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Well this is sure to cause an uprise with someone.....

I've been thinking for the past 48 hours or so that I am getting tired of Rise of Glory, sure I still love it and everything I did towards it, but it's getting old with me, ever since the whole me 'choosing' I've lost the passion for RoG, but none the less I continued on and kept it up to the standards everyone expected. But it's become an over bearing dark cloud over me, for some reason Michael has constantly got the shits with me, for what I have no idea and probably won;t find out for a while, which makes it even less 'fun' to do. Also Michael has been saying he's lost his inspiration for writing and he's wanting a break and I've been feeling bad about 'pressuring' him to continue with Smackdown! over at RoG, me doing this will give him his break he's wanted.

Which brings me now to the new thread, WWE: Dawn of War....

Since I got WWE; Theme Addict for Chrissy I've been had some great inspirations and ideas for a Smackdown!, which gives me a new spark for booking. Now I know that most will back me in my decision and with Ratings war comming in for 2005, why don't I make a new WWE show.

Now I've been thinking weather to run the whole company by myself, RAW and Smackdown! but I'm not too keen on doing RAW, as I'm tired of thier superstars and I need a new start.

But I've decided, if I follow through with this thread, to go with Smackdown! which leaves me with RAW. So I might look around and see if I can find someone to do it, if not I'll go at it myself, or stick with just SD!.

If your interested in taking RAW, let me know and I'll see...... But no promises.

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I will be reading for sure Grendrill and I am glad that you didn't stop booking because you are such a great inspiration along with Wolfy right now!

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Well I'm still taking people in for thought, yes Michael I did get your offer...

Give me a couple of more days and I'll let you know my decision....

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I am very interested, and Id like to talk to you more about this idea. If your olny interested in doing SD, I got an idea also that might work out to an even bigger plan. Let me know asap, and we'll see where we can go from here

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I shall be reading, no matter who writes Raw.

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The WWE logo spins slowly across a black background, before a picture of Eric Bischoff flashes across the same background, and many boo's are heard. A moment later, the screen camera gives an ariel view of a packed arena, as the stage lights up with explosions.

JR: Welcome, to Monday Night Raw, live from Tampa, Florida! This is good ol' JR, Jim Ross, alongside Jerry "The King" Lawler. Tonight will be one helluva night, with the first Pay Per View of the year, New Years Revolution, just 6 days away.

King: That's right JR! with just 6 days, anything can happen tonight!

Eric Bischoff's theme begins to play

JR: Well, it looks like our General manager has a few words to say.

Eric Bischoff reaches the ring and circles it, grabbing a mic from Lillian before climbing up the steel steps into the ring. He looks at the crowd before stopping and raising the microphone to his lips.

Bischoff: Well, as I hope you all know, this Sunday is the first Pay Per View of 2005, New Years Revolution. And since the card is looking a bit, well, I'll say 'light,' I've decided to come out here and make a few announcements.

The crowd cheers loudly

Bischoff: The first of which, is that there will be a 6-Man Tournament to decide the #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship.

The crowd once again cheers

Bischoff: Another match I've decided to hold at New Years Revolution is for the World Tag Team Championships, with Eugene and William Regal taking on the team of La Resistance! And, Simon Dean will face Rosey!

The crowd cheers once more

Bischoff: Now, since time is an issue, I'd like the first two competitors of the tournament to come out here right now.

JR: Well, what an announcement from our GM. A six man tournament for the #1 Contendership of Shelton Benjamin's Intercontinental Championship! And, all six of combatents in the Elimination Chamber facing off tonight in a Six Man tag match!

King: I guess you really are right JR, anything really can happen on Raw.

Christian Vs Tajiri - Round #1 of #1 Contendership for Intercontinental Championship

Tajiri starts off with a few hard kicks to the back of Christian. After some back and forth action, Chrstian reverses a whip to the corner by Tajiri and rolls up Tajiri, using the ropes to get the win.

Winner - Christian


We come back from the commercial to see Evolution in the locker room. Batista is sitting backwards in a steel chair, his head resting on the back of the chair. He's looking up at Triple H pacing the room, with Ric Flair on his heels.

Triple H: I've had enough of that Bischoff. He knows I should be the Champ, but instead he makes me enter that damn Chamber! That is a career shortening match dammit! And I have no guaruntee of winning!

Ric Flair: Sure ya do Champ! You got Batista, he'll watch your back right?

Batista: Oh, yeah. Sure...

Ric Flair: You didn't sound to me like you meant that.

Batista: I meant it, as long is it doesn't cost me my shot at the World Heavyweight Championship!

Triple H: Well, we need you, I need you to help me out. Even the odds for us. For me!

Batista: Okay, sure. What do I gotta do?

Triple H: Take somebody in the Chamber out, make things easier on me, please.

Batista: No way! If I get caught, who knows what Bischoff would do to me. No, it ain't gonna happen!

Batista walks past Triple H and out the door, as Triple H's eyes follow him out the door, a scowl on his face.

We cut back to JR and King.

JR: Seems like trouble is brewing in the Evolution camp.

King: Ah, it's probably all gonna be a hoax, like last time.

JR: Well, I say let's move own to natch #2 of the Intercontinental mini-Tournament.

Tyson Tomko Vs Maven - Round #1 of #1 Contendership for Intercontinental Championship

Maven starts out with some quick offense. He keeps Tomko off his feet enough to lock in a sleep hold. Tomko pushes himself top the ropes, forcing Maven to break the hold. Maven whips Tomko and tries to drop him with a dropkick, but is hit with a Big Boot before he can get off the ground. Tomko pins for the win.

Winner - Tyson Tomko

We cut backstage, to hear somebody yelling for an ambulance. The camera ooms to a body on the floor, lieing in an awkward position, the camera zooms in on the face of the man, to see it's Chris Jericho. General Manager Eric Bischoff runs up, and grabs the nearest person he can get his hands on.

Bischoff: What the hell happened here?!

????: We don't know, Ric Flair was the first to find him here.

Bischoff: Ric Flair?

The screen slowly fades to black...


JR: What the hell happened there?

King: Looks like somebody tried to take out Chris Jericho.

Viscera Vs Rhyno - Round #1 of #1 Contendership for Intercontinental Championship

Viscera domintes Rhyno for most of the match, allowing Rhyno to get in very little offense. Rhyno is able to fight Viscera into the corner, and hits three gores, followed by a roll-up for the win.

Winner - Rhyno

Before Rhyno can celebrate in the ring, Eric Bischoff's music hits and he steps out onto the ramp. He has a serious look on his face, and a clip-board in hand. Rhyno begins to make his way up the ramp, as Bischoff makes his way down. The two stop mid-way on the ramp and have a short conference, before continuing on their ways. Bischoff makes his way down the ramp and climbs the steel steps, stepping through the ropes. He grabs a mic from Lillian and lays the clipboard down, before clearing his throat.

Bischoff: Well, as you all saw, Jericho was attacked backstage, and the medics back there say he wont be able to compete for sometime. So, I've decided to take action. I have 3 witnessess who say they saw who atatcked Chris Jericho. So, that being said, Batista get out here.

Batista's music hits

Bischoff: Now, as I said I have three witnessess, all of them say they saw you atatck Jericho.

Batista: Who, who are they?!

Bischoff: Do you think I'd tell you and put them all in danger? Hell no. Now get your ass outta my arena, you're suspended for one month, without pay!

Batista goes wild, getting right in Bischoff's face and screaming at the top of his lungs. Bischoff tells Batista to get out of his face, but to no avail. The security comes up behind Batista and grab him, forcing him out of the arena.

Bischoff: And as for the Chamber, Batista and Chris Jericho's replacement's will be announced at New Years Revolution.

Bischoff's music hits again as he turns and walsk back through the curtains.


JR: Welcome back, after a jaw-dropping announcement by our GM Eric Bischoff, with Chris Jericho injured, and Batista now suspended, there will be two mystery opponents in the Elimination Chamber this Sunday, at New Years Revolution!

Christian Vs Tyson Tomko Vs Rhyno - Finals of #1 Contendership for Intercontinental Championship

Christian and Tomko work together to wear Rhyno down. Rhyno tries to get in offense but is overpowered by Tyson Tomko. But miscommunication spells doom for Tomko and Christian as Tomko misses with a Big Boot and drops Christian. As Tomko tries to help Christian up, Rhyno hits the Gore and covers for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner and new #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship - Rhyno

JR: God dammit, what a match! Rhyno had fight off a double team, and he will be going into New Year's Revolution to face Shelton Benjamin for his Intercontinental Championship!

King: I can't believe it! Rhyno beat Tyson Tomko and Christian!

JR: That's right, he earned his shot against Shelton Benjamin this Sunday at New Year's Revolution! And I can't wait to see what he does with it! Good night everybody.

End of Show​

Quick Results

Christian defeated Tajiri
Tyson Tomko defeated Maven
Rhyno defeated Viscera
Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, and Randy Orton Vs Triple H, Batista, and Edge - Cancelled
Rhyno defeated Tyson Tomko and Christian


I realize it's not the best, but it's my first ever BTB show, and I procrastinated quite a bit. It wont happen again, and next week's will be much better. Comments and Feedback please.
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