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WWE: Era of Madness

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In 2012 the Rothschild family (multi-trillionaires) buy the WWE and give me freedom to govern it's fate.

Contracts are being discussed and a 10 year television deal with ABC, ESPN (yes I said it), NBC, and HBO is done.

The WWE will be divided into 4 divisions.


TV Channel: ABC
TV Rating: TV-14
Time Slot: 8:00-10:00 PM EST, Monday (once a week)
Championship Belts: United States Championship, United States Women's Championship


TV Channel: ESPN
TV Rating: TV-14
Time Slot: 7:00-9:00 PM EST, Thursday (once a week)
Championship Belts: Intercontinental Championship, Intercontinental Women's Championship


TV Channel: NBC
TV Rating: TV-14
Time Slot: 6:00-10:00 PM EST, Sunday (once every three weeks)
Championship Belts: WWE Championship Belt, WWE Women's Championship Belt, WWE Tag Team Championship Belt

Hardcore Nights:

TV Channel: HBO
TV Rating: M
Time Slot: 8:00-10:00 PM EST, Saturday (once a week)
Championship Belts: Glory Belt, Diva Belt



Raw will be a division consisting of great mic workers.

The United States Championship will replace the WWE Championship in importance and representation of the brand.

The brand will consist of guys like John Cena and CM Punk.


Smackdown will be a division with only the best wrestlers. Less promo will be done (although not completely done with) and the occasional Boxing/MMA match will be done to lure in more fans.

The Intercontinental Championship will replace the World Heavyweight Championship in importance and representation of the brand.

The brand will consist of guys like Daniel Bryan, Kurt Angle (payday) and Rey Mysterio.


Rawdown will be a division that brings in only the top tier faces/heels of Raw and Smackdown.

The WWE Championship will be the undisputed championship and will be defended every three weeks.

The show will start off with musical, dance etc entertainment for the first 30 minutes and then the show starts.

It will be a spectacle.

Hardcore Nights:

Hardcore Nights will be a mix of ECW and FCW. It will be a developmental league while at the same time being legit. It will be great for all the indie fans. The show will have freedom to broadcast blood, nudity, cursing etc.

It will be a no holds barred situation and everyone is out for themselves.

No one is a face or heel. Everyone is a tweener and the show will be as unpredictable as possible.

PPVs: Extreme Rules, SummerSlam, Night of Champions, Hell in a Cell, TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs, Wrestlemania

Top 3 stars:

John Cena: Tweener/40% face/60% heel
CM Punk: Heel
Randy Orton: Face

General Managers:

Raw: Paul Heyman
Smackdown: JBL
Rawdown/Smackdown: Triple H
Hardcore Nights: Hardcore Holly

The Era of Madness will be over the top action based on the characterization and tendencies of what each division brings to the table.

Raw: Attitude Era fans
Smackdown: Ruthless Aggression Era fans
Hardcore Nights: IWC/Indie fans

The era would be amazing and we would be spoon fed entertainment every single week.

The thought of it makes me drool.

Just for fun add to the story, make some tweaks etc.

Buy or Sell?

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Rolex Bomb Defuser
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I honestly don't see the need for 3 women's division, but the concept is interesting.
It's a matter of depth.

On Raw you have the sexy, naughty and risque women wrestlers. On Smackdown you have the physically gifted and technically sound women wrestlers. On Hardcore Nights you have the risky, blood-thristy and death-defying women wrestlers.

Keep in mind that the Rothschild family are the richest in the world. If Ke$ha, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga can sell millions of albums off of advertisement imagine the possibilities when your company is sponsored by a family with trillion upon trillions of dollars.

There is no doubt in my mind with the hundreds of millions of dollars being used towards advertisement that the women's division can become one of the hottest products in America.
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