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It’s been an incredibly long time since I’ve written a show, started a thread, and its been just about as long since I’ve been an avid wrestling fan, so before we begin I apologise for any rustiness or lack of recent-time wrestling knowledge I may have shown. I have spent the past few weeks getting back into an obsession I shared with all of you. With my return to the watching of wrestling, I felt it only fitting to return to the Be the Booker forum. And so we have this thread, the Era of Awesome. I've been planning this for like a month and I have the majority of the RAW shows leading up to the first PPV written. NXT Season 2 and WWE Superstars? Let's just pretend they never happened for the sake of this thread.

WWE: Era of Awesome

The “Era of PG”, something the majority of older wrestling fans failed to truly enjoy, it turned former-wrestling maniacs away from the sport and brought ratings down steadily as the days went by. The only true success was the constant increase in John Cena merchandise thanks to the kids of the WWE. Something had to give, wrestling had to return to the heights of time long past. It was time to move forward, time to move forward to an era of awesome.

WWE Fatal 4-Way Results

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Kofi Kingston (C) def. Drew McIntyre

WWE Divas Championship
Alicia Fox def. Eve Torres (C), Maryse and Gail Kim

Evan Bourne def. Chris Jericho

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Rey Mysterio def. Jack Swagger (C), Big Show and CM Punk

WWE United States Championship
The Miz (C) def. R-Truth

The Hart Dynasty (Natalya, Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith) def. The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) and Tamina

WWE Championship
Sheamus def. John Cena (C), Randy Orton and Edge


Alicia Fox
Brie Bella
Chris Jericho
Darren Young
David Hart Smith
Evan Bourne
Ezekiel Jackson
Gail Kim
Heath Slater
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
John Cena
John Morrison
Justin Gabriel
Mark Henry
Michael Tarver
Nikki Bella
Randy Orton
Santino Marella
Skip Sheffield
Ted DiBiase
The Great Khali
The Miz
Triple H
Tyson Kidd
Vladimir Kozlov
Wade Barrett
William Regal
Zack Ryder

WWE Champion – Sheamus
WWE United States Champion – The Miz
Unified WWE Tag Team Champions – David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd
Divas Champion – Alicia Fox

WWE SmackDown!

Beth Phoenix
Big Show
Caylen Croft
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
Curt Hawkins
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Jack Swagger
Kelly Kelly
Kofi Kingston
Luke Gallows
Matt Hardy
Michelle McCool
Rey Mysterio
Rosa Mendes
Trent Barreta
Tyler Reks
Vance Archer

World Heavyweight Champion – Rey Mysterio
Intercontinental Champion – Kofi Kingston
Women’s Champion – Layla

NOTE – These are the current WWE rosters, as the Era of Awesome comes into full effect, expect some serious changes in this respect.

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Re: Bartman and LegendaryBazinga Present: WWE - Era of Awesome

It's good to see you back Bartman. The results are I think at least similar in real life as they are on here.. (just like you, I haven't watched in forever!) haha. Can't wait to see what you do with this, especially that last little line you put in there...

"Era of Awesome comes into full effect, expect some serious changes in this respect." Dunno, it sounds pretty sexy. :p

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Re: Bartman and LegendaryBazinga Present: WWE - Era of Awesome

RAW Preview
After the fatal effects of last night’s exciting pay-per-view, Bret “The Hitman” Hart will be in attendance to explain his lack of appearance last night and to address the NXT and the state of RAW after the recent attacks over the past few weeks.

Also, RAW will hit Bridgeport with a new WWE Champion! Thanks to the help of Wade Barrett and the rest of the NXT, Sheamus now holds the prestigious WWE Championship, and he will be sure to make an appearance in Connecticut.

After losing his WWE Championship last night, John Cena will be in action against an as-yet unknown competitor. Cena will be sure to be in a rough condition after last night’s brutal events.

With the next Pay-Per-View, WWE Money in the Bank being less than a month away, you can be sure to expect details on the format of this exciting, groundbreaking show and there will sure to be matches announced for the big show.

All this and more when WWE Raw rolls into Bridgeport, Connecticut tonight on the USA Network at 9/8ct

Thanks Dave for the comment. RAW will be posted hopefully before the end of tonight.

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Re: Bartman and LegendaryBazinga Present: WWE - Era of Awesome

I wrote this show a month ago, I took a look over it there and I can see even now that it is quite rusty, but it gets the job done in terms of building towards MITB. Enjoy.

WWE Raw – 21st June 2010 – Bridgeport, Connecticut

A video package of the events of Fatal 4 Way plays. We see the epic Chris Jericho/Jason Bourne match, The Miz retaining his championship and of course Sheamus’ runaway victory in the WWE Title match. The package ends with a broken title-less John Cena staring at the screen. After the video package plays we cut to the RAW opening video with Burn it to the Ground by Nickelback playing. After this we head to the Arena at Harbor Yard as RAW begins.


Michael Cole: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw! I am Michael Cole joined by Jerry “The King” Lawler here in Bridgeport, Connecticut fresh off the heels of an exciting Fatal Four Way PPV

Jerry Lawler: That it was and we have so many questions to be answered tonight

Return of the Hitman hits and the fans buzz with excitement as The Hitman, Bret Hart appears at the top of the entrance ramp.

Michael Cole: And isn’t that just the man to provide them! It’s our General Manager, Bret “The Hitman” Hart. Someone who was surprisingly absent last night, but I think we now know why, he looks pretty rough after the attacks last week

Bret looks badly hurt and limps his way to the ring with a crutch; he eventually gets in and requests a microphone. He ushers the crowd to calm down and there is silence as Bret holds the microphone to his mouth.

Bret Hart: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night RAW.

The crowd break into cheers, as Hart pauses for a moment.

Bret Hart: First of all, may I apologise for not appearing at last night’s show, as you can see the NXT rookies have left me in quite a pickle. After demand, after demand, after demand however, I am still standing and guess who still do not have RAW contracts? That’s freakin’ right people. If the NXT guys think they can push the RAW General Manager, Bret “The Hitman” Hart around, they got another thing coming.

The crowd bursts into applause. The hatred of the NXT rookies in this arena is extremely clear.

Bret Hart: Now, I have taken special precautions to ensure that these NXT rookies do not enter the building tonight, they are not contracted superstars and therefore there is no place for them in this ring or backstage.

Bret pauses for a moment, collecting himself and deciding what to say next.

Bret Hart: If the NXT guys think they can do this to me and then receive contracts? They’re wrong, they’ve got the wrong guy. I will make sure that these guys NEVER get a shot in this company.

NO CHANCE bursts onto the PA system as the Bridgeport crowd burst into excitement at the thought of the chairman being in attendance. However, no one appears at the bottom of the stage, instead the titantron shows a video feed of the chairman.

Mr. McMahon: Hello Bret. I’m afraid I have some bad news for you. You see Bret, I’ve been pretty impressed with the NXT rookies as of late, I’ve found there actions umm… pretty damn enjoyable. Now since, I, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, own this company, and have the overall rule in any decision to be made, I have decided to reinstate Wade Barrett’s contract.

The crowd erupts into boos as the chairman looks on.


Mr McMahon pauses for a moment, staring down at the crowd from the titantron.

Mr. McMahon: I have also decided to offer contracts to the remaining NXT rookies and from here on out, they will also be RAW Superstars. Thank you very much Bret

The feed then cuts out abruptly and the cameras return to an enraged Bret Hart.

Bret Hart: Well thanks to the unexpected signing of the NXT rookies to my brand has brought about an interesting idea for tonight’s main event. The NXT Season 1 winner, Wade Barrett will participate in this match. He will face a man who has been on the receiving end of attacks for weeks by Barrett and his lackeys, the former WWE Champion, John Cena!

The crowd goes into frenzy with chants of “CENA SUCKS!” and “LETS GO CENA!” filling the air.

Bret Hart: But I will not allow the NXT rookies to take me for a fool. If ANY of the rookies interrupt Wade’s match tonight, or even make an appearance, all of you, every single one of you, including Wade Barrett, will be fired on the spot, and this time there will be no going back, I’ll make sure of that!

Michael Cole: Wow! John Cena and Wade Barrett, tonight! This could be a match for the ages, no interruptions, no interferences. Tonight we found out what Wade Barrett can do.

Bret Hart: Now, there is one more thing to discuss here tonight, and that is the prospect of our next big pay-per-view event!

The crowd pops

Bret Hart: Yes, on July 18th in the main event match-up, the aptly titled WWE Money in the Bank PPV will see a Money in the Bank match with superstars from both RAW and SmackDown battling for a title shot of their choosing at any point.

The crowd lets out a huge pop

Bret Hart: This Money in the Bank matchup will feature eight superstars, four from RAW, four from SmackDown. And you know what Money in the Bank matches mean for RAW! QUALIFIERS!

The crowd pop again

Bret Hart: Now the first qualifiers will take place on Friday night on SmackDown, but that is none of my concern. For next Monday our first two qualifiers will take place. These matches will be announced later on tonight. The fourth and final qualifier will be decided three weeks from tonight on the RAW before Money in the Bank. Any superstar who wishes to have a shot at getting into the match will have the chance, for there will be a huge BATTLE ROYAL for the final RAW spot!

The crowd give a huge pop

Bret Hart: That means that absolutely any RAW superstar who wants a shot at the Money in the Bank will get the chance. Now back to tonight, as I was saying, we will see John Cena battle someone who has become something of a nemesis to him lately, in Wade Barrett! But there will be another big time match-up to come tonight. Tonight, the WWE Champion, Sheamus *heat* will be in action! And …

Written in My Face hits to a mixed reaction and the new WWE Champion, Sheamus appears at the top of the entrance ramp, carrying his new title.

Sheamus: Well, well, well Bret “The Hitman” Hart, it truly is an honour… Now move along and allow the new Dubya-Dubya-E Champion to stand in his ring, the ring of a true champion.

This causes the crowd to exert strong heat on the champion. He takes it in his stride and laughs under his breath.

Bret Hart: Not so fast, Sheamus. You should be backstage kissing the NXT rookies’ asses for if it wasn’t for them, you would not be carrying that championship. You have yet to prove yourself as a true champion. That is why Sheamus, tonight, as Mr. John Cena is in action against one Wade Barrett, tonight here in Connecticut, you will face…

YOU CAN’T SEE ME hits the PA system to a hugely mixed reaction as the former champion John Cena stands behind Sheamus.

John Cena: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on just a minute Bret, now I’d love to take on Wade Barrett here tonight, and prove that without six other men, he is useless on his own, but I’ve got bigger things to deal with. Things like getting back the championship that was stolen from me last night at Fatal Four Way! So how bout it Sheamus, right here tonight, The Irate Irishman, the Human Jar of Mayonnaise defends his WWE Championship against John Cena and the Cenation. Now how bout that for a match?

The crowd pops, excited at the prospect of a championship match here on RAW.

Sheamus: Now, now John Cena, you don’t just get a rematch like that, your gonna have to prove your worth to get a shot at my dubya-dubya-e championship!

Bret Hart: Mr. Cena, I know you are absolutely desperate to win back the championship you unfairly lost last night, and you will get your rematch Cena, but your gonna have to wait. July 18th, at the WWE Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View, Sheamus will defend his WWE Championship, against one John Cena! How do you like that?

This generates a hugely mixed reaction from the crowd, with more chants of “CENA SUCKS” Sheamus throws his arms in the air, disappointed at having to make his first defence against the man who has held this title more than anyone else in the past five years.

Bret Hart: Now as I was saying before I was interrupted, tonight, you John Cena will face off against Wade Barrett in tonight’s main event. But the WWE Champion will also be in action tonight! Sheamus will face off against “The Viper”, RANDY ORTON!

The crowd gives a huge pop at Orton

Bret Hart: Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen and enjoy the show!

Return of the Hitman hits as Bret leaves the ring and the cameras close in on a Sheamus/John Cena stare down, with Sheamus raising his WWE Championship high above his head as we cut to a commercial break.


Michael Cole: Wow, what an explosive start to RAW! Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we will see John Cena face off against Wade Barrett! And also tonight, Randy Orton will battle the WWE Champion, Sheamus!

Jerry Lawler: It’s heating up to be a truly excellent night! But you know what’s gonna be another excellent night, Cole? Money in the Bank!

Michael Cole: That’s right, King, we are less than one month away from our next big Pay-Per-View, and as announced just before the commercial break, the main event will be an 8-man Money in the Bank ladder match featuring four RAW superstars and four SmackDown superstars, battling for a title contract, useable at any time!

Jerry Lawler: And also confirmed is that starting on Friday night’s SmackDown, Money in the Bank qualification matches will begin!

Michael Cole: It’s gonna be one hell of a night King, with the WWE Championship also being on the line, with the new champion, Sheamus defending his title as John Cena gets his rematch! I just can’t wait for it! But that’s still just under a month away, we have lots more RAW action to enjoy before then


The United States Champion, The Miz walks down the ramp to a somewhat mixed reaction, edging towards heat rather than a pop. He stares at the crowd and then slides into the ring raising his United States championship.

The Miz: Last night, I proved once again that I am the greatest superstar in WWE history by successfully defending my United States Title against R-TRUTH!

Crowd pops for R-Truth

The Miz: And now right here tonight I aim to obliterate young Evan Bourne. He defeated Chris Jericho last night, but you know what? I could beat Jericho in my sleep! What’s an old has been like him still doing in the business anyway? Am I right? Haha

The crowd give Miz huge heat for tarnishing the name of Chris Jericho

The Miz: Would you all be quiet? Tonight is not about Jericho anyway, tonight is about the United States Champion. That’s right tonight is about The Miz!

Michael Cole: Well, you gotta love The Miz! He’s proven time and time again that he deserves to be recognised as one of the top men here in the WWE.

The Miz: Because I’m The Miz and I’m … AWESO-


The crowd pops as Bourne speeds down to the ring and slides in, staring The Miz down as the match gets underway.

Match One
United States Champion, The Miz vs. Evan Bourne

The match goes back and forth for about seven minutes, with The Miz beginning to gain the upper hand, with Evan Bourne being pretty worn out from his match the previous night, The Miz looks to take advantage. He drags Bourne to the corner and begins to beat on him, offering repeated blows to the face.

As the match draws to a close, The Miz looks to hit Bourne with his textbook finisher, the Skull-Crushing Finale, but Bourne manages to reverse the move into a roll-up pin, almost getting the three count. He then jumps to his feet and clotheslines The Miz repeatedly; he then hits a huge DDT and then jumps onto the second rope and flips back on The Miz, again only getting a two count. He gets back up and considers going Airborne, but decides to perform a standing moonsault first, taking the wind out of The Miz and leaving him in an extremely vulnerable position. Evan Bourne heads top rope and gets ready to pull off his finisher.

Bourne reaches the top and looks down on The Miz. He then jumps and successfully connects with his version of the shooting star press, Airborne. The crowd erupt as Bourne rolls Miz over for the 1, 2, and 3!

Winner (via Pinfall): Evan Bourne

Michael Cole: Another excellent win for young Evan Bourne here tonight! He defeated Jericho last night and tonight he has defeated the United States Champion, The Miz.

As Evan picks himself back up to his feet he is dealt a horrific blow to the back of the head by CHRIS JERICHO. Jericho begins beating down on Evan with his fists and feet. The Miz rolls out of the ring and leaves before Jericho can do anything to him. Jericho demands a microphone and then begins to speak

Chris Jericho: How dare you make a fool of me Evan Bourne. How dare you. I have been around in this business a hell of a long time and never have I came across such a lucky bastard. You are riding by in this business on luck alone! Well you know what; you will ride on luck no longer. How bout this Evan, July 18th - Money in the Bank, Chris Jericho faces Evan Bourne in the big rematch.

Chris pauses

Chris Jericho: No disqualifications

Jericho drops the mic as BREAK THE WALLS hits.

Michael Cole: Oh my god! This is a side of Jericho I am just so disappointed to see. Evan Bourne defeated him fair and square last night, and just look at this.

Jerry Lawler: There is one good thing to come of this Michael. We get to see Bourne and Jericho go at it again!

Michael Cole: Should Bourne accept the match, Money in the Bank truly is hotting up to be one hell of a pay-per-view!

Jerry Lawler: I can’t wait!


We return backstage in the locker room with Alicia Fox carrying her new Divas championship. Eve Torres soon walks in and hugs Alicia

Eve: Congratulations on your win last night Alicia! I’m sure you love having that title around your waist

Alicia Fox: Aww thank you Eve! That means alo...

Eve cuts Alicia Fox off and grabs her by the throat

Eve: Now listen here! You stole that championship from me last night. I want a rematch right here tonight!

Alicia shoves Eve off her

Alicia Fox: Well listen here Eve, I won this title fair and square last night at Fatal 4 Way. You were the champion and you lost the title. If you want another shot at this title, you’re going to have to earn it!

We see a new found anger in Eve’s face as she grabs Alicia and rams her into the lockers. She throws her onto the ground and begins to kick her repeatedly.

After finishing her brutal attack, Eve picks up the Divas championship, laughing uncontrollably and then throws it down at Alicia as we cut back to Cole and King.

Michael Cole: Oh my god King! I didn’t expect a side like this from Eve!

Jerry Lawler: You know what, I don’t normally condone actions like that, but Alicia truly stole the Divas title from Eve last night!

Michael Cole: That’s right King let’s take a look back at last night, as Alicia stole the title.

We see a small replay video of the ending to last night’s Divas Championship match, with Eve having Maryse down for the pinfall and Alicia throwing Eve out of the ring and capitalizing for the victory.

We then cut backstage, where Josh Mathews is standing with Randy Orton.

Josh Mathews: Randy Orton, we are just moments away from your HUGE match up here tonight with Sheamus, and I have to ask, after the tough match up last night, are you in a physical state to compete tonight?

Randy Orton: I am the Viper. Sheamus will not stand in my way in my goal of reaching the top of the WWE Mountain.

Huge pop for Orton

Josh Mathews: And speaking of last night Randy, last night at Fatal Four Way you competed in the WWE Championship match, coming up short. Sheamus took advantage of the situation and capitalised, how do you feel after failing to get the W?

Randy Orton: Well how do you think I feel? Sheamus may hold the title right now, but you have my word it will be a very short reign, for once I get my title shot, the title shot I deserve, in a one-on-one match, there will be no mistakes!

Josh Mathews: Thank you for your time, Randy, and good luck in your match tonight!

Randy stares at Josh and then turns to face the camera, making his pose as we cut back to Cole and King as we prepare for the next match up.

Michael Cole: Well Orton does not look quite 100% now does he? After such an enthralling match, we have to question the ability of these two to put on the show they almost always succeed in putting on.

Jerry Lawler: I don’t think so Cole, these guys are out every night wrestling, when they aren’t on TV shows they are at house shows, giving their all for the fans. Sure the match last night was tough, but these guys know what they are doing, they put their bodies on the line almost every day of the year. We are in for one hell of a match, I guarantee it!

WRITTEN IN MY FACE hits as the WWE Champion stands tall at the top of the entrance ramp. He struts down the ramp, pointing to his title and taunting the WWE fans. He slides into the ring and holds his WWE Championship high, awaiting his opponent.

VOICES hits as The Viper makes his way to the top of the ramp. The crowd let out a huge pop for their favourite, Randy Orton. He smiles and poses for the crowd before making his way slowly and casually down the ramp, pointing to Sheamus’ title and signalling that soon, it will be his. He then gets into the ring and stares down Sheamus as the contest gets set to begin.

Match Two
WWE Champion, Sheamus vs. Randy Orton

The match sees neither man truly gain the momentum for much of the match. We see very much back and forth stuff with Randy coming close on numerous occasions to pulling off his vicious RKO. The crowd are on the side of The Viper, cheering him on violently, pulling for their favourite. It looks like it will be Orton who will take the match as he begins to gain some momentum, pulling off numerous clotheslines followed by a well-executed full nelson slam. With Sheamus down and out, Randy gets himself pumped and ready, getting into position, punching the mat, awaiting Sheamus’ arise. As Sheamus pulls himself to his feet and turns around, Randy hits him with a vicious RKO!! He goes for the pinfall 1-2-3...NO! Sheamus had his foot on the rope and so the match must carry on.

Randy continues to gain momentum, trying hard to wear down his opponent with multiple holds and suplexes. He sees his opportunity with the chance for a punt to the head, and gets set to take it, but as he runs towards Sheamus, the Champion ducks and then rolls Orton up for a quick pin, holding onto the tights for leverage 1..2…NO! Randy Orton breaks free as Sheamus gets himself back to his feet. He looks down at Orton angrily. He starts to stomp at Randy repeatedly, before pulling him back to his feet. He hits a flurry of right and left hands, but suddenly Orton dodges one and then drops Sheamus with a huge EUROPEAN UPPERCUT! The crowd pop as Orton starts to shake the ropes in excitement as the momentum swings towards his way. He then slides down to the mat and locks in a chinlock. He holds this for awhile, leaving Sheamus breathless. He tries to choke Sheamus out but slowly, Sheamus starts to pull himself to a vertical base and starts to elbow Orton. Sheamus then delivers a huge DDT reversal, driving Orton head first into the mat.

The match continues for a few minutes longer, with Sheamus looking in full control. The WWE Champion has Orton on the mat, stomping at him repeatedly. He awaits Orton to get to his feet, and as he does he hits a huge clothesline which takes Orton to the mat. Slowly Orton gets to his feet and Sheamus tries to hit another clothesline, but Orton ducks and hits a huge swinging neckbreaker, taking Sheamus to the floor. Orton is now pumped up, and he starts to slam his fists off the mat. The crowd are going crazy, knowing what is coming up next. As Sheamus slowly gets to his feet, Orton anticipates. Finally, Sheamus gets to his feet and Orton runs at him. He goes to hit the RKO, but Sheamus slides out of the way and takes Orton down to the mat, using the ropes and tights for leverage! Sheamus is going to steal this one!! 1…2…3!! Sheamus steals it.

Winner: WWE Champion, Sheamus (by Pinfall)

Sheamus slips out of the ring with his title, holding it high above his head as The Viper looks on angrily, knowing he has been cheated out of victory in this match.

Michael Cole: The WWE Champion, someone who is supposed to be a role model for the young fans of this great company, just cheated Randy Orton out of a win!

Jerry Lawler: A wins a win Cole, it’s just that simple!

We close in on Randy Orton, getting angry in the ring as we cut to a commercial break.


We return from the commercials with the NXT rookies, standing tall in the centre of the ring, with Wade Barrett standing a few inches in front of them, signalling his supremacy.

Wade Barrett: Well look at this, it seems us NXT boys have got ourselves some WWE contracts! Thank you very much Mr. McMahon.

The crowd boo, which pumps Barrett up

Wade Barrett: Peasants, peasants, peasants. Here in this ring, stand seven WWE superstars, seven members of the RAW roster. We have proved our point over the past few weeks that we mean business. We as a team, the NXT, are taking over this brand; we are taking over this company. We have proved that we are here to stay, but that was only the beginning. Tonight, I face the ex-WWE Champion, John Cena. This is a man who we, the NXT, supposedly cost the WWE title last night.

The smark members of the crowd pop loudly, showing their appreciation.

Wade Barrett: Well you know what I think? I think John Cena needs to stop looking for someone to blame, and look to himself. He is no longer the champion he once was, he is PAST IT.

Another pop from some of the members of the crowd, but they are drowned out from the heat of the Cena marks.

Wade Barrett: Well John Cena, you have had your turn at the top of the ladder in the WWE. It’s now time for you to get off that high horse of yours and let someone else get their chance. For in case you all may have forgotten, in winning the NXT, I am guaranteed a WWE title shot at any Pay-Per-View I choose. And I shall be using this shot wisely. John Cena will get his final chance to win back the gold at Money in the Bank. But after that, it’s my time to shine.

Mixed reaction as Wade Barrett looks on at the crowd. In this pause, the crowd take the chance to begin chanting “Daniel Bryan!”

Wade Barrett: He is gone and he aint ever coming back. You disrespect the NXT and you are no longer welcome in the WWE home.

This causes only the chants to get louder. Wade shakes his head as he passes the microphone onto Michael Tarver

Michael Tarver: Tonight, on behalf of the NXT, I would like to apologise to one of the men we caused a great deal of damage, and that is the RAW General Manager, Bret Hart. All those attacks were for the greater cause, that being WWE contracts, and now that we have them, we would like to start a healthy relationship.

Tarver pauses for a second as the crowd give him heat

Michael Tarver: Who the hell am I kidding, screw him.

Tarver laughs as the crowd give him huge heat. He throws the microphone back to Wade Barrett.

Wade Barrett: *laughing* Well said Tarver, well said indeed. We’ve proven that we don’t need Bret Hart to be WWE superstars here. Mr McMahon, the owner of this company, recognises the talent and potential the seven of us represent. So Bret Hart, you better watch your back. We gave you until Sunday to give us RAW contracts and you ignored us. You ran away and failed to even show up last night. You are a COWARD. You will pay Hart, you will pay.

NEW FOUNDATION hits as the Hart Dynasty run down to the ring, they jump in and try to take on the seven men, but it proves to be a stupid move as the NXT quickly overpowers them, destroying both men, whilst Natalya is forced to watch from the outside Wade then tosses Smith, followed by Kidd out of the ring as Natalya runs over to them.

Wade Barrett: Looks like failure runs in the family then. Natalya, don’t just stand there, be the whore your mamma was and come be with the Nexus

Natalya scoffs and we hear a surprisingly uncensored expletive issued towards Wade Barrett. Wade laughs and returns to speak to the crowd

Wade Barrett: That’s right, Nexus, that is what all of you shall now know us as. We are the Nexus and we are taking over RAW. Mark my words, we are here to stay.

WWE Security make their way to the ring, helping the Hart Dynasty to their feet and helping the three leave the arena.

Michael Cole: This is horrible what the Nexus have done here tonight to the Hart family. After managing to get WWE contracts I thought this would be the end of their irrational behaviour, but it looks like we will have to get used to it.

Wade passes the mic to Justin Gabriel

Justin Gabriel: I would just like to take this time to address one Bret Hart. You have shut us out of the arena for tonight’s main event, which is fair enough. But if you think you can shut down the Nexus as a unit, I am afraid you are completely wrong. We, the seven of us are here to stay and work as a team to conquer our goals. That will not change.

The crowd boo as Justin drops the mic and gathers the seven together, united in a circle. The crowd give the group heavy amounts of heat during this. As Wade turns round he ushers the crowd to be quiet and picks the microphone up.

Wade Barrett: Thank you all very much for your time, it has been a pleasure. I will see you all again later tonight when I participate in the main event. John Cena, tonight, you meet your match!

Wade drops the mic as the Nexus proceed to leave the arena as we cut to a commercial break.


We return to RAW backstage with Josh Mathews and John Cena standing, with Josh Mathews ready to begin interviewing.

Josh Mathews: Ladies and gentlemen, here I stand with the former WWE Champion, someone who will challenge Wade Barrett in tonight’s main event, JOHN CENA!

John Cena: Thank you Josh.

Josh Mathews: I’m sure you head the Nexus’ threatening words just a few minutes ago. What are your thoughts?

John Cena: Wade Barrett and the Nexus can say whatever the hell they want, they can threaten me, Bret Hart or whoever else they want. But I have proven time and time again that I can get the job done. I don’t need six other guys to have my back in the ring. With the support of the Cenation, I can do whatever I need to do.

The crowd give a mixed reaction, but Cena ignores this, acting as though the full arena is behind him

Josh Mathews: And also moving on, last night you lost the WWE Championship to Sheamus in a thrilling fatal four way match. Sheamus won the title under questionable ways and as a result, you have your rematch on July 18th at Money in the Bank, does that make you feel at least a little better?

John Cena: Well, Josh, on July 18th, I will take back what is MINE. Sheamus may be champion right now, but he is just holding it until that day comes when I am ready to reclaim my WWE Championship, he can thank the Nexus for his chance to hold the gold for less than a month. There is only one place that WWE title is going after Money in the Bank and that is the Cenation!

Again a mixed reaction from Cena’s words, but we hear a huge pop as Sheamus makes his way backstage with his WWE Championship

Sheamus: Is that right Cena? I’d watch what I was saying if I were you. I just defeated Randy Orton out there tonight, something you’ve failed to do on a few occasions if memory serves me correctly? If I can do that then defending my dubya-dubya-e title against you at Money in the Bank should not be a problem.

Sheamus and John Cena then stare down as we cut to the locker room with Randy Orton and Evan Bourne sitting together, they are discussing tonight’s show when Y2J, Chris Jericho enters the room to a huge pop. Randy Orton stands in front of Evan after the events earlier

Chris Jericho: Whoa Orton, this does NOT concern you. This is between me and Bourne.

Randy Orton: Ya know what Jericho; when you attack a man behind his back, take out a friend of mine? Your damn right it concerns me.

Chris Jericho: Well Orton its okay, I’m not gonna destroy your boyfriend just now; I just came to check up on him, to apologise and to see if he was up for my challenge

The crowd pop as Chris Jericho laughs

Evan Bourne: I don’t want your apology. I beat you fair and square last night at Fatal Four Way. But if you want me to go airborne and destroy you once again… Then that’s fine by me. You’re on!

Chris Jericho: Glad to hear it, I’ll now leave you two pretty boys alone.

The crowd pops as Jericho turns to leave, but Orton grabs him and brings him back round and hits a huge RKO!! The crowd go crazy as we see Orton turn to stare at Evan Bourne, showing Orton is not all about friendships.

Michael Cole: Wow! What a huge RKO!! Orton is truly standing up for his fellow WWE superstar, Evan Bourne.

Jerry Lawler: That was crazy!

Michael Cole: Evan Bourne will face off against Jericho at Money in the Bank in a No Disqualifications match!

AIN’T NO MAKE BELIEVE hits as John Morrison heads down the ramp towards the ring, he enters as the crowd give him a pop. He smiles and runs from side to side in the ring, getting pumped for tonight’s match

Michael Cole: Fresh from defeat last night at Fatal Four Way, “The Rated R Superstar” Edge is in action tonight against John Morrison!

METALINGUS hits as Edge appears at the top of the ramp surrounded in smoke. He poses as pyro goes off. He then proceeds to the ring in his trademark coat. He slides into the ring and throws the coat to the timekeeper. He stares down Morrison as the matchup begins

Match Three
John Morrison vs. Edge

We see a fairly technical match, with Edge being very dominant at times. Morrison keeps himself in the match, proving he is a fair match for the Rated R Superstar. Edge finally decides to go for the spear at around the ten minute mark. He gets to the corner of the ring and prepares. As Morrison gets up Edge dives towards him but somehow Morrison reverses the finisher into a beautifully executed DDT. Morrison gets to his feet excitedly and pulls Edge to his feet. He sends Edge towards the ropes and as he returns he throws down a massive clothesline. He then gets up to his feet and jumps towards the second rope and pulls off a huge springboard. He goes for the pin 1-2-3 NO! Edge kicks out at the last second. Morrison starts to beat down on Edge’s head and then gets back to his feet.

Morrison sees his chance and as Edge gets to his feet he goes for the Moonlight Drive! But Edge manages to break free and gets Morrison into a headlock. Edge then throws Morrison over his body onto the ground and connects with a nice leg drop. Edge then climbs to the top turnbuckle and looks down on Morrison he goes for a HUGE diving crossbody! He connects perfectly and goes for the pin! 1-2-NO!! Edge comes so close but it is sadly not enough to win the match.

Edge decides it is time to finish this one and makes his way to the corner. He crouches and signals with his hands for Morrison to get up. The crowd give a mixed reaction, some of the smarkier fans getting excited at the prospect of the spear. As Morrison gets up and turns round, Edge finally connects successfully!! SPEAR!! Edge crawls over and rolls up the leg of Morrison for the pin 1-2-3! Edge wins the match.

Winner: Edge (via Pinfall)

Michael Cole: What an amazing match! And Edge has pulled off a victory.

Edge celebrates as Morrison slides out of the ring. Edge asks for a microphone

Edge: Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Yet another victory for the Rated-R Superstar right here on Monday Night Raw. Now next week, the RAW Qualifiers for the Money in the Bank ladder match begin and I would like to personally put my name down for one of these matches. I will destroy my opponent and then make my way to Money in the Bank where I will become a three time Mr Money in the Bank!

Edge drops his microphone as METALINGUS hits again and Edge leaves the ring as we go to another commercial break.


We return backstage with Wade Barrett in the Nexus locker room, talking to the other members.

Wade Barrett: I am serious when I say that I want you all to listen to Bret Hart for once, go home, and watch the big match tonight in the comfort of your own homes. Do not put your contracts and my contract at risk tonight!

Michael Tarver: But what if John Cena brings his own gang tonight?

Wade Barrett: You must be an idiot if you think that Cena has any sort of “gang”. He is one of the most hated men in the WWE.

There is a slight pop for this remark, to the surprise of Barrett.

Wade Barrett: Looks like this peasantville is one of the many places where John Cena’s “Cenation” just aren’t to be found.

Darren Young: Well I have my own match to participate in tonight so I won’t be leaving Wade; I’ve just been informed I’ll be facing a “mystery opponent” tonight!

Wade Barrett: Well looks like it’s just me and you Darren, the rest of you... you are excused!

The other five members of the Nexus nod and make their way out of the locker room.

Darren Young: Good luck in your match tonight, Cena is no match for a man such as yourself.

Wade Barrett: Thank you, Darren and good luck with your match too. Bret made no indications of any problem with any interference in your match, so if there are any problems, you need not worry.

The crowd boo as we cut back to Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.

Michael Cole: A mystery opponent? Wow this could be fairly interesting!

Jerry Lawler: Darren Young is no stranger to the ring, of his 11 matches on WWE NXT, he won 7 times. Now that’s a pretty good record going into this match tonight

Michael Cole: That is very true. Now just having a look at WWE.com it appears that we have two qualifiers for the Money in the Bank to look forward to next weekl! Edge will get his wish and will face off against none other than Mark Henry!

Jerry Lawler: Wow, Edge may have made a HUGE mistake in demanding a qualifier match, no pun intended!

Michael Cole: That should be a fantastic match up to look forward to. But that is not the only qualifier we have to look forward to next week, Ted DiBiase will challenge a man we have just seen in action, John Morrison!

Jerry Lawler: Two huge up and coming wrestlers will get their chance to participate in the Money in the Bank match!

Michael Cole: But right now, we have Vladimir Kozlov vs. William Regal in a match that Kozlov demanded after the events of last week’s RAW. Let’s take you back!

A video package airs showing last week’s match between Santino Marella and William Regal. We witness the fast count which Kozlov used to give Marella the victory.

PAIN hits as Vladimir Kozlov appears at the top of the entrance ramp, the crowd give a small pop as Santino Marella stands with Kozlov. They make their way down to the ring and enter, with Marella standing ringside. The monstrous size of Kozlov intimidates even his friend Marella.

VILLAIN hits as William Regal makes his way towards the ring he stares at Marella and then looks up at Kozlov, he slides into the ring and Kozlov immediately goes to start the match.

Match Four
Vladimir Kozlov w/ Santino Marella vs. William Regal

The match does not last very long, Vladimir Kozlov dominates for most of the short match, taking William out with numerous powerslams and big boots to the head. Regal tries to fight back but when he eventually did start to gain any momentum, Santino Marella managed to grab his feet and confuse him for long enough to allow Kozlov to regain the advantage.

At around the three minute mark, after much domination Kozlov decided to go for his Iron Curtain chokeslam finisher. He held William Regal in place for a few moments and then executed the move perfectly! He stood up and taunted the crowd for a moment before placing his foot over William’s wounded body for the 1-2-3! Victory for Kozlov!

Winner: Vladmir Kozlov (via Pinfall)

PAIN hits as Vladimir signals Marella to enter the ring, they both begin beating on Regal and Marella signals Vladimir to go for the Iron Curtain again. Vladimir does so and pulls it off successfully. Marella then raises Vladimir’s hand in victory, but the twisted mind of Kozlov takes another turn as he grabs Marella by the throat and hits the IRON CURTAIN!!

Michael Cole: Oh my god! A chilling chokeslam by Kozlov! The Russian Warrior proves once again that he doesn’t want any friends!

Jerry Lawler: That man is crazy!


Michael Cole: Hello and welcome back to Monday Night RAW! What a night it’s been so far! But we still have two exciting matches to bring you.

Jerry Lawler: That’s right Cole; next up we have one of the up-and-coming Nexus members, Darren Young taking on an as yet unnamed superstar! Darren Young is in the ring right now, ready for action. Let’s hear from him

We cut to the ring with Darren Young standing tall, ready for his match, with microphone in hand.

Darren Young: I have no idea what Bret Hart has planned for me tonight, but I’m guessing this isn’t just any superstar I’ll be facing tonight. Let’s see it then Hart, bring on all you’ve got!

There is silence in the arena as we await for Young’s opponent for tonight’s match

SELF ESTEEM hits the arena and the crowd go absolutely crazy as the one, the only Daniel Bryan of former NXT glory stands at the top of the ramp. He smiles and signals the crowd as we cut back to the ring to see Darren Young going crazy, showing disgust at this decision from Hart. Daniel runs down to the ring and slides in, staring down Young as Young goes to speak

Darren Young: What the hell is going on? You were banished from this company. You are not good enough to be in this ring Daniel. What the hell does Hart think he’s doing?

Daniel answers no questions and goes straight for Darren as the bell goes to signal the start of the match.

Match Five
Darren Young vs. Daniel Bryan

We see an extremely exciting match-up between these two competitors, with very much end to end stuff. The crowd is fully behind Daniel the full match, showing lots of heat towards Darren Young. This helps to make the match even more enjoyable. Daniel shows off his high-flying moves taking Darren for a ride with multiple springboards and top-rope efforts. However, it isn’t all Daniel. Darren Young proves why he has earned himself a WWE contract. He uses lots of technical wrestling to dominate for long periods of this match up. He locks in a sleeper hold and looks to be able to force Daniel to tap out, but after over a minute in the hold, Daniel starts to find the strength in him and begins to fight back.

With the match lasting over ten minutes, we start to see signs of a finish, with Daniel Bryan starting to find his feet again, taking Darren to the floor with a flying dropkick. He then dives towards the ropes and jumps to the top and hits Young with a sunset flip. The crowd go crazy as Daniel pulls Darren Young to his feet and goes for a dragon suplex! The pain Young must be feeling is absolutely crazy. Daniel then decides to seize his chance and applies the CATTLE MUTILATION! There is no way Young can survive this! He holds on for a few seconds but is forced to tap out! Daniel Bryan wins!!

Winner: Daniel Bryan (via Submission)

Michael Cole: Well finally… the so-called Submission master, makes someone tap-out, I didn’t think I’d ever see the day

Daniel celebrates as the crowd give a huge pop. He looks down on Darren Young and pulls him to his feet. He offers Young a handshake, as a sign of sportsmanship, but Young spits in Daniel’s face. Daniel stops for a second and then drives Young to the floor with a huge clothesline! Daniel then looks down over Young and sighs as Self Esteem plays over the PA system again.

Jerry Lawler: Now that’s just not acceptable! Daniel Bryan tried to offer Young a handshake, but it looks like Wade Barrett has turned all of these rookies into arrogant, cocky, selfish wrestlers, which Is very disappointing!

Michael Cole: Well Daniel Bryan did just humiliate him with the Cattle Mutilation; I don’t think I would want to shake hands with someone after that!

Jerry Lawler: Oh come on Cole! Daniel defeated him fair and square, and Young couldn’t take it.

Daniel leaves the arena as we cut back to Young looking on angrily

Michael Cole: One thing to note is that Wade Barrett didn’t have Young’s back, showing that once again Barrett is only looking out for his own interests!

Jerry Lawler: In fairness Barrett has a big match-up next in the main event, he has to prepare for that, what do you expect him to do?

We cut backstage as we see Wade Barrett preparing for his matchup backstage, John Cena walks on screen to a mixed reaction.

John Cena: Well, well, well Wade! Looks like your boy, Darren just got his ass kicked!

Wade Barrett: Get the hell out of my locker room Cena!

John Cena gives Wade a stare and then turns to leave.

Michael Cole: That’s right next up in our main event, John Cena faces off against none other than Wade Barrett! We’ll be right back!


Michael Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night RAW, it’s almost main event time, but let’s just once again take a look at next week’s huge show.

Jerry Lawler: Next week, we will see two Money in the Bank Qualifying matches!

Michael Cole: That’s right next week; Edge will take on Mark Henry in one of these qualifying matches.

Jerry Lawler: And Ted DiBiase will compete against John Morrison!

Michael Cole: But that’s not all, also next week in our main event, Randy Orton will take on none other than Y2J, Chris Jericho!

Jerry Lawler: That’s a Pay-Per-View-calibre match-up!

Michael Cole: Be sure to join us right here next week at 9/8ct for another action packed night of Monday Night RAW! But now, Main event time!

WE’REWOLF, Wade Barrett’s new entrance music by Every Time I Die plays as the man himself appears at the top of the ramp he makes a signal, stating that the WWE championship will be around his waist soon enough. He makes his way towards the ring, getting considerable heat. He gets into the ring, awaiting his opponent.

YOU CAN’T SEE ME hits to a mixed reaction. The former champion stands at the top of the ramp and slowly makes his way to the ring; he is wearing his new “Cenation” top which is now on sale at WWEShop.com. He slides into the ring and stares Wade down as the match gets underway

Match Six
Main Event
John Cena vs. Wade Barrett

The match sees Barrett dominate Cena for large parts of the match, with Wade proving his worth and that he is deserving of his place in the WWE ranks. He even pulls off his finisher move, The Wasteland, coming so close to getting the huge upset over John Cena, but crazily, Cena kicks out and keeps himself in the match. This point of the match seems to be the turning point with Cena slowly pushing himself back into the match. Barrett goes to hit the Wasteland again but Cena breaks out and takes him down with a running leaping shoulder block. He jumps back up and repeats this several times. He then goes for a vertical suplex and pulls this move off perfectly. He jumps ontop of Wade and locks in the STF!! Surely there is no going back for Wade with this move.

Wade holds his hand up, looking set to have to tap out, but he holds for a moment and starts to use all his strength to try and pull himself towards the bottom rope. He makes a huge dive and successfully grabs it. Wade has broken free! This gives Wade a chance to gain some momentum, hitting multiple DDTs and chokeholds but he can’t get the opening he needs and slowly Cena works his way right back into the match. He takes Wade to the ground with a huge German suplex. With Wade on the floor Cena decides to go for his patented Five Knuckle Shuffle! He bounces off the ropes, taunts Wade and successfully pulls the move off! Cena gets to his feet with the back and forth “Lets go Cena!” and “Cena Sucks!” chants drowning out any other sound in the arena. Cena uses this energy to push for the win attacking Wade’s head and bringing him to his feet, he sends him towards the ropes and as he returns, Cena takes down Wade. He starts to taunt Wade, waiting for him to pull himself to his feet. Cena gets exited, taunts Wade and then kicks him in the stomach and lifts him up for the ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! but no! Wade reverses it into a roll-up pin 1-2-3 NO! Cena breaks free at the very last second.

The match lasts a good ten minutes, providing great excitement for the fans in Bridgeport, Wade works his way back into the match and almost gets The Wasteland connected again, but Cena breaks free and hits a nice tornado DDT! This is something we have never seen from Cena and the crowd applaud the move, showing appreciation for Cena’s attempt to try something new. Cena bounces off the ropes and hits another shoulder block as Wade gets to his feet. Cena starts to get frustrated, hurting incredibly from tonight and last night’s brutal attack. Cena seems to just remember the pain Wade has caused him and suddenly starts to beat down on Wade; he drags him towards the centre of the ring and goes to lock in the STF again!! But this time Wade does not allow Cena to get the hold in, wriggling out and rolling Cena over for a pin!! 1-2-..NO!! Cena breaks free and jumps up to his feet. Cena starts to beat down with multiple hits to the face and chest area. Cena then kicks Wade in the stomach and lifts him up for a second attempt at the Attitude Adjustment!! He connects successfully! Cena rolls Wade over for the 1…2…3! Cena has won the match!

Winner: John Cena (via Pinfall)

YOU CAN’T SEE ME fills the air as Cena celebrates victory. He jumps to his feet in excitement, with the crowd giving him the continued mixed reaction, with the crowd split between support and hatred for the former WWE Champion. He jumps to the top rope and celebrates, but suddenly he is tossed down to the floor by SHEAMUS! The WWE Champion has a steel chair! He smacks it off Cena’s head repeatedly. He then pulls Cena up to his feet and tosses him towards the ropes, as he returns Sheamus smacks the chair straight off his forehead and his head is BUSTED OPEN!

Sheamus continues his assault on Cena, stopping at nothing. The crowd are going crazy, showing such emotion as Sheamus continues his onslaught. A short message appears at the bottom of the screen “TV-14 Parental Discretion is Advised” Sheamus drops the chair and he goes for the CELTIC CROSS ONTO THE CHAIR!!

Sheamus then slides out of the ring with his WWE Championship as the camera pans in on Cena’s bloody face and body. This is pure carnage. EMTs rush down the ramp to help out Cena, but one of them won’t be helping as Sheamus clotheslines one of them as they walk by. The rest run into the ring to help Cena. There is no goodbye from Cole and Lawler. The cameras continue to show Cena being helped onto a stretcher and carried out of the arena, body covered in blood as the screen fades to black.


WWE Money in the Bank
July 18th 2010
Sprint Center - Kansas, Missouri

WWE Championship

Sheamus (c) vs. John Cena

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ???

No Disqualifications
Chris Jericho vs. Evan Bourne

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Re: Bartman and LegendaryBazinga Present: WWE - Era of Awesome

Love the show...Especially love the Daniel Bryan/ Darren Young match...

Love the Randy Orton/ Jericho/ Bourne angle

Seems like a real WWE show except for the comment about a whore

Good Work

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Re: Bartman and LegendaryBazinga Present: WWE - Era of Awesome

PWInsider - WWE News and Notes

The WWE are reportedly looking to reach a form of conclusion on who is behind the Nexus BEFORE Money in the Bank. Despite this, the angle is expected to continue atleast till Survivor Series. The WWE are keeping things very close to their chest as it is believed there will be a "huge" return as a result of this angle.

Vince McMahon is looking at taking some time off after Money in the Bank. It is unknown if it will be fit into a storyline or if Mr. McMahon will simply fade himself out.

The WWE are reportedly pleased with their return to TV-14. They feel the significance of the final beatdown of Cena at the end of last night's RAW could not have been acheived on TV-PG. They wanted to show the sheer brutallity Sheamus was capable of, to cement him as a true champion.

Vince is reportedly very high on Bryan Danielson. The removal of him for the company for a short period of time was seen as a way to distance him from the Nexus, so as to try and cement him on his own, as a WWE superstar. Expect him to receive a decent push in the coming months. However, reports suggest that he will NOT be participating in the Money in the Bank ladder match.

The WWE are reported to have "not wanting to damage the credibility further" of the Money in the Bank ladder match by featuring two at the PPV. They understand that having a Money in the Bank PPV already damages the match as it was seen as a once-a-year WrestleMania match. For this reason, they decided to only have one match rather than the expected two for RAW and SmackDown.

The WWE are reportedly very happy with Ted DiBiase and John Morrison. One can expect these two to receive decent pushes over the course of the next few months.

The return of Triple H is expected to be looming. He will either return after Money in the Bank or after SummerSlam, it is currently unknown when the WWE plan to reintroduce The Game.

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Re: Bartman and LegendaryBazinga Present: WWE - Era of Awesome

So glad you changed it to TV-14...WWE should've never done that...

Can't wait to see what you do with Daniel Bryan

Love the John Morrison push...I don't really care much about Ted Dibiase

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Re: Bartman and LegendaryBazinga Present: WWE - Era of Awesome

Raw Review

OK, starting off with a recap video of Fatal Four Way. While the writing here way fine, there's a pretty glaring error. "We see the epic Chris Jericho/Jason Bourne match..." Pretty sure you meant Evan there. :p

Vince over rulling Bret is a fair move, as it's obv the NXT Rookies need to be on Raw fulltime to further their story. Perhaps having Vince come down to the ring to make that announcement would've been better, but that's not a big thing. Interesting that you'll only be having one MitB match. Nice move with the qualifiers. Always gives an added bit of prestige to make guys earn their spots. The battle royal is an interesting move tbh. I'm not sure a battle royal to qualify for a ladder match is the best idea, but the fact you emphasised that any Raw superstar could qualify leads me to think it'll be a surprise entry who takes the final spot. Another interuption as here comes Sheamus. And just like that, here comes Cena. The announcements were fine, nothing wrong with Cena/Barrett or Sheamus/Orton, both should be good matchups. Overall, nothing much wrong with the start of the show, as it set up the rest of the show and got the ball rolling towards the next PPV.

I always like to see detail in matches, so maybe include a few more spots in your match writing. Nothing overboard, but a bit more than what we got would be nice. Tbh, when I read Bourne beat Miz, I was sure this was the start of a feud that would lead to a US Title match for Bourne. But with Jericho coming out to challenge Bourne for a rematch, it kinda feels like a waste of The Miz. I understand you wanting to give Bourne a win, keeping his momentum rolling, but I think someone else could've been used in Miz's place. As for Jericho's challenge, a NO DQ match between the two should be a solid PPV match.

Wow. Amazed at this Divas angle tbh. On one hand I like the fact you took a bold move by having a backstage brawl between the Divas, as it's a very rare thing to do. On the other hand, I feel the roles are all wrong. Eve came across as a total heel while Alicia struck me as a weak babyface. I dunno if a double turn was on the cards there, but the way it played out was very unexpected.

Short promo from Orton, but it got it's message across. I liked the fact we had a little more detail in this match. Sheamus stealing the cheap win suggests he's now moving on fron this to focus solely on Cena.

NXT in the ring as we return. Barrett focusing on Cena was a smart move with his match tonight in mind. Tarver's little bit was solid enough, especially the mini swerve with regards to Bret. Hart Dynasty out. Now, this line "Natalya, don’t just stand there, be the whore your mamma was..." is really out of character. I realise from your notes we're no longer in a PG enviroment, so there's nothing wrong with an insult like that, but I can't imagine Barrett ever uttering those words. If you were set on using that line, someone like Otunga would've been better placed here.

Typical Cena promo, nothing wrong here, it was all pretty much in character. No complaints with Sheamus interupting either. I didn't really get the point in Orton RKO-ing Jericho here. It seemed pretty unecessary, and I after winning last night, I don't think Bourne would need any help.

No complaints with Edge over Morrison, and with the post match promo, Edge will surely be in the MitB match, as I don't see him getting involved in any title situations. Btw, a Edge/Morrison match would've been a great qualifying match.

I liked Barrett asking the rest of the NXT guys not to put their contracts in jeopardy. That was a smart move. Mystery opponent? Intriguing move. Also liked the little nudge towards his record on the NXT show. Edge/Henry seems a cert that Edge will win that one. Morrison/DiBiase? A bit more harder to call, gotta go with Morrison purely because he was on this show tonight and I don't think we'll be seeing DiBiase tonight.

Poor Regal. :( Such a talent, but he's just been squashed. Heel turn from Koslov? Hoping you can do something with him, as he regressed into little more than a comedy face IRL at this time. Daniel Bryan? Mark. :eek: Nice way to bring Bryan back, with a strong submission win. Nice touch with Cole afterwards, continuing the angle from NXT.

The little interaction between Cena and Barrett, I didn't really see the need for it. It only lasted two lines, and since we're about to see them in a match, I felt there was no point to it tbh. Nice shill for next week. And I'm glad the Orton/Jericho altercation from earlier has lead to a match. Makes a little bit more sense now.

"he is wearing his new “Cenation” top which is now on sale at WWEShop.com..." I chuckled. :) As for the match, Barrett was allowed to look strong in defeat which is always good, but there was never any chance of him winning. Sheamus out for the post match beatdown is a typical heel move, so no complaints there. "A short message appears at the bottom of the screen “TV-14 Parental Discretion is Advised”..." I've never seen that before I don't think. Would that not appear before the show started? :confused: :lmao at Sheamus clotheslining an EMT. That was gold.

Overall, a solid enough way to kick off the thread. A lot of storlines were established and we've already got two good looking matches for the next PPV. A few angle I found confusing, especially the way the Eve/Alicia interaction went, so answers needed in next week's show plz. Other than that, solid start.

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Re: Bartman and LegendaryBazinga Present: WWE - Era of Awesome

Well it looks like 'Bazinga has gone AWOL.. haven't heard from him in close to a week.. he told me he had already written three shows, so with the first show still not being up over a week after originally planned I'm going to have to presume he is no longer participating this.

Right now, my plan is to recap SD till after MITB, and then I'll start writing full SmackDown shows, so here is the first SD recap.

Well it looks like 'Bazinga has gone AWOL.. haven't heard from him in close to a week.. he told me he had already written three shows, so with the first show still not being up over a week after originally planned I'm going to have to presume he is no longer participating this.

Right now, my plan is to recap SD till after MITB, and then I'll start writing full SmackDown shows, so here is the first SmackDown recap.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown! - 25th June 2010

The show begins with the new World Heavyweight Champion, Rey Mysterio standing in the ring. He talks of how thankful he is of the fans, for helping him to this final chance to shine at the top of the SmackDown ladder. He talks of how happy he is that these fans are there for him when it counts. He then calls out anyone who wants a shot at his World Heavyweight title, and that he isn't afraid of anyone. This provokes the former champion, Jack Swagger to come out. He says that he wants to invoke his rematch clause right here tonight. He talks of how he unfairly lost the match last night and that he deserves his title back. MacMillitant then hits and the General Manager comes out to the arena. He says that Jack Swagger will not get his rematch tonight, but he will in just a few short weeks at the huge Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View. Teddy also tells the fans that tonight there will be two Money in the Bank Qualifer matches, with Matt Hardy, back as a superstar on SmackDown facing off against Drew McIntyre tonight and Dolph Ziggler facing off against Christian tonight. He then leaves. We then see Swagger and Mysterio in the ring. Swagger goes to attack Mysterio but suddenly the pyro goes off and Kane stands at the top of the ramp. He proceeds to make his way down the ramp and he chokeslams Swagger down to the mat. He then stares Mysterio and his title down as we cut to a commercial.

We return to the first Money in the Bank qualifier. We see a good 7 minutes of wrestling between McIntyre and Hardy. McIntyre proves to be too much for the veteran Hardy in the end though, as he gets the victory with the Future Shock DDT, granting him a place in the MITB ladder match.

Backstage we see CM Punk in the General Manager's locker room. He complains about the Kane problem and complains that he does not deserve to be treated like this. Teddy understands, and says that he will ensure that Kane does not interfere in his match tonight as he will be facing off against Kane himself! Punk is clearly very upset. Teddy then says the match will be contested under no disqualification rules.

We cut back to the arena as LayCool make their way to the ring. McCool is in action tonight, in a non-title match against Kelly Kelly. Despite Layla's efforts to cheat Kelly out of the match, she manages to steal the victory with a rollup.

As we return, Kelly Kelly is walking backstage when SHE IS ATTACKED BY LAYCOOL!! We see them beating on Kelly as we cut to the arena.

We are in the ring now for the second qualifier – Ziggler vs. Christian. We see a good match here, although we see Christian using some cheating tactics, trying to use the ropes for leavarage.etc which surprises the fans. Ziggler almost wins with the sleeper hold but Christian breaks free and eventually wins it with the Killswitch and then using the tights with the roll-up. The crowd are pleased but a little surprised by Christian as he secures his MITB spot.

We cut to the locker-room with the Straight Edge Society backstage. Punk is pleading with them, saying it was not him who put the Undertaker into a vegetative state, and that Kane has the wrong guy. The SES bow down to Punk, in full agreement that it couldn’t possibly be him. They say they will have his back tonight.

We cut backstage with Vickie Guerrero and Teddy Long speaking. Vickie says she thinks Swagger should be in action tonight to prove he is deserving of SmackDown’s Main Event at Money in the Bank. Long decides that next up we will see Big Show and Jack Swagger face off.

Big Show vs Jack Swagger – Big Show wins the match after about eight minutes of wrestling. He is defeated with a huge chokeslam. After the match, Swagger dives out of the ring and leaves through the crowd, with the lights going out and the sky filling up in red, with Swagger wanting nothing to do with Kane.

Cody Rhodes is backstage, he speaks to the cameras although directing his message to Teddy Long. He proclaims that he must be involved in the Money in the Bank match and that Long had better announce him for the match, and not force him into a qualifier or there shall be hell to pay.

We now cut to the ring for the main event between CM Punk and Kane. The match lasts a good ten minutes. Due to the No DQ rules, Luke Gallows and the masked man where basically involved from the get go, using weapons to try and take out Kane for Punk, but Punk is the one who ends up receiving a huge steel chair blow to the head, which busts him open. In the end though, Kane is defeated as Luke Gallows smacks Kane with a huge ladder, taking him down and then Punk hits a shooting star press from the top rope for the victory, albeit using the ropes for leverage, however due to the No DQ rules, the referee can do nothing about this. The SES then run up the ramp, not wanting to risk the wrath of Kane. Soon after Punk runs out of the arena, we see Kane getting back to his feet. He slides out of the ring and starts to run up the ramp, chasing after Punk as SmackDown goes off the air.

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Re: Bartman and LegendaryBazinga Present: WWE - Era of Awesome

WWE Raw - 28th June 2010 – Preview

After last week's brutal attack by the WWE Champion on John Cena, tonight's show will open with John Cena addressing the crowd and addressing Sheamus. What will Cena have to say to the Philadelphia crowd tonight and what will he have to say to Sheamus with less than three weeks to go before the Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View?

Also tonight's show will see two huge Money in the Bank Qualifiers. Edge will take on Mark Henry whilst John Morrison will battle Ted DiBiase. Who will leave Philadelphia with their spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match and who will leave knowing they must win the Battle Royal in two weeks to have a shot at becoming Mr. Money in the Bank?

Also last week, Randy Orton delivered a chilling RKO to Chris Jericho in the locker room. Bret Hart has confirmed that the two will face off this week on RAW, what will become in this match and will we see more bad blood between Evan Bourne and Chris Jericho in the lead-up to their huge No Disqualifications Match at Money in the Bank?

For all this and more, don't miss Monday Night RAW live from Philadelphia at 9/8ct only on the USA Network.

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Re: Bartman and LegendaryBazinga Present: WWE - Era of Awesome

Here's RAW..noticed the show is abit on the short side.. but with matches like Jericho/Orton, can I be blamed? Enjoy!

WWE Raw – 28th June 2010 – Philadelphia, PA

There is no pyro or opening videos. As RAW rolls in we are welcomed by an injured John Cena, standing tall with a bandaged head. He is standing with a microphone ready to introduce Monday Night RAW.

John Cena: Good evening everybody. As you all witnessed last week, Sheamus made it personal. This isn’t about winning a title; this isn’t about proving I am better than Sheamus. This is about revenge. Last week Sheamus, you humiliated me in front of all these RAW fans. You obliterated me at my weakest. After just overcoming Wade Barrett, one night after suffering a brutal attack, you chose to make a victim out of me Sheamus. I do not appreciate being made a fool of. Now to all you parents and children at home, I’ll take this chance to apologise myself for Sheamus’ action. That is not something which anyone should have to witness. That’s not entertainment. That’s not sport. That’s not how the WWE should be. You made a mockery out of me Sheamus and at Money in the Bank, I will make a mockery out of you.

The crowd are much divided in the opinions with chants of “LETS GO CENA!” and “CENA SUCKS!”

John Cena: Yo, come on, I don’t need to hear that I suck right now guys. Alright, I know you don’t think I can wrestle. I know a lot of you don’t like me. But I’m sticking it, I’m fighting till the very last fight, for MY fans, however many there are in this building I don’t care, I’m doing this for you. I come out here and give my all every night for YOU. If you don’t like me, if you don’t wanna see me win matches, go ahead and boo me. But know this, your boos only push me on to be better than the best.

This generates applause from this Philly crowd, showing their appreciation of Cena’s honesty.

John Cena: I’d also like to apologise if my serious nature tonight is a change from my usual self, but after last week, there’s gonna be no more fun and games. Sheamus made this serious. You know what, GET YOUR PALE WHITE ASS OUT HERE RIGHT NOW!

The crowd pop as Cena shows his emotion through his words. He waits patiently, and eventually WRITTEN IN MY FACE does indeed hit the PA system.

Sheamus stands at the top of the entrance ramp with his WWE Championship around his waist. He has a microphone in his hand and begins to speak.

Sheamus: I made a mockery out of you, John Cena? Don’t make me laugh, fella. I’ve had to put up with your crap for weeks. You called me a freakin’ human jar of mayonnaise what the hell d’ya expect Cena? I did what I did last week to prove a point. I think I proved it, son. Last week, you saw me as a laughing stock of a champion, as did the rest of the Dubya-dubya-e Universe. But now, you see; now you all see that Sheamus means business. I will not be treated as a joke.

John Cena: And that gives you reason to take me out with a steel chair at my weakest, to bust my head open. What point did that prove everybody? That’s right! It proved that you, Sheamus are nothing but a coward! When I have you one-on-one at Money in the Bank, I’ll expose you for the coward you really are. When I take back what is mine! And the champ will be right back here on Monday Night RAW!

The crowd pop for Cena as the cameras turn back to Sheamus

Sheamus: Well, fella. THE CHAMP IS HERE! And he’s here right now on Monday Night RAW so I don’t know what you are talking about.

John Cena: Ya got me! Well I’ll just make it clear; enjoy these next few weeks as the Champion, because they will be your last. I have held that title longer than anyone else in this business in the past five years. If it wasn’t for the Nexus, I would still be holding that championship.

Sheamus: You can use these excuses all you want, but the fact of the matter is I'm the dubya-dubya-e champion, and there just isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.

John Cena: Well if you can say that in three weeks’ time after Money in the Bank, then fair enough Sheamus. But I was cheated out of my title, that’s not an excuse, Sheamus, it’s a fact.

Sheamus: It’s a useless fact but for you see this title in my hand. I AM the Dubya-Dubya E Champion. And fella, that aint gonna change, not now, not at Money in the Bank, I’ll be holding this title for a very, very long time, Cena.

John Cena: Yada-yada-yada I’ve yet to see you prove yourself in the ring. I’ve yet to see you fairly win that title you wear. And I’ll prove at Money in the Bank that you simply can’t. You don’t deserve to wear such a prestigious belt around your waist. Perhaps I should just make my way up there and beat your ass right now after what you did to me last week.

Sheamus: Fella you’re in no state to beating anyone’s “ass”, look at you Cena. I have destroyed you. I have left you in a wreck. You are nothing, fella.

Cena drops the mic and slides out of the ring. He starts to move towards Sheamus. Sheamus drops his microphone and makes his way towards Cena but suddenly RETURN OF THE HITMAN hits and both men stop.

Bret Hart: Hey, hey, hey! Don’t even think about it, guys, save it for Money in the Bank! Right now I’m afraid you two have bigger things to be worrying about

The crowd pops as Bret Hart, now crutch less, stands tall, looking out at the Philly crowd

Bret Hart: Tonight, right here on Monday Night RAW, I have a huge main event for you all. Tonight,
John Cena will be in tag team action

The crowd gives a very limited pop

Bret Hart: And John Cena will team up with, the WWE Champion, SHEAMUS!

The crowd give a huge pop as the two enemies look set to be teaming together.

Bret Hart: And you two will take on … Wade Barrett and another member of the Nexus!

The crowd go crazy

Bret Hart: Now I know Cena, you aren’t doing so good after last week’s brutal attack, that’s why you will have to be able to co-exist with Sheamus here!

The crowd laugh as Bret Hart smiles

Bret Hart: Thank you very much and enjoy the show!

Return of the Hitman hits as Bret leaves the arena. Cena and Sheamus stare at each other worriedly, unsure whether to return to being at each other’s throats, or to attempt to co-exist. John Cena then offers Sheamus a hand, and reluctantly, Sheamus shakes it.

Michael Cole: My god, Sheamus and John Cena just shook hands! I bet you didn’t see that one coming.

As Sheamus shakes the hand, Cena brings him closer and stares him down as we cut to a commercial


Michael Cole: Hello everybody and welcome back to Monday Night RAW! And what an incredible start we just witnessed. John Cena and Sheamus will be forced to team together tonight to take on two members of the Nexus

Jerry Lawler: It’s going to be one hell of a night here on RAW!

Michael Cole: That’s right we have four AMAZING matches confirmed for tonight! First of all we have two Money in the Bank qualifying matches!

Jerry Lawler: Edge will take on Mark Henry for a spot.

Michael Cole: And Ted DiBiase and John Morrison will battle it out for one of RAW’s 4 spots in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match!

Jerry Lawler: But that is not all that we have for you tonight. Also tonight, as announced last week, we will see two huge WWE superstars go toe to toe.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah, The Lion Heart, Chris Jericho will challenge Randy Orton in a match that will surely go down in RAW history!

Michael Cole: Yes it should be a spectacle to remember! Also tonight, as we mentioned a few moments ago, John Cena and Sheamus will team up in this evening’s big main event.

Jerry Lawler: As if that wasn’t crazy enough, seeing two guys who will take on each other for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank teaming up, they will face two of the men from the most hated group in WWE history, the Nexus!

Michael Cole: Yes the Nexus leader will team up with one of the other Nexus member in what will surely go down as a historical tag team match!

Jerry Lawler: It is going to be a great night Cole! I can feel it.

We cut to the Nexus locker room where Wade Barrett is instructing the other members on what will happen tonight

Wade Barrett: Boys, tonight we will be able to kill two birds with one stone. Tonight we will be able to take out the WWE Champion, Sheamus and our friend John Cena!

The crowd boo as Wade continues

Wade Barrett: Tonight, I will take a partner, one of you into that ring. Together we will fight against the failure that many have come to accept. But we will not let go. We will not stop. I’ve made my decision, it’s been a tough one, and to the rest of you, take no disrespect from my decision, but I need some muscle here tonight.

Skip Sheffield looks at the other guys and points to himself, laughing.

Wade Barrett: It wasn’t an easy decision but yes, Skip, you will be joining me tonight

Skip smiles as Heath Slater kicks the locker.

Wade Barrett: Guys, again I mean no disrespect. We all work as a unit; we all have our part, let’s not make any mistakes now!

We cut back to the arena, and Mark Henry is making his way to the ring with Somebodies Gonna Get It playing on the PA. Henry proceeds to enter the ring and he climbs onto the turnbuckle as the crowd pop.

The crowd boo as METALINGUS hits and Edge stands at the top of the entrance ramp as the smoke fills the ramp, Edge appears from the mist and the pyro goes off. Edge then walks down the ramp with his coat on he slides into the ring and looks at Mark Henry as the two prepare to square off

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen this is the first Money in the Bank Ladder Match RAW Qualifier! Edge vs. Mark Henry, here we go!

Match One
Money in the Bank Qualifier
Mark Henry vs. Edge

The match kicks off with Edge trying to take down the powerful Mark Henry, but this proves to be too much of a task for him at this early stage as Mark Henry easily overpowers him. Henry grabs Edge and flips him over, executing a nice powerslam. He goes for the quick pin at the very start of the match but can only muster a two count. Henry then starts to kick at the head of Edge, not allowing him the chance to get back to a vertical base. Eventually Henry starts to pull Edge to his feet, but Edge counters and throws a few fists at the stomach of Henry. He tosses Mark Henry towards the ropes and as he comes back tries to take Mark down with a powerful clothesline, but fails. Henry proves to be too large for Edge to pull that off easily, and Henry takes Edge down with a nice slam. He then pulls Edge to his feet and drags him over towards the corner. Mark Henry pulls back and then runs at Edge hitting a very nice body avalanche!

The match continues in very much the same style, with Edge trying to overcome the size of Mark Henry, but not quite managing it, with Henry using his size to his advantage with large powerful moves. As the match goes on, Edge starts to be able to wear down Henry a little more, and get in some moves of his own. About six minutes into the match however, Henry sees an opening to hit his finishing manoeuvre the World’s Strongest Slam. Somehow, Edge manages to reverse this into a beautifully executed inverted DDT. This point represents a huge turning point in the match up, with Edge finally looking as though he could actually have a chance. Immediately after this Edge heads over to crouch into the corner in preparation for his almighty Spear, with Henry slowly getting himself to his feet and Edge then powering towards him and hitting the SPEAR successfully. Surely this must be victory for Edge 1..2..3..NO!! Mark Henry got his arm up at the very last second.

With Edge having attempted his finisher and still not being able to secure his Money in the Bank spot, the confidence in him seems lost for a while. Mark Henry takes advantage and hits numerous different slams. At one point he hits a nice military press slam, which pleases the crowd. He starts to get pumped up and with the crowd on his side, looks set to take this victory and head through to the Money in the Bank ladder match. He finally decides to attempt his World’s Strongest Slam again, but again EDGE COUNTERS and goes for a roll up pin!! 1-2-NO! But Edge realises that Mark Henry is frustrated and worn out, so he heads to the corner again, signalling that now is the time for a second spear. As Mark slowly but surely gets to his feet, Edge starts to run and hits a SPEAR!!! This has to be the final chapter of this match. Edge crawls over to roll Mark Henry’s leg up for the pin … 1-2-3!! Edge has secured his place in the Money in the Bank ladder match!

Winner: Edge (via Pinfall)

Michael Cole: What a huge victory for Edge!

Jerry Lawler: The Ultimate Opportunist finds success again! I can’t believe it though, look at the size of Mark Henry!

Michael Cole: Henry must feel pretty hard done by, but both men put on an excellent match and they should be proud.

Edge grabs a microphone from Justin Roberts and starts to speak to this Philly crowd.

Edge: Well puppets, what did I tell you last week? That’s right I told you I was heading on to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, where I would win that match for a second time and become Mr. Money in the Bank for a third time! Let’s just take a little look back at the last time I won this beautiful matchup

A small video package airs, showing Edge’s rise to glory in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. We see Edge rising to the top of the ladder and raising his briefcase, celebrating his victory. The video then cuts to the vicious spear he hit on John Cena to win the WWE Title. This replays atleast 10 times, before we now cut to Edge’s vicious spear to Undertaker to win the World Heavyweight Championship. This is shown again before the video fades with Edge holding the WWE Championship at New Year’s Revolution 2006

Edge: As you can see I know what I’m doing in a Money in the Bank ladder match. I know how to take advantage. I am after all, the Ultimate Opportunist! I am the Rated R Superstar and at Money in the Bank I will be walking out of the arena with my briefcase in hand, once again being known as Mr. Money in the Bank! That’s right folks, just you wait and see.

The crowd boo as METALINGUS hits and Edge makes his way back up the entrance ramp.

Michael Cole: Yet again we see the arrogance of Edge in full show. We will be right back!


As we return to RAW, we are backstage with John Cena standing by with Josh Mathews.

Josh Mathews: Hello everybody and welcome back to Monday Night RAW. I am Josh Mathews and my guest at this time is the former WWE Champion, John Cena!

The crowd gives a hugely mixed reaction as Cena smiles

Josh Mathews: That is quite a reaction I must say. Now, as Bret Hart announced earlier, tonight you will be forced to team up with a man who obliterated you with a steel chair last week, a man who you will face at Money in the Bank for the WWE Championship, to challenge Wade Barrett and Skip Sheffield. Do you honestly think that you and Sheamus can co-operate as a team?

John Cena:
I would like to think that despite our rivalry, Sheamus hates those Nexus bastards as much as I do!

The crowd gives a huge pop, showing their hatred too for the Nexus.

John Cena: I mean who the hell do these guys think they are? They’ve been in the WWE for about 2 weeks and they think they can run around saying whatever the hell they want.

Josh Mathews: I’d be careful Cena, you never know when these guys are gonna come up and attack

John Cena: Well I don’t give a damn Josh. I’m all about three things as you all know. HUSTLE. LOYALTY. AND RESPECT.

The crowd pop

John Cena: First of all, they aint got no hustle. Second of all, they aint loyal, and third of all I aint got no freakin’ respect for these bastards, and no one else in the WWE locker room has either, that’s for damn sure.

The crowd pops as Mathews goes to speak

Josh Mathews: We haven’t seen much of the Nexus’ in-ring ability here on RAW but Sheffield certainly seems like a bulky guy, combined with Barrett do you think they will be too strong for you and Sheamus?

John Cena:
Are you kidding? I mean unless the other five of them show up, which I suppose they probably will, I don’t think so. I mean combined, Sheamus and I must have what… like 10 WWE Title runs? I’d be worried if I was Sheffield or Barrett.

Sheamus walks up behind Cena to a huge pop

Hey there, partner

John Cena: Hey there, champ. I gotta know, do you have my back tonight or not?

Sheamus: I hate the Nexus ever so slightly more than I hate you, so yeah fella, I think you do.

John Cena: Well if you try any funny business, I will take you out. Mark my words.

Sheamus: I think I prefer John Cena the crazy comedian who doesn't give a shit and just makes jokes about his opponents.

The crowd laugh as Cena and Sheamus stare down and we cut back to Cole and King in the arena

Michael Cole: Wow, Cena seems pretty forgiving of Sheamus after last week’s proceedings

Jerry Lawler:
He has to be but, look at what they’re up against.

Michael Cole:
But after last week? We are going to show you the footage from last week. Ladies and gentlemen, viewer discretion is advised. Parents, if you could take your kids to the other room, it would be a very smart idea as these images are very disturbing.

We cut to a video package of the events of last week’s RAW. We see John Cena successfully defeating Wade Barrett in the main event and the subsequent attack by Sheamus. We see the brutality committed by Sheamus as Cena’s head is busted bloody open and the blood covers his face and body. We see Sheamus unrelenting in continuing to hit Cena time after time. We then see Sheamus leaving and the EMTs arriving, with Cena being wheeled off in a stretcher. The video slowly fades out with Cena being taken away in the ambulance.

Michael Cole: Wow, just wow. That reminded me of just how horrible it got last week. Sheamus talks about wanting to prove a point. That was just taking things too far, there is no point proving in hitting a man with a steel chair so much that his head busts open, there simply isn’t.

Jerry Lawler: John Cena said it right earlier tonight, it just got personal!

We cut backstage to Randy Orton with Evan Bourne in the locker room

Evan Bourne: You ready, Randy? Thanks a lot for doing this. I’m sick and tired of Jericho making promises, threats, and ridiculous statements, only to be defeated time and time again. Hopefully you’ll set him straight when you RKO him tonight.

Randy Orton: Well Evan, there is a reason why they call me The Viper. There’s a reason why they call me The WWE’s Apex Predator. Chris Jericho will be silent after I am finished with him tonight. We won’t be hearing him running his mouth for a very long time to come.

Evan Bourne: I look forward to it, Randy. But be careful, you know what he’s like.

Randy Orton: Don't worry about me and watch your back.

Randy leaves as the camera zooms in on Evan’s slightly worried face.

We cut back to the arena where Break the Walls is filling the air. Chris Jericho is in the ring awaiting his opponent.

Michael Cole: Chris Jericho is in the ring, ready and awaiting the Viper to strike.

VOICES hits and Randy Orton stands at the top of the entrance ramp. He raises his arms and the pyro glistens behind him, falling to the ground like a waterfall. He then proceeds to strut down the ring, walking with a purpose. He has his eyes focused grimly on Chris Jericho. He slides into the ring and gets ready for battle.

Match Two
Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton

The first few moments of this match are very much mat based, with the two grappling and Orton managing to take Jericho down to the mat. Orton starts to work on the arms of the Lion Heart, applying a lock on the arm. He holds this for a while, with Jericho screaming in pain. He then releases and drags Jericho to his feet, but Jericho reverses and pushes Orton towards the ropes. As Orton returns Jericho hits him with a nice clothesline. Jericho then runs towards the rope, jumps onto the second rope and performs a well-executed springboard. He goes for the pin but of course Orton kicks out at two. Jericho then gets to his feet and drags Orton up slightly, then hitting a very nice DDT. The crowd boo as Jericho taunts them, he continues to laugh but this just enough time for Orton to get to his feet. As Jericho turns round Orton hits him with a well-executed drop kick.

The match continues in very much the same back-and-forth way, with neither man able to get the breakthrough. Jericho almost does however when he manages to lock in the Walls of Jericho, though as has been a recurring theme lately, he is unable to push Orton enough to make him tap, it takes him a fair length of time but eventually Orton is able to push hard enough to make a successful jump for the bottom rope, forcing Jericho to relinquish the hold. Jericho gets to his feet and tries to stomp on Orton but Orton manages to grab Jericho’s foot and pull him to the ground. Orton then gets to his feet and starts to stomp on Jericho successfully. He then starts to amp up for the mighty punt to the head, waiting for the opportunity to hit the move. As Jericho slowly gets to his feet, Orton goes for the punt but Jericho slides out of the way and Orton kicks thin air. Quickly Jericho gets to his feet and manages to take down Orton. Jericho slides to the floor and grabs Orton getting the chin lock successfully locked in, with us returning to the back and forth nature we had become used to in the match.

The match is given a fairly lengthy amount of time, with over ten minutes gone and still no real breakthrough able to be found. The crowd are very much enjoying the match, firmly on the side of their favourite, Randy Orton. So far however, he is unable to use the crowd to his advantage and to gain some momentum. He has Jericho’s head by his hand and is able to drag him towards a corner. He tosses him at the turnbuckle head first and starts to toss his head at it, but Jericho reverses and knocks Orton to the floor, now jumping to the top turnbuckle. He pauses for a moment and goes for a diving crossbody, successfully connecting, he goes for the pin but can only get a two count. Jericho starts to become enraged and decides to go for his LionSault. He climbs over the ropes and goes to the top one but he is too slow as Orton tosses him to the outside. Orton then slides out of the ring and proceeds to beat up on Jericho. He slams Jericho’s head off the announce table and then tosses Jericho back into the ring.

The match progresses to around the fifteen minute mark before finally the breakthrough seems to be, with Jericho successfully hitting his Codebreaker. He goes for the pin… 1…2…3…NO!!!! Somehow, Orton has kicked out of the Codebreaker. Jericho is absolutely enraged. He gets up and starts stomping on Orton. He lifts him up and goes to attempt the Codebreaker again, but Orton reverses and hits a European uppercut! Now Orton sees his chance and gets down to the ground, punching the mat, awaiting Jericho’s arise. Slowly but surely, Jericho starts to pull himself to his feet, as he turns around Orton runs and executes the RKO!! This has to be over now. Orton rolls Jericho up for the pin… 1…2…3!!! Orton has defeated Jericho!!!

Winner: Randy Orton (via Pinfall)

Michael Cole:
Jericho has been defeated again! This is crazy!


As we return we are backstage following Chris Jericho. He is wrecking everything backstage, smashing televisions and tipping over rubbish bins. He is screaming, showing much emotion in the form of anger. He turns and sees the camera.

Chris Jericho: Randy Orton. Somehow, you cheated me out of victory. If I ever see your face near here again, I will OBLITERATE you. As for your friend, Bourne, the animal inside me has unleashed and you better be careful.

Jericho screams again and runs at a backstage worker, taking him out with a clean shot to the head.

We cut back to the arena with Cole and King

Michael Cole: Oh my, look at the anger in Chris Jericho! I cannot believe the way he has lost his cool tonight

Jerry Lawler:
Let’s not forget what a match we just witnessed, two great individuals put on a show tonight, and sure Jericho’s losing streak continues, but he can be proud of the match he has put on tonight with Orton.

Michael Cole: Hate to say but Jericho might need some new finishers. Again, like Bourne, Orton kicked out of the Codebreaker and broke free from the Walls of Jericho.

Jerry Lawler: That’s what happens when you’ve been in the business as long as Jericho, people study you; people know your game to the very tee. He needs to come up with something different.

Michael Cole: Chris will face Evan Bourne at Money in the Bank in less than three weeks, and Evan must be feeling pretty optimistic after this!

Jerry Lawler:
Jericho will bounce back, he’s a veteran in this business going through a rough patch.

Michael Cole: Now ladies and gentlemen, we have some divas action!

Jerry Lawler: Puppies!

SHAKE YO’ TAIL hits as Alicia Fox stands at the top of the entrance ramp. She makes her way down towards the ring and slides in. She stands at the top of the right corner turnbuckle nearest the titantron and raises her title high as the crowd give her heat. She then jumps down, awaiting her partner

POURQUOI? hits and Maryse stands at the top of the ramp to a slight pop. She slowly makes her way to the ring, staring down Fox and her Divas championship. She then gets in the ring and stares at Eve.

SHE LOOKS GOOD hits and the ex-Divas Champion, Eve Torres makes her way to the ramp. She points to Alicia and signals that the title will soon be hers. The crowd pop as she slides into the ring and stares down Alicia.

STRONG AND SEXY hits as Gail Kim makes her way towards the ring, the crowd give a pop for her as she gets into the ring, and shakes hands with her partner, Eve Torres.

They decide that Eve will start the match, and Gail gets out of the ring so Eve and Alicia Fox can start off the match.

Match Three
Divas Tag Team Match
Divas Champion, Alicia Fox and Maryse vs. Eve Torres and Gail Kim

The match starts off with Eve and Alicia battling. Eve dominates in the first few moments, delivering lots of blows to the head and then face-planting Alicia to the ground. Eve then gets up and tags in Gail Kim. She then climbs to the top turnbuckle as Eve holds her down. Kim makes a jump hitting some sort of crossbody. She goes for the pin but can only manage to get a two count. Gail tries to pull Alicia up but Alicia reverses and goes for a quick roll up 1…2…NO! Gail kicks out. Maryse calls for a tag and so Alicia runs over and makes it. Maryse then gets into the ring and takes Gail Kim back to the ground with a nice clothesline. As Gail gets up, Maryse hits the move successfully again.

The match continues very much in the same fashion, with no team able to gain dominance but eventually Eve and Gila start to dominate, with Eve taking Maryse out with the moonsault!! Surely the match is over… 1…2…3…NO! Maryse kicks out at the very last second. The match then sees Maryse battling hard to find a way to tag Alicia Fox, who is gunning for action, but Eve holds Maryse down. Eve and Gail continue to exchange tags on many occasions, keeping the momentum going. Soon though, after being tagged in, Maryse gains the upperhand and goes to hit the French Kiss but Gail reverses it into her own DDT and takes Maryse out. The crowd now are calling desperately for Gail to make the tag. Slowly, she makes her way towards Eve and makes the tag, whilst Maryse also makes the tag to Alicia.

Finally Alicia Fox starts to gain momentum, taking Eve down with a few clotheslines and then getting her locked in a chokehold. The crowd are on Eve’s side but she cannot use it to her advantage, struggling to keep the momentum going, as Alicia starts to elbow Eve in the chest. Alicia then pulls herself to her feet and takes Eve down to the mat with a DDT. She now tags in Maryse who runs at Eve. She shouts something in French to Eve which gives Eve a chance to grab her and pull her down to the mat for a roll-up 1...2...3!

Winners: Eve and Gail Kim (via Pinfall)

Michael Cole: Wow, what a victory for Eve and Gail Kim here tonight!

Jerry Lawler: Eve has proved to Alicia that she is deserving of a rematch for her Divas championship

Michael Cole: That’s right King, what a match. We’ll be right back.


As we return, we see Santino Marella backstage, with Vladimir Kozlov

Santino Marella:
Its’a okay Vlad, I forgive you, but pleasea, a don’t do that again, okay?

Vladimir looks at Santino angrily, and then laughs, he puts his arm around Santino as the two walk off.

We now cut back to Josh Mathews who is standing with Randy Orton.

Josh Mathews: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, “The Viper” Randy Orton!

The crowd deals a huge pop for Randy

Josh Mathews: It is a pleasure, Randy. Now earlier tonight, you defeated yet another member of the RAW roster in Chris Jericho, what is next for you?

Randy Orton: Well, with the Money in the Bank ladder match on its way, what better thing to do than qualify for the ladder match? I will be in that match, and I will walk out with the briefcase, ready to cash in whenever I should choose.

Josh Mathews: Sounds good to me, Randy, with one qualifier to be announced later on tonight on WWE.com, I will have my fingers crossed that you are included. Now, it seems you and Evan Bourne have developed a friendship, what do you make of Evan’s in ring ability?

Randy Orton: I think he is the rising star in this company. By defeating Jericho at Fatal 4-Way, he proved that he is not just another rookie. Evan Bourne represents everything great about this business, and due to that, I feel a need to associate, to stand up for what I believe in I guess.

The crowd pops as Orton smiles

Josh Mathews: Thank you for your time Randy.

Orton nods and leaves as we return to the arena.

Michael Cole: I can’t help but like this new Orton, he seems to have calmed as the years have gone on and I think that has made him a much better wrestler. Anyway, moving swiftly on, as Josh mentioned, we will know who will feature in next week’s qualifier by the end of tonight on WWE.com so be sure to check there for the latest. Also, as mentioned last week, we will have our final Money in the Bank spot decided two weeks from tonight, when a Battle Royale takes place. Any superstar on the RAW roster can participate as we decide who will be going onto Money in the Bank!

Jerry Lawler: I can’t wait for that one!

Michael Cole: Let’s take a moment to discuss Money in the Bank, for the Money in the Bank ladder match is not the only match on the card, RAW has other great offerings on the card. First of all, of course, the WWE Championship match where Sheamus will defend his championship against the Doctor of Thuganomics, John Cena!

Jerry Lawler: This match is set to be one of the biggest of the year after the events of last week, with Sheamus absolutely destroying Cena, something which added so much more to this match.

Michael Cole: Another huge match-up at Money in the Bank will see Chris Jericho and Evan Bourne fight it out in the big rematch! Things are really heating up there too, after Orton defeated Jericho earlier this evening.

Jerry Lawler: But it won’t just be any match, this match will be contested under No Disqualification rules!

Michael Cole: There’s a lot of bad blood between these two and that is sure to boil over into the No Disqualification bout we will see at Money in the Bank. Finally, a match just announced on WWE.com, the Divas championship will be defended, as Alicia Fox defends her title against the woman who she claimed it from at Fatal 4-Way, Eve Torres.

Jerry Lawler:
Nothing beats divas action!

Michael Cole: Now however, it’s time for another Money in the Bank qualifier! John Morrison takes on Ted DiBiase, and that’s next!


As we return, Ted DiBiase is already in the ring, awaiting his opponent. AIN’T NO MAKE BELIEVE hits as Ted’s opponent; John Morrison makes his way to the ring. The crowd give a nice pop as Morrison gets into the ring. The two then stare each other down as the match gets underway.

Match Four
Money in the Bank Qualifier
Ted DiBiase vs. John Morrison

The match starts with Morrison taking Ted DiBiase down to the floor. He locks Ted into a chokehold. Eventually he throws Ted’s head at the mat and gets to his feet. Morrison runs at the ropes and as he comes back he slides, firing his feet directly at DiBiase’s head. He then rolls Ted over for the pin but can only pull off a two count. He then gets Ted up to his feet and tries to hit a Russian legsweep, but DiBiase reveres it into an inverted DDT, taking Morrison to the floor. He now goes for the pin but again only a two count can be reached as Morrison got his arm up. Ted gets to his feet and starts to stomp at Morrison’s head. He then starts to shout at Morrison, demanding he gives up. He then goes for the pin but Morrison kicks out at one. This angers Ted so he gets John to his feet and deals blows to the head. He then lifts him up for a scoop slam! He hits it with such power. DiBiase then goes for the pin, but again can only reach a two count.

The match continues with Ted DiBiase dominating Morrison in the match, hitting lots of slams and big time moves. When Morrison does get his chance, he hits lots of highflying springboards and even pulls off a beautiful shooting star press, but neither can get the victory. With about seven into the matches, Ted DiBiase decides this match has gone on for too long and tries to end it. He goes for his finisher, the Dream Street, but Morrison reverses it for a quick roll up! And he almost gets it, but just before the referee puts his arm down for the three count, DiBiase broke free and reversed it into a roll up of his own! 1…2… and Morrison broke out!

Ted DiBiase grows extremely angry at not being able to put this match in the bag. He starts to stomp on Morrison again, excessively hitting till the referee orders him to stop. He then pulls Morrison to his feet and sends him towards the ropes, as he returns Ted DiBiase, with help to the speed Morrison is going at, tosses Morrison directly over his head and back down to the mat. He now runs at the ropes and as he returns hits a nice leg drop. He goes for the pin once again, but Morrison kicks out. Ted is becoming extremely irritated. He is just one three count away from a spot in the huge Money in the Bank ladder match, but he can’t seem to be able to pull it off. He pulls Morrison to his feet and this time hits a powerslam, but doesn’t even bother going for the pin, instead continuing to beat on Morrison.

The match nears its conclusion as each try to gain some momentum. DiBiase is still dominating, hitting yet another scoop slam! But Morrison is not giving up, as Ted pulls him to his feet, he takes DiBiase down with a DDT! Morrison then starts to gain some momentum, hitting a springboard from the second rope! The crowd go crazy as Morrison starts to believe that he can actually win this match and get his spot in the Money in the Bank. He climbs to the top rope and hits a moonsault from the top rope!! Morrison jumps immediately back to his feet somehow, still going only based on the excitement built up by the fans. As Ted DiBiase slowly gets to his feet, Morrison kicks him in the gullet and goes for THE MOONLIGHT DRIVE!! This has to be over! Morrison rolls Ted DiBiase over for the 1…2…3!! Morrison has won his spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match!

Winner: John Morrison (via Pinfall)

Michael Cole: What a victory for Morrison here tonight!

Jerry Lawler:
That win came out of nowhere! DiBiase had been dominating the full match.

Michael Cole: It’s the win that counts and Morrison sure as hell got it there!


As we return we are backstage, with Morrison walking towards the exit, but before he can TED DIBIASE ATTACKS HIM WITH A GARBAGE CAN!!! The crowd give DiBiase huge heat as he tosses the can at Morrison.

Ted DiBiase: How dare you! I am a member of one of the oldest families in wrestling history, this is my destiny. How dare you take it away from me.

He then tosses Morrison at the wall, knocking him out, and then he walks off as we cut back to the arena.

Michael Cole: THAT WAS UNCALLED FOR! By god, that is not what the fans need to be seeing here on RAW. We apologise to the parents and children, this is not what we at the WWE are about.

Jerry Lawler: Wow DiBiase truly is upset at what just went down there. Poor Morrison, he’s going to be in no state to climb the ladder and get the briefcase if this continues!

Michael Cole: Well Morrison is heading to the Money in the Bank match, but DiBiase is the last man standing! I cannot believe what we have just witnessed.

We cut backstage where Wade Barrett, Skip Sheffield and the rest of the Nexus behind them stand.

Wade Barrett: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight, we the Nexus, will prove that we are no pushovers in the WWE. We are here to stay, the seven us and not one less. Tonight, John Cena and Sheamus will wish desperately that they had not came to the building tonight. They will learn a valuable lesson tonight. Do not cross the Nexus.

Skip Sheffield: Tonight is MY time to shine. You haven’t seen much of me in the ring, but tonight I will destroy Cena. And I will make that Irish bastard, Sheamus scream.

Sheffield laughs as Wade turns around to the remaining Nexus members.

Wade Barrett: Alright boys, let’s go! We have a match to take care of.

We cut back to the arena where Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler are preparing for tonight’s main event.

Michael Cole: Well, King, we are just moments away from tonight’s main event match!

Jerry Lawler: And it’s gonna be a big one! Let’s take a look back at how this match came to being earlier tonight

We see a short video package, showing the events from earlier tonight, with Sheamus and John Cena clashing only for Bret Hart to announce the big match. We see Nexus backstage deciding who will participate in the match. We then see an image of the competitors.

Michael Cole: It’s main event time, when we return!


As we return, Wade Barrett and Skip Sheffield are in the ring, with the other five Nexus members surrounding the ring. YOU CAN’T SEE ME hits as John Cena makes his way towards the ring; he gets an extremely mixed reaction from this crowd. Cena heads towards Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, who are blocking his entrance to the ring; they move across and signal Cena to enter the ring. He enters cautiously and stares down Wade and Skip as he awaits his partner.

WRITTEN IN MY FACE hits and slowly, the WWE Champion, Sheamus makes his way cautiously to the ring. The crowd give a mixed reaction as he shuffles past Heath and Justin. He gets into the ring and immediately gets out of the ring, forcing Cena to start the match. His plan is not well thought out though, as being on the outside means he is closer to the other five members of the Nexus. Wade Barrett steps out of the ring and so Skip and Cena will start the match.

Main Event
Match Five
Tag Team Match
WWE Champion, Sheamus and John Cena vs. Wade Barrett and Skip Sheffield w/ the remaining Nexus members

The match kicks off with Skip Sheffield and John Cena. Cena runs at Sheffield but Sheffield ducks and delivers a huge powerslam taking the wind out of Cena’s step. Skip then starts to stomp on the head of Cena, showing no remorse. He then pulls Cena to his feet and starts to lock in a headlock. He holds this for a while, with Cena screaming in pain. Eventually, Cena starts to fight back, but as he goes to reverse it, Sheffield delivers a huge blow to Cena’s back, which causes Cena to scream in pain. Sheffield grabs Cena and drags him to the corner and tosses him at the turnbuckle. He tags in Wade Barrett and now both of them start to beat on Cena with numerous kicks and hits to the face. This continues until the referee rushes offer and urges Sheffield to stop. Sheffield shoves the referee and then gets himself out of the ring. Wade now grabs Cena and takes him up to the top rope of the turnbuckle and he then climbs to the first. He tries to hit a suplex but Cena starts to fight back. He shoves Wade to the ground, but as he goes to make a move, Sheffield pushes him down to the ground and he comes crashing down.

The match continues with Wade Barrett completely and utterly dominating Cena, with Cena barely able to get a move in. Cena slowly gets to his feet as Wade waits to hit a huge big boot! Cena is down and out and so Wade goes to finish the match off 1…2… but no! Cena kicks out at the last second, as the crowd cheers. The camera cuts to Sheamus, who is standing outside the ropes. Darren Young grabs him and pulls him down to the floor. We cut back in ring, as Wade tries to drag Cena to his feet, but Cena reverses and takes down Wade. Cena turns to tag in Sheamus, but Sheamus is nowhere to be seen! Wade then grabs Cena and turns him round and hits a huge POWERBOMB! Wade then gets back up to his feet and makes his way towards his partner, who is still there, and tags him. They both head to beat down on Cena, with lots of stomps to the head. Wade then leaves the ring as Cena is continued to be beaten on by Sheffield.

The match is given a fair amount of time, with both Wade Barrett and Skip Sheffield able to show their skills, however Sheamus still has not had his chance in the match. John Cena is looking very much worn out and struggling, but he continues to fight on. Wade is in the ring at the moment, taunting Cena. This gives Cena a chance to get a few kicks in and he goes for the ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! By god, Cena pulled that from nowhere. 1…2…3…NO! Heath Slater pulled Cena from the ring which gets some sort of pop from some of the Cena haters in the crowd. The referee shouts at Slater, as he raises his arms. He then grabs Cena and tosses him back into the ring. Cena taunts Slater and then turns back and tries to pin Wade again. 1…2…3…NO! Wade got the kick out at the very final second. Cena then ran towards Sheamus, but again, he was still not there, with Michael Tarver keeping him from getting back onto the apron to help out his partner. Cena therefore has to go at it himself, and taunts Wade, he then bounces off the ropes and hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle! He goes for a pin again, but once again can only get the two count.

Cena continues to have his way in the match for a while, but eventually, on his second attempt at hitting the Attitude Adjustment on Wade Barrett, he reverses and delivers a European uppercut, taking Cena out. Wade then runs over to Skip and tags him in. Skip then begins his beat down on a very much worn-out Cena, but Cena is still able to fight back, resisting Skip, diving and ducking and eventually hitting another ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! He goes for the pin 1…2… but JUSTIN GABRIEL PULLED THE REFEREE FROM THE RING AND TAKES HIM OUT WITH A BLOW TO THE HEAD!! Havoc now ensues as the six members of the Nexus slide into the ring and beat down on Cena, absolutely destroying him. The camera cuts to Sheamus who has also clearly experienced some form of attack. He runs towards the ramp and makes his way out of the arena as we cut back to the ring. Wade Barrett holds Cena as David Otunga delivers a huge kick to Cena’s head.

The attack continues, with Otunga then hitting the Ura-nage. The referee is still knocked out as Wade Barrett now hits his finisher, The Wasteland! Justin Gabriel then slides out of the ring and grabs the referee, tossing him into the ring. The rest of the Nexus slide out of the ring as Wade Barrett rolls Cena over, despite Sheffield being the legal tag as Gabriel forces the referee to count. He is very slow in counting 1…2…3! Wade Barrett wins it

Winners: Wade Barrett and Skip Sheffield (via Pinfall)

Michael Cole: No! This just isn’t right! Cena has been decimated here yet again, can you believe this?

We see the Nexus get back into the ring, taking the referee out clean with a steel chair. Wade is the man in possession of this chair. He gets Otunga to hold Cena in place as Wade runs at Cena with the chair firing it directly at his bandaged head. We see the blood start to seep through as Gabriel rips the bandage from Cena’s head. Wade hits the chair directly at Cena’s head once again as the crowd boo. We see a “TV-14 Viewer Discretion is Strongly Advised” message appear at the bottom of the screen as Wade throws the chair onto the ground. He grabs Cena and delivers a DDT onto the chair! We hear the crunching sound as bone meets steel chair. We zoom in on Cena’s beaten, wounded, bloody body as the screen fades.


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Re: Bartman and LegendaryBazinga Present: WWE - Era of Awesome

Friday Night SmackDown! - 2nd July 2010

The show begins with The Big Red Machine, Kane. He seems very scared as he enters the ring. He talks of how he can't understand why anyone would want to take out his brother, the Undertaker. He says that CM Punk has not escaped from his clutches yet, despite beating Kane last week. He then calls out the challenger for the WHC, Jack Swagger. Swagger takes awhile but eventually comes out. He questions why Kane would call him out, and he says that he better not even start to think that it was Swagger who caused the Undertaker to fall into a vegetative state. Kane says he wants proof! Swagger laughs in Kane's face and says that he can prove it, and he will later on tonight. Teddy Long then comes out and announces that here tonight in the main event, Jack Swagger will go one on one with Kane.

As we return, the first match is the previously announced Money in the Bank Qualifier, IC Champion, Kofi Kingston vs. Cody Rhodes. The match is given good time, with the IC Champion in the end getting the victory and heading on to Money in the Bank along with the other 2 SD qualifier winners, Matt Hardy and Christian.

We cut backstage where Christian and Matt Hardy are both standing talking. They discuss last week's qualifiers and how they are both in the MITB match. Christian says he understands the two have a mutual agreement but he will stop at nothing to win the MITB match. Hardy agrees and says Christian better watch his back.

Rey Mysterio is in the ring. He talks of how the past week has been great being Champion. He talks of how proud he is to be the frontrunner of the SmackDown roster. Soon though, former Champion, Jack Swagger comes out. He tells Rey that he had better enjoy the next couple of weeks with the title as they would be his last. He says that Rey is only Champion thanks to the Big Red Machine, Kane costing him the match. Rey says there can be no excuses and at the end of the day. Jack Swagger slowly makes his way to the ring. He calls Rey a little midget and a worthless person. He says he will rid SD of him at MITB. Rey then performs some high flying manoeuvers like a hurricanrana from the top rope. He then trips Jack up and gets ready to hit the 619 when Teddy Long comes out. He says that the two had better save it for MITB and that Rey would also be in action tonight, and he would face Teddy's great (sarcastic) friend, Drew McIntyre, and it would be right now.

Drew McIntyre and Rey Mysterio fight to a no contest when Kane comes out and Drew McIntyre slides out of the ring and leaves. Kane takes out the referee and beats down the champion. He takes him out with a huge chokeslam and then holds the WHC high in the air.

We return for the fourth and final MITB qualifier. This one is between Big Show and CM Punk. The two have a good match, but towards the end, Luke Gallows, Serena and the Masked Man make their way to the ring. They shout at the Big Show and distract him as CM Punk rolls him up to steal a victory somehow and head to the MITB match.

MVP is backstage. He says that he has been losing way in the WWE for the past while, but it was now time for him to shine once again in the WWE. He says that starting tonight he will be having an open invitation here on SD until such time as he is defeated. He says whoever wants to face him, should make their way to the ring now.

We return from the commercials to MVP in the ring. His opponent soon comes out and it is CHAVO GUERRERO. The two wrestle for a few minutes but MVP reigns supreme and wins the match with the Drive-By Kick to set-up his first open invitational victory. MVP then takes the mic and says that Teddy Long should watch him over the coming weeks as he sets off on his mission to prove himself as a true SD contender.

We cut backstage where LayCool are in the dressing room. They talk of how happy they are to be joint champions and they hug. They then talk of how disappointed they are that Kelly Kelly will be facing off against both of them at MITB for their title. But they understand Kelly will be no match for the two of them.

It is main event time, with Kane and Jack Swagger facing off. The two wrestle for a good ten minutes. However, the lights go out towards the end. Swagger leaves the ring at this time and when the lights come back on, there is a huge casket at the top of the ramp, an empty, open casket. Kane screams as SD leaves the air

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Re: Bartman and LegendaryBazinga Present: WWE - Era of Awesome

WWE News and Notes

PWInsider said:
- Reports are coming in from various sources that Bret Hart has been relieved from his duties with the WWE. He has been known to be finding it difficult travelling and wanting more time with his family. It is believed this past week's RAW will have been Bret Hart's last appearance on TV for some time. It is expected to be addressed on Raw this week.

- The Undertaker is said to be recovering well from his injuries, so well that we could perhaps see him appear at Money in the Bank or before SummerSlam, however this cannot be confirmed. It is thoroughly expected that Kane will be revealed as the "guilty party" but WWE has been known for keeping its swerves under wraps in the past.

- The Money in the Bank winner is said to be still up in the air. Many backstage are pushing for another CM Punk victory whilst others like Chris Jericho are supporting a Christian victory. It is expected that Edge and Randy Orton are the only two to really be out with the chance, due to having no requirement for the briefcase.

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Re: Bartman and LegendaryBazinga Present: WWE - Era of Awesome

I read your shows and I really enjoyed them, they remind me a lot of my own writing style, Edge, Orton and Morrison qualifying on Raw were great pics, even though I was rooting for Diabase to qualify.

I also liked Jerichos frustration coming out in him and attacking innconent crew members to show his frustration and im looking forward to his match vs bourne.

Also I'm a huge divas fan so I enjoyed the tag match and looking forward to Eve getting her rematch against Fox.

Nexus is probaly the biggest and most interesting thing in the real wwe so i'm glad to see them being pushed in here as well and in the match you made sheameus like he only cares about himself and allowed Nexus to annihilate Cena.

Overall very good show and a nice smackdown recap i will be following this thread more closely from now on

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Re: Bartman and LegendaryBazinga Present: WWE - Era of Awesome

I enjoy this BTB. I thought this was a co-BTB but all I see is you posting Bartman. Man, I wish Raw just get a Raw GM permanently sometime. I can't wait for future writes and love to see how Money In The Bank turns out.

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Re: Bartman and LegendaryBazinga Present: WWE - Era of Awesome

I enjoy this BTB. I thought this was a co-BTB but all I see is you posting Bartman. Man, I wish Raw just get a Raw GM permanently sometime. I can't wait for future writes and love to see how Money In The Bank turns out.
Thanks, I did have a partner, LegendaryBazinga..but I havent heard from him in over 2 weeks so I have presumed him to be AWOL and I will take over SD. I'm just posting recaps till MITB then afterwards I will be writing both shows in full. Also with regards to the GM situation..don't worry that had to be done for certain angles to play out.

WWE Raw - 5th July 2010 – Preview
Last week, at the end of RAW, the Nexus brutally assaulted John Cena. This attack was the second in two weeks of John Cena being left in a bloody mess. As a result, John Cena will not be in the building tonight in Nashville, however you can be sure that the Nexus will be there to brag about yet another attack.

As we found out a few days ago, Bret Hart has decided to step down from his position as General Manager and as a result, the Chairman of the Board, Mr. McMahon will be in attendance on tonight's RAW to explain what will happen as a result of this resignation.

With the Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View less than two weeks away, Sheamus will open up tonight's RAW. He is sure to have some words to say after the brutal attack Nexus delivered on Cena last week and he will sure to have words to say as his match with John Cena edges closer and closer, with less than two weeks to go before Money in the Bank.

Also tonight, as announced on WWE.com, we will see another Money in the Bank Qualifier with The United States Champion, The Miz taking on The Viper, Randy Orton. Who will progress to the Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View to have a shot at leaving with the briefcase which guarantees a WWE title shot for anytime in the next year?

And we also have reason to believe that there will be some sort of address towards a Divas Championship match at Money in the Bank. Will Eve get the rematch she deserves? Or will Eve be forced to fight for her chance to get a shot at the title she lost at Fatal-Four Way?

For all this and more, be sure to tune into WWE Monday Night RAW, live at 9/8ct only on the USA Network!

Will post RAW tomorrow :)

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Re: Bartman and LegendaryBazinga Present: WWE - Era of Awesome

WWE Raw – 5th July 2010 – Nashville, Tenn.

RAW opens with a video package of last week’s closing events, with John Cena being busted open for a second time in two weeks. We see Sheamus standing at the top of the ramp, looking on as the Nexus destroy Cena. The video closes out on Cena’s bloody face as the RAW Opening Video plays with Burn it to the Ground by Nickelback playing in the background.

After the opening video closes we cut to the Bridgestone Arena where the usual pyro hits. The cameras pan the arena as we see numerous signs like “LETS GO CENA” and “NEXUS SUCK” we then cut to Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.

Michael Cole: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Monday Night RAW! I’m Michael Cole and as always, I am joined tonight by my broadcast partner, Jerry “The King” Lawler!

Jerry Lawler: Thanks Cole and what a show we have for you tonight!

Michael Cole: That’s right we have a Money in the Bank Qualifier, as announced on WWE.com last week, Randy Orton will face off against the United States Champion, The Miz!

Written in My Face hits to a mixed reaction and the WWE Champion, Sheamus makes his way to the ring.

Michael Cole: But first of all, we kick things off with the WWE Champion, Sheamus!

Sheamus enters the ring, carrying a microphone. The crowd give Sheamus mega heat as he looks around at the arena

Why don’t ya all SHUT THE HELL UP!

The crowd ignore Sheamus’ remarks and continue to give him heat

Sheamus: Ye know what, I don’t care. I’m the Dubya-Dubya-E Champion. And all of you in this arena, every single one of ye, are a bunch of losers!

This gives Sheamus even more heat, which he takes in his stride.

Last week on Monday Night RAW, John Cena was assaulted for the second week running. I’d just like to publicly apologise to John Cena, for not helping out. I was in a moment of shock, I could not believe what was happening. I’m sorry I didn’t help them KICK YOUR HEAD IN EVEN MORE.

The crowd boo

Cena, you are just like every one of these people in this arena. You, Cena, are a loser! I’m the one with the Dubya-Dubya-E Championship. I’m the one at the top of the mountain, I’m the one who is taking this company to the next level. Yet, Cena, you’re the one who’s still got a freakin’ bounty on his head. You, Cena, will always be a loser. Let’s just take a look at you in action last week.

Sheamus laughs

Sheamus: Roll the footage!

The camera cuts to the titantron and we see the Nexus decimating Cena. We see the chair shot which busts Cena’s head open. The tape then repeats this, over and over again, with Benny Hill music playing in the background. The crowd give Sheamus major heat as the camera cuts back to him

Sheamus: And that is exactly what will happen to you John Cena, AGAIN, at Money in the Bank!

YOU CAN’T SEE ME hits to a huge pop from the crowd. We see Sheamus shaking the ropes, but after about ten seconds, it is apparent that Cena is not coming out.

Sheamus: Ha-ha-ha. You idiots, John Cena is in a hospital somewhere in Philadelphia. He’s not gonna be here tonight. I’m afraid your stuck with your Dubya-Dubya-E Champion, SHEEAAAMUS!

RETURN OF THE HITMAN hits as we again see Sheamus shaking the ropes in fury, but again after ten seconds, it becomes apparent that the Hitman is not here tonight.

Sheamus: You all heard the news a few nights ago, that due to personal reasons, Bret Hart has quit from his position as the RAW General Manager! He certainly will not be in attendance tonight. And that is why, for one night only, I, as the Dubya-Dubya-E Champion, see it as my duty to temporarily take over this show. I will be your General Manager for this evening!

The crowd boo as Sheamus laughs, but we then get a pop as NO CHANCE hits and the WWE Chairman of the Board, Vincent Kennedy McMahon makes his way to the ring! He gets in and looks Sheamus up and down.

Mr. McMahon: Ladies and Gentlemen, as you all read last week, Bret Hart has indeed quit his position as the RAW General Manager. I’m afraid to disappoint you Sheamus, but you will not be taking over as the GM for tonight. For the next few weeks, I shall be overseeing things here on RAW! Until such later date that I find a new person for the job!

The crowd pop as McMahon goes to speak

Mr. McMahon: Would you all just SHUT THE HELL UP!

The crowd boo as McMahon continues

Mr. McMahon:
Now Sheamus, your opponent for Money in the Bank, John Cena, may not be in attendance tonight, but that does not get you a free pass. Tonight, you will face off against none other than Evan Bourne!

The crowd pop as Sheamus questions his judgement, but Mr. McMahon shakes it off.

Mr. McMahon: Also tonight, we will be seeing more from those pesky Nexus boys! As Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel team up to take on the Hart Dynasty! And there will be no outside interference from the remaining members OR YOUR ALL SUSPENDED!

The crowd pops as Mr. McMahon looks back at Sheamus

Mr. McMahon:
I would also like to say a few words about Bret Hart’s untimely leave from RAW. He didn’t leave due to family reasons. I FIRED HIM. He begged me for his job back, as it was the only way to keep his family afloat. But I told him he could KISS..MY..ASSSSS!

The crowd give McMahon major heat as he laughs.

Mr. McMahon: Sheamus, remember I told you about a little match you had tonight, against Evan Bourne? That match begins RIGHT NOW!

Sheamus goes crazy as the crowd pop and BORN TO WIN hits the crowd pops as Evan Bourne makes his way towards the ring.

Mr. McMahon: Please, enjoy the show!

Bourne enters the ring as Mr. McMahon steps out and immediately the match begins.

Match One
WWE Champion, Sheamus vs. Evan Bourne

The opening match sees each battle hard, but struggling to be able to get any real advantage. Sheamus has the upper hand in the opening moments of the match, taking Evan down to the floor and locking in an arm bar. He slowly pulls Evan back up to his feet and performs a hip toss taking Evan down to the floor. Sheamus then bounces off the ropes and drives his elbow into Evan’s head. He goes for a pin but can only manage to get a two count. He then starts to work on the middle section of Bourne, trying to wear him down as quickly as possible as we cut to a commercial break.


As we return, Evan Bourne has got himself back into the match, hitting various high flying moves, like a beautiful springboard off the top rope, which almost kept Sheamus out for the three count, but alas he kicked out. Evan tries to maintain this advantage, but the overwhelming strength of the WWE Champion proves to be too much for him, as Sheamus reverses a DDT and hits a nice powerslam. Sheamus then pulls Evan back up to his feet and hits a SWINGING NECKBREAKER! The crowd give Sheamus heat as he taunts them before going for a pin. However, he can only get a two count as Evan Bourne gets his leg up, much to the appreciation of the fans. Sheamus then gets to his feet and starts to stomp at Bourne, delivering numerous blows to the face. However, as Sheamus goes for another stomp, Evan grabs his boot, and pulls him down to the floor for a quick roll up. 1…2…NO! The WWE Champion almost threw it away but he keeps himself in the match. Evan then gets to his feet and as Sheamus gets to his feet, Evan dives at him feet first and delivers a kick to the head, knocking the WWE Champion immediately back down. Evan runs at the top turnbuckle, jumps and somersaults back at Sheamus, but the Champ got out of the way and Evan crashes to the floor. Sheamus immediately locks in a headlock as the match slows.

The match becomes more mat-based for a while with some nice holds and reversals on the mat. Slowly, the match starts to pick up the pace again as they both get back up to their feet. They grabble and Sheamus gets the better of it, sending Bourne towards the ropes. He goes for a clothesline, but Bourne ducks and hits an inverted DDT much to the appreciation of the fans! He then goes for the pin. 1…2… and Sheamus reverses into his own roll-up using the tights for leverage! 1…2… THE REFEREE SPOTS IT and orders Sheamus off Evan. He gets up and delivers a swift kick to Evan’s head, knocking him straight back down. 1…2… NO! Evan gets his foot on the rope, much to the frustration of Sheamus!

The match starts to reach its climax, after a good eight to nine minutes of explosive action. Sheamus runs at Bourne, but Bourne ducks and flips Sheamus to the outside of the ring! Evan then runs at the opposite ropes to build momentum, and dives through the ropes for a diving headbutt! He connects perfectly as the crowd go crazy. The referee begins to count and reaches five before Evan drags Sheamus back into the ring. He now decides to go Air Bourne! He slowly gets to the top rope turnbuckle and gets ready, but he is too slow as Sheamus runs up and hits him, sending him into a sitting position on the turnbuckle. Sheamus then grabs him and hits the CELTIC CROSS! The crowd give him huge heat as he rolls Evan up, using the ropes for leverage 1…2…3! Sheamus has stolen the match

Winner: WWE Champion, Sheamus (via Pinfall)

Sheamus slides out of the ring quickly, grabbing his WWE Championship as Written in my Face hits and Sheamus makes his way up to the ramp. We see Evan Bourne standing in the ring pointing to Sheamus and his WWE Championship. Suddenly, Chris Jericho runs at Evan Bourne from behind! He turns him round, but Evan Bourne ducks and takes Jericho down with a DDT. The crowd pop as Bourne signals for Jericho to get his feet. As Jericho gets up, Bourne goes to hit an enziguiri, but Chris Jericho quickly slides out of the ring. BORN TO WIN hits as Evan Bourne raises his hands and Jericho walks away cowardly.

Michael Cole: Wow! Evan Bourne standing up for himself for once! This is new.

Jerry Lawler: Jericho, trying to attack Evan Bourne after his gruelling match, but he failed.

Michael Cole: But let's not forget. That is another win for Sheamus as we close in on Money in the Bank. The momentum is yet again on Sheamus' side it seems.


As we return, SELF ESTEEM hits! And Daniel Bryan appears at the top of the ramp. The crowd give him a huge pop as he makes his way to the ring, but Michael Cole does not agree with him.

Michael Cole: Now just what is this TOOL doing back in the WWE? He has no right to be here.

Daniel Bryan enters the ring and points to Michael Cole with his microphone. He then climbs up onto the turnbuckle, singing Self Esteem with the fans. He then jumps down and begins to speak.

Daniel Bryan: Ladies and gentlemen, my name… is Bryan Danielson!

The crowd pops as Danielson looks round at the masses of fans screaming his name. He speaks again

Bryan Danielson: In one of Bret Hart’s final acts as Raw General Manager, he brought me back to the WWE. Hello friends!

The crowd pop as he winks at Michael Cole

Bryan Danielson:
Hi again, Michael!

Michael rips off his headset and grabs a microphone.

Michael Cole:
Just what the hell do you think you’re doing, Danielson? Get the hell out of that ring and go home. You don’t belong here!

Bryan Danielson:
I don’t belong here? You, you second-rate piece of crap announcer, Michael Cole don’t belong here! Where the freakin’ hell is old Jim Ross when you need him? You don’t belong here Cole. You don’t belong on this earth, you piece of shit!

The crowd pops as Michael Cole looks at these fans.

Michael Cole:
I’ve been in this company for over ten years, so I must be doing something right, Danielson. You didn’t win one match in the NXT. You are useless. Go home.

Bryan Danielson:
That’s okay, I think I’ll stay here. I think I’ll stay here and wrestle for these beautiful people here in NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE!

The crowd pop as Danielson continues.

Bryan Danielson: Like me or not, Cole. I’m here to stay. I’m rising to the top. I’m the American Dragon, Bryan Danielson and I am a future WWE Champion! Yeah.

The crowd pops as Michael Cole shakes his head. Michael Tarver now makes his way to the ring. He will be Danielson’s opponent for the night.

Jerry Lawler: Sit down Cole! Now under orders of Mr. McMahon, from now on, any interferences by the other members of the Nexus in any match featuring Nexus individuals will see all seven suspended from the company for 30 days.

Tarver slides into the ring and stares down his former NXT friend, Bryan Danielson, as the match begins.

Match Two
Bryan Danielson vs. Michael Tarver

The match between these two sees some great technical wrestling from Bryan Danielson, which has the crowd full of appreciation. They are fully on the side of Danielson. They start the match grappling, before Danielson delivers an Irish whip to Tarver, sending him to the corner turnbuckle. Danielson then dives towards the turnbuckle and delivers a stiff blow to Tarver's gut. He then pushes Tarver up onto the top of the turnbuckle and climbs to the first rope himself and goes for a german suplex! The crowd pop as Danielson tries to take advantage, but he can only get the two count as Tarver kicks out. Danielson does not let this get him down and immediately locks in an Indian deathlock! The crowd pops as Tarver screams in pain. He has his hand held out ready to tap, but instead makes a dive for the ropes. He gets closer, but Danielson continues to strengthen the grip, making it incredibly tough for Tarver to resist. He does make a final attempt to grab the ropes and finds success and Danielson is forced to let go of the hold.

This proves to be something of a turning point in the match, as from this point Tarver goes on to dominate for a few minutes, using his strength to overpower Danielson. He hits lots of slams and delivers lots of jabs to the head, trying to wear Danielson down. He goes for a huge overhead belly to belly suplex and hits it successfully. The crowd gives Tarver heat as he attempts to finish the match off with a pin, but Danielson isn't down yet, as he kicks out. Tarver gets right back up to his feet and starts to deliver blows to Bryan's head, but Danielson fights back. They both start to exchange blows, going back and forth. Tarver manages to take Danielson down with great power and decides it is time to go for his finisher, the Kill Shot. As Danielson gets to his feet, Tarver goes to hit it, but Danielson ducks and brings Tarver down for a quick roll-up, but Tarver kicks out. Danielson now looks to gain the upper hand, with Tarver feeling humiliated at not being able to hit his finisher.

Danielson starts to gain momentum towards the end of the match, delivering springboards and hurricanranas, showing his high-flying side. This gets the crowd firmly behind him, egging him on to finish this match off with Tarver. As Tarver gets to his feet once again, Danielson runs at him and hits a well-executed dropkick! He goes for the pin, but Tarver gets his foot on the bottom rope. Danielson is starting to become frustrated, using a huge variation of moves but still being unable to take Tarver out. He decides it is time to lock in the Cattle Mutilation. He gets it locked in perfectly and the crowd pop as he tightens his grip. Tarver tries to edge out of the submission move, struggling but not yet ready to give up. Danielson tries to tighten it further, but with Tarver yet to tap out, he becomes frustrated and gives Tarver a chance to reverse into a pin 1...2... NO! Danielson kicks out. He is infuriated at Tarver surviving the Cattle Mutilation. He jumps to his feet and ducks Tarver's attacks and hits a DRAGON SUPLEX!! The crowd pops as he gets ready to pin Tarver.

Michael Cole: Bryan, you loser! Why don't you just get out of that ring right now?

Bryan points to Cole and shouts at him, but we are unable to make out exactly what was said. This distraction gives Michael Tarver a chance to get to his feet and as Bryan turns round, he hits the KILLSHOT! The crowd give Tarver huge heat as he goes for the pin 1...2...3!

Winner: Michael Tarver (via Pinfall)

Michael Cole:
And Bryan Danielson fails to improve his record, sitting pretty at 11 losses to 1 in the WWE.

Jerry Lawler: What the hell are you doing, Cole? Your turning against the WWE locker room here, that guy is a member of the Nexus in case you forgot!

Michael Cole remains silent as Tarver escapes the ring. He makes his way up the ramp as Wade Barrett makes his way out to congratulate him. The two hug as we cut to the ring where Bryan Danielson asks for a microphone

Bryan Danielson: Cole, I had that man beaten! What the hell are you doing? I don't care what you announce on this show. I really dont give a shit.

Michael Cole: Now its all fine and well saying that now, but it wasn't that before I got you fired!

Bryan drops his microphone and slides out of the ring. Cole backs out of the announce table, and gets into the crowd. He runs up as the crowd give him heat. The crowd pop as Danielson gets into the crowd himself and starts to follow Cole deep into the crowd.

We cut backstage where Josh Mathews is standing by with the WWE Champion, Sheamus

Josh Mathews: Ladies and gentlemen, I am now joined by..

Sheamus: Gimme that god-damned microphone! Evan Bourne. You may think you are doing well for yourself, but I'm afraid tonight you will meet your match. I've been in this company for very little over a year and look at me. I'm a two-time Dubya-Dubya-E Champion. You have a main-event match tonight, but you have a lot of work to do, fella. You have a lot of work to do, before you deserve to be in a match with me. Enjoy tonight's beating in the main event, it will be your last!

A backstage worker runs up towards the two

Sheamus: You want a piece of me too?

The worker ignores Sheamus and turns to Mathews

Backstage Worker: Mr. Mathews, it looks like you are gonna have to take over from Michael Cole for the rest of the evening, it appears he has left the building!

Josh nods

Josh Mathews: Excuse me, Sheamus

Sheamus ignores Mathews as he and the backstage worker leave the area.

And John Cena, I know yar watching. Enjoy your week off. Get ready, because in less than two weeks. I will END YOUR CAREER.

Sheamus drops the microphone and leaves as we cut to a commercial


We return to RAW with Josh Mathews and Jerry Lawler at ringside

Josh Mathews: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night RAW, and moments ago before the commercial break, Michael Cole deserted us here at RAW with Bryan Danielson chasing after him. We can now show you this footage from just a few moments ago.

We see Michael Cole running backstage, with Bryan Danielson on his tail. He runs towards a car and gets in. As he does, the seven members of the Nexus stand in front of Danielson, as Michael Cole leaves. We then see Bryan Danielson turn to run, but being grabbed by Skip Sheffield. He then holds Danielson back as Michael Tarver delivers a huge spear! The beatdown then continues with Wade Barrett hitting the Wasteland! The crowd give the group huge heat as dozens of security members run towards the Nexus, as we cut back to Mathews and Lawler

Josh Mathews: Wow, that was hard to watch. Bryan Danielson well and truly assaulted by the Nexus there.

Jerry Lawler: What does this suggest about Michael Cole? The Nexus have his back now? Something just isn't right.

Josh Mathews: Well I guess I should thank him, because I am here now tonight on Monday Night RAW!

Jerry Lawler: It’s great to have you here Josh

Josh Mathews: Thanks King. Now right now we have a huge match up. Randy Orton faces off against the Miz, for a spot in the all-important Money in the Bank ladder match!

I CAME TO PLAY hits as the US Champion, The Miz stands at the top of the ramp. He struts down towards the ring, taunting the crowd as he makes his way into the ring. He grabs a microphone from Justin Roberts and then gazes around at the crowd.

The Miz: In less than two weeks, I will feature in the Money in the Bank match. I will defeat the so-called Viper here tonight

The crowd boo and we hear chants of “Let’s go Orton”

The Miz: And I will climb the top of that ladder, reach for that briefcase, and take it! Cause I’m the Miz. And I’m…AWESOME!

Miz drops the mic as VOICES hits and Randy Orton stands at the top of the ring. He raises his arms as the pyro hits. The crowd give him one of the biggest pops of the night as he makes his way towards the ring. He slides in and stares the United States Champion down. The bell sounds as the match gets underway

Match Three
Money in the Bank Qualifier
Randy Orton vs. The Miz

The match begins in a very much back-and-forth fashion, with The Miz using dirty tactics to try to get the upper-hand on Orton. This fails however as Orton quickly gains control over Miz. He takes him down to the floor with a headlock, keeping this locked in for some time, before hitting a nice faceplant taking The Miz down to the mat. Orton now gets himself to his feet and looks down at The Miz. As Miz gets to his feet Orton takes him right back down again with a huge European Uppercut! The crowd pop as Orton goes for a pin. 1…2…NO! The Miz refuses to go down that easily. Orton tries to lock in a chinlock but The Miz breaks free and tosses Orton overhead, now locking in his own headlock. He then slowly starts to pull Orton to a vertical base and begins to deliver blows to his abdomen. The Miz then hits a nice Irish whip into the corner, and as Orton lands in the corner, The Miz hits a clothesline. He then tries to lift Orton onto the second rope, but Orton fights back and pushes Miz back, then hitting a beautiful dropkick! The crowd pop as Orton gets back down onto the mat.

The match continues for a few more minutes, with the Miz trying to get himself into control, but the WWE’s Apex Predator isn’t going to give up a spot in the Money in the Bank match easily. He has The Miz in his sights for the punt, with Miz slowly getting into position, Orton hits THE PUNT! The crowd pop as Orton now signals that he is going for the RKO, slamming his fists against the mat repeatedly. As The Miz slowly gets to his feet, Orton goes to hit the RKO, but the Miz ducks and Orton grabs thin-air. The Miz turns Orton around, kicks him in the chest and hits the SKULLCRUSHING FINALE!! The crowd boo as the Miz rolls Orton over for a pin 1…2…NO!!!! The Miz is in total shock, Orton has kicked out of the Miz’ finisher to his surprise. The Miz slams his fists against the ground and then gets back to his feet. He lifts Orton to his feet and OUT OF NOWHERE THERE RANDY HITS AN RKO!!!!!! THE CROWD GO CRAZY. Orton rolls over to The Miz slowly, but there is no chance of the Miz kicking out of that furious RKO. 1...2…3!! Orton wins his spot in the Money in the Bank match.

Winner: Randy Orton (via Pinfall)

The crowd pops as Orton proceeds to celebrate. He then gets out of the ring as The Miz gets back to a vertical base. Orton raises his arms and then turns to leave the arena. Voices slowly fades as the Miz grabs a mic from Justin Roberts.

The Miz: That’s not the way it’s supposed to be! That’s not the way this match was supposed to be!!

The crowd pop as the Miz gets very angry.

The Miz: Well I guess it’s good for The Miz that next week, RAW will open up with a huge over-the-top-rope Battle Royale for the final spot, isn’t it, for I will enter that match, and I will leave with the spot in which I deserve. Cause I’m the Miz…and I’m …

NO CHANCE hits to a huge pop and the Chairman of the Board stands at the top of the ramp.

Mr. McMahon: Well Miz, you can participate in the Battle Royale next week if you choose, but should you win… you will have to participate in two matches at Money in the Bank!

The crowd pop as The Miz shouts at McMahon, but it is very hard to tell exactly what he is saying.

Mr. McMahon:
For as United States Champion, you will defend your title against none other than the man who you cheated out of victory at Fatal-Four-Way… Mr. R-Truth!

The crowd pop wildly as R-Truth stands with Mr. McMahon. The Miz looks at R-Truth as he now
dashes toward the ring, attempting to attack the Miz, but the Miz sees it coming and slides
out of the ring and leaves via the crowd.

Josh Mathews: What a huge announcement! The big rematch between The Miz and R-Truth at Money in the Bank!

Jerry Lawler: What a night Money in the Bank is shaping up to be!


As we return to RAW, we see Mr. McMahon sitting in his office. There is a knock at the door.

Mr. McMahon: Who is it?

The door opens and a pop is heard as Eve Torres enters the room.

Eve Torres: Good evening, sir.

Mr. McMahon looks Eve up and down and then goes to speak.

Mr. McMahon:
How can I help you?

Eve Torres: Sir, at Fatal Four Way, I was cheated out of my Divas title. I am here to request a rematch, right here tonight in Nashville!

The crowd pop as Mr. McMahon takes a moment to think.

Mr. McMahon: There can be no excuses, Eve, you were defeated at Fatal Four Way. Now, I wish I could just give you a rematch tonight, but that cant happen.

The crowd give McMahon heat

Mr. McMahon: However, I can announce a No.1 Contenders Match for the Divas Championship. Tonight, you, Eve will face off against Maryse!

The crowd pop.

Mr. McMahon: Oh and Eve, you better hurry, that match is up right now!

The crowd pop

Eve Torres:
Thank you, sir!

Mr. McMahon nods as Eve leaves the room. As she leaves, we cut backstage where the Hart Dynasty are backstage. Suddenly, the Nexus rush at them and all seven attack the three of them. The crowd give huge heat as Michael Tarver tosses Natalya to the ground. Tyson Kidd is taken out by both Wade Barrett and Skip Sheffield whilst Justin Gabriel, David Otunga, Darren Young and Heath Slater work on David Hart Smith. The crowd give extreme heat as the three are destroyed, with Barrett hitting the Wasteland on Tyson Kidd. The Nexus then laugh as the three Hart Dynasty members are left, knocked out in the backstage area. However, as the Nexus turn to leave, JOHN CENA, carrying a steel chair, attacks them from behind, with numerous members of the RAW locker room, including John Morrison and Mark Henry, behind him. Cena takes Wade Barrett down with the steel chair as the other members go to attack Cena, but the other members of the locker room have Cena's back and the numbers are evened up to seven-on-seven. There is a huge brawl here but soon we hear a huge shout from Mr. McMahon

Mr. McMahon: HEY! What the hell is going on here. Stop now!

The fighting immediately stops, and the fourteen men turn to Mr. McMahon.

Mr. McMahon: What the hell are you doing here Cena? Look at you! Go home. You are in no position to be here on RAW.

John Cena: With all due respect sir, I'd rather suffer here, fighting the fight, than suffer at home watching my fellow RAW superstars being assaulted.

The crowd pops.

Mr. McMahon: Well you have your wish. The Hart Dynasty are clearly in no condition to fight. That's why in tonight's main event, you, John Cena and your six locker room friends here, will face the Nexus in a 7-on-7 tag team match! The match WILL take place under tag-team rules. If anyone fails to follow the rules, will immediately see their team suspended for 90 days.

The crowd pops.

Mr. McMahon:
Now Cena and friends, please take your leave and get prepared for tonight's match. Nexus, please, follow me to my office, I have a few words to say to you all.

As Mr. McMahon turns around however, the Nexus immediately surround him and take him out! Skip Sheffield delivers a huge boot to the head. Wade then starts to stomp on Mr. McMahon's head. The seven laugh, as they walk off and we cut back to Josh Mathews and Jerry Lawler.

Josh Mathews:
This is completely out of hand! The seven Nexus members just attacked our Chairman! This cannot go on any longer. Something must be done to stop this.

Jerry Lawler: I agree, these men just took it too far with that attack.

Josh Mathews: Well, next up, Maryse and Eve Torres will battle for No.1 Contendership of the Divas Championship. We'll be right back!


As we return, Maryse is in the ring, awaiting Eve. SHE LOOKS GOOD hits as the former Divas Champion, Eve Torres makes her way to the ring. The crowd pops as Eve slides into the ring and stares down Maryse. The bell tolls and the match gets underway.

Match Four
No.1 Contendership for Divas Championship
Eve Torres vs. Maryse

The match starts very much back and forth, with both women getting their moves in. Around three minutes into the match, Alicia Fox makes her way down to the ring and takes a seat next to Josh Mathews and Jerry Lawler. Around this time, Eve starts to gain some momentum, taking Maryse down with a well hit enziguiri. The crowd pop for Eve as she goes to pin, but she cannot get the victory. She gets back to her feet and starts to stomp at Maryse. Maryse screams and then pulls Eve down with her. They both start to slap each other on the ground as Jerry Lawler yells in excitement. Maryse rolls Eve over for a pin, but at the two count, Eve reverses for her own rollup, but Maryse holds onto the bottom rope. The two now get back up to their feet and Maryse hits a forward russian legsweep! The crowd pop as Maryse goes for the pin, but she again cannot find victory.

The match continues for a few more minutes, with Eve slowly starting to get the upper-hand, hitting a great standing moonsault! She comes extremely close to victory, but as the referee goes to make the three count, Alicia Fox pulls the referee out of the ring and tosses him to the ground. Alicia then slides into the ring as Eve tries to attack her, but Alicia ducks and takes Eve down with a sort of spear. Alicia now begins to slap Eve repeatedly. Maryse gets to her feet and now joins in with the assault. Eve screams in pain as Gail Kim rushes down to the ring to aid Eve. Eve manages to get herself back to her feet as Alicia and Maryse slide out of the ring. The two make their way up the ramp as Eve and Gail Kim hug in the ring. Eve points to Alicia's Divas title as Alicia holds it in the air as we cut to a commercial.

Winner: No Contest


Josh Mathews: Hello and welcome back to Monday Night RAW. Before the break, we saw a major brawl break out after Alicia Fox interrupted the No.1 Contenders match for her Divas title. We now have word from WWE.com that at Money in the Bank, there will be a rematch from Fatal-Four-Way, with all four of the women involved in that match repeating what we saw last month. That's right, at Money in the Bank we will see another Fatal-Four-Way match for the Divas' Championship!

Jerry Lawler: I can't wait to see that match again!

We cut backstage where Mr. McMahon is back on his feet, he is standing with a microphone, staring angrily into the camera.

Mr. McMahon: Nexus, this began as a power struggle for you, trying to make a name for yourselves in the WWE. You all crossed the line numerous times, but I allowed things to continue. This will NOT continue. In tonight's seven-on-seven match, if the Nexus are defeated, the man who is pinned or submitted, will be FIRED!

The crowd pop as Mr. McMahon goes on

Mr. McMahon: The Nexus have become a cancer in my company, and I will not allow it to continue. I urge all the WWE locker room to show their support in this fight against the Nexus. Take John Cena's lead, don't let these bastards ruin our company.

The crowd pops as Wade Barrett makes his way, alone, towards Mr. McMahon.

Wade Barrett: Mr. McMahon, may I apoligise deeply. The actions which were taken against you, were not inflicted due to any personal reasons from us, as the Nexus. The instruction to take you out, was made by a higher purpose. We, the Nexus, apoligise deeply for our actions, and hope that you, can forgive us and allow us to continue to work in your company.

Mr. McMahon: I don't give a damn WHY you attacked me. All that matters is that you attacked Vincent Kennedy McMahon, the chairman of the WWE. I AM YOUR GODDAMN BOSS INCASE YOU FORGOT. This will not slide, Wade. I hereby remove your shot at the WWE title at any PPV you choose.

Wade spits in Mr. McMahon's face and walks away. Mr. McMahon wipes the spit from his face.

Mr. McMahon: NO ONE spits on Vince McMahon's face.

Mr. McMahon storms off as we cut to the locker room where John Cena, Mark Henry, John Morrison, Yoshi Tatsu, The Great Khali, Santino Marella and R-Truth are seated. John Cena stands and addresses his team.

John Cena: Boys, these Nexus cowards have been causing havoc here for too long. Tonight, WE, the true members of the RAW lockerroom make a stand. We take on these bastards and we WILL come out on top. We have a huge chance to reduce their numbers by one here tonight. The loser of this match will be fired.

The crowd pops.

John Cena:
Good luck to all of you tonight, do us proud boys!

The camera cuts to John Morrison

John Morrison: Cena, with all due respect, we've seen the power of the Nexus, do you really think we can do this?

John Cena: Look at the guys in this room! We've got the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry and we've got the huge former-World Heavyweight Champion, The Great Khali!

The crowd pops

John Cena:
Those guys have never won a championship in their lives here in the WWE. The majority of people in this room, have been in the WWE long enough to have their shot at titles. You yourself, are a former Intercontinental Champion, John.

John Morrison: Your right. Lets go out there tonight and drive this cancer from our company! Lets make a stand tonight, for us, for the rest of the lockerroom, and most importantly, for the FANS!

The crowd pops as the camera cuts to Santino Marella

Santino Marella: Ima sorry to be-a pessimistic... but come on, we are facing the Nexus, they will find away to cheat us, and leave a victorious, won't they?

John Cena: Let's not worry about that! Let's go out there and fight for the WWE. Those guys aren't WWE superstars. As I said, they've never won a championship in their lives! We can do this. Hustle, Loyalty, Respect. LETS DO THIS!

We hear a huge cheer from the seven in the locker-room as we cut back to Mathews and King.

Josh Mathews: The RAW Locker room is looking well and truly up for the fight against the Nexus!

Jerry Lawler: Tonight's main event is going to be huge!

We cut backstage where Ted DiBiase is standing backstage with a microphone.

Ted DiBiase: Last week, I was humiliated by John Morrison. As a result of him, the Million Dollar Man, the richest man in Sports-Entertainment, is not in the Money in the Bank match. I've got the money in the bank and yet still I have been cheated out of my rightful place in the match.

The crowd give Ted heat as he slaps his Million Dollar Championship.

Ted DiBiase: Not to worry though. Next week, Ted DiBiase will take part in the Battle Royal and I WILL secure my place in that match. And John Morrison will pay again for his actions last week.

The crowd boo as Ted walks off and we cut back to King and Mathews.

Josh Mathews: John Morrison's actions? Lets take a look back at what Ted DiBiase did to John Morrison after last week's match.

We cut to a video package of John Morrison securing his place in the Money in the Bank match. We then see him celebrating, but soon, the cheers go silent and we see Ted DiBiase brutally assaulting Morrison with a trash can, showing a new found rage in Ted DiBiase. We see John Morrison bleeding from the head as he is left, out cold by Ted DiBiase.

Josh Mathews:
Wow, that was hard to watch. But from DiBiase's words, we now know that he will take his second chance to qualify for the match, with the huge battle royal match next week.

Jerry Lawler: For those who don't know, next week's RAW will begin with the huge over-the-top-rope battle royal. Anyone on the RAW roster can participate.

Josh Mathews: Next week's show before the Money in the Bank is looking like an exciting show. We can confirm that all four RAW competitors in the ladder match will be in action. Randy Orton will face off against Edge and John Morrison will face off against the Battle Royal winner.

Jerry Lawler: Wow. Who is going to be leaving next week's RAW with the upperhand going into the Money in the Bank ladder match?

Josh Mathews: Don't miss next week's RAW, live at 9/8ct worldwide on channels such as Sky Sports in the United Kingdom and the USA Network here in the US.


Josh Mathews: Hello everybody and welcome back to Monday Night RAW. We are less than two weeks away from the huge Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View on July 18th

Jerry Lawler: What a show it is setting up to be!

Josh Mathews: That's right, we have the huge rematch between The Miz and R-Truth for the United States Championship.

Jerry Lawler: We haven't seen much of R-Truth in the past few weeks, with him nursing an injury he received at Fatal Four Way. But as we found out tonight, he still has his sights on The Miz' United States Championship.

We cut back to earlier tonight, where Mr. McMahon announced the match, with R-Truth running down to the ring, and with The Miz escaping into the crowd.

Josh Mathews:
We also have the Divas Championship up for grabs with Alicia Fox making her first defence in a Fatal-Four-Way Rematch, with her opponents being former champion Eve Torres, Maryse and Gail Kim.

Jerry Lawler:

Josh Mathews: That should be a match to enjoy. Also, we have the huge Evan Bourne/Chris Jericho rematch in a No Disqualifications match!

Jerry Lawler: The first match at Fatal Four Way was easily the best match of the night, so I cannot wait to see those two go at it again, with the added bonus of No Disqualifications!

Josh Mathews:
If that wasn't enough though, we of course have the huge Money in the Bank Ladder match. Four RAW superstars and Four SmackDown superstars. Matt Hardy, Christian, CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Randy Orton, Edge, John Morrison and the winner of next week's battle royal will get the chance to fight for the briefcase hanging high above the ring. Whoever grabs the briefcase will be guaranteed a title shot against any World champion of the holders choice for up to one year!

Jerry Lawler: These matches are always one of the highlights of WrestleMania so it is truly great to see it get it's own Pay-Per-View! This match will be one of the best of the year, just look at the guys in that match! Up-and-comers like Kofi Kingston and John Morrison, to veterans like Randy Orton and Edge. This will be a huge match-up.

Josh Mathews: So very true, King. Now last but certainly not least. Finally, John Cena gets the one-on-one rematch he has been waiting for. After being screwed out of his championship at Fatal Four Way, he faces the new champion, Sheamus for the WWE Title. I cannot wait for this match, after what's happened in the past few weeks. Lets take a look back at how this match came about!

We see a video package, beginning at Fatal-Four-Way, with the Nexus interrupting the match and costing John Cena the WWE Championship. We then see John Cena demanding his rematch, John Cena and Sheamus having to work together, with Sheamus leaving him. We see John Cena beaten down by the Nexus to a bloody pulp. We then see the surroundings change, with Cena again being beaten down, this time by Sheamus, in a thoroughly similar beatdown. We see John Cena standing tall despite this, refusing to back down. The video closes with Cena and Sheamus staring down at the top of the ramp.

Josh Mathews Wow, what a HUGE match that is going to be! And we can indeed confirm that the Nexus have been banned from the Arena for the Money in the Bank match, by order of Mr. McMahon. If any of them enter the arena, all seven, and possibly six after tonight's match, will be fired! These measures truly have to be taken after what's been happening this past month here on RAW with the Nexus.

Jerry Lawler: Well that match is up right now! 7-on-7 action here on RAW!

We are One hits and the seven members of the Nexus, each wearing their t-shirts with the letter N on it, the logo of the Nexus stand at the top of the ramp. They progress in line almost in an army-like fashion. They enter the ring, receiving huge heat, as they await their opponents for the night.

SOME BODIES GONNA GET IT hits and Mark Henry makes his way towards the ring, he gets a slight pop as the Worlds Strongest Man enters the ring. He stares down the Nexus, towering over them.

LAND OF FIVE RIVERS hits as The Punjabi Playboy, The Great Khali makes his way to the ring, he clambers over the ropes and enters the ring, with the ring becoming more filled, Mark Henry offers him a hand and they shake, as the Nexus continue to stare both down.

WHAT'S UP hits as R-Truth makes his way to the ring, he raps as he makes his way to the ring, with the crowd giving him a huge pop. He then slides into the ring and stands with Henry and Khali.


As we return, Santino Marella and Yoshi Tatsu are both in the ring also, as the ring is really starting to fill up. AIN'T NO MAKE BELIEVE hits as the Monday Night Delight, John Morrison stands at the top of the ramp, he gets a decent pop as he makes his way down to the ring, in his fur coat. He poses for the camera and interacts with the crowd as he slides into the ring.

The crowd go crazy as YOU CAN'T SEE ME hits and the leader of the Fight against the Nexus, John Cena stands at the top of the ring. He raises his arms as some pyro goes off behind him. He gets a huge pop as he runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. He whips off his orange top and tosses it into the crowd. He then stares Wade Barrett down as it is decided that Cena and Barrett will start off the match.

Match Five
Main Event
7 on 7 Tag Team Match
The Nexus vs. John Cena, John Morrison, Mark Henry, The Great Khali, Santino Marella, Yoshi Tatsu and R-Truth

Barrett and Cena stare down as the bell sounds. They grapple, both trying to gain the upperhand. Barrett takes him down to the ground and locks in a chinlock, showing some good mat-based wrestling. He then tries to roll Cena up for the victory, but cannot as Cena kicks out. Barrett immediately gets to his feet and tags in Skip Sheffield. The big man of the Nexus, Sheffield immediately runs at Cena with a nice clothesline, just as Cena was getting to his feet. He then begins to stomp at Cena, showing no mercy. He Irish whips him to the corner of the Nexus and runs at him, hitting a nice clothesline. He then tags in Justin Gabriel, Who jumps onto the ropes behind Cena and hits a beautiful drop kick, which the crowd can't help but appreciate. Gabriel then grabs Cena by the head and tries to hit a DDT, but Cena counters and faceplants Gabriel to the mat. Cena then quickly bounces off the ropes and as he returns, drops to the floor, kicking Gabriel in the face. Cena then makes his way over towards Mark Henry and tags him in. The World's Strongest Man gets into the ring and eyes Gabriel, but before he can do anything, Gabriel makes a quick tag to an unexpecting Heath Slater. Slater gets into the ring and eyes up Henry. He runs at Henry and slides between his legs, trying to take him down for a roll-up, but Henry grabs him by the hair, pulling him back up to his feet. He then grabs Slater and hits a beautiful military press slam. He goes for the pin, but Slater gets his foot on the ropes.

The match continues with Slater in the ring for a while, and Cena's team able to make some good tags, with Morrison and R-Truth seeing some time in the ring. R-Truth then makes the tag to The Great Khali. Khali gets into the ring and stares down Slater. As he goes for Slater, though, he runs out of the ring to regain some breath, obviously scared of the size of Khali, and fearing for his job. He then slides back into the ring and Khali immediately starts to stomp on the head of Slater. The crowd pop as Khali grabs Slater and manhandles him, tossing him across the ring. He goes to tag one of his Nexus partners, but they back away, afraid to be in the ring with the Punjabi Playboy. Slater then turns around, staring Khali straight in the face. He grabs him by the throat and hits a CHOKESLAM! Surely the match must be over. 1...2... BUT WADE BARRETT PUT SLATERS FOOT ON THE ROPE! And the referee only sees the foot on the rope, cancelling the count. Khali then gets up and tags in Yoshi Tatsu. Yoshi jumps onto the top rope and springboards an incredible distance to hit Slater in the gut. He then pulls Slater to his feet and goes for an inverted DDT but Slater reverses and takes Yoshi to the ground. Slater now tags in Otunga.

The Nexus now start to gain the momentum, with Yoshi Tatsu in the ring for lengthy amounts of time, with the Nexus beating him down, easily exchanging tags and allowing each of them to get some ring time. They dominate him with big moves, but none of them can get their finisher on him to finish him off, and he stays resilient, refusing to give up. Eventually, out of nowhere, he hits a huge ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO DARREN YOUNG! The crowd go crazy, but he is in no fit state to take advantage. Instead he makes a dive towards his team and manages to tag in John Cena. Cena gets into the ring and immediately runs at the ropes taking Young down numerous times with diving shoulder blocks. He then performs a nice five knuckle shuffle which gets the crowd on their feet. He goes to hit the Attitude Adjustment on Young, but he fights and escapes the move, tagging in Otunga. Cena then takes Otunga down immediately and makes a tag to John Morrison. Morrison gets into the ring and starts to deliver blows to the chest of Otunga. He stomps at him and then pulls Otunga back up to his feet. He then delivers a drop kick, taking Otunga straight back down to the mat. Morrison then runs at the ropes and dives onto the top rope, flipping back with a hugeee MOONSAULT! The crowd go crazy as Morrison now gets back to his feet, building up huge momentum. He sits Otunga up, and bounces off the ropes, performing a running knee smash. The crowd go crazy as Morrison gets up to his feet, feeling the crowd on his side, he looks at the other six Nexus members and taunts them, knowing they can do nothing if they don't want to be suspended. He then kicks Otunga as he gets to his feet and hits THE MOONLIGHT DRIVE!! The crowd pop as Morrison rolls Otunga over for the 1...2...3!! Morrison wins it for his side.

John Morrison, John Cena, Mark Henry, Yoshi Tatsu, The Great Khali, Santino Marella and R-Truth (via Pinfall)

The crowd go crazy as Morrison celebrates with his team. They then get out of the ring with Ain't No Make Believe playing on the PA System and start to walk back up the ramp. The cameras zoom in on Otunga though. He looks at his fellow Nexus members, in disbelief as he has just been fired. Wade Barrett then SPITS IN HIS FACE!! The crowd pop as Barrett kicks him in the gullet and then hits The Wasteland!! Gabriel then climbs up to the top rope and hits a 450 Splash! The other members then start to kick at Otunga as Barrett leaves the ring. Shortly afterwards the remaining five members follow suit as they stare down John Cena, John Morrison and the other five teammates, with the numbers now beign 7-6. We see an all out brawl now as Cena and Morrison lead the charge. The Nexus try to back out but are unable to as Cena's team pick a man each with both Cena and Morrison battling with Wade Barrett. The crowd pop as the brawl continues, with the cameras showing Heath Slater decimated by The Great Khali and Tarver being pummelled by Mark Henry. We soon see a winner emerging with Cena's team gaining the upperhand. Eventually, the six remaining members of the Nexus are down on the ramp, with Cena, Morrison, Khali, Henry, R-Truth, Tatsu and Marella standing strong. The cameras close in on the seven men standing at the top of the ramp with their arms raised in celebration.


WWE Money in the Bank 2010
Sunday July 18th
Sprint Center - Kansas City, MI
Current Match Card

WWE Championship
Sheamus (c) vs. John Cena

World Heavyweight Champion
Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Jack Swagger

8-Man Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Randy Orton vs. Edge vs. John Morrison vs. ??? vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Matt Hardy vs. Christian vs. CM Punk

No Disqualifications
Chris Jericho vs. Evan Bourne

WWE United States Championship
The Miz(c) vs. R-Truth

WWE Divas Championship
Fatal Four-Way

Alicia Fox (c) vs. Maryse vs. Eve Torres vs. Gail Kim

WWE Women's Championship
Layla (c) vs. Michelle McCool (c) vs. Kelly Kelly

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Re: Bartman and LegendaryBazinga Present: WWE - Era of Awesome

Friday Night SmackDown! - 9th July 2010

The show opens with Jack Swagger. He comes down to the ring, protected by several security guards. He enters the ring and tells the WWE Universe that it was him who put the Undertaker into a vegetative state and he is PROUD of what he has done. He has decided that there is no point in denying it anymore. HE did this to the Undertaker, to one of the most loved men in sports-entertainment and that this made him one of the best of the best for doing so. He then talks of how he will be walking out of MITB with his WHC back around his waist, and then he will finish the Undertaker off for good. Suddenly the lights go out and when they come back on, Kane is behind Swagger. As Swagger turns around, Kane chokeslams him to the ground. He then takes a microphone and says that he knows Swagger is talking crap and who is he kidding, Swagger could never take out the Undertaker, he is too weak and stupid. He says he will find out who did this to the Undertaker and he will do so at MITB. Teddy Long then comes out and says he wants to know as much as Kane about who did this to Undertaker, but tonight as a result of his actions against Swagger, he will take part in a 2-on-1 handicap match, against the two men who will compete in SD's main event at MITB - Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger, in tonight's main event.

As we return, MVP is in the ring for the second week of his open invitational. He says that last week, he defeated Chavo Guerrero, and that that signalled the start of a long run in victories. He challenges someone else to come out and face him here tonight. DREW MCINTYRE answers the call and makes his way to the ring. The two have a very good match, lasting atleast eight or nine minutes, with very much back and forth wrestling. Eventually though, MVP emerges the victor after hitting the Drive-By Kick.

We cut backstage where Rey Mysterio is walking into Jack Swagger's locker room. Rey Mysterio tells him he doesn't expect the two to co-operate due to MITB being just 9 days away. Swagger laughs and says he just wants rid of Kane, like he did with Undertaker, and then he will set his sights on Kane. He tells Rey he'll have his back tonight and Rey nods and leaves.

We cut to Teddy Long's office where him and Vickie Guerrero are discussing the Undertaker's situation. He is still in hospital and showing some slight signs of recovery, he warns Vickie that if Undertaker should make it out of this trauma, there will be hell to pay and that SD will turn into a true battle ground. Vickie agrees and said that they should find the responsible person/s and bring them to justice before Undertaker returns, if he should.

Second match of the night, with Christian and Matt Hardy teaming up against CM Punk and Luke Gallows. At first, Christian and Matt Hardy function well as a team, but after an argument, Christian walks out on Matt Hardy and leaves the arena. Matt is left to fight for himself but it proves to be too much as Luke Gallows decimates him and then Punk hits the GTS for the victory. After Matt leaves, CM Punk takes the microphone and proclaims the SES dominance over SmackDown, he says that he will be leaving MITB with the briefcase for a third time and that he knows best when it comes to the MITB Ladder Match. He then turns to the subject of Kane. He says that he has proof that he did not do this to the Undertaker. A video airs showing CM Punk playing golf in a field with Luke Gallows. The video is timestamped on the night of the Undertaker's incident. He says this video confirms CM Punk's innocence and if Kane touches him again, a lawsuit will be filed.

As we return to SD, Big Show is in the ring ready for his match against Dolph Ziggler. The two have a good match, but as the 500-pounder starts to gain the advantage, Vickie Guerrero comes out and shouts at the Big Show. Show argues back as Ziggler gets to his feet. As Show turns around back to Ziggler, he hits the Zig Zag! And takes the victory, using the ropes for leverage. Ziggler then gets out of the ring and celebrates with Vickie as Show shouts at both of them.

We cut backstage where LayCool are heading towards Kelly Kelly's lockerrooom. They enter and then ambush Kelly, beating on her repeatedly. They then laugh, with Kelly down and out and leave.

In the ring, we have tag team action with the Hart Dynasty of RAW over for the night for a Unified Tag Titles match against The Dudebusters. The four have a great match, but in the end, the RAW Superstars retain their titles, with David Hart Smith hitting a running powerslam on Croft and taking the victory.

We are backstage with Teddy Long speaking to Rey Mysterio. He says that he understands it will be difficult to team with Jack Swagger but Mysterio should be the bigger man and just fight for the team, SmackDown, tonight. Mysterio agrees as we cut back to the arena for our main event.

It's main event time. The 2-on-1 handicap match sees Kane slowly being worn down over time, but it takes over ten minutes, and Kane certainly wears down Rey and Jack Swagger. The two manage to work as a team to an extent but on occasion, Swagger refuses to take a tag and sometimes hits some blind tags. Eventually, we reach the finish, with Rey having Kane down for the 619. He hits and as he goes for the victory, Jack Swagger gets into the ring and starts beating on Rey, he hits him with a series of blows to the head and then takes Rey to the floor. He locks the Ankle lock in and Rey screams in pain. As Kane gets to his feet, Jack slides out of the ring and makes his way up the ramp. Suddenly GRAVEYARD SYMPHONY HITS!! The cameras cut to Kane's face, he is in shock, shaking the ropes. The druids come out and process down the ramp with a casket. Jack Swagger dodges out of the way as the druids head down the ramp. They drop the casket at the ramp as Kane gets out of the ring and pushes some druids out the way. He pulls the casket open, looking for Taker, but it is empty. Suddenly the druids push him into the casket! And lock it over. Graveyard Symphony continues to play as the druids process with Kane in the casket out the building, as SmackDown comes to a close.

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Re: Bartman and LegendaryBazinga Present: WWE - Era of Awesome

Smackdown Feedback

Good opening segment. Those are much like Swagger actions and then Kane coming out and saying that he knows Swagger didn't do it, kind of dumb to have Kane basically saying he did it. A two on one handicap match sounds pretty cool but kind of dumb but reasonable with what Kane attacking Swagger and then giving him the ultimate price for his actions, even though Rey can execute alot of high flying and then Swagger capitalize on that and ground work Kane. I like the sounds of it. Let's see where this goes.

MVP Open Invitational is pretty cool but I don't like him much anymore like in the era of 2007 was it. Drew McIntyre is a good call and I am not pretty fond with MVP going over but it will do something for a young star who needs to rise back to the top again and that makes me like the angle, I love young stars being used well. Let's see where this angle goes.

Nice little interaction between Swagger and Rey. Swagger saying he got his back and stuff is kind of interesting. I wonder what will happen, later in the night.

Teddy and Vickie actually agreeing on something. :eek: WOW! And Vickie is sorta working as a face by what I read but what do I know, I haven't read much of this BTB tbh. Love to see who is the attacker, I bet it is Taker's wife, Michelle McCool, :shocked::lmao

Two feuds are kind of happening here with Punk and Gallows showing some evidence that they were not the attackers and Christian and Matt Hardy feud in a happening, interesting on Christian being the heel as I see it now but in my BTB, I got Matt Hardy as the heel as Christian, well he can get over more with the crowd in my book. Anyways, good job on this one man.

Pretty nice way of Ziggler getting the win, very much like in real life here with Vickie shouting, costing the victory for the opponent of her man, Dolph Ziggler. Awwwwww.

This ain't very lady like but it is Diva Like and me, I like it so thumbs up on the attack, should have added they sprayed hher down with perfume and put lipstick on her, would have made it better. :rolleyes:

Well, at least you didn't say it was a squash match, I really like the Dude Busters getting a Tag title shot, I don't think they can be put over just yet and I don't think Hart Dynasty will be giving up on their reign for a while.

A pep talk, eh? Well, if so, pretty good and Teddy giving some advice is sorta much GM like, representing Smackdown is a great way for a pep talk to a GM, imo.

Damn, you took my scene for my Smackdown on the druids and Kane, but I thought you put the match very well and nice little thing with the druids, well I think so because it was my scene for my Smackdown. JERK! HAHA. Anyways, all around, good Smackdown, can't wait for your future writes and I will review your next episode of Raw, I haven't checked out Raw much, I will see what you have going with The Nexus, if they are in your BTB, if not, blah. Anyways, there is my review Bartman and I think you are doing pretty fine on your own, quite frankly.

Yours Truly,
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Re: Bartman and LegendaryBazinga Present: WWE - Era of Awesome

WWE.com said:
WWE has come to terms on the releases of JTG (Jayson Paul), Shad (Shad Gaspard), Hornswoggle (Dylan Postl), Yoshi Tatsu (Naofumi Yamamoto) and David Otunga as of today July 11, 2010. We wish them the best in all future endeavors.
And the PWInsider report to follow this

PWInsider.com said:
-WWE today agreed the release of 5 performers from its rosters. The release of JTG and Shad has been a long time coming. After the Cryme Tyme split, both have struggled to find a place in the company and it is felt that they may return at a later date together after more developmental work. The release of Hornswoggle will come to much appreciation from Internet fans, with many disliking his work in the WWE. He has not been seen on screens for a while in the WWE. Also, David Otunga was released following this Monday's RAW show due to the feeling backstage that he had not been up to scratch in the ring, after botching on more than a few occasions when in the ring. It is expected that Otunga will hang up his boots after his failure in the WWE.

- There is expected to be a HUGE angle going down this week on RAW. It is being kept very tightly under wraps but is expected that just 6 days before MITB, the reasons behind the Nexus and their attacks will come to fruition in an attempt to increase buys for the upcoming PPV.

- There has been talk of a few TNA wrestlers nearing the end of their contracts making their way to TNA due to being unhappy with the politics at TNA. Names being thrown around include Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle and AJ Styles. However as usual these kind of rumours do not always end up true in the end, but if anything further takes place, you can guarantee you will find out here.
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