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This thread serves multiple purposes, so here is the best way to find what you want.

Hit Ctrl + F on your keyboard and then copy and paste (or just type) one of the following sections into the field that pops up to go to it, including the asterisk (little star thing):

*Rules and Regulations
*PWA Wrestlers
*Weekly Shows
*Scoring System
*Example Match
*Overness System

*Character Creation
*Active Characters

*Tag Team / Stable Creation
*Active Groups

*Roster Summary
*Overness Rankings
*Title History



Pure Wrestling Alliance (PWA) is a WWE fantasy league (or prediction fed; p-fed for short).

The way it works is like any wrestling promotion: there are matches and feuds, titles and popularity; and to win you must defeat your opponent in the squared-circle by more accurately predicting the results of future WWE shows.

Think of it like a fantasy league such as football or hockey or soccer, but for wrestling. Instead of picking a quarterback and a running back and some wide receivers, you’re just going to pick a couple wrestlers each week and be awarded points for how well they perform.

*PWA Wrestlers

The wrestlers of the PWA are played by those of you who have signed up to join! In order to join you should visit the Character Creation part of this thread and fill out the form. You can simply copy a real-life wrestler's profile or be creative and make one of your own.

As your wrestler progresses through the ranks he will earn title opportunities and so-on-and-so-forth. Each week, based on his output in the ring, your character will earn, or lose, Overness. Overness is the objective value of your character, and is used to determine ranking on the card and future match scheduling. The more matches you win, the more over you become.

Your wrestler also has the opportunity, via the weekly Promo Thread (which for now is also the weekly card thread), to cut promos on how awesome he is and why no one should fuck with him. These promos, combined with match results, affect your character's Overness as well (more on all this later).

*Weekly Shows

Your wrestler will be put into matches on the weekly card of their brand: Tuesday Night Thunder (TNT) (or Friday Night Xplosion (FNX) when we get big enough). Unlike real wrestling, the results of the card are not pre-scripted, making the PWA, with its genuine competition, a fake wrestling organization (lol).

Once the weekly card is posted you have until Monday before RAW begins taping (for normal weeks) or Sunday before the PPV begins taping (for PPV weeks) to post your picks in the weekly card thread, as well as make any promos in the Promo Thread. Your picks consist of 8 wrestlers, from Raw or Smackdown, who you think will earn the most points for you during the week's programming, followed by two wrestlers as Back-Ups in case of a draw. As an example, you could pick the following:

William Regal
Daniel Bryan
CM Punk


I will usually post results some time on Thursday (which means the card will contain clues to potential spoilers, so don’t read it until after SD on Friday if you care); and the next card will be posted around those times as well.

Remember, due to the popularity of some word games here, the weekly card thread could disappear onto the second page. You should always assume that there is a card for the week up somewhere; so be sure to look on the second page before saying anything!

*Scoring System

As mentioned before, your picks earn points for you through the course of the WWE week by performing certain tasks on television. A full list of such accomplishments, and their respective values, are listed below. First are points that can be earned on the weekly shows, followed by points that can be earned exclusively on PPVs, followed by points that can be earned on all shows.

Take note that for SD! I will be rewarding points according to spoilers, which are of course descriptions of the show as it appears to the live audience (though, recently, SD! has occasionally been airing live on Tuesday nights, which will make things more standardized).

Lastly, mistakes will surely be made when I tally points. If I make a mistake, don't just feel free to call me on it, CALL ME ON IT! If any of the points seem off then please post in the respective weekly card thread and let me know. Thanks.

+1 - Appearance*
+1 - Finisher Executed
+3 - Match
+2 - Finisher Leads Directly to Win**
+2 - Victory via DQ
+3 - Victory
- 1 - Defeat

+3 - Appearance*
+2 - Finisher Executed
+5 - Match
+3 - Finisher Leads Directly to Win**
+3 - Victory via DQ
+5 - Victory
- 3 - Defeat

+5 - Win a Title Match***
- 3 - Lose a Title Match***

* Appearance Points are earned when one of your picks appears in front of the audience live. This means that flashbacks to prior events, highlight clips, etc., do not count. Your picks receive Appearance Points for every separate appearance they have during a show, so if they appear once to cut a promo, and then later on to wrestle in a match, they earn two separate Appearance Points (which means 4 points on a PPV). If a commercial break splits an appearance in two (let's say during a match) that does not count as two separate appearances – we score as if we were in the arena watching the show, which means your wrestler was in one consistent appearance.

** Finisher Leads Directly to Win Points are earned by having your pick's finisher lead directly to a win for your pick. Directly means that no other moves are executed on the pinned wrestler after your pick's finisher is executed – i.e., if Orton is in a triple threat match, and he hits Edge with the RKO, but then Ziggler throws Orton out of the ring and pins Edge, Ziggler does not get Finisher Leads Directly to Win Points. Orton does not either, even though his finisher led to a win, since he did not win the match himself.

*** Title Match Victory/Defeat points are assessed on top of all other victory/defeat points. So if you win a title match on a PPV, you get 5 points for winning the match, and another 5 for winning a match that involves a title. Title Match Points are also only rewarded if other specific criteria is met: if your pick is the champion, he must successfully defend via pinfall, submission, or countout; if your pick is the challenger, he must successfully become the new champion to get the points.

Since the Scoring System is fundamental to the fed, and it being understood essential to fair competition, it is very important you ask any questions you may have about it by posting in this thread. Also, if you can think of any instance that might hypothetically occur on WWE television that the Scoring System is ambiguous or unclear about, please let me know. Thanks.

*Example Match

Let's say, instead of 8 wrestlers, you only get to pick one. Here's an example of how that might work:

You pick:
CM Punk

Your opponent for the week picks:

CM Punk is involved in a match on Raw, which he wins with the GTS. He receives, therefore, the following points:

+1 - Appearance
+1 - Finisher Executed
+3 - Match
+2 - Finisher Leads Directly to Win
+3 - Victory

Which gives you a total of 10 points on the week.

The Undertaker has a segment on SD!, but no match. He comes out and gives two people the Tombstone Piledriver. He receives:

+1 - Appearance
+1 - Finisher Executed
+1 - Finisher Executed

This gives him 3 points.

Therefore, you beat your opponent 10 to 3 in the match.

It is literally just like fantasy American football, or association football, or hockey, etc. You typically face an opponent during the course of a week, and have to earn more points than they do. The only real difference is that your picks can change each week, and you and your opponent can pick the same wrestler(s).

*Overness System

The Overness System is something I have developed as an attempt to make the booking process as objective as possible. This is not to say that the booking process will be decided entirely by the Overness Rankings. After all, part of the fun of wrestling is its unpredictability: tournaments where midcarders have a chance to beat main eventers; huge over-the-top battle royals; “last chance” matches and big feuds that push one wrestler and relegate another. The main purpose of the Overness rankings is to provide some semblance of sanity to the booking process, avoid bias, and objectively measure success.

When your wrestler enters the company, he enters with an automatic Overness of 50. It works as follows:

Overness on Shows
+1 - Thunder/Xplosion Match Victory*
+2 - PPV Match Victory*
+2 - Win the Hardcore Title*
+3 - Win an Under-Card Title (TV and Tag Team Titles)*
+6 - Win the WHC*

- 1 - Lose the Hardcore Title
- 2 - Lose an Under-Card Title
- 3 - Lose the World Title

+1 - Victory After Promo**
- 1 - Defeat After Promo**

+3 - Victory After Turning (explained in “*Turning” section)
- 3 - Defeat After Turning (explained in “*Turning” section)

+1 - Best Performance on Thunder/Xplosion
+2 - Best Performance at PPV***

Card-Specific Overness****
-4 - Lose One Match at 80 to 100 (World-Renowned)
-3 - Lose One Match at 75 to 79 (Face of the Company)
-2 - Lose One Match at 70 to 74 (Main Eventer)
-1 - Lose One Match at 60 to 69 (Upper Midcarder)
-1 - Lose One Match when Making a Promo below 59 (Midcard or lower)

* All Match Victory points are rewarded separately and you can only receive one for any given match. It works so that if you fit in to two of the “match victory” categories, you only get points for one of them – that being the one that is worth the most. So if you win the main PWA title on Thunder, you get 6 points for Win the WHC, but you do not get the 1 for winning a match on Thunder. And if you win an under-card title in a PPV match then you get 3 points for an Win an Under-Card Title, but you do not get the 2 for winning a regular PPV match. Hopefully this is clear.

Also, take note that points for winning titles are only rewarded when the title is first won. Successfully defending a title does not get you points for winning it. Instead, successful title defenses garner you basic match victory points (depending on whether the title defense takes place on Thunder/Xplosion, or a PPV).

** As mentioned before, each week you will have the opportunity to cut promos promoting your own wrestler or harassing another. On any week where you win your match and also conduct a promo you gain one point, but if you conduct a promo and lose your match then you lose one point. This makes cutting promos a sort of gamble.

*** Pretty simple. Whoever gets the highest score during a PPV week receives a two point increase to their Overness for putting on a good show. In case of a tie, back-ups are used. If there is still a tie, the two (or more) people both receive two points.

**** Making loss of points easier as you become more over is realistic in that you are expected to perform better by the audience, and so you are punished more readily for failing to do so. The purpose it serves in our fed is that it gives diminishing returns as you climb the card so that no one can pull too far away and become too over. Since title shots and match scheduling is determined largely by a wrestler's Overness, it is important that we keep everyone relatively close.

In the event of a draw, both wrestlers receive Overness as if they had won the match. I think this makes sense because a draw in real wrestling tends to be the result of a close match, which generally puts both wrestlers more over with the audience.

I personally feel that 50 Overness coming in is a good number as it makes it more than possible to catch up to main event title holders (who I presume will be in the 70's) with the right amount of success, while, at the same time, rewards longevity and keeps newcomers from winning the main title within two weeks of entering the promotion.


As a general rule, I will try to book heels against faces, to keep the card at least somewhat comparable to a real wrestling card. Sometimes I will be unable to do this. Since I book every single wrestler we have signed up for every single card, there might be more faces than heels, or vise-versa; or there could be dedicated triple threat or four way matches that offset the balance.

Regardless, for the most part, I will try to book heels against faces. This can affect your title chances. If a heel has the belt, and you are a heel, it wouldn’t make sense (usually) to book a heel vs. heel title match (though a heel vs. face vs. heel triple threat match is always a possibility!). For this reason you may want to turn you wrestler if you think you’d otherwise have a sure shot at the title.

You may, of course, want to turn for other reasons. Maybe you’re tired of your current disposition, maybe you are turning on your tag team partner or stable, or maybe you just want to try something new. Here are the rules for turning your wrestler:

You may turn you wrestler at any time, for any reason, immediately. All you need to do is let me know BEFORE the time-deadline for making your weekly picks ends. For example, you have until Monday before RAW begins taping to make picks during a normal week. The deadline for your picks is the same deadline for making a promo, and the same deadline for announcing your turn.

You may announce your turn in a promo, or you may just randomly post about it in the weekly thread. Alternatively, if you wish to keep it surprising, you may PM me about it. Either way, I will make your turn a part of my results post for the weekly card.

When you turn, if you win your match, you get bonus points for your Overness. If you lose, you lose points. This is because of how silly you would look in real wrestling if you turned and then got your ass kicked.

You may only turn once every two months. So if you turn on August 27th, you may not turn again until October 28th. The reason for this should be obvious. Not only does it make it tougher for me to book if people are constantly turning, but it’s just kind of retarded if your wrestler turns every other week.


The PWA is currently accepting a roster size of 20 wrestlers to compete on its Thunder brand. As of this this time (February 16), 2 spots are available.

These first 20 spots are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are one of the first 20 people to create a character, you will be put on the roster. However, if at any time you fail to make picks two weeks in a row, despite being scheduled in a match, then you will be suspended without exception. You will lose your spot on the roster and it will be forfeited to whoever is next in line.

If you are going on vacation, or expect to be away from your computer for whatever reason, then please just let me know somehow (this generally won't be a problem unless you are a title-holder, in which case we'll have to write you off the title somehow: kayfabe injury, locker-room assault, authority figure strips you of title, etc.). Either way, if you let me know you will be gone, I will NOT schedule you, and you will not be obligated to post picks. But if I place you on the card, then you will be held responsible for not picking.

The only way the PWA can run properly is if people participate every week by making their picks. So long as you make your picks, I have no reason to replace you on the roster.

To create a PWA wrestler simply fill out the following form and post it in this thread. Obviously keep it realistic. You may only have one active wrestler at a time.

Character Creation Form
Name: (include nickname if applicable)
Height / Weight:
Disposition: (heel / face / tweener)
Entrance Music:
In-Ring Style: (brief description)
Signature Move(s): (up to three)
Finisher(s): (up to two)

*Active Characters

Thunder General Manager - Kevin Andrews (tweener)
Colour Commentator - Floyd "The Fish" Smith (face)
Play-by-Play Man - Johnny Ray (heel)
Backstage Interviewer - Lacy (face; attractive, big-boobs, brunette)
Ring Announcer - Kaitlin Moore (face; reserved, minds her own business; think WWE's Jillian Garcia)


Interested in joining with another wrestler to form a tag team? Or maybe you want to join with more than one to form a stable? Have someone from your group post your team/stable profile in here and you'll be on your way!

In case you were wondering, creating a tag team makes it more likely that I'll book you to fight for tag team gold, but does not ruin your chances for singles gold, so don't be afraid to team up! Often times I will book you in two separate matches on a card (i.e., a singles match, and a tag team match).

And if you are creating a Stable that has a Tag Team within it then please post both forms in this thread, thanks.

Tag Team Form
Team Name: (if any)
Disposition: (heel / face)
Other Info: (if any)

Stable Form
Stable Name: (mandatory)
Disposition: (heel / face)
Positions: (who in your stable wants to fight for tag titles, if anyone? Who is staying exclusively a singles wrestler? Freebird Rules do apply – i.e., three people can hold the tag titles and rotate for a match, which means all three will gain and lose points for winning/losing matches, or the tag team title, regardless of which two are in the match).
Other Info: (if any)

*Active Groups

The Cataclysm (heel) - Lee Powell, AG Zero, and Jack Young (freebird tag team)

The Faction (tweener) - Kevin Andrews (authority figure) and James Shelley

Muerte desda arriba! (face) - Mascara de la Muerte and Little Jiminy Cricket (tag team)


*Overness Rankings

Ov. .... Wrestler Name (disposition) as of Thunder #31

79 ...... Lee Powell (heel)
74 ...... Dave Martini (tweener)
72 ...... Mascara de la Muerte (face)
71 ...... Little Jiminy Cricket (face)

68 ...... AG Zero (tweener)
66 ...... The Tutor (heel)
65 ...... Nelson King (face)
61 ...... Bangarang (face)
60 ...... Jack Young (heel)
60 ...... Dustin Dreamer (face)

58 ...... James Shelley (tweener)
58 ...... KeRo (tweener)
57 ...... John Connor (face)
51 ...... Ryan Trevors (heel)
51 ...... Tom Bombadil (face)

50 ...... Mike Hero (tweener)
50 ...... Sweet 'n' Sour (tweener)
50 ...... Jesus Valentine (heel)
50 ...... Muhammad Islami (heel)

Suspended wrestlers must contact me via PM or in any PWA thread for an attempt to get a roster spot back. If there are spots available, they will be reinstated - otherwise they must join the wait-list, along with anyone else who may be on it.

61 ...... GTI (tweener) (Thunder #19)
57 ...... Gustavo de Leon (face) (Thunder #21)
54 ...... HKC (heel) (Thunder #23)
52 ...... Ronnie Shullman (tweener) Thunder #24
59 ...... Randy Orton (face) Thunder #30
59 ...... Carter Albano (face) Thunder #30
50 ...... Playboy Mike (heel) Thunder #32
50 ...... El Amazing-o (heel) Thunder #32


*Title History

Lee Powell - PWA World Heavyweight Championship
October 1, 2012 to ???
Cashed in his Money in the Bank Contract against Cricket at Thunder #18 in Antwerp, Belgium.

Little Jiminy Cricket - August 19, 2012 to October 1, 2012 (44 days)
Pinned his partner, Mascara de la Muerte, in a triple threat match with Nelson King, at PWA Invasion.

Nelson King - July 2, 2012 to August 19, 2012 (49 days)
Defeated HKC on the July 2nd episode of Thunder to become PWA's first two-time champion.

HKC - June 17, 2012 to July 2, 2012 (16 days)
Pinned Mr. Malaka in a triple threat match that also involved defending champion, Nelson King, at PWA Containment.

Nelson King - May 20, 2012 to June 17, 2012 (37 days)
Became inaugural WHC by defeating Harry Keith Cresswell at PWA Overdrive.

Dave Martini - PWA Television Championship
December 16, 2012 to ???
Defeated AG Zero, Bangarang, and The Tutor in a Four Way Ladder Match at Ascension.

AG Zero - October 28, 2012 to December 16, 2012 (50 days)
Conquered Dave Martini at Hellbound to begin his second TV Title reign.

Dave Martini - September 16, 2012 to October 28, 2012 (43 days)
Defeated AG Zero at PWA Gold and Glory to win his first TV Title.

"Cyberpunk" AG Zero - July 15, 2012 to September 16, 2012 (64 days)
At PWA Heat Wave, Cyberpunk conquered Carter Albano.

Carter Albano - June 17, 2012 to July 15, 2012 (29 days)
Defeated Lee Powell in what was arguably match of the night at PWA Containment.

Lee Powell - May 20, 2012 to June 17, 2012 (37 days)
Overcame four other wrestlers in a ladder match to become the first TV Champion.

Peligroso y Poderoso (Mascara de la Muerte and Little Jiminy Cricket) - PWA Tag Team Championship
September 16, 2012 to ???
Acquired the vacated titles by defeating Jack Young/Lee Powell and James Shelley/Ronnie Shullman. After GTI's October suspension, Mascara de la Muerte defended the titles by himself against The Faction until Little Jiminy Cricket joined him.

Vacant - June 17, 2012 to September 16, 2012
Kevin Andrews announced after PWA Containment that Mr. Malaka and The Vet had been suspended and, thus, stripped of the tag team titles.

The Fuckhead Patrol (Mr. Malaka and The Veterinarian) - June 4, 2012 to June 17, 2012 (14 days)
Defeated Muerte desda arriba! at the June 4th edition of PWA Thunder.

PWA Hardcore Championship
The Tutor - PWA Hardcore Championship
Pinned KeRo in a triple threat match with Nelson King at PWA Over the Top.

Nelson King - October 28, 2012 to January 27, 2013 (92 days)
At Hellbound, King became the first three time champion of the PWA.

Bangarang - September 16, 2012 to October 28, 2012 (49 days)
Became the inaugural Hardcore Champion in a battle royal at PWA Gold and Glory.

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I'll join this is my one -

Name: (include nickname if applicable) James Curran (ME)
Age: 24
Height / Weight: 6'2 257 Pounds
Disposition: (heel / face / tweener)
Entrance Music: Champion - Chipmunk
In-Ring Style: (brief description) Big dominater who likes to hurt his rivalrs
Signature Move(s): (up to three) Drop Kick, Kick to face, Five star frog splash.
Finisher(s): (up to two) Powerbomb

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Did you mean to say that the Poewrbomb is your finisher? And the other three moves are your signature moves?
Yeah. I'll correct that thanks.

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Name: HKC (Harry Keith Cresswell)
Age: 23
Height / Weight: 6'2/240 Pounds
Disposition: Cocky Heel
Entrance Music: Nas ft. Puff Daddy - You Can Hate Me Now
In-Ring Style: A ring technician who picks apart his opponent with submissions such as headlocks and sleeper holds which wears his opponent down.
Signature Move(s): Spear, Clothesline From Hell, DDT
Finisher(s): Peoples Elbow, Wasteland

The legend never dies
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Character Creation Form
Name: Super Swag( gimmick cocky, spot monkey but shows off with fancy cars and money)
Age: 22
Height / Weight: 6'1 245lbs
Disposition: (heel / face / tweener)
Entrance Music: Can't be touched by Roy Jones Jr
In-Ring Style: (brief description)Brawler usually throws punches but also uses speed/techincal to his advantage
Signature Move(s): German Suplex, 450 Splash, Powerbomb
Finisher(s): Swagger Swag( shooting star press leg drop)

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Name: The Elecctrocutioner
Age: 23
Height / Weight: 6" 155 lbs
Disposition: Face
Entrance Music: Thunderstuck- ACDC
In-Ring Style: Highflying lurchador.
Signature Move(s): Flying clothesline (called the powerline), Turning side kick, Moonsault
Finisher(s): Primary Finisher: The Powercut (Flying mounted triangle choke off the turnbuckle). Secondary Finisher: Crane kick.
Charachter rep: My Avy.

Open to tagging.

Also IMO each superstar should have a price and you have a budget so that you can't just pick all the main eventers. Also you should only be able to change like 2 wrestlers on your team every-month else people will just read the scheduled matches/spoilers and pick those wrestlers.

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Name: Lee Powell
Age: 25
Height / Weight: 6" 145 lbs
Disposition: Heel
Entrance Music: Immortal by Adema
In-Ring Style: Submission specialist
Signature Move(s): Codebreaker
Finisher(s): LeBell Lock / Anaconda Vise

Twitter: @CataclysmPowell

Premium Member
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Do we track our points on our own then? And do I choose my 8 +2 back up wrestlers now? or just create one?

Name: Little Jiminy Cricket
Age: 58
Height / Weight: 5' 10" 193lbs (177.8cm, 87.7kg)
Disposition: Face
Entrance Music: Live & Let Die - Guns and Roses
In-Ring Style: High Flyer/martial artists
Signature Move(s):

1.)rope jump (runs along the rope with opponent's arm in hand, then back flips around the middle, landing on the opponents arms)
2.)Trampoline Splash (jumping from outside the ring, over the ropes, to land on opponent)

Finisher(s): Death from above. Does a 10 jump off the top rope, a 960 spin in mid air, then dives chest first into his opponent.

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Do we track our points on our own then? And do I choose my 8 +2 back up wrestlers now? or just create one?
Nope. I will keep track of all the points and totals.

And no. Each week, when the weekly card is posted, you will have the opportunity to pick any 8 + 2 wrestlers you want. Every week you can pick 8 + 2 new ones when the new card is posted.

You do not have to commit to any wrestlers for any long period of time. Every week there will be a new card, and every week you must pick 8 + 2 wrestlers.

The Loose Cannon
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Name: 'Devious' Nelson King

Age: 23
Height / Weight: 6'3" / 212 pounds
Disposition: Tweener
Entrance Music: Skrillex - Cinema
In-Ring Style: Cocky, Technical and devious.
Signature Move(s): Multiple strikes, Half Nelson Back Breaker, Full Nelson
Finisher(s): Frog Splash Elbow Drop, Superkick

This looks like a lot of fun!

EDIT: Can you please remove 'super' from my character creation on the first post? His nickname is 'Devious'.

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When is this likely to begin?

Will we get PM'd?
I'll definitely PM everyone for the first week. After that ya'll are on your own, unless I feel really nice. (Y)

The first week is gonna be for Extreme Rules. So I'll get the card up for that on the 24th/25th. Picks will be due the 29th, before Extreme Rules begins taping.

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Name: The Assassin
Age: 28
Height / Weight: 5"9, 205lb.
Disposition: Heel.
Entrance Music: Airbourne - Born To Kill
In-Ring Style: High-flyer witha lot of resilience, can throw in a few technical moves if needed.
Signature Move(s): Hurricanrana, Sunset Flip, DDT.
Finisher(s): Life-Ender (Corkscrew off the top rope)
End Of Time (Kneeling down with opponent on front, Double Ankle Lock whilst holding arms behind back.)

Career Ender!
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Character Creation Form
Name: Bygrave
Age: 22
Height / Weight: 6'6 232lbs
Disposition: (heel / face / tweener)
Entrance Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hglVqACd1C8 Sober by Tool
In-Ring Style: Big dominant wrestler, ex navy seal, very technical but also very powerful.
Signature Move(s): Big Boot, powerbomb, spinebuster.
Finisher(s): (up to two) Modified Canadian Destroyer which I call The Firezone and a submission hold called Guillotine.

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Name: Mr Malaka

Manager: Heartburn (Clown)

Something like this. Basically Heartburn will be big on distractions by scaring/intimidating people/referees. He also throws in Raw meat to distract people. Heartburn also makes Balloon animals to entice referees into being distracted, He then pops the balloons which angers the referee and Heartburn rides around on a unicycle while the ref chases him.

Age: 24

Height / Weight: 6'/220 pounds

Disposition: Heel

Entrance Music:
Liquid Tension Experiment - Paradigm Shift

In-Ring Style: Technical/Dirty

Signature Move(s): Kitchen Sink - Heartburn drives out one of those little clown cars full of clowns and/or weapons.

Sonic Boom - Mr Malaka gets the opponent in a headlock and screams in his ear at the top of his lungs for a full minute.

A Crying Shame - Mr Malaka gets so sad that he cries and collapses, then when the opponent comes to console him, he jams his thumbs into their eyes.

Finisher(s): Dirty finisher; Weapons hidden in tights (knuckle dusters, blinding powder etc),

Clean Finisher; Tatsumaki @ 7:47

EDIT: I am up for joining a Tag Team :)
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