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Since the site went down The Dynasty got deleted so I will start something else.

Backstory- Vince McMahon made a huge anouncement on the Smackdown before Survivor Series. That anouncement was that the WWE would go back to one roster but have only one show. Some people would get released and others will be kept. He said that the winning team, RAW or Smackdown will be the only show! So RAW would have to pick 5 members and same with Smackdown. Here are the Survivor Series results:

Cruserweight Title- Paul London defeated Nunzio

Unification of Tag Team Titles- Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch defeated LOD

Unification of IC and US Title- Rey Mysterio defeated Ric Flair (Mysterio won title at No Mercy)

End of Women's Championship- Trish defeated Ashley, Victoria, Melina, Torrie Wilson and Candace Michelle.

Unification of WWE and WHC Titles- Eddie Guerrero defeated John Cena (Eddie won title at No Mercy)

Smackdown vs RAW Winner Take All- Randy Orton, Undertaker, Christain, Booker T and JBL defeated Kurt Angle, Triple H, Edge, Shawn Michaels and Carlito to become the only show in the WWE!

Here is the Title List-

WWE Title- Eddie Guerrero

United States Title- Rey Mysterio

Cruserweight Title- Paul London

Tag Team Titles- Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch

Here are the rosters:

Main Eventers:

Chris Benoit
Eddie Guerrero
Randy Orton
John Cena
Triple H
Muhammad Hassan (Just Signed)


Ken Kennedy
Rey Mysterio
Orlando Jordan
Chris Masters
Tyson Tomko
Chris Jericho


Paul London
Chavo Guerrero
The Hurricane
Super Crazy

Tag Teams:

The Basham Brothers
Legion of Doom
Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch

Here is the PPV List:

January- King of the Ring
February- No Way Out
March- Wrestlemania
April- Backlash
May- Judgement Day
June- Vengeance
July- Great American Bash
August- Summer Slam
September- Unforgiven
October- No Mercy
November- Survivor Series
December- Armageddon

Also, this will be starting from the first day of January and I will be using Fantasy Dates.

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Thank you everyone for the interest in my BTB. Here is the Smackdown Preview:

Smackdown comes to you LIVE from Oklahoma State, Oklahoma on January 5, 2005!

On the first Smackdown of the year, the United States Champion will have to defend his title. That match is going to be Rey Mysterio the US Champ going against Tyson Tomko. Also, a Number One Contender's match for the WWE Title at King of the Ring is going to happen when Chris Benoit takes on the newly returned Muhammad Hassan.

Also, 3 KotR qualifying matches will happen when Triple H takes on Carlito, Ken Kennedy takes on Paul London and Christain taking on Chris Jericho!

Also, the WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero will be in the house. How will he feel being the WWE Champion?

Watch this all live at 8 (7/C) on USA Network!

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Good Smackdown preview. Looking forward to the Rey Mysterio vs. Tyson Tomko match. All the KOTR qualifying matches look good. Chris Benoit vs. Muhammad Hassan match is the one I am looking forward to. Good luck I will be reading/reviewing.

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cool can't wait for SD!

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Live From Oklahoma State, Oklahoma on January 5, 2005!

*Rise Up* hits through the arena as the crowd gets wild. The Smackdown video is shown on the titantron. When it is done, the camera zooms through the crowd. We then go to Michael Cole and Tazz.

Cole: Welcome everyone to the WWE! I am Michael Cole and this is my partner Tazz. What a night we have planned for you tonight!

Tazz: Thanks Cole! I know that everyone has to be excited about tonight.

Cole: As a fact, I know that I am. We have some great matches for you tonight.

Tazz: The Main Event is Chris Benoit vs Muhammad Hassan in a Number One Contender’s Match for the WWE Title!

Cole: Boy, I can’t wait for the night.

Tazz: Forget us talking, let’s start the night off already!

*Booyaka 619* hits as the crowd goes insane.

*Tomko* hits as the crowd makes a cheap pop.

Rey Mysterio vs Tyson Tomko (United States Title Match)

Match Summary- A pretty good match. Tyson Tomko was performing better then he usually does. Rey was just phenomenal with all of his high-flying moves. The match ends when Rey Mysterio hits the 619 and then does a West Coast Pop!

Winner- Rey Mysterio (Still United States Champion)

Cole: Great opening match-up for Smackdown.

Tazz: Yeah it was. Tomko put up a fight but Mysterio was just the better man tonight.

Cole: I have a feeling that Rey Mysterio will be holding the title for a very long time.

Commercial Break

We come back to see Muhammad Hassan talking to Daivari backstage.

Hassan: Daivari, tonight, I have the chance to go one-on-one with Eddie Guerrero for the WWE Title! All that I have to do is defeat Chris Benoit. At the end of the King of the Ring, I will be the WWE Champion. And tonight, I will show the whole world why!

Daivari: (Speaks different language)

Hassan: No Daivari, I am not worried about Chris Benoit. He is a nobody. His days are over. He has his Crippler Crossface! But I have The Justice! I will pin Chris Benoit, one, two, three! He will be sent home crying. I will knock another one of his teeth out. Daivari, I am sick of just talking about him. Let’s go to the locker room.

Daivari: (Speaks another language)

We now go back to Tazz and Michael Cole.

Cole: Ok, that was weird.

Tazz: If only we could understand what the hell Daivari is saying.

Cole: From Muhammad Hassan’s actions, Hassan did not really like what Daivari said.

Tazz: He never really likes what anyone says, does he?

Cole: Apparently not.

Commercial Break

*Mister Kennedy* hits as the crowd gives heat.

Ken Kennedy comes out and takes a mic.

Kennedy: I need to introduce myself. Hailing from Green Bay, Wisconsin, weighing in at 254 pounds, Mister Kennedy!

Ken Kennedy pretends he is going to leave but then comes back.

Kennedy: KENNEDY!

*London* hits as the crowd cheers*

Ken Kennedy vs Paul London (KotR Qualifying Match)

Match Summary- Great match! The fans really got into this one. Paul London pulled off some great moves. Ken Kennedy did the same. The match ended when Ken Kennedy did the Green Bay Plunge for the 1, 2, 3!

Winner- Ken Kennedy (Qualified for KotR)

Cole: Wow! Mister Kennedy has been coming week in and week out and winning every single match. He STILL has an undefeated streak going.

Tazz: I wonder if he can continue that at the KotR!?!?!

Cole: From the way he has been performing, he can keep it for his whole wrestling career!

Commercial Break

We come back to Eddie Guerrero standing in the middle of the ring.

Eddie: Hola Oklahoma! (Cheap pop) Eddie Guerrero is in the house. Listen up, I have something to say. At Survivor Series, I defeated John Cena to become the best champion in the WWE! I became the WWE Champion. Then, the WWE made it 1 show and cut many people. I was lucky enough to win the title, or else I would’ve been cut. I just want to say how proud I am of myself and how proud I am of you people, the fans, for supporting me in my way to re-gain the WWE Title. (Another cheap pop) I no longer use Manipulation to get under my opponents skin. I don’t have any more addictions. My only addiction is putting on a good show for you the fans! At KotR, whether my opponent is Muhammad Hassan or my good friend Chris Benoit, then I say, LET THE BEST MAN WIN! Also, I would like to say good luck to all the men who will be in the KotR tournament. It should be a great one this year. Look at the excitement already! Ken Kennedy, a great young WWE superstar has made it by defeating the Cruserweight Champion. Let me tell you something, that is not that easy. Even I had some trouble with Paul London. Come on Oklahoma, give the man some props! (Huge pop) That is all that I have to say. Thanks for your time Oklahoma.

Tazz: Wow! Eddie seems like a changed man.

Cole: I think he is a changed man. I think that Batista roughed him up good.

Tazz: Speaking of Batista, we have gotten word that next week it will be Batista vs Edge in a KotR qualifying match.

Cole: Edge vs Batista again? Remember the last time they fought each other? They put up a great fight.

Tazz: Also fans watching, Edge still has the Money in the Bank Contract for whenever he wants to use it.

Cole: I wonder when he will use the contract!

Commercial Break

*Time to Play the Game* hits and Triple H comes out and the fans give him heat.

*Cool* hits and Carlito comes out to a mixed reaction.

Triple H vs Carlito (KotR Qualifying Match)

Match Summary- A squash match for Triple H. Triple H was just messing around through the whole match. He was stopping the 3 count even though he knew Carlito wasn’t going to kick out. The match ends when Triple H takes a bloodied up Carlito and does a Pedigree.

Winner- Triple H (Qualified for KotR)

Cole: Oh my gosh. Why does Triple H have to do that? He is ashaming to the whole world.

Tazz: Cole, I don’t think that ashaming is a real word.

Cole: I don’t care. It should be a real word!

Tazz: But you are right. Triple H should have never done that to Carlito. Wait, what’s this?

Randy Orton and Batista come down to the ring. Triple H gets a mic and he starts to talk.

HHH: Isn’t this a familiar picture? Do you want to know who we are? We are Evolution. We will dominate every single superstar on this roster. Next week, it will be Batista vs Edge for a spot in the KotR. Let me tell you something. Edge is going to get the beating of his life!

Then out of nowhere Edge comes from behind Evolution and hits all 3 of them with a chair. Edge then celebrates with the chair in his hands.

Commercial Break

We come back to Theodore Long’s office.

Long: Welcome playas. Tonight has been a great night for the WWE. We have 2 KotR entrants and are waiting on 6 more. Next week, their will be 3 more KotR qualifying matches. You already know one of them which is Batista vs Edge, but there is also 2 more that will be revealed right now! (Cheap pop) Next week in a KotR qualifying match it will be Chris Masters vs Juventud and John Cena vs the Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio. Just to let you all know, the purpose of the KotR tournament is to make a Number One Contender for the WWE Championship at No Way Out! Also, next week it will be a Number One Contender’s Match for the Intercontinental Title. Next week’s Main Event will be Randy Orton vs Orlando Jordan. And just to make it fair, Evolution is banned from ringside! Thanks to all you playas for letting me talk. Now, let’s get back to the real action.

*Break the Walls Down* hits as Chris Jericho comes out to a big pop.

*Just Close Your Eyes* hits as only Christain’s peeps cheer for him.

Chris Jericho vs Christain (KotR Qualifying Match)

Match Summary- A very good match. Both men getting their equal respect for the match. The fans really got into this one. The match ends when Christain does the Unprettier on Chris Jericho or the 1, 2, 3.

Winner- Christain (Qualified for KotR)

Tazz: What a win for Christain. I had my doubts but he really came out on top.

Cole: Yeah he did. I think that he will be a tough opponent coming into the KotR tournament.

Tazz: Yeah but so will Triple H and Ken Kennedy. Ken Kennedy has an undefeated streak going and Triple H has Evolution going. Triple H can win with the help of Evolution.

Cole: But if the General Manager Theodore Long is smart, he would ban Evolution from ringside.

Tazz: Teddy can do whatever he wants.

Commercial Break

We come back to Todd Grisham standing with Chris Benoit.

Grisham: I am standing here with the Rapid Wolverine, Chris Benoit. Chris I would like to say how much of an honor it is to be interviewing you.

Benoit: Thanks a lot Todd. I am happy to be here.

Grisham: Coming up next, you have a match with Muhammad Hassan. What are your feelings going into the match?

Benoit: I have no feelings. I just want to go into the match and do my best to give the fans a good match and win!

Grisham: That is great. Eddie Guerrero is a good friend of yours, have you noticed the change in him since he won the title at No Mercy?

Benoit: I have seen a huge change in him. I am proud of him. But if I win tonight, at the KotR I am sad to say that Eddie Guerrero will no longer be holding the WWE Title anymore. It will be around my waist. Everyone will be chanting my name when I come out of the KotR as the champion.

Grisham: Excuse me Benoit, I don’t mean to interrupt but everyone chants your name even though you don’t have the title.

Benoit: Todd, you are right but I would appreciate the chants more if I had the title around my waist. Do you remember when I kept beating Orlando Jordan in under 25.5 seconds?

Grisham: Well, yeah.

Benoit: Remember when I beat him at 10 seconds?

Grisham: Yeah.

Benoit: Well, 3 nights after that, I lost my title to Rey Mysterio at No Mercy. Did you remember what happened after I lost?

Grisham: No what happened?

Benoit: The crowd boo’d me. I walked out of No Mercy feeling like a loser not only that I lost my United States Title but having the fans boo me for the first time in my life. Do you know how that felt?

Grisham: We—

Benoit: You know what, forget it. You don’t know how it felt. Let me just go to my match.

Chris Benoit walks off as Todd Grisham looks very confused.

Commercial Break

*Arab-American* hits as Muhammad Hassan and Daivari come out to boos.

*Whatever hits as Chris Benoit comes out to a monstrous pop!

Muhammad Hassan w/ Daivari vs Chris Benoit (Number One Contender’s Match for WWE Title)

Match Summary- An extremely good match. Hassan and Benoit both put up great fights. The match goes on for about 25 minutes with a Commercial Break. The match ends when Chris Benoit reverses Hassan’s finisher, Justice, into the Crippler Crossface. Muhammad Hassan taps out to the submission hold.

Winner- Chris Benoit (Number One Contender for WWE Title)

Tazz: What a match.

Cole: I know, Benoit gave Hassan the fight of his life! And now listen to this crowd.

Tazz: I know! They are going ballistic.

*Can you feel the Heat?* hits and Eddie Guerrero walks down to the ring.

Eddie Guerrero goes up to Chris Benoit and offers him a handshake.

The show ends with Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit shaking hands.

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Sorry but I am not feeling to well and I canot give you a full review


Live From Oklahoma State, Oklahoma on January 5, 2005!

I think that you might want to expand your match endings a little bit. I think that they are short.

I really like that Rey is the US champ, but give him a real opponent. I do not think that someone like Tomko should have an one on one match with him.

The Evolution promo is way too short. You just reunited a group! You should let them discuss for five minutes before having Edge run down.

The Benoit interview was probably the best interview of the night.

I see that you are using King of the Ring. I think that it is a nice replacement for the Royal Rumble and the winner gets a shot at Wrestlemania?

Christian and HHH are some nice heels to qualify.

I like that you matched up Hassan and Benoit. The ending was quite a quintessential ending for Benoit with a finisher reversal into a Crippler crossface. Eddie and Benoit are good friends so it should be one heck of a match. Hopefully Benoit wins in an epic encounter.

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Rey vs Tomko-Good opener and I like Rey picking up a huge victory over Tomko.

Nice Hassan promo.

Ken Kennedy vs London-Good match I was hopeing London would pull it off but a nice win for Kennedy KOTR is looking good.

Boo Eddie sucks.

Triple H vs Carlito-I was cheering on the game and a nice win for Triple H I was cheering him on.

Good Long annoucement but you put down INC.Champion Rey Mysterio instead of United States Champion.

Chris Jericho vs Christain-Good match it wasn't going to bother me whoever won and I like Christian picking up the victory.

Muhammad Hassan w/ Daivari vs Chris Benoit-Great main event I was cheering on Chris Benoit and a nice win for him. Hopefully we see Hassan get in that tournament somehow.

Overall it was a good show. Can't wait for KOTR.

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Actually Arjun, the KotR is a Number One Contenders for No Way Out, not Wrestlemania. Im gonna have something else at No Way Out to determine the Number One Contender at Wrestlemania.

Also, my show is just a recap show. Its not how I would susually right them but I am saving up my energy for PPV's and stuff!

Thanks to all for the reviews. They will be returned.
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