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Kozlov's in a much better place now then he was in 2008. I actually like him with Santino honestly.

His push in 2008 was painful to watch, and the crowd just did not give a shit no matter what they did with him. He's much easier to buy as a comedy character than some serious monster. He was one of the many terrible monster pushes of 2007-2008 (Snitsky, Big Daddy V, Khali, etc...Umaga was about the only one I could handle) and I have to say I'm glad we've managed to get away from those since. I remember there was one point where there was a weekly Snitsky squash match, followed by a Khali squash match, and then a Big Daddy V squash match on Smackdown, and the crowd would absolutley die for every one of them.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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