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*This btb will take place starting at Money In The Bank last year, but with minor tweaks to the event. Unless other wise stated, all over results happened the same as as the real life counterparts. Also in this BTB, the draft didn't happen this year and Rock vs. Cena was not booked a year in advance.

Money In The Bank- July 17, 2011

SmackDown-Money In The Bank Match
Wade Barrett defeated Kane, Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater and Sheamus to win the MITB.

Divas Championship
Brie Bella defeated Kelly Kelly(c) via pinfall to win the Divas Championship

Intercontinental Championship
Cody Rhodes defeated Ezekiel Jackson to win the Intercontinental Championship. Cody accepted the open challenge issued by Jackson.

Mark Henry defeated via pinfall The Big Show. Following the match Henry destroyed Big Show with a steel chair, breaking his ankle and then bloodying him with repeated chair shots to the back of Big Show's head, bloodying him. Big Show was taken out on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance.

Raw-Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Kofi Kingston defeated Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio, Alex Riley, R-Truth, The Miz, Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger to win the MITB

World Heavyweight Championship
Christian defeated Randy Orton(c) via pinfall to win the World Heavyweight Championship. During the post match celebration by Christian, Orton hit the ring enraged and laid out Christian with an RKO.

As Orton backed up the ramp watching official's check on Christian, "End Of Days" hit and Wade comes out with a referee and his MITB briefcase. Orton and Wade have a short stare down on the ramp. Then Wade pushes past Orton and hits the ring, then throwing his MITB case at the referee and demands the match be started. Christian gets pulled to his feet by Barrett, who slaps him. Barrett then sets Christian up for and connects with Wasteland for the pin fall to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

WWE Championship.
CM Punk defeated John Cena(c) to win the WWE Championship.
Following the match as CM Punk is celebrating his win with the fans in the crowd, Kevin Nash attacks him from behind. Nash's beating of Punk continues through the crowd back into the ringside area. Nash throws Punk back into the ring where he lays him out with a JackKnife powerbomb. Nash picks up the WWE title and then lays it across a motionless Punk, as the crowd chants "This is BullShit".​
Preview For Monday Night RAW- July 18, 2011

Last night, we had a historic event take place. CM Punk defeated John Cena in what might be the match of the year. CM Punk is advertised on WWE.com to appear tonight. Will he still be the WWE champion by the end of the night? There is also much speculation as to why Kevin Nash returned and laid out Punk, there has been no confirmation as to weather of not Nash will appear tonight, but one can assume CM Punk will have words for Nash.

Vince McMahon promised to fire John Cena, if CM Punk walked out of Money In The Bank with the WWE Championship, what will John Cena's future hold? Will 2 of the top WWE stars be gone and usher in a new era?

It was also confirmed on WWE.com that Kofi Kingston will be making a statement regarding his victory in the Money In The Bank match.

Will 2 of the top WWE stars be gone and usher in a new era? Tune in to Tonight's live Monday Night Raw from Green Bay, Wisconsin. It will be a wild ride!
Preview For Friday Night Smackdown!- July 22, 2011

Sunday night, we had a historic event take place. CM Punk defeated John Cena in what might be the match of the year and CM Punk became the new WWE Champion.

After the dust had settled from the brutal war between Orton and Christian. Christian had once again become the World Champion, but his newest reign didn't last long as following the match, an enraged Orton laid out Christian with an RKO, allowing Wade Barrett who had won MITB earlier in the evening to cash in and become the New World Heavyweight Champion.

What will Wade Barrett have in store for his first SmackDown! as World Champion and what will Orton and Christian have to say about it?

Also this Friday on SmackDown! Cody Rhodes is scheduled to defend his Intercontinental Championship in the Main Event against Daniel Bryan.

Tune in this Friday, to see all the fallout from Money In the Bank and More.

Monday Night Raw! Roster
Alex Riley
Curt Hawkins
Kofi Kingston
Chris Masters
Kevin Nash
Tyler Reks
Evan Bourne
Jack Swagger
Axel Mulligan
David Otunga
David Hart Smith
Dolph Ziggler
Mason Ryan
Michael McGillicutty
The Miz
The Rock*
Rey Mysterio
Santino Marella
Triple H*
Vladimir Kozlov
Zack Ryder
Brie Bella
Nikki Bella
Beth Phoenix
Gail Kim
Kelly Kelly
Eve Torres

* a star denotes injury or leave of absence

Friday Night SmackDown! Roster
Big Show*
Cody Rhodes
Daniel Bryan
Drew McIntyre
Ezekiel Jackson
The Great Khali
Heath Slater
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Jinder Mahal
Justin Gabriel
Mark Henry
Randy Orton
Sin Cara
Sin Cara Negro
Ted DiBiase
Trent Barreta
Tyson Kidd
The Undertaker *
Wade Barrett
William Regal
Alicia Fox
Rosa Mendes
* a star denotes injury or leave of absence

Current Champions
WWE Champion
Kofi Kingston

World Heavyweight Champion
Wade Barrett

WWE United States Champion
Dolph Ziggler

Intercontinental Champion
Cody Rhodes

WWE Tag Team Champions
David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty

WWE Diva's Champion
Brie Bella

~~Championship History~~​
WWE ChampionshipJohn Cena - May 1st, 2011 to July 17th, 2011
CM Punk - July 17th, 2011 to July 18th, 2011
Kofi Kingston - July 18th, 2011 to current

World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton - May 3rd, 2011 to July 17th, 2011
Christian - July 17th, 2011 to July 17th, 2011
Wade Barrett - July 17th, 2011 to current

United States Championship
Dolph Ziggler- June 19th, 2011 to current

Intercontinental Championship
Ezekiel Jackson- June 19th, 2011 to July 17th, 2011
Cody Rhodes- July 17th, 2011 to current

WWE Tag Team Championship
David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty- May 23rd, 2011 to current

WWE Diva's Championship
Kelly Kelly - June 20, 2011 to July 17th, 2011
Brie Bella - July 17th, 2011 to current

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Monday Night RAW!- July 18th, 2011

Raw opens cold with no pyro and the camera pans around the arena for a few moments over the cheering crowd. "No Chance In Hell" hits and Mr.McMahon makes his way to the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Upon entering the ring, he takes a mic from someone at rind side and then paces around the ring and looks around at the crowd as his music still roars over the PA system. Mr.McMahon then begins to speak as his music fades and turns into crowd noise. He says that last night at Money In The BankJohn Cena lost the WWE Championship to CM Punk. He says that he warned Cena about what would happen if he were to lose the title to a man who was leaving the company and he would like Cena to come out to his ring.

After a few moments of silence "Time Is Now" hits and Cena comes out to a 50/50 crowd. Cena pauses at the top of the stage and starts to do his trademark salute and then stops and continues onto the ring, looking visibly upset. He gets into the ring and Mr.McMahon stares a hole into him; Cena takes a mic and then proceeds to tell Vince that last night the better man won and he shouldn't be punished for losing a match and it should be his fault for allowing someone with a expiring contract to have a WWE Championship match. He says that no matter what anyone says about Punk, that he is one hell of a wrestler and he took him to the limit last night. Cena says it was a madhouse last night in ChiTown and they ate him up, but he still put on the match of his career for fans that hated him. He continues on and says that he knows what Vince wanted him out here for and if his career is going to end tonight, he is glad he went out on a high note and had the best match of his career, to which the crowd cheers, but there are still subtle boos mixed in. Mr.McMahon then speaks up and tells Cena that none of that matters and he knows it. He says that Cena knew what would happen if he lost the title and that its on his shoulders now. Vince then tells Cena that he is fired and calls for security to escort Cena out of the arena.

Vince then moves onto CM Punk the WWE Champion, he says that unlike the popular rumor that has spread across the internet, Punk's contract did not expire last night at midnight, it actually expires tonight at midnight. He says that Punk will pay for trying to take the WWE Title out of the company and what he got last night was just the start of it. Vince says that he didn't know Nash was going to be there and was going to take out Punk, but he is glad someone did, unlike Cena. He mentions that he knows Punk hasn't gotten to the arena yet tonight but tonight when he does he will be defending his WWE Championship against the man who laid him out last night Kevin Nash, in a no DQ match. He finishes his promo by saying tonight he will make CM Punk's last few hours with the WWE a living HELL! With that "No Chance In Hell" hits and Vince makes his exit from the ring and RAW! heads to commercial break.

Raw returns from commercial break and a promo airs saying that the WWE DRAFT! is returning on the RAW! after SummerSlam. And it will shake the WWE to its foundation.

The scene opens up backstage with the Bella Twins in their locker-room drinking champagne and partying up their divas title win last night over Beth Phoenix.The Bella's then proclaim themselves the greatest Divas champion in the history of WWE. Hornswoggle then appears and tries to steal the Divas title, which results in the Bella's throwing him through the locker-room door. Santino then pops up and tells them that they should be nicer to the little green man, which results in the Bella's slapping him. Santino in shock of being smacked says that he only came to inform them that there is a number one contenders match for the Divas title tonight involve Beth The Phoenix, Tamina the Warrior Princess and Kellys the Kelly. The Bella's get angry and chase Santino out of the locker-room and begin arguing amongst themselves.

The scene cuts backstage where CM Punk is shown arriving to the arena and he looks pissed that he has to be here tonight. Josh Matthews rushes up to Punk and asks him his thoughts on what Kevin Nash did to him last night and then informs Punk that Mr.McMahon made a match between Punk and Nash for the WWE Championship tonight. Punk starts to reply to the questions, but then pauses and walks off even angrier, than he looked when he arrived to the arena.

The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio
Back in the arena, "I Came To Play" hits to a huge negative reaction from the crowd and Miz appears onto the stage and it gets even louder, boos so loud it almost drowns out the music. As Miz makes it the ring and poses for the crowd who are still booing him, "‪Booyaka" hits and the crowd explodes cheering as Rey Mysterio runs out onto the stage and down the ramp and slides into the ring. Rey climbs the far right turnbuckle as Miz watches him from outside the ring. The crowd continues to cheer for Mysterio as the referee prepares to ring the bell.

Miz and Mysterio started the match trading rest holds, with Mysterio using his speed to quickly escape them. Rey gains the upperhand and goes springs off the ropes, but is floor by Miz with a shoulder tackle. Miz went for a quick pin attempt and only got a 1 count. Miz goes for another pin after arguing with the referee, but Mysterio counter it with a rollup attempt and gets a short 2 count, with Miz quickly powering out. Miz gets up and quickly floors Rey with a clothesline and then starts stomping away at him. Miz continues the stomping assault and eventually Rey reaches the bottom rope and the referee forces Miz to stop. Miz gets in the referees face and starts arguing with him, while he is arguing, Rey is starting to get back to his feet. As Miz turns around, Rey catches him and hit a beautiful head-scissors that sends Miz into the middle rope. Rey shakes off the cobwebs and signaled for the 619 and goes for it and connects and it gets a loud pop from the crowd.

Mysterio on the ring apron signals for the West Coast Pop as Miz is staggering to get to his feet and the crowd is cheeringly wildly and chanting for Mysterio. Miz is staggering on his feet and Mysterio spingboards himself into the air and just as he connects with Miz, it gets countered and Miz floors him with a devastating power-bomb. Both men are laying motionless in the ring as the referee counts, the referee reaches the 7 count as both men finally reach their feet. Miz charges at Mysterio who moves out of the way and and gets a back waist lock on Miz. Rey tries to go for a german suplex, but it keeps being countered by the stronger Miz. He finally fights out of it with some stiff elbow shots, that send Mysterio staggering. Miz takes advantage of this and grabs Rey and sets him up for and connects with the Skull Krushing Finale for the pin fall.

"I Came To Play" echoes through the speakers as Justin Roberts announces Miz the winner of the match. Miz makes the referee raise his arm in victory as he poses for the crowd while taking in all the heat with a smile on his face.
The scene fades to a video package, showing CM Punk celebrating his WWE Championship win at MITB with the crowd, when Kevin Nash blindside attacks him. The video package ends with Nash laying Punk out with a Jackknife power-bomb in the center of the ring. Then RAW! fades into commercial break.

Back from commercial CMPunk is shown backstage talking to Kofi Kingston about leaving WWE and how he hates the way WWE has been treating him the last few years. Kofi tells Punk that he has his back tonight when he goes up against Nash and then tells Punk that no matter what Nash will not be leaving with the WWE title. Punk thanks Kofi for having his back and being a good friend. Punk then says that he has some goodbyes to make before the show is over and excuses himself to go do so and the camera then pans back to Kofi, and a smile spreads across his face.

No.1 Contenders- Divas Championship
Tamina vs. Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix
The Scene cuts back to the arena where "Tropical Storm" hits and Tamina makes her entrance to a decent ovation from the crowd. As Tamina is making her way to the ring "Holla" hits and the crowd explodes cheering as Kelly Kelly dances out onto the stage. Kelly makes her way to the ring slapping hands with the fans, as she enters the ring "Glamazon" hits and Beth Phoenix makes her way to the ring to a slightly larger pop than Tamina received. The three woman stand across from each other as Beth's introduction finishes, the referee calls for the bell.

The 3 women circle each-other in the ring and Tamina and Kelly quickly double team Beth and push her into the corner, which she quickly powers out of and sends the two rolling back. Beth quickly sends Tamina out of the ring and turns her attention to Kelly. Beth and Kelly stand toe to toe, with Beth scaring her and she slowly begins to back up. Out of nowhere Beth grabs Kelly by the left arm and she tries to fight out it, but to no avail and she floors her with a powerful clothesline. Kelly slowly is getting back up, when Beth grabs her by the hair and sets her up for and connects with a devastating GlamSlam. Beth goes for the pin, but Tamina hits the ring and dropkicks Phoenix in the face sending her out of the ring to the arena floor. Tamina sees that Kelly is down and then she looks over to the top rope and the crowd cheers as she points to it. Tamina ascends the top rope and does Jimmy Snuka's signature pose and then flies off the top rope connecting with a beautiful SuperFly Splash onto Kelly Kelly for the pin fall and the win.

"Tropical Storm" starts to play again as Justin Roberts announces Tamina the new number 1 contender to the Divas Championship. Tamina is besides herself with joy in the ring as the crowd cheers for her and the referee raises her arm in victory. Beth is watching on from the outside angrily as Tamina poses and signals that she will be the next Divas Champion. The scene cuts backstage showing the Bella Twins watching on a monitor in their locker-room and acting like they aren't worried about having to face Tamina in 3 weeks at SummerSlam and RAW! fades to commercial with Tamina celebrating her win.
Back from commercial and the camera is panning all over the arena as "SOS" hits and the crowd explodes going crazy cheering. Kofi hops out onto the stage with his "Money In The Bank" briefcase. Kofi stops at the ramp and does his signature Boom,Boom, Boom as pyro explodes from the stage pumping the crowd up even more. Kofi gets in the ring and takes a mic and begins to speak as the music fades. Kofi thanks everyone for supporting him and that he wouldn't have won last night if it wasn't for the fans. Kofi says that when he finally cashes in, he will do it for all of the WWE Universe, which causes the crowd to cheer and start chanting for him. He then says that no matter what, when he cashes in, he will win his first WWE title.

Just as he says that "Here To Show The World" hits and Dolph Ziggler walks out onto the stage to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Dolph has a mic in hand and slowly makes his way to the ring. He gets in the ring and tells Kofi that the only reason he won last night, was because he wasn't in the match. He tells Kofi that if he had any integrity, he wold defend that"Money In The Bank"contract. Kofi tells Dolph that he will defend it any time, any place and anywhere, but only if Dolph puts the United States Championship on the line. Dolph begins to argue with Kofi about that being unfair and how he was screwed out of winning it, because he wasn't given the opportunity to be in the match or even on the Money In The Bank card for that matter. He then tells Kofi that his win was a fluke and that he will show the world and Kofi, why he is a "ShowOff" if Kofi stops being a coward and puts the MITB case on the line next week against him. Kofi and Dolph then drop the mics and go nose to nose and it looks like a brawl is about to erupt between them, and just as the situation is about to explode, security hits the ring and separates the two.

The scene then cuts backstage Alberto Del Rio storms into Vince's office and demands to know why he isn't getting an opportunity to fulfill his destiny and win the WWE title tonight and that he deserves to have a shot at the title more than Kevin Nash. Vince tells Del Rio that he lost at MITB and he isn't just going to hand him, or anyone else for that matter a title match.He then tell Del Rio that if he wants a title match he will have to earn it and that his earning a title match with start tonight and that he will be facing R-Truth next. Del Rio gets angry and tells Vince that it isn't fair and Vince just points to the door and answers his ringing cellphone. The show then fades to a promo hyping SummerSlam live in 3 weeks from the Staples Center in Los Angelas, California and then to commercials.

R-Truth vs. Alberto Del Rio
Back from commercial break Justin Roberts introduces everyone to Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez. "Realeza" then hits and Alberto Del Rio makes his way down the entrance ramp with a stern look on his face, as Ricardo announces him in spanish as the future and uncrowned WWE Champion of the world. As Del Rio is posing in the ring, the camera shows R-Truth standing on the outside waiting for the match to begin.

As Del Rio's music fades to nothing, Truth enters the ring and the referee calls for the bell. Truth and Del Rio have a short stare down before the two lock up and test each-others strength. Suddenly out of nowhere, Del Rio breaks out of the hold and steps over and drops Truth and locks him in the Cross Armbar. Del Rio rips away at the arm of Truth causing him to scream in pain and to quickly tap out within seconds of the hold being locked in. Del Rio continues to pull away at the arm and the referee tries to pull him off, but to no avail as Truth continues to scream out in pain from the hold. Eventually Del Rio releases the hold and Ricardo in spanish announces him as the winner and the future WWE World Champion. The crowd boos as medical staff and road agents and referees rush to the ring to check on the shoulder and arm of R-Truth.
The scene cuts backstage and shows CM Punk sitting in his locker-room on a bench lacing up his boots for tonight and the camera pans out to show the WWE title laying on the ground in front of him and he looks down at it as the scene fades to black.

The scene reopens with Josh Matthews who welcomes Kevin Nash. Matthews ask Nash why he attacked Punk last night and Nash said that he will answer that question on his own time. Nash then tells Matthews that tonight, he is walking out of with the WWE Title in his first match in the company in over 10 years. Nash says tonight he is gonna show why that vanilla midget indy hack CM Punk, has nothing on a real pro wrestler. Nash then excuses himself as Eve Torres walks by and starts talking with her and the two walk off as the scene ends and cuts back to the arena.

WWE Tag Team Championship
David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty(c) vs. Zack Ryder and Alex Riley
Back in the arena "All About The Power" hits and the World Tag Team Champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty make there way to the ring to alot of heat from the crowd. As Justin Roberts finishes announcing them "Oh Radio" hits to a huge pop and Zack Ryder and Alex Riley emerge onto the stage to a chorus of "WOO WOO WOO" chants. Ryder and Riley rush to the ring and poses on opposing turnbuckles for the crowd and take in the cheers from the crowd. Justin Roberts announces while they are posing that he has just been informed that the match is now a Tag Team Championship match and the crowd cheers at the announcement. Otunga and McGillicutty start arguing with the referee, who tells them there is nothing he can do and rings the bell for the match to begin.

Just as the two teams lock up, the lights in the area go out and all you can hear is random yells from the crowd. "Veil Of Fire" then hits and a red glow covers the arena and fire shoots from the stage. Kane emerges onto the stage dawning a new red mask, that looks like its made from burned flesh. Kane makes his way to the ring as the two teams stand in awe as he climbs up onto the ring apron. The music cuts off as Kane tries to enter the ring and is met first by Riley who he quickly sends out the ring, followed by Ryder and then McGillicutty. Otunga is last and hits Kane with a heavy forearm to the back and Kane turns around no selling it and acting like he was just tapped on the shoulder. He grabs Otunga by the throat and lays him out with a huge choke-slam. Kane then looks at the downed body of Otunga and starts to laugh and then does his signature arm raise and pull down and fire erupts from the ring posts, with his eerie music playing in the background as the scene fades to promo hyping this Friday's SmackDown! and showing the events of Money In The Bank.
The SmackDown! hype video fades into Vince talking on his phone and that he has decided to name a new General Manger to Monday Night RAW! He tells the person, that he is still going through applications for the position, but he thinks he has the perfect person in mind for the job and it running the WWE runs in the family. The show then fades to commercial break.

WWE Championship
CM Punk(c) vs. Kevin Nash
Back from commercial break "Cult Of Personality" hits and the crowd explodes cheering as CM Punk makes his way out onto the stage with the WWE Championship around his waist. Punk does his trademark mark entrance and the crowd begins a loud "CM Punk" chant. Punk makes it to the ring and after a few minutes of playing to the crowd, he raises the WWE Title in the air. "Rockhouse" hits and black and white strobes begin flashing on and off and Kevin Nash slowly walks out onto the stage to a very 50/50 reaction from the crowd. Nash climbs into the ring and goes nose to nose with Punk, who was staring a hole through Nash during his entrance.

Punk and Nash trade insults as the referee calls for the bell and the two keep arguing in the ring and then Nash sends Punk doubling over with a huge knee to the midsection. He then pulls Punk back up to his feet and drops him with a huge right hand. Nash panders to the crowd, but unlike his entrance, he is getting booed. Nash stalks Punk as he slowly gets up and then drops him again with another stiff punch. Nash continues his slow domination of the match, with Punk getting not being able to fight back. Nash is continuing his beating of Punk and send him to the arena floor, and follows him. Nash taking his time to get to the outside, has allowed Punk to recover a bit and to finally get some offense in as he delivers some quick jabs and kicks, stunning Nash. Punk then grabs him and sends him neck first into the steel stairs. Punk is getting fired up as he takes Nash's left arm and begins smashing it into the steel stairs, with each smash, becoming more and more vicious. Punk starts hyping up the crowd and then he rolls Nash into the ring and goes for a pin and gets a long 2 count.

As Nash kicks out, Punk gets upset, but quickly regains his composer. He pulls Nash to his feet, who quickly powers out and sends back into the corner. Nash charges at Punk who quickly moves out of the way, sending himself flying into the turnbuckles. Punk sees that Nash is set up for his running knee and quickly executes it to a standing ovation and once again "CM Punk" chants echo through the arena. Punk then quickly executes the bulldog along with it and the crowd gets even louder. Punk then signals that its time for the Go To Sleep and begins stalking Nash, as he is slowly getting up. Nash is up and Punk grabs him and hoists him onto his shoulders, but he takes too long to go for it and Nash counters out of it and slips behind him. As Punk turns around Nash drops him with a big boot. Nash shakes his hair out of his face and then pulls the straps of his tank singlette down, meaning that he is ready to put an end to this match. Nash pulls Punk to his feet and signals for the JackKnife and sets Punk up for it. He lifts Punk high into the air and slams him down onto the mat, with all of his weight behind it. Nash pins Punk with a smile on his face and the referee begins to count, but just as he is about to come down for 3, Punk kicks out and the crowd goes ballistic.

Nash is irate and starts yelling at the referee and telling him it was a slow count. He then turns his attention back to Punk, who is having trouble getting to his feet. Nash grabs him and sets him up for another JackKnife and hoists Punk up into the air, but this time Punk was ready for him and counters out of it and onto his feet. Punk rocks Nash with a huge mui tai kick to his temple, sending him dropping to one knee. Punk looks tired and battered, but shakes it off and signals for the GTS and the crowd goes crazy. He grabs Nash's arm and then pulls him up onto his shoulders and then successfully connects with the GTS. Punk falls across the body of Nash as the referee does the 3 count.
"Cult Of Personality" fills the arena, with half the crowd singing along and the other-half chanting for Punk. Justin Roberts announces Punk the winner of the match and still WWE Champion as the referee helps him to his feet and hands him the WWE title. Punk looks down at the title with an accomplished smile on his face as he takes in the crowd cheering and chanting from him. Punk slowly ascends the turnbuckle in the corner and is posing with the WWE title for the crowd and mouthing to them, "I love you guys" and "thank you" as they continue to chant for him. While Punk is celebrating his victory he doesn't realize, that Nash has recovered and he gets attacked from behind. Nash gets alot of heat for attacking Punk. Nash is beating him down in the corner, with punches and he isn't able to fight back, due to being caught off guard. As Nash continues the brutal beating, "SOS" hits and Kofi comes running down to the ring and Nash turns to greet him. Nash tries to drop Kofi with a forearm shot, but Kofi ducks under it and as Nash turns around he gets caught with a Trouble In Paradise to a huge pop from the crowd. Kofi then turns his attention to Punk and helps him to his feet and hands him the WWE Championship and the two men hug and Punk thanks Kofi for coming to his aid. Punk mouths to Kofi that he will never forget this and then Kofi raises Punk's arm high into the air as the two are standing tall.

Kofi turns to leave the ring, to give Punk his goodbye spotlight, but he suddenly turns around and drops Punk with a Trouble In Paradise. The crowd goes apeshit and starts booing Kofi and a "You Suck" chant starts. Kofi then points to the stage and a referee comes running out with his MITB case in tow. Kofi rushes the referee to start the match and he pins Punk and the referee counts the pinfall. The crowd is going crazy and booing Kofi loudly as Justin Roberts announces him the new WWE Champion. The crowd is so loud, that Kofi's theme can barley be heard. As Kofi is celebrating his winning of the WWE title, "No Chance In Hell" hits and the crowd starts booing even more as Mr.McMahon makes his way onto the stage. After his music fades out, he congratulates Kofi on winning the title and then turns his attention to Punk. Vince says that he knows how bad Punk wants out of the WWE and that he will get that wish in just a under 45 minutes when the clock strikes midnight, but he isn't going to allow him to be happy and do what he wants. Vince said that all night he was thinking all night, of what he could do to punish Punk and he came up with the perfect idea. Vince then fires CM Punk in his trademark voice and the crowd boos Vince like crazy as the scene fades to the WWE logo and then to commercials.


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Cool, nice detailed, and I want to see where you're going with this.Seems better than what really happened to a certain extent, all though many of the things that happened where the same think that happened in real life, but that's all right I did that too and by the time you get to this time period everything will probably be different.

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The following was posted on WWE.com following Monday Night Raw

WWE have come to terms on the release of CM Punk and would like to wish him the best of luck in future endeavors.

WWE have come to terms on the release of John Cena and would like to wish him the best of luck in future endeavors.

The following are the results of WWE SuperStars- July 21st, 2011 that aired on WWE.com

Match 1
Alex Riley defeated Santino Marella
Match 2
Tyson Kidd defeated Drew McIntyre
Match 3
Natalya defeated Beth Phoenix
Main Event
The Uso's defeated Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks​

Bowing down to the BEAST INCARNATE
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Nice start! What a shock to have both Punk & Cena gone from the WWE... or so it seems... mmmhh... Good luck with this new project, I'll be reading!

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*Like Vince opening the show. Given what went down at the MitB PPV, it made perfect sense for him to be the one to do so, and he makes our main event for the evening, as Punk will defend against Nash in a match that clearly favors Nash. The storyline with Vince and Cena should be interesting as well, if that is the road you choose to travel with it. Really solid promo by Cena to sell the fact that he did his best, but Punk was the better man the night before.

*We'll see how well you actually stick to the brand split. God knows that the real Fed has pretty much given up on the damn thing.

*Using Santino to set up the women's triple threat is an interesting philosophy. I do approve of violence against Hornswoggle however, as I find that to be hysterical. Is Santino still dating Tamina in your fed?

*An angry CM Punk does not bode well for Kevin Nash. Just saying...

*Miz pinning Rey clean is a bit of a surprise. I dig Miz, so I look forward to seeing how you use him going forward with this win under his belt.

*I would have done it as stills, since the replay of the PPV would be the night after, and there is no reason to do video, especially for a show that a fan who may have missed it, would have caught all the hype, and then wanted to see...(or download, I suppose)

*Kind of makes you wonder what Kofi is up to, and what role, if any, he plays in the match with Nash and Punk.

*Tamina is an interesting choice to win the three way. Surprised you didn't go back into the Beth--Bella angle, but I would guess that's because there are plans for Beth to work her way back towards it later. Brie vs. Tamina could make for a fun pairing, depending how it's worked.

*Nice segment with Dolph and Kofi. And depending on what goes down with Nash and Punk tonight, if Kofi doesn't cash in, I could see you doing US title vs. MitB briefcase at the Summerslam PPV. (Reminds me of the RVD-Shelton feud from 2006 after Mania)

*Dig the touch with Del Rio and Vince, and like how it plays off kinda what did happen with the asosciation of Del Rio and Vince, and Vince wanting Del Rio to cash in. I like the fact that you have those two working together, and hopefully, it leads somewhere down the line.

*Wow, dominanting win for Del Rio. Really surprised me. Expected him to beat Truth, but definitely not anywhere near as quickly as he did. Obviously there are big plans in store for ADR in your fed.

*I really like that the focus has been on Punk for this show. He's a walking away champion, so it makes sense that the focus would be strictly on him, and the issues with Kevin Nash for the evening.

*Ah, yes. The Vanilla Midget spiel. Wonder how that one vanilla midget named Eddie Guerrero did for himself. I just genuinely dislike Nash, but you are booking him the right way. The thing with Eve adds some intrigue to the situation as well.

*Not the biggest Kane fan, and the match itself could have been good, but if you want to make an impact with a monster character, him clearing the ring of four people would do it. Not sure jobbing your tag champs like that was the way to go, but hopefully it leads somewhere.

*I'm hoping for Shane here, but I'm guessing Stephanie and/or Triple H would be far more likely.

*Really good main event, and Punk getting the clean win over Nash was the way to go. It leaves the door open for Punk to claim that he was never beaten for the belt if he does come back, and it closes the story on Nash's attack on Punk, even though we haven't found out why yet. I'm guessing it may play into the new GM thing myself.

*Of course, with the post-match attack, it's a ready made angle for when Punk does return to go after Nash again, if he so chooses.

*Alright, I did not see the bit with Kofi coming. I was suspicious, but I didn't think you'd turn Kofi heel. I dig heel Kofi, and honestly him as WWE champion as a heel on Raw has great potential. And alignment with Vince would do wonders for Kofi as well, because Kingston has never been known as a good promo, and Vince is one of the better sell promo's in the business' history.

OVERALL: Really dug the show. Moves at a brisk pace, that while it has details for certain parts of the matches, it never overstays it's welcome. I can appreciate that, and I think that a show like this as a springboard could lead to really good things for this BTB. Consider me a fan, sir.

8.5/10 (I'm incredibly stingy when it comes to 9s and 10s. I think in the entire time I've been doing this, I've only dropped the 10 twice)

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Teddy Long opens the show, recaping Money In The Bank this past Sunday. He talks about the World Heavyweight Championship situation. Teddy says both Christian, and Randy Orton have rematch clauses, and Wade Barrett will be defending the World Title against both men, in a triple threat match at Summerslam. He then goes on to talk about the draft until Christian interupts him.

Christian comes out and starts to complain about how its unfair Wade interfered in his victory celebration and he should be stripped of the championship. Christian threatens to sue Teddy Long if he doesn't fix the situation.

Teddy Long then cuts Christian off by warning him that after Summerslam, he very well could be off of SD... he then announces Christian and Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry and Sheamus in the main event.

Christian starts to throw a tanturm in the ring as the show goes to commercial break.

As Smackdown comes back from commercial "Flight Of The Valkyries" hits as Daniel Bryan comes out to cheering crowd as Tony Chimmel announces that this will be an Intercontiental Championship match. "Only One Can Judge" hits as the reigning IC Champion comes out to a loud amount of boos.

Intercontiental Championship
Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

The referee rings the bell as the two men in the ring attempt a lock up, but Cody breaks out and begins punching Bryan wildly, Cody whips Bryan into the ropes, but Bryan reverses and instead whips Cody, Cody's momentum flings him into the ropes as Bryan hits a clothesline sending Rhodes outside of the ring... Bryan hits a suicide dive on Cody as the ref has begun the 10 count. Bryan picks Cody up and they begin trading a series of forearms, till Cody sends Bryan crashing into the steel steps. Cody tosses Bryan back in the ring and goes to the top rope, Cody hits a beautiful missle dropkick on Bryan as he goes for the pin, Bryan kicks out at 2. Cody picks Bryan up and goes for the CrossRhodes, but Bryan reverses into a northern lights suplex, Cody's shoulders are down but Bryan only recieves a 2 count. Cody sits up, but is met by Bryan's leg as he is kicked in the side of the head, Bryan then sits Cody on his knees, and countiously kicks Cody in the chest, Bryan runs to the ropes and hits a drop kick to Cody's face but again only gets a 2 count. Bryan goes for the LeBell Lock, but Cody fights out of it and hits the Alabama Slam on Bryan, goes for the cover but again gets a 2 count, Rhodes then hits the Beautiful Disaster and finally gets the 3 count to retain his title. "Only One Can Judge" hits as Cody lifts his IC Championship up with a chorus of boos surrounding him, Bryan gets up but Cody hits him in the face with the championship as he leaves the ring laughing while the crowd is booing as the show goes to commercial.

"The Rising" hits as Justin Gabriel comes out to a cheering crowd, Justin is slapping hands with some of the fans at ringside as he slides into the ring. "End Of Days" hits as the new World Heavyweight Champion comes out to a lot of heat.

Wade Barrett vs. Justin Gabriel

The referee rings the bell as Gabriel doesn't even get the chance to move, as Barrett hits a big boot that turns Gabriel inside out, Barrett hoists him up and his a devastating Wasteland, Barrett then arrogantly puts his foot on Gabriel and gets the 3 count. Wade then grabs Gabriel and throws him out of the ring, grabs a mic, and hits Gabriel with the mic on the outside before getting into the ring while the crowd is booing the hell out of him, Barrett smirks as he begins talking into the mic. Wade talks about how he won the championship this past Sunday at Money in the Bank. He then says he's done having parasites leech off of his success, like the parasite he destroyed just now, Wade then says the Barrett Barrage began last Sunday, and will go on forever, because he's never losing the World Championship. "End Of Days" hits as Wade shows off his Championship to a loudly booing crowd... as SD goes to commercial.
A video package showing the events of this past Monday's Raw hits, showing Kofi Kingston's shocking WWE Championship win, as well as the firings of CM Punk & John Cena.

The camera then cuts to Matt Striker catching up to Sheamus, as he interviews him about the upcoming Tag match tonight. Sheamus says he doesn't care, a match is a match and he'll go out there and hurt whoever's in his way to victory. Mark Henry then shows up and warns Sheamus to stay out of his way, or he'll join the Hall Of Pain, as the behmoths have a staredown as Matt Striker runs away.

Heath Slater is in the ring for a match as "Ancient Spirit" plays as the lights dim, and the crowd is cheering... Sin Cara runs and jumps into the ring.

Sin Cara vs. Heath Slater

The referee begins the bell as Sin Cara hits a beautiful head scissors on Slater. Slater runs outside of the ring to shake the cob webs off but gets no time too as Sin Cara springboards off the ropes and lands on Heath. Sin Cara then throws Slater back into the ring, and attempts another springboard, but Slater knees him in the gut, and hits a snap suplex, bringing Cara back into the ring. Heath goes for a cover but barely gets a one count, Slater then begins to stomp into Cara and kick him in the ribs, Heath picks Cara up and hits a scoop slam. Heath irish whips Cara into the turnbuckle and attempts a stinger splash, but instead eats a boot from Sin Cara. Cara then hits a beautiful hurricana, Heath gets up but gets kicked in the face, Sin Cara then hits the standing C4 and gets the win. as Sin Cara is celebrating his win, another Sin Cara appaers, but dressed in black, they have a staredown as Cara dos low blows the original Sin Cara and hits a C4 of his own as the show goes to commercial.

Smackdown returns with Matt Striker approaching Randy Orton. Striker asks Orton about Summerslam's main event championship match, and his thoughts on teaming up with long time rival Christian. Orton replys with he only has one thing in mind, winning back the World Heavyweight Championship as the camera zooms into Orton's icy-cold glare.

The camera cuts back as Jinder Mahal is in the ring, glaring at the crowd as they give him heat. "I Come From Money" hits as Ted Dibiase jr. comes out to a nice pop.

Ted DiBiase vs. Jinder Mahal

Before Ted can even get down from the turn buckle, Mahal tosses DiBiase off the turnbuckle and begins stomping on him as the referee rings the bell. Mahal stalks DiBiase as he hits him with a clothesline as soon as DiBiase makes it to his feet. He tries it again, but this time Ted hits a back body drop that sends Mahal flying. Mahal gets up and Ted hits him with an atomic drop, before Mahal falls down from the impact, Ted hits a standing dropkick that sends Mahal crashing to the mat below. Ted attempts to go for the Dream Street early, but Mahal fights out of it by elbowing DiBiase, Mahal then hits a snap suplex on DiBiase but only gets a 2 count when he attempts the cover. Mahal locks DiBiase in the camel clutch for a few moments, but DiBiase eventually reaches the ropes breaking the hold, the referee begins the 5 count but Mahal breaks it at 3. Ted leans back on the ropes for support, Mahal charges DiBiase but DiBiase flings him over the top rope as a thud is heard and Mahal is screaming in pain. The referee begins the 10 count, DiBiase goes to the outside, throws Mahal back in and hits the Dream Street ans gets the 3 count as SD goes to commercial.

When Smackdown returns Katyln and AJ Lee are talking in the back, but the Bella Twins show up and start proclaiming Brie as the greatest Diva's Champion of all time, and then begin to make fun of Katyln and AJ Lee. AJ Lee and Katyln then push both Bella's at the same time, luckily Teddy Long steps in just in time to break it up. Teddy Long then announces next week on Smackdown, The Bella's will face AJ Lee & Katyln in a tag team match.

"Written In My Face" hits as Sheamus comes out to a mixed reaction. Sheamus goes to the ring to await his partner's entrance. "Some Bodies Gonna Get" hits as Mark Henry comes out to a loudly booing crowd, as the camera pans across Mark Henry's back, showing off how big this behmoth is. Henry walks to the ring with intensity as he stares down Sheamus as the two exchange words. "Close Your Eyes" hits as Christian comes out to a mixed reaction, mostly boos from the crowd, as Christian slaps his chest as he is mumbling something, and signaling that he'll once again win the World Championship as he smirks and waits by the ring, glaring at Henry & Sheamus. "Voices" hits as Randy Orton begins walking to the ring slowly, not even acknowledging Henry or Sheamus, as he glares at Christian, as the crowd is going crazy. They have words with each other, as Christian backs up and yells that they are partners for tonight. Orton gets in the ring, as he stares at his opponents and does his usual taunts to get the crowd cheering.

Randy Orton and Christian vs. Mark Henry and Sheamus

Randy Orton and Sheamus start the match off, as the referee rings the bell. The 2 men lockout, with Sheamus quickly overpowering Randy Orton as Sheamus tosses Orton to the mat, Orton gets up and puts Sheamus in a headlock, but Sheamus powers out and once again tosses Orton to the mat. Sheamus then picks Orton up but eats a series of Europian uppercuts, as Orton irish whips Sheamus into the ropes, and hits a powerslam, Orton backs up, but Christian tags himself in. Orton glares at Christian, but Christian yells at him to get on the appron. Christian then paint brushes Sheamus as he slaps him in the face, but Sheamus hits a huge clothesline that almost turns him inside out, Sheamus then tosses Christian to the appron, and brings his forearm down on Christian's chest repeatidly, Sheamus then begins to run from the opposite rope, but Christian once again paint brushes him, and drops Sheamus's neck down on the ropes. Christian goes to the top rope and hits a frogsplash, but only gets a 2 count. Christian then tags Orton in by slapping his shoulder. Orton takes his time going in as it allows Sheamus to tag in Herny. Orton realizes it as he runs to Henry but gets clotheslined for his troubles. Henry then starts yelling at Orton to get up, as Orton eventually does, as Henry hits a scoop slam on Orton with ease. Henry waits for Orton to get up again, but gets put in a headlock, Orton then kicks Henry in the stomach and drops him with a huge DDT. Orton goes for the cover, but it gets broken up by Sheamus.

Orton waits for Henry to get up as he is stalking him for the RKO, but Henry easily reverses it sending Orton flying half way across the ring. Henry then hits the WSS on Orton, but before it hits Christian tags himself in. As Henry gets up from hitting his devasting finisher on Orton, Christian capitalizes and hits a inverted DDT, but only gets a 2 count. Sheamus tags himself in as Henry glares at Sheamus,hits a Brogue Kick on Christian, but eats an RKO as he turns around. Mark Henry and Randy Orton begin fighting on the outside of the ring, as Orton gets the advantage and bounces Henry's skull off of the steel steps, Christian hits the Killswitch on Sheamus and gets the 3 count. As Christian is celebrating Orton RKO's him and leaves. Mark Henry then gets livid as he brings the steel steps that were previously used on him into the ring, and hits Sheamus in the skull with them as Sheamus starts to bleed heavily from his forehead. The referee yells at Henry but Henry pushes him out of the way and puts the steps on the mat, and hits Sheamus with the WSS on the steel steps as SD ends with Mark Henry standing over Sheamus's broken body.

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The following Breaking News! was posted on WWE.com (July 23rd, 2011)

WWE.com has exclusively learned that former WCW World Champion and WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Bill Goldberg has signed a 2 year contract with the WWE, to compete on the RAW Brand. No information is known about the details of the contract he signed, but he is expected to make his return to television imminently. Stayed tuned to WWE.com for more information, regarding the return of Goldberg.​

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Preview For Monday Night RAW- July 25th, 2011

Last Week Kofi Kingston cashed in his money in the bank contract, on his proclaimed "best friend" CM Punk and became the new WWE Champion. What will Kofi's first Monday Night RAW! as WWE Champion be like?

Also last week, Vince McMahon publicly fired and embarrassed CM Punk on live TV, firing him with just a few mere hours left on his contract. Was this the last time we will see the Straight Edge Superstar in the WWE and will Vince McMahon have anything else to say regarding the firing, of the former WWE Champion.

It was announced Saturday on WWE.com, that Bill Goldberg has resigned with the RAW brand, will be make his debut on RAW!?

Kevin Nash has also confirmed via Twitter that he will be making a major announcement concerning his future with the WWE and why he did what he did to CM Punk, last week at Money In the Bank.

The following is the only match confirmed for RAW!

Santino Marella will challenge "The Show Off" Dolph Ziggler for his United States Championship. Will Santino, be able to take down Dolph and become the new US Champion, or will Dolph show once again, why he has renamed him self the show off and future of the WWE.

Tune into Monday Night Raw from Hampton, Virginia, live on the USA Network at 9pm/8pm central time.​

Preview For Friday Night Smackdown!- July 29th, 2011

Last Friday Night on Smackdown, the Barrett Barrage was in full effect, when Wade Barrett continued his winning ways by defeating his NXT alumni, Justin Gabriel. Will the Barrett Barrage continue this Friday Night, or will it come to an end at the hands of the "Viper" Randy Orton. Or will "Captain Charisma" Christian get his revenge on Randy Orton for laying him out with RKO and will Christian finally set his sights on the man who took the World Title from him at Money In the Bank, Wade Barrett.

The Bella Twins will be taking on the make shift Tag Team of Aj Lee and Kaitlyn this Friday Night. Will Tamina make her presence felt or will the Bella's twin magic be in full bloom.

Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan wrestled in what is being described as an early match of the year candidate. But when it was all said and done Cody Rhodes emerged still the Intercontinental Champion. This week Cody Rhodes will team up with Jinder Mahal to take on the team of Daniel Bryan and Ted Dibase jr. It was rumored that Teddy Long agreed that if Daniel Bryan's team got the victory, he could earn a future Intercontinental Championship match.

Also what repercussions will Mark Henry face for brutally attacking another WWE Superstar. Will "The Celtic Warrior" Sheamus be in good enough shape to get revenge on his attacker or will Mark Henry continue Inducting people into the "Hall Of Pain"

Tune into Friday Night Smackdown from Philadelphia, PA. Only on the SyFy Network.

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Monday Night RAW!- July 25th, 2011

Pyro explodes from the stage and then "Burn It To The Ground" starts to echo throughout the arena as the crowd is cheering and going crazy. The scene then fades into a video package that shows the events from "Money In The Bank" and then it recaps the events of last Monday Nights Raw. The video package ends with showing Kofi Kingston cashing in his MITB contract and pinning CM Punk to become the new WWE Champion.

Tamina vs. Nikki Bella
"Tropical Storm" blasts through the arena speakers as Tamina makes her way to the ring to large pop from the crowd. As Tamina is posing for the fans "You Can Look" hits and The Bella Twins emerges onto the stage to a lot of heat from the crowd. The Bella's hit the ring and get right into Tamina's face and the 3 women are fighting. Suddenly, Brie slaps Tamina and the referee calls for the bell and tells Nikki to get out of the ring. Brie is playing the slap up to the crowd and posing, as Tamina turns her attention back to her and spears her to the mat. Tamina begins pounding away at Brie, who is trying to fight back but can't. Brie manages to roll out of the ring, and Nikki rushes to check on her. As the Bella's are checking each other, Tamina comes flying over the top rope and drops them both with a body splash.

The crowd begins a that was awesome chant as the Tamina gets back to her feet and roll\s back into the ring and then follows with her father's signature pose. Tamina then rolls back out of the ring and grabs Brie and rolls her back into the ring. Nikki acts as if she is gonna attack Tamina, but Tamina confronts her and sends her running to the other side of the ring in fear. As she rolls back into the ring, Brie hits her with an elbow drop to her spine. Brie plays it up to the crowd to a lot of heat and does her signature dance. Brie grabs Tamina and pulls her to feet and signals for the "Bella Buster", out of no where Tamina counters it into a Samoan Drop to a huge pop. Nikki jumps up onto the apron, but eats a right hand from Tamina, sending her crashing to the arena floor. Tamina looks to the top rope and gets a huge pop from the crowd as she begins to ascend to the very top. She once again pulls out her father's signature superfly pose and then leaps off the top rope for the "SuperFly Splash" and connects with it for the 3 count.

"Tropical Storm" begins to play again as Tamina celebrates her win and for the second week in the row, the Bella Twins are backing up the ramp with their tails between their legs as Tamina signals that she will be the next Divas Champion.
A promo airs hyping the WWE returning to the WWE, the RAW! following SummerSlam. The promo hypes up the fact that anyone can be drafted and that the foundation of the WWE will be shaken to its core. The promo then fades into commercials.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Evan Bourne
Back from commercial "Realeza" hits and the crowd boos like crazy. The engine of a car roars over the sound of the entrance music and a few moments later a silver 2012 Lamborghini Gallardo rolls into the arena. Alberto Del Rio exits the car, with an angry look on his face and he heads for the ring. Before Ricardo can even introduce him, he snatches the mic from him. As his music fades into silence, he begins to speak. ADR says that last week he beat R-Truth, and has now put himself back on his path of destiny. His path to becoming a World Cha.. "Born To Win" begins to echo throughout the arena and the crowd pops huge and Evan Bourne rushes out onto the stage and they only get louder. Evan looks around the crowd from the stage and then rushes down the ramp and slides into the ring.

Evan smiles at ADR and then climbs the top rope and poses as the arena snaps pictures. Evan jumps down and as he turns around, ADR grabs his arm and wrenches it. Evan's music fades as the referee rings the bell, for the match to begin. ADR pulls Bourne up and then in a flash steps over and flips him to the mat, locking in his signature "Cross ArmBar". ADR yanks away at the arm and within seconds, Bourne taps. The referee calls for the bell as "Realeza" once again starts to play. The crowd boos ADR wildly and he still has a blank look of anger on his face. He turns his attention back to Evan, who is being checked on by the referee and kicks him out of the ring and quickly follows behind him, with the referee yelling at ADR to stop. He pulls Evan to his feet and grabs his arm and slams it into the steel ring post and Evan screams out in pain. A sinister smile spreads across his face as he paces over the Justin Roberts and takes his mic and in a mix of spanish and english ADR says " It is his destino to be World Champion and then says in all spanish "los mejores en el mundo"
Backstage Vince McMahon is seen talking on the phone and says that RAW is a much better place without CM Punk and John Cena, running around and causing problems for everyone. Vince says that he is glad to be rid of them. He then tells the person on the phone, that he has finally decided on who the new GM of RAW is gonna be and he knows that it will be run better than what that halfwit Teddy does over on SmackDown! Vince then invites the person on the phone to RAW! next week to see who the new RAW GM will be.

United States Championship
Dolph Ziggler© vs. Santino Marella
The scene cuts back to the arena and "Here To Show The World" hits. Dolph Ziggler emerges onto the stage with his US Title strapped around his waist and he does his signature pose. Dolph makes his way to the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd, with the younger crowd booing him and the older crowd cheering him. Dolph poses in the ring and as he is doing so ""La Vittoria è Mia" hits and the crowd explodes cheering as Santino makes his way out to the ring. The ring announcer announces that the following match will be for the United States Championship. Santino dances around the ring and the referee stops him and signals for the bell.

Santino tries to go for a comedy lock up, but is shoved away by Ziggler. Santino gets quickly back to his feet and goes to shove Dolph back, but its blocked and he drops Santino with a forearm shot to the face. Dolph looks around the arena and then starts viscously stomping away at his stomach, then chest and then head. He then drops down and starts pounding the head of Santino with hard punches. Dolph continues the flurry of punches as the referee warns him to stop and after a few seconds he gets up and then quickly delivers a hard kick to Santino's chest and then follows that up with a another stomp to his head.

The referee starts to argue with Dolph, who ignores him and turns his attention back to Santino. He pulls Santino to his feet and then drops him with another hard forearm shot. Dolph then goes for and connects his jumping elbow drop and goes for the pin and gets a long 2. He yells at the referee saying that he is counting slow and to do his job better. Dolph once again pulls Santino to his feet and clubs him in the back of the neck, sending him doubling over to the ring floor and he quickly gets in a stomp to the back of his head before the referee can stop him. Dolph paces around the ring, awaiting Santino's recovery. Santino finally struggles to his feet and Dolph goes for a lock up, but its countered with an armdrag from Santino. The crowd starts cheering now and a "Santino" chant spreads through the arena. Dolph is quickly back to his feet and is stalking the oblivious Santino, who doesn't realize he is back up. Santino signals for the "Cobra" and the crowd yells for it with him. Santino turns preparing to drop Dolph with it, but Santino gets dropped by a huge stiff dropkick to his head. Dolph once again is stalking Santino, who is slowly stirring and getting to his feet. Dolph charges at him, but Santino counters it and tries for a "Cobra", but its avoided. Dolph spins Santino around and drops him with a huge "Zig Zag" and gets the 3 count.

"Here To Show The World" starts playing again and Dolph snatches his title from the ring side helper. Dolph poses with the belt, acting like he won a gold medal in the olympics. The scene fades to a promo showing Kofi Kingston winning the WWE title last week on RAW! from CM Punk and then it fades to commercial.
Back from commercial Miz bursts into Vince's locker room and demands to know why the star of the WWE isn't being used properly and demands that Vince give him a match tonight. Vince starts to reprimand Miz and then stops and smiles and says he has the perfect opponent for him tonight. Miz demands to know who it is and Vince tells him he better watch himself, as he would suspend him without even a second of a doubt. Vince then informs Miz he will be taking on Mason Ryan in his match tonight. Miz starts to beg and plead with Vince and the scene cuts to Josh Matthews and the new WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston.

Matthews asks Kofi why he did what he did to his best friend last week. Kofi tells him that he doesn't answer to him nor anyone else for that matter. Josh then asks Kofi if he will be defending his title at SummerSlam. Kofi tells Josh he is tired of asking stupid questions and shoves past him and disappears down a hallway as the scene cuts back to the arena.

Back in the arena the sound of a diesel truck starting up echoes, then "RockHouse" hits and white strobes begins flashing all over the arena. Kevin Nash emerges onto the stage, in a fancy suite and makes his way to the ring. Nash takes a mic and paces in the ring, while his music is still playing, taking in the mixed reaction from the crowd. Nash looks around the crowd and then begins to speak as his music fades into the crowd noise.

Nash says that he bets everyone wants to know why he did what he did at Money In The Bank, and its really simple, but he doesn't blame the idiots in the crowd for not seeing what is right under their noses. He pauses and then says before he moves onto that, he wants to address what happened last week. He says that last week, Punk got the ass kicking of a lifetime and then got lucky and picked up a win, but it was nothing more thank a fluke and if Punk was still in the WWE he would prove it to him. Nash then moves onto Kofi and says he doesn't blame him for cashing in his MITB contract, but he does have a problem with him for attacking him. Nash says that guys like Kofi and Punk are nothing more than little boys, playing pretending in their daddies clothes and then need to realize that if they want to play with the big boys, then they could and 'will' get hurt. Nash says that earlier tonight, he was talking to Vince and they came to a very good agreement. Nash says that at SummerSlam, Vince has granted him a shot at the man who sucker punched him last week and Vince's new "Golden Boy", Kofi Kingston and its for the WWE Championship. Nash's says that at SummerSlam, he is gonna make history yet again, by become the next WWE Champion.

Nash moves back onto the topic of why he attacked Punk and says that he did it because he sees him as nothing but a vanilla midget. A child playing dress up, a little boy in a mans world. He says he seen him as an opportunity to put himself back into the spotlight and he decided he would use a person who was in the spotlight, who didn't deserve the spot they hand. Nash says Punk is nothing but a one hit wonder and his win over Cena at MITB was a fluke, just like Punk beating him last week. Nash goes on to call Punk ungrateful, and says he was tired of hearing him try to be cool week in and week out, leading up to Money In The Bank. Nash says that nothing that Punk did was all the revolutionary, as he as the band did it all back in WCW. He talks about how Punk thought he was being cool and edgy, but he was being nothing buy a ripoff. Nash finish his rant on Punk saying that Punk was his ticket back into the company and that is why he laid out that ungrateful little prick. Nash drops the mic as heads backstage as "RockHouse" plays him away to an even more mixed reaction from the crowd that he had, when he first game out.

The show then fades backstage and shows the Tag Team Champions, Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga preparing for their tag team title defense. The screen splits in two and shows Yoshi Tatsu and Primo hyping each other up for the biggest shot they have gotten in their career's so far. RAW! then fades to commercial break.

WWE Tag Team Championship
David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty© vs. Primo and Yoshi Tatsu
Back from commercial break "All About The Power" hits and Otunga and McGillicutty come out to a negative reaction from the crowd. The tag team champions make their way to the ring and pose with the tag titles as they take in the booing from the crowd. "JPop Drop" hits and the crowd explodes and after a few moments no one comes out and Otunga and McGillicutty are looking at each other puzzled. All of a sudden the lights in the arena go out and a red light slowly covers the arena. The crowd is cheering and you can see camera flashes everywhere. Suddenly "Veil of Fire" hits and the crowd goes crazy cheering, pyro then explodes from the ring posts and the arena is pitch black again. The lights come back up and Kane is standing behind Otunga and McGillicutty and they both turn around to the reaction from the crowd and Kane grabs them both by the throat and drops them with a double choke-slam. A sinister smile spreads across Kane's face as he does his signature pose in the ring and once again pyro explodes from the ring posts and the arena goes black. After a few moments of darkness, the lights come back up and the tag team champions have been laid out.
Backstage Vince McMahon and Kofi Kingston are talking about what they did last week to CM Punk. Vince tells Kofi that he wasn't the man who brought Nash into the company and to watch his back tonight. Kofi tells Vince that he doesn't need and that tonight is the first time in a long time, that he doesn't feel like a cheap sideshow act to make the kids happy and that also tonight, he is going to prove why he's done pandering to the fans of the WWE Universe. T

Rey Mysterio vs. R-Truth
The scene then cuts back to the arena where "Booyaka" hits and the crowd begins cheering wildly. Rey Mysterio then emerges out onto the stage and the crowd pops even louder. As Rey is posing in the ring, "The Truth Will Set You Free" echoes through the arena and R-Truth comes out to the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Truth pauses on the ramp and he and Mysterio stare each other down, and then Truth runs and slides into the ring and goes nose to nose with Rey. The two men trade words as the referee calls for the bell.

They lock up and Truth backs Mysterio into the corner, slapping him as the referee forces Truth to let Rey go, as neither man was gaining any ground, from the lockup. The two men curdle each other in the ring and Rey comes back quickly with a flurry of right hands, but Truth whips him into the ropes and takes him down with a dropkick. Truth plays to the crowd and Mysterio is quickly back to his feet, but Truth grabs him and throws him into the ropes again, but this time Mysterio ducks under and Truth charges as him. Mysterio charges back and hits a low dropkick to the shin of Truth, sending him into the middle rope.

Mysterio signals for the "619" and goes for it, but Truth moves away at the last second. Truth regains his composer, who doesn't realize that Mysterio is still on the ring apron, waiting for him to turn around. As he does, Rey springboards into the air over the top rope and back into the ring and connects with a big hurricarana. The crowd begins clapping, as both men are down and struggling to get their feet. Both men finally get to their feet and trade punches. This time, Mysterio comes up with the advantage and hits a kick to the gut, and sends Truth into the corner. Mysterio hoists Truth up to the top rope and Rey quickly climbs up after. Truth tries to push Mysterio away, but Mysterio comes back with a kick to the side of the head, which sends Mysterio stumbling to the ring floor.

Truth tries to regain his composer, but to no avail as Mysterio quickly runs back up the corner and catches him with a couple of punches. Mysterio tries to go for a superplex as he pulls Truth up. Truth tries to fight out of it, and both men are trading blows on the top rope, barley keeping their balance. Truth tries to push Rey off, but he was ready for it and Rey drops down straddling the top turnbuckle. Truth quickly hits him with a hard right hand and tries to set him up for a front suplex, but Rey fights out of that and grabs Truth and hits a devastating bulldog off the top rope. Rey slowly crawls over to Truth and gets a long 2 count from the referee as the fans go crazy from all the action they just witnessed.

Truth and Rey are back to their feet and Truth tosses Rey to the apron. Truth circles the ring to clear the cobwebs and as he turns around, Rey springboards into the air, but this time Truth is ready for it and catches him with a dropkick. Truth goes for the cover and only gets a 2 count. Truth pulls Rey to his feet and hits a quick spinning back elbow that floors Rey and then attempts another pin, but again gets a long 2 count. Truth getting angry, turns his attention to Rey, who is slowly getting to his feet.
As Rey finally get to his feet, Truth catches him with a stiff kick to the gut, double Mysterio over. Truth bounces off the ropes and goes for the "Axe Kick", but Rey counters out of it. Truth quickly turns around and charges at Rey, but he ducks under it. Truth irate, charges at Mysterio again, but he is met with a drop toe hold that sends him into the the middle rope. Rey begins hyping up the crowd and signals for the "619". Rey goes for it and connects with it, sending Truth staggering back into the ring. A tired Mysterio, holds onto the ropes and waits for Truth to turn around and once again springboards and this time connects with a seated senton on Truth and he hooks the leg to get the 3 count.

"Booyaka" begins echoing from the arena speakers again as the referee raises Mysterio's hand in victory, as the crowd cheers for him. Truth is back up and approaches Rey and it looks as if he is about to get revenge. But he extends his hand and the two shake hands, to a even louder ovation. Truth and Mysterio hug and Truth then raises his arm in the air.
The segment fades into a video hyping SummerSlam in 3 weeks, live from the Staples Center, in Los Angeles, California. The promo ends and fades into commercial break.

Alex Riley vs, Jack Swagger
Back from commercial break Jack Swagger is making his entrance to a lot of heat from the crowd. As Swagger makes his way into the ring and poses, "Say It To My Face" blasts through the arena speakers and Alex Riley makes his entrance to a huge ovation from the crowd. Riley makes his way to the ring and climbs the far left turnbuckle and poses for the crowd. Swagger acts like he is going to sneak attack Riley, but stops when Riley turns around and smiles at him. He jumps down and the referee calls for the bell.

Riley and Swagger taunt each other from opposing corners of the ring for a few seconds and then lock-up. The two men do a test of strength, but neither one can gain the advantage, Swagger then slams Riley face first into the canvas. Swagger then dances around Riley with his arms up in the air. Riley is back to his feet and the two men begin circling again. They lock-up again and after another test of strength from both guys, Swagger gets him in a waist lock and then spins Riley to the mat. Riley tries to fight out of it as Swagger squeezes his abdomen, but to no avail. Riley continues struggling to get out, but Swagger keeps squeezing tighter. Riley someone how manages to get to the ropes and forces a break. The referee stands the two men up and checks Riley for injury.

Swagger and Riley lock-up again and this time Swagger quickly powers him into the corner, but Riley fights out of it with right and lefts to the face of Swagger. Riley charges at Swagger, who ducks down at the last moment and sends Riley flying through the air for a huge back body drop. Swagger watches as Riley struggles to his feet and as he does, he gets dropped by a huge shoulder block from Swagger. Swagger does his trademark pose in the ring, then pulls Riley to his feet and drops him with a power clothesline that sends Riley to the arena floor. Swagger quickly follows suit, and pulls Riley up onto his shoulder. Swagger rushes at the steel ring post and at the last second just as Riley's skull was about to crash into it, he slides off Swagger's shoulder, and sends him face first into the ring post, with a loud thud.

Riley shakes off the cobwebs and rolls Swagger back into the ring and goes for the pin and only gets a 2 count. Riley starts hyping to the crowd and waiting for Swagger to get to his feet. Riley then whips Swagger into the corner and goes for a running knee, but at the last second Swagger moves and Riley crashes into the turnbuckle pad knee first, causing him to scream out in pain. Swagger starts stomping away at the downed Riley, while the referee yells at him and tells him that he can't keep doing that. Swagger stops and pulls Riley to his feet and tries to go for the "GutWrench Powerbomb", but Riley counters out of it and gets behind Swagger and locks in a waist lock. Swagger tries to fight out of it and does with hard elbow shots, that send Riley staggering. Swagger then runs and drops Riley with a huge german suplex, to a lot of boos from the crowd. Swagger drags Riley to the corner and signals for his middlerope spring board body splash and goes for it and just as its about to connect, Riley gets his knees up. Swagger fights through the pain and delivers a hard kick to the face of Riley.

Swagger falls into the ropes and uses it to hold himself up, as the referee checks on Riley. Swagger gets up and goes over to Riley and locks in the "Ankle Lock". Riley is screaming in pain as Swagger wrenches the ankle. Suddenly Riley, rolls out of it and sends Swagger face first into the turnbuckle. The crowd starts cheering wildly and a "A-Ry" chant spreads all over the arena. Swagger gets up and turns around and Riley hoists him up onto his shoulders and connects with a devastating "TKO". Riley goes for the pin and gets a long 2 count. Half the crowd erupts with a "This Is Wrestling" chant, and the other half watches on in disbelief that this match is still going on. The referee checks on both men, who are beyond tired and are struggling to get back to their feet.

Swagger rushes Riley, but eats a knee to the midsection, and Riley tries to pick him up for the "TKO" a second time. Swagger deadweights it and fights out of it, and delivers a knee of his own to the midsection of Riley. Swagger then hoists Riley into the air and drops him with a huge "GutWrench Powerbomb". The crowd boos as Swagger goes for the pin, but he only gets a 2 count. Swagger gets in the referee's face and starts arguing with him about counting slow and not doing his job right. As Swagger is arguing, he doesn't realize that Riley, has staggered to his feet and as Swagger turns around, Riley grabs him for and connects with a second "TKO" and goes for the pinfall, but again, Swagger kicks out just before the referee's hand can connect to the mat for the 3 count.

Riley sits in the ring, confused to what he has to do to put away Swagger as Swagger is laying on the mat, barley moving. Riley pulls Swagger up and hoists him onto his shoulders, with the last bit of strength he has left, but somehow Swagger counters out of it and slides behind Riley, and grabs his leg and drops him, and then locks in the "Ankle Lock". Swagger wrenches away at it, and yells at Riley to tap out, as Riley fights it. Taking no chances, this time, Swagger drops down and grape vines, Riley's legs so he can't move. After a few moments of Swagger continuously wrenching away at his ankle, causing him to scream in pain, Riley taps out.

"Get On Your Knees" starts to play as Swagger is announced the winner. Both men can hardly stand, and the referee raises Swagger's hand, but he stumbles into the corner of the ring to hold himself up. Swagger finally regains his composer and yells at the referee to raise his arm one more time, as RAW heads to commercial break.
Back from commercial break, Vince McMahon is with Josh Matthews. Matthews ask Vince, if he can give any hints as to who he will name as the new general manager of Monday Night RAW! Vince says that the world will have to wait and see, live next week. Matthews then asks Vince, what the deal is between him and Kofi Kingston, and Vince replies that matters of business stay private and walks away.

The Miz vs. Mason Ryan
The scene cuts to the arena where "Here and Now or Never" is playing and Mason Ryan is in the ring. "AWESOME" then echoes through the arena, followed by "I Came To Play" and the crowd starts booing like crazy. Miz makes his way to the ring and the referee quickly calls for the bell.

Ryan quickly drops Miz with a powerful clothesline. Miz quickly gets back up angry and gets dropped by a second one from Ryan, which gets a huge cheer from the crowd. Mason pulls Miz to his feet and powers him into the corner and proceeds to deliver 5 powerful shoulder tackles to the abdomen of Miz. When Ryan finally stops and pulls away, Miz falls over into a heap on the mat. Ryan then pulls Miz to his feet again and signals for a powerbomb and lifts Miz into the air for it, but Miz counters and slides behind Ryan, and goes for a roll up, and he grabs the tights. As Miz gets the 3 count, "I Came To Play" echoes again as the crowd boos him. Miz has hightailed it out of the ring, to stay out of the war path of Mason Ryan. He celebrates his win, sitting on the ramp as the referee raises his arm in victory as Mason is yelling and screaming at him to get back into the ring and fight him. Miz just smiles and takes in his lucky win as RAW! heads to its final commercial break.
Back from commercial a video package airs showing the career highlights of Goldberg and it hypes his impending return to the WWE.

The video fades into the arena,where the crowd is chanting and cheering. Green, Yellow and Red pry explodes from the stage, and then "Jamaica Thing" by Beanie Man hits and echoes throughout the entire arena. Kofi walks out onto the stage in a very nice suit and the WWE Championship draped over his shoulder. Kofi slowly makes his way down the ramp to a lot of heat from the crowd, which he ignores. Kofi stops as he reaches the ring steps and turns around to see a kid, about 11 years old, wearing all his old gear. He reaches into his jacket pocket and signs an autograph for the kid and then turns to enter the ring. Just as quick as he handed the kid the autograph, Kofi turns around snatches it and rips it to pieces and throws it on the ground and the crowd begins to boo him even more.

Kofi takes a mic and paces around the ring, while his music plays as he looks over the crowd and takes in all the heat. After a few moments, Kofi's new music fades and he just stands there taking in the heat from the crowd. A few more moments pass and then Kofi begins to speak, but the production team has to turn up the volume, as the crowd is booing him too loudly. Kofi says he that he is tired of doing things for the fans, he is tired of all the flashy high flying moves, which he does for them and he puts his body on the line, in each one of his matches and he gets nothing back from the fans. He says that doing things for them, never got him anywhere and that now since he went into business for himself, he won the WWE title and is now the face of the WWE. The crowd boos him and he tells them to shut up and respect him. Kofi says that after he won the MITB case, he was secretly approached by Vince and told of Punk's contract issues and Vince asked for his help. Kofi says that he agreed without even having to think about it and what better thing could happen to his career, that aligning himself with the owner of the WWE.

Kofi smiles and looks down at his WWE title and says that the title is staying with him for a long time and nothing will come between him and the belt, not even to "has been" Kevin "I Break My Quad, eating dinner" Nash. Kofi says that he heard Nash running him down, calling him a "little boy", and that it doesn't matter. Because when they step into the ring at SummerSlam, Nash will suffer the same fate he suffered last week and that was "Trouble In Paradise". Kofi then says he knows how dangerous Nash can be, and he isn't taking the match lightly; but he is going to prove to Vince, and the rest of the WWE Board Of Directors, that he was the right replacement for that no talent bum, CM Punk, because he will be walking out of SummerSlam still the WWE Champion. Kofi finishes by saying that he will embarrass Nash , just like he did to CM Punk and that the world is looking at the greatest world champion in wrestling history. Kofi drops the mic and "Jamaica Thing" by Beanie Man hits again and he climbs the far left turnbuckle and poses with the WWE Championship, to so much heat you can hardly hear his music and RAW! fades to credits​

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The following are the results of WWE SuperStars- July 27th, 2011 that aired on WWE.com

Match 1
Axel Mulligan(Husky Harris) defeated Zack Ryder, in a squash match.
Match 2
Sin Cara Negro defeated Ted DiBiase Jr.
Match 3
Alex Riley defeated Dolph Ziggler
Main Event
Beth Phoenix defeated Natalya and Gail Kim
The WWE has come to terms on the releases of the following superstars and we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.
Yoshi Tatsu
Darren Young
Skip Sheffield
PWinisder is reporting that the following independent talents have signed contracts with the WWE. The talent are expected to report to FCW within the next month.
Claudio Castagnoli
Chris Hero
Brodie Lee
Melissa Anderson
Mercedes Martinez
Ayako Hamada
WWE announced at the weekly board meeting, that a new season of NXT will be beginning shortly and that it will run 12 weeks. The winner will receive a WWE contract and a championship match of their choosing. The pros and rookies for the show are expected to be announced on Saturday on WWE.com

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PWInsider is reporting that the following was posted on WWE.com
We will begin taping of 2 new TV shows that will be airing following the return of the WWE Draft. The two shows will be brand exclusive, Velocity for RAW and Sunday Night Heat for Smackdown. The first tapings of these shows is expected to begin the week following the draft. We would also like to put the rumors to rest that Superstars will be scrapped, we will continue to provide Superstars on WWE.com.

Please stay tuned to WWE.com for more information, regarding WWE continuing to expand its television presence.

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Friday Night SmackDown! July 29th, 2011

SD opens with its usual pyro as the camera spans all over the crowd showing the capacity crowd in attendance. "Some Bodies Gonna" hits as Mark Henry comes to the ring, as the camera pans across his back to fully show how big he is. Mark Henry comes to the ring with a microphone. Henry says that he is the most dominate force WWE has ever seen, and last week what he did to Sheamus is just the first step, and sooner rather then later, everyone on the roster will be put into the hall of pain.

"MacMillitant" hits as the general manager of Smackdown comes to the ring interupting one of his top superstars. Teddy says its good that Henry decided to come out, as he is facing The Great Khali tonight... and that it's next!

"Land of Five Rivers" hits as The Great Khali comes out to a cheering crowd, as Henry glares his opponent down unmoving.

Mark Henry vs. Great Khali

Khali walks up to Henry seemingly unafraid of "The World's Strongest man" as they have a staredown. The referee rings the bell as the men are still standing nose to nose, Khali hits a chop on Henry as Henry goes down. Khali goes to lift Henry up, but Henry kicks him in the gut and drops him with the "Worlds Strongest Slam", Henry gets the 3 count.

Henry doesn't care as his music is blaring as he then starts kicking Khali in the ribs, Henry tosses Khali to the ring ropes as he clotheslines him over. Henry then grabs the steel ringsteps as he hits Khali right in the face with the steps, as the blood starts to pour from Khali's forehead. Henry throws the steel steps down near the announce table, as he yells for the commentators to clear out, Henry starts to rip the table apart... Henry lifts Khali up for another "Worlds Strongest Slam", while walking up the steel steps showing off just how strong this man is. Henry hits the "Worlds Strongest Slam" on Khali through the announce table from on top of the steel steps as the crowd is booing heavily as Henry yells "no one can stop me"... Sheamus runs out from the crowd and hits a "Brogue Kick" on Mark Henry as SD goes to commercial break.

Smackdown comes back from commercial as The Bella sisters walk through the backstage area with disgust as "You Can Look" hits as The Bella's make their way to the ring, as the camera shows AJ Lee & Katyln are already waiting in the ring for their tag match

AJ Lee & Katyln vs. The Bella Twins

The referee rings the bell as Katyln and Brie start the match off with a lock-up, Brie quickly gains the advantage and locks Katyln into a headlock. Katlyn eventually fights out by elbowing Brie in the ribs, Katyln tries to get away but Brie is quicker and pulls her hair to snap her head back into the matt. The referee begins to yell at Brie for using an illegal move, as the referee is yelling at Brie Bella, Nikki Bella starts to choke Katyln with the thin rope she is holding on the appron. Brie then tags in her sister. Nikki starts to stomp on Katyln, as Katyln is trying to get to her partner, but Nikki is trying to hold her off, till Katyln elbows her that gives her enough time to tag in AJ Lee. AJ Lee comes in and hits a lou thez press on Nikki as she is punching her in the face AJ Lee hits a DDT on Nikki, as she goes for the pin but Niki kicks out at 2. Brie Bella disappears under the ring as Nikki gets thrown outside of the ring. AJ Lee then goes for a springboard crossbody, as it misses because the fresher Brie Bella moves out of the way as a thud is heard. Brie rolls AJ back into the ring, as Nikki drops Katyln off the appron as Brie covers her arrogantly by putting her left foot over Lee's chest and gets the 3 count.

"You Can Look" hits as Brie and Nikki begin to attack Katyln inside of the ring as "Tropical Storm" hits as Tamina runs to the ring... The Bella's run to the stage as Tamina keeps chasing them, the chase then leads to the arena's parking lot as Tamina is hot in pursuit, The Bella's run and get inside a random limosuine as it starts to drive them away as Tamina looks on smiling as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Back from commercial,"Main Yash Hun" hits as Jinder Mahal comes out to a loudly booing crowd as Mahal embraces the heat as he seems to be in a trance looking to the sky. "Only One Can Judge" hits as the reigning Intercontential Champion comes out to the ring with a smirk as the crowd is booing even more then they were for Mahal's entrance. "Come From Money" hits as Ted DiBiase comes out to the ring slapping hands with fans in the front row to a cheering crowd. "Flight Of The Valkyries" hits as Daniel Bryan comes out to a near standing ovation.

Daniel Bryan and Ted DiBiase vs. Jinder Mahal and Cody Rhodes
The referee rings the bell as Mahal starts off with Bryan... they lock-up as Mahal overpowers Bryan and tosses him into the turnbuckle, Mahal rushes Bryan but Bryan moves out of the way and Mahal eats turnbuckle. Bryan rolls Mahal up but barely gets a 2 count. Bryan kicks Mahal in the gut and hits a snap suplex on Mahal, Mahal gets up quickly and kicks Bryan in the stomach and hits goes to bash Bryan into the matt, but instead bashes him in his knee. Cody yells to Mahal that he wants to be tagged in. Mahal obliges and tags his partner in... Cody laughs at the situation and begins to taunt Bryan. Cody hits a kneedrop into Bryan's forehead as he lifts him up and goes for the Alabama Slam, but Bryan reverses it and lands on his feet as he hits a huge T-Bone Suplex on Rhodes. Bryan rushes to Ted and tags him in. Ted comes in with a fury as he hits Rhodes with a clothesline, Jinder tries to come into the ring to help his partner, but DiBiase is way ahead of him and hits a clothesline on Mahal that sends him staggering to the outside of the ring. Mahal shakes off the cobwebs and drags DiBiase to the outside of the ring, and bounces his skull against the barricade then tosses him back into the ring. Rhodes recovers and hits the "Beautiful Disaster" on DiBiase, Rhodes goes for the cover but only gets a 2 count. Rhodes starts to argue with the referee in disbelief. Rhodes stomps on DiBiase, he then drags DiBiase like a piece of meat to his corner and tags in Mahal as Mahal does the same as Rhodes just did. DiBiase kicks off Mahal and tries to tag in his partner, but Mahal drags him over and locks him in a leglock as Rhodes tags himself in. Rhodes hits a kneedrop to the back of DiBiase's head as Mahal breaks the lock before the count of 5. Rhodes lifts DiBiase up, and attempts to hit the "CrossRhodes", but DiBiase fights out of it with wild punches, Rhodes gets turned inside out as DiBiase hits a belly-to-belly suplex and rushes to his partner and tags him in. The crowd pops big for Bryan's tag-in as Bryan comes in hot with a crossbody from the top rope. Rhodes gets up as the match turns into a brawl, Ted and Mahal fight on the outside, Bryan then manages to lock in the "LeBell Lock" on Cody Rhodes... Rhodes tries to fight off... but eventually gives in to the pain and taps out.

"Flight Of The Valkyres" hits as Daniel Bryan celebrates his victory as Smackdown goes to commercial break.
As Smackdown returns from break Teddy Long is shown in his office looking over notes. The camera focuses on Teddy Long. Long talks about the Mark Henry situation, then announces that at Summerslam Mark Henry will face off against Sheamus in a falls count anywhere match... Long then moves on to Daniel Bryan. Teddy says in his eyes, Daniel Bryan is the #1 contender for the Intercontential Championship following his submission victory over Rhodes several minutes ago. Long then announces that Cody Rhodes will defend his Intercontentintal Championship against Daniel Bryan at Summerslam.

The camera pans back to the ring as "So Close Now" hits as Jey Uso comes out alone for a singles match to a nice reaction. "Close Your Eyes" hits as Christian comes to the ring to a mixed reaction, mostly boo's as Christian smirks and pats his chest as he slides in the ring.

Jey Uso vs. Christian

The refere rings the bell as Jey attempts a lock-up, but Christian slaps him in the face... as Jey runs to Christian heated, Christian obviously used it to his advantage as he kicks him in the stomach and hits a Reverse DDT but only gets a 2 count... Christian kicks him in the face, picks him up and hits the "Killswitch" and gets the 3 count.
"Close Your Eyes" hits as Christian grabs a microphone... Christian says what just happened to Jey Uso is just the start, he is gonna bring Teddy Long and the WWE to justice for the way they've been treating him his entire career, Christian says its okay though because he will be winning the World Heavyweight Championship in 2 weeks, and no one can stop him, not Wade Barrett, not Teddy Long, and especially not Randy Orton. Smackdown goes to commercial break.

Tyson Kid vs. Justin Gabriel
As Smackdown returns "The Rising" hits as Justin Gabriel comes out to a cheering crowd as he slaps hands with the crowd in the front row. "Bed of Nails" hits as Tyson Kid comes out to a mixed reaction, most fans cheering the young Canadian superstar.

The match begins as both men go in for a lock-up, but neither one can get the best of the other as each time one gets the advantage the other man gets out quickly. Kid finally gets the advantage and locks Gabriel in a headlock-takedown and tries to work on Gabriel but Gabriel quickly grabs Kid's head with his legs making Kid break the hold. Both men get up as the crowd is cheering at their athleticism. Gabriel kicks Kid in the stomach runs to the ropes to give him more momentum and hits the "Gabriel Special" on Kid to a big pop as the crowd hasn't seen that huge maneuver from the South African superstar. Gabriel goes for the cover but gets a 2 count. Gabriel waits for Kid to get up and attempts to hit a hurricana, but Kid is quick to reverse it into a huge powerbomb... Kid doesn't let go of Gabriel's legs as he turns him around and locks in a beautiful Boston Crab as Gabriel is screaming in pain... after a few moments of struggle Gabriel grabs the bottom rope breaking the hold. Kid runs to Gabriel once Gabriel is on his feet, but Gabriel is quick to dodge and Kid's momentum sends him flying out of the ring... Kid takes a moment to shake the cobwebs but doesn't get the time too as Gabriel flies over the ropes hitting a Corkscrew Plancha on Kid knocking both men down on the outside of the ring. The referee begins the 10 count but both men get up at 3, and begin trading blows on the outside of the ring, the referee makes it to 8 as both men rush to the ring to avoid being counted out. They get up slowly as the crowd is cheering wildly to show respect for this match. Gabriel and Kid attempt a clothesline but they hit each other with a clothesline as both men hit the matt hard. They get up and trade blows again as Kid gets the better of Gabriel and drops him with a beautiful neckbreaker, he goes for a cover but only gets a 2. Kid starts to get frustrated and attempts to pick Gabriel up but gets suckered into a rollup pin but Kid kicks out at 2. Gabriel hits a huge superkick on Kid and goes to the top rope... Gabriel flies off the top rope with the 450 splash but eats the matt as Tyson Kid was playing possum and moved out of the way at the last second. Kid lifts Gabriel up and hits a huge brainbuster and finally gets the 3 count.

"Bed of Nails" hits as the crowd is cheering... Tyson Kid goes over to Justin Gabriel and helps him up... Kid puts his hand out signalling a handshake as Just Gabriel accepts it and both men shake hands after their fantastic match as the crowd gives it a standing ovation. Smackdown goes to commercial break.
Once Smackdown returns Matt Striker catches up with Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kid coming back to the backstage area. Striker asks both men what they felt about the match. Gabriel says the better man won. Kid replys to Striker's question with he was only doing what all Hart's do, show respect to great wrestlers as both men part ways.

A recap of Raw is shown as the video ends by hyping up Summerslam & next week's Raw.

Non-Title Match
Sin Cara vs. Wade Barrett

The camera pans back to the arena "Ancient Spirit" hits as Sin Cara runs to the ring and jumps inside of the ring to a cheering crowd. "End of Days" hits as the World Heavyweight Champion comes out to a ton of heat while smirking and yelling at fans in the front row.

The referee goes to ring the bell, but can't as Wade goes to the outside of the ring to continue trash talking the fans. Cara attempts a springboard moonsault but Wade moves out of the way obviously setting Cara up. Cara realizes it and lands on his feet at the appron, Wade tries to toss him off but Cara kicks him in the chest backing Wade off for a split second but that is all Cara needs as he springboards from the ropes on the appron and hits a beautiful moonsault on Wade as the crowd is cheering. Cara then lifts Wade up but gets knee'd in the stomach and punched repeatidly on his back by Wade, Wade tosses Cara into the barricade. Wade then starts to talk trash to Cara as he goes to clothesline him over the barricade but Cara is quick to dodge and Wade eats the barricade as Cara runs into the ring and Wade runs after him as the referee can finally officially begin this match. Cara attempts to hit the "standing-C4" but Wade fights out of it and elbows Cara on the side of his head, Cara runs but Wade catches him and hits the spinning sidewalk slam. Wade goes for a cover but only gets a 2 count. Wade then drops his knee on Cara's left arm as he is bending it backwards as Cara screams in pain. Wade locks his legs around Cara's left arm in a leglock... Cara tries to fight out of it and eventually manages to shift his weight so he is covering Wade but only gets a 2 count as Wade breaks the hold. Wade goes for the "Wasteland" but Cara fights out of it and hits a DDT, Cara then hits a beautiful moonsault as he goes for the cover, but gets dragged out of the ring but Sin Cara Negro as Sin Cara Negro DDTs Sin Cara on the outside pad as a loud, sickening thus is heard. The referee rings the bell Disqualifying Wade Barrett.
Wade Barrett gets up and joins in on the assault as its now a 2 on 1 situation, until Randy Orton runs out from the back and begins trading blows with Wade Barrett. Christian then comes out and helps Wade Barrett making it a 2 on 1 situation for Orton. All hell is breaking lose as "Holla" hits as Teddy Long comes to the ramp with a microphone. Teddy orders everyone to stop or they'll be suspended indefinetly. Teddy Long then makes 3 blockbuster matches for Smackdown next week. He announces Sheamus will face Christian, Randy Orton will face Mark Henry.... and that Wade Barrett will be defending the World Heavyweight Championship against BOTH Sin Cara's in a triple threat match! Christian throws a tantrum as Wade looks shocked as Smackdown ends.​

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Preview For Monday Night RAW- August 1st, 2011

RAW will open up with a huge 5 man over the top rope battle royal to determine who will face Dolph Ziggler for his United States Championship at SummerSlam. Alex Riley, Jack Swagger, R-Truth, Rey Mysterio and Santino Marella are confirmed as the competitors in the match. Dolph Ziggler will surly be ringside scouting his potential opponents. Who will walk out of RAW! the new contender for the United States championship?

Last Week it was announced that Kofi Kingston will defend his WWE Championship against Kevin Nash at SummerSlam, but before they have their epic encounter, they will participate in "Pick Your Poison" matches. Will Kevin Nash and Kofi Kingston, be able to walk out of RAW 100%?

Ricardo Rodriguez has confirmed via Twitter, that Alberto Del Rio will be making an announcement regarding his future in the WWE.

It was also revealed last week on RAW that Vince McMahon will introduce the new General Manager. There have been hints dropped the last few weeks as to who it could be, nothing has been confirmed. There are rumors running rampant backstage that it could be a member of the McMahon family or even The Rock. With only 2 weeks to go till SummerSlam, Monday Night RAW! comes to you live from The Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana. Tune in to see all the explosive action.​
Preview For Friday Night Smackdown!- August 5th, 2011

As Friday Night Smackdown was coming to a close and an all out brawl ensued the entire ringside area. Teddy Long came out and put a stop to that and announced 3 huge blockbuster matches.

Sheamus going one on one with Christian. Will the Celtic Warrior be able to overcome Christian, or will he be too focused on Mark Henry?

Mark Henry facing Randy Orton. The two dominate forces on SmackDown will collide and it won't be pretty. Will the World's Strongest Man induct "The Viper" into the hall of pain, or will Mark Henry suffer from the venom of "The Viper"?

Wade Barrett defending his World Heavyweight title against Sin Cara and Sin Cara Negro. What impact will this have on the huge triple threat match announced for SummerSlam? Will Wade make it to SummerSlam as the Champion or will his post match actions, cost him his chance at Main Eventing the Biggest Party Of The Summer?

Tune into Friday Night Smackdown from The Rupp Arena, Home of the University of Kentucky, Wildcats, to find out. Only on the SyFy Network.

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The following information was posted on WWE.com about the upcoming season of NXT.

The following is the paring of Pros and Rookies for the new season.

Randy Orton will mentor Dean Ambrose
Kofi Kingston will mentor Seth Rollins
Tyson Kidd will mentor Chris Hero
Christian will mentor Richie Steamboat
Evan Bourne will mentor Jake Carter
Wade Barrett will mentor Kenneth Cameron
Rey Mysterio will mentor Xavier Woods
Cody Rhodes will mentor Corey Graves

The rules have also been revamped for the new season and they will no longer no judge off fan voting. The system will be based off points, that are earned or lost via wins or loses. Each week the rookies will compete in matches against other rookies or pros.

-A pinfall victory will earn the rookie 5 points and a pinfall loss will result in the rookie losing 5 points.
-A submission victory will earn the rookie 8 points and a submission loss will result in the rookie losing 8 points.
-A dq will cost the rookie that received the dq 10 points
-A count out will result in no points earned or lost

After the first 3 weeks of the show, eliminations will begin and the rookies with the lowest points will be eliminated from the competition. The 3rd week of the show will see 1 rookie sent home. The 6th week of the show will see 2 rookies sent home and the 9th week of the show will see 3 rookies sent home. The final 3 weeks of the competition will see the rookies facing WWE superstars hand picked by their pros. Upon reaching the final 3 weeks of the show, the points system will be revamped.

-A win over a hand picked WWE Superstar will earn the Rookie 4 points
-A loss to a hand picked WWE Superstar will cost the Rookie 2 points

On the final episode, the total points earned during both halves of the season will be tallied up and the winner will be determined. The winner will receive a championship match of their choice and a contract with either RAW! or SmackDown!. Tune in to WWE NXT on the USA Network, every Tuesday at 7pm/6pm Central time

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