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I am going to be writing a fictional WWE show called Faith and Destiny. I will write a differant one every week. It will have all the titles there are now and there will be a differant roster. I will post the first show Monday oct.11 Faith will be posted on Thursday oct.14.

Here is the roster:

GM: Shane McMann
Shawn Michaels
Randy Orton (World champion)
Big Show
Brock Lesner
Triple H
Booker T
Danny Basham (Tag team champion)
Doug Basham (Tag team champion)
Jonny Stamboli
Orlando Jordan
Shelton Benjamin
Matt Hardy
Rob Conway
Sylvan Grenier
Val Venis
Steven Richards
Gene Snitskey
John Heidenreich
Rene Dupree
Christian (Intercontinental champion)
Jeff hardy

GM:paul Heyman
Eddie Guerrero
Stone Cold
The Rock
Kurt Angle (WWE champion)
Chris Benoit
Billy Gunn
Charlie Haas
John Cena (US champion)
Kenzo Sezuki
Luther Reins
Rob Van Dam (Tag team champion)
Chris Jericho (Tag team champion)
Ric Flair
Tyson Tomko
William Regal
Shannon Moore
Paul London
Spike Dudley
The Hurricane
Scotty 2 Hotty
Mysterio (cruiserweight champion)
Billy Kidman

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I am doing it so I can get more people on my friends other wrestling forum site. I said that I would post it on pw forums (my friends new wrestling forum site). Please join my friends new wrestling forum website, it is called pw forums.
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Advertising? You cant advertise. I suggest you just copy and paste the shows into this thread and then put that site in your sig. This way you can develop readers here and maybe if they like your shows they can visit your site. Dont advertise the site though on the forums besided in your signature or you can be banned.

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First the pyros for Destiny go off.

Paul Heyman then comes out to make an announcement.

Heyman: I will be holding a tournament for the #1 contender ship for Kurt Angles WWE championship at Survivor Series. The contenders will be Eddie Guerrero, Stone Cold, The Rock, Goldberg, The Undertaker, Chris Benoit, John Cena and Edge. The first match of the tournament will be tonight, it will be The Rock vs The Undertaker.

Heyman then leaves the ring.

Cole: Tazz, did you here that. There is going to be a huge tournament to get a shot at Angle’s title.

Tazz: Yep, this should be very exciting.

Commercial break

(Here is the tournament) *

Billy Kidman vs. Scotty 2 Hotty
Kidman and Scotty make their way to the ring.

Cole: Well this should be an interesting match.

Tazz: Yes it sure will.

The match starts off with Kidman and Scotty grappling. Kidman then knees Scotty in the stomach and whips Scotty into the turnbuckle. Kidman tries to run into Scotty in the turnbuckle but Scotty puts his foot up and kicked Kidman in the face. Scotty then punches Kidman a few times and whips Kidman against the ropes and gives Kidman a back body drop. Scotty then puts Kidman in a boston crab. Kidman then eventually makes it to the ropes. After Kidman makes it to the ropes Scotty starts to get Kidman up but then Kidman pushes Scotty away and gives him a huge drop kick. Both men are down, they both start to get up at a 7 count. Kidman then gives Scotty a spining back suplex. Kidman then hits a falling powerbomb on Scotty. Kidman goes for a pin but only gets a 2 count. Kidman then goes for another falling powerbomb on Scotty but Scotty reverses it into a hurricanrana. Scotty then hits a bulldog on Kidman and then goes for the worm. When Scotty is about to hit the worm Kidman roles out of the ring. Scotty then putting his attention on his hurt hand Kidman roles back in the ring and gives Scotty a BK bomb. Kidman then pules scotty close to the turnbuckle and hits the shooting star press and gets the 3 count.

winner- Billy Kidman

Cole: That was a great match, and that was a beautiful shooting star press.

Commercial break

Luther Reins makes his way out to the ring and takes a microphone.

Luther: I am out here to challenge John Cena for the US championship. I am way more deserving for that title than John Cena is. I am a stronger, smarter, better looking and all around better wrestler than John Cena.

John Cena then makes his way to the ring.

Cena: Yo Yo Yo, you can’t see me Luther (then Cena makes a rap, everybody knows I can’t rap so I’m not going to try). Luther if you deserved to be champion then you would be. Luther, you think you where so cool pushing Kurt Angle around in a wheel chair and now being his suck up bitch.

Luther was about to attack Cena but then Paul Heyman came out.

Heyman: Luther I will give you a shot at the US championship if you can win your match tonight against Chris Benoit.

Commercial break

Cole: The winners of this match will face Jericho and RVD for the Tag titles next week on Destiny

Tazz: Yes, it is Tyson and Kenzo vs. Rhyno and Tajiri, it should be a great match.

#1 contender ship match for the Tag Team titles
Rhyno and Tajiri vs Tyson Tomko and Kenzo Sezuki w/Hirioko

The match starts off with Tajiri and Kenzo. Kenzo goes to work on Tajiri and whips him into the turnbuckle. Kenzo tries to run into Tajiri when he is in the turnbuckle but Tajiri jumps up, wraps his legs around Kenzo and puts him in the tarantula. Tajiri has to let go after a 5 count. Tajiri then goes for a buzz saw kick but Kenzo ducks and gives Tajiri a huge close line. Kenzo then gets Tajiri up and gives him a backbreaker. Kenzo then drags Tajiri over to his corner and tags in Tomko. Tomko then gives Tajiri a body press drop. Tomko then taunts Rhyno. Rhyno then tries to attack Tomko but the Ref stops Rhyno and that distracts the Ref. Tomko and Kenzo start to double team Tajiri with kicks in the turnbuckle. The Ref then turns around and Kenzo is back in his corner. Tomko then whips Tajiri against the ropes and tries to close line him but Tajiri ducks and gives Tomko a super kick and both men are down. Tajiri starts to crawl over to his corner but Tomko grabs his leg but then Tajiri gives Tomko an Enzaguri. Tajiri then makes a tag to Rhyno. Rhyno then gives Tomko a close line. Kenzo runs in the ring and tries to attack Rhyno but Rhyno close lines Kenzo. Tomko then gets up and Rhyno gives him a spine buster. Then Kenzo gets up and Rhyno gives him a Gore. Rhyno then turns around and Tomko gives him a big boot. Tomko goes for the pin but Tajiri breaks it up and gives Tomko a buzz saw kick. Kenzo then comes in and gives Tajiri a Claw hold STO. Then he throws Rhyno out of the ring and drags Tomko on top Tajiri and the Ref makes the three count.

winners- Tyson Tomko and Kenzo Sezuki
Tazz: That was a great match, but the Ref shouldn’t have counted the three count because Tajiri wasn’t the legal man.

Cole: That was a careless mistake by the Ref. Josh Mathews is going to interview Kurt Angle about his title win over The Undertaker at Wrestlemania and the upcoming tournament.

commercial break

Josh: Kurt, thank you for taking this time to let us interview you on your title win at Wrestlemania against The Undertaker and about the tournament that will take place for the #1 contender ship for your WWE title at Survivor Series. So Kurt, how do you feel after beating The Undertaker for the WWE championship?

Kurt: Well Josh, it feels great. I am a 5 time WWE champion. I have beaten Stone Cold, The Rock, The Big Show, Brock Lesner, and The Undertaker. Also, I couldn’t have beaten The Undertaker without the help of Luther and Mark. It just felt great pinning The Undertaker for the 3 count.

Josh: Also Kurt, what do think about this tournament for the #1 contender ship for your WWE title?

Kurt: I think it is a great idea from a great General Manager Paul Heyman. It will determine who really deserves a shot at my WWE title.

Josh: Kurt, who do you think is going to win the tournament, or who do you think has the advantage?

Kurt: I think that the underdogs are John Cena and Edge because they have never been the WWE champion before. Also I think that The Undertaker is to weak from No Mercy to win the Tournament.

Josh: Well thank you Kurt for taking this time to let us interview you.

Kurt: It was my pleasure.

Cole: Well up next folks is Luther Reins vs Chris Benoit.

Tazz: And if Luther wins, then he gets a US title shot next week on Destiny.

commercial break

Luther Reins w/Mark Jindrak vs. Chris Benoit
Stipulation: If Luther wins, then he gets a US title shot.
The match starts off with Luther getting some power punches in right away on Chris Benoit. Luther then backs Benoit back into the turnbuckle. Luther then whips Benoit into the opposite turnbuckle. Luther runs at Benoit and Benoit puts his foot up to block Luther but Luther catches his foot, pulls Benoit towards him a delivers a huge close line. Luther gets Benoit up and lifts Benoit up above his head and is about to deliver a gorilla press slam but Benoit gets out of it and lands in front of Luther. Benoit then hits a snap suplex on Luther. Benoit goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Benoit tries to hit a german suplex but can’t get Luther off the ground. Luther then elbows Benoit to the head. Luther then kicks Benoit in the midsection and delivers a DDT. Luther then gets Benoit up and sets Benoit up for a powerbomb but Benoit reverses it into a back body drop. Jindrak then gets on the apron and tries to distract the ref but Benoit knocks him off the apron. Luther then goes for a school boy but Benoit kicks out. Luther then tries to whip Benoit into the turnbuckle but Benoit reverses it. Benoit then gives Luther a few chops to the chest. Benoit then goes to the opposite corner and runs at Luther but Luther gives Benoit a huge close line. Luther then starts to climb to the top turnbuckle. Benoit then quickly gets up and climbs the turnbuckle and punches luther a few times. Benoit then turns Luther around do his back is facing Benoit. Benoit then delivers a super German suplex. Benoit goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Benoit then signals for the diving headbutt. Benoit climbs the turnbu=ckle. Then Jindrak tries to knock Benoit off the turnbuckle from the apron but Benoit kicks Jindrak down. That gave Luther enough time to get himself to gather and throw Benoit off the top rope. Luther then signals for a close line. When Benoit gets up Luther tries to close line him but Benoit ducks and Luther hits the ref. Benoit then trips Luther and locks the sharpshooter in. Luther then taps but the ref is unconscious. Mark then gets in the ring and attacks Benoit. He then gives Benoit a modified spinning out powerbomb. Now Benoit and Luther are both getting up. Luther then goes behind Benoit and gives him his swinging neckbreaker special. The ref then makes the slow 3 count.

winner- Luther Reins

Cole: Benoit would have won if Jindrak hadn’t interfered. Benoit had Luther tapping out.

Tazz: It doesn’t matter, the ref was knocked out.

Spike Dully walks into Heymans office.

Spike: Heyman, I want a shot at Rey Mysterio’s cruiserweight title.

Heyman: You know what Spike, you are not the only one who deserves a shot at Reys title. You know what I am going to do, I am going to make a match, not just any match no. it will be the 2nd cruiserweight open. It will have every cruiserweight on Destiny except Rey Mysterio because it is for the #1 contender ship.

Tazz: Cole, did you hear that? There is going to be another cruiserweight open next week here on Destiny.

Cole: You can only find great cruiserweight action here on Destiny.

commercial break

Chris Benoit walks into Heyman’s office with an angry mood.

Benoit: Heyman, I want Jindrak.

Heyman: You know what I am going to do Benoit, i am going to make a match between you and Jindrak next week, and if Luther interfiers then he will be suspended.

Benoit then leaves Heyman’s office in a happy mood.

The Rock is in his dressing room getting ready for his match against The Undertaker. Kurt then walks into The Rock’s dressing room.

Rock: What are you doing here?

Kurt: I just want to wish you luck in your match tonight against The Undertaker.

Rock: Thanks, but the Rock does not need luck, The Rock is the most electrifying man in sports entertainment today.

Kurt: I also want to worn you about The Undertaker also, you don’t know what he will do to you.

Rock: Well my match is next so I have to out there.

The Rock leaves his locker room.

commercial break

Quarter finals match
The Undertaker vs. The Rock
Kurt Angle comes out to the announcers table for commentary

The match starts off with Taker and The Rock staring at each other. The Rock then offers then to shake Taker’s hand but Taker shakes his head no. The Rock then tries to attack Taker but Taker gives him a big boot. Taker then gets The Rock up, whips him against the ropes and gives him a sidewalk slam. Taker then starts to get The Rock up but The Rock starts to fight back with some right hands. The Rock then punches Taker 5 times, thenspits in his hand and punches Taker again. The Rock then whips Taker against the ropes and gives him a closeline. Taker then sits up The Rock then tries to attack Taker but Taker then grabs The Rock’s throat. The Rock then kicks Taker in the stomach to get out of the choke. Taker then grabs The Rock’s arm, twists it around and climbs the Turnbuckle and hits an old school. Taker then gets The Rock up and whips him against the ropes and hits a diving closeline. Taker gets The Rock up runs against the ropes and then ran at The Rock but The Rock hit a spinebuster on Taker. The Rock then put Taker in the Sharpshooter. After about 1 whole minute Taker made it to the ropes. The Rock whips Taker against the ropes and bends over to set Taker up for a back body drop but Taker hits a DDT on The Rock. Both men are down until about a 6 count. Taker then grabs The Rock’s throat and gives him a chokeslam. taker goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Taker then notices that Angle is taunting him from the announcers table. The Rock then takes advantage and hits a rock bottom. The Rock goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. The Rock then gets Taker up and whips him against the ropes and hits a spinebuster. The Rock then goes for the peoples elbow but Taker moves out of the way. Then out of nowhere Taker then hits a last ride. Taker goes for the pin but still only gets a 2 count. Taker then signals for the tombstone. taker hits the Tombstone on The Rock. Taker went for the pin and was about to get a pinfall but then Kurt Angle came in the ring and hit Taker in the head with the Title. Kurt then hits and Angle slam on Taker. Kurt then taunts the crowd and Taker sits up. Kurt doens’t notice Taker behind him and Taker hits a tombstone on Angle. taker then stands on one knee and puts his hand up and the lights go out. After Taker leaves the ring The Rock is mad at Angle. He gets Angle up and hits a rock bottom. TheRock then leaves the ring with Kurt Angle laying in the ring unconcious as Destiny goes off the air.
winner by DQ- The Undertaker

Confirmed Matches for next week:
-Tag titles: Chris Jericho and RVD(c) vs Kenzo and Tomko
-US title: John Cena(c) vs Luther Reins
-Quarter finals match: Eddie Guerrero vs Edge
-Cruiserweight open: Tajiri vs Shannon Moore vs Nunzio vs funaki vs Paul London vs Spike Dully vs The Hurricane vs Scotty 2 Hotty vs Billy Kidman
-Chris Benoit vs Mark Jindrak

please tell me what you think, this is my first show

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so joo you and andy are running against the version 1. I see. well I hope i the best of luck. but sadly you will fall flat onto your face. well good luck and may the best show win. on version 1 I do Raw and kermack does SD

version 1.0 is also on invision free if you guys who signed up would like to take a look.

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Does anybody want to write Faith. If you do you then you will start next week because the first show is this thursday. You will also have the first ppv. Halloween Havoc. The roster is the very first post in this thread.

Either pm me or post a reply.

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He quit at the last second, he decided he didn't want to do it. Remember, if you decide to write the show you will start next week.

He was, but he quit at the last minute. Like I said, if you want to write Faith then you will start next week.

either pm me or post a reply on this thread

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The Faith pyros go off

Shane McMahon comes out to make an announcement

Shane: There will be a 15 man battle royal tonight to decide the #1 condership for the world heavyweight title at Halloween Havoc. I also have another huge announcement, I am bringiing back the Hardcore titile. There will be a 6 man elimination match for the Hardcore title.

JR: Did you hear that King, there will be a 15 man battle royal to decide the #1 contender at Halloween Havoc.

King: What about the Hardcore title match? Shane is bringing back the hardcore title.

Shane then leaves the ring.

Commercial break

Tag Team title match
Basham Brothers(Doug and Danny) vs.The Dudlys(Bubba and D-von)

The first men to start off the match are Doug and D-von. The two start to grapple and D-von whips Dooug against the ropes and gives him a back body drop. D-von then gives Doug a leg drop. D-von goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. D-von then gets Doug up, drags him to his corner and tags in Bubba. Bubba then gives Doug his punching combination. Bubba then gets Doug up but Doug punches Bubba in the mid-section a few times and then gives Bubba a Buldog. Both men are down until about a 4 count. Doug then makes a tag to Danny. Danny then goes to work on Bubba with punches. He then tries to whip Bubba into the turnbuckle but Bubba reverses it and he runs into Danny in the turnbuckle.. Bubba then tries to do a back suplex but Danny does a backflip and lands on his feet and gives Bubba a dropkick to the back. Danny then taunts D-von and D-von tries to attack Danny but the ref stops him. While that is happening Danny and Doug double team Bubbain their corner. By the time the ref turns around Doug is back in the corner. Danny then tags in Doug. Doug starts to Bubba up but Bubba reverses it a gives Doug a Bubba bomb. Both men are down until about a 6 count. Both men start crawling to their corners and make a tag to their partners. D-von then gives Danny a closeline. Doug then gets up and D-von gives him a closeline also. D-von then throws Doug out of the ring. Danny then tries to attack D-von but D-von reverses it and gives him a reverse DDT drop and pins him for a 3 count.

winners and new tag team champions- The Dudly boyz.

King: We have new tag team champions.

JR: The Dudly Boyz comming up with a great win.

commercial break

Randy Orton is in his locker room when Shawn Michaels walks in.

Michaels: Randy, I just want you to know that I am without a doubt going to win that battle royal tonight and face you at Halloween Havoc.

Orton: Is that so, well it doesn’t matter who I am facing at Halloween Havoc because I am going to win no matter what.

Michaels: Don’t get to cocky Orton, you may be the youngest champion ever in WWE history but I am the show stopper, the heart break kid Shawn Michaels.

Orton: Is that so, well we will see about that later tonight.

Michaels then leaves ortons locker room.

Intercontinental #1 contendership

A-train vs. Orlando Jordan
The match starts out with A-train just over powering Orlando in every way with closelines and punches. A-train then gets Orlando up and gives him a body press drop. He then starts to taunt the crowd. He then whips Orlando into the turnbuckle and tries to run into him but Orlando gives A-train a drop toe hold so A-trains face hit the bottom turnbuckle. Orlando then rolls A-train but A-train kicks out. Orlando tries to give A-train his Jawbreaker special but A-train pushes him away and tries to give him a big boot but Orlando ducks and A-train hits the ref. A-train then hits the Train wreck on Orlando(back breaker). He goes for the pin but the ref is knocked out so he can’t make the three count. While this is happening Christian then runs down to the ring with the Intercontinental title in his hands. Christian then gets in the ring and hits A-train in the head with the belt. He then wakes the ref up and puts Orlando over A-train. The ref starts to make a slow count but A-train barley kicks out. christian is then very mad and tries to attack A-train but A-train gives him a bycicle kick and throws him out of the ring. A-train then gets Orlando up and then gives him a Derailer. A-train then goes for the pin and gets a three count.

winner and #1 contender for the intercontinental championship- A-train

King: Even with Christian interfiering A-train still won the match

JR: What an amazing performance by A-train.

commercial break

Josh is backstage interviewing A-train

Josh: A-train that was an amazing win you had, how do you feel.

A-train: Your dam right it was an amazing victory, exspecially with Christian interfiering in that match.

Josh: At Halloween Havoc you will be facing Christian unless he wins the battle royal tonight.

A-train: I don’t think he will be winning any battle royal tonight.(he says that in a mischevious voice and an evil smile on his face).

Hardcore title match: 6 man elimination

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy vs. Val Venis vs. Steven Richards vs. Rico vs. Jonny Stamboli
The match starts off with the Hardys double teaming steven richards. While this is happening Rico and Stamboli are fighting outside the ring. Stamboli then brings out a steel chair and tries to nail Rico in the head with it but Rico gives Stamboli a roundhouse dropkick. While this is happening, Val Venis and Jeff Hardy are fighting. Val gives Jeff a Blue thunder(spinning out powerbomb). He goes for the pin but Jeff kicks out. Val starts to argue with the ref. Jeff then gets up turns Val around and gives him a jawbreaker. Matt then comes in the ring with Steven Richards. Matt and Jeff then whip both Steven and Val into each other causing them to fall down. Matt then goes outside the ring to get a weapon. He pulls out a table. Jeff then helps Matt get the table in the ring. They set up the table. While this is happening, outside the ring Rico and Stamboli are fighting. Rico throws the stell chair at Jonny and he catches it and Rico gives the chair a spining kick which then the chair hits stamboli in the face. In the ring Matt and Jeff give val and Steven a twist of fate at the same time. They throw Steven outside of the ring and put Val on the table. Jeff then climbs the turnbuckle and gives Val a swanton bomb through the table and pins him for the three count. Val is eliminated.
Rico then comes in the ring and gives Jeff a low blow. Matt then attacks Rico and gives him a side effect. Steven then comes in the ring and gives Matt a super kick and gets the 3 count. Matt is eliminated.
Then an angered Stamboli comes in the ring and attacks everybody. Stamboli gives both Jeff and Steven a powerslam and throw them out side the ring. He then grabs a steel chair and puts Rico’s ankle in it. He then jumps off the top rope and stomps on it causing Rico to get a broken ankle and Rico is screaming in pain. Stamboli then puts Rico in a modified leg lock and Rico taps out. Rico is eliminated.
Jeff then attacks Stamboli and gives him a dropkick. Steven then comes in with a steel chair. Jeff then tries to whip Stamboli to Steven so he can hit him with the chair but Stamboli reverses it so that Steven hits Jeff. Stamboli then tries to closeline Steven but he ducks, drops the chair and gives Stamboli a double arm DDT onto the chair. Steven then pins Stamboli for the three count. Stamboli is eliminated.
The 2 remaining are Jeff and Steven. Steven then starts to get a battered Jeff up and then out of no where jeff gives Steven a hurricanrana pin and gets the three count. Steven is eliminated. Jeff the leaves the ring quickly so he doesn’t get hurt.

winner and new Hardcore champion- Jeff Hardy

JR: Jeff fighting the good fight and winning the hardcore title.

King: He deserves it.

Rosey is then shown backstage walking into Shane’s office.

Rosey: Mr.McMahon, I want a world title shot tonight. I don’t think I have to win the battle royal to prove anything to get a title shot. I think I have already done that.

Shane: Oh really, well you will get your title shot tonight.

Rosey: Really.

Shane: Yep, except if you lose, you will never get a world title shot again. Your match is up next.

commercial break

JR: Well, Rosey will face Randy Orton for the World Title right now.

King: I don’t get it, how did he earn the title shot.

JR: Remember, if he loses he will never get a title shot again.

World Title match

Randy Orton vs. Rosey
Stipulation: If Rosey loses, he will never get a title shot again.
The match starts off with Rosey trying to use his power against Orton but Orton keeps reversing with his speed. Orton then gives Rosey a dropkick to the face. He goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Orton then tries to whip Rosey into the turnbuckle but Rosey won’t move and stays in the same spot. Rosey then pulls Orton towards him and gives him a closeline. Rosey then runs against the ropes and gives Orton a spinning leg drop. He goes for the pin but only gets 2 count. Rosey then gets Orton up. He whips him against the ropes. When Orton hits the ropes he hangs on so he stops. Rosey then runs at Orton but Orton pulls down the rope so that Rosey goes over the top rope to the outside. Orton then climbs to the top turnbuckle. Orton then gives Rosey a crossbody to the outside.Both men are down until the ref counts to 4. Orton then gets up and climbs in the ring and tells the ref to keep counting. Rosey barely makes into the ring at a 9 count. orton then grabs Rosey and gives him a European uppercut. He then gives him his moddified backbreaker. He then goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Orton then signals for the RKO. He grabs Rosey’s head but Rosey pushes Orton against the ropes. Orton tries to give Rosey a cross body but Rosey catches him. Rosey then gives him his swinging chokeslam special. Rosey goes for the pin but Orton kicks out. Rosey then gets frustrated and goes out of the ring and grabs the title and a steel chair. He then gets in the ring the ref takes the chair and brings it to the outside of the ring. While this is happening Rosey hits Orton in the head with the belt. He then gives Orton a samoan drop onto the title belt. Rosey then throws the title out of the ring. The ref the nturns around. Rosey then pins Orton but Orton kicks out. Rosey then gets up and starts to yell at the ref. He then turns around and Orton gives him an RKO. Orton then goes for the pin and gets the 3 count.

winner- Randy Orton

JR: Can you believe that, Rosey used the belt and Orton still retained the title.

King: I have to admit it was a good title defense.

Jeff Hardy runs into the Big Show backstage.

Jeff: Hey Show, good luck in the 15 man battle royal tonight.

Show: Thanks, and congradulations on your title win tonight, it was a great match.

Jeff: Well I will be watching the battle Royal and I will be cherring for you.

Show: Thanks, See Ya.

JR: Well folks up next is the 15 man battle royal for the #1 contendership for the World heavyweight title.

King: This is going to be so exciting.

commercial break

15 man battle royal for the #1 contendership for the world heavyweight title at Halloween Havoc.

All the superstars make their way to the ring.

JR: the winner will really deserve to face Orton at Halloween Havoc.

King: I can’t wait.

All the superstars start to brawl. The first person that everybody tried to eliminate was Big Show because he is the biggest person. But Big Show ends up eliminating both Rob Conway and Sylvan. Gene Snitsky and John Heidenreich goo to work on the Big Show. Also Kane and Rene Dupree are fighting. Kane then grabs the throat of Rene Dupree and gives him a chokeslam from the ring to the apron and then he falls to the floor causing him to get eliminated. The ref has a lot on his hands and doesn’t notice A-Train come in the ring and attack Christian. A-train the nthrowa Christian out of the ring and the ref thinks it was somebody in the match that threw Christian out of the ring and so the ref said Christian was eleminated. A-train then walks up the ramp laughing at Christian. Brock Lesnar was Also attacked by Snitskey and Heidenreich. Lesnar then fights back and gives both of them a F-5. Lesnar then throws Snitskey out of the ring. He tries to do it Heidenreich but he stayed hanging on the rope so his feet didn’t touch the ground. Heidenreich then stood up on the apron. Then Shawn Michaels came over and gave Heidenreich a Sweet Chin Music which caused Heidenreich to fall to the floor. Heidenreich gets mad and comes in the ring and attacks Michaels. He then throws Michaels over the top rope causing Michaels to get eliminated. The remaining 8 are JBL,Brock Lesnar, The Big Show, Kane, Shelton Benjaman, Batista, and triple H. Batista and Triple H start to double team shelton Benjamen in the corner. Big Show then comes over and gives Batista a chokeslam. He then tries to give Triple H a chokeslam but Triple H gives the Big Show a low blow. Triple H then helps Batista up. Triple H started to set the Bid Show up for the Pedigree but Shelton gave him a super kick. Batista then gave Shelton a spiine buster. Batista then set up big show for a powerbomb but big show gave Batista a back body drop over the top rope and both of Batista’s feet hit the ground. While this is happening Booker and Brock Lesnar are fighting. Booker gives brock a kick to the face. Booker then gives Brock a book end. While this is happening JBl runs at the Big show and gives him a closeline from hell. JBL tells everybody that hey should eliminate the Big Show so they won’t have to do it later. Then everybody starts to get the Big Show over the top rope, and when they finally do JBL pushes as many of them over the top rope also at the same time causing Lesnar, Shelten and Booker to get eliminated along with the Big Show. The remaining three are JBL, Kane and Triple H. JBL and Triple H double team Kane. They try to give him a double suplez but Kane reverses it into a double suplex of his own on the 2 of them. Kane then starts to beat on Triple H. JBL then gets up runs against the ropes and tries to give Kane a Big Boot but Kane ducks and JBL hit triple H causing Triple H to go over the top rope and hit the mat. orlando Jordan then comes down to ringside to acompany JBL. orlando distracts Kane. Then JBL attacks Kane causing him to go over the top rope and hit the floor.

winner- JBL

After the match JBL is celebrating in the ring when Randy Orton comes in the ring and gives JBL an RKO. Also Kane starts to beat the hell out of Orlando. Kane then brings him up by the announcers table and gives him a chokeslam through it. Shane McMahon then comes out.

Shane: Next week it will be JBL and Orlando vs, Kane and Randy Orton.

Faith then goes off the air.

Dudly boyz defeat the Bashams to become the new tag team champions
A-train defeated Orlando to become the #1 contender for the intercontinental championship
Jeff hardy wins a 6 man elimination match to become the new Hardcore champion
Randy Orton defeats Rosey to retain the World title
JBL wins the 15 man battle royal to become the #1 contender for the world title

Confirmed matches for next week:
JBL and Orlando Jordan vs. Kane and Randy Orton
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