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Hey everyone whats shaking im the Big Evil (Really bored because all my friends went away) Red Devil88 or BERD88 for short. I thought I would pass the time by writing a show that I will call WWE Dead End. As some of you may know I used to write WWE Upspring but then I started to lose intrest in that because I had to much stuff going on so I stopped writing it. So enough about me lets go to the show, post comments with a grade A,B,C,D,R and plz post why.

Run down of my show is

Show is 1 hour long which means 4-5 matches

Titles: WWE Title, I.C Title, Hardcore Title(24/7 rule still exsists), Curiserweight Title, U.S Title, Tag Titles(Champs to be decided soon)

Commentaters: Jerry The King Lawler, Good 'OL JR Jim Ross (At any time Any wrestler can join into the mix)


Tonights arena: Pepsi Centre, Albany N.Y

Time: Friday 8pm-9pm

Ok all clear I only posted that so you would undrstand some of the things in the show.

Brawl For All Theme plays

Pyro explodes

JR: We are live here tonight for the very first episode of WWE Dead End here at the Pepsi Centre in New York City!

King: JR, this going to be great here tonight we will have a 15 man Battle Royal to decide the Hardcore Title.

JR: King don't forget Sean O'Haire vs Eddie Guerroe(sp?) for the U.S Title

King: Ohh baby this is huge JR right here tonight Vince McMahon will name the GM for this show here tonight.

JR: Well King lets take it down to ring annoucer Josh Matthews for the opening contest.

Match 1.
US Title Match
Sean O'Haire vs Eddie Guerroe

Bell Rings

Collar and elbow tie-up to start things off but then O'haire locks in a hammerlock but Eddie reverses it into an armdrag takedown then locks in a head siccors, O'Haire breaks free and backs Eddie into a corner and hits him numerous times in the head then chokes him with his foot. The ref breaks it up and O'Haire is angry so he grabs the ref but then Eddie rolls him up and gets a 2 count on O'Haire who gets up and just kicks Eddie right in his teeth busting his mouth open. O'Haire taunts the crowd and then Eddie agian rolls him up this time grabing the tights 1-2-3.

Winner & NEW US Champion: Eddie Guerroe

JR: Oh my god King Eddie just beat O'Haire...Eddie JUST BEAT SEAN O'HAIRE MY GOD!!!!

KinG: Take it easy JR your going to have a heart attack.


We see a strech limo arrive and out steps Vince McMahon.

JR: Who is gonna be our new GM?


We come back and Rhyno is making his way to the ring as the 15th entrant in the Hardcore Title Battle Royal

Al Snow joins the crew

Snow: JR, King hows it goin?

JR: Not to bad well Al this 15 man battle royal about to take place and one has to question why you are not invovled?

Snow: Don't you worry about 'ol Al he has his "Head" strait these days. No pun intended.

Match 2.
Hardcore Title Battle Royal
(I will start doing the moves when we get down to the final 4 guys)


1.Sean O'Haire
2.Rob Van Dam
3.Kane(No Mask)
5.Randy Orton
7.Mark Jindrak
8.The Hurricane
9.Tommy Dreamer
10.Big Show
12.Jonny Stamboli
13.Vito Lagrasso


1.Orton by: Batista
2.Show by: Kane
3.A-Trian by: Kane
4.O'Haire by: Jindrak
5.Hurricane by: Kane


6.Vito by: Crash
7.Stamboli by: Himself(fell over in fit of rage)
8.Rhyno by: Crash
9.RVD by: Taker
10.Taker by: RVD
11.Batista by: Crash

Batista sneaks back in and grabs Crash and powerbombs him 3 times then leaves the ring. Kane picks up Crash and tosses him out. Dreamer grabs his Singapore cane and whacks Kane in the face a few times knocking him down. Kane sits up grabs the cane and breaks it in half with his hands then clotheslines Dreamer over the top rope. Jindrak dropkicks Kane from behind knocking him over the top rope and wins the match.

Winner & NEW WWE Hardcore Champion: Mark Jindrak

Snow: Its been a pleasure but I gotta go now.

Snow takes off to the ring to attack Jindrak but is caught by a furious Kane ho pumples him up the stage then chokeslams him off onto the concrete floor. Jindrak takes off through the crowd. Kane jumps off the stage grabs Snow and throws him head first threw the plexy glass siding setting off pyro. Then he does his arm raise with flames from the posts Slow Chemical hits the lights go red and he leaves.

Jr: Well King we have seen 2 new champions crowned and still to come the new GM of WWE Dead End will be named. as well as The Ultimo Dragon vs. Juventud Gureara for the Curiserweight Title.

King: And don't forget the main event of all main events Mr.America vs Big Show in a Falls count anywhere match.

JR: Don't go away!


We come back and JR is hyping the WWE Dead End PPV in 3 weeks emminating from Joe Louis Arena in Detriot Michagan.

JR: Ladies & Gentelmen we want to remind you that in 3 weeks on Sunday July the 20th will be the first WWE Dead End PPV and it is called WWE No Limits and we want to let everyone know that the offical theme song for that PPV is Still Frame by the great band Trapt comeing off thier self titled CD which is avaliable in stores now!

No Chance In Hell hits

Vince: OK OK settle down now folks I am out here to address 2 things #1 Zach Gowen and of course #2 The new GM of this show. So let me address issue #1 Zach Gowen please bring your one legged ass to this ring.

Zach Gowen and Mr. America come to the ring

Vince: Now Zach it is very obvious that you want a job in this company is that right?

Zach: Ye...

Vince: Thats excatly what I thought. Now Zach how do supose you earn that contract?

Zach: Uhh....in

Vince: In a match? Brilliant idea its almost as if I thought of it myself. Well who do you supose that you wrestle?

Hulk Hog...Errr...Mr. America: Well let me tell ou something brother! I think you should shut up and let the man pick who he thinks he should have to beat to get a contract.
(Almost blew the gimmick right out of the water on that one)

Zach: I want to wrestle MR.AM...

Vince: MR. PAUL WIGHT you say well then its on next week Zach Gowen vs. The Big Show & as for you Mr. America....

-Big Show comes from the crowd and attacks Hoga....Mr. America(Dammit im gonna ruin Vinces newest creation)

Zach raise his cain and swings at show but instead hits Mr.America and breaks the cain. Vince pulls off the prostetic leg of Zach Gowen and beats him with it then he and Show walk away with the leg.

VincE: Next week Zach you will be about as useful as a 1 legged man in an ASS kicking contest!!!!

Zach: Big Show next week I am going to beat your FAT ASS all over Gods Green Earth.

Mr. America: And Big Show don't forget about TONIGHT WITH ME SO ....Watcha gonna do when the 24" Patriots run wild on you!!!!!!!????

Real American plays and they leave

JR: My God next week Zach Gowen vs The Big Show my god what a match.

King: JR what about the new GM?


Match 3.
Curiserweight Title match
Ultimo Dragon vs Juventud Gureara

Bell Rings

Dragon and Juvi shake hands then Dragon laces into Juvi with them stiff kicks to the thighs and calfs. Juvi tries for a spin kick but Dragon ducks and hits a superkick then a standing moonsault for the 2 count. Juvi then excutes a perfect springboard armdrag followed by a dropkick to the face. Juvi climbs upstairs and hits a crossbody block and then covers Dragon for the 2 count. Dragon kicks Juvi in the knee and knocks him down then locks in the Dragon Sleeper. Just as Juvi is about to tap Mark Jindrak runs through the ring with Sean O'Haire close by. The Dragon has a confussed look on his face then Jindrak comes through the ring again being chased by O'Haire. O'Haire runs but Dragon kicks him in the face knocking him down. Jindrak goes to thank Dragon but Juvi rolls him up for the 1-2-3. Then Dragon locks in the Dragon Sleeper on Juvi, Juvi taps out and Dragon is the new Hardcore and Cursierweight Champ. Dragon celebrates but then O'Haire hits the Devil's Addvocate(His version of the DVD) for the 1-2-3.

Winner & New Cursierweight Champion: Ultimo Dragon

O'Haire takes off threw the crowd.

Winner & New Hardcore Champion: Sean O'Haire

We see Vince McMahon and the Big Slow err....Big Show coming to the ring.


JR: Well folks just want to remind you all that next Friday WWE Dead End will be live from the L.A Sports Arena in Los Angelas Californa. And tickets are still available for that event nextFriday night.

Main Event
Falls Count Anywhere
Mr.America w/ Zach Gowen vs The Big Show w/ Vince McMahon

Bell Rings

Mr.America slaps Show then kicks him in the "bread basket" then tosses him out of the ring. Show says to hell with this and walks away but is stopped by Zach Gowen. Show shoves Gowen down and walks. Mr.America gives chase and they brawl into the back. Back in the ring Vince McMahon slaps Zach Gowen around then hits him with a steel chair busting him wide open. Camera cuts to the back to see Show choking Mr.America with a cable. Vince shows up chair in hand and swings at Mr. America but he ducks and Vinces nails Show knocking him down to the ground. Vince has a befuddled look on his face and drops the chair then starts kicking Mr.America in the ribs. Zach Gowen appears from behind a curtain and smacks Vince with a chair knocking him out. Show gets back up and sees Gowen so he tosses him into some boxs and poles. Show grabs Mr.America and slams him threw a wall then pins him 1-2-3.

Winner: The Big Show

After the match show looks at the fallen Gowen then picks him up and chokeslams him onto the back of a pick up truck. McMahon gets up and says see you in hell Zach Gowen.

End Show

Hope you all like it.

U.S: Eddie Gurroe
Tag Champions: N/A
Hardcore: Sean O'Haire
Curiserweight: Ultimo Dragon

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Good show

I liked tha show, I didn't really like the Main event tho, or the outcome of the Hardcore match, I didn't under stand this line.....

O'Haire runs but Dragon kicks him in the face knocking him down. Jindrak goes to thank Dragon but Juvi rolls him up for the 1-2-3.

so why didn't Juvi WIn? i don't understand how Ultimo Dragon won.

i give it a C-

Moneytime said in post #3 :
I liked tha show, I didn't really like the Main event tho, or the outcome of the Hardcore match, I didn't under stand this line.....

O'Haire runs but Dragon kicks him in the face knocking him down. Jindrak goes to thank Dragon but Juvi rolls him up for the 1-2-3.

so why didn't Juvi WIn? i don't understand how Ultimo Dragon won.

i give it a C-

Unless you mean Juvi Pinned Jindrak? but it wasn't very clear. i don't know.
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