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Hey everyone I'm Rockerman and I'll be doing Smackdown! I'll post my roster and all titles are vacent for Smackdown.

Randy Orton
John Cena
Samoa Joe
Monty Brown
Chris Jericho
Big Show
Booker T
Petey Williams
Shelton Benjamin
Matt Benltey
Sean Waltmen
Ric Flair
Orlando Jordon
Paul London

Tag Teams
The Naturals
Heart Throbs

I'd also like to say that all reviews of our show will be returned, and thank you for reading our first post!

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Smackdown Preview

WWE.com has recently learned that Vince Mcmahon will be appearing at Smackdown and looking to make some changes to Smackdown as he stated on WWE.com " The WWE has changed to WWE Final Destination so I'm looking to make some more changes of my own"

On Smackdown there will news on the World Heavyweight Title

John Cena has informed WWE.com that he has an announcement to make regarding his future in the WWE

Randy Orton, Big Show, Rhino and more will be in action live coming to you from Lexingting in Kentucky, Be sure to watch!

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Hey everyone I just realized that I wasn't gonna be here on Thursday so I'm gonna post SD now, Enjoy!

Pyro suddenly goes off at the top of the ramp as the crowd goes insane for the first airing of WWE: Final Destination Smackdown. The Smackdown theme song begins to play as the crowd continues to cheer as suddenly “Teddy Long” hits and the crowd cheers as he makes his way to the ring. Teddy Long walks up the stairs and enters into the ring.

Cole: Welcome ladies and Gentleman to WWE Final Destination Smackdown, we’re live coming from the Rupp Arena in no other then Kentucky; Lexington!

Tazz: This is gonna be great! today we are going to have some news on the World Heavyweight Title situation and some great matches lined up!

Teddy Long: welcome WWE fans to the very first airing of WWE: Final Destination Smackdown!

The crowd pops

Teddy Long: today marks a new day in history and I’m gonna make my mark but starting a tournament for the World Heavyweight Title!

Tazz: you hear that Cole? A tournament!

The crowd gives a pop

Teddy Long: the following eight men are going to be entered into the tournam-

“No Chance” hits suddenly as teddy is interrupted and Vince Mcmahon is seen, the crowd pops and Teddy Long waits for Vince to enter the ring

Cole: Uhuh this looks like trouble!

Vince Mcmahon: Now Teddy…you have been the Smackdown General Manager through the change from WWE to WWE: Final Destination, but I recently decided that if the rosters are going to change why not change the GM’s?

Tazz: Oh my god! Change GM’s?

Teddy looks scared and the crowd gives a small pop

Vince Mcmahon: Teddy I’m sorry but…YOU’RE FIRED!

Vince suddenly clotheslines Teddy Long out of the ring and picks up his microphone once again

Vince Mcmahon: I will be substituting as GM and at our PPV a new GM will be named, now back to the World Heavyweight Title Situation, anyways Teddy did make a good decision on the tournament but I’m going to pick who’s getting in this tournament!

Crowd gives a pop

Vince Mcmahon: these WWE stars will be entered into the World Heavyweight Title Tournament!

Crowd Pops

Vince Mcmahon: In the first round it will be Randy Orton, The Legend Killer against-

“Legend Killer” then hits as Vince looks up the ramp at Randy Orton, Vince Mcmahon looks at Orton and gives a small clap, Orton then enters the ring.

Randy Orton: say no more Vince, as long as the Legend Killer is in for the hunt of gold, there won’t be any stopping me!

Vince Mcahon: and as I was saying Randy Orton will be facing no other then, The Big Show!

“Well, Well It’s The Big Show” then hits over the PA system and Big Show appears at the top of the ramp with his Chokeslam taunt. The crowd pops as Big Show makes his way to the ring and Randy Orton stares down the Big Show. Big Show then climbs into the ring and grabs Orton’s microphone

Big Show: Orton, not only will you be stopped, but your gonna be stopped by the biggest superstar in WWE tod-

Suddenly Orton jumps into the air and delivers a stunning RKO! Randy Orton slides out of the ring and taunts. Big Show looks unconscious as Paramedics make their way to the ring.

Commercial Break

“Ain’t No Stopping Me” then hits as Benjamin enters to the ramp and walks down. Benjamin then jumps up to the top stair and climbs in then waits for his opponent

“Ric Flair” then hits as Ric Falir appears on the stage with his Red and Yellow robe and. The crowd gives him a small pop as he makes his way to the ring.

Ding, Ding, Ding

Ric Flair then struts around the ring as Benjamin circles around. Benjamin then runs into a grapple with Flair and applies a quick headlock and is pushed into the ropes. Falir sticks out his arm for a clothesline but Benjamin ducks and hits the ropes and is hit by a shoulder block by Flair. Flair then struts once again before dropping a knee on Benjamin. Benjamin is picked up and hit by a chop by Flair. Flair then connects with another pushing Benjamin into the turnbuckle. Flair connects with another chop before being hit by a quick right. Benjamin then connects with a kick to the gut then a dropkick. Benjamin then covers. 1-2 Kick Out. Flair then rolls to his feet along with Benjamin. Benjamin hits a quick kick to Flair’s gut then Irish Whips him to the ropes. Flair holds onto the ropes as Benjamin jumps up for a dropkick but connects with nothing. Flair then drops a knee onto Benjamin’s leg then another. Flair then grabs Benjamin’s leg setting up for the Figure Four Way. Benjamin kicks away sending Flair to the ropes, Flair bounces back and Benjamin rolls under Flair’s feet. Benjamin then jumps up and sets up for the T-Bone suplex! Benjamin connects and falls on top of Flair for the cover 1-2-3

Announcer: here’s your winner Shelton Benjamin!

Benjamin then rolls out of the ring to a pop and begins to walk up the ramp. Benjamin then exits backstage.

The scene then fades in on Josh Matthews backstage with Vince Mcmahon

Josh Matthews: I am here standing by with Vince Mcmahon and he is here to finish his statement about the World Heavyweight Title Tournament

Vince Mcmahon: before I was interrupted I was talking about the matches for the World Heavyweight Title Tournament I am going to list the rest of the matches, they are Randy Orton vs. The Big Show, Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho, Edge vs. RVD, and Rhino vs. John Cena!

The crowd pops as Vince mentions Cena

Vince Mcmahon: two matches are going to be today they are, John Cena vs. Rhino, and Randy Orton vs. The Big Show! The winners of these matches will all then face each other in 2 singles matches the winners of these will be Main Eventing for Smackdown at Final Destination!

The crowd Pops

Commercial Break

“3D” then hits over the PA system as D-von and Brother Ray make their way to the ring. They both do the 3D taunt then enter the ring. They then high five and wait for their opponent.

“Heart Throbs” then hits as Antonio and Romeo appear, D-von and Brother Ray laugh as the Heart Throbs enter the ring.


Team 3D still can’t believe they are facing the Heart Throbs as D-Von stays in the ring and Brother Ray moves onto the Apron. D-Von then hooks up with Antonio and simply throws him right back into his corner. D-Vo then charges into Antonio with a huge shoulder then a quick right. D-Von then Irish Whips Antonio into Team 3D’s corner and connects with another shoulder. D-Von then tags in Bubba Ray and Irish Whips Antonio into the ropes. D-Von picks up Antonio and Bubba Ray nails 3D! Romeo then charges into the ring and is also hit by a 3D Bubba Ray and D-Von then high five before pinning 1-2-3

Announcer: here’s your winners, Team 3D!

Suddenly MNM’s music hits as Team 3D looks confused and looks up at the ramp. Suddenly MNM appears in the crowd as team 3D continues to wait for MNM to come down the ramp. Suddenly MNM enters into the ring, Mercury has a Sledgehammer and Nitro has a chair. Mercury connects with a huge shot against D-Vons head while Nitro connects with Bubba Ray. Melina then enters the ring and signals for the Snapshot! Nitro then picks up Bubba Ray and picks him up into position for The Snapshot. Mercury then finishes the Snapshot as Bubba Ray starts to bleed. Mercury then rolls out of the ring and grabs a microphone and rolls back in.

Mercury: So look who crawled back into WWE? Team 3D…look guys you are washed up, you guys are done! And after this we are giving you guys an honorable chance to retire, after you were given the Snapshot by no other then…

Both: MNM!

The scene then fades back onto backstage with Big Show talking to his paramedics

Paramedic: Big Show, it doesn’t look like you should be in a match today, your conditions don’t look to good

Big Show: (Sigh) sorry Doc but I have to take Orton, he hit the RKO on me and I’m not going to let him get away with it…

Paramedic: are you sure…

Big Show: ya, I’m sure

The scene then fades back onto the commentators

Cole: wow MNM just brutalized Team 3D!

Tazz: I agree Cole, and up next we are going to have one of our newer stars in action, The Boogeyman, and he’s coming to get ya cole! (Laugh)

Cole: and he’s going to be facing 2 men, in a Handicap match!

Tazz; ya, Nunzio and Vito!

“Nunzio” then hits and Nunzio appears with Vito at the top of the ramp, Nunzio looks scared along with Vito. They slowly make their way to the ring.

“I’m The Boogeyman, and I’m coming to get ya” smoke then starts to flood the Entrance Ramp as a shadowy figure is seen. The Boogeyman walks down the ramp very slowly and then enters the ring and stares down Nunzio who rolls out of the ring. Nunzio looks very scared and tries to run away but Vito stops him and they then enter the ring again


Boogeyman slowly walks over to Nunzio and Vito who are both in the ring and says “I’m The Boogeyman, And I’m Coming To Get You!” Nunzio then charges him with a clothesline and it connects but it doesn’t affect The Boogeyman, Vito then charges with a clothesline but it doesn’t affect Boogeyman either. The Boogeyman then double clotheslines them to the ground and picks up Nunzio. Vito appears to be hurt. Nunzio is then picked up into a Stall Suplex as Boogeyman holds it. Boogeyman then drops Nunzio right onto Vito and begins to stomp on both of them. Boogeyman then picks up Vito and throws him out of the ring and Vito slowly begins to get to his feet. Boogeyman then throws Nunzio right onto Vito. Boogeyman then laughs and takes out the worms, Boogeyman then stuffs them into his mouth as Vito and Nunzio begin to regroup. They then enter the ring and Boogeyman laughs and shoulder charges Nunzio down and then kicks Vito in the gut and picks him up into the Pump Handle Slam position! The Boogeyman connects with it right onto Nunzio and pins both of them 1-2-3

Announcer: here’s your winner, The Boogeyman

Boogeyman then laughs and stuff worms into Vito’s mouth before exiting the ring.

Commercial Break

Backstage we see Josh Matthews with John Cena

Josh Matthews: I am here standing by with no other then the former champ Jo-

John Cena: Cut the crap now, when I was the WWE Champion my Chain Gang turned on me and now I’m turning on the Chain Gang, you see Josh I used to believe that the fans would stay wit’ me, but guess what, they turned on me, they turned on the WWE Champ! And all these losers here in Kentucky, go to KFC and have a cry over what you lost while eating the skin off all that crappy chicken

Cena then pushed Josh Matthews away as “My Time is Now” hits over the PA System the crowd gives huge heat to Cena as he walks down the ramp with a huge frown on his face, Cena then slides into the ring.

“GORE” then hits over the PA system and the crowd gives a pop to Rhino as he charges down the ramp. Rhino then slides into the ring and is hit by Cena with stomps.


Cena continues to stomp on Rhino as Rhino eventually gets to his feet, Cena Irish Whips Rhino into the ropes and Rhino comes back with a huge Shoulder Tackle to Cena knocking Cena down. The crowd pops as Rhino taunts. Cena gets to his feet but is taken down by a clothesline, Rhino then picks up Cena and hits a quick right and whips Cena into the corner, Cena counters whipping Rhino hard into the turnbuckle, Cena then charges into Rhino with a clothesline and bounces off with a bulldog. Cena gets to his feet and taunts to a huge amount of Heat. Rhino gets to his feet and Cena gets in position for the FU! Cena picks him up but Rhino jumps off Cena and runs to the ropes and attempts a Gore! Cena moves out of the way and Rhino bounces into the ropes and is hit with a neckbreaker. Cena gets back up and bounces slowly on the ropes and makes his way to Rhino while taunting Cena then drops his fist for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. The crowd continues to give him heat as he jumps onto the turnbuckle, Rhino gets up and charges Cena, Cena falls hard onto the turnbuckle and Rhino goes up top for a Superplex, Rhino connects and gets in position for the Gore! Rhino starts to taunt as Cena slowly gets up, Rhino charges and Cena trips Rhino into the turnbuckle, Rhino then rolls up Rhino 1-2 Kickout! Cena can’t believe it! Cena then exits the ring and grabs a chair from under the ring and enters the ring. Rhino is slowly getting to his feet as the ref tries to take the chai away from Cena. Rhino sees his chance and lines up for the Gore! The ref gets the chair off Cena and Rhino charges, Cena then Back Body Drops Rhino and Rhino drops hard on the ground. Cena then taunts for the FU and picks up Rhino. Cena picks up Rhino and taunts to the crowd as they boo and connects with the FU! Cena covers 1-2-3

Announcer: here’s your winner and advancing to the Semi-Finals, John Cena

Cena then gets up and does the You Can’t See Me taunt then rolls out of the ring to huge heat. Cena taunts once more and picks up a microphone

John Cena: Yo, what did I say, look who just defeated Rhino? That’s right John Cena! And guess what else? Next week I’m either facing the 500 Pound Lardass or that Wannabe Legend Killer!

Tazz: uh oh, I don’t think the Legend Killer will take this!

Cole: nor the Big Show!

Suddenly out of nowhere “Randy Orton appears at the entrance ramp and hits Cena across the head with a chair shot! Cena appears to be knocked out as Orton grabs a microphone

Randy Orton: wow, wow Cena a Wannabe? Look who wears torn jeans in the ring and thinks people actually like his rap? Look Cena you’re a Wangster, Actually you’re a Wannabe Wangster!

Tazz: Cena a Wannabe Wangster?

The crowd then cheers for the comment against Cena

“No Chance” then hits as Vince Mcmahon appears on the stage

Vince Mcmahon: Orton, that was a disgrace but you know what, next week if you win your match against the Big Show then in the tournament you’re going to be facing Cena in a Last Man Standing Match, and your match against the Big Show is up next!

Commercial Break

Randy Orton is preparing for his match in the ring and “Well, Well it’s The Big Show” then plays as the crowd pops for the Big Show, The Big Show has a bandage over his forehead and is staring down Cena as he walks down the ramp. Big Show then climbs up the stairs and enters the ring


Big Show then walks straight at Orton who backs into the corner and starts to choke him with one hand 1-2-3-4 Big Show then lets go of the choke and Orton begins to regain his breath. Big Show then delivers a huge slap across the chest of Orton. Big Show then backs up into the opposite corner and looks to deliver an Avalanche. Big Show charges but is hit with a foot in the face from Orton. Big Show backs away holding his face as it looks like he is busted open. Orton then delivers a punch to Big Show back. Orton continues hitting lefts and right then delivers an Axe Handle sending Big Show into the corner. Orton tries to Irish Whip Big Show but can’t pull him instead Big Show delivers a small shoulder to Orton and holds onto Orton’s hand and delivers another shoulder, and finally another knocking Orton down. Big Show then stomps on Orton and attemps another and Orton rolls out of the way and onto his feet. Big Show then attempts a clothesline but Orton ducks and attempts an RKO! Big Show pushes Orton away straight onto his back. Big Show then bounces on the ropes and falls right onto Orton and covers 1- Kickout Orton gets a shoulder up and Big Show gets to his feet and does his Chokeslam taunt to the crowd. Orton then gets up and Big Show wraps his hand around Orton’s neck. Orton then kicks Big Show in the gut and jumps up for an RKO! Orton connects and taunts before covering Big Show 1-2- Kickout! Orton can’t believe it. Orton then delivers kicks to Big Show who is lying on the ground now busted open. Orton picks up Big Show and delivers an RKO!1-2 Orton can’t believe it again! Orton exits the ring and reaches for a chair from under the ring. Randy pulls one out and climbs back into the ring. Orton raises it above his head but the ref stops him from hitting Big Show. Orton then has the chair ripped off of him and thrown outside of the ring. Orton then picks up Big Show who is still recovering from the RKO and applies a Neck Breaker Submission. Big Show doesn’t even struggle as he is too tired and slumps to the ground and onto his knee’s Orton continues to apply the Neck Breaker until suddenly Big Show starts to get onto his feet! Big Show then spins out of the Neck Breaker and hits a fist onto Orton and Irish Whips Orton to the ropes and sticks out a boot and connects with a Big Boot. Big Show smiles and taunts to the crowd and gets a pop. Big Show picks Orton up and picks Orton up into a Stall Suplex the crowd counts out loud as Big Show continues to hold Orton in the air 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 Big Show then drops Orton and pins 1- Kickout. Big Show gets off Orton and looks slightly frustrated, Big Show then grins before raising his arm in his Chokeslam Taunt! The crowd pops as Orton slowly gets to his feet and Big Show puts his hand around Orton’s neck! Orton suddenly spins around and jumps up for an RKO! Big Show put his arms under Orton and holds Orton in the air and picks him up onto his shoulder! Orton slides down off Big Show’s back and Big Show turns around and is nailed by an RKOOrton then has a grin on his face and picks up Big Show and brings him into the corner. Orton then sets up Big Show into position for the Super RKO! Orton connects and continues to grin as he covers 1-2-3!

Announcer: here’s your winner and advancing to the Semi-Finals, Randy Orton!

Vince Mcmahon then steps out again

Vince Mcmahon: Orton, you know what this means, in 2 weeks you will be facing John Cena in a Last Man Standing Match for the Semi-Finals of the World Heavyweight Title Tournament!

The scene then fades out

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TNA: After a recent WWE Final Destination Meeting TNA will be airing only once every two weeks because of the less air time TNA will not have any single brand PPV's instead all their PPV's will be paired with either Raw or Smackdown

Raw: Stone Cold Steve Austin has recently met with Vince Mcmahon with a new idea of an interbrand title. This title would be defended only at PPV's between Smackdown Raw and TNA Superstars. Stonecold stated it could revolutionize Final Destination even further

Smackdown: Smackdown has prepared a huge card for Final Destination with matches for all titles. Also on Thursday the Tournament will finish the Quarter Finals. Final Destination has also been considering a stipulations match in the Main Event although this is not confirmed but it will likely happen

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ok ok everyone sorry for the delay of both SD and Raw just please bear with us that we have been having very busy schedules and we do want to continue this thread

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WWE Overview: it has also been reported that TNA has gone out of buisness, although Final Destination will be keeping most of the stars.
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