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Hello everybody! I am going to be starting a booker thread with †Psycho Jay†. I will be doing RAW and he will be doing Smackdown. It is called WWE:Extreme. We did a draft to determine the superstars on our shows. We could use past, present, and other organizations superstars. Everyone not on a roster will be in the free agency. We will have trades during our shows but we will encorporate them into our story lines. We will start writing the shows after Survior Series. Rosters so far:

CEO of the WWE: Jon Nicholas

Raw Roster - Wall Jon

Triple H
Brock Lesnar
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Randy Orten
Chris Benoit
Shawn Michaels
John Cena
Booker T
Eddie Guerrero
Chris Jericho
Carlito Carribean Cool
Rene Dupree
Rob Van Dam
Ric Flair
William Regal
The Coach
Orlando Jordan
Dan Puder
Billy Gunn
Rey Mysterio
Charlie Haas
Dawn Marie
Torrie Wilson
Trish Stratus
Gail Kim
Black Out (Rodney Mack and Mark Henry)
La Resistance
Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi
Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree
to be continued...

World Heavyweight Champion: Vacant
Grandslam Champion: Vacant
United States Champion: Vacant
Tag Team Champions: Vacant
Women's Champion: Vacant
Hardcore Champion: Vacant

RAW G.M - Jon Nicholas

Smackdown Roster - †Psycho Jay†

The Rock
Kurt Angle
Big Show
Shelton Benjamin
Matt Hardy
Mark Jindrak
Simon Dean
Luther Reigns
Garrison Cade
Kris Kanyon
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Chris Harris
A.J. Styles
Tyson Tomko
Gene Snitsky
Basham Brothers
Scott Steiner and Test
The Dudleys (Bubba Ray and D-Von)
Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli
Billy Kidman
Chavo Guerrero
The Hurricane
Spike Dudley
Miss Jackie
Stacy Keibler
to be continued...

WWE Champion: Vacant
T.V. Champion: Vacant
Intercontinental Champion: Vacant
WWE Tag Team Champions: Vacant
Cruiserweight Champion: Vacant

Smackdown G.M.- Josy

I hope I got all our people right! Our first shows will be up next week!

Oh I'll trade you Flair for someone because I need him off my show for the storylines I am doing!

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well I dont really want Flair so you can just add him to the free agency but here is my real

Smackdown Roster

The Rock
Kurt Angle
The Undertaker
Big Show
Shelton Benjamin
Simon Dean
John Bradshaw Layfield
Luther Reins
Mark Jindrax
Garrison Cade
A. J. Styles
Kris Kanyon
Spike Dudley
Jeff Hardy
Gene Snitsky
Scott Steiner
Tyson Tomko
Matt Hardy
Jeff Jarrett
Kevin Nash
Scott Hall
Chavo Guerrero
Billy Kidman
Justice Smith
Akio “The Dynasty”
Sakoda “The Dynasty”
Bubba Ray Dudley “Dudley Boyz”
D-Von Dudley “Dudley Boyz”
Vampiro “The Brood”
Gangrel “The Brood”
Wildcat Chris Harris “America’s Most Wanted”
Cowboy James Storm “America’s Most Wanted”
Danny Basham “Basham Brothers”
Doug Basham “Basham Brothers”
Chuck Palumbo “The Naturals”
Sean O’Haire “The Naturals”
Miss Jackie
Stacy Kiebler

Smackdown GM - Josh May a.k.a. Kid Ka$h

On a side note I terminate the Cusierweight Championship
and Establish the X-Division Championship
My Preview should be up by Saturday Night

OKay here's my Smackdown preview

What does new G.M. Kid Ka$h have in store for a brand new Smackdown in the Extreme Era. He has already signed 6 high profile matches to name Champions for the vacant titles. There is going to be a 5 Team Tag Team Turmoil Match to name your new Tag Team Champions. Also the X-Division Championship will be settled in a Ladder Match. Who will last the 15 minute Interventional Ironman match to be named the new Intercontinental Champion? The New Television Championship will be determined in a classic 8 Man Elimination Match. Who can take the pressure and make it through the Gauntlet Match to be named the WWE Champion. So if your ready for some top performances from the Smackdown Superstars than don’t miss the show this next Thursday Night.

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Raw Roster:

World Heavyweight Championship Contenders:
Triple H - heel
Stone Cold Steve Austin - tweener
Randy Orton - face
Shawn Michaels - face
Edge - heel
Booker T - face
Chris Jericho - face

Grandslam Championship Contenders:
Kane - heel
Brock Lesnar - heel
Chris Benoit - face
Eddie Guerrero - face
Goldberg - heel
John Cena - face

United States Championship Contenders:
Carlito Caribbean Cool - heel
Rob Van Dam - face
Mordecai - tweener
Eugene - face
A-Train - heel
Billy Gunn - face
Batista - heel
Charlie Haas - heel

World Tag Team Championship Contenders:
Eugene and William Regal - face
Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio - face
Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi - heel
La Resistance - heel
Black Out (Mark Henry and Rodney Mack) - tweeners

Hardcore Championship Contenders:
Everyone including these superstars that have not yet been named:
Hedenreich - heel
Rhyno - face
Rene Dupree - heel
Coach - heel
Orlando Jordan - heel
Jesus - heel
Dan Puder - tweener
Maven - face
Kenzo Suzuki - heel

Women’s Championship contenders:
Dawn Marie - heel
Torrie Wilson - face
Lita - face
Trish Stratus - heel
Victoria - face
Molly Holly - heel
Gail Kim - face
Christy - face
Candice - heel
Jazz - heel
Hiroko - heel

Current factions:
Evolution (Triple H and Batista) - heel

Jesus managing Carlito Caribbean Cool
Dawn Marie managing Charlie Haas
Hiroko managing Kenzo Suzuki

These divisions can and will vary at times but I will not make the changes on this page. Just keep that in mind.

World Heavyweight Champion: Vacant
Grandslam Champion: Vacant
United States Champion: Vacant
Tag Team Champions: Vacant
Women's Champion: Vacant
Hardcore Champion: Vacant

RAW G.M - Jon Nicholas

I also put Ric Flair in OVW.

Survior Series ’04 Quick Results

WWE Championship Match

JBL def. Booker T via pinfall

Undertaker def. Heidenreich via pinfall

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Christian def. Shelton Benjamin via pinfall/cheating

WWE Women’s Championship Match

Trish Stratus def. Lita via pinfall

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match

Billy Kidman def. Chavo Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, and Spike Dudley via pinfall

Triple H, Edge, Batista, and Gene Snitsky def. Maven, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, and Chris Benoit via elimination

Eddie Guerrero, RVD, Big Show, and John Cena def. Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak and CCC via elimination


Raw’s beginning video plays and we see clips from over the past year. After the video ends, we see the usual pyros go off to start the show.

J.R.: Hello everybody, we are here live in Miami, Florida and we have a full stadium tonight!

King: Yes we do Michael I can’t wait to see how our new temporary general managers run things here tonight.

J.R.: Also, I wonder why Mr. McMahon ordered all the WWE superstars to be here on Raw tonight.

A strange music hits over the speakers and the crowd waits to see who is going to come out of the back. An unusual looking man who has never been on Raw before walks out makes his way to the ring. He gets in and grabs a microphone.

???: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Jon Nicholas and I purchased the WWE from Vince McMahon. I am now the new CEO of the WWE and a new CEO calls for an extreme change! Last night I asked Vince to make sure that all the WWE superstars were here on RAW tonight.

So without further a due, I would like to call all the new superstars to come down here right now. All the superstars file down to the ring with the champions leading the way. If I could have all the champions come and set their belts down by my feet. If you disobey my orders I will not hesitate to fire you. All the champions get in and slowly put down their belts. Triple H is the last one to put down his belt but the others all looked as angry as Triple H for losing their belts without actually losing a match.

Thank you! Now, I would like to announce that there will be a new roster split. I will read the new rosters off to you now. He reads off the rosters and the superstars move to one side of the ramp or the other.

That GM stipulation match last night will not count for anything now that there is a new General Manager. Also, we have some new signings for each show. For Raw we have Stone Cold Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, and Mordecai. For Smackdown we have Abyss, the returning Jeff Hardy, Vampiro, Gangrel, Chris Harris, Farooq, A.J. Styles, and Raven!
There will be new champions for each show as well as some new belts. Raw will now have the United States Championship instead of the Intecontinental Championship which is going to Smackdown, the Grandslam Championship and the Hardcore Championship along with the World Heavyweight Championship, Women’s Champion and World Tag Team Champions. Like I said earlier Smackdown will be receiving the I.C. title as well as the other new title, the Television Champion!

I am firing Theodore Long and Eric Bischoff because I no longer need them. I will be the new general manager of Raw and my friend Josh; will be the G.M. of Smackdown.

Now as the new general manager of Raw I will be making some matches. There will be a 6 man World Heavyweight Championship tournament. The crowd erupts as they generally like tourneys and World Heavyweight Championship tourneys even more. The winner will advance to the Royal Rumble where he will face Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship! The entrants are the Stone Cold Steve Austin, Edge, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Booker T, and Chris Jericho! Crowd erupts once more because the entrants are all top class athletes.

Also, next week, there will be a 6 man over-the-top battle royal for the brand new Grandslam Championship. I still have not decided who I’m going to put in that match though. Lastly, there will be a Survivor Series rematch between Trish Stratus and Lita for the Women’s Championship and that match is…next!

*Commercial Break*

Micheal Cole: Welcome back to Monday night Raw everybody and have we had an announcement.

Video clip plays of what just happened moments ago and the superstars heading to the back during the break.

King: Up next is puppies Micheal!

Lita vs. Trish Stratus

for the Women’s Championship

Finish: Trish and Lita battled back and forth for the duration of the match. Trish goes for the Stratusfaction but Lita reverses it. Lita pushes Trish into the ropes and rolls her up in a schoolboy pin.








thre… but Trish manages to kick out. Lita picks Trish back up and gives her a snap suplex. Lita looks pumped and anxious for Trish to get up to her feet. Finally Trish makes it to her feet but receives a kick to the gut from Lita. Lita then signals for the Twist of Fate and hits it. She pins










Winner and new Women’s Champion: Lita

The camera cuts to the G.M.’s office where we see Jon taking down a picture of Eric Bischoff and putting up one of him. Sylvain Grenier and Rob Conway rush into the office.

Conway: Who is the new tag team champions Mr. Nicholas?

Jon: Oh, I almost forgot about that but since you asked, I will name you two the new tag team champions.

La Resistance: Thank you very much Mr. Nicholas!

La Resistance grabs the tag team belts off Jon’s desk and start to leave when…

Jon: Whoa, I still have something to say. Since you really didn’t earn those titles back I’m going to make another match for next week. So, in the interest of fairness, we will have a tag team turmoil match next week, live, in Austin, Texas for the tag team championships. It will be La Resistance vs. my other new signings, Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi. Good luck.

The crowd goes wild but La Resistance is furious and storms out of Jon’s office. The camera cuts to Evolution’s locker room where we see Triple H and Batista talking.

Batista: We need new members to Evolution hunter, we are slowly falling apart. First Randy Orton wins the World Heavyweight Championship and thinks he is the best. Then we have to beat him up and kick him out of Evolution. Next, Ric Flair gets shipped over to Smackdown because of the new roster. I don’t know what is next…

Triple H: I have to agree with you Batista. We don’t have the numbers anymore and no one in the locker room is intimidated by us anymore. I just don’t know who could be in this elite faction with the best in this business.

Batista: Maybe…

The camera cuts back out to the ring for the next match.

A-Train vs. Rhyno

Finish: The two brutes have been equal throughout the match but A-Train begins to pull ahead. A-Train sets up for the Train Wreck and hits it. He drops down and pins Rhyno 1…2…3!

Winner: A-Train

*Commercial Break*

The camera cuts to a small backstage area where we see Rhyno and Dupree looking through some boxes. It appears that they are looking for the Hardcore Championship when Rhyno suddenly grabs something and runs out of the room. The camera zooms in and you see that it is the Hardcore Championship. The new Hardcore Champion is Rhyno. He runs around the corner and bumps into Hedenreich who hits Rhyno over the head with a chair. He drops down and pins Rhyno 1…2…3! The new Hardcore Champion is Hedenreich. Just then Dupree runs around the corner looking to pin Rhyno. Instead he sees the looming form of Jon with the belt over his shoulder. Jon says boo and Dupree runs off scared.
The camera cuts to John Cena’s locker room door and Batista and Triple H are outside. They go in and to nobody’s shock, Cena is in the locker room.

Cena: Yo, yo, yo, what the h*** are you doing in my locker room?

Triple H: We know the truth about you Cena.

Batista: Yeah.

Cena: What truth?

Triple H: We know that you are not a rapper.

Cena: Wha…What are you talking about?

Triple H: I’m the Game! I know everything about everyone.

Cena: But I am a rapper!

Batista: We know you are not Cena so give up the act. If you want to become great in this business you need to be in a faction. Hunter wanted to know if you wanted to be a part of Evolution.

Just then the door opens and none other than Torrie Wilson walks through the door.

Torrie: I heard you were looking for new members of Evolution and I though I could be your manager.

Triple H: Why do you want to be in?

Torrie Wilson: I have my secrets that I don’t want to be revealed.

Cena: I guess words out that I am not a rapper. All those killer lyrics I sung, I didn't even write them. Now that you destroyed my gimmick I’m forced to join Evolution if I want to be anything.

Triple H: You will eventually be the greatest in this business John. Ok, you’re both in but only the best can be in Evolution. If you even think about turning on me then I will not hesitate to kick you out of this legendary faction, understood?

Cena and Wilson: Yes.

The camera cuts back out to the announcer’s table.

King: Wow, I never would have imagined Torrie Wilson and John Cena joining Evolution!

Cole: Yeah, that was big.

King: Time for our next commercial break!

*Commercial Break*

Cole: During the commercial break, our new general manager announced two matches in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament.

King: And they are tonight Micheal!

Cole: Yes, they are Edge vs. Booker T and in our main event tonight it will be Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho!

The camera cuts to Rene Dupree’s locker room where we see Dupree, Conway, Grenier and Suzuki talking. Hiroko is seen in the background just standing there.

Kenzo: I am cool with that.

Rob and Sylvain: That’s great, Rene, you are once again around pure Canadian blood!

Dupree: Yeah, I guess, but I still won’t be able to get tag team gold.

Rob: Yes, but you might be able to get a spot in that Grandslam battle royal next week!

Kenzo: And what about me and Hiroko?

Sylvain: You might get a trade over to Smackdown and join the famous cruiserweight division Kenzo.

Kenzo: (to Rene) well, this means the end of our tag team journey.

Rene: Ovwa, monsieur Kenzo.

The two men hug and the camera cuts to the announcers.

Cole: Well, it looks like Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki have grown close.

King: At least he is finally back with the true Canadians and not some Chinese psycho.

Cole: Kenzo may be slightly dotty but he is a dignified man and also a great wrestler.

King: Whatever!

The camera cuts back out to the ring.

Carlito Caribbean Cool vs. Rob Van Dam

Finish: Carlito is on the mat when Jesus slides in the ring. He runs at RVD and goes for a big boot but Rob ducks under it. He then superkicks Jesus right out of the ring which got a huge response from the crowd! In the meantime, Carlito managed to make his way to his feet when… he gets a Van-Daminator from RVD. Rob climbs the nearest turnbuckle and hits the 5 Star Frog Splash. RVD pins him 1…2…3

Winner: Rob Van Dam

The camera cuts to Booker T’s locker room. We see him all bloody on the floor and a chair is next to his head. Somebody calls for the EMP’s and they rush in. Edge then walks by on the way to his match but stops at Booker T’s carcass. Jon also walks by.

Jon: Did you do this Edge?

Edge: No, but I guess that means I advance in the tournament.

Jon: Unfortunately yes, but I want to know who did this.

Edge: I honestly don’t know who did it.

Jon: I…

Just then the EMP’s roll Booker T over onto a stretcher and there is a note beneath the Booker T. Jon picks it up and it says: I will be back January 9th, 2005! Jon looks puzzled and leaves. Edge is seen wearing a huge grin on his face as the camera cuts to the interviewing area where we see Josh Matthews and Chris Benoit.

Josh: How do you like our new general manager?

Chris: He seems ok but I am sure he will be fair.

Josh: How do you feel about the World Heavyweight Championship tournament and your match tonight?

Chris: I like the idea of this tournament because it gives me another chance at that prestigious World Heavyweight Championship junior! And about my match tonight…

Randy Orton walks up and cuts off Chris Jericho.

Randy: Hey Chris! I just came out here to tell you good luck in our match-up tonight.

Chris: Thanks see you in the ring.

*Commercial Break*

J.R.: It is time for our main event tonight and we have no more commercial breaks folks.

Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho

Winner advances in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament

Finish: Both men are on the ground and make it to their feet at the count of 9. Both men get up and trade a couple of blows. Randy Orton gets the upper hand by executing an uppercut. He then nails an RKO! He then pins Jericho










Winner: Randy Orton

As Raw comes to an end Orton helps Jericho to his feet and they shake hands. Randy Orton celebrates but then Coach starts backpedaling towards the ring. Coach gets in the ring like he seen a ghost. Hedenreich steps out at the top of the entrance ramp and screams to Coach that if he wants Hedenreich’s title, he can come down and get it. Coach shakes his head no and keeps backing up. He bumps into Orton and turns around. As he turns around Orton gives Coach an RKO although it does not look that great because Coach is not a veteran. The show goes off the air with Randy Orton standing over Coach.

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That was a nice show I really liked what you did with John Cena it's going to be good seeing how that turns out. I also wonder what Torrie Willson will bring to the team. I rate you a 9/10. There was some damn good matches and some good interviewers my show should be up by regular time next Thursday but overall Good Show!.

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Some confusing points in the show. The first one Rhyno was fight a match that he lost and the right after that he was backstage with no explanation of how he got there so quickly if that were me then I would've had a commercial break there and then came back and did that promo. Also he is looking for the belt with Rene but right after Rhyno finds the belt you cut to La Resistances locker room and Rene is in there. Do they have flying powers or something? I also don't think that Cena would be like "Yo, yo, yo what are you doing in my locker room?" That promo, although I think that Cena and Wilson joining Evolution has potention to go somewhere, was too corny. Cena not a rapper? And he doesn't want his secret of him not being a rapper out? You also called Jericho Benoit I presume by accident. But besides these things I think this thread has alot of potential and I will keep reading. Overall rating: 6/10

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Oh wow, I just saw that! Man, I am so sorry I will fix that right now. Orginally I had different superstars on my roster because I planned to do this by myself but I had to switch it up after the draft. I appreciate the comments though and I will try to improve! I realize the Evolution thing was corny but I'm going to do a storyline with them. Thanks again!

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I agree that the Evolution thing was a little off. Cena being exposed as not being a rapper, was something I would expect with Hurricane being exposed as not being a superhero. It came across that Cena was just some dopey joke act.

But hey, its your first show, and I'm not gonna be too hard on it. Some stuff was pretty good, i.e. the Hardcore title stuff, and you being the GM is different, so I can like that, its original. good idea. I also liked the whodunnit with Booker T getting beat up. Good job.

Apart from the corny stuff with Evolution, and the Kenzo - Dupree love fest, it was a decent show, and it shows promise for the future, keep it up.

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Thanks a lot but like a said before I needed a quick way to get Cena into Evolution for an upcoming storyline. Thanks for the reply!

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You mean post it right now? Because I have a show all ready.

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Like who Stylesclash? I'm still not quite sure how to fill out everyone's character and it would help if I knew which ones were worse than the others. Anyways, thanks for the reply!

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Smackdown Prevideo
Highlights of Video

Kurt Angle with his medals
JBL laughing and throwing money in the air
Big Show chokeslamming a ring full of guys
Spike bossing the Dudley Boyz around
Return of The Rock, Jeff Jarret, Jeff Hardy, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall
Debut of Abyss, Vampiro, A.J. Styles, and America’s Most Wanted
Kid Ka$h picture ends the preview
*Pyros go off and the camera circles the arena showing the fans*

J.R.: Ladies and Gentleman I’m J.R. Jim Ross and along side me is a new face and new partner Tazz, and it’s going to be a pleasure working with you.

Tazz: Well thank you J.R. now tonight our new G.M. Kid Ka$h has signed 5 high profile matches to name new Champions for the vacant titles.

J.R.: That’s right Tazz those titles are the WWE Championship, The Intercontinental Championship, and the Tag Team Championship

Tazz: Now J.R. don’t forget about the two new titles The X Championship and the Television Championship.

J.R.: How are we going to determine the order for tonight’s Gauntlet Match

*KID KA$H music hits*

Tazz: Well J.R. our new G.M. is headed towards the ring maybe were going to find out.

KA$H: Ladies and Gentlemen I would gladly like to thank you for checking out my new Smackdown in the New Extreme Era of the WWE. Well to determine the order for the Gauntlet match we are going to have four of the participants come into my office at one time and than the other four will come in and draws balls. Now let’s not keep these people waiting and get the show on the road.

J.R.: Well the first match of the night will be for the new X Championship in a Ladder Match

Tazz: This is going to be one great match J.R.

X-Division Championship Ladder Match
*Each superstar makes their way down to the ring and the match starts*
With the ring of the bell Spike charges Tajiri and delivers one nasty bulldog to the bottom turnbuckle. Hurricane starts pounding on Billy Kidman who trys to runaway but he gets a modified backbreaker for his troubles. Chavo charges Jeff Hardy and gets three incredible armdrags for his actions and Jeff connects with his trademark jawbreaker and low-blow leg drop. Garrison Cade and A.J. Styles trade off punches until Styles gets the upper hand and sends Cade into the ropes. A.J. than sends him flying over the top rope with a back elbow attack. A.J. and Jeff Hardy send Chavo over the top rope with a double back body drop. Tajiri wins a shoving contest with Spike and sends him over the top rope. Spike and Chavo both get chairs and they steal a page out of Edge & Christian’s book and they give Garrison Cade one nasty conchairto. Jeff Hardy and A.J. start trading punches until Tajiri comes over and catches a distracted A.J. with the buzzsaw kick from behind. Spike and Chavo sneak up on Tajiri and A.J. and give them both a double conchairto. Hurricane lands the chokeslam on Billy Kidman and when he turns around to celebrate he’s met with a conchairto. Chavo throws his chair down and raises his hands in victory like he won with that motion Spike charges him to give him an overhead swing with his chair but Chavo moves and the chair hits the ropes and flies back at Spike and knocks him senseless. Mean while Jeff went out side the ring and set it up inside the ring. Chavo starts beating down on a falling Spike and Jeff slams him in the back with a chair. Jeff than sets Chavo up in the corner and places the chair in front of his face and flies from Coast to Coast drilling the chair in Chavo face. With everybody laid out Jeff easily climbs the ladder and grabs the title.

Winner and New X Champion: Jeff Hardy

J.R.: That was a great match with some high flying action.

Tazz: Sure was J.R.
*Cameras show G.M. Ka$h in his office There’s a knock on the door*

Ka$h: Yeah come in * JBL, Jeff Jarret, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall walk in.*

Group: You wanted to see us.

Ka$h: Yes I did we need to determine the order for the Gauntlet match tonight. *Ka$h walks over to a basket and gives it a couple of spins and open the gate* Now each of you grab a ball and then we can determine the order.

Ka$h: Now what do your balls say.

Hall: I got the Fourth

Nash: I got Sixth

Jeff: I got Second

JBL: I’m starting the match

Ka$h: Good now that you know your numbers go and get ready for the match.

J.R.: Well we know four of the participants order in tonights WWE Championship Gauntlet Match.

Tazz: Well until that gets together the Tag Team Turmoil match is right now.

Tag Team Turmoil Championship Match
The Dynasty’s music plays and Akio and Sakoda make their way to the ring. Then an explosion emits from the stage and the Dudley Boyz music plays but nobody comes out. All of a sudden Bubba and D-Von come from under the ring and sneak up behind Akio and hit their finishers. Sakoda gets Saving Grace while Akio gets the Bubba Bomb and they both cover for an easy pin. The Basham Brothers make their way to the ring Bubba and D-Von attack Danny while Doug goes around and gets in the ring from behind. Doug tries to attack but catches a nasty double back elbow from Bubba and D-Von who were swinging back to punch Danny. With Doug knocked out The Dudleyz hit
the 3D on Danny for the pinfall. Next up The Brood make their way to the ring and Gangrel and Vampiro viciously attack the Dudleyz. Gangrel connects with a modified Gutbuster on Bubba and Vampiro lands a huge powerbomb on D-Von. Gangrel gets the Impaler on Bubba while D-von gets caught in the Final Nail in the Coffin. To make sure of a victory D-Von gets nailed with the Sacrifice-(High Angle Neckbreaker) and Gangrel makes the pin. The Naturals make their way to the ring and they look ready for a fight. Chuck and Sean charge Vampiro and send him flying over the top rope with a double superkick. Gangrel starts to pound away on Sean until he gets turn around by Chuck and gets Whacked and then Sean lands the Swanton Bomb for the victory. Suddenly the lights go out and we hear some commotion and then a Splash. When the lights come back on Chuck Palumbo is laid out and covered in Blood and became the victim of a Bloodbath. America’s Most Wanted storm towards the ring and attack Sean before he can check on Chuck. With Sean to fend for himself America’s Most Wanted make an easy win for themselves. Wildcat Chris Harris hits his 1st Degree finishing powerbomb and Cowboy James Storm lands the 3rd Degree Superkick. To end it off they land the Death Sentence for an easy victory.

Winners and New Tag Team Champions: America’s Most Wanted

J.R.: That was one good tag team match and the performances were great Tazz.

Tazz: Well don’t forget about Chuck Palumbo becoming the victim of the Bloodbath. He had more blood on him than anybody who has ever gotten a beatdown from Triple H J.R.

J.R. Tazz I wonder what their motive was on that attack.

Tazz: Well J.R. lets find out I just got word that Todd is backstage with Gangrel and Vampiro right now.

Todd: Thank you I’m here with Gangrel and Vampiro. Now guys why did you give Chuck Palumbo that Bloodbath tonight.

Gangrel: It’s simple really we are going to do what we want when we want and nobody is going to stop us.

Todd: Are you so sure about that because there is plenty of talent in the lockerroom that can take you guys out.* Just then America’s Most Wanted walk by and their headed to the lockerroom to get ready to go out and celebrate their win of capturing the Tag Team Titles.*

Vampiro: I don’t think you heard Gangrel when he said that nobody is going to stop us and were going to prove it right now.

*The lights go out and we hear somebody getting attacked and than a splash. When the lights come back on Chris Harris, James Storm, and Todd have become a victim of yet another Bloodbath.

Tazz: J.R. did you see what just happened.

J.R.: No I didn’t Tazz nobody did the lights were off.

Tazz: Oh yeah I guess your right J.R. Well enough about that the next match is underway.

15 Minute Interventional Intercontinental Championship Ironman Match
* Everybody is in the ring and the match starts*
Steiner and Test attack Matt Hardy and the number game gets to him and they send him over the top rope with a double clothesline. Mark Jindrax attacks Justice Smith but Justice has too much power for him and he gives Jindrax a big powerbomb. Gene Snitsky attacks Tyson Tomko and Simon Dean joins in. Tyson powers out of it and lands a double DDT on them. Steiner picks up Simon Dean and gives him a Belly to Belly Slam and as Simon stumbles back up Test drills him with a big boot and then he follows it up with a pump handle slam. Justice runs up and catches Steiner and Test for a double bulldog slam. He covers all three and gets three pins in 4:45 of the match. Justic-3. Matt Hardy climbs in the ring and turns Justice around and goes for a kick to the gut but Justice catches it. Hardy then tries to go for the Engzuri but Justice catches his other foot and plants Hardy with a reverse powerbomb and he covers for a pinfall 4:50 into the match. Justice-4. Gene Snitsky gets back up and goes outside the ring and pulls Jindrax with him. Gene finds his steel pipe from under the ring and gives Jindrax good three whacks to the head and rolls him back in the ring. Simon Dean takes advantage of this and gives Snitsky a baseball slide as he tries to get in the ring and he covers Jindrax for an easy pinfall 5:00 into the match. Simon-1. Tyson Tomko picks Simon Dean up and drills him with the Problem Solver (powerbomb from hell) and goes for the pin but Hardy catches Tyson with the Matt slam and covers Simon for the pin 5:05 into the match. Hardy -1. As Tyson stumbles to get up Test drills Tyson with another big boot and catches the pinfall 5:10 into the match. AS Test gets up Snitsky nails him in the head with his lead pipe. Snitsky also decides to nail everybody else in the ring also. As he goes to hit Justice with the pipe Justice quickly kicks in the midsection and Snitsky drops the pipe and Justice drills him with it and covers him for the pinfall 5:30 into the match. Justice-5. Steiner and Matt Hardy start to get back up and they trade punches the whole way up. Steiner get the upper hand and nails Hardy with the face drop and covers him for the pinfall 6:20 into the match. Steiner-1. Jindrax comes to and connects with the Mark of Excellence on Justice and Steiner but as he goes for the pin Snitsky snatches him up in one mean chokehold. Snitsky keep added more pressure and before we know it Jindrax passes out and Snitsky gets a KO victory 6:55 into the match. Gene-1. Steiner clubs Snitsky in his lower back five times and locks in the Steiner Recliner. Snitsky starts to slowly crawl to the ropes but Steiner pulls him back into the middle of the ring and sits on Snitsky’s lower back adding the pressure. Snitsky still won’t tap so Jindrax locks in the Ankle Lock to add the pressure and the added tension is to much for Snitsky as he taps out and give Steiner and Jindrax a submission victory 9:45 into the match. Steiner-2 Jindrax-1. Tyson grabs a chair form under the ring and cleans house. He picks up Simon Dean and lands DDT onto the chair. Tyson then sends Steiner charging into the rope as he bounces of the corner he drills Steiner with a huge Bicycle Kick, and he turns around and chargers Test and gives him the same fate as Steiner. Tyson covers all three for three pinfalls 11:45 into the match. Tyson-3. Jindrax pulls Hardy up and lands the Mark of Excellence and covers for the pin 12:15 into the match. Jindrax-2. Snitsky limps over to Jindrax and drills him in the back on the head with that steep pipe and covers him 13:25 into the match. Gene-2. Tyson attacks Gene and gives him a big boot and follows it up with a pump handle slam and as he covers him for the pin Justice lands his new finisher the Justice Prevailed(Reverse Powerbomb) on Tyson and covers him for the win 14:59 into the match. Justice-6.

Winner and New Intercontinental Champion: Justice Smith

J.R.: That was a SlobberKnocker Tazz

Tazz: Sure was J.R. and Justice showed that he should have been named the Tough Enough winner.

J.R.: I couldn’t agree with you more Tazz

*Camera’s go to the G.M.’s office and there’s a knock on the door.

Ka$h: Come in *The Rock, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle, and The Big Show walk in.

Group: You wanted to see us.

Ka$h: Yeah it’s you turn to draw your order in the Gauntlet Match tonight. Ka$h walks over to the basket and gives it a couple of spins and opens the gate. They each grab a ball. Open the ball and give me your number.

Angle: I got number 3

Show: I got number 5

Taker: I got number 7

Rock: I’m last

Ka$h: You guys know your order now go get ready for the match.

Tazz: The Undertaker and The Rock have a really good chance tonight to walk out with the gold.

J.R.: They sure do Tazz but now let’s get to the next match.

Eight Man Elimination Television Championship Match
*Everybody is in the ring and the match starts*
Everybody starts attacking each other. Luther Reins is clubbing Shelton down while Abyss trades massive left and right punches with Kris Kanyon. Rosey lands a big Samoan Drop on Raven and Farooq follows it up with the Dominator for the pinfall and elimination. While Raven was being eliminated Abyss nailed the Blackhoe Slam on Luther Reins for the pinfall and elimination. Kanyon and Farooq doubleteam Rosey with a double DDT and clothesline. Farooq connects with a big shoulder block from the top rope and Kanyon follows up on the damage with the Flatliner for the pinfall and elimination on Rosey. Shelton and Christian attack a distracted Farooq. Farooq tries to fight out but Christian gives him a lowblow and Shelton nails the Superkick for the pinfall and elimination. Shelton celebrates and Christian pushes Shelton into Abyss as he walks up behind him. Shelton gets caught in the Blackhoe Slam for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Abyss then covers for the pinfall and elimination. Christian and Kanyon attack Abyss as he’s getting up. Abyss powers out of it and send Christian flying in the corner with Kanyon behind him. Abyss charges and lands a body splash in the corner. Kanyon falls flat on his back and Christian’s head scores a lowblow as he falls. Abyss lands the Blackhoe Slam on Christian for the pinfall and elimination. Kanyon comes from behind Abyss and drills him with a couple on back elbow shots to the back on the head. Kanyon throws Abyss hard into the corner and runs and bounces off the ropes just as Abyss bounces from the corner and lands the Kanyon Kutter for the pinfall and elimination.

Winner and New Television Champion: Kris Kanyon

J.R.: Kanyon did it Tazz he really did it. Kanyon has won his first title in four years.

Tazz: Yeah now when he says Who Betta than Kanyon no one in that match was tonight.

J.R.: Well for now nobody Betta than Kanyon.

Tazz: J.R. let’s get ready for the WWE Championship Gauntlet Match.

J.R.: Alright Tazz and you have better believe that this is going to be one damn good match.

Tazz: Sure is J.R.

*JBL music hits and JBL limo pulls out and he makes his way to the ring to a chorus full off boos.*

*Jeff Jarret comes to the ring with his guitar and does the Ric Flair strut to the ring on the stage to livin the crowd up.*

WWE Championship Gauntlet Match
JBL attacks Jarret with a couple of punches and a stiff kick knocks the air out of Jarret. JBL bounces off the ropes and connects with the Clothesline from Wall Street. JBL covers Jarret for the pinfall. Next up Kurt Angle runs down to the ring and attacks JBL viciously. JBL powers out of it and drills Angle with a fall away slam. JBL pulls Angle up and grapples him from the back but Angle reverse’s the grapple hold and lands 3 German Suplexs. Angle then takes his shoulder straps off and locks in the Anklelock. . JBL crawls toward the ropes but Angle pulls him back to the middle of the ring and applies the pressure and JBL has no choice but to tap out. Scott Hall storms to the ring and starts attacking Angle furiously. Hall lands 3 fall away slams in a row and sets Angle up for the Insider’s Edge and lands it. Just as Hall goes to pin Angle Reins runs down to the ring and distracts the ref as Jindrax nails Hall with the Mark of Excellence and pulls Angle over him for the pinfall. Next up the Big Show walks down to the ring and gets attacked by Reins and Jindrax. They both connect with chair shots to Show’s head and roll him back in the ring. Angle nails the Angleslam for good measure and gets the pin. Kevin Nash makes his way down to the ring and connects with the big boot on Jindrax and Reins. Nash gets in the ring and locks up with Angles and slams him down to the mat. Nash lands with a couple of punches and than a powerslam and follows it up with a suplex. Nash picks Angle up and sets him up for the Jackknife Powerbomb and lands it. Nash covers Angle for the pin and the lights go out and the GONG sounds three times. When the lights come back on Taker is behind Nash and as he turns around Taker sets him up for the Tombstone and lands it and makes the pin. If Ya Smell… What the ROCK… is cooking comes blaring from the speaker system. Rocky runs down to the ring and nail a couple of punches reaches back spits on the hand and Lays the Smackdown on the Undertaker. Taker gets back up but this time he gets caught in the People’s DDT and Rock kicks Taker on his lower back. Rock then rolls Taker over and locks in the Sharpshooter. Taker starts to crawl towards the ring ropes, but Rock pulls Taker back to the middle of the ring and adds the pressure. Suddenly the lights go out and someone gets slammed hard in the ring and then we hear a splash and when the lights come back on The Rock is laid out and has become the victim of a Bloodbath. Taker pins the fallen pock and gets the pinfall.

Winner and New WWE Champion: The Undertaker

Tazz: The Undertaker won the WWE Championship

J.R.: Don’t forget Tazz he did have some help.

Tazz: Well that doesn’t matter ladies and gentlemen thanks for tuning in tonight and good night.

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Pretty good show Psycho Jay! There were not a lot of backstage segments but that can be expected for a first show. Also I see some good storylines building. Perhaps a Rock Taker rematch for the WWE Championship. I am suprised to see Justice Smith win the I.C. title though. I have an idea of who is doing the Bloodbaths but I will not wreck it for anyone else. Also try to use bolds, italics, and different colors to make your shows easier to read!

My Raw will be up on Monday afternoon.

Oh and Josh, if you want the WWE Extreme advertisement in my sig let me know and I will give it to you!

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Nice debut SD.

Lacks a little more backstage stuff, but the interviews etc were all pretty good.

The bloodbath angle you got going on looks pretty good. I'm thinking Taker will form a new ministry maybe with Gangrel and Vampiro.

Justice Smith winning was probobly the only negative comment I could make on the show, but hey, its different.

The matches werent bad either, but in future, maybe you should write who is in the match before it gets started, and during elimination matches, you should write down in bold who has been eliminated, as it made it hard to follow at times for the Main Event.

This thread shows promise, and I'll continue to rate the shows, as I have a feeling they will get even better as the weeks go on.

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Raw Preview

Last week a new CEO was named and the general manager of Raw, Eric Bischoff, was replaced by a man named Jon Nicholas. He vacated all the championships and introduced a new championship and brought back the old Hardcore Championship. Edge and Randy Orton advanced in a 6 man World Heavyweight Championship tournament where the winner has the right to challenge Triple H at New Year's Revolution. Also, Booker T was mysteriously laid out costing him his spot in the tournament. Will we find out who attacked him this week? And who will win the new Grandslam Championship? Find out live on Raw on Monday night on Spike TV from 9 PM to 11 PM!

Confirmed matches:

La Resistance (c) vs. Too Cool for the World Tag Team Championships

6 Man over-the-top Battle Royal for the Grandslam Championship
featuring Chris Benoit, Kane, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg and Eddie Guerrero

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. HBK in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament

Feel free to post your predictions!

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Sorry to double post but I have to post my show! I have a funny segment in my show with Benoit and Orton and they are poking fun at some modern day issues. Do not complain to me about that please becasue I intentionally put in there. I tried to follow the superstars dialogue better this time!

The usual Raw beginning video plays except that at the end is a picture of the new general manager Jon instead of Eric Bischoff. The camera then cuts to last week and shows a recap of the draft changes and Jon vacating all the championships. The usual pyros hit after it is done playing to kick off Raw.

Michael Cole: Good evening ladies and gentlemen and we are here live in Austin, Texas and we have a great show for you.

King: Yes we sure do! We have a 6 man over the top battle royal for the new Grandslam Championship, a tag team championship match between La Resistance and Too Cool, and finally the last quarter final match between H-B-K and Stone Cold in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament!

*Time to Play The Game* hits and Triple H makes his way down to the ring accompanied by Batista, John Cena, and Torrie Wilson. He gets in the ring and grabs a microphone.

Triple H: Well if it isn’t all the a**holes in Austin, Texas! Boos from the crowd. Last week I was stripped of my World Heavyweight Championship without having done anything wrong. I am a 9-time World Heavyweight Champion and I deserve more respect then that. Fortunately I will get another shot at that title at New Year’s Revolution though and I have no doubt in my mind that I can win it back. I shouldn’t even be in this predicament because I am the diamond of this business. Without me the WWE would sell out faster than the WCW! Anyways, on the bright side of things, Evolution is once again becoming a dominant force on Raw! I have two new recruits and with time we will all have gold around our waists. To start off, Cena will win that battle royal tonight and become the first ever Grandslam Champion. Also, in an intergender match it will be Batista and Torrie Wilson vs. Rob Van Dam and Lita. We will prove that we are the best faction in this business today! As for the main event, even though this is Austin’s home town I’m sure he will find some way to blow his chances at winning the World Heavyweight Championship!

*Glass shatters* and Austin comes out from the back and storms his way to the ring. He is getting a huge pop and the crowd loves him. He goes face-to-face with Triple H and his posse and grabs a microphone.

Austin: What the h*** do you think you are doing going around talkin’ about Stone Cold Steve Austin behind his back? What? There is no way I am going to disappoint my fans in my home town. What? Stone Cold What? will do everything in his power What? to get that World Heavyweight Championship What? around his waist! Crowd erupts. Now if all you fans want to see my whip Triple H’s a** right here and right now, give me a h*** yeah! H*** yeah! Stone Cold gets ready to take on all the members of Evolution when…

*Can’t Touch This* hits the speakers and the general manger comes down to the ring. He also gets in and grabs a microphone.

Jon: Hold on you two for just a second. First, I do not want my show to get out of hand tonight because I have someone very important coming to the show and evaluating me. They are from WE forums which I am not sure if you are aware of and they are very prestigious men and women. So for tonight, if anyone lays their hands on anyone else except over the Hardcore Championship or during a match, I will be forced to suspend you till New Year’s Revolution. In your case Austin, you would not only be kicked out of your home town arena but you would lose your spot in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament. The same goes for you Triple H. If you lay your hands on Austin then you will lose your spot at New Year’s Revolution and I will name a new contender. Second, you are not the G.M. Triple H, I am! So those two matches you just named will not happen. But I am making my own match that will include all four of those people, you, and another mystery person. So, that match will be Batista, Triple H and Torrie Wilson vs. Rob Van Dam, Lita, and the man who got screwed out of his shot at the World Heavyweight Championship last week, Booker T! You’ll have some time to get ready though Hunter because I don’t want to hear you whining next week about how you lost because you didn’t have time to prepare.

*Commercial Break*

Michael Cole: We are back and our general manager means business here tonight.

King: Yeah, he just stormed out and talked back to Triple H! He can’t do that!

Michael Cole: Yes he can King, he’s the general manager!

King: That doesn’t matter, you just heard it from Triple H that he is the diamond of this business and…

Michael Cole: Nobody gives a d*** whether Triple H is on this show or not. Personally I would not mind if Triple H left forever.

King: How can you talk that way about such a legendary superstar?

La Resistance w/ Rene Dupree vs. Too Cool
For the World Tag Team Championships

Finish: This has been an exciting match for the fans to watch with the advantage going from one side to the other. Rene has stayed out of the match and has his head hung low. At this time in the match, Rikishi is in the ring and has the upper hand on Rob Conway. He irish whips Conway into the turnbuckle and Conway slides down into the Stinkface position. Rikishi sees this and gets ready for the Stinkface. Sylvain knows his partner is in trouble and distracts the ref. Right before Rikishi can hit the Stinkface, Rob low blows Rikishi bringing the big man to his knees. Both men then slowly crawl to their corner and tag their fresh partner in. Rikishi rolls to the outside of the ring but Conway wisely stays in. Scotty tries clothesline Grenier but he ducks and when Scotty turns around he is met with a kick to the midsection. Conway then quickly jumps up like nothing is wrong and La Resistance sets up for La Crepe. They hit it and Sylvain drops and pins Scotty. Rikishi tries to get into the ring and break the pin but the referee counted to three before he could break the pin.

Winners and still Tag Team Champions: La Resistance

Aftermath: Both men of La Resistance roll out of the ring, grab their championships and run backwards up the stage. They hold their belts high because they are happy they won such a grueling match but Rene just trudges up the ring acting with mock happiness.

The camera cuts to the back where we see the interviewing area. Josh Matthews is seen alongside John Cena.

Josh Matthews: We heard last week that you are not a rapper. Could you explain to me more about that I don’t quite understand that.

John Cena: Of course you don’t understand that Josh you have the I.Q. of a gorilla! I needed a good way to get the fans behind me in the WWE. Some of my friends told me to pretend to be a rapper so I had my buddy, Eminem, write me up some lines and I took those with me to WWE try-outs. Everyone thought I had a perfect gimmick so I got in the WWE. He has been writing all my lines since then.

Josh Matthews: But didn’t you have a problem being pretending to be someone that you are not and lying to all your fans out there?

John Cena: At first but Triple H showed me last night that it doesn’t matter what the fans think. Boos from the crowd. That the fans just get in the way and mess with your emotions. Wellt doesn’t matter what anybody thinks about me as long as I get the job done. As Hunter said earlier, I was able to get a spot in that Grandslam Championship battle royal and nobody can stop the doctor tonight.

Right then Kane walks up behind Cena. Cena turns around and looks up at the intimidating eyes of Kane.

Kane: No one, no one? I will be the one walking out of Austin with that title around my waist!

John Cena: Yeah, you sure you big, ugly son of a b****?

Kane then throws a right hand and knocks Cena to the ground. He picks Cena back up and choke slams him on the hard, concrete floor. Josh Matthews backs off scaredly and Kane laughs diabolically. The camera cuts to a dark room where we see the Hardcore Champion.

Heidenreich: Those so-called superstars in the WWE will never be able to stop the force of Heidenreich. I am the Hardcore Champion and plan to remain the Hardcore Champion until this business ends! Heidenreich will be forever victorious! This belt isn’t the only thing I want though. I am coming for that World Heavyweight Championship no matter what I have to do to get it.

Right then you hear the door open behind Heidenreich and it shuts. Heidenreich turns around like there is someone in the room. He tries to run and trips over his chair. He gets up and runs out.

King: There is no one in that room, Heidenreich’s gone paranoid!

Just then you see a shadowy figure step out of the darkness.

*Commercial Break*

Mordecai vs. Billy Gunn

Finish: Billy Gunn has the upper hand although Mordecai has been very dominant for the match. Gunn sets up for the suplex and almost hits it but Mordecai some how reverses it. He then stands up and gives the signal that he is through! Gunn staggers to his feet and is met with a monstrous Crucifix Bomb! He goes down and pins Billy 1…2…3!

Winner: Mordecai

After the match Mordecai rolls Billy Gunn out of the ring and picks up a microphone.

Mordecai: You see how I decimated him? Of course you did, how could anyone miss that? This is just the beginning of the end, for all those that oppose the Lord! I will not only show that I am the best by destroying them all but by winning that United States Championship!

As Mordecai leaves the ring the camera cuts to the back where we see a bloodied up Eugene lying on the floor! William Regal walks by and runs to go get help. When the paramedics roll him over they see another note which reads: I have came more times than anyone else in this business and I will make my return at New Year’s Revolution. The camera cuts to Jon’s office where we see him talking to himself.

Jon: I have no clue to who that person attacking everyone in the locker room could be but I certainly can not allow that to happen. Security, get in here.

Security runs in at the call of their boss.

Jon: Has anyone entered or left the building recently?

Security: A couple of camera men.

Jon: That’s it?

Security: Pretty much except… there was an odd looking man with shaggy hair.

Jon: Hmm, get out of my office; I have a few phone calls to make.

Kane vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. Goldberg vs. John Cena
In a 6 Man Over-The-Top Battle for the Grandslam Championship

Elimination #1: The match starts and everyone seems to pair off against another person. A little while into the match John Cena gets the upper hand over Eddie Guerrero. He lifts him up for the FU and hits it…over the top rope! Eddie’s neck hits the side of the ring and you hear a sickening thud. Eddie Guerrero is eliminated! He is not twitching a muscle as the paramedics run down and haul him off on a stretcher as the match continues.

Elimination #2: In the meantime, Goldberg and Chris Benoit team up on Kane. They both hit a double clothesline on him. Lesnar then charges at Benoit leaving Kane and Goldberg to dish it out. As Kane gets up Goldberg goes for the spear and hits it! Goldberg taunts thinking Kane is toast but Kane sits up! When Goldberg turns around and is met with a huge boot from Kane. Goldberg struggles to make it to his feet and when he does, he gets clotheslined over the top rope by Kane. Goldberg is eliminated!

Elimination #3: As Goldberg and Kane fought, Benoit and Lesnar were doing the same in the opposite corner. Lesnar managed to get a drowsy Benoit up to the top turnbuckle and hit a superplex that shook the ring at the same time Eddie got eliminated. Cena then runs over and starts attacking Benoit as well. They double clothesline Benoit over the top rope when he gets up but Benoit hangs on and stays in the match. Lesnar then charges at Benoit once more and is flipped outside of the ring. He is eliminated at the same time as Goldberg. Brock Lesnar is eliminated!

Elimination #4: The three remaining men stare each other down in the ring but fatigue starts to kick in. Cena is in the worst shape out of the three because he is not as experienced. He sits out on the side getting his breath back while Kane and Benoit duke it out. They trade a few right punches in the middle of the ring so Kane gets the upper hand. He then delivers a huge chokeslam to Benoit leaving him almost out cold. Kane then turns to Cena who gets scared and runs around in the ring. Meanwhile Benoit struggles to his feet and charges at Kane from the back. He does not do much damage to Kane though and angers him. Kane turns around very quickly for his size and hoists Benoit above his head. He then throws Benoit to the outside and eliminates him. Chris Benoit is eliminated!

Final Elimination: Cena hits Kane from the back after he threw out Chris and takes something out of his pocket. He slips something on his hand and as Kane turns around, hits him in the head with a closed fist. It was his brass knuckles but it still did not faze Kane. Cena gets scared and goes for another punch but Kane grabs his hand. Kane twists Cena’s arm around and lifts him up in the air. He easily eliminates Cena because he is a lot less inexperienced as Kane and Kane claims his first WWE Championship in over a year and a half!

Winner and new Grandslam Champion: Kane

Aftermath: Kane poses in the ring with his new belt and taunts at the crowd with it. This is met with boos but Kane does not care. He exits the ring his usual way.

The camera cuts to Charlie Haas’ locker room where we see Miss Jackie, Dawn Marie, and him arguing.

Charlie: I love you both…

Miss Jackie: You love us both? I am your fiancé! You should only love me.

Charlie: You know I didn’t mean it that way baby.

Dawn Marie: Don’t let her boss you around Charlie, you can tell her.

Miss Jackie: About what?

The two women start to bicker and Charlie Haas has had enough.

Charlie: Enough! Since neither of you will believe what I have to say I am going to have to talk with Jon about making a final match between you two at New Year’s Revolution. That way we can settle this once and for all. And so both of you have something to win, I will offer the chance for the winner to marry me! And that’s if the match goes on.

Miss Jackie: But we are already engaged!

Charlie: This way I don’t have to argue anymore. The winner will and should deserve the right to marry me. And as Dawn walks out of the room… Besides honey, I know you will win.

Miss Jackie: I guess you are right. Now on to other, more important things…

The camera cuts to the announcer’s table.

King: Wow, what tension!

Michael Cole: Also, Eddie Guerrero is being taken to the nearest hospital and the only thing we know for sure is that he will not be ok.

King: We will make sure to update you on his condition as soon as we get a call from the hospital. I hope he is ok!

Michael Cole: Yes I do too, but how about Kane winning the Grandslam Championship? Clips are shown from moments ago when Kane won the title.

King: That man gives me the creeps if I can even call him that. Monster is more like it. I would rather have had Benoit win the belt than him. Cena would have even been better than him!

Michael Cole: We will have to take our last commercial break for the night but when we return we have Rob Van Dam, Booker T, and Lita vs. Batista, Triple H, and Torrie Wilson!

King: Don’t forget the main event which is Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Shawn Michaels and the winner is one step closer to the World Heavyweight Championship!

*Commercial Break*

Randy Orton is seen talking with Benoit in Benoit’s locker room.

Randy Orton: I just saw your match; it’s too bad that you lost.

Chris Benoit: I would have won that match if I was taller or stronger.

Randy Orton: You should try steroids; all the famous sports players are using them now.

Chris Benoit: Really, I doubt that.

Randy Orton: It’s true Barry Bonds, Ken Caminiti they both used steroids. And do you know how Triple H won all those World Heavyweight Championships?

Chris Benoit: Nah, I can beat Kane without steroids because I am the Rabid Wolverine!

Randy Orton: That’s the right attitude!

Chris Benoit: Oh I also wanted to say congratulations on winning YOUR big match last week. I would rather you have that belt then Triple H. Either way I will still find a way to win it back.

Randy Orton: In your dreams Chris! Oh the next match is almost starting, let’s grab some popcorn and watch Triple H get his a** kicked.

Chris Benoit: Ok, let’s ask Jericho if he wants to watch it with us too that way we can use the big screen television in his locker room, the Jeritron 5000!

Randy Orton: Ok.

Rob Van Dam, Booker T, and Lita vs. Batista, Triple H, and Torrie Wilson

Finish: Triple H and Booker T have fought on and off through the match but the match has mainly been between RVD and Batista. Right now Torrie and Lita are in the ring and Lita has been very dominant. Then, out of nowhere, Torrie hits viscous DDT on Lita. This gives time to both women to crawl back to their corners and make tags. Lita tags in Rob Van Dam and Torrie tags in Batista. Batista runs and clotheslines RVD and then proceeds to knock Lita and Booker T off the apron. He then turns around and waits until Rob Van Dam makes it to his feet. Then he nails a nasty Batista Bomb and pins him 1…2…3!

Winners: Batista, Triple H, and Torrie Wilson

Aftermath: Batista celebrates and gets outside of the ring when Booker T slides into the ring. He clearly looks disgusted that he lost that match.

The camera cuts to Jon’s office where we see him thinking to himself out loud once more.

Jon: No, no that wouldn’t work but…I’ve got it! Next week live in Cleveland, Ohio it will be Batista one on one against Rob Van Dam for the vacant United States Championship! Yes! Now, onto who is attacking my superstars…

The camera cuts once more but this time it is to Y2J’s locker room.

Chris Jericho: D*** it, Triple H won again even without getting the pinfall! If it wasn’t for steroids he would be nothing.

Randy Orton: Yeah and his lackeys Batista and Cena, they are using steroids too!

Chris Benoit: How do you know all of this?

Randy Orton: Well…I have my sources.

Chris Jericho: I have no clue why Torrie ever joined Evolution and that a**clown Triple H. She should be with Y2J, the sexy beast!

Chris Benoit: Shut up, the main event is about to start.

Randy: Yeah I can’t wait to see whose a** I will be kicking next week! Orton then laughs.

The camera cuts out to the ring for the main event.

Shawn Michaels vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
Winner advances in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament

Finish: It has been a very grueling match and both men are knocked to the ground. Both struggle to make it to their feet and do so before the 10 count. HBK gets up first and sets up for the Sweet Chin Music. He hits it and Austin goes down once more. He pins Austin 1…2…3! No! Austin manages to kick out a second before the referee’s hand comes down for the third time. HBK cannot believe this and sets up for another superkick. He goes for Sweet Chin Music when Austin gets up but Stone Cold ducks under it. Michaels turns around and is met with a Stone Cold Stunner! Austin drops down and pins Shawn 1…2…3!

Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin

After the match Triple H comes out on the entrance ramp signaling that the World Heavyweight Championship is his. The show ends with Austin and Triple H glaring each other down.
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