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Not sure if there is a section for this but It's WWE related but not about Smackdown or Raw per se. I hope it's redirected to the appropriate section if this isn't it.

Anyway, I know I'm probably not alone in not finding any of WWE's movies entertaining whether it's for TV or Theater. However, the concept of a Wyatt Family movie could be interesting and The Soska Twins have even expressed doing interest in the film.

Now would I necessarily want them to direct it? No but if the right people got their hands on then it could be as good as Deliverance or Devil's Rejects with a bit of occult(not that I'm big on the occult or anything but this calls for it)horror mixed in like Amityville, Annabelle or The Conjuring.

So What I want to know is

1. Should this film be an origin film with non wrestlers in the role or just a film centered around the family starring Wyatt, Harper, Rowan and an actress for Sister Abigail?

2. Who would you cast in the role of Sister Abigail? Both young and old

In my personal opinion, It would work best as an origin movie with actual actors with the story centering around Sister Abigail and her influence on the Wyatts with everything from How she met them to what happened to her alongside her connections to Wyatt, Rowan and Harper.

As for who I'd cast for Sister Abigail, I'd cast Lily Rabe for her younger years and Jessica Lange for her older years. Now those two both played in American Horror story together multiple times and both have shown versatility as actresses in the show.

If you've seen the way Jessica Lange portrays Fiona I can easily that being Sister Abigail's persona in her dying years. A conniving, manipulative ruthless old women with sympathetic traits to her character and Lily Rabe has shown that she can be conniving and twisted as well judging from Season 2 of AHS as well as being a somewhat friendly sympathetic figure ala Season 3.

Now feel free to give your thoughts?
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