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Finally I have been able to decide of a product and stick with it. For those who haven't read my shows before please take the time to do so, veterans of Be The Booker will remember I had a couple of threads going mid this year which people seemed to like but I wasn't inspired to go on with them. This will be an entirely World Wrestling Entertainment based thread and I will be the sole booker so please be patient with the posting of shows seem there is Raw and Smackdown and I can probably only do one full show a week with school and Football (Soccer) training taking up most of my time. This means there will be no set times for posting shows and I will post them when I get them done. Well, this is it. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions reguarding my plans.

Monday Night Raw Roster!

Big Show
Carlito Cool
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Gene Snitsky
John Cena
Johhny Parisi
Kurt Angle
Lance Cade
Matt Striker
Mickie James
Rene Dupree
Ric Flair
Rob Conway
Rob Van Dam
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Torrie Wilson
Trevor Murdoch
Triple H
Trish Stratus
Tyson Tomko
Val Venis

WWE Champion: John Cena
Intercontinental Champion: Carlito Cool
World Tag Team Champions: Cade/Murdoch
Women’s Champion: Trish Stratus

General Manager: Shane McMahon
Announce Team: Joey Styles and The Coach
Ring Announcer: Lillian Garcia
Backstage Interviewers: Todd Grisham and Maria Kanellis

Friday Night Smackdown Roster!

Booker T
Brian Kendrick
Chris Benoit
Gregory Helms
Hardcore Holly
Joey Mercury
Johnny Nitro
Ken Kennedy
Kid Kash
Matt Hardy
Orlando Jordan
Paul Burchill
Paul London
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Scotty 2 Hotty
Simon Dean
Stacy Keibler
Steven Richards
Super Crazy
William Regal

World Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton
United States Champion: Chris Benoit
WWE Tag Team Champions: Mexicools
Cruiserweight Champion: Juventud

General Manager: Paul Heyman
Announce Team: Michael Cole and Tazz
Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel
Backstage Interviewers: Josh Matthews and Kristal

Wrestlemania 22 Results

Randy Orton def. Batista to win the World Heavyweight Championship in a match that deserved to main event Wrestlemania. The Legend Killer pinned Batista after the referee was knocked out earlier on in the match, Orton took full advantage of this delivering a low blow when a Batista Bomb was in the champions sight before executing a top rope RKO onto the championship belt for the three count!

John Cena def. Edge to retain the WWE Championship after the challenger cashed in his Money In The Bank contract only to fail to rise to the occasion. Cena was able to pick up the win after using the momentum of a spear attempt from Edge to lift him up and deliver the third FU of the contest, this time it was the decisive factor!

Kurt Angle def. Rey Mysterio in an extremely quick paced Interpromotional Match up. Angle managed to win via submission after Mysterio had just hit the 619 and was attempting the Drop Of The Dime but Angle picked the ankle in mid air and secured the Angle lock. Mysterio held on for over a minute before passing out to the pain giving the win to Kurt Angle and Raw!

Triple H def. John Bradshaw Layfield in a short, ugly, but passionate Interpromotional Match. The Game pinned JBL after evading a clothesline from hell by using an intelligent drop toe hold sending JBL head first into the previously exposed turnbuckle, Triple H then caught JBL off guard with the Pedigree to pick up the win for Monday Night Raw!

Shawn Michaels def. Shelton Benjamin after the younger athletes inexperience cost him the match. HBK picked up the victory after The All American hit the T-Bone suplex but instead of covering pulled Michaels to his feet and yelled trash talk while raking his face, HBK took full advantage of the situation though delivering the Superkick to put down Benjamin!

Chris Benoit def. William Regal to retain the United States Championship in a classic technical wrestling contest. The Rabid Wolverine retained his belt after twisting out of a DDT position and immediately locking in the Crippler Crossface, despite Burchill’s efforts to distract the referee, the official saw Regal submit and called for the bell!

Bobby Lashley def. Matt Hardy, Chris Masters, Ken Kennedy, Rob Conway and Chavo Guerrero in a Rising Star annual Money In The Bank Ladder Match to receive a contract that may be used any time in a period of one year for a World Title shot. Lashley did this with an amazing surge of dominance at the end of the match where he destroyed all the exhausted athletes using tables, ladders and any objects in his path, before climbing the ladder to gain possession of the valuable brief case.

Carlito Cool def. Rob Van Dam to retain the Intercontinental Championship in an unorthodox and fan pleasing contest. RVD was in control for his fare share of the match but was out manuevered at the end when Carlito played possum for the Five Star Frogsplash and nailed the challenger with brasp knuckles which he had kept in his tights all match, Carlito then rolled Van Dam into a bridge pinning predicament and grabbed the ropes for the extra leverage and the three count!

Juventud def. Paul London, Jamie Noble and Gregory Helms in a Fatal Four way Match to retain the Cruiserweight Championship of the world. Juvi successfully pinned Helms after London eliminated himself and Noble with a head scissors over the top rope, this left the current champion alone in the ring with Gregory Helms and he took full advantage ducking under the Shining Wizard attempt and rolling Helms into a victory roll for the win!

Mexicools def. MNM to win the WWE Tag Team Championship in the greatest tag team match seen in the company for a long time. The Mexicools picked up the win after Super Crazy reversed the Snap Shot into a double head scissors, Phichosis re-entered the ring via the top rope and took Nitro out with a flying hurricarana, this left Mercury to fall victim to the Leg Drop and Moonsault combination allowing Super Crazy to make the pin and we have new Tag Team Champions!

Other Notes

Shane McMahon was announced the new General Manager of Raw when he made a surprise appearance at the Royal Rumble to deliver the news that he was taking over from his dad as the permanent General Manager of Monday Night Raw. He plays a face character role.

Paul Heyman was announced the new General Manager of Smackdown when himself and Long had a special six man tag team match at No Way Out to decide the undisputed General Manager of Friday Night Smackdown which Team Heyman won. He plays a neutral character role.

Randy Orton won the 2006 Royal Rumble Match to earn a main event spot at Wrestlemania with World Champion, Batista.

Rob Van Dam returned in the Royal Rumble match where he finished runner up behind Randy Orton after entering the match early on.

Carlito Cool became the Intercontinental Champion the week before New Years Revolution on Raw where he beat former champion Ric Flair in what was the Nature Boy’s final full time match inside a wrestling ring.

Chris Benoit came back to win his best of seven series versus Booker T 4-3 and has held the belt ever since overcoming numerous challengers.

Gregory Helms was sent to Smackdown to compete in the Cruiserweight division in a swap with Doug Basham who is able to reunite with his brother on Raw.

MNM won the WWE Tag Team Championship gold shortly after they lost the belts to Batista and Rey Mysterio on Smackdown.

Cade and Murdoch reunited as a face team and went on to win a Fatal Four way Match for the World Tag Team Championship at New Years Revolution.

3 Minute Warning are yet to debut but will make an appearance this week on Raw.

The Pay-Per-View calendar will be cut back to twelve Pay-Per-Views in a calendar year and will soon be released on WWE.com.

Backlash will be the next Pay-Per-View coming to you live from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida in four weeks time and it will be a Raw exclusive.

That's it for now, I will post the Pay-Per-View calendar and a Raw preview sometime tomorrow and the first Raw will be up in exactly one week because I will not be around much until the new year. Any comments would be greatly appreciated and I return all full reviews. Thanks guys! :)

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hopefully you stick around MBL, this time.

Horrible rosters, and it will be hard to make some decent PPV's, especially the bigger events, but you'll most likely get more talent as the weeks go by

you have consistently reviewed my shows, from WIWA to WWE so I will be reading

O and Merry Christmas

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Thanks for the support so far guys. Someguy, I know the rosters are lacking star power but I'm just basically keeping what the WWE has to work with at the moment and seeing what I can do in their situation. I may bring in former WWE Wrestlers later on just like you said. Hollywood Event, thanks for the loyalty, and I will be looking to start reading some of your shows too Redsfan. Merry Christmas to all!

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MBLegend said:
Thanks for the support so far guys. Someguy, I know the rosters are lacking star power but I'm just basically keeping what the WWE has to work with at the moment and seeing what I can do in their situation. I may bring in former WWE Wrestlers later on just like you said. Hollywood Event, thanks for the loyalty and I will be looking to start reading some of your shows too Redsfan.
To be honest, there's absolutley nothing wrong with the rosters. It's into 2006, you don't need a Sting, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall or a Goldberg on your PPV card to make it any better, because it actually won't. The best way to have star power is to create it and I'm looking foward to watching you do it. :)

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Rhyno is on the poor side in the ring, Styles is too repetitive and Haas has no charisma....poor examples :$. Theres nothing wrong with that roster, its solid enough, and a few additions will make it a great roster. I may pop my head in now and again to have a look at this, as it looks promising.

Plus, someguy999, why insult the people who have some main places on your show. You just basically insulted yourself there, good going.

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uh, heres the thing, Kevin Nash hasn't even been on HEAT lately, I am not using him anymore, plus Scott Hall is in a tag match, nothing big, and I didnt insult Goldberg, although he is a very overrated wrestler, so BCC, eh you are wrong.

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Thanks for the back up guys, but I'm sure Someguy999 had the right intentions and too be quite honest I don't want my new thread to be spammed with an un-needed debate.

Glad the comments are good, would like some more about the Wrestlemania results though and as it says on my drop box in my signature, Raw will be posted on January 1st.

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Well, I am happy that this time you are back with your thread because I have seen in your sig that your BTB Thread is coming from past months. You had potentiality to be the booker but the Rosters needs some work. I think, you mite add some Wrestlers to your BTB. Well, Nice going on dude. I'll review your show when I had time.

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Pay-Per-View Calendar

WWE Backlash 7th May
American Airlines Arena- Miami, Florida
WWE Unforgiven 4th June
Gund Arena- Cleveland, Ohio
WWE Great American Bash 2nd July
Cow Palace- San Francisco, California
WWE Vengeance 30th July
MCI Centre- Washington, DC
WWE Summerslam 3rd September
Kiel Centre- Saint Louis, Missouri
WWE Judgement Day 1st October
Delta Centre- Salt Lake City, Utah
WWE No Mercy 29th October
Arrowhead Pond- Anaheim, California
WWE Survivor Series 26th November
Skydome- Toronto, Canada
WWE Armageddon 24th December
Freeman Coliseum- San Antonio, Texas
WWE Royal Rumble 27th January
Tokyo Dome- Tokyo, Japan
WWE No Way Out 3rd February
The Igloo- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
WWE Wrestlemania 13th April
Rose Garden- Portland, Oregon

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Monday Night Raw preview

Just one day removed from Wrestlemania 22, Raw comes to you live from the location of Wrestlemania 22, the United Centre in Chicago, Illinois for the fall out from the biggest event on the wrestling calendar. On the biggest stage of them all, careers were made, careers were lost, triumph for some, loss for others, but all have one thing in common and that is love for what they do. Watch the fall out from Wrestlemania leading into the next Raw exclusive Pay-Per-View, Backlash!

Last night in the WWE Championship match between John Cena and Edge, The Champion reigned supreme once again, extending his title reign to one whole year. Through all of Edge’s efforts he was unable to rise to the occasion after cashing in his precious Money In The Bank contract, what will his reactions be and is a rematch on the cards?

Also, Shawn Michaels and Shelton Benjamin blew the roof off the arena last night with one of the greatest wrestling matches in recent memory. The Heart Break Kid was able to come out on top but not without one hell of a fight. Will Shelton Benjamin’s new attitude allow him to accept the loss and move on or will there be yet more fireworks when Raw comes around?

Other victors included, the Intercontinental Champion Carlito and Triple H and Kurt Angle in their respective Interpromtoional match ups with Smackdown. General Manager Shane McMahon is sure to reward the Raw representatives, but how? All this and more on Raw this week!

The Rock, Unforgiven is meant to be early as I wanted to mix the calendar around a little and change brands for some events to freshen it up.

Raw will be up on January 1st like I said because I will only be able to get on the computer for an hour or so a day until the new year. It is currently at five pages in length and I have only completed the opening promo and first match. More comments are definetely welcome on the Pay-Per-View calendar and Raw preview, thanks.

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Nice preview everything is looking good with the rosters, ppv schedule and WM results

I can probably only do one full show a week with school and Football (Soccer) training taking up most of my time
It's about time I've hear an Aussie call it football, :p

but on the man topic the BTB is looking awesome can't wait for Raw
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