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WWE-From The Night After 'Mania 21 to possibly WM22?

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This is the exact same Raw I wrote, it just has a new thread name.

WWE Raw- April 4th 2005
Los Angeles, CA

The Theme Song of Raw hits, then the pyro goes off on a new day in WWE.

JR: Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to Monday Night Raw! We're live, from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. And King, what a night we've got for you.

King: That's right J.R. Tonight, in the main event, it's going to be Chris Benoit vs HHH in a No. 1 Contender's Match for the World Heavyweight Championship! Plus, The New World Heavyweight Champion, Batista, is going to have his first appearance on Raw as the World Champion!

Shelton Benjamin's music hits as we've got a 1 on 1 match for the Intercontinental Title.

Lillian Garcia: The Following Contest, scheduled for 1 fall, is for the Intercontinental Championship. Making his way to the ring, from Orangeburg, South Carolina, weighing in at 245 pounds, he is the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin!

JR: Man, what a fight this man, Shelton Benjamin, put up in last night's Money in the Bank Ladder Match, right King.

King: You've got that right J.R.. *shows the T-Bone off the ladder, the running clothesline* What athleticism this guy, Benjamin has. Truth be told, I didn't really believe in Benjamin. But last night sure made me a believer.

Christian's music hits.

Lilian Garcia: Introduing the challenger, from Toronto, Canada. Weighing in at 235 pounds, Christian.

JR: And man, if anyone got bounced up more last night, it would have to be Christian.

King: Yeah, you're right J.R. And I don't think the peepulation is very happy with that.

JR: Yeah well, we'll have to see about that.


JR: And here we go, one on one, for the Intercontinental Championship.

Benjamin and Christian lock up in a grapple. Christian pushes Benjamin into the ropes and Benjamin misses the clothesline and hits Christian with a flying lariat.

King: OOO! What a lariat that was by Benjamin.

JR: You've got that right King. Man, that was so hard, I bet people in New York could hear it. (corny, I know)

Benjamin and Christian lock up once again, with the same result. A resounding ooooh from the crowd. Christian then runs to Benjamin, but gives him a deep arm drag, than another arm drag into an armbar.

JR: Oh! How 'bout that! Armbar by Benjamin. What an athlete.

Christian ends up breaking the hold and whips Benjmain in the corner. Christian starts throwing lefts and rights at Benjamin's midsection. The ref tries to break them, but Christian just smack talks the ref. Christian walks back and...

JR: Backslide pin by Benjamin! This could be over right here.

1, 2, ohhh!

JR: Oh, so close.

King: Wow that was close. Benjamin could've just ended it right there.

Benjamin picks up Christian and whips him into the ropes and gives him a belly to belly suplex. Once again, another two count. Benjamin then goes to the apron and goes for his slingshot bulldog but Christian dropkicks Benjamin as he's about to hit the ground. Christian covers Benjamin...

1, 2, ohhhhhh!

JR: Again, so close for Christian.

King: I don't think Christian knows anything else to do.

Christian sets up for the unprettier.

King: Oh yeah, here we go baby. Unprettier time.

Benjamin reverses it and throws Christian into the ropes.

JR: Uh oh, Benjamin revereses and... T-BONE TIME! T-Bone Suplex by Shelton Benjamin. Here's the cover.

1, 2, 3!

JR: Benjamin wins!

LG: Here is your winner, and still the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin!

Tyson Tomko helps Christian out as Benjamin poses on the turnbuckle with the title.

JR: What a way to start off Raw. Well ladies and gentlemen, after the break, Batista, will be making his first apperance as the World Heavyweight Champion. And that will be... next.

(Note: I'll only have the in-depth results ^^^^^^ for the first match of the night, and the main event of each Raw and Smackdown! Pay Per Views will be longer, but if you all out there have suggestions, I'll be glad to take them.)

--------(After Break)--------
JR: We're back ladies and gentlemen, and has we said, Wrestlemania 21 was a huge event last night. Let's look at the highlights that made Wrestlemania 21 an historic night.

*Wrestlemania 21 Video Recap is Shown, as soon as it's over*...

Batista's Music Hits.

A Thunderous pop.

JR: And there he is. A thundering ovation!

Batista comes out with the belt and walk across the stage, each side, and stops in the middle and does that taunt thing with pyro and heads to the ring.

LG: Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome, the new World Heavyweight Champion, Batista!

King: Wow! Listen to these people! I can't hear myself think JR!

JR! What? (both JR and the King laugh)

Batista gets in the ring and poses on the turnbuckle with the belt and gets the ring. His music stops and a "Batista, Batista, Batista..." chant ensues. After a long pause and taking his glasses off he finally speaks.

Batista: Thank you.

An enourmous pop!

Batista: You know what, I can't believe the ovation I just got as I was walking down that ramp.


Batista: And it was sure worth it, after I beat Triple H's *** all over this ring last night!

Another big pop!

King: Hey! He's a ten time champion!

JR: Oh shut up. He lost the title.

Batista: I mean, I made him bleed, I made him sweat, I-

Muhammad Hassan's music blares over the speakers.

Crowd boos!

JR: Oh, what the hell is this. That damn Hassan, who got his *** whooped by Hulk Hogan last night, and he's spoling a great moment with our World Heavyweight Champion.

King: I have to agree with you on this one JR. What the heck are they doing here, spoiling a great moment.

Goes down to the ring with Daivari and does the whole "praying to Allah" thing and enters the ring.

A "USA" chant starts immeadietly.

Hassan: I am sick of everyone blabbing there mouth Wrestlemania. (WHAT? Chant) I didn't even get a match, due to the predjudice system of Raw. (WHAT?) I mean, I was left out of the MITB ladder match last night. (WHAT?) Heck, I wasn't even scheduled to make an appearance last night, (WHAT?) but that's when I took actions into my own hands, (WHAT?) when I attacked Eugene! (WHAT? and Boo!!! Chants)

Hassan and Daivari laugh.

Hassan: I mean-

Batista goes up to him and stares at him coldly.

Batista: Look pal, if I remember correctly, after you attacked Eugene, you got your *** whooped by Hulk Hogan!

Pop again!

Batista: But you had the wrong night to mess with me pal.

Then, Batista clotheslines Hassan, and clotheslines Daivari. He then picked up Hassan and threw him into the ropes and gave him a spinebuster.

JR: Spinebuster by Batista!

King: Hey, this is looking like Wrestlemania all over again. Haha!

Batista then gives the thumbs down and gives Hassan and Daivari Batista Bombs.

JR: Yeah, there you go! Look at the carnage in the ring.

King: It's unbelieveable JR!

Batista poses once again on the turnbuckle.

---------Commercial Break------------
Recap of what happened moments ago.

Jericho's music hits as we are set for tag team action.

Pyro hits!

LG: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first,
from Manhasset, New York, weighing in at 231 pounds, Chris Jericho!

"Sexy Boy" hits as Shawn Michaels hits the ring!

LG: And introducing his tag team partner, from San Antonio, Texas, weighing in at 225 pounds, The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels!

Classic Shawn Michaels pyro hits.

Michaels does his classic pose in the middle of the ring.

Edge's music hits as he walks out with the briefcase.

LG: And their opponents, first. From Toronto, Canada, weighing in at 240 pounds, Edge!

Edge walks to the ring.

Gene Snitsky's music hits!

LG: And his partner, from Nesquihoning, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 300 pounds, Snitsky!

Snitsky then walks into the ring.

Good start to the match. Jericho ends up spearing Edge to start the match. Brawling through the entire match. Same goes for Snitsky & Kane. Match ends in a double countout. (Boo! )

LG: Ladies and gentlemen, the match has ended in a double countout.


JR: Wow, what a waste of time that match was.

King: You've got that right J.R.

*split screen shows Benoit & HHH walking to the stage*

JR: Well, none the less King, up next, the No. 1 Contender's Match between Triple H and Chris Benoit is up next. And folks, it's gonna be a slobberknocker.

----------commercial break----------
JR: Well folks, next week, live in Moline, Iowa, it's going to be Batista vs Muhammad Hassan. But that's not all King, is it?
King: You're right J.R., apparantley, Mr. McMahon has a major announcement to make next week right here on Raw. I wonder what it's going to be!?

Benoit's music blares on the PA.

JR: Here we go.

LG: The following contest is a Number 1 contender's match for the World Heavyweight Championship and it's scheduled for 1 fall. Making his way to the ring, now residing in Atlanta, Georgia, weiging in at 220 pounds, Chris Benoit!

JR: And man, what a history these two competitors have with each other. If you remember last year, Wrestlemania XX, live from the Garden, Triple H tapped out to the Crossface and lost the World Title to Benoit.

King: You've got that right, and if you think Triple H was angry for losing the title last night, he's even angrier from losing to Benoit last year!

The Game's music hits!

LG: And introducing the opponent, accompanied by Ric Flair (WHOOOOO! Chant) from Greenwich, CT, weighing in at 260 pounds, the Game, Triple H!

King: Here comes the Game!

JR: I respect HHH's accomplishments, but I really don't like his attitude.

HHH goes to the apron and does the whole water spitting thing and then poses on the turnbuckle.

JR: And here we go.

Benoit and Triple H start trading blows and Benoit then gets the advantage and punches him into the turnbuckle. He starts to chop him, (WHOOO!) and chop him again, (WHOOO!) and chop him one more time, (WHOOO) just for good measure.

JR: And those knife-edge chops are starting to make Triple H's chest red.

King: Oh yeah, JR. You enjoy that don't you. You just loves seeing Triple H get hurt.

JR: I never said that King. All I'm saying is that his chest is red. GOD!

Benoit clotheslines Trips out of the ring. He slams HHH's head off the barricade. Then Benoit attempts to throw HHH into the steel steps, but HHH reverses and throws Benoit into the steps. As HHH goes into the ring and breaks the count, the ref talks to him. And while that's going on, Ric Flair is hitting Benoit with his belt. The ref notices him, but doesn't disqualify HHH. Instead, he throws Ric Flair out. Flair is obviously ticked off.

JR: We have to go to a commercial ladies and gentlemen! We'll be right back!

----------commercial break----------
JR: We're back ladies in gentlemen.

Benoit is chopping HHH again and gives HHH the three german suplexes. Then Benoit gives the "slash thoat" sign and goes up to the turnbuckle and gives HHH a diving headbutt. He then locks in the sharpshooter, right in the middle of the ring, and HHH is screaming in pain. HHH pushes Chris Benoit from the ground into the referee and the ref is knocked out.

King: Oh no! There's no referee!



JR: What the hell! It's Mick Foley!

King: And he's got a referee shirt on! Are you telling me now Mick Foley's the new referre?


1, 2, ohhhhh!

JR: Oh, Benoit was so close!

Benoit is arguing with Foley for some reason, and Triple H has him set up for the pedigree.

JR: Oh no, the pedigree! NO!

1, 2, ohhhhh!

King: WHAT! How did Benoit kick out of the Pedigree?!?

HHH then argues with Foley, but then...

JR: Benoit's got the Crossface! Crossface!

King: Don't tap out HHH! Don't tap! Noooooooooooooooooo!


LG: Here is your winner, and the new number 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, Chris Benoit!

JR: My god what a match, and now Benoit will meet Batista at Backlash for the title! My God! Good night everyone!
What'cha think?
Give me a rating between 1 and 5, 1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest.

This Week on SD!:
What is the fallout of WM21? What will JBL have to say to Cena after he lost the title to him? Will Guerrero and Mysterio be able to coexist after Eddie's loss at Wrestlemania? And finally, we'll hear from the Undertaker about his victory over Randy Orton at 'Mania.

Does anyone here like it?
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Good show, for ratings i would give you a 3/5. Things to improve on would be use a little colour. I liked the way you have the commentary between match. One thing left me confused when you had the tag match between Jericho/Michaels vs Snitsky/Edge why was Kane counted out? I'm guessing you meant Michaels, otherwise good show. Look forward to reading Smackdown.
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