko off the apron. A frustrated Jericho stands up and looks to go and attack Tomko himself but before Jericho can move, Christian jerks up and low blows him sending him crashing to the ground. Tomko jumps down off the apron and Christian covers. 1…2….3

JL: Captain Charisma proved he is the better wrestler!

JR: How does that prove anything dammit?! He won by a low blow!

JL: He still won though didn’t he?!

JR: Jericho has nothing to be ashamed of in this match!

Christian and Tomko make their way down the aisle, smirking as Jericho tries to get to his feet.

Locker Room area

Josh Matthews is standing by as John Cena comes stalking down the corridor, his face furious. Josh nervously steps up to Cena.

Josh: John, after what Vince McMahon said how do…

He never gets the rest of his words out as Cena low blows him. Josh gasps and sinks to his knees. Cena grabs his belt and smashes it down over Josh’s head. He bends down and shouts “you can’t see me!” and does the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Josh. He pulls Josh up and puts him into the FU position. He FU’s him onto a table which Josh smashes through. Cena smiles and walks away…with his title.


We come back to the arena where the tag team match is about to be played, for the titles. It is Randy Orton and Ric Flair with Triple H in their corner vs Hurricane and Rosey with Stacy Kiebler in their corner.

Evolution are introduced and they all come out with a smirk on their face. Triple H in the middle with the title over his shoulder, Randy to his left with the tag team title over his and Ric on his right with the other tag team title over his. Triple H is suited up but Flair and Orton are in wrestling attire as they enter the ring. Triple H pulls out a steel chair and sits down in Flair and Orton’s corner.

The Hurricane and Rosey music kicks in and they come out with Stacy Kiebler who dances down the aisle with them. She goes and grabs a chair of her own and sits in a dignified manner in their corner while Hurricane and Rosey do their usual entrance routine.

Orton grins arrogantly and motions Flair to go back. Orton to being the match along with Hurricane. They lock up and Orton shoves Hurricane away. They lock up again and Hurricane manages to duck behind Orton and hook his arms around his waist. Orton pulls his arms apart and elbows him in the face. While Hurricane holds his face, Orton bounces off the ropes and flying clotheslines him. 1…2…kick out. Orton pulls Hurricane to his feet and Irish whips him. He goes to powerslam him but Hurricane pulls out of it by landing on his feet and clotheslines Orton with his turning momentum to a pop from the crowd. Orton pulls himself up clutching his neck Hurricane standing drop kicks him and Orton crawls over and makes the tag to Flair. Flair comes in and attempts a clothesline on Hurricane but Hurricane and ducks and dropkicks Flair over towards Rosey. As Flair pulls himself to his feet, Hurricane grabs him in an arm lock and tags Rosey who double axe handles Flair’s arm. Flair sells it and shouts in pain. Rosey Irish whips Flair and backdrops him. Flair stands up shakily but then falls back down, flat on his face. Rosey picks him up and Irish whips him and hits him with an elbow. Triple H stands up to say something to the ref who is momentarily distracted. Rosey bounces off the ropes and is stopped by a low blow by Orton who puts his foot through the ropes and kicks him in the groin. Flair does a spinning neck breaker on Rosey and covers him. 1…2…kick out. Flair pulls Rosey up and drags him over to his corner before chopping him in the chest several times and shouting “whoo!”. The crowd, despite the heat Evolution are getting, shout along with him. Flair tags Orton who takes Rosey out of the corner and Irish whips him. As Rosey runs through, Orton steps out of the way and drives his foot into Rosey’s midsection, stopping Rosey in his tracks. Orton DDT’s Rosey. Orton covers. 1…2…kick out. Orton stares at his old girlfriend Stacy as Rosey is down. Stacy glares at Randy but while Randy is distracted, Rosey drives a fist into his back. Orton staggers slightly but turns around and kicks Rosey in the gut. Orton pulls him up and Irish whips him. He goes for the clotheslines and misses. Rosey bounces off the ropes again and flying clotheslines Randy, taking him down. The race is now on to tag as the crowd will Rosey on along with Stacy who is banging on the mat. Orton grabs Rosey’s feet as he makes his way over but Rosey kicks him away. Rosey tags Hurricane who goes flying over the rope and immediately hits Orton with a spinning heel kick. Hurricane leaps over and pushes Flair down to the floor. He goes back to Orton and leaps at him with a dropkick sending Orton crashing over to the corner. Flair enters the ring and leaps for Hurricane who steps out of the way, sending Flair crashing into Orton, Flair’s knee cracking into Orton’s chin. Hurricane rolls Flair up for the pin. 1...2…3!

JL: I don’t believe it!

JR: We have new champions King!

As they begin to celebrate, Triple H crawls into the ring and clotheslines Hurricane around the back of the head, almost taking his head off.

JR: Oh naw, dammit, this is just a sore loser!

Triple tries to punch Rosey but Rosey blocks it and hits him back. Triple H low blows Rosey causing him to drop to bend slightly. Triple H sets Rosey up for the Pedigree but then Batista’s music comes blaring out. Triple H turns around, giving Rosey enough time to backdrop Triple H out of the ring. No-one comes out to Batista’s music.

Hurricane executes a spinning kick on Flair who is sneaking up behind them and they celebrate with Stacy in the superhero fashion. Triple H furiously staggers around and yanks Randy Orton out of the ring, yelling at him

JL: God, those idiots as champions! Evolution will gomad!

JR: They’re not idiots King, they’re fine champions!

JL: Whatever you say JR!


We see Chris Jericho stalking around backstage feeling a little tender. Todd Grisham tries to ask him some questions but Chris Jericho waves him away. Chris shoves his way around the corner and nearly smashes into Chris Benoit.

Benoit: Evening Chris. Unlucky in the match tonight.

Jericho: Yeah, thanks Benoit but I don’t really wanna talk about it if its all the same to you

Benoit: You will, I’ve got a proposition for you.

He grabs his arm and winces.

Jericho: Go on then. You do pick your moments

Benoit: You hate Christian right?

Jericho: He’s not on my Christmas Card list. Why?

Benoit: Right. And Shelton and me don’t like Edge especially after the stunt he pulled earlier tonight

Jericho: Your point Benoit?

Benoit: Well, in the Pit Tournament, I wanna suggest something. It’s a you scratch my back, I scratch yours kind of deal.

Jericho: Careful Benoit, you’re in serious danger of getting to the point.

Benoit: I was thinking…if we hate Edge and you hate Christian, we can form a kind of…alliance. If I face Edge in the tournament, I want you to be in my corner. If Shelton faces Edge, one of us should be in his corner. And if you face Christian, I promise you one of us will be in your corner to counter Tomko

Jericho nods slowly, thinking about what has been said as the crowd can be heard cheering in the background

Jericho: How do I know I can trust you? We could be opponents in this thing and I will not let anything, ANYTHING, stand in the way of me and this title

Benoit: Me neither. You’ll just have to trust us. We’re not gonna help you win the tournament. We just want Edge out of it. You want Christian out of it. It works for all of us.

Jericho nods

Benoit holds out his hand.

Benoit: So do we have a deal?

Jericho: Yeah

He shakes hands with Benoit


We come back to the main arena

JR: Welcome back to Madison Square Garden folks where we are just about ready for the main event!

JL: I can’t wait JR!

JR: Its gonna be a great match King. It’s the World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H and Randy Orton – who has been in two gruelling matches in two nights already against Stone Cold Steve Austin and Batista! Two men who I’d never thought I’d see in the same ring

JL: Me neither JR but will Stone Cold and Batista be able to outsmart the Cerebral Assassin. I doubt it.

JR: Well that remains to be seen King. Lets find out.

Lillian introduces Evolution to the ring and we see and ashen faced Triple H half dragging Randy Orton out who has his chin heavily plastered from where Flair’s knee hit him. A stony faced Ric Flair follows them to a chorus of jeers and we see that Triple H is in a take no prisoners kind of mood.

Batista’s music kicks in as Triple H stands ashen faced in the ring and Orton stands blearily behind him. Batista comes out with a bandage wrapped around his head from where Triple H injured him at Wrestlemania the previous night. Triple H grins when he sees his handy work as the livid looking Batista makes his way to the ring. Batista enters the ring underneath the bottom rope and glares at Triple H. He gets a decent pop.

The glass breaks…and there is a massive pop as Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out to thunderous cheering. Stone Cold walks quickly to the ring, an expression of supreme confidence on his face as Triple H beckons him, muttering “bring it on”. Orton moves onto the apron as Austin gets into the ring. Austin grins, shakes Batista’s hand and moves onto the apron, leaving Batista and Triple H to open the match

They lock up and Batista easily wins the test of strength, shoving Triple H to the ground and getting a large pop from the crowd. Triple H stands up, his face furious, marches over to Batista and slaps him fully around the face. Batista’s face turns livid with rage as he shoves Triple H to the floor. Triple H gets back up again but he doesn’t have time to move as Batista is on him, levelling off with round house rights. Batista shoves Triple H into a neutral corner and drives his shoulder into his midsection. Batista Irish whips Trips into the corner and follows him with a massive splash. Trips staggers out of the corner and Batista hits him with a powerful clothesline. Batista beats his chest to the crowd, drawing a massive pop.
Batista grabs Triple H and Irish whips before performing a hip toss. Triple H gets back up and Batista clotheslines him again. Batista pulls Triple H to his feet and goes for a suplex but Triple H reverses it by falling backwards so that Batista falls forward and ends up clotheslined on the top rope. Triple H tags into Randy Orton, who while looking a little tired, moves into the ring quite quickly. Orton grabs Batista and Irish whips him. He attempts to clothesline him but misses and is forearmed in the face by Batista who then tags Austin to loud pops from the crowd. Austin enters the ring and begins stomping on Orton. After a few stomps, Orton punches Austin in the ankle, slowing him up slightly. Orton headbutts Austin in the midsection and gets to his feet. He attempts an Irish whip to Austin but Austin reverses it and powerslams Orton to a loud pop. Austin grabs Orton by the hair and Irish whips him again but Orton sees him coming and drops to the outside. As Austin distracts the referee, Batista jumps down and throws Orton back in and Austin begins stomping him again. Orton this time, takes Austin down with a single leg trip and throws himself over to his corner to tag Trips, succeeding. Trips enters the ring to loud heat and launches himself at Austin who throws him into the corner to a loud pop. Austin starts rounding off on Trips in his corner with a serious of round house rights, before dragging him out and Irish whipping him. Austin then drops his head and Trips takes the opportunity to spin Austin around and Irish whip him into a neutral corner. Austin heads out to clothesline Trips but Flair grabs Austin’s foot causing him to turn around. Flair backs off as Trips attacks Austin from behind, shoulder barging him head first into the turnbuckle.

JR: Damn Ric Flair! We’ll be back after the break folks


We come back and we see Triple H dominating Steve Austin. He is wearing him down with a chinlock. Austin is attempting to struggle to his feet, feeding off the fans. He eventually manages to drag himself up where he elbows Triple H in the sternum. Austin bounces off the ropes and attempt to clothesline Trips but Trips turns it into a DDT. He covers Austin. 1…2…kick out. Triple H grabs Austin’s legs and catapults him into the ring post. Blood appears on Austin’s head and Triple H attacks the wound by punching him in the head, causing blood to gush down Austin’s face. Triple H Irish whips as a dazed Austin into the corner and connects with a flying clothesline. Triple H tries to set Austin up for the Pedigree but Austin backdrops Triple H who turns it into a Sunset Flip! 1…2…kick out. Triple H gets up first and kicks Austin’s open wound. He picks Austin up and body slams him, followed by an elbow drop. 1…2…kick out. Triple H tags into Orton who grabs Austin and starts digging his fingers into his wound which Austin sells well and the crowd jeers at. The referee is up to a count of four when Orton lets go. Orton Irish whips Austin and hip tosses him to the ground. He pulls Austin up and sets him up for a suplex which he connects with. He covers Austin. 1…2…kick out. Orton slams the mat with frustration. He grabs Austin and tries another suplex but Austin blocks it. Orton tries again but Austin blocks it before turning it into a suplex of his own. Orton and Austin begin to crawl over to their respective partners but Orton gets to his first. Triple H comes in and goes to cut Austin off but Austin with great presence of mind, launches both feet at him, sending Triple H flying backwards. Austin tags Batista who comes into the ring. Triple H tries to back off but Batista is having none of it and kicks Triple H in the midsection. As Triple H bends with pain, Batista DDT’s him before hammering Randy Orton off of the apron. Batista Irish whips Triple H and backdrops him, leaving Triple H wincing and clutching his back. Batista tries to lift Triple H for a Powerbomb but Triple H clutches onto the rope with one hand and headbutts Batista in the chest. Triple H pushes his way off the ropes for a clothesline but Batista ducks and Triple H catches the referee. Triple H turns back to Batista who kicks him in the midsection again and sets him up for the Batista bomb. But as he does, Carlito and Matt Morgan come running out to massive heat.

JR: What the hell are they doing out here?!

Both of them slide into the ring as Batista leaves Triple H to deal with them. Batista nails Carlito with a clothesline and goes to attack Morgan who grabs him around the throat. Batista grabs Morgan’s hand and removes it from his throat to a great pop from the crowd as Matt looks stunned. But as he does, Triple H gets in a low blow on Batista. At that moment, a new figure comes rushing down the runway. Its Rey Mysterio! Matt Morgan turns but it is not soon enough as Rey leaps on the apron and onto the top rope in two moves and dropkicks Morgan to the ground. Triple H goes for him but Rey ducks underneath him and then dropkicks him from behind so that Triple H’s head is now between the ropes. Rey bounces off the opposite ropes for the 619 but Flair grabs his foot and drags him out of the ring and begins to beat him. Randy Orton crawls back into the ring and goes for the stricken Batista who is still suffering with his low blow. But as he does, Austin comes out of nowhere, blood pouring down his face and stuns Orton. Austin pushes Batista onto Orton for the cover as the ref crawls over to them. Triple H tries to dive over and make the save but Stone Cold dropkicks him. 1…2…3! Austin and Batista win!

JR: A fantastic win for Austin and Batista!

JL: Dammit JR, they cheated to win! The Game still has the Championship so we all know he’s better!

JR: Oh King, enough of this “they cheated!”. Morgan and Carlito came out first!

Triple H goes to attack Austin but Rey Mysterio has jumped back into the ring. Flair is layed out on the floor as Mysterio jumps off the top rope and dropkicks Triple H. Morgan and Carlito crawl out of the ring and up the ramp and Triple H is forced to back off with Austin, Batista and Mysterio around. Batista lifts Mysterio onto his shoulders as he and Austin watch, blood pouring down Austin’s face as Triple H jabs at his title over his shoulder and remonstrates with Batista on his way up the ramp…

This week:

Scotty 2 Hotty defeated Edge via pinfall
Kurt Angle defeated Shawn Michaels and John Cena via disqualification in Handicap Match
Christian defeated Chris Jericho via pinfall
Hurricane and Rosey defeated Flair and Orton for the Tag Team Championship
Stone Cold Steve Austin and Batista defeated Triple H and Randy Orton in a Tag Team match

Next Week on the show:

The beginning of the Pit Tournament – featuring the first eight matches.
Paul London takes on Chavo Guerrero in a no disqualification match
Christy Hemme will face Trish Stratus for the Women’s title
Stephanie McMahon has an important announcement to make about Hell’s Pit
Will we be seeing an old face next week?

Coming soon…
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