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This is my first thread and i thought why not make my own wwe show. I will have Weekly Shows and PPV's. I am a big wrestling fan and i have a lot of good ideas. However i am not good at writing what happens durring a match so i will just write the winners down.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan
Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Rock
Triple H
Randy Orton
Ultimate Warrior
Kurt Angle
Brock Lesnar
Randy Savage
Kevin Nash
Scott Hall
AJ Styles
Road Dogg
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Jarrett
Tommy Dreamer
Carlito Carribean Cool
John Cena
Billy Kidman

Tag Teams
Legion Of Doom: Hawk & Animal
Dudley Boyz : Bubba-ray Dudley & D-Von Dudley
La Resistance: Rene Dupree & Slvian Granier
The Mamalukes: Big Vito & Johnny Stambloi

other Staff.
General Manager: Sgt. Slaughter
Raw Anounce team: Jim Ross & Lance Storm
SD Anounce Team: Tazz & Paul Heyman
Ring Whateverer: Howard Finkel
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Event #1
Slamin Saturday (one time only)
Live from Madison Square Garden.

RAW's Video plays.

ROSS: Hello Everybody and welcome to mondaynight RAW
STORM: Oh Yeah and do we ever have a main event.
ROSS: Yes we do we will crown our first World Heavyweight Champion.
Storm: And Who will it be?
ROSS: We have a six-pack Challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship. The Men Wrestling in this match are Triple H, Goldberg, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Kane and The Rock.

Camera goes to the ring. Howard Finkel is standing there.
Finkel: Ladies and Gentelmen please let me introduce to you Triple H.
* Triple H's music hits*
Triple H: I'm sure that all you idiots here in the buildingwould like nothing better than to see me win the World Heavyweight Championship here tonight. ( the Fans boo him) but i am not here for your entertainment. i am only here for one thing and that is...
* Steve Austin's Music plays*
Austin: Now let me tell you Triple H that for one thing the fans hate you. and two you suck.
Triple H: You know that's not true the fans love...
Austin: What?
Triple H: The fans love...
Austin: What?
Triple H: Look if you dont stop that...
Austin: What?
Triple H looks at Austin for a bit.
Triple H: Are you done?
Austin: Well there's only...
*The Rock's Music plays*
The Rock: Just let me congradulate you two for being the biggest peices of monkey shit walking God's green earth.
Triple H: Hey Rock I know the fans love you but the big boys are talking and...
The Rock puts his hand up to stop Triple H.
The Rock: Finally The Rock has come back to New York City. There is only one way to settle this. If you think The Rock will win the World Heavyweight Championship than let me hear you.(The Fans start screaming)
Austin: Well thats all dandy and all but if you think Stone Cold Steve Austin will win gimme a hell yeah( The fans scream hell yeah)
Triple H: If you think i will win than say Triple H (The fans start chanting you suck)
Triple H puts on a mad face

* Commercial*

Ross: WOW, what a confrentation that was.
Storm: Boy you said it. But we've got to get to our first match.

Match 1
Raven vs Jeff Hardy
Finishing moments: Raven went to hit Jeff Hardy with the Raven Effect, but Jeff Hardy fought out of it and hit Raven with the Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb for the win
Winner: Jeff Hardy
After the match the lights go out
Voice: December 12 will mark the End.

Ross: What was that all about?


Screen shows the inside of Triple H's locker room.
Triple H: So is it a deal?
The Camera shows Triple H Talking to Kane.
Kane: We work Together and eliminate everybody else first.

Match 2 tag match
Legion Of Doom vs The Mamalukes
Finishing Moments: Johnny Stamboli went to hit Hawk with a big boot and missed, this let Animal get Stamboli on his Shoulders and gave him the Doomsday device. Big Vito came into the ring with a Chair but the Dudley Boyz came down to help the L.O.D. Animal pinned Stamboli For the win.
Winners: The Legion Of Doom


Match 3
Roadkill vs Sabu
Finishing Moments: Roadkill went for an Amish Bomb but Sabu countered it. With Roadkill down Sabu went for the Arrabian Guillitinefor the win.
Winner: Sabu

The Mamalukes confront the Dudley Boyz.
Big Vito: Yo why did you get involved in our match?
Bubba-ray Dudley: Why? Because we don't like you. Go back to making pizzas damn italians.
Just then Johnny Stamboli & Big Vito pull out Iron Pipes and attacked the Dudley Boyz. Durring the fight Stamboli broke the camra.

Ross: WOW what will happen next?
Storm: I dont know but i just got word that we will crown our first World Tag Team Champions this next Monday.
Ross: Oh yeah?
Storm: Yep it will be a fatal-4-way elimination table match between The Dudley Boyz, The Mamalukes, The Legion of Doom and La Resistace.
Ross: That ought to be good.

Simon: Hi Simon Dean Here with my new product the simon system. with this new weight training system you can lose up to 100lbs in just a week. Chances are if your watching this than your fat, and if your fat that means i don't like you. But hey just because i dont like you just remember i belive in you.

Main Event: Six-pack Challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship
Triple H vs The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Hulk Hogan vs kane vs Goldberg
Eliminations: Kane Eliminated when The Rock hit him with a rock bottom than Hogan hit him with the running leg drop.
Hulk Hogan Eliminated when Triple H hit him with a Pedigree
Goldberg Eliminated when he got hit first with a Stunner, than a Pedigree and finally a people's Elbow.
Austin Got disqualified for hitting The Rock with a steel chair.
Finishing Moments: The Rock went down after the chair shot. Triple H was able to make the cover 1...2.. he kicked out just before 3. Triple H picked up the Rockand Pedigreed him than gave him the People's Elbow 1...2...3
Winner: Triple H
Triple H celibrates with the title when the lights go out. When the lights come back on Triple H was lying on the ground in a puddle of blood.
Ross: OH MY GOD who or what could have done this?
Storm: I don't know but mabey will find out next monday on the first RAW

pls rep

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ya I know I did that at 2:00am so i was tierd. Thanks for your input i will try to do better in the future

Just a message to people. My story line will start at Armaggedon so ignore my first show.
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