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me and finekilla will be writing sd and Raw shows here. I write SD and Fine killa does Raw. my first show of sd will be on veterans day next thursday. here is the sd Roster.

Roster for Smack Down

Brock Lesnar




Kurt Angle


Eddie Guerrero


Shelton Benjamin

Petey Williams

Big Show




Booker T

Carlito Caribbean Cool

Rob Conway

Sylvain Grenier

Luther Reigns

Trish Stratus


Gail Kim

Kevin Nash

Chavo Guerrero

AJ Styles

Molly Holly

Scott Hall

Hollywood Hulk Hogan


Mark Henry

Ron Truth Killings

Kenzo Suzuki

there can and will be trades and signings. the raw roster will be up later.

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Re: WWE: Evolutionized

K heres the RAW Roster. The first show will be up next Monday. Expect a massive news story tomorrow concerning any trades, new signings, firings, and the announced schedule.

Randy Orton
Chris Jericho
Chris Benoit
John Cena
Ric Flair
Rey Mysterio
Matt Hardy
Tyson Tomko
Billy Kidman
Eric Bischoff
Charlie Haas
Bubba Ray Dudley
D'Von Dudley
Stacy Kiebler
Torrie Wilson
Miss Jackie
Dawn Marie
The Hurricane
Mark Jindrak
Garrison Cade
The Rock
Spike Dudley
Shannon Moore

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Re: WWE: Evolutionized

we have some major breaking news to tell the wrestling world. SD has just gotten word that all three yes all three members of the Nwo will be coming and joining SD. NWO consists of Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Hollywood Hulk Hogan. in order for this move to take place SD has dropped Matt Hardy, Eugene and Hidenrich. will this move pay off for SD, only time will tell?

Here is the SD roster divided into Championchip divisions.

WWE Title
Brock Lesnar - heel
Goldberg - face
Undertaker - face
Hulk Hogan - heel
Kurt Angle - heel
HBK - face

U.S Title
Edge - heel
Eddie Guerrero - face
Kane - face
RVD - face
Shelton Benjamin - face
Big Show - face
JBL - heel
Booker T - face
Kevin Nash - heel

Cruiser weight Title
Carlito Caribbean Cool - heel
AJ Styles - face
Tajiri - face
Chavo Guerrero - face
Kenzo Suzuki - heel
Petey Williams - heel

Tag Titles
La Resistance (Conway and Grenier) - heel
NWO (Nash and Hall) - heel
Tajiri and Rhyno - face
Team TNA (AJ Styles and Ron the Truth Killings) - face
Los Guerreros (Eddie and Chavo) - face
Booker T and RVD - face
Kurt Angle and Luther Reigns - heel
Brothers of Destruction (Kane and Undertaker) - face

Womens Title
Trish Stratus - heel
Victoria - face
Gail Kim - face
Molly Holly - heel

all the titles will be decided in the first show of Smack Down.

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Re: WWE: Evolutionized

Major Roster Moves

Just hours after the rodater was drafted late Wednesday night, the first major trade rolled in. Details are blurry yet, but it seems as though it was a 4-person deal.
To Smackdown:
Booker T

To Raw:

We hope to find out more details on this trade. Sources tell us that Christian wasnt the only one involved in the trade, and that there may be as much as two more guys headed to RAW from this deal. We have people looking in to this situation, and we'll get back to you as soon as we hear something.

After the first trade, it took a few hours, but there was one final trade completed before the trade deadline.
To Smackdown:

To Raw:

Once again we have no clue who went to RAW. I dont know why this is happening, but it could be a few possible reasons. One being that nobody cares about RAW, the second being that management is being VERY tight lipped on roster situations.

Smackdown Releases
The WWE released Viscera and Gene Snitsky from their contracts today. We wish them the best in their future endeavors.

Smackdown Signings
In some major news, the Smackdown brand has made a few key signings to go along with their gorund breaking announcement of the nWo yesterday. Smackdown has signed AJ Styles and Ron the Truth Killings over from TNA. This is major news, as this is one of the first shots backs at TNA, WWE has taken.

Injury Update
Chris Jericho has know completely healed from a torn acl. He should be returning to action any time soon, and has said that he will come back making a huge impact. Expect him in the next few weeks.

RAW Preview
Finally RAW this week is live from the Fleetcenter in Boston. It should be a great night and anything can be expected. This is the first live show after the roster draft, so many new faces will meet eachother.

RAW GM, Eric Bischoff, has also stated that he will have a major proposal for Surivivor Series, concerning the 8-man tag match. Hopefully he will shed some light on that. Its gonna be a great night on Monday from Boston. Tune in to Spike TV 9et/8ct.

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Re: WWE: Evolutionized

SD Preview: With the SD Roster full of Great A talent, feuds are shure to flare up on Americas Holiday of Veterans Day. The First show for SD will be in be Boston, Mass. To decide the person who is best fits the roll to be champion, each title will be on the line. Feuds will be shure to Flare on the first episode of SD.

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Re: WWE: Evolutionized

SD has made yet another big sign yet bolstering there all star roster.

SD has released Rene Dupree and have sent him over to Raw for Free. we wish Rene the best of luck where ever he goes.

SD has signed former team canada member and TNA superstar, Petey Williams. Petey will go into the cruiserweight division.

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Re: WWE: Evolutionized

we have just recieved word that sd is in talks with yet another famous wwe superstar and could sign him over to evolutionized. we arent certain who tht guy is yet but we will keep you posted on who it is later on tonight.

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Re: WWE: Evolutionized

why is Kenzo a cruiserwieght?

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Re: WWE: Evolutionized

WWE Raw – Jan.3/2005 – Boston, Mass. Fleetcenter

The WWE logo is shown, and a new RAW opening video begins. We then flash to the arena where we are treated with a massive pyro display, which is quickly followed by very bright lights. The RAW music quits, and Evolutions music begins, as Triple H, Ric Flair, Batista, and the World Champion, Randy Orton come down to the ring.

Evolution Promo
Evolution gets into the ring, and the crowd show their dislike as the arena is filled with boos. Ric Flair head over and grabs the mic
Flair - "WOOOO!! Last Monday each and every one of you watched the rejuvenation of Evolution. When Randy Orton pinned Chris Benoit for the second time this year for the World Heavyweight Championship, it showed once again what Evolution clearly is. Evolution is what is here today, and what is here tomorrow. And Randy Orton has clearly showed that, just as he shows it each and every time he gets into this ring. Then we have the 6'10 monster Batista. WOOOO!! Just look at those arms they could squeeze the life out of anything moving. And finally we have the cerebral assassin, the game, Triple H. What more can you ask for than maybe the best all alround wrestler of all time. This is Evolution, and many have seen it pass by them, what more can you want. Tell them Trip."
Triple H - "And this goes to all the guys in the back. Tonight I guarentee you, that Evolution will change forever. What do I mean by that? Evolution is...

The countdown begins, and Y2J makes his way out onto the ramp
Jericho - "Will you please shut the hell up. Im sick and tired of listening to this crapola about how Evolution will fall on you. Evolution is here today, and stronger tomorrow. Quite frankly I see it as 'bi' today, and 100% ' gay' tomorrow."
Triple H - "Jericho could you do all of us a favor, and stop telling us your about your personal life. Hey listen ill make you a deal why dont you come on down here, and tell me what you just said in my face. And as an added bonus Ill tell you the truth to any of your questions."
Jericho - "I wasnt waiting for invitiation, I was for all of you to pull your pants up."

Jericho drops the mic, and runs towards the ring. Evolution stands ready, but Jericho stops, and doesnt enter the ring. Instead Benoit comes from behind, and attacks Randy Orton. Jericho then jumps in the ring, and the two begin to dominate Evolution. Batista escapes, and pulls out Flair. Triple H gets knocked to the outside, but Randy Orton isnt so lucky. Benoit takes down Orton in the middle of the ring, and locks in the crippler crossface. Orton begins to tap, and referees storm the ring, trying to break up the two. Orton gets out of the ring, and joins his group on the ramp, as Jericho, and Benoit stand in the ring ready to fight.


Christian vs. Maven
We come back from commercial, and Maven is standing in the ring as Christian makes his way to the ring wearing a Yankees jersey, which prompts a huge amount of displeasure from the crowd. Christian begins to take of the jersey, but Maven attacks him and sends him to the ground. He continues to lays the boot to Christian, and eventually picks him up and hits a suplex. Maven picks up Christian and throws him to the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but instead Christian ducks, goes off the ropes, and hits Maven with a dropkick. Maven gets back up, and Christian dropkicks him again. He then picks him up for a back suplex followed by a piledriver. Christian plays to the crowd, and makes the sign that its time for the Un-Prettier. He tries for it but instead it reversed, and somehow Maven turns it into a sitdown powerbomb. Benjamin grabs Christian by the tights, and hits a variation of a falling suplex. It looks like its over. Maven gets on Christian for the cover, 1…2…NO. Christian just gets his arm off the ground. Tyson Tomko comes running down to the ring, and Maven goes to dropkick him but instead Tomko catches his feet, and turns it into a flapjack. Maven is down on the mat hurt, as the ref calls for the bell, and dq’s Christian. Tomko pulls Christian out of the ring, and the two head up the ramp together, while the ref attends to Maven.
Winner by DQ : Maven


We cut back to the beginning of the night where, Jericho and Benoit attack Evolution in the ring, leaving Randy Orton down.

Evolution goes to the GM for help
We go to the back where Evolution comes storming into Eric Bischoff’s office.
Triple H – “Eric did you see what happened out there? Of course you did you run this show. All I wanna know is what the hell are you gonna do about it?”
Bischoff – “Hunter don’t worry about it. Cause see this is RAW. The premiere brand in the WWE, just like I am the premiere GM in the WWE. Cause tonight you will get your revenge. Its gonna be the four members of Evolution vs. Chris Jericho, and Chris Benoit.”
Triple H – “Damn right its gonna be, and after tonight they will never be the same again.”

JR – “Oh come on what is this. That’s totally unfair. Benoit and Jericho better be wishing for a miracle tonight.”
Lawler – “Ha, you mean they better wish their still living after tonight.”


(c)Rey Mysterio vs. Billy Kidman - Non-Title
The two begin by locking up hand to hand. Kidman eventually gets Mysterio down to his knees. Mysterio fights back though and gets Kidman to one knee. A loud sound is heard in the arena, and the ref is temporarily distracted. Kidman hits a low blow, and quickly picks up Mysterio. He knocks him down with a clothesline just as the ref turns around to make it look like nothing illegal happened. Kidman runs to the ropes and lands a leg drop. He gets the two count, and pins his knee to Mysterio’s throat. He begins choking him and the ref breaks the hold. Kidman plays to the crowd, and Mysterio grabs his tights for a quick pin. He only gets a two count though. Kidman quickly recovers, and meets Mysterio with a clothesline as he is just getting up. Once again a distraction, this time a explosion occurs. The ref goes to the outside, and tries to figure out whats going on. Kidman quickly gets to the outside, and grabs a chair. He goes smash Mysterio with it, but her dropkicks the chair right into Billy Kidman’s face. Rey Mysterio gets rid of the chair, and sets up Kidman on the ropes. He hits the 6-1-9. Goes for the cover, but once again a huge explosion. This time Mysterio gets up, and looks what is going on. The ref once again goes to the outside. A guy from behind gets in the ring, and throws a fireball at Rey Mysterio. It knocks him down, and the mystery man pulls Kidman on top of Mysterio. The mystery man escapes and goes under the ring. The ref gets back in, and sees that Kidman is covering Mysterio. He counts the three count, and Kidman wins the match, but not the title as this was a non-title match. Kidman and the ref leaves, and the mystery man emerges from under the ring. He gets in and takes off his cape. Its Ultimo Dragon. He picks up Rey, and floors him with an asia D.D.T. He leaves through the crowd, and Rey is left in the middle of the ring.
Winner : Billy Kidman


Smackdown Rebound
We flash back to last weeks Smackdown. It begins to show highlights, but Teddy Long cuts off the video. He says the Smackdown is the superior brand, and that the only reason RAW gets such high ratings is because of this segment every week on RAW. He then announces that he no longer wants this segment shown, and that RAW shouldn’t be gaining an advantage from something they don’t put on. The video ends with Long giving the RAW fans, staff, wrestlers a middle finger, and he says “No what do you think about that playa?”

Message regarding the Womens Title
Bischoffs music starts, and he comes out to the top of the stage.
Bischoff - "It has come to my attention that we have lost our womens champion, Trish, during this recent re-draft so to speak. So there is only one thing that can be done to fix this, and that is to have a womens battle royal. But you know what I am a man that gives what the fans want. So we are gonna let you vote on what you wanna see tonight. Do you wanna see a normal battle royal? Boo Ok, maybe not. How about a mud wrestling battle royal Yah! Ok that one sounds good. K, final choice. How about a bra and panties battle royal? Fans go crazy I think we have our decision, bra and panties battle royal it is. Ok so here are the rules. 2 divas will begin the match, and every 30 seconds another diva enters. There is a 10 competitor limit for this match. Wait a minute we don’t have 10 divas, we’ll this is an open competition, anyone outside the RAW roster, can come ahead and go. BTW I do have a few in the back you don’t know about. Once a diva is stripped down to her bra and panties, she must leave the ring. The final competitor to be left in the ring with either her pants or shirt still on, will be declared the winner, and your NEW WWE Womens Champion. And oh yeah I almost forgot. That match is next.

Lawler - “Yah! Oh baby, This is like a second Christmas. Puppies!”
JR – “Ok, calm down their down Jerry, haha”


Womens Championship – Bra and Panties Battle Royal
The fans wait eagerly for the first two competitors. Then Dawn Marie’s music begins, she makes her way out to a few cheers. She gets in the ring, and Torrie Wilson’s music starts. The crowd goes crazy. The two get in the ring, and exchange a few slaps. Torrie takes down Dawn with a clothesline, and gets on top of her pulling her hair. She bitch slaps Dawn a few times, and tries to pull of her shirt. The timer buzzes, and out comes Miss Jackie. She comes from behind, and rips of Torries pants, to reveal a neon pink thong. The crowd goes crazy for this, and Torrie responds, by turning around and taking down Miss Jackie. Dawn gets up, pushes Torrie to the side, and Jackie, and Dawn being to roll around the ring. The two are pulling eachothers hair, and slapping eachother, as Torrie just stands in the corner watching. The time hits 30 seconds again, and some strange music starts. Out comes Major Gunns. She goes straight after Torrie, but Torrie trips her and rips her top off, Gunns looks down at her breasts in a camouflage bra, and cant believe that she already lost an item of clothing. Meanwhile Jackie rips off Dawns top, and Dawn has Jackie’s leather pants half off. The clock hits 30 seconds, and out comes Stacy Kiebler to a huge ovation. She makes her way to the ring, and does the usual second rope entrance. Just as she gets in Dawn right forearms her, and she is knocked to the ground. Jackie moves over to the side while she has time, and pull up her pants. She goes over to help Major Gunns, but instead Gunns turns around, and tears Jackie top off. While Major Gunns is turned around, Torrie grabs her shorts, pulls them down, and gets them off. Major Gunns is eliminated. Meanwhile the clock strikes 30 seconds, and out comes Sable. She comes sliding into the ring, and grabs Torrie from behind. She gets her up and hits a Sablebomb. She rips off Torrie’s shirt, and Torrie Wilson is eliminated. Dawn Marie is right behind Sable, but gets floored with a right hand. She moves Dawn to the turnbuckle, and goes for a Sablecarana, but instead Dawn grabs the leather pants, and peals them off. In the meantime, Stacy Kiebler rips off Miss Jackie’s top. The countdown hits zero, and Tracy Brooks, from TNA comes running out. She runs in, and takes down Dawn Marie. She gets on top of her, and begins pulling out pieces of her hair. While Tracy is on top of Dawn Sable, rips off Dawns pants, and in addition grabs Tracy from behind and gets her top off. Dawn is eliminated, and Tracy turns around only to meet, a hard right hand from Sable. She gets knocked to the ground, and Sable rips her pants off. Tracy Brooks is eliminated. Sable, Miss Jackie, and Stacy are left in the ring. Sable grabs Miss Jackie from behind, but doesn’t rip her pants off. Instead they double team up and rip Stacy’s top off. The clock hits 30 seconds once again, and out comes Lita. She comes racing out, and attack Miss Jackie from behind. She gets her pants off, and she is eliminated. Lita gets up and goes straight for Sable, the two begin battling, and Lita gets a twist of fate. She rips off Sable’s top, and her bra comes partly with it too, but the camera quickly moves to a different angle, and we see nothing. The lucky crowd though goes crazy. Stacy jumps Lita from behind, and begins choking her. The buzzer goes, and Midajah makes her way out. Another new diva on RAW. She gets behind Lita, and begins to take advantage of Lita. She slams Litas face to the mat, and rips her top off. Meanwhile once again there is double-teaming going on, and Stacy gets behind Midajah, and rips her top off. Midajah turns around, and rips Stacy’s shorts shorts right off of her. Stacy’s is wearing on of the smallest g-strings I have ever seen. Stacy is eliminated, and Midajah and Lita are left in the ring. The two roll around, and Midajah pokes Lita in the eye. Lita rolls around, in pain, and Midajah grabs something from her pants. The countdown hits zero, but the final competitor doesn’t come out. Midajah puts on the brass knucks she got from her pants, and nails Lita. The refs jump in and disqualify Midajah. Lita is now left in the ring, down and out. But still the final competitor doesn’t come out. Midajah goes up the ramp, and then the final compeititors music begins. Its Stephanie McMahon. Her and Midajah hug, and Steph goes running into the ring. She goes to hook Lita up for a small package, but Lita turns it around, and rips off Stephanie’s top. The fans go crazy and Stephanie tries to cover up. What was she thinking? You cant win this match by pinfall. Lita goes for Litas pants, and rips them off easily, but Steph is wearing shorts underneath the leather pants. Litas goes to rip them off but Steph trips her, and rips off Lita’s cargo pants. Litas stripped down to a white lace bra, and thong. She’s eliminated and Stephanie is the new womens champion. Lita looks on in disgust, and attacks Stephanie from behind. She beats her down, positions her, goes to the top rope, and hits a moonsault. Shes just about to leave, but the fans are chanting to strip Stephanie down to her underwear. Lita smiles, and gets in to rip off Steph’s shorts. She gets them off and leaves the ring, and Stephanie in the middle wearing only a black lace bra, and black, chained-link g-string. The fans go crazy, and Lita plays to the crowd in her underwear up the ramp. Stephanie is the womens champion but she has been stripped of her dignity.
Winner and NEW womens champions : Stephanie McMahon


Evolution’s dressing room
Stephanie enters wearing a robe, and holding the womens championship. HHH congratulates her, and gives her a kiss. Evolution laughs, and we pan over to see Midajah sititng on the couch.

Stephanie – “Good job Midajah, Ric said that you could do it. Thank you very much.
Flair – “Obviously our little investment has paid off wouldn’t you say so Triple H?
HHH – “Definitely, but now not only are you gonna be apart of RAW, your with Evolution.
Midajah – “The fans may have got a surprise with Steph winning, but I still have a surprise for you. Cause when you do business with me, you don’t just get me. You get my business partner, and soon enough, you’ll know exactly what hes capable of.

Flair, HHH, Batista, Orton, Stephanie look at eachother wondering who it is, and laugh nodding.

Bischoff In-Ring Promo
Bischoff – “I came here to do one thing tonight, and god dammit I’m gonna do it. You see the Royal Rumble has always been a 30 man over the top competition. We’ll you see im not about to change that, but how about if we add a multi-man match to the Royal Rumble this year, one time only. This match though will be different. Different cause it will be 4 men from RAW vs. 4 men from Smackdown. But you see I was thinking about this over the weekend thinking how can I make this better? Well did I ever come up with two GREAT ideas. You see first the winning team will get the ability to host extra ppv’s for their brand, which in return will give off major money coming in for the brand, and to all the wresters. But the second idea is even better. This is a PPV, we just cant have a normal, plain, 8 man tag match. So I am giving Theodore Long the chance this week on Smackdown to name on stipulation for the match. If he doesn’t name anything this week, too bad, he losses his opportunity to level the playing field. Then next week on RAW, I will name my stipulation. And believe me Theodore it will be a MAJOR addition to the match.
So whats it gonna be? According to my watch, you have about 72 hours to make your decision. Thank You very much!


Royal Rumble
Raw, Smackdown, and Y.J. Stinger are proud to present WWE Royal Rumble, live from the Air Canada Center, in Toronto, Ontario on January 30th. The official RAW theme song for Royal Rumble is "The Clincher" by Chevelle

Evolution vs. Chris Benoit & (c)Chris Jericho
The lights go out and Evolutions music begins, as the four members walk out onto the ramp, and towards the ring. Evolution stands on one side of the ring, as Jericho and Benoit come out to the ring, but stop before entering with a running start. The two enter, and Evolution jumps on them, and begins the beat down. Referees, and Road Agents head down to the ring, and break up the six wrestlers. Once all order is restored, Benoit and Flair begin the match. They look at each other and lock up. The crowd begins to chant “4 Horsemen.” Benoit throws down Flair, and Flair gets right back right in Benoit’s face. The two stand looking at eachother face to face, and Flair spits at Benoit. Benoit looks at Flair and whips off his face. The two being exchanging right hands, and Flair adds in a little thumb to the eye, which takes down Benoit. Flair tags in Triple H. Who gives a running knee to Benoit. It caught Benoit right in the mouth, and he begins to bleed at a rapid pace from the mouth. Triple H picks up Benoit and gets ready for the Pedigree. He somehow hits it, and Benoit for some reason looks like he is completely out of it. Triple H goes for the cover, 1…2…No, Jericho runs in and breaks up the count. The ref looks at the unconscious Benoit, and gives the “X” sign to the back. Paramedics come out, and put Benoit on the stretcher and wheel him to the back. Jericho enters, and gives Triple H a dropkick when he turns around. Jericho jumps on Triple H, and continues to give him multiple head shots. He goes towards the ropes, and goes for the lionsault. Triple H tries to move, but Jericho just catches him. He goes for the cover, 1…2…NO. Orton comes in for the break up. Jericho gets back up, and turns around, and clocks Orton, which sends him into a fury. He tries to get into the ring, but the ref stops him. While the refs back is turned, Jericho low blows HHH, and it sends him to the ground. Batista comes in, and pushes the ref to the side, which in return disqualifies Evolution. Flair goes to check on HHH, while Batista & Orton begin a double team on Jericho. They continue the beat down until they beat him down to a pulp. Orton picks up Jericho and nails an RKO. Batista follows it up by sending him down for a sitdown powerbomb. Evolution is about to exit, but it looks like Batista, and Orton aren’t done. Batista picks up Jericho again, and as he is coming down, Orton catches Jericho’s head for a painful, RKO-Powerbomb combination. Evolution stands in the ring with their arms up in the air, while Jericho is left down and out in the middle of the ring. Batista, and HH head to the back. Orton, and Flair head back to the ring, looking to get something off their chest.
No Contest

The Unexpectable Happens
Orton grabs a mic
Orton – “The Legend Killed list has just gotten a little longer. Benoit, Jericho I may have beaten you in the past, but both at once? HAHA, and hell knock Benoit out totally. Shit it seems to me I am definitely the Legend Killer. Quite frankly I am getting a little pissed off at the competition in this company. So this goes to anyone in the back, anyone on Smackdown, or anyone not employed by this great company, If you think you could beat the Legend Killer, one on one, no stupid gimmicks, or stipulations. BRING IT. Hell look at the list. Benoit, Jericho, Mick Foley, The Rock, the list goes on and on. Basically anytime you step into the ring with me? Your fame is taken away just like that. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a legend for 5 years, or a legend of Ric Flair’s status. When you step in to the rin…. Wait a minute, did I just say the Ric Flair was a legend? Lucky you hey? You get to stand in the ring with the man whos making it easier for you every week. Well Ric, when time is up, ill let you live that one extra minute. But Ric, by looking at my watch before tonight match, I noticed that your time was up a LONG time ago.
Orton drops the mic, and floors Flair to the ground, he continues stomping him, and makes the sign for the RKO. He picks Flair up, and sends him to the mat with great force, from the RKO. He looks likes hes gonna leave, but instead he comes back in, grabs Flair’s legs, and locks him into a figure four. Ric starts tapping almost immediately. Refs, Agents, Batista, and HHH come out from the back, and break Randy off of Ric. Randy heads up the ramp, and stands at the very top with a huge smile on his face. It looks like Orton has snapped!

JR – “ What the Hell has happened to Randy Orton. He looks like a loose cannon. My gawd, anything can happen, and what the hell is gonna happen next week?”

We zoom up to Randy’s psychotic face, as we slowly fade out

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Re: WWE: Evolutionized

hopefully nobody found the diva segment on my RAW being too much "out there". I like to write different based storylines, and matches every so often. For example, next week something major will happen to someone health wise. Im not gonna go as far as someone dying, but other serious injuries

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Re: WWE: Evolutionized

Long: Eric I see that you have made a very wise and well thought out match that would pit the best from raw against the best from SD. But what you didnt think about is the quality of superstars that I have over in my locker rooms. you see Bischoff, do you have the high flyers like a petey williams or a AJ Styles, do you have people with brute strength like a Goldberg or a Brock Lesnar. I didnt think so. So at the Royal Rumble it will be the team of Raw vs. the superior team of SD in the SD stip of a 8 man tlc tag match. Now can you beliee dat playa. holla, holla, holla.

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Re: WWE: Evolutionized

Update on Benoits Condition

We have recieved an update on Benoits condition, after he was taken from the ring midway through a match. Apparently, Chris Benoit did go out with a slight dislocated arm, but he is expected to return to the ring very soon. The ref pulled him out of the ring as a precautionary measure, and it has been rumored that he may return as early as this next week.

Raw vs. Smackdown Challenge

On monday night Eric Bischoff challenged Teedy Long, and the Smackdown side of the WWE to an 8-man tag match at the Royal Rumble. He also added that each gm would have the ability to choose a stipulation to add to the match. Just hours after raw had ended Theodore Long, made an official announcement that he has accepted the challenge, saying that it wont be a test for the Smackdown brand. What will the stipulations be though?

RAW Main Event

This just in. It has just been made official that this next monday on RAW live from Madison Square Garden in New York, New York there will be a main-event for the ages. For the first time one-on-one Randy Orton will face Ric Flair. No special rules, Nobody allowed at ringside. It will be an all out brawl

Smackdown Preview

With the SD Roster full of Great A talent, feuds are shure to flare up on Americas Holiday of Veterans Day. The First show for SD will be in be Boston, Mass at the Fleetcenter. To decide the person who is best fits the roll to be champion, each title will be on the line. Feuds will be shure to Flare on the first episode of SD.

Plus, what is GM Theodore Longs decision on his stipulation for the 8-man tag match at the Royal Rumble? Has he decided on any members to represent the Smackdown side?
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