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WWE Following the Rumble
(The Shake-Up)

Following the 2011 Royal Rumble, Vince McMahon announced that the WWE will be switching to just 2 brands and only 2 TV Shows thereby terminating Superstars & NXT.

The NXT Concept will remain though but on Raw & Smackdown with each show featuring 3 Pro’s and 3 Rookies.
The winner will be determined in a PPV Match featuring all 6 Rookies with the winner earning a Title shot on PPV and a Guaranteed WWE Contract to the brand they were on as a Rookie.

Following Vince’s big Announcement he then went to WWE.com to announce some releases and Roster shake ups.

The Current Roster is now found below




Current Champions

WWE Champion - The Miz
World Heavyweight Champion - Edge
United States Champion - Daniel Bryan
Intercontinental Champion - Kofi Kinston
WWE Tag Champions - Santino And Vladimir Kozlov
Womans Champion - Natalya

WWE.Com Random News

- Among those released today were R-Truth, Alica Fox, Finlay & Joey Mercury –

- Wrestlemania is fast approaching but before that is the final stop known quite simply as The Elimination Chamber, The Event will feature 2 Chamber matches which will both be for World Titles from Both Brands-

- WWE Today Announced a Small shake up of there ppv format with Over The Limit being Cancelled and with no replacement named its likely wwe will be running no ppv in its place -

WWE.Com PPV Results
Royal Rumble 2011

The PPV Kicked off With a Thrilling Intercontinental Championship match where Kofi Kingston Defeated Jack Swagger to retain the title.

Up next was a United States Championship match Between Daniel Bryan & Tyson Kidd, Bryan struggled to lock in the lebell lock all match but failed each time, but in the end he locked in the cattle mutilation to defeat Kidd and retain his title.

The WWE Championship was on the line when the Miz defeated Randy Orton after Alex Riley interfered and Smashed Orton in the face with the WWE Title

Dolph Ziggler failed at his big opportunity to capture the World title when he faced Edge. Edge won the match by DQ When the referee caught Vickie Guerruero trying to interfere with a steel chair, Theodore Long was quick to come down and announce the firing of Vickie and that Ziggler will receive a fair 1 On 1 Rematch this week on Smackdown.

In a 30 Man Royal Rumble Match that featured the Returns of Triple H, Chris Jericho, Christian & Evan Bourne, It was Cm Punk who last Eliminated Wade Barrett & Triple H to win the match and along with the rest of Nexus Celebrated earning a championship match at Wrestlemania, Following there celebration though Punk Picked up a Chair and Destroyed The Nexus, Even Removing all of there Nexus Armbands. Before picking up a Microphone and Announcing a New Nexus will be taking over The WWE.

Im Planning to have a Raw Preview up Sometime Tomorrow and Raw up sometime near the end of the week.

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great rumble results and i like how punk beat up nexus at the end. im not sure if firing vickie was a good idea but hopefully it will work for you. canceeling over the limit could work out for you but i dont think that not having a ppv at all is a good idea, unless you move the later ppvs to different dates. good luck and i hope you can make this btb go well. :)

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Raw Preview

- Live this week on Raw the WWE Championship will be on the line as The Miz rewards Alex Riley for his help at the royal rumble by giving him a Title Shot –

- Cm Punk will be in the building this week and will face Justin Gabriel in Singles Action, Following Punks attack on the entire Nexus; Gabriel demanded this match and has said he will have some backup in his corner -

- WWE.Com has received word that Santino & Kozlov have issued a open challenge with there Tag titles on the line for Raw this week –

- With 2 Titles on the line this week already Daniel Bryan Emailed WWE.Com this morning and asked for a Title Defence to prove he is a Fighting Champion, Following this we received a Email from the Raw General Manager who said that not only Will Bryan defend his belt but he will defend it in a 4 Way Elimination Match Against Tyson Kidd, Ted Dibiase & Zack Ryder –

- John Cena, Randy Orton & Triple H Will all be involved in Elimination Chamber Qualifying matches This week on Raw, all 3 men are desperate to go into Wrestlemania as WWE Champion and this is quite possibly there last chance to secure it –

-The Last bit of news heading into Raw this week is that the first 3 Pros & Rookies will be revealed And also a brand new way to win the competition will be Revealed -

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WWE Raw Results

-Raw opens with a Recap of Last nights Royal Rumble where Cm Punk Survived 29 other men to win the Royal Rumble match, following the Rumble he ambushed his fellow Nexus members and proclaimed a new Nexus will be taking over the WWE now-

-Raw Opening Video Followed by Pyro-

-Before the commentators can even say a word, ‘This Fire Burns’ hits as Cm Punk steps out through the curtain to a massive amount of boo’s from the Sellout Crowd in Chicago, Once he’s in the ring he grabs a microphone -

Punk: It’s obvious I have upset some people with my recent actions, first off all I took out John Cena.

- The Crowd react very angrily to this –

Punk: And then I took over the Nexus and booted Wade Barrett out of the group, but let it be known I was never a fan of the nexus, if you remember on there debut they ambushed me and my straight edge society. I never forgive anyone who attacks me and my lifestyle.

-Punks walks around the ring looking angry-

Punk: I took over Nexus because i could destroy them from the inside and rebuild them into a brand new Faction that will destroy this entire company. Ever since I joined WWE I have been labelled as a ‘Superstar’ but that is not me, I am a WRESTLER, From now on if i am ever called a superstar again....

-The Sound of an Email hits as Michael Cole heads towards the gm’s Laptop-

Cole: Can i have your attention please; I Have Received a Email...

Punk: Hurry up and read the damn thing

Cole: Very Well Punk.

-Cole reads from the laptop screen-

Cole: Punk you have upset me, i was a big fan of the Nexus..... They added alot to this show over the last few months which is alot more than can be said about you.

Punk: Excuse me but your forgetting about my brilliant commentary on this show

Cole: None the Less since you think you can come here and destroy half my roster its time for some revenge therefore tonight instead of you in singles action it will now be Cm Punk Taking on the Entire Nexus Stable.

Punk: WHAT No Way in hell

Cole: You will do it or else there will be hell to pay.

Punk: What’s worse than a 5 Vs 1 Handicap match exactly?

Cole: Fine then.... Tonight you will now take on...

- Suddenly Wade Barrett Appears walking down the ramp holding a microphone –

Barrett: Who in the hell do you think you are Punk, I Had the Rumble won last night when you eliminated me.

Cole: Excuse me guys but this is the General Managers time and as i was saying, tonight it will be Cm Punk...

Punk: Will you please just shut up Cole, Listen Barrett your not headlining Wrestlemania but i am, maybe if you’re lucky you can get yourself a Dark Match for the fans in the arena.

Barrett: I can’t help but think....

-Suddenly the Music of Triple H Hits as he is randomly standing in the crowd holding a microphone-

Triple H: I think its time we had some home truths out here, none of these people in the arena tonight like either you, There here for one reason and that’s to see me

-Triple H starts walking slowly through the crowd towards the ringside barricade-

Triple H: Tonight i make my return to Raw for the first time since i was taken out by Sheamus.

-The Gm’s Laptop goes off again-

Cole: and i Quote, Its funny you should come out here Hunter as i wanted a word with you, tonight your Elimination Chamber match will be against the man who took you out for close to a year Sheamus.

-A smile comes across Hunters Face as he steps over the barricade-

Triple H: that’s great news but now its time i do something i have been wanting to do for a while now

-Hunter Runs into the ring and attacks Cm Punk as Barrett starts heading towards the ring to get involved in the Brawl, Suddenly Gabriel, Slater, Otunga, McGillicutty & Harris storm towards the ring and attack Triple H as Cm Punk high tails it out of the ring and runs away through the crowd before Nexus can get there hands on him as Barrett leaves the ring and grabs a Mic-

Barrett: Where do you think your going Punk, Since you decided to turn your back on these guys i have taken it upon myself to hire these guys back to MY Nexus, Were the Originals and you do not have the power to form your own Nexus.

-Suddenly Gabriel takes the microphone out of Barretts hand-

Gabriel: That’s Right Wade, Were the Nexus and we own the entire...

-Barrett takes the Mic back out of Gabriel’s hand-

Barrett: Excuse me but you answer to me now and let’s get out of here.

-Gabriel looks a little deflated as he heads towards the back with the rest of Nexus looking at Triple H who has been hurt in the middle of the ring as we head to a Commercial Break-

-Commercial Break-

-The Camera pans to the Announcers table-

Cole: Well welcome back and let’s have a quick recap of what happened before the commercial break

-A Recap video runs –

King: After all that happened we now know that later tonight it will be Triple H Vs Sheamus And also tonight by orders of our General manager Wade Barrett along with the entire Nexus have been forced to leave the building

Cole: But where does that leave Cm Punk? Hes still here somewhere.

-The Camera pans to the ring to see Santino & Kozlov ready to defend there Tag Titles in there Open Challenge-

Cole: We know that this match is for the Tag Titles but we have no idea who the challengers will be.

-The Music of John Cena hits as everyone in the arena looks shocked-

King: OMG what is Cena doing here, Does he have a Partner.

-When Cena gets into the ring he points towards the TitanTron as the Music of Randy Orton hits-

Cole: This is insane.

Santino & Kozlov Vs Cena & Orton
WWE Tag Team Championship match

Ending: In a extremely quick match Cena & Orton hit there finishers on Santino before throwing Kozlov in the ring and Hitting a RKO On him before getting the pinfall.

Winners: And new WWE Tag Champions, John Cena & Randy Orton.

-Cena & Orton celebrate as Cole gets up off his chair-

Cole: This show has descended into nothing more than Chaos tonight and im sick of it, What the hell do you two think your doing holding those tag titles, Your not a tag team, Heck you two don’t even like each other.

-Cole looks angry as he steps towards the raw gm’s podium-

Cole: I blame the state of this show on one man, The Raw General Manager.

-The Crowd boo-

Cole: Despite the fact im pretty much his voice I despise the General Manager, i think it’s about time he revealed himself infact

-The Crowd cheer and seem to agree with Cole-

Cole: And now....

-‘No Chance’ plays as Vince McMahon walks down to the ring as the crowd go insane-

Vince: Michael i suggest you sit down, Cena & Orton congratulations now GET OUT OF MY RING, Im back now and my first order of business is to Fire the Raw Gm.

-The Crowd Cheer at this-

Vince: This is my company and my flagship show and it’s gonna stay that way for a while.

-We Go To Commercial Break-

-Were back from commercials and Daniel Bryan is in the ring ready to defend his United States Championship-

Daniel Bryan Vs Ted Dibiase Vs Tyson Kidd Vs Zack Ryder
United States Championship Match

Ending: With Dibiase & Kidd busy battling it out on the outside after Kidd shouted at Maryse, we were left with Bryan & Ryder in the ring, Bryan got through Ryder with ease following the Lebell Lock.

Winner: Still United States Champion, Daniel Bryan.

-Bryan Celebrates as suddenly he is attacked by a mystery masked assailant with a steel chair, following 5 Chair shots the man grabs a Microphone-

Mystery Man: Bryan, this isent the first time we have met, we have had numerous matches in the past, now im here in WWE to take your championship and your dignity.

-The Mystery Man removes his mask-

Mystery Man: My Name is Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan will know me as Tyler Black but that side of me is dead, I don’t wrestle in front of 200 fans anymore, I wrestle for millions now.

- Seth Rollins leaves the ring and walks up the ramp before turning round-

Rollins: 1 more thing, I think were gonna have fun, Aint that right Pro.

-Commercial Break-

-We Return to Raw Where Cole & King are discussing the Rollins Attack-

Cole: This Rollins guy runs in here and seemingly attacks his NXT Pro, and now he wants his pro’s United States Championship

King: Shocking to put it simply, and now its time to introduce you to another NXT Pro and his NXT Rookie.

-Were taken backstage where Chris Jericho is waiting while holding a microphone-

Jericho: I am a Pro on NXT yet again, but this time i have someone that I have a bit of history with, Well his father at least, Allow me to introduce you to Richie Steamboat.

Steamboat: Thank you Chris, I just want to take this opportunity to say that...

Jericho: This is my promo time not yours now scram and get me a cup of coffee.

-The Camera Fades to the ring where Alex Riley is holding a microphone-

Riley: Ladies & Gentlemen its time, its time for you all to bow down and meet the greatest WWE Champion of all time...... THE MIZ

-‘I Came to Play’ Hits as the Miz walks out holding his WWE Championship, Miz looks ready to wrestle and it appears its time for our WWE Championship match-

The Miz Vs Alex Riley
WWE Championship Match

Ending: Just as many expected this was nothing but rubbish, a obvious set up from the start where Miz hit a weak looking clothesline on Riley which appeared to KO Riley and allowed Miz to pin him after 1 move.

Winner: And still WWE Champion, the Miz.

-Immediately following the match both men get straight up and Celebrate together proving this was nothing more than a set up as they walk to the back-

-We See Vince McMahon in his office talking with John Morrison-

Vince: I have to say I like Miz’s Style

Morrison: Please tell me you’re kidding me

Vince: Of course im kidding, and if he thinks he can get away with that rubbish then he has another thing coming.

Morrison: That’s what im here to talk to you about, I think I deserve another shot at the WWE Championship, I feel like im 100% ready this time.

Vince: You had a shot 1 month ago John, I want to see you make a impact before you get another championship match.

Morrison: So all I have to do is make a impact and I have a shot? Trust me by the end of tonight you will never forget the name.... John Morrison.

-The Music of Chris Jericho hits as he walks out ready for action as we head to another Commercial Break –

-Commercial Break-

-We Come back to see David Hart Smith and Jericho in the ring ready for action-

Chris Jericho Vs David Hart Smith
Singles Match

Ending: Following interference by Richie Steamboat, Jericho made Smith tap out to the Walls of Jericho.

Winner: Chris Jericho.

- Steamboat raises the hand of Jericho as Jericho looks impressed at what his rookie has done-

- Backstage with Josh Matthews-

Matthews: Allow me to introduce you all to my guest at this time..... Sheamus.

Sheamus: Thanks Josh, Now get out of here

-Josh runs away leaving Sheamus alone-

Sheamus: I Have been told that i have to announce that im gonna be a Pro for this NXT Thing and heres my Rookie..... Mason Ryan.

Ryan: I Let my actions talk louder than my words so im out of here.

-Sheamus looks a little impressed as he watches Ryan leave-

Sheamus: Now to get to the matter in hand, Triple H I thought I destroyed you, why the hell are you back?

-Suddenly John Morrison ambushes Sheamus and throws him threw the Hanging TV Screen, Sheamus is left in pile of his own blood as EMT’s rush to his aid-

-Commercial Break-

-Vince McMahon is standing by-

Vince: Obvisley you have all seen the attack Morrison just did to Sheamus, I Know for a fact I wont ever forget the image of Sheamus laying in his own blood, None the less its obvious that Sheamus wont be able to compete tonight against Triple H and also earlier on tonight John Cena & Randy Orton won the Tag Titles which more than proved to me that they are worthy WWE Championship contenders.

-The Crowd cheer-

Vince: I Am Demanding the Miz go to the ring right now so I can announce the Raw Elimination Chamber match.

-Were taken backstage where Daniel Bryan is with Josh Matthews-

Bryan: Josh don’t even bother speaking cause I know what your going to ask, its obvious Seth Rollins wanted to make a impact on his debut but to make that impact at my expense has really pissed me off, I Considered us to be good friends and when i found out this morning that he would be my Rookie i was excited but all that excitement has gone and i am now full of hate, Hate that i will unleash on you next week Seth, Whether your my rookie or not.

-‘I Came To Play’ hits as Miz steps through the curtain and stands on the Stage-

Miz: Vince McMahon I am ready for your ‘Announcement’ of the 5 men i will retain my title against in a few weeks at the Elimination Chamber.

-Vince Appears on the big screen-

Vince: Miz you seem to be confident about retaining your championship, well im sorry but that confidence is about to die quicker than your title reign, Your Opponents will be John Cena, Randy Orton, John Morrison, Cm Punk & Wade Barrett.

Miz: Wait your leaving out Triple H?

Vince: I Feel like Triple H has to earn his shot at the championship all over again and he will get that chance at the ppv when he takes on Sheamus in a Special Referee Match with John Morrison Refereeing it.

-Miz walks off as Vince Smiles-

Cole: WOW what a night we have had, we now know that John Morrison is going to have to pull Double Duty at Elimination Chamber.

King: Hes going to go from Referee to WWE Championship Contender all in 1 night.

Cole: Im hearing that something is happening in the parking lot lets get a camera out there right now.

-After about 20 Seconds of running a cameraman finally makes it to the parking lot as The Whole of Nexus including Wade Barrett is found unconscious while a Car drives past which is being driven by Cm Punk, he pulls over near the bodies-

Punk: Next week its time for everyone to meet some Honor.

-Raw fades to black as Punk drives away-

Im gonna post My Smackdown Preview tomorrow night and also some random bits of news.
Please leave feedback on my work so i know what to continue doing and what to work on :)

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WWE.Com News

-Following his surprise return at the Royal Rumble, it has now been revealed that Evan Bourne has jumped to Smackdown following his Raw contract ending sometime during his injury hiatus-

-This Morning we received a phone call from Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long who revealed the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match will feature Edge defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Kane, Kofi Kingston, Drew Mcintyre, Dolph Ziggler & Smackdown’s newest superstar Evan Bourne-

-We can now reveal the remaining 3 Rookies & There Pros, the first pro from Smackdown is Jack Swagger and his Rookie will be the Younger brother of Ted Dibiase, Brett Dibiase. Another Pro from the Smackdown brand will be Trent Barretta who will be mentoring a fellow high flyer Xavier Woods,
Finally in a shocking twist it will be Layla mentoring Tito Colon-

Current Elimintion Chamber Match Card

WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match

World Championship Elimination Chamber Match

Sheamus Vs Triple H With Special Guest Referee John Morrison

Smackdown Preview

-On this weeks Smackdown we will begin the build up to the Elimination Chamber where Edge will defend his World title against 5 men with a wide array of Youth & Experience, This week though Edge must take on someone with alot of Youth when he faces Curt Hawkins, Theres history in this match for obvious reasons and this could be Hawkins time to shine-

-The Rest of the Smackdown Elimination Chamber participants will be in action when Kane, Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre Take on Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne & a Mystery Partner who will be chosen by Edge, Will Edge be friendly towards Kofi & Evan or will he look to weaken them by giving them a bad partner ?-

-Christian is back and on his first Smackdown since recovering from injury he will take on Cody Rhodes, Meanwhile on Smackdown this week Alberto Del Rio will take on Rey Mysterio-

-In a Special Challenge match NXT Pro’s Will take on each other as Jack Swagger takes on Trent Barretta, will either mans Rookies show up and support there Pro ?-​

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Smackdown Results

-The Smackdown opening plays as Pyro goes off-

-“Booyaka” Hits as Rey Mysterio makes his way to the ring for the opening contest of the evening Shortly followed by Alberto Del Rio’s Music as he comes out before being introduced by Ricardo Rodriguez-

Alberto Del Rio Vs Rey Mysterio
Singles Match

Match Ending: Towards the end of the match Del Rio was busy distracting the referee which was allowing Ricardo Rodriguez to attack Rey Mysterio on the outside and when he was hung in the ropes, the final time that Del Rio attempted this Rey reversed one of Ricardo’s punches and knocked Ricardo down, Rey went back into the ring and hung Del Rio up in the ropes and attempted a 6-1-9 but Del Rio reversed it and managed to get Rey into the middle of the ring and locked in the Flying Armbar but somehow Rey got to the ropes but Del Rio would not let go of the ropes before the count of 5 so the referee disqualified him.

Winner- Rey Mysterio by Disqualification.

-Del Rio celebrates as if he had just won the match before locking in the Armbar again on Mysterio and not letting it go which brings out 4 referees who are still unable to get Del Rio to let go off the hold, Suddenly Christian comes running down the ramp and into the ring which makes Del Rio relinquish the hold and flee the ring and run backstage with Ricardo Rodriguez as Christian checks on Mysterio-

-Commercial Break-

-Were back from Commercials where Christian and Rey Mysterio are backstage in the doctors office-

Rey: Thanks for the assist out there man

Christian: Listen, at the end of the day I went out there to try and get revenge on Del Rio, I will never forget what he did to me, I was on the shelf for months.

Rey: I thought that was why you were out there, me and you have no sort of history and I would not really consider you as a friend.

Christian: That’s fine with me because im not here to make friends anymore, my intentions now are to defeat Cody Rhodes tonight, Destroy Alberto Del Rio and then win the World Heavyweight Championship.

-Christian walks off as Rey looks at him leaving with a worried look on his face-

-“Get on your knee’s” Hits as Jack Swagger makes his entrance towards the ring followed by his rookie Brett Dibiase Before Trent Barrettas music hits as he is Accompied to the ring by his rookie Xavier Woods –

Jack Swagger Vs Trent Barretta
Singles Match

Match Ending: Towards the end of the match Layla came out to ringside Accompied by her Rookie Tito Colon, The Finish came when Swagger hit a Vertical Suplex followed by a running Springboard splash in the corner, Swagger then attempted the Gutwrench Powerbomb but Barretta reversed it and hit the Dudebuster DDT before rolling up Swagger for the three count.

Winner- Trent Barretta.

-Barretta celebrates with Xavier Woods, as Barretta leaves the ring he approaches Layla who looks very impressed by his victory before she grabs him and gives him a massive kiss to the shock of the entire audience and even Barretta, Layla smiles seductively as she leaves and heads backstage with Tito Colon right behind her-

-Commercial Break-

-Layla is talking with Tito Colon Backstage-

Tito: what was all of that about Layla?

Layla: it had nothing to do with you Tito and in fact I don’t want anything to do with you.

-Tito walks off as Michelle McCool appears-

McCool: Lay what was that all about? That Trent guy isent hot at all and he probably has cooties.

Layla: It was called growing up Michelle, Something I think you should learn to do before you end up single for the rest of your life

McCool: With a body like this do you really think im single?

-McCool walks off as Trent Barretta Appears beside Layla and Layla gives him a sloppy kiss as the camera fades back to the ring-

-Theodore Long is standing in the ring holding a microphone-

Long: It is with deepest regret that I have to announce that Smackdown has lost The Big Show to the Raw brand following a major trade I have just agreed to with Vince McMahon who is currently in charge of Raw, Don’t be alarmed though cause Big Show is a Big superstar so I got a BIG Deal for him.

-The Crowd Cheer-

Long: Starting next week I am proud to announce that joining the Smackdown roster are Zack Ryder, Darren Young & Tyson Kidd.

- The Crowd cheer –

Long: Now moving on not only have I hired 3 of Raw’s greatest young guns but I have completed a Massive signing to the Smackdown Roster who will be debuting later tonight and has told me that upon his return to the WWE will be making a impact straight away, Now lets get on with that rest of the show.

- Camera fades backstage where we see Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston are heading towards the ring together-

-Commercial Break-

-Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, Kane, Dolph Ziggler & Drew Mcintyre are all in the ring awaiting there match to begin when Edge comes outs-

Edge: Im not gonna waste any time with this so Evan & Kofi I have handpicked you someone who I think you will both get along with....... Zack Ryder....

-Evan & Kofi look on in disgust as Edge smiles as Ryder appears behind him and heads towards the ring-

Kane, Dolph Ziggler & Drew Mcintyre Vs Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston & Zack Ryder
6 Man Tag

Match ending: the match went roughly 15 Minutes before all hell broke loose and everyone got in the ring and brawled, in the middle of the chaos Evan Bourne hit a Shooting Star Press on Kane and pinned him for the win.

Winners: Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston & Zack Ryder

-Bourne & Kofi celebrate as Ryder Trys to hug them both but Kofi hits a trouble in paradise on Ryder followed by Kofi And Evan celebrating standing over him-

-Backstage Theodore Long is talking with Layla & Trent Barretta-

Long: Well Playas I cant say I would of ever expected to see you two as a couple but you seem to suit each other and look very happy together.

Trent: Thanks man......

-Curt Hawkins enters and gets in Trent’s face –

Hawkins: Who the hell do you think you are, you’re stealing my spot light on the night that I make a Major impact here on Smackdown by defeating the World Champion and my former lackey Edge.

Trent: Did you just refer to Edge as your lackey? If my memory serves me right you were nothing more than his lackey who carried his bags.

Hawkins: It doesn’t matter anymore because if I win tonight, I will have my place in the history books and that’s all that matters in the Wrestling Industry.

-Hawkins walks away-

Layla: Babe just ignore him, with me in your corner it won’t be long before you’re a World Champion.

Trent: I know babe.

-Commercial Break-

-A Cameraman is running through the backstage area and runs into a locker room where Edge is on the floor knocked out with blood pouring out of the back of his head-

-The Camera quickly fades back to ringside as Cody Rhodes is standing in the ring-

Cody: My name is Cody Rhodes, I am Dashing, I am better than all of you.

-The crowd boo-

Cody: Don’t you dare be angry at me just because im more dashing than all of you put together, now im here to give you all some grooming tips on how to......

-Christian’s music hits as he enters the ring ready for his first match on Smackdown since his injury-

Christian Vs Cody Rhodes
Singles Match

Match Ending: Christian wins after a Killswith following a loud slap to Cody’s face which made him freak out and lose his concentration on the match

Winner: Christian

-Following the contest Christian grabs a microphone-

Christian: Another Contender down, but there’s alot more to go, my goal is to win the World Title and I will not stop until I am holding that championship.

-Suddenly Theodore Long appears on the Titan Tron screen-

Long: Christian, I am guessing it’s no secret to you that Edge was attacked earlier tonight, Due to your quest for the World Title which Edge currently holds I have no other alternative than to believe that you were man who ambushed him in the back.

-Christian looks shocked at Longs Accusation-

Christian: It wasn’t me

Long: I have decided to suspend you for 30 Days effective immediately.

-Christian looks upset as he drops his microphone to the floor and walks out of the ring-

-Commercial Break-

-Christian is in the parking lot and gets into a car and drives away-

-The Scene fades too backstage where Dolph Ziggler is walking past Evan Bourne-

Ziggler: Listen here boy, you got lucky earlier on in our match, but it wont happen again which is why I went to Theodore Longs office and got it made officially.

Evan: What are you talking about Dolph?

Ziggler: Next week it’s Dolph Ziggler Vs Evan Bourne in a Steel Cage Match

-Evan Smiles as he walks away as Ziggler is also left Smiling-

-Curt Hawkins is in the ring ready to compete although he knows that Edge is in no condition to wrestle tonight, Theodore Long appears on the Titan Tron again.

Long: Now Curt I think we both know that Edge is in no condition to compete tonight so I have found you a last minute replacement, someone who hasent appeared on Smackdown in quite a while but due to an event that happened on Raw this past week is now allowed to compete on both shows.... Ladies and Gentlemen...... JOHN CENA.

-“You can’t see me” Hits as Cena enters the arena to a thunderous reaction from the crowd ready to compete-

Curt Hawkins Vs John Cena
Singles match – Main Event

Match Ending: Cena makes extremely light work of Hawkins and defeats him in a matter of minutes with an Attitude Adjustment followed by the STF which forces Hawkins to Tap.

Winner: John Cena.

-As Cena celebrates his win the lights turn to black as the arena is surrounded in darkness, the lights come back on and Kurt Angle is standing behind Cena and delivers a Angle Slam to him-

-The crowd is shocked to see Kurt Angle back in the WWE, Kurt leaves the ring and appears to search for something under the ring, he steps back into the ring holding the World Heavyweight Championship belt, and Angle holds it high as Smackdown goes off the air-​
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