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What's up, vanilla face?
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This is my first BTB on WE.forums hope you all enjoy it


Evolution (Triple H, Brock Lesnar, DDP, Simon Dean, Ric Flair)
The New Ministry: (Undertaker, Kane, Viscera, Gangrel)
Team Angle 04': (Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrak, Luther Reigns)
The Kings of Wrestling (Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall)
Revolution: (Paul London, Low-Ki, Charlie Haas)


Face: (f) Heel: (h) Neutral: (n)

Low-Ki (f)
Christopher Daniels (h)
Elix Skipper (h)
Brock Lesnar (h)
CM Punk (n)
Diamond Dallas Page (h)
Petey Williams (h)
Funaki (f)
Chris Sabin (n)
Michael Shane (n)
Frankie Kazarian (h)
Monty Brown (n)
Amazing Red (f)
America's Most Wanted (f)
Raven (n)
Abyss (n)
Triple X (h)
Batista (f)
Big Show (h)
Booker T (h)
Bubba Ray Dudley (f)
Carlito Caribbean Cool (h)
Chavo Guerrero (f)
Chris Benoit (f)
Charlie Haas (f)
Chris Jericho (h)
Christian (f)
D-Von Dudley (f)
Eddie Guerrero (f)
Edge (h)
The Hurricane (f)
John Cena (f)
Kane (n)
Kurt Angle (h)
Lita (f)
Chyna (h)
Randy Orton (f)
Rey Mysterio (f)
Paul London (f)
Ultimo Dragon (h)
Billy Kidman (h)
Jeff Hardy (f)
Matt Hardy (f)
Ric Flair (h)
Rob Conway (h)
Shawn Michaels (f)
Shelton Benjamin (h)
Spike Dudley (f)
Sylvain Grenier (h)
Triple H (h)
Trish Stratus (h)
The Undertaker (n)
Gangrel (n)
Viscera (n)
X-Pac (h)

Preview For Raw:

After Christian defeated Shelton Benjamin last week on SD! it looked like Edge was going to come down and congradulate his brother but that was not to be. Edge came down to the ring stared a bloody Christian straight in the eyes and Edgecuted him.

Planned Matches

Ultimo Dragon vs Rey Mysterio
La Resitance (with Rene Dupree) vs The Dudleys (with Spike Dudley) for the WWE Tag team Championship
Edge vs Tyson Tomko
Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho and Booker T

What's up, vanilla face?
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Re: Goodjob11's BTB


JR: Welcome to WWE RAW Live from the Calgary Saddledome and boy what a night do we have set out for us King!

King: That’s right JR, one match we’ve got tonight is the WWE Tag Team championship match which will see the champions the Dudley Boys vs. La Resistance

JR: Also tonight we will see some cruiserweight action with Rey Mysterio vs. the returning Ultimo Dragon.

[B]*** Christian’s Music Plays***[/B]

Christian: Last week Captain Charisma did something great. He proved to all his peeps that he could once again capture the IC title (crowd boos), but what I came here to talk to you all about is what that travesty of a brother Edge did to me last week on SD! That’s why I’m challenging you to come out here face to face and explain to me what your motive was…

*** Edge’s Music Plays***

Edge: Christian, you want to know why I did that to you last week?

Christian: Your damn right I do, what you did to me was uncalled for…

Edge: Oh stop whining what I did was fully justified what I did… (Edge stalls)

Edge: What I did was prove my superiority to you, what I did was all for the I.C. Title. I deserve it I need it…

*** Stone Cold’s Music Plays ***

Stone Cold: Edge you are sure as hell not gonna get a shot at Christian tonight, but one man you are gonna get a shot at is the problem solver Tyson Tomko.
And that’s the bottom line cause’ Stone Cold said so

*** Foley’s Music Plays ***

Mick Foley: Hey Austin, you may be a GM but you aren’t the only GM. You should consult me before making decisions. So nonetheless I am going to make your planned match a Loser Leaves WWE match. Have a Nice Day!

King: Did you hear that JR that means that tonight either Edge or Tyson Tomko is going to be leaving the WWE.

JR: I heard King but I just cant understand Foley’s reasons for making this match a Loser Leaves WWE Match

Mick Foley: Wait, I say we make this match right here right now and Christian, you’re banned from ringside. NOW have a nice day.

Match 1: Loser Leaves WWE Match
Edge vs Tyson Tomko

Tomko starts the match off before the bell with a flurry of rights and lefts. Edge gains his footing and trades holds with Tomko. Tomko hits a swinging sidewalk slam and goes for the cover on Edge. 1-2- Kickout. Tomko stands up and waits for Edge to get up. Tomko makes the notion that he’s ready to spear Edge. Tomko goes for the spear and misses sending him into the outside. Trish walks to ringside and watches Tomko. Trish distracts the ref while Tomko enters the other side of the ring and puts a chair down on the ground. Tomko power slams Edge and then hits an inverted neckbreaker onto the chair just as the ref turns around.

Winner by DQ Edge

Tomko explodes and chases everyone in sight with a steel chair. He hits the ref over the back with a chair and heads towards the announcers. Christian enters and tries to calm down Tomko only to receive a chair shot to the head. Security storms the stage and takes Tomko to the back.

--- Commercial Break ---

King: JR can you believe Tomko is out now who’s gonna solve Captain Charisma’s problems?

JR: King I’m more worried about Christian’s safety now because during the commercial break Christian was taken to the back on a stretcher after receiving a concussion.

King: Well we can only hope he’ll be ok but for now we’ve got cruiserweight action coming up next.

Match 2: Rey Mysterio vs Ultimo Dragon

*** Rey Mysterio’s Music Plays***

Rey walks down to the ring and waits, the crowd is silent for a couple of minutes and it is apparent that Ultimo is not coming. Rey calls out Ultimo but there is nothing.

*** Billy Kidman’s Music Plays ***

Billy: Rey you wanna know where Ultimo is well let me show you.

Ultimo is shown on the screen in the back in pile of rubble and is groaning.

Billy: I dealt with Ultimo with my own terms I may be injured but that doesn’t mean when I return from this injury I won’t capture the CW title from Paul London.

Rey: What does that have to do with me and my match with Ultimo?

Billy: You’ll see Rey

A large masked man enters the ring.

The man attacks Rey with a flurry of rights and lefts, then powerbombs him over the top rop onto the outside.

Mick Foley enters and calls for the bell and the match is on

Match 3:
Rey Mysterio vs. the Masked Man

The man goes to the outside and hits a sidewalk slam on mysterio. He rolls Mysterio into the ring and hits a swinging sidewalk slam on him. He then goes to the top rope and hits a big splash on Rey. 1-2-3

Winner: The Masked Man

The man wanders up the ramp with Billy Kidman and they exit the stage

*** Commercial ***

King: Did you see that masked man JR he was huge and to think all that weight coming down on a little guy like Rey he practically crushed him!

JR: I’m sure we will be seeing much more of this masked man in the future but next we have the WWE Tag Team Championship match

Match 4: WWE Championship Match
The Dudleys(c) (with Spike Dudley) vs La Resitance (with Rene Dupree)

The match starts out with Bubba Ray Dudley and Rob Conway. They battle it out for a while with interference from both sides. Rob Conway is about to do his finisher on Bubba so Spike grabs his feet and pulls him out on the outside. Rene Dupree attacks Spike and Rob Conway gets up. Dupree and Conway then Au Revoir Spike on the outside. Sylvain Grenier then distracts the ref as Dupree and Conway enter the ring and Au Revior Bubba. Dupree leaves the ring and Minkichu Drivers D-Von on the outside. Conway covers Bubba and we have new tag team champions.

Winners: La Resistance

*** Commercial Break ***

King: Can you believe this JR? New champions how glorious!

JR: What are you talk about King this isn’t glorious! La Resistance cheated

King: Well whatever they did, we have new champions

*** Triple HHH’s Music Plays ***

Trips walks down to the ring alongside Randy Orton and Ric Flair

HHH: I want to make something clear to you Batista, you are no longer with Evolution for one reason. We had to do some downsizing, cough like Vince and we decided that you were the weakest link. See Randy Orton here, with the time you had available he became the longest running Intercontinental champion in seven years and then at Summerslam he became the World Heavyweight Champion. You always seemed to be interested in Orton’s title and I noticed that. It was his time not yours. All you did in your time was play second fiddle to Ric Flair here who did all the work and capture the Tag Titles. So you can say that Evolution has just passed you by.

*** Batista’s Music Plays ***

Batista: I realized something here tonight Hunter, Evolution was just formed for you H. For you, you formed it so that we could protect you and your precious World Title. It wasn’t about Evolution, the past, the present, and the future. It was all about you. So I just have to say one thing to you when I’m done with Evolution the next I’m going for is the World Heavy Weight title.

***Stone Cold’s Music Plays***

Stone Cold: I can tell that are some rough feelings between you Batista, and you Triple H so I’m going to make one thing clear. At the Next PPV Armageddon, it will be Batista vs. Triple H with Evolution banned from Ringside.

***Mick Foley’s Music Plays***

Foley: Oh it’ll be Batista vs. Triple H on Armageddon but its just not gonna be a match, its gonna be a Last Man Standing match with Evolution banned from ringside. (Pause) For the number one contenders spot for the Undisputed World Champion. Which brings me to the main event at Armageddon, it will feature the World Champion vs. the WWE Champion to join the titles and for the Undisputed WWE World Champion, and tonight its gonna be the WWE champion the showstoppa Shawn Michaels vs. the World Champion Y2J Chris Jericho. (crowd cheers) In tag team action, HBK will team up with Chris Benoit who will be facing Booker T at Armageddon for the NEW WWE Television Champion. Booker T will team up with Y2J vs. HBK and the Crippler Chris Benoit.

*** Commercial Break ***

Main Event:

Y2J and Booker T vs. HBK and Chris Benoit:

Benoit and Book start the match out with submission holds and wrestling lifts until Booker T gets discouraged and gives Benoit a thumb to eye and then spine busters him. 1-2- no kick out. Booker tags in Y2J who hits Benoit for a face buster and then goes for the lionsault only to taste the canvas. Benoit tags in HBK who hits Jericho with a flying forearm and begins to tune up the band. HBK goes for the SCM only for his foot to be caught by Jericho and reversed into an enzuigury. Jericho tags in Booker T who hits HBK with the Bookend. 1-2-break up by Benoit. Booker gets angry and goes after Benoit and then tags in Jericho.
At the last moment Benoit gets tagged in and delivers chops on Jericho. Y2J Irish whips Benoit into the ropes and then hits him with a standing vertical dropkick. Y2J locks in Benoit with the Walls of Jericho and it looks like Benoit is going to tap but HBK runs in a Sweet Chin Music’s Jericho while hes got the hold on Benoit, Benoit goes for the pin as HBK deals with Booker on the outside.

Winners: Benoit and HBK

After the match Y2J enters the ring and offers Benoit a hand only to doge it and low blow him. Y2J runs after Shawn Michaels as he is leaving and chases him into the back. Booker T enters the ring and then helps up Benoit only to run to the ropes and scissor kick him.

The show ends as Booker T holds his hands in the air and is yelling “Can you dig that sucka?”

Fade Out and End of Show

Well, that was my first show on Wrestling-Edge.

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You have a good roster, could possibly do with some a couple of guys from the Indepedent scene like AJ Styles, Low Ki, Christopher Daniels etc. Still good though.

Why did Tomko have to leave the WWE? An I Quit match is when they conceed the fact that the other is better, and not have to leave. That is a Loser Leaves Town Match, so thats confusing. Not sure who the masked man is, hopes it's Kamala (if anybody remembers him) although I severly doubt it, it's been a while since he was in the WWE which most people watch. Not sure why you had a heel versus heel tag match, but it's your choice. Nice to see Batista on his own, and I think it's a good idea to have Orton with Evolution (especially if your going to have him in the World Heavyweight Title hunt). As you can see, there were a couple of things I thought would have been different by a more experienced booker, but overall the show was good (and I don't take into account your a new booker, because in my opinion it was good anyway).

Also, since you said you were changing the name I edited the thread name to WWE Enigma for you.


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looks cool to me

What's up, vanilla face?
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Cole: Hello everybody and welcome to Smackdown! live from Edmonton, Alberta.

Tazz: That’s right Cole and this match will finish off our Canada West tour.

Cole: Plus tonight we’ll see several matches including Eddie and Chavo Guerrero reunite as Las Guerreros to face the Dudley Boys who lost their tag team titles a few days back on Raw.

Tazz: Not only that Cole but we will see Team Angle 04’ vs La Resistance in a 3 on 3 tag match

*** John Cena’s Music Plays ***

Cena: I’ve just come out to accept Stone Cold’s offer to put me in the United States championship match at Armageddon. For days and days I’ve been longing to get my championship back. The same championship that Carlito stole from me a few weeks ago.

*** Carlito Caribbean Cool’s Music Plays ***

Carlito: Cena, you are not being cool about this man. I mean yeah I beat you, but I did not steal the title from you. I rightfully won it.

Cena: Man you are so full of shit.

Carlito: Are you saying that Carlito is a liar? That’s not cool, and you know what happens to people that aren’t cool.

Cena: You mean like how you thought your “thug” Jesus was planning to steal your title so you stabbed him in an after hours club?

Carlito: I already told Foley, Austin, and the people, that Carlito was at the club that night, but Jesus got wasted so I called him a cab and I left.

Cena: As I said before man, you are full of it.

Carlito: Okay Carlito’s had enough I’m gonna come down there and teach you a lesson.

*** Mick Foley’s Music Plays ***

Foley: Cena, Carlito, I have some breaking news. At Armaggedon its going to be John Cena vs. Carlito, 1 on 1, mano et mano.

*** SSCA’s Music Plays ***

Austin: Thanks Mick but I think the fans already know that. I have an announcement to make myself. Inside a 15 foot cage Armaggedon will take place for two men. Inside this cage there will be various weapons such as chairs, garbage cans, latters, tables, you know the works. To win this match you must gain pinfall inside the cage. You can escape the cage all you want but the only way to win is to pin 1-2-3 inside the cage. The two men taking place in this match are none other than Edge and Christian for the I.C. championship.

CCC: Yeah that’s great Steve, but what does that have to do with me?

Austin: I’m getting to that, the winner of the match will face the winner of CCC vs Cena on the Smackdown! after Armageddon for the WWE North American Championship, unifying the I.C and US titles.

--- Commercial Break ---

Match 1: Los Guerreros vs the Dudley Boys (with Spike Dudley)

The match starts out with Eddie and Bubba inside the ring trading holds and exchanging suplexes. Eddie hits a missile dropkick on Bubba and the goes to the top rope. Bubba gets up and Eddie hits a hurracanarana off the top. Eddie tags in Chavo and Chavo begins to work on Bubba’s legs. Bubba gets up and Chavo hits a dropkick to Bubba’s knee. Chavo then clotheslines Bubba’s legs and goes to the top rope. D-Von runs into the ring and stops Chavo. Eddie runs in and tiger suplexes D-Von. Chavo then climbs one turnbuckle and Eddie climbs the other.
They both hit frogsplashes for the pin on Bubba.

Winners: Los Guerreros via Double Frogsplash

Tazz: Wow, what a great match Cole. Eddie and Chavo haven’t missed a beat.

*** Simon Dean’s Music Plays ***

Dean: Wow look at the crowd here. You Canadians really have to cut down on the Alberta beef. Look I think I can help, I’m gonna choose one lucky person sitting in the crowd.

- Simon “searches” and finds one fat man in the crowd wearing a old-school Kane mask

Dean: Would you like to try my revolutionary flex bar? All you do is wrap it around your stomach and after about three months of having a tight flexible strap around your waist. The strap will compress all your body fat making you look slimmer and more fit.

Man: Noooo

Dean: But your so fat and unappealing that you are in dire need of this revolutionary technology.

Man: Okay that’s it I’m gonna kick your ass

Dean: May you remember that I have a background in…

Man: Amateur wrestling I know, I know but you can never beat me in a fight.

- “Man” takes off mask and he turns up to be the Big Show

*** Stone Cold’s Music Plays ***

Austin: Alright Dean I tell you what since you’ve been advertising that you have a background in amateur wrestling I’m going to offer you a chance of a lifetime. If you can beat the Big Show I’ll give you a contract with the WWE.

Dean: I grudgingly accept…

Match 2: Simon Dean vs. Big Show

Dean starts off the match early with a wrestling lift and an arm bar. Dean then runs at Big Show only to get a Big Boot to the face. Dean doesn’t sell the move well. Show gets discouraged and begins to body chop Dean to a chorus of “wooos.” Show then backs up Dean into a corner and Dean lowblows Show. The ref doesn’t see it because his view is impaired by Big Show. Show then gains his footing and goes for the Chokeslam only for it to be reversed into Dean’s old finisher from when he was Nova which he now calls the Simonizer. 1-2-3

Winner: Simon Dean via Simonizer

--- Commercial Break ---

Tazz: This is great Cole, Simon Dean is now officially in the WWE

Cole: This isn’t great the guy is a jerk.

Tazz: Well whatever he is he’s in.

Cole: We’ve got a match coming up next. Its going to be Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho in a non title match.

Match 3: Chris Benoit vs. Y2J (non title)

Jericho starts the match early and the crowd is giving him heel heat all match. Jericho hits a scoop slam on Benoit and trades holds with him until Jericho gets flustered and turns the match into a “professional” wrestling match after he hits a cross body off the top rope. After Jericho hits the cross body Jericho goes for the pin only to get a two count. Benoit hits a snap suplex on Jericho and then starts to deliver German Suplexes.

*** Booker T’s Music Plays ***

- Booker goes to ringside and watches the match from ringside.

After Benoit hits his third German Suplex of the night Benoit signifies hes going to go for his diving headbutt. Booker hits Benoit and Benoit falls to the ring to be locked into the Walls of Jericho.

*** Shawn Michael’s Music Plays ***

- Michael’s runs to ringside and hits a running Sweet Chin Music on Booker.

Benoit then makes it to the ropes and Jericho does not let go of the hold. Jericho is D.Q.ed

Winner: Benoit via DQ

Michaels runs in and hits a SCM on Jericho while Jericho is holding in the Walls.
Michaels helps up Benoit and they exit the stage to a standing ovation. Inside the ring Y2J sees Booker on the outside so he goes to the outside to help him up but then hits a facebuster on him onto the metal ramp. Jericho then lionsaults Booker on the outside.

*** Commercial Break ***

Main Event:

Team Angle 04’ vs. La Résistance

The match starts out with Kurt Angle and Rob Conway. Angle totally owns Conway with wrestling lifts, suplexes, belly-to-belly suplexes, and various submission moves. Angle hits a belly-to-belly off the top rope and then locks in the Ankle lock. Rene Dupree runs in and breaks it up. Conway tags in Dupree who goes to work on Angle’s legs. Dupree hits a flapjack and then taunts Angle. Dupree goes for the Tickler but it gets reversed into a back body drop. Angle tags in Jindrak. Out of nowhere Jindrak hits a reflection of perfection. 1-2-no Conway is pulled to the outside by Grenier. Jindrak goes to the outside to deliver some right hands on Grenier. Jindrak turns around and gets Au Revoired onto the steel ramp by Dupree and Conway. Luther jumps off the apron to help but is delivered the same treatment. Angle is not the legal man and he is belittled by the ref while La Resitance is hitting Jindrak and Reigns with chairs. Out of nowhere the Dudleys jump out and 3-D Dupree onto the ramp. Bubba then Bubba Bombs Conway while D-Von Saving Grace’s Grenier. Bubba throws Conway into the ring and Jindrak climbs in and goes for the pin. 1-2-NO KICKOUT! Jindrak tags in Angle who throws Conway into the corner and Super Angle Slams him while the Dudley’s 3-D Grenier onto the Ramp. Angle locks in the Ankle Lock and Conway is forced to tap out.

Winners: Team Angle 04’ via Ankle Lock

After the match Team Angle are shown celebrating with the Dudley’s until Jindrak and Reigns hit a double body press on Bubba. Angle then asks why they did that and then he turns around and Angle Slams D-Von. Jindrak starts to leave until Spike jumps out of the crowd and starts pounding on him. Reigns comes to Jindrak’s aid and hits a Running Inverted Neckbreaker on the outside on Spike.

Team Angle 04’ is shown celebrating up the ramp while the Dudleys and La Résistance are lying on the ground in pain

*** Fade out and end of show ***

Ratings out of 10?

P.S. What was Nova’s old finisher? I haven’t watched his matches in a while so I forget what it was like.

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wwefanatic383 said:
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So it's fine for everybody below him to 'bump' theirs. If they did he'd just be in the same position that he started with before.

And the 'bump' could be counted as spam or as a double post which can be punishable with warning points.
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