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I have yet to hear about it this year, but if there is one, which 5 guys from each brand could use a change or help the other show the most?

Mine would be:


1. Daniel Bryan -He obviously has little left to do on Smackdown since he is out of the title picture for now, and Punk could use another challenger.
2. Christian: With Del Rio taking the top heel spot on SD, he could be better used either face or heel on RAW. He would also take Y2Js place if he is leaving for a while any time soon. Punk vs Bryan vs Christian and any single feud with anyone in between them would be awesome.
3. AJ: Keep the stalker on the same show as Bryan.
4. Big Show: What's he got left on Smackdown unless they turn him heel to feud with Sheamus?
5. Cody Rhodes: IC title should be on RAW, and Cody Rhodes could use the change.

To Smackdown:

1. John Cena: Smackdown really needs the star power for Live events, and there's nothing for him on RAW with Punk being the main face and they could edit his cheers if need be.
2: Rey Mysterio: I don't know if he is on Smackdown ir RAW, but Smackdown needs him anyway.
3. Santino Marella: Switching the IC and US titles, and he fits in more with what my vision of Smackdown is.
4. Zack Ryder: He could be a good mid-carder for Smackdown.
5. Kane: Continue hus feud with Ryder, feud with Sheamus, may as well be a mainstay since he's been there anyway.

I figure witg these rosters, RAW could be a more serious and competitive show with more focus on the action and the titles, while Smackdown is more about the characters. Orton and Cena both on Smackdown would be good to revisit that feud with one (most likley Orton) turning heel.

RAW main event:

CM Punk
Daniel Bryan
Big Show
The Miz(maybe)
Cody Rhodes

Smackdown main event:

John Cena
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Alberto Del Rio
Wade Barrett

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That's actually perfect for the draft. Bryan and Christian are especially two I wanna see on Raw, I really want Punk to feud with those two, would be awesome matches.
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