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What city would you place the Hall of Fame and why?

Besides Savage and Owen Hart who should be in the Hall of Fame that isn't.

What else would you like to incorporate into the WWE Hall of Fame? Arena, Movie Theater, Training Center, interactive exhibit, etc.
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I say either in Connecticut (where the HQ is) or in NYC. They should have a training center, museum, theater, etc.

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As nice as it would be having it in NYC I don't see it being profitable enough to justify the real estate. They would be able to do a much better and bigger Hall of Fame outside of the city. I would put it in a place where there is a lot of tourism but also a decent amount of space for the building. Seeing they already have some facilities down in orlando with their performance center. They could put another building in the area. Another good place would be somewhere like Las Vegas. Tons of tourism, and plenty of area to build a nice sized building. (however would of course need to be off the strip)

As for what features would be cool. I could see them having a mini arena where they'll put on a few matches with people from NXT. Essentially make it a permanent Wrestlemania Access type place. I could see doing an 'view of a superstar' where they essentially have it as a first person experience walking into the arena, going to the locker room, then going out threw the curtain etc. Kinda show what it's like to be a WWE superstar first person.

Obviously stuff like showing memorabilia and video screens showing clips from the different hall of famers. They could do a special app on your phone where you scan a qr code and it will play information about that star. Show highlight videos etc. Also give you the option to save the videos to watch later like stuff from their hall of fame speech etc. Could do autograph signings, sell merchandise etc.
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