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The Roster is the current roster of WWE superstars.

Triple H: World Champ
Kane: WWE Champ
Trish: Women
Rey: Cruieser Weight
Shelton: Intercontinental

Story: The undertaker was recently burried alive by Triple H, But Undertaker took the World Heavy Weight Champ. With him under the grave. Triple H may be the World Heavy Weight Champ, but doesn't have the belt to show off.

Undertaker has been spotted recently, and rumors has it that there will be another Burried alive match, some people hope for a hell in a cell.

Also the Fact that Batista lost to A WWE diva took down fan support for Dave Batista. What will he do?

Anouncer: Coach, King

Raw: Week 1

Coach: Hello folks and welcome to Monday night Raw
King: Well we sure have a great show for you guys tonight.
Coach: We sure do, Triple H will be facing Big Show in a hardcore match.
King: Not only that, but John Cena will face off with Edge.
Coach: But we start things off with a great match
King: Yup and here they come out now

Announcer: Making his way to the ring, weighing in a 285 pounds, HBK!

Match 1: HBK Vs Carlito
Winner: HBK
HBK going for the sweet chin music, but carlito ducks, and HBK hits the ref. Chris masters run down, and beats up carlito while HBK looks. HBK goes for the sweet chin music again, and this time connects with carlito. He goes in for the pin.


Match 2: Shelton Vs Chris Masters
Winner: Shelton
As Shelton Benjamin distracts the ref, momma goes for the low blow on Chris Masters. Shelton goes in for the pin

King: Well Coach this is my favorite match, Puppies!
Coach: I cant wait also. Its Trish Vs Victoria for the Women Champ.
King: Lets get the action starting.


Match 3: Trish Vs Victoria-Women Champ
Winner: Trish
Trish goes for the pin and hold on to the ropes and gets the win. Victoria looks in anger as Trish laughs

Match 4: Cena Vs Edge
Winner: Edge
John Cena was about to go for the FU, And then Lita distracts the ref, edge with the low blow, then goes for the spear. Then for the pin, and wins.

King: Well it has come to this. A hardcore match
Coach: Yes, this should be a good one
King: Its Triple H Vs Big Show


Match 5: Triple H Vs Big Show-Hardcore
Winner: Triple H
Triple H has been beating Big show all through out the match. Big show hits Triple H with the Steps, but when Triple H gets up he goes and gets the sledge hammer. 5 hits to the skull of big show. Triple H goes for the pedigree. 1-2-3

Coach: Wow what a way to end Raw. This surely was a great show
King: Tune in Next week as Triple H Will go One-On One with The Undertaker
Coach: That is if he shows up

Well what did you guys think?

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Smackdown: Week 1

Tazz: Welcome everybody to an exciting eddition of Smackdown
Cole: That it is partner. I can't wait. I heard that someone from Raw might be comming here to smackdown.
Tazz: I heard that also, but can you believe that Mark Henry will face off Rey today in a Steel Cage match?
Cole: It should be good. I can not wait.

Match 1: Boogeyman Vs Booker T
Winner: Booker T
At first the Boogeyman trys to put some worms in Bookers mouth, but Booker quickly gets out of the way and goes for some slaps. Near the end, Booker T goes for the Book End, but Boogeyman reverses, And Booker T Tries again for the book end. This time it connects. 1-2-3.


Setting: Backstage

*Melina Combing hair* Mark henry comes in
Mark Henry: Ha Ha. I got Rey tonight in a cage, he is all mine
Melina: Hey listen, If you can beat rey tonight, I got a suprise for you
Mark: Don't worry, he is a goner

*MNM comes in*

MNM: Whats this guy doing here?
Melina: Meet Mark Henry, He is going to be helping us a bit
MNM: What this big bear?
Henry: Listen you rat, I am here to help you out, If you don't want me to I can just beat the shit out of you

Tazz: Wow that is one angry guy
Cole: Speaking of Angry, Lashely should be Angry after what Randy Orton did to him last week.
Tazz: I bet he is, But he can take out his anger tonight in his match tonight with Ken Kennedy.

Match 2: Lashely VS Kennedy
Winner: Kennedy
The bell rings, And all of a sudden Randy orton comes down to the ring, Lashely is distracted, Kennedy goes for a quick pin and 1-2-3. What a short match. Randy orton is looking on with a smirk, as lashely is angry.


*JBL comes down to the ring*

JBL: I fight every day for all you cheap ass bastards, and what do I get? Nothing! Not one thing. I haven't had a title shot in over 2 months, and I am demanding one.

*Manager Comes out*

Long: Well hold on JBL, If you want a title match, I will give it to you...If you beat Benoit Today, you will have your title shot for the US Champ, Good luck

Match 3: JBL Vs Benoit-Contender match
Winner: JBL
When benoit came in to the ring, JBL went with serious punches and kicks, and started working on the lower back, out of no where when the ref was not looking JBL goes for a low blow then for the pin. 1-2-3.


Match 4: Rey Vs Mark Henry
Winner: Mark Henry
As the match starts Mark Henry is dominating Rey. Then MNM, and Melina come in to the ring. They are watching the match. Rey is distracted. Mark Henry goes for a power bomb, and Melina goes to distract the ref. As the ref is distracted Mark Henry gets a chair, and busts Rey open, he then goes for another power bomb, 1-2-3.

Tazz: Wow what a match, Rey must be angry at what happened
Cole: He sure must, Well tune in next week folks to see what happenes.
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