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Hey everyone, its been way too long since I have done this but what the hell I am going to give it try...I am the Big Evil Red Devil88 and this is my WWE T.V Show it is called Dead End. I am using Superstars from both brands in the WWE but none from NWA-TNA or the indies. The titles are as follows:

-WWE Championship - Chris Benoit

-WWE Intercontinental Championship - Randy Orton

-WWE United States Championship - John Cena

-WWE Curiserweight Championship - Chavo Guerrero

-WWE Womens Cahmpionship - Victoria

-WWE Tag Team Championship - VACANT!!

-General Manager- To Be Named

-Commentators- Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Josh Mathews


No, Good on to the show

Theme Song - Cold - Remedy

Pyro goes boom

JR: We are on the air live tonight from Copps Colesium in beatiful Hamilton ONT Canada. Hello everyone im Jim Ross alongside Jerry Lawler and Josh Mathews, and guys what a card we have for tonight
we will see Charlie Haas take on fomer partner Shelton Benjamin.

King: Well JR you think that is big we are going to have a Tag Team Battle Royal for the Tag Titles here tonight.

Josh: Well I am personally looking foreward to the main event as we will see Mick Foley battle Batista in a No DQ match and everyone is barred from ringside.

JR: Well that is 2 hours away lets think about 2 seconds away as we head down to The Fink Howard Finkle(Gotta give props to Finkle)

Match 1:
Cursierweight Title Match
Chavo Jr(C) vs. Ultimo Dragon

Match starts with Chavo offering a handshak to Dragon and he foolishly accepts and gets kicked in the mid-section for his troubles. Chavo taunts the crowd and Dragon recovers and kicks Chavo in the ribs, again in the ribs, and then a spin kick to his head knocking the champ down to the floor. Chavo JR and SR are talkign on the outside when out of no where Dragon hits a suicide dive on both men. Back on the inside now and Dragon has the upper hand and he locks in a chin lock. Chavo gets to the ropes and then gives the Dragon a low blow. Chavo SR distarcts the ref as Chavo JR goes and gets his title. Chavo JR swings at Dragon but he ducks. Dragon kicks him in the stomache and then locks in the Dragon Sleeper...Chavo JR taps but the ref is still with Chavo SR. Dragon grabs the belt and hits Chavo SR but then Chavo JR rolls him p 1-2-kickout


We come back and Chavo has the upper hand as he is punching Dragon in the head..Dragon fights back knocking Chavo JR down and again Chavo SR gets up onto the apron...Dragon goes after Chavo SR but Chavo JR attacks him from behind and hits a german suplex with the bridge for a 2 count. Chavo SR again gets up onto the apron but Billy Kidman comes out and pulls him down and throws him into the steps. Chavo JR goes to attack London but Dragon locks in the Dragon Sleeper and Chavo taps out.

Winner and New Cursierweight Champion: Ultimo Dragon

-After The Match-

Dragon and Kidman shake hands but then Kidman attacks Dragon and gives him the Shooting Star Press

-In The Back-

Coach is getting ready to interview Vince McMahon


We come back and McMahon and Coach are standing there

Coach: Well Vinnie Mac the time has come for you to shed some light on who will be the new GM of Dead End.

McMahon: Excuse me, what did you call me? Its MR.McMAHON to you pal...you know what I have another annocument to make right now...Coach....YOUR FIRED!

Coach: But..um...errr...agh...but...

McMahon: Get the hell out of here! Now as for the new GM...Ladies and Gentlemen the NEW GM of WWE Dead End is....SHANE McMAHON!

-Here Comes The Money plays and Shane comes to the ring-

Shane: Thanks pops, now for myt first order of business next week on Dead End the main event will be Triple H vs Chris Benoit in a CAGE MATCH....enjoy the show.

-Cut to the locker room-

Various Superstars: Wow, Shane...thats awsome...what next?

We cut to Kane sitting in the corner with an evil look on is face


JR: WOW Shane McMahon is the new GM what else is going to happen here tonight on Dead End?

King: The Tag Team Battle Royal because it is next!

Match 2
Tag Team Battle Royal


1.Rosey and Hurricane
2.Scotty 2 Hotty & Rikishi
3.Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak
4.La Resistance (Grenier and Conway)
5.Basham Brothers
6.FBI(Johnny Stambolli and Chuck Palumbo)
7.Dudley Boyz
8.Paul London & Billy Kidman
9.Lance Storm & Val Venis
10.Billy Gunn and Hardcore Holly

Order Of Elimination and by who:

1.Scotty and Rikishi(Danny Basham dunked Scotty out)
2.Gunn & Holly(FBI double clothslined Gunn out)
3.Cade & Jindrak(Storm superkicked Cade out)
4.Storm and Venis(Kidman backdropped Val out)
5.FBI(D-Von threw Stambolli out)
6.Bashams(Bubba tossed out Doug)
7.Rosey & Hurricane(London tossed out Hurricane)
8.Dudleyz(La Resistance and London and Kidman quadrupill teamed Bubba)
9.Kidman and London(Conway press slammed London)

Winners and NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: La Resistance


We come back and Kane is punching a wall and screaming

We cut to Shanes office and he tells Johnny Nitro to tell Kane he has to fight Big Show next week in a Boiler Room Brawl...Nitro refuses and Shane says he will fire him...so he goes.

Match 3
Charlie Haas vs Shelton Benjamin

Match starts with a hand shake and then collar to elbow tie-up and then Haas gets in an arm drag...and another, followed up with a dropkick. Shelton clotheslines Haas and then body slams him. Both men look at each other then the crowd they get a cheer. Back to the match, Haas with the trip followed by an elbow to the kidneys and then goes for the Haas of Pain, blocked by Shelton and then Haas gets tossed to the outside. Ref gets to 8 then they are both ready to go again. Haas with a go behind into a german with a bridge for the 1-2 kickout...Shelton up quick and he catches Haas with a kick to the face but both men go down. Haas gets up first then Benjamin they lock up Shelton picks him up and hits a nothern lights suplex for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

-After the Match-

They shake hands and hug and they get a standing ovation

-In the Back-

Nitro is looking for Kane but instead finds Matt Cappotelli

Nitro: Hey listen kid have you seen Kane?

Matt: Kid? Listen you little bitch you must think your pretty specail because you were kissing Bischoffs ass well I got news for you. This ain't RAW and the GM ain't Bischoff so your not going to get your way. Me on the other hand will because I already asked Shane McMahon for a match next week and he gave it to me.

Nitro: Who would wanna face a loser like you?

Matt: Oh I don't know...YOU!!! Thats right next week you and me one on one, mono eh mono, toe to toe, head to head. See you next week. PUNK.

Nitro has a bewildered look on his face but continues to look for Kane


Match 4
U.S Title Match
John Cena(C) vs Rene Dupree

Cena: YO YO YO YO YYYYYO...lets kick it right the first time cuz we on live. Ya'll don't know by now I'm gunna smack your crew...This John Cena comin' staright after you, 'cuz John Cena is the energy king...go on catch the buzz and feel my sting. John Cena is the kid with the crazy demeana and I walk around with my custom knucks...Copps Colisiuem chant it loud baby Dupree SUCKS!!!!!


Cena taunts Rene by telling him that you cant me and then flashes the W in the air... Rene brushes it off and then he slaps Cena in the face...Cena gets enraged and tackles Depree and then punches the living be-jesus out of him...he picks him up and hits the FU 1-2-3.

Winner and Still U.S Champ: John Cena

(Sorry had to do it)

-In the Back-

We see Johnny Nitro lieing on the ground motionless...one emt says

EMT: I guess he told Kane the bad news.


JR:Well King, Josh what a night we have had so far and we still have one more match to go..and it will be barbaric...lets take a look at how it all came about.

-Video of Evolution attacking Mick Foley in various ways is shown-

Mick Foley vs Batista

Foley attacks Batista in the aisle and then thorws him into the stage, Batista then throws Foley on the rampway and then they fight over to the annouce booth...Batista powerbombs Foley threw the table. Batista then poses for the crowd giving Foley the chance to hit a low blow and then push Batista off the stage onto the concrete. Foley hits a diving elbow off the stage and onto Batista. They fight into the back and Foley throws him into a door which leads outside to the parking garage. Foley thorws Batista onto a car and beats the crap out of him and then grabs a chain...he wraps it around Batistas neck and chokes him. Then out of the darkness someone hits Foley with a shovel...Batista pins him 1-2-3.

Winner: Batista

-After the Match-

The camera pans out to reveal Shane McMahon and the rest of Evolution standing there....Orton looks at Foley and slaps him.

JR:What the hell...WHY SHANE? WHY?

KinG: Its obvious JR money and fame.

Josh: Well I'll be damned Shane McMahon threw a curve ball at us all.

JR: What does this mean for next week? Will Foley look for revenge? Oh My GOd Why Shane? For the Josh Mathews, and Jerry Lawler im Jim Ross...See You Next Week...Dammit Shane!


Well its been a while but I hope you like it....post comments and stay tuned because you never know when the next one will pop up!

Big Evil Red Devil88

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Welcome back Big Evil Red Devil88. I liked your show.

Bad Things:
-Two matches I didn't like were Batista vs. Foley No DQ and Dupree vs. Cena. It will keep more for Foley to go down that a shovel to the back. Your Cena and Dupree match in my opinion made Dupree look weak.
-In the entire show I didn't hear anything of either Chris Benoit or Victoria, which was disapointing.

Good Things:
-Good feud ideas.
-Nice to Shane back and as a Heel.
-You kept everyone in character.

Grade: 8/10


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Very good show. Its good to see you back here.

I thought I would say to A-Dust that Benoit's name was mentioned on the show and that he would face Triple H next week.

Good Things are :
Ultimo Dragon winning the cruiserweight Title.
Shane McMahon is a good choice as General Manager.
Coach being fired as well :D

Bad Things are :
Like A-Dust said the John Cena - Rene Dupree match made Rene Dupree look weak.

Grade - 8.5/10

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Great to see you back BERD88.

- Shane comming back as heel, I never saw that comming
- Not adding every person under the sun, like most other threads.
- Foley still going at it with Evolution
- Promos

- Dupree jobbing that easily

Great show 9/10

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good to have u back big red devil 88 i like your first show which had 17 pages u know u hurricane 619 and toad used to insult each other that was cool good show and dupree isnt a jobber

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Hello everyone and Happy Easter to you all...it's me it's me it's the BERD...ummm....88...I told you guys I can't ryhme...speaking of easter i got some kick ass things including The Ric Flair DVD Collection....the Puddle Of Mudd CD and then the icing on the cake...Tickets to a local wrestling event with Ted DiBiase...and Brutus Beefcake...DOES IT GET ANY BETTER THEN THAT FOR A SHOW?...YES my show which im going to wirte....NOW!

Live from the Continental Airlines Arena (East Rutherford New Jersey)

Recap of last week(I would write it but im lazy so go read my show)


Shane McMahon standing in the ring

Shane: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another edition of Dead End! I just have one annoucment to make and that is that right here onight in the main event I will be the speacial guest refeere...Tahnk You!

JR: Well there you have it King Shane McMahon is going to be the guest ref tonight in the cage match.

King: Well what else is going to happen tonight?

Josh: Well a fatal four way for the Womens title King, and not to mention Matt Capotelli takng on Johnny Nitro.

King: Ok smart guy did you know that Kane will battle Big Show in a boiler room brawl tonight?...Did Ya?

Josh: Well accutally ya King I did.

King: Take it down to ringside before I kick your ass

Josh: Take it away Finkle


Match 1
Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match For The Womens Championship
Victoria© vs Jazz vs Gail Kim vs Trish Startus

Victoria starts it by kicking Gail Kim in the mid-section knocking her into Jazz who tumbles down and looks hurt. Trish hits a chick kick on Kim then goes for a cover but only gets a 2 count. EMT's take out Jazz...Molly Holly runs in to replace her...Molly climbs up the turnbuckle and hits a Molly Go Round on Gail Kim 1-2-3.

Gail Kim is eliminated

Trish pulls Molly by her wig revealing that she bald and then Molly runs away...Lita comes from the crowd and hits a Lita-cunnranna on Trish 1-2-3.

Trish is eliminated

Victoria pushes Lita down and they fight on the mat and then Victoria sets up Lita for the Widows Peak and she hits it. 1-2-kickout...Victoria looks fusterated and hits the mat and then out of no where TRish comes back and attacks Victoria causing the DQ...Christian comes out and attacks Victoria and this brings out Steven Richards who hits him with a chair.

Winner: Victoria by DQ


-In The Back-

Lillian Garcia is getting ready to interview Rene Dupree

Lillian: Well Rene last week you got punked out by John Cena any comments?

Rene: Lillian all week I have been taunted by fans..."Look there's that ham & egger" WELL NO MORE...(starts talking French) Lillian next week I am challanging John Cena to a U.S Title match!

-Cut to Locker Room-

John Cena is sitting there with Orlando Jordan

Jordan: Well what do you think of that?

Cena: I ain't scared of no french inbetweena that guys a *** always trying to suck his poodles weena...Im the kid with the carzy demena...Someone should tell him not to mess with JOHN CENA!

Match 2
Matt Capotelli vs. Johnny Nitro

Match starts with Nitro slapping Matt and then body slams him hard to the mat. Matt gets back up and clotheslines Nitro and then thorws him outside the ring. Nitro staggers back into the ring and starts throwing punches at the air and then Matt punches him and knocks him down. Matt climbs up onto the top rope and hits a splash 1-2-kickout. Matt gets in the refs face and then Nitro rolls him up 1-2-kickout after 2, Matt gains the upper hand and hits a bulldog followed by a dropkick that knocks Nitro outside the ring. As the ref is counting out Nitro, Christopher Nowinski shows up and hits Capotelli with an honour roll and then goes outside. Nitro gets back in and covers Matt 1-2-kickout. Nowinski is in dis-belive. Matt dropkicks Nitro again and then hits Sliced Bread #2 for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Matt Capotelli

-After the Match-

Nowinski and Nitro attack Matt until Maven makes the save. Maven congratulates Matt as we go to the back

-In The Back-

We see Kane on his way to the boiler room because his match is next


Match 3
Boiler Room Brawl
#1 Contender for the WWE Title Next Week(Fink tells us the was Stipulation Just Added)
Kane vs Big Show

Kane starts out by looking for Show who is hiding behind a pipe...he attacks Kane from behind and thorws him into a water tank then hits him with a fire extinguisher. Show then throws Kane into a concrete wall and it cracks...Kane then kicks Show in his low reion and then hits him with trash can lid...and it sticks to his head...Kane then throws Show head first into the wall knocking the can off his head. Show then hits Kane and tosses him through a glass window and then picks him up and chokeslams him on the concrete 1-2-3.

Winner and #1 Contender: The Big Show

We see Nitro and Nowinski with Shane McMahon demanding a match with Maven and Matt next. Shane makes the match.

We see Victoria and Steven Richards getting ready for an interview when out of no where Christian and TRish attack them and Christian hits Richards with a chair...Shane McMahon sees this as he is walking by and declares next week Christian and Trish Stratus vs. Steven Richards and Victoria...and if Trish pins Victoria then she will become the Womens Champ.


We come back and see a promo that says:

"He's been gone for 6 years...He has battled many greats and won many titles...and now IT'S TIME! He's Coming In 2 Weeks!"

I know i said i would only use WWE Superstars but I loved this guy...the guy is a monster...and in the future i will try not to bring in too many non WWE preformers.

JR: Well King who in the hell is coming here in 2 weeks?

King: Your guess is as good as mine but what I want to know is who is he facing...I vote you Josh.

Josh: Well thats great King but I'm not a wrestler...but you are.

JR: Well anyways next week we know that Matt CApotelli and Maven will be taking on Chrstoper Nowinski and Johnny Nitro. Along with Trish and Christian taking on Stevn Richards and Victoria.

Josh: An don't forget that if Trish pins Victoria then she becomes the WWE Womones Champion.

King: Also next week we will see Big Show take on the winner of our main event here tonight for the WWE Title.

-In The Back-

Chris Benoit is on his way to the ring the cage match is NEXT!


Main Event
Cage Match for the WWE Title(Old School Blue Cage..Not the Pussy little chainlink)
Guest Ref: Shane McMahon
Chris Benoit vs Triple H

Bell Rings and Benoit goes for the Games legs and tries to take him down but HHH runs into the corner. Benoit runs at him but gets kicked in the face for doing so. HHH rams Benoits head into the steelbars and then tries for the Pedigree but Benoit blocks it and catapaults the Game into the cage. Benoit climbs over the top and reaches the floor...Shane McMahon refuses to call for the bell. Benoit gets back in and goes for Shane but HHH catches him with a low blow and then again thorws him into the cage and tries to escape but Benoit catches him. Benoit throws down HHH and locks in the Crossface but Shane kicks Benoit breaking the hold. Benoit again goes after Shane but this time Ric Flair runs down and gives HHH a sledge hammer and he goes to hit Benoit. Benoit and Shane both move and HHH hits the cage as Benoit hits the 3 German Suplexs. Benoit then climbs to the op of the cage and notices Evolution surrounding the ring so instead of climbing out he hits a flying headbutt. 1-2-Evolution gets into the cage and attacks Benoit...this brings HBK, and Mick Foley out. They all brawl and HHH tries to escape but Benoit sees him and catches him at the top of the cage and gives him a german suplex from the top. Benoit climbs out of the cage door to win the match.

Winner and Still WWE Champion: Chris Benoit

-After the Match they are still brawling when the Big Show comes out and chokeslams Benoit and then takes the Title and poses at the top of the stage.


Thats it for this time as always im the Big Evil Red Devil88 saying

Later Dayz

Josh Mathews stole that line from me off here in Feb 2003!!!

Big Evil Red Devil88

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sometimes there are only 4 matches in a show

great showi think i would have prefered watching kane against benoit then show vs benoit i hope the next time dupree faces cena he doesnt job and i cant wait to find out who is coming in 2 weeks

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Hey everyone sorry about the wait but I have been so busy its not even funny. I had an oppourtunity to check out the PWA and meet Ted DiBiase and Brutus Beefcake along with many other fomer superstars. But its been awhile so lets get to the show.

Live from Joe Louis Arena in Detriot Michigan

Recap of Benoit vs HHH in Cage match from last week.

We start the show in an arena covered in red flashing lights.

A message appears

I am coming next week and I will choose my victim. Im pumped, I'm ready, I'm.......

The screen goes black and we see Eugene holding a cord in his hand saying sorry the tech guys take the cord and William Regal takes Eugene to the back...when the tech guys get everything sorted out the screen is different scattered colours.

JR: Well who in the hell is coming?

King: I don't know but I think poor Eugene may have signed his own death certifacate

JR: Well anyway we are live in Detriot at Joe Louis Arena where tonite we will see Chris Benoit defend his title against Big Show, we will also see Maven team up with Matt Capotelli to take on Chris Nowinski and Johnny Nitro, and we will also see Victoria and Steven Richards vs Trish Stratus and Christian and if Trish pins Victoria then we will have a new Womens Champion here tonight.

King: Well incase JR didn't mention it I'm Jerry "The King" Lawler alongside Good 'Ol JR Jim Ross we have no snot mouth Josh Mathews this week because he is hanging out with Rue in Colorado site of next weeks WWE Dead End.

JR: Which by the way is starting now


Match 1
Orlando Jordan vs Mark Jindrak w/ Thedore R Long

Long taunts the crowd and boasts about how Jindrak is the thing of the future. He also says tonight is the unveiling of his master plan.

Collar and elbow tie up to start things out shove by Jindrak followed by a slap. Jordan takes offence to this and dropkicks Jindrak out of the ring. Jindrak sneaks in and clobers Jordan with a sledge and then kicks him well he is down. Jindrak poses and gets clotheslined by Jordan who now poses. Jindrak pokes him in the eye and then gives him a bodyslam 1-2-kickout. Jordan gets up but gets slapped by Jindrak. Jordan chases Jindrak around the ring and back into it and then Long gets onto the apron and distracts the ref. Then from the crowd comes.......SEAN O'HAIRE who hits a Devil's Advocate and allows Jindrak to pin Jordan 1-2-3.

Winner: Mark Jindrak

After The Match

Long: Ladies and Gentlemen I Thedore R Long give to you my master plan....THE NATURAL THILLERS!


Match 2
Maven & Matt Capotelli vs Chris Nowinski & Johnny Nitro

Slow paced match but picks up speed half-way through when Maven superplexes Nitro onto Nowinski who is on the canvas. Maven tags in Matt who goes over to Nowinski and covers him but Nitro is the legal man. Nitro kicks Matt in the head and tosses him down. Maven goes to help but is cut off by Nowinski and they battle up the ramp..The ref follows. Then out of the crowd its the Natural Born Thillers and Jindrak hits a superkick on Matt who falls into O'Haires arms and he hits a Devil's Advocate. They stand outside as Nitro sets him up for a Standig Shooting Star Press(Now Called: Nitrogen Bomb) 1-2-3.

Winners: Chris Nowinski & Johnny Nitro

After The Match

Long: I give to you the two newest members of the Natural Born Thillers Johnny Nitro and Chris Nowinski


We come back and see Benoit getting ready for his title defense tonight against Big Show

We cut over to Trish and Christians locker room

Trish: I'm so ready Christian I have been waiting so long for this lets do it right now!

They Leave

JR: But there match isn't up next...it says here that John Cena vs Rene Dupree for the U.S Title is next

King: Oh my god JR Christian gets to see the puppies!

We cut to the back and see Chirs Jericho with a smile on his face


Match 3
US Title Match
John Cena© vs Rene Dupree

Cena cuts a promo about how Detriot is the rock city and Quebec is the cock city(I have nothing against Quebec its just where Dupree now hails)

Dupree waves the french flag and Cena flashes the custom knucks then says You Can't See Me and clothslines Dupree. Off come the knucks and were ready to begin. Cena hits him in the face and knocks him down. Dupree rolls outside and says its not worth it. He tries to leave but Cena catches him and throws him back into the ring and then sets him up for an F-U. Dupree counters it into a neck breaker. Dupree bodyslams Cena and then throws Cena into the turnbuckles. Dupree charges him but Cena ducks and Dupree hits the ring post busting him wide open. Cena then sets him up again for an F-U but this time spots Sylvain Grenier and Rob Conway on thier way to the ring and he drops Dupree. Cena taunts La Resistance and while this is going on Dupree grabs a set of brass knucks and hits Cena int he back of the head with it. He then sets him on the top rope and hits a super neck breaker for the 1-2-3.

Winner and NEW WWE United States Champion: Rene Dupree

After the Match

Dupree: I refuse to carry around this peice of grabage you call a title belt. I spit on this belt(He spits on the belt) From this day forward this belt will be named the Quebec Canada Championship Belt!(In Lance Storm speacilty he puts a sticker on the belt and then starps it onto himslef.)


We come back and Victoria and Steven Richards are already in the ring

Match 4
Trish Stratus & Christian vs Victoria & Steven Richards

Trish and Christian make it to the ring and out comes Y2J Chris Jericho

Jericho: Well if it isn't my good pal Christian and his DOG Trish Stratus! Whats the matter Trish you look tired tonight. Oh thats right we all know why! You just fiddled aroun with Christian backstage in the jantors closet. Proving my theroy that you are a DIRTY DISGUSTING BRUTAL BOTTOM FEEDING TRASHBAG HO!!!!!!!

At this point Victoria rolls up Trish 1-2-3.

Winners: Victoria and Steven Richards

Jericho then walks away laughing


Match 5
Intercontinental Championship Match
Randy Orton© vs Lance Storm

Arm drag by Strom to start the match out and then a dropkick and then a back drop out of the ring. Orton gets fuserated and kicks the ring steps. Storm gets out of the ring and walks up behind him and taps him on the shoulder and it spooks him and he jumps te ring steps. Orton gets back into the ring and tells Storm to get into the ring. He does but he gets attacked and Orton stomps his head and neck. Orton then punches Storm in the corner until a car crash sounds and Mick Foleys Theme hits. Orton grabs a chair and waits for Foley but Foley doesn't come out. Storm then rolls up Orton 1-2-kickout. Orton grabs the chair and levels Storm knocking him out.

Winner: Lance Storm

Still I.C Champ: Randy Orton

After the Match

Orton hits Storm in the back with the chir and then Foley comes from the crowd into the ring. And attacks Orton from behind and hits him in the face busting him open. Orton rolls out and goes up the ramp.



Shane McMahon comes out and glares down Foley who sits in the chair Orton used in the match and smiles at Shane.

Shane: Mick you know I ahve nothing but respect for you and your career but I can't handle you. I don't want you attacking wrestlers during or after their matches...I want you attacking them IN THE MATCHES...thats why next week it will be you Mick Foley vs Randy Orton in an I QUIT MATCH!

Orton is shocked and yells at Shane who leaves and Foley smiles at Orton.


JR: Well King next week we will see the return of someone but we don't know who.

King: Because of that idiot Eugene...but JR Orton vs Foley in an I Quit Match

Main Event
WWE Title Match
Chris Benoit© vs Big Show

Benoit starts by kicking Show in the knees and then tries for a Russian leg sweep but Show counters it and throws him down. Benoit tries a shoulder tackle but Show doesn't move. Finally Benoit tell the ref that a fan is trying to get in and when the ref turns away Benoit kicks Show in never never land. Benoit tries for a Crossface but Show picks him up and throws him to the outside. Shows pushes Benoit into the baracade and then picks up a chair and swings at Benoit but he ducks and Show hits the ringpost and severly dents the char. Benoit kicks Show in the knee again but he doesn't fall. Benoit picks up the chair and behind the refs back hits him in the knee with it and Show goes down. Benoit stomps him and then drops an elbow on him. Benoit gets back into the ring and waits for Show who finally get in and Benoit hits the ropes and dropkicks Shows knee causing him to fall. Benoit attacks the knee then climbs to the middle rope and jumps onto it. Show writhing in pain calls timeout but Benoit again relentless in his attack goes back at the knee. Show pushes him and then hits him with a headbutt. Big Show leans on the ropes to get his blance but Benoit creeps up and attcks Shows knee and then hits a German Suplex on Big Show...Benoit goes up to the top and hits a diving headbutt. 1-2-kickout. Benoit steps on Shows neck then drops an elbow and then Benoit locks in the crossface and Show taps out.

Winner and Still WWE Champion: Chris Benoit

JR & King recap next weeks show and then say goodnight and the thus concludes another edition of WWE Dead End


Hope you all like it p.s post what you liked and didn't like and plz tell me how to improve my writing.

Until next time this is the Big Evil Red Devil88 saying so long and see ya another day.

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nice show cant wait for sd berd88
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